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00:00:21Sleepy bird!
00:00:22[Elly trumpets] (male narrator) Hello, pocoyo.
00:00:34Come, come!
00:00:35(narrator) That way?
00:00:37All right.
00:00:39Oh, I see.
00:00:40You're going to do a magic trick for us.
00:00:46(narrator) Wonderful.
00:00:49Nothing up your sleeves, very good.
00:00:53(narrator) What, over here?
00:00:54I can't see anything.
00:00:57Oh, I see.
00:00:59You made that appear ..magic.
00:01:05(narrator) Okay, I'll choose a card, and then, by magic, you'll tell me which card I chose.
00:01:14Hmm, let's see.
00:01:16I'll choose the balloon, but don't tell pocoyo.
00:01:22Ahem, okay, pocoyo, I've chosen a card.
00:01:26[laughs] (narrator) This is exciting.
00:01:29If you can guess which card I picked, you really are a magician.
00:01:34(narrator) Oh, sorry.
00:01:36[ambient mystical music] The house.
00:01:39Hmm, can you tell pocoyo if that's the card I chose?
00:01:44(children) No; that's not it; not the house.
00:01:48(narrator) Try again.
00:01:49[ambient mystical music] The car.
00:01:53Can you tell pocoyo if it was the car?
00:01:57(children) No.
00:01:58(child) It was the balloon.
00:02:00(narrator) I chose the balloon, pocoyo.
00:02:04I'm sorry.
00:02:06(Pocoyo) Broken.
00:02:07(narrator) Oh, certainly.
00:02:08The cards are broken, of course.
00:02:12[chirps] [feet screeching] No.
00:02:16(narrator) Pocoyo says that playing with magic toys can be risky if you're not a real magician.
00:02:22You shouldn't touch.
00:02:25[upbeat jazzy music] ♪ ♪
00:02:35nothing up your sleeve.
00:02:37[Pocoyo laughs] (narrator) Presto, a spongy ball!
00:02:45(narrator) Aha, you're going to make it disappear.
00:02:49(Pocoyo) Blow!
00:02:52[blows] (narrator) This is exciting.
00:02:55[Pocoyo laughs] (narrator) Uh, pocoyo, it's still there.
00:03:04[ambient mystical music] [laughter] [ambient mystical music] (narrator) You want us to blow on the ball to make it disappear.
00:03:15All right, let's all blow.
00:03:19[blowing noise] It worked!
00:03:24Pocoyo, it worked!
00:03:25[Pocoyo laughs] (narrator) But where has it gone?
00:03:36[laughs] (narrator) Yes, I see.
00:03:38It's, uh, stuck to his-- ..
00:03:41Um, pocoyo?
00:03:43We found the ball.
00:03:46[laughter] [laughter] (narrator) Everyone wants more, pocoyo.
00:03:54They really enjoyed your trick.
00:04:07[laughter] [narrator laughing] Oh, my goodness.
00:04:15This is really funny.
00:04:18No, I'm sorry, pocoyo, ..
00:04:20[laughing] [laughing] That is wonderful, pocoyo.
00:04:36They say that you're the funniest magician they've ever seen.
00:04:41[silly upbeat music] ♪ ♪
00:04:47[trumpets] [laughs] [chirping] [trumpets] [quacking] [speaking gibberish] Ah-ha-ha-ha!
00:04:57(narrator) It looks like something is brewing.
00:05:06Everyone is getting ready for something special, pocoyo.
00:05:10Maybe you'd like to join them?
00:05:14(narrator) I see.
00:05:15You're upset that your tricks didn't work the way you wanted.
00:05:19Not magic.
00:05:21(narrator) Well, perhaps they weren't magic, but I thought they were just about the funniest tricks I've ever seen.
00:05:29[distant laughter] Listen, I can hear something.
00:05:37[laughter] Look around you, pocoyo.
00:05:45Everyone's come to see a performance by the world's funniest magician, and I mean everyone.
00:05:52What do you say, pocoyo, will you do a trick for them?
00:05:55[Pocoyo laughing] Ahhh.
00:06:02[laughs] (narrator) Uh-oh.
00:06:08[laughter] Let's all clap for pocoyo, the funniest magician of all.
00:06:19[laughter and applause] (narrator) Hooray for pocoyo!
00:06:21Hooray for feeling good about yourself!
00:06:25See you soon.
00:06:30Hello, pocoyo.
00:06:32(narrator) Where are you off to with that basket?
00:06:37Oh, I see.
00:06:37You're going somewhere with pato.
00:06:42Oh, and here's elly.
00:06:44Hi, elly.
00:06:45[trumpets] (narrator) I say, you've got a cake and a picnic blanket.
00:06:49What on earth are you going to do with those?
00:06:53(narrator) A picnic, of course.
00:06:56I knew that.
00:06:58Ahh, sandwiches.
00:07:00Yummy, one for each of you.
00:07:04[tummy grumbling] Pato is really hungry.
00:07:06Can you tell pocoyo what pato would like to eat?
00:07:11(children) Sandwich.
00:07:16(narrator) Yes, it's probably not time to eat yet, pato.
00:07:20You'll have to wait a bit.
00:07:24[militaristic music] ♪ ♪
00:07:29what on earth?
00:07:38[militaristic music] Oh, my.
00:07:42[quacking] (narrator) Look at that.
00:07:54Uh, uh, it--it's not what it looks like.
00:08:01Those sandwiches flew into his hands, and the other one just ran behind the tree.
00:08:08It's true.
00:08:14No, I didn't eat it.
00:08:17I'm telling you, that sandwich simply scurried off.
00:08:22You don't believe me, do you?
00:08:25Well, ask our friends.
00:08:28Can any of you tell pocoyo where the sandwich went?
00:08:33(children) The sandwich ran away!
00:08:35(child #1) The sandwich ran behind the tree.
00:08:37(child #2) Really, it did.
00:08:38(narrator) No, they didn't eat the sandwich, pocoyo.
00:08:42You have to believe us.
00:08:51[militaristic music] quack!
00:08:53(narrator) Oh, dear.
00:09:00Elly, pocoyo, it's not what you think.
00:09:04Pato hasn't run off with the sandwiches.
00:09:07He's running after them.
00:09:14You don't believe me?
00:09:16You've got to help me.
00:09:17Tell pocoyo and elly where pato is.
00:09:22(children) Behind you!
00:09:23(child) Behind you.
00:09:36(narrator) Oh, dear.
00:09:37I'm afraid pocoyo and elly will never believe us, pato.
00:09:47 we'll watch it while you go and get more food.
00:09:53No problem.
00:09:58Yes, let's keep an eye on it.
00:10:01[quacking] (narrator) Oh, no, not again.
00:10:12Oh, dear.
00:10:15[militaristic music] ♪ ♪
00:10:19[munching noises] [belching noises] clang!
00:10:28[bouncy upbeat music] ♪ ♪
00:10:35(narrator) Um, elly, ..
00:10:39[trumpets] (narrator) We did not eat that cake.
00:10:45It climbed a tree?
00:10:51Oh, this is bad.
00:10:56Look, look, we told you!
00:10:58This is not right.
00:11:01Food should stay put.
00:11:05What's that?
00:11:09A magnifying glass, good thinking.
00:11:13Well, I say, an ant.
00:11:16Can you tell pocoyo who's been moving the food around all along?
00:11:24(children) The ants!
00:11:26(narrator) Yes, that's who's been taking your food, ants.
00:11:32[whispering] (narrator) What are you saying to the ant, pocoyo?
00:11:38[tummy grumbling] [militaristic music] [Pocoyo laughing] [tummy grumbles] (narrator) Maybe someone should explain what's going on to pato.
00:11:57[chittering] (narrator) You see, it was ants.
00:12:07(narrator) Little ants are strong enough to carry things that are much bigger than they are.
00:12:16Hooray for new friends!
00:12:18And hooray for picnics!
00:12:20[trumpets] Bye-bye!
00:12:22See you soon.
00:12:23[laughing] Hello, pocoyo.
00:12:30Hello, pato.
00:12:44(narrator) Hello, elly.
00:12:47[psychedelic rumbling music] Flashing floor, a record player loud music, lights.
00:12:57It's a dance floor!
00:12:59[funky dance music] ♪ ♪
00:13:05go, pato!
00:13:06What a groover!
00:13:09♪ ♪
00:13:13[electronic rattling house music] ♪ ♪
00:13:27[trumpets] (narrator) Well done, pato.
00:13:30Let's all clap for pato's terrific dance moves.
00:13:34[applause] quack!
00:13:37[quacking] (narrator) What's the matter, pocoyo?
00:13:42Don't you like pato's dance?
00:13:46quack! quack!
00:13:48(narrator) Pato says that you don't like his dance because you're jealous, pocoyo.
00:14:09[funky dance music] [guitar-driven surfer music] ♪ ♪
00:14:20[seagulls squawking and ocean roaring] ♪ ♪
00:14:32♪ ♪
00:14:51[Elly trumpets] [cheers and applause] Terrific, what a wonderful dance, pocoyo.
00:15:00Uh-oh, pato's gonna have another go.
00:15:03Looks like this is turning into a competition.
00:15:05[instrumental of Michael Jackson'sBillie Jean] ♪ ♪
00:15:19(man) ♪
00:15:25♪ ♪
00:15:33[cheers and applause] quack!
00:15:35(narrator) That was impressive; didn't you think, pocoyo?
00:15:38Oh, looks like he's off again, with fred this time too.
00:15:43[hard rock music] You!
00:15:48(narrator) Pocoyo wants us to clap.
00:15:50Come on, everyone, clap along.
00:15:54♪ ♪
00:15:55[crowd chanting] Hey! hey!
00:15:58Hey! hey!
00:15:59♪ ♪
00:16:06hey! hey!
00:16:15♪ ♪
00:16:22[quacking] Ahhh!
00:16:25[chuckling] [funky latin-tinged music] [laughs] (narrator) Now, what's this?
00:16:30Don't tell me your going to do another dance, pato.
00:16:34[upbeat bombastic music] ♪ ♪
00:16:47[bells jingling] Oh, and now pocoyo thinks he can do even better.
00:16:52[upbeat dance music] ♪ ♪
00:17:00[upbeat bombastic music] ♪ ♪
00:17:07[upbeat dance music] [bombastic and upbeat dance music] ♪ ♪
00:17:14this is getting out of hand.
00:17:19Now, elly's taking to the dance floor.
00:17:22[funky dance music] ♪ ♪
00:17:38oh, I see.
00:17:40Elly's got an idea.
00:17:42You can all dance together.
00:17:49[giggling] quack!
00:17:54(narrator) Fantastic!
00:17:55[cheers and applause] Now, that was fun.
00:17:58[laughter] (narrator) Let's all get up and dance too.
00:18:02Come on, everyone.
00:18:03[funky dance music] ♪ ♪
00:18:14funky, or what?
00:18:15Hooray for elly!
00:18:17Hooray for dancing together!
00:18:20See you soon.
00:18:29Hello, pato.
00:18:32Now, what on earth is that?
00:18:37Can any of you tell pato what that is?
00:18:41(children) It's an egg, pato.
00:18:44(child) It's a big egg.
00:18:46(narrator) Ah, you're right.
00:18:48I see.
00:18:50It is an egg.
00:18:52(Pato) Mmm.
00:18:56(narrator) Oh, hello, pocoyo.
00:19:05[Pocoyo laughing] (narrator) Ball?
00:19:10No, no, no, pocoyo, you and elly have the wrong idea here.
00:19:17Do you see?
00:19:18That's not really a ball.
00:19:21What pato has is an egg.
00:19:26[trumpets] And very soon, something will happen to that egg.
00:19:34It will hatch.
00:19:39Now do you see why that egg is so special to pato?
00:19:48[quacking] [light rock music] ♪ ♪
00:19:56[gentle woodwind music] ♪ ♪
00:20:03oh, dear.
00:20:04It's time.
00:20:06It's time.
00:20:14[foreboding music] [trumpets] It's a spider!
00:20:22I suppose ducklings aren't the only things that hatch from eggs.
00:20:28[mumbles] [upbeat jazzy music] (narrator) And some people are frightened of spiders, even baby ones.
00:20:37I'm afraid you've given pato a fright, baby spider.
00:20:47[knees knocking] (narrator) Baby spiders isn't that scary, pato, and he seems to like you.
00:21:01There's pocoyo and elly.
00:21:05Oh, dear.
00:21:08I reckon they're still too scared to play with you as long as baby spider is around.
00:21:17[mumbling] (narrator) Baby spider, papa pato has a game he wants to play.
00:21:23[mumbling] He wants you to count all the stones you can find.
00:21:29[makes buzzing noises] [mumbles] [laughs] (narrator) Hmm, I suppose you can go and play with pocoyo and elly now, pato.
00:21:39[Baby Spider making buzzing noise] (narrator) Ah, baby spider found a stone.
00:21:47[knees knocking] [making buzzing noises] [mumbling] (narrator) " [makes buzzing noises] [silly upbeat music] ♪ ♪
00:22:17[fearful trumpet noise] [munching noises] (Pocoyo) Auuuugh!
00:22:27[making buzzing noises] (narrator) Can any of you tell pato what baby spider would like to do?
00:22:36[makes buzzing noises] (children) Play ball.
00:22:40(child) Play!
00:22:42(narrator) I think you're right.
00:22:44He wants to play.
00:22:47[makes buzzing noises] [Baby Bird chirping] (narrator) Hello, baby bird.
00:23:00[chirps] [squawks] [gentle woodwind music] ♪ ♪
00:23:15[Baby Bird squawking] (narrator) Oh, dear.
00:23:18[trumpets] [makes buzzing noise] Pato says, "take the pencil and go and do some coloring, " [Pato laughs] (narrator) What's this?
00:23:41[trumpets] (narrator) Can an of you tell elly and pocoyo who did that nice drawing of them?
00:23:47[gentle chimes and organ music] ♪ ♪
00:23:56(children) The spider!
00:23:57(child) Baby spider.
00:23:59(narrator) You're right.
00:24:03[makes buzzing noise] (narrator) Ooooh, that's so sweet.
00:24:08[laughs] (narrator) See?
00:24:11I knew once you got to know each other you'd all be the best of friends.
00:24:16[giggling] (narrator) Hooray for pato!
00:24:18Hooray for new friends!
00:24:21See you soon.
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