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00:00:00Destruction, a charge that could omplaint reveals new details about the attack, including how the suspect behaved at the moment of the bombing.
00:00:12"The large crowd of people around him can be seen reacting to the first explosion.
00:00:19In apparent bewilderment and boirtually alone among the individuals in the front of " the suspect is reportedly awake and communicating with officials by writing things down.
00:00:34Unable to speak because of apparent gunshot wounds to the head, neck, legs, and happened.
00:00:42Today, the boston globe reports the younger brother may have actually killed his brother when he drove over him in that shootout with the police early friday morning.
00:00:53And late friday night, this police thermal video shows the suspect hiding on the boat later that night.
00:01:01 team who pulled him from that boat spoke just a few moments ago.
00:01:07>> When we first started moving up to the boat, he was laying on the side of the boat.
00:01:11He was in and out of consciousness when we got to about 10, 15 yards from him.
00:01:16He sat back up.
00:01:17We moved from behind the shield cover and we pulled him down and put the cuffs on him.
00:01:22Before we saw him, there was an exchange of gunfire.
00:01:26The boat does have fuel on it.
00:01:27We didn't know what he had on the boat with him as far as IEDs, ANY KIND OF EXPLOSIVE Devices, and we just moved in.
00:01:36>> Today officials are also saying they think the brothers may have been planning more attacks.
00:01:44>> We have reason to believe, based upon the evidence that was found at that scene, the explosions, the explosive that was unexploded and the fire power that they had, they were going to I a tack other individuals.
00:01:58>> Today, the people of boston observed a moment of silence for 50 when the first bomb exploded.
00:02:23And a funeral was held today for 29-year-old krystle campbell, one of the three victims that died in the bombings.
00:02:32Joining me now is michael isikoff, live in boston and jim cavanaugh, former atf special agent who led the investigations in to the atlanta olympic bombing and don clark, former agent in charge in houston.
00:02:51Michael, let me go to you first.
00:02:53What jumps out at you from the fbi complaint filed today?
00:02:57>> Reporter: Well, actually, the passage describing the carjacking, a rather chilling account from the victim in which he was -- in which he describes being in his car on a road in cambridge, one of the tsarnaev brothers, the affidavit is not clear which one, knocks on the window, he rolls down the window, that tsarnaev opens the door, gets in, brand dishes his gun, says did you hear about the boston explosion and then adds, I did that.
00:03:35A boast that he was the bomber and then shows him his gun, taking out the magazine, shows the bullet in it, puts the magazine back in and says, I'm serious.
00:03:46He then orders the carjacker to drive him to an atm machine, also to pick up his brother, then take over the car and eventually the car -- the victim is able to escape but that boast, I did that, was one of the more powerful elements in the complaint.
00:04:06>> So it was done as a boast, not a confession, no remorse, no desperation as to why they need money, it's done as if he did it as a boast?
00:04:19>> That's certainly the way it in the complaint.
00:04:23And they seem to be -- this teams to come directly from the victim of the carjacking.
00:04:28Now, there's lots of other evidence in there.
00:04:32The primary evidence they seem to be using to tie the younger tsarnaev to the bombing is the video surveillance evidence.
00:04:41>> Right.
00:04:41>> But they also make it clear THE IEDs THAT WERE FOUND, THAT Were hurled from that car that night during the shootout MATCHED THE IEDs USED IN THE Explosions, same pressure cooker type device and also something that struck me was the wounds that tsarnaev suffered.
00:05:02>> Right.
00:05:03>> Reporter: Hand, neck, hands, throat, all bullet wounds.
00:05:08Making it clear he's not in very good shape.
00:05:11Now, he did have his initial court appearance in the hospital today.
00:05:17And -- >> yeah, the judge came to him in the hospital.
00:05:21>> Reporter: The judge came to him in the hospital, read him his rights which, by the way, makes the whole controversy over miranda rights now pretty much moot.
00:05:31He's been read his rights.
00:05:33He has a lawyer.
00:05:34So that -- that part of the controversy seems to be -- that part of the issue seems to be put aside at this moment.
00:05:42>> Let me go to don, michael.
00:05:45When you read the complaint and it says about their homemade bombs, let's go back to what michael was just talking about IN THE IEDs.
00:05:56The complaint says they threw at least two small improvised EXPLOSIVE DEVICES, IEDs, OUT OF The car and intact low-grade device was discovered inside the car in addition from the scene of the shootout.
00:06:11The fbi has recovered two UNEXPLODED IEDs AS WELL AS THE Remnants of numerous exploded IEDs.
00:06:21Now, does this say to you, when WE READ NUMEROUS EXPLODED IEDs, Does that support the idea that they planned more attacks to you, don?
00:06:32>> Well, you know, al, I think right off the bat, when you look at this circumstance here, clearly this was a planned attack.
00:06:41It not only was a planned attack by the activities that they went about, but if you go back and look, years and months gone back at how these people operated and so on and so forth and we don't know all of the information that the law enforcement who, by the way, have done such a great job of putting this whole thing together, all of them, and I'd like to applaud them.
00:07:02Nonetheless, that all is taking place and, yes, it was a planned attack.
00:07:07This where they may have gotten that training and to whom may have trained them.
00:07:27I think they have truly done a good job of bringing it to the attention.
00:07:35>> "The new york times" found an m-4 assault rifle on the boat where the young suspect was hiding.
00:07:43I mean, where does a teenager get a weapon like that?
00:07:47>> Reverend al, he may have gotten it at a robbery.
00:07:52It seems to be unknown whether they were taken at a robbery or purchased in a back alley.
00:07:58It will be interesting to see how they acquired them.
00:08:00Your question also about the explosives is very interesting but the thing that sticks out to me about the bombs that they threw at the watertown police and transit police is that they had a third pressure cooker bomb and then they had these series OF EIGHT NUMEROUS IEDs.
00:08:18They did not -- between the time their photograph was put out to the boston media and the time they carjacked that citizen make those bombs.
00:08:26>> Right.
00:08:26>> They did not make those bombs.
00:08:29I've made a lot of bombs a shot a lot of bombs over 36 years and I'm telling you, they did not do that there.
00:08:35They scooped them up in their arms but they were already made in their apartment and ready to go.
00:08:41>> So that suggests to you that they were planning other attacks?
00:08:45>> Yes.
00:08:46A pressure cooker bomb is not something you're going to throw at people.
00:08:53It's somewhere that you will plant somewhere.
00:08:54Yes, I think they had other attacks.
00:08:56It was the beginning of a bombing campaign.
00:08:58>> Now, let me ask you, michael, the behavior of the suspects.
00:09:03When you look at the fact that the complaint says in describing the suspect's behavior just seconds before the explosion, he says he walks away without knapsack, approximately ten sends later an explosion occurs in the location where the bomber two had -- which is the younger bomber, had placed his knapsack.
00:09:31Now, does that mean that he was an amateur and put himself within ten seconds of being blown up or does it mean he was going to do a suicide bombing and he chickened out and left?
00:09:42I mean, isn't that cutting it very close, ten seconds?
00:09:49>> Reporter: It's cutting it very close but also there was a considerable amount of planning to this.
00:09:54In fact, the description of the way that the younger tsarnaev sort of calmly walks away after laying down a knapsack and when the bomb explodes and when everyone is running and looking, he doesn't blink at all.
00:10:11That suggests a pretty cool customer and that's not the sort of behavior from somebody who has sort of put this together in a haphazard way.
00:10:26It sounds like people that have thought it through, calculated it through at exactly the right time.
00:10:32My guess is that they had been there several times, staking it out, doing surveillance, checking out exactly what the timing was and the route that they were going to escape, where they were going to go.
00:10:47All of that fits -- all of the indicate are tos here are of a very well planned attack.
00:10:55That does suggest -- >> go ahead, michael.
00:10:58>> Reporter: I was just going to y, that's certainly consistent with somebody helping them plan it.
00:11:11That kind of well-calculated attack is consistent with somebody who -- with two people who had at least been consulting with somebody else about how to do this.
00:11:19We have no evidence, no proof of that.
00:11:21I'm just saying the circumstantial evidence here is something that the fbi would want to look at if there was somebody along those lines.
00:11:30>> Well, there's a lot of questions.
00:11:32A lot of questions that we are just beginning to get to.
00:11:36Michael isikoff, don clark, jim cavanaugh, thank you all for your time.
00:11:41>>> Coming up, we're learning more tonight about mounting evidence against suspect number two.
00:11:47Will he get the death penalty?
00:11:50And how did the older brother become radicalized?
00:11:53New clues inside the family are sending off signals.
00:11:58>>> And a very curious and early story coming out.
00:12:02Two years ago, suspect one's close friend was found murdered in his apartment and it's raising all kinds of questions.
00:12:10Stay with us.
00:14:24>>> Well, the suspect in the boston bombing face the death penalty?
00:14:30And how are prosecutors building the case against him?
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00:15:58>>> Federal prosecutors have charged a suspected boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev.
00:16:08A federal magistrate came to the suspect's home for his initial court appearance this afternoon.
00:16:13He was advised of his rights and charged with one count of using a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death and one count of malicious destruction of property resulting in death.
00:16:27The charges carry the possibility of the death penalty or life in prison.
00:16:37The public defender's office is representing the criminal and the evidence is laid out, including video of the suspect walking away from his backpack moments before the second explosion and evidence found in his dorm room.
00:16:52So how will a case against this alleged bomber be prosecuted?
00:16:56Joining me now are former judge and prosecutor catherine krier and kelly curry, who supervised a number of terrorcases.
00:17:16Catherine, the evidence here seems overwhelming.
00:17:19Do you think prosecutors will seek the death penalty?
00:17:22>> I think it's too early to tell and it ought to be too early to tell.
00:17:26Massachusetts is not one of the states that has the death penalty and the federal government has been somewhat respectful in whether or not they seek that particular in this circumstance.
00:17:41We have a 19-year-old, we don't know who was leading who, what other involvement.
00:17:45So it's too early to answer that question.
00:17:49>> Now, let me ask you, kelly, "the new york times" reported at tiefing today in the suspect's hospital room.
00:18:03"The brief bedside proceeding began when judge bowler asked a doctor whether dzhokhar tsarnaev was alert.
00:18:18The judge told the doctor, you can rouse him.
00:18:23He knots affirmatively, according to the transcript, the first of four times during the proceeding which in addition to the judge and the doctor was attended by two federal prosecutors, the two public defenders, the judge, and a court reporter.
00:18:40How unusual is it to have a judge go to the suspect's hospital?
00:18:45>> You know, reverend, I was a prosecutor for nearly a dozen years.
00:18:49I don't think I saw it once.
00:18:50>> Really?
00:18:51>> It's extraordinarynd it sort of demonstrates the importance of starting the judicial process off on the right foot and they want to do things the right way.
00:19:02>> Now, in the criminal complaint released today we learn the fbi seized a white hat and white jacket of the same general appearance worn by bomber two, catherine.
00:19:14He also seized a lot of other evidence.
00:19:17Seems like they have a lot to go with.
00:19:21>> And it's one of the reasons why we're talking about the miranda issue and large repercussions when we're discussing that.
00:19:27This case is not going to turn on a confession by this particular suspect, I don't believe.
00:19:32He is certainly presumed innocent at this point in time but it looks like the government has quite substantive evidence setting aside any remarks that the individual has made, the comments that he may or may not make about other involvement, his brother's involvement are much more important to them than an admission that might be admissible at the trial.
00:19:55>> There's been a controversy around the miranda rights not being read to him and whether that will come back to haunt the prosecution at trial if in fact there's a trial and no pleading of guilty, kelly.
00:20:08Then we understand his rights were read to him today at the hearing with the judge and michael isikoff just said that makes the issue moot.
00:20:17Do you feel as a prosecutor for almost a dozen years that the issue is moot and does the fact that they just read him his rights now affect anything?
00:20:27>> Well, to the extent he was able to communicate at all before the court appearance and before his rights were read to him, that means that particular issue is still relevant and still alive.
00:20:38It's not clear -- and I don't think we understand what information was obtained in that.
00:20:43I would assume that the defense will try to exclude that evidence if the government seeks to introduce it.
00:20:50But as you suggest, given the apparent strength of this case, it may be that the government won't try to seek to introduce that evidence at any trial against him.
00:20:58That would render -- >> and he couldn't talk.
00:21:01Everything was in writing.
00:21:02So it's probably very limited anyway.
00:21:05>> Reverend, it's important though, we're narrowly focused on this horrific event but the miranda issue and many others are so much greater.
00:21:16Today congressman peter king senator GRAHAM and McCain have wanted to call him as an enemy combatant.
00:21:28America is the battleground and when anyone is inside the united states engaging in terrorist acts, that they should not be given the privilege of a civilian trial.
00:21:39He said anyone, including citizens of this country.
00:21:41We need to understand that the debate is not so much about this individual, miranda in this case, enemy combatant in this case.
00:21:50It is that, once again, like post- 9/11, the patriots act, now it's the time that we have to take that deep breath and say, backing off of this sort of talk is not protecting this individual.
00:22:07It's protecting our constitutional rights and the tenants of this system.
00:22:13And we need toeep that in mind.
00:22:16We hear nonsense like america's a battlefield so even for u.s.
00:22:20Citizens we can throw it all out the window from here going forward because of sudden nebulous war on terror.
00:22:29>> That's the debate, kelly.
00:22:32You've done terrorism cases.
00:22:33When you have senators like lindsey graham saying that the suspect should be tried as an enemy combatant and then "the new york times" comes back with graham's reckless statement makes a mockery of the superb civilian police work that led to the suspect's capture, starting with the skillful analysis of the video recordings of the marathon.
00:23:01There is no reason that the lawyers and courts cannot " what do thou sayeth, kelly.
00:23:11>> They have a long history of prosecuting terrorism cases before and after 9/11.
00:23:19I think it's important when we are talking about a united states citizen where the conduct is principally here in the united states.
00:23:26I think the administration got it just right here.
00:23:28>> He a I see you nodding.
00:23:29>> I would second bet in the conversation that's going on right now, exacerbating fears in this country.
00:23:37Terrorists aren't going after territory.
00:23:39They are going after the creation of fear, panic, and disruption of the system.
00:23:44We allow them to rip apart our constitution and they win.
00:23:50>> Catherine crier and kelly cu rrie, thank you for your time tonight.
00:24:00>>> A friend is describing the drastic turn his life took.
00:24:05And authorities want to hear from his wife.
00:24:07How did she turn so quickly to a religion.
00:24:10>>> Anarre and curious story developing.
00:24:16Suspect's friend was murdered two years ago.
00:24:18The case was never solved.
00:24:18News on that today.
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00:27:55>>> tonight we're learning about the older brother accused in the boston bombings and his marriage to an american woman named katherine russell.
00:28:06How did they meet?
00:28:08What did she know about her husband's radicalism and what was she doing this week?
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00:31:25>>> People who knew tamerlan tsarnaev say his life took a radical turn.
00:31:30A friend described it, quote, as dramatic.
00:31:34He and his younger brother were once known for throwing loud parties.
00:31:38He was a promising boxer with olympic aspirations.
00:31:41But that all changed when tamerlan became deeply religious.
00:31:47He gave up the sport, citing his muslim faith.
00:31:55His father was furious.
00:31:57He grew confrontational.
00:32:00He angrily disrupted a talk at a cam bridge mosque when the speaker compared the prophet hohammed and the peace activist compared him to martin luther king and tsarnaev also interrupted a tack last november when a speaker said it was fine to celebrate the safe way as the birthday of the prophet.
00:32:25The growing interest of religion by both tamerlan and his mother caused an upheaval in the household with tamerlan even persuadi his mother to cover herself up.
00:32:44And so whchange?
00:32:45And did his trip to russia play a role in radicalizing this young man?
00:32:49Joining me now is brian bender, national security reporter for the boston globe and clint van zandt.
00:32:59Clint, what would you think would have caused such a dramatic shift?
00:33:03>> I think there's a number of things we're probably going to find out in the 26-year-old brother's life, al.
00:33:12I think that he had a confrontation with a former girlfriend.
00:33:18She accused him of assault.
00:33:20He was arrested for that.
00:33:23That may have been the basis why he, unlike his brother, was denied citizenship.
00:33:29He was denied the opportunity to box for the united states in the olympics.
00:33:34I think there were a number of things in his life that really didn't go his way and like a cult in some cases or sometimes a religion or the way it's presented for others, there are individuals that will embrace you, bring you in, tell you you're a good person, give you an a philosophy on religion and then maybe turn you into a bomber.
00:34:04>> But when you look at this, brian, the fact is he was always -- his family was always muslim and like any religion you can have people that become extremist because obviously everyone in islam did not hold the same views if he heckled people in the mosque, they were certainly saying things more moderate than he had turned to and clearly his father who was a muslim was furious at him.
00:34:31So what would make him go all the way to an extreme that religion alone does not represent that?
00:34:38>> No.
00:34:38I mean, I think -- I talked to somebody today, a counterterrorism official.
00:34:44They said their workingory is case like this where an individual wanted to do lots of things here in america as an immigrant that weren't going his way.
00:35:03They start to identify with his islamic brothers overseas that they feel are being mistreated by the united states and the west and the personal anger that builds up inside them has to manifest itself somehow.
00:35:17There are signs at this point -- we don't know for sure -- that that's what happened.
00:35:22He lashed out at the united states and the country that he had come to as an early teenager and just didn't feel like he was assimilated, that he was accepted it, that he was making it.
00:35:32>> You talked to people in the mosque that he attended in the boston area.
00:35:37What did they tell you, brian?
00:35:39>> Well, as the boston globe reported, he even stuck out in the mosque, as you pointed out.
00:35:46He was espousing things that were quite radical.
00:35:49At one point he was shouted down and basically forced to leave the mouse being.
00:35:54>> Shouted down by members of the mosque?
00:35:57>> Exactly.
00:35:57By fellow members of the congregation.
00:36:00He had basically shouted down an a amom, basically calling him an unbeliever, some of the things king and the prophet mohammed, saying that he was a nonbeliever and shouldn't be leaving the congregation and the rest of the them didn't like that and he was forced to leave.
00:36:29>> His uncle says it wasn't the religion, it was the radicalization.
00:36:34Listen to the uncle.
00:36:36>> It wasn't devotion.
00:36:38It was something as it's called being radicalized.
00:36:43I called one of the who is private to the family and i said, are you aware who might be possibly influencing him?
00:36:50Is it his mother or what is it?
00:36:52And they said there is someone who brainwashed him, some newly convert to islam.
00:37:01>> Brainwashed, newly convert who in the uncle's mind distorted the religion.
00:37:11>> Well, that happens in all religion, too, al.
00:37:15Not just in radical islam fund meant talism.
00:37:22But look at david korsesh who preached and yet did terrible tings things that he did.
00:37:35Anyone can take the good concepts of a religion and turn that into something that gives them the right to commit murder and mayhem.
00:37:42>> No doubt about it.
00:37:44Brian, thank you for your time.
00:37:46Clint, stay with me.
00:37:49>>> There is also new questions surrounding tamerlan's wife.
00:37:53Federal authorities are asking to speak with her by all accounts before she met the suspect, katherine russell was an all-american girl.
00:38:03She attended suffolk university in boston, she dreamed of joining the peace corps, but that changed in 2008 or 2009 after being introduced to tamerlan at a nightclub.
00:38:17The two dated off and on.
00:38:19They later married, they had a daughter together who is now 3.
00:38:26Russell was raised christian but converted to islam, by many accounts, after marrying tamerlan.
00:38:32Katherine russell cut ties with all of her friends after that.
00:38:36Cbs news says none of their old friends attended the wedding.
00:38:40The federal authorities are still waiting to talk to her and the questions are mounting.
00:38:44What did she know?
00:38:46And did she see any signs?
00:38:48Let's bring in anna, wnyc reporter who spoke with katherine russell's roommate at suffolk university.
00:38:58Anna, thank you, first of all, for coming on the show.
00:39:01>> Of course.
00:39:02Thank you for having me.
00:39:03>> How did the roommate describe tamerlan?
00:39:05>> She described him as kind of -- she didn't have a good feeling around him.
00:39:10She met him along with her freshman roommate.
00:39:14They were the group of russians.
00:39:15They would go out and buy things for them.
00:39:19And then katherine russell started dating tamerlan and at some point the woman I talked to just started to feel like maybe this isn't a guy I want to hang around.
00:39:29She described him as very charismatic but also controlling.
00:39:33He seemed to have multiple faces.
00:39:36She had a bad feeling.
00:39:37>> It seems like tamerlan had quite a power over russell.
00:39:41And I'm reading where it says they got back together although her friends warned against it.
00:39:47The friend you spoke with says her roommate eventually started wearing a head scarf and began practicing islam.
00:39:55>> That's right.
00:39:55What ashley told me was, they broke up, get back together and her friends at suffolk university warned against it, didn't think it was a good idea, and so it sounds more like a controlling relationship, that this woman katherine russell began seeing this guy and became alien nated from her friends and then ashley described she started wearing a head scarf and they were no longer in touch but talked last in 2011 at which point katherine russell said they got married in a city hall wedding, converted to islam, and was considering changing her name.
00:40:31>> Clint, does any of this tell you about this suspect number one?
00:40:35>> Well, it tells us a number of things, al.
00:40:38Number one, people ask, how could he have gotten his younger brother to come on board and to do this when none of these traits attributed to the 26-year-old do we hear attributed to the husband-wife, we examples like dennis radar, the btk serial killer in wichita, robert hanson, the fbi agent turned soviet spy.
00:41:19We talked to both of thei wives, they knew nothing, had no yg.
00:41:28Many time there's one spouse that doesn't want to hear, dont to see, they want the marriage to work.
00:41:37>> Do you think he was the kind of person that would confide anything in his wife?
00:41:41>> I don't think so.
00:41:42I don't think so at all.
00:41:43I think this guy -- I think he wore a mask and very few people saw under that mask.
00:41:51And especially these trips back aradicalization.
00:42:01I think his wife was overwhelmed but what she saw and didn't know how to report.
00:42:07>> New details, while russell was at work, her husband cared for the toddler and the last day he was alive last week, he was home with the daughter while his wife left for work.
00:42:22So he actually was home with the little 3-year-old the day he died.
00:42:28>> That's what the associated press is reporting.
00:42:31My reporting basically showed that katherine russell was very much alienated from not only her friends at suffolk university but ashley talked about calling her mother and trying to find out where she was and it seems like she wasn't in close touch with her family all the time.
00:42:46It sounds likatherine russell was isolated from her former support system.
00:42:55>> How did her friends feel when they found out that she married him?
00:43:03>>Hen she arrived as a freshman, she was an atheist?
00:43:09Didn't want to get married, described a quick transformation as the relationship progressed.
00:43:15>> Clint van zandt and anna sale, thank you both for your time this evening.
00:43:20>> Thank you.
00:43:20>>> Coming up, suspect one's good friend murdered two years ago, stabbed to death.
00:43:27It has prosecutors going back over the case.
00:43:30We hear what friends are saying next.
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00:45:05>>> A triple murder two years ago just outside of boston.
00:45:10One of the victims?
00:45:13Suspect one's boxing friends.
00:45:14News on that today next.
00:47:21>>> New questions tonight about whether the bombing suspect who died in that shootout with the police is linked to another horrific crime two years earlier.
00:47:36Prosecutors are looking at a murder from 2011 where the victims included a man that the