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00:00:00They're very effective and my co-founder of smoke remedy and co-developer has used this product for over 30 years and has helped people stop smoking and eliminate-- >> and it's easy and it's instant, and I mean, you can just put that in your briefcase, your handbag.
00:00:17You can have it in your desk drawer, your bedside table.
00:00:19Wherever those sort of cris-- in the car, wherever that crisis hits you, you can just spray.
00:00:23 [laughs] >> exactly, just keep it on you, keep yourself armed.
00:00:26I suppose the beauty is when somebody's found something that works, they want to tell everybody, and it's great to be able to be in a position to be on a show like this where we can touch so many people, but are ..
00:00:37The people that come to you are sort of telling everyone about the news?
00:00:40'Cause I would imagine if you find something like that, you'd be shouting it from the rooftops.
00:00:44>> If you're a smoker and you have used smoke remedy, you know how effective it is, and we have found that so many people then tell other people.
00:00:52They go out of their way to tell people about a product that can help them quit.
00:00:57And actually, their thoughts, their reaction to it is so much more impactful on smokers, because to your earlier point, chloe, someone who's never smoked, they really don't get it.
00:01:07Somebody who used to smoke and that has now quit and found a product to really help them do it without the white-knuckle, donald, and just battling their way through the cravings, they are so excited to share that with other people.
00:01:22We have a story of carol, who just has told so many different smokers about smoke remedy, and she shares her story of someone that she helped to quit smoke with smoke remedy.
00:01:33>> So carol could be you.
00:01:34[Laughs] >> a woman at work one day mentioned that she wanted to stop smoking.
00:01:39I knew about smoke remedy, so I asked her if she wanted some help, and I told her I knew of a product that had no bad taste, didn't hurt your stomach, didn't have side effects, and it could help her stop smoking, so she said sure, she'd be interested in it.
00:02:00I brought it in to her, and she tried it that day.
00:02:03That day she had one cigarette and that's all.
00:02:06She usually would go outside and have a few cigarettes, but she didn't that day, and she didn't for the rest of the week.
00:02:13She thought the weekend would be difficult for her because her weekends usually were spent with people who did smoke, but she came in and told me the next monday that she didn't smoke at all, she didn't even feel the desire to smoke.
00:02:26She called me a couple of weeks after that and told me she still hadn't been smoking, and she was delighted.
00:02:32Could she get a bottle of smoke remedy for her mother too?
00:02:35So she felt that it really worked for her, and she's been delighted.
00:02:39I always recommend smoke remedy because I know that it works.
00:02:43>> Eileen, we only have a minute left.
00:02:45Is there any last thought you'd like to share with smokers at home that are trying to quit?
00:02:49>> I know what it's like to try to quit smoking.
00:02:52I used to smoke.
00:02:53I am thrilled to be here today to share with you what we know is a breakthrough product that truly can help you eliminate your craving and desire to smoke and become smoke-free finally.
00:03:08>> If you're watching right now and you've been looking for the definitive answer for you to kick the smoking habit, you've come to the right place, but you have to take action right now.
00:03:20The show's almost over.
00:03:21If you want to quit smoking, pick up the phone and get your bottle of smoke remedy.
00:03:27And because eileen coll is on our show today, when you do call in, mention that you saw it onthe donald and chloe show, you will receive a substantial savings off the regular price of smoke remedy.
00:03:38And ask the operator about another product that is great for ex-smokers called lung remedy, which helps support healthy lung function, which is so important to smokers.
00:03:49But pick up the phone and call right now.
00:03:51If you or someone you love has been trying to give up smoking, this is the answer, and you can be a nonsmoker in just a short period of time, but you have to pick up the phone and call the number on the screen right now.
00:04:05Eileen, I want to thank you for being on the show.
00:04:07>> Thanks so much for having me.
00:04:09>> My name is donald barrett.
00:04:10>> And I'm chloe marshall.
00:04:11>> And we'll see you on another edition of the donald and chloe show.
00:04:14Thanks for being with us.
00:04:15>> Take care.
00:04:16..] >> for 18 years, I started every day with a cigarette, and since taking smoke remedy I am free from planning my days and nights around smoking, and not only am I ecstatic about it, my daughter is very ecstatic as well.
00:04:36>> It has been one of the greatest pleasures to help people quit smoking.
00:04:43It is safe and it helps their family.
00:04:46What a blessing it is to help people quit smoking with smoke remedy.
00:04:52>> I'll recommend smoke remedy to friend, to everybody.
00:04:57>> Many folks at work smoke, and many of them have expressed the desire to stop smoking.
00:05:02When they do that, I always recommend smoke remedy because I know that it works.
00:05:07They're very happy with the results.
00:05:09Those who have used smoke remedy have said that it lessens their desire for smoking.
00:05:14They don't even really want to smoke anymore.
00:05:17>> I have no side effects from smoke remedy except that i don't want to smoke, and I think that's a pretty good thing.
00:05:24>> Since I've tried smoke remedy, the temptation, desire, it's completely gone, it's left.
00:05:29So I don't have to worry about being near somebody that's smoking, 'cause it doesn't affect me.
00:05:34It's very powerful.
00:05:35I would recommend it to all my friends or even people I don't know, because it can make their lives healthier and extend their lives as well.
00:05:42It's wonderful.
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00:13:39♪ roll the dice and have some faith ♪
00:13:44♪ don't be falling in love as she's walking away ♪
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