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00:00:02>>Let's see if you remember ♪♪ Fe fe fi fi fo fo fum I smell smoke in the auditorium.
00:00:12Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown.
00:00:16He's a clown, that Charlie Brown.BS He's gonna get caught; just you wait and see.
00:00:24(Why's everybody always pickin' on me?) That's him on his knees, I know that's him.
00:00:31Yeah, from 7 come 11 down in the boys' gym.
00:00:35Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown.
00:00:39He's a clown, that Charlie Brown.
00:00:43He's gonna get caught; just you wait and see.
00:00:47(Why's everybody always pickin' on me?)BS íCHe walks in the classroom, cool and slow.
00:01:19Who calls the English teacher Daddy-O?
00:01:22Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown.
00:01:26He's a clown, that Charlie Brown.
00:01:30He's gonna get caught; just you wait and see.
00:01:34(Why's everybody always pickin' on me?) ♪♪
00:02:03>>Please welcome, the Cleftones.
00:02:17♪♪ Whoa -oooooo Can't we be sweethearts?
00:02:41Why don't we fall in love?
00:02:44Right from the start, you're the girl I've been dreaming of.
00:02:49Ohlly love you so.
00:02:59Please be my sweetheart, don't you know the way I feel.
00:03:04Please play the part and make my dreams all real.
00:03:09Oh don't you know, don't youíCDU know I really love you so.
00:03:19We walk hand in hand, in our wonderland.
00:03:24The world would be our own.
00:03:29I'd make love to you, hug an kiss you too.DU If you'd be mine alone.
00:03:39Can't we be sweethearts?
00:03:41Why don't we fall in love?
00:03:44Right from the start, you're the girl I'm dreaming of.
00:03:49Oh don't you know, don't you know I really love you so. íCDU ♪♪ Whoa - oooooooo - ♪♪ Whoa - oooooooo - Du >Ladies and gentleman, time for a My Music flashback with The Rays.
00:04:32♪♪ ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah Took a walk and passed your house (late last night).
00:04:43All the shades were pulled and drawn (way down tight).
00:04:48From within, a dim light cast two silhouettes on the shade.
00:04:55Oh, what a lovely couple they ma-ade.
00:04:59Silhouettes (silhouettes) silhouettes (silhouettes) silhouettes (silhouettes).
00:05:03ty-oh, oh-oh.
00:05:05Silhouettes (silhouettes) silhouettes (silhouettes) silhouettes (silhouettes), ty-oh, oh-oh.
00:05:11Lost control and rang your bellíCDU (I was sore).
00:05:17Let me in or else I'll beat (down your door).
00:05:22When two strangers who had been two silhouettes on the shade Said to my shock "you're on the wrong blo-ock".
00:05:33Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba baDU Rushed down to your house with wings (on my feet).
00:05:45Loved you like I never loved (you my sweet).
00:05:51Vowed that you and I would be two silhouettes on tDU shade.
00:05:57All of our days, two silhouettes on the sha-ade.
00:06:01Silhouettes (silhouettes) silhouettes (silhouettes) silhouettes (silhouettes) ty-oh, oh-oh.
00:06:07Silhouettes (silhouettes) silhouettes (silhouettes) silhouettes (silhouettes), Two silhouettes on the shade. ♪♪DU >>Our next guests were one of the very first of the girl groups, formed in The Bronx way back in 1956 and you know they all sang together in the church choir - here are The Chantels.
00:06:40♪♪ I love you so - ooo.
00:06:47I love you so - I want you to know.
00:07:01I'm telling you, darling, I'll never let you go.
00:07:15I need you true.
00:07:22I hope you do too.
00:07:29I'm telling you, darling,íCDU I'll never let you go.
00:07:45I love you so - ooooo. ♪♪íCDUDU ♪♪ Maybe, if I pray every night You'll come back to me.
00:08:32And maybe, if I cry every day, You'll come back to stay.
00:08:44Ohhhh, maybe.
00:08:51Maybe, if I hold your hand, You will understand.
00:09:03And maybe, if I kissed your lips I'll be at your command.
00:09:15Ohhhh, maybe (maybe,íCDU maybe, maybe) Maybe (maybe, maybe, maybe) Maybe (maybe, maybe, maybe) Maybe (maybe, maybe, maybe). ♪♪
00:09:53>>I'm often asked, what song have I most enjoyed performing íC through the years and the answer has to be, Blue Moon.
00:10:01Here is the group that created that famous doo wop version of the old Rodgers and Harts standard, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Marcels.
00:10:12♪♪ Bom-ma-bom, a-bom-bom-a-bom, ba-ba-bom-bom-a-bomp, b-dang-a-dang-dang, b-ding-a-dong-ding.
00:10:16blue moon, blue moon, DU do ta do ta do blue moon do ta do ta do blue moon - Bom-ma-bom, a-bom-bom-a-bom, ba-ba-bom-bom-a-bomp, b-dang-a-dang-dang, b-ding-a-dong-ding.
00:10:32Blue moon - You saw me standing alone, Without a dream in my heart, Without a love of my own.
00:10:47Blue Moon, you knew just what I was there for.
00:10:53You heard me saying a prayer for.
00:10:58Someone I really could care for.
00:11:00Wah, wah, wah.
00:11:02And then there suddenly you appeared before me.
00:11:10The only one my arms will ever hold.
00:11:17I heíCard somebody whisper, 'Please adore me'.
00:11:25And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold.
00:11:32Blue Moon, now I'm no longer alone.íCDU Without a dream in my heart.
00:11:42Without a love of my own.
00:11:44Ooohhh - Bom-ma-bom, a-bom-bom-a-bom, ba-ba-bom-bom-a-bomp, b-dang-a-dang-dang, b-ding-a-dong-ding.
00:11:48Blue Moon.
00:11:49Moon, moon, moon, blue moon.
00:11:52Moon, moon, moon, blue moon.íCDU Bom-ma-bom, a-bom-bom-a-bom, ba-ba-bom-bom-a-bomp, b-dang-a-dang-dang, b-ding-a-dong-ding.
00:12:05Blue - moon.DU Blue, blue, blue moon - ooooh Bom-ma-bom, a-bom-bom-a-bom, ba-ba-bom-bom-a-bomp, b-dang-a-dang- b-ding-a-dong-ding.
00:12:38Bluuuue moooon.
00:12:49Bom-ma-bom, a-bom-bom-a-bom, ba-ba-bom-bom-a-bomp, b-dang-a-dang-dang, b-ding-a-dong-ding.
00:12:55blue - moon!
00:13:13>And now a My Music flashback with Johnny Maestro and The Crests.íC ♪♪ Step, step.
00:13:21Step, step.
00:13:23Step, step, step, step.
00:13:28Step by step I fell in love with you .
00:13:33And step by step it wasn't hard to do .
00:13:38Kiss by kiss and hand in hand íCDU That's the way it all began Soon we found the perfect plan for lo-ove.
00:13:47Side by side we took a lovers walk.
00:13:52And word by word we had a lover's talk.
00:13:57One word led to another and then, in no DUme we're up to ten.
00:14:02Now I know we'll always be in love.
00:14:061st step, a sweet llo.
00:14:092nd step, my heart's aglow.
00:14:113rd step, we had a date.
00:14:144th step, we stayed out late.
00:14:165th step, I walk you home.
00:14:186th step, we're all alone.
00:14:217th step, we took a chance.
00:14:23One kiss and true romance.
00:14:26Step by step we climbed to heaven's door.
00:14:31Step by step, each thrill invited more.
00:14:35Then you promised faithfully, All your love belonged to me.
00:14:40Now I know we'll always be in love. ♪♪
00:14:49♪♪ Step, step.
00:14:52Step, step. ♪♪
00:14:54>Still ahead, from doo wop to pop rock, stay tuned for more new performances from the My Music stage.
00:15:01>This is the moment of all nts.
00:15:03Good evening, my name is TJ Lubinsky and to see Johnny Maestro back with The Crests, something we could never do on public television before, of course Johnny for years with Ridge, we lost him just recently.
00:15:12We thought, just for you, with your pledge of support, we will bring back the great original memories along with this all new concert.íCDU Now, what you are seeing on this show that we just performed as part of a three DVD set that we have available to you right now as a member of public television and it is phenomenal.
00:15:26More performances, full performances from The Chanteles, from The Marcels, incredible to see The Coasters, they are still singing.
00:15:32And the legacy continues.
00:15:34The Clefttones for the first A@ time ever on public television doing Can We Be Sweethearts?
00:15:38This is part of a three DVD set that will come your way, plus, I'm really excited to tell you about a brand new CD set that we put together.
00:15:45Five of them in fact, including all the original recoEDrdings of The Crystals, Darlene Love as well as Ronnie and the Ronettes.
00:15:52You are going to hear all about that right now, but we need you.
00:15:54Please, if you love the music, take a moment, pick up the phone, make your pledge of support and just look at these thank you gifts that come your way for allowing us to continue the preservation.
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00:16:15Or at the $150 dollar level, it's the My Music five CD collection of hits.
00:16:20♪♪ Oh, won't you please?
00:16:21Be my, be my baby.
00:16:23Be my little baby.
00:16:25My one and only - ♪♪
00:16:26♪♪ Come on baby, let's do the twist. ♪♪
00:16:31♪♪ Drop the coin right into the slot, you gotta hear something that's really hot. ♪♪
00:16:37♪♪ Who wears short shorts?
00:16:41We wear short shorts. ♪♪
00:16:43♪♪ Ain't got no home.
00:16:47Or no place to roam. ♪♪
00:16:49♪♪ Two silhouettes on the shade, oh what a lovely couple they made. ♪♪
00:16:56♪♪ We are going to rock around the clock tonight. ♪♪
00:17:04♪♪ The kids in Bristol are as sharp as a pistol when they do the Bristol Stomp. ♪♪
00:17:08♪♪ It's the latest; it's theotato, yeah, yeah. ♪♪
00:17:15Yours now with your donation at the $150 level.íCDU ♪♪ Many a tear has to fall, but its all in the game. ♪♪
00:17:30♪♪ So in love are we two that we don't know what to do, so inA@ love.
00:17:38In a world of our own.♪♪
00:17:42Increase your donation to the $250 level and the My Music collection will come your way.
00:17:48You will receive the three DVD EDset of the show and the five CD collection of Rock, Pop and Doo Wop hits.
00:17:55♪♪ Come on baby, baby I love you, ooee, baby.
00:18:01Baby I love only you. ♪♪
00:18:05>Ooee baby, that is Ronnie and the Ronetttes, the original recording available with allED her great hits.
00:18:10Be My Baby.
00:18:11Walking in the Rain, Do I Love You?
00:18:13Her great version of So Young.
00:18:15This is just an incredible opportunity.
00:18:17We have put together just for you exclusively for members of your public television station, the original recordings in this package of just so many songs and memories.
00:18:26The best of Rock, Pop and Doo Wop.
00:18:28And as we move into the next segments, some amazing performances are going to come back.
00:18:31Returning performers and brand new performances that are made possible because your dollars and support.
00:18:36Let me tell you, $150, when you join us right now - five CD set.
00:18:40You can choose some of the great songs that areg - The Do Ron Ron and then of course we have Then He Kissed Me, great sounds from The Crystals that time.
00:18:46Show The Boy I Love and He's a Rebel.
00:18:48The way he walks down the street and shuffles his feet - love that stuff.
00:18:51That is Darlene Love under the name of The Crystals.
00:18:53The original recordings we have for you as well as all the great sounds.
00:18:56Be My Baby.
00:18:57Baby I Love You.
00:18:58And as you go on, some amazing ck and roll from Bill Henley and the Comets from Chuck Berry, the very merry Mr.
00:19:03Chuck Berry, it's all here, the original recordings preserved for history and we can continue this effort one more time for you.
00:19:11We plan on doing one final great Doo Wop show for PBS and that will come your way if we can have your support right now.
00:19:18It's more important than ever.íCDU A brand new recording.
00:19:21You are seeing a brand new taping, three DVD set, five CDs, all here, preserving the memories for you, for your family, because of the calls of support.
00:19:30And right now, in our studio, great special guest John Bowman is here who is so close to the legacy of [email protected] the music alive and of course, Denise Richardson.
00:19:40>>This was a historic night in Pittsburgh and how fortunate am I to be sitting next to John Bowman.
00:19:45Well, not just John Bowman, but John "Bowzer" Bowman of - formally of Sha Na Na.ED >Okay, I'll do it, okay.
00:19:55Just for you.
00:19:56>>Thank you so much, I love you.
00:19:58>Just because you are so wonderful.
00:19:59>>So what was it like for you to be with all of this talent that really you have grown up with?
00:20:03>Well, I don't know if there ever has been an assemblage like this, you know, in one place.
00:20:07The same place at the same time.
00:20:09Uh, you know, when we did theED Sha Na Na TV shows back in the '70s, we got to meet a lot of the original artists whose music we were reviving and that was certainly a thrill, but this kind of collection of people in the same place at the same time was beyond a thrill, it was awesome.
00:20:27>>So as you encounter individuals, are there any one or two people that you met and you thought, oh, I'm so glad to really see you?
00:20:34>Well, you know, I knew a lot of the people who were there individually from before, so I was particularly - it was particularly wonderful for me to meet people like The Jarmels, who were put together just for this.
00:20:46And La La Brooks who I really didn't know from before.
00:20:49These are performances coming >Pledge at the $150 level and we will say thanks with the Rock, Pop and Doo Wop DVD set.
00:21:14This special PBS collector's edition features more hits, more artists and full length archival classics from theíC vaults.
00:21:21♪♪ Yip, yip, yip, sha na na na, sha na na na - ba do, sha na na na, sha na na na - ba do, sha na na na, sha na na na - ba do, sha na na na, sha na na na - ba do, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, mmmm - get a job.♪♪
00:21:38♪♪ Could [email protected] beagic?
00:21:44My dear, my heart is all aglow. ♪♪ED ♪♪ One summer night, I kissed your lips.
00:22:01One summer night, I held you close. ♪♪
00:22:07>Or at the $150 level, chose the five CD set with your favorite Rock,ED Pop and Doo Wop hits.
00:22:13This is the ultimate hits collection of your favorite oldies.
00:22:18♪♪ Today I met the boy I'm gonna marry. ♪♪
00:22:23♪♪ 'Cause you've got - personality - Walk - with personality.
00:22:27Talk - with personality.
00:22:29Smile - with personality. ♪♪
00:22:31♪♪ Hel-lo baby! ♪♪
00:22:34♪♪ Chantilly Lace and a pretty face and a ponytail hanging down - ♪♪
00:22:39♪♪ Whoo, wild one, I'm gonna tame you down now.
00:22:46Wild one, I'll get you yet.
00:22:50You bet. ♪♪
00:22:52♪♪ I'm just a lonely boy, lonely and blue - ♪♪
00:23:00♪♪ Don't hang up, no no, oh don't you do it!
00:23:03Don't hang up, no, no. ♪♪
00:23:08>>This is one of my favorite - I call them a girl group, The Orlons, even though of course Steve Caldwell is in there and does that famous "no, no, meet me on South Street".
00:23:15Having the recordings of The Orlons together - Don't Hang Up, Wa Wa Tusi.
00:23:19I mean, I love South Street World.
00:23:20The Hippies Meet.
00:23:21íCOn the same collection as the original recordings from The Ronettes, as the original recordings of The Crystals, Darlene Love and all the great early Rock and Roll.
00:23:29Rock, Pop and Doo Wop.
00:23:30You have some Buddy Holly in here.
00:23:31You have Bill Haley and The Comets in here.
00:23:33You have Chuck Berry in here.
00:23:34And all these just wonderful songs you don't hear anymore.
00:23:37We are bringing them to you as our thank you for allowing usA@ to continue the music here on Public Television.
00:23:42But we need your dollars to make it happen, that is the way it has always worked.
00:23:45We start at the beginning, 12 years ago with Doo Wop 50 and said, if you can support this, we will come back and we brought you Doo Wop 51.
00:23:51Here, 12 years later, we are now going into the Dick Clark archives and the Ed Sullivan archives and for the first time, bringing you performances never available on television, since the first time they were out.
00:24:01You can have these now.
00:24:03They aren't going to be anywhere else.
00:24:04This is exclusive to Public Television.
00:24:05All the great Doo Wop performances - The Monotones, The Silhouettes, The Shields are on here with You Cheated, You Lied.
00:24:11Robert and Johnny, We Belong Together.
00:24:12Groups that we couEDldn't bring back to perform on stage.
00:24:15I Only Have Eyes For You, the original Flamingos.
00:24:17These are performances that you will never again be able to see or be able to own.
00:24:22It's only because of the special relationship.
00:24:24You support Public Television; we preserve the legacy and the music.
00:24:27Three DVD set.
00:24:29This is really incredible; you are going to love this.
00:24:31Three DVDs when you go to your phone right now.
00:24:33You can choose this at the $150 level.
00:24:35And the songs in here, when we see the first great act, of course the Clefttones singing Can't We Be Sweethearts, one of the favorite, I think, all time best Clefttones song for anyone who grew up in the cities.
00:24:46Of course, Why You Do Me Like You Do.
00:24:47Sugar, you are the apple of my eye!
00:24:49Love it and we've got them performing it.
00:24:51Doesn't exist.
00:24:52They have never done that on television before.
00:24:54Goodbye to Love with The Marcels is on here.
00:24:56From that first segment, again, you look at The Chantels, and you just feel the incredible emotions of Maybe and Look In My Eyes, which is on the DVD set.
00:25:05So on and on and on, it's going to be a big night for Public Television, but we need you to do that thing.
00:25:10Make that move from watching it on TV and saying, oh, I love this stuff, I love those shows on PBS.