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00:00:00I am!
00:00:02And betrothed, no?
00:00:06Now, there is a vision of a man, tia teresa.
00:00:10Such insufferable wickedness.
00:00:12Ones marriage bans are posted.
00:00:14May the saints defend us.
00:00:20Floriana, use oil of roses in my bath-- and be generous.
00:00:24I'll wear the white lace and the manton de manila.
00:00:28She should have been married a year ago.
00:00:31There will be trouble.
00:00:32Señor cartwright? señor joseph cartwright?
00:00:35Si, señor.
00:00:36You must be don xavier lazarro.
00:00:37That's right.
00:00:38This is my brother hoss.
00:00:39How are you, sir?
00:00:41Well, I got another name-- eric.
00:00:43But nobody calls me that except pa when he's gotten sore at me.
00:00:46You just call me hoss.
00:00:48.. hoss?
00:00:49El caballo.
00:00:52Ah,si, si.
00:00:53Mucho gusto, señor caballo.
00:00:57Pasa, señor.
00:00:58Hey, my name ain't señor caballo.
00:01:01Come on.
00:01:04Ah, eduardo.
00:01:06Come in, you are welcome.
00:01:08This is señor joseph cartwright and his brother señor caballo cartwright.
00:01:14This is señor eduardo vasconcelles y montalban, my neighbor and soon to be my son-in-law.
00:01:20Well, not exactly-- my real name is hoss.
00:01:23Tengo gusto servidor de ustedes.
00:01:27How do you do?
00:01:28You do not speak spanish, señores?
00:01:29Well, not nearly as well as you speak english, I'm sure.
00:01:32Here's to the acquisition of the finest seed bull in the western world-- prometeo el segundo llama encarnado.
00:01:40Ain't that pretty much of a mouthful?
00:01:41Oh, thevaqueroscall himel rojo grande.
00:01:45Big red.
00:01:45Yeah, big red. that's much better.
00:01:47We'll call him big red.
00:01:48You surprise me, don xavier.
00:01:50You are selling prometeo?
00:01:51No, I still have two of his young sons.
00:01:54Then what have theyanquisdone to deserve the best hereford bull in all california?
00:01:57Oh, we don't want to take all the credit.
00:01:59I think that our $10,00 had a lot to do with it.
00:02:02That is american tevery.
00:02:04Eduardo: He is worth at least 20.
00:02:06Don Xavier: Please, eduardo, these gentlemen are guests.
00:02:09A thousand pardons, don xavier.
00:02:12Forgive me if I've offended by being too loyal.
00:02:14I only wish these gentlemen had me to deal with.
00:02:18Now, if you ever have anything I might want, señor, I'd be happy to deal with you.
00:02:30Cayetana. tia teresa.
00:02:33Dona maria teresa, cayetana, with your permission, may I present señor caballo cartwright.
00:02:40And his brother joseph cartwright.
00:02:46I have great pleasure to meet you, señor.
00:02:49I have greater pleasure, ma'am.
00:02:51Let me give you some wine. come.
00:02:56Señor cartwright, it was my impression that americans excelled in all things.
00:03:01How is it that you come to monterey for a bull?
00:03:05They got herefords back east.
00:03:06Henry clay imported them to kentucky back in '17.
00:03:09Hoss: Besides, our pa want big.
00:03:11He's got the best bloodline.
00:03:12Eduardo: I'm aware of this, señores.
00:03:14I think eduardo hoped to buy prometeo for himself.
00:03:17Eduardo, you should have spoken sooner.
00:03:19Prometeo does not belong to me anymore.
00:03:21Shall we go to dinner?
00:03:33♪ Anda dile que no cante ♪
00:03:39♪ que pajarito es aquel ♪
00:03:51♪ y anda dile que no cante ♪
00:04:00epiphanio, what is the matter?
00:04:03He sold el rojo grande.
00:04:04Don xavier sold el rojo grande.
00:04:07How many times I told you not to say a big lie to yourpapacito?
00:04:10It is true. I heard them say so.
00:04:12I was at the window of the hacienda.
00:04:14Don xavier can never do such a thing like that.
00:04:18To whom did he sell it to?
00:04:19Two men.americanos from the high country.
00:04:22The poor bull, the poortorito-- he will freeze to death in such a country like that.
00:04:27You know how our son feels aboutel rojo grande.
00:04:30Valiente, do something to help him.por favor.
00:04:33I will do something.
00:04:34I will pray, I will pray to saint jude the obscure.
00:04:38He is the patron of the impossible things.
00:04:41Papa, can't you pray to a saint better known like saint francis, the one who loves all animals?
00:04:46Saint francis-- I will pray for him, also.
00:04:50Meanwhile, let's sing.
00:04:51Let's be happy, let's be happy.
00:04:56♪ Que bonito pajarillo ♪
00:05:01♪ que cantaba en aquella lima ♪
00:05:05♪ anda dile que no cante, que mi corazon .. ♪
00:05:09you will not go to the cold country in the hills, where you will starve.
00:05:15Honest I won't.
00:05:28And now, gentlemen, you will see the great prize bull you have come so far to obtain.
00:05:33El rojo grande.
00:05:36Hoss: Whereabouts is he?
00:05:38Well, I do not understand.
00:05:39This morning I brought him from the meadows.
00:05:42Perhaps he has been stolen.
00:05:44Don Xavier: Stolen?
00:05:45Oh, but that is ridiculous.
00:05:50I have it-- find the son of valiente lopez, and you will find the bull.
00:05:53Floriana, havevaqueros bring horses to the hacienda.
00:05:56Si, señor.
00:05:57Come with me.
00:06:07Si, señor?
00:06:08Where is your son?
00:06:09My son epiphanio?
00:06:10I don't , señor.
00:06:12Ask your wife.
00:06:13I ask my wife.
00:06:14Dice a los señores americanos y al patron donde esta el chamaco que lo andan buscando porque creen que se llevo el toro.
00:06:22Yo no se para donde se habra ido.
00:06:24Estaba aqui hace un momento con el toro.
00:06:27She don't know.
00:06:28But where is the bull?
00:06:31For the bull or epiphanio, señor?
00:06:33Big red's all we want to find right now.
00:06:36Wait a minute, señores. wait a minute.
00:06:38I think I can help you.
00:06:40Because where the bull is, the boy is, and where the boy is, the bull is.
00:06:45You know, that's how it is.
00:06:47Yeah, that makes sense. yeah.
00:06:48The bull's with the boy and the boy's with the bull.
00:06:51That's what he said.
00:06:53(door opens and closes) The horses are ready, don xavier.
00:06:56Good. valiente, you will ride with us.
00:06:59Si, señor.
00:06:59Have much cattle rustling around here, señor?
00:07:02Very little.
00:07:03There are few americans around here.
00:07:05You have a very funny sense of humor.
00:07:07I know.
00:07:08Incidentally, I notice that you appreciate more than just cattle, señor.
00:07:13Meaning what?
00:07:13Meaning that I am betrothed to señorita cayetana.
00:07:15Or do you not know the meaning of this word?
00:07:18I know the meaning of many words, señor, including good manners.
00:07:22Little joe. forget it, hoss.
00:07:23He's been riding me ever since I got here.
00:07:24As far as your girlfriend is concerned, you can forget it.
00:07:27I came here to get a bull.
00:07:28You will stay close to your father at all times, cayetana.
00:07:31Of course, tia teresa.
00:07:33Themonteis hardly a fitting place for a young lady at night.
00:07:38It is the rancho of my father, eduardo.
00:07:40I know every tree and rock.
00:07:42But there are bears and mountain lions about at night.
00:07:45And coyotes, but they are notorious cowards.
00:07:49Yeah, I know.
00:07:50May i?
00:07:52Of course.
00:08:06He is your son, valiente.
00:08:08Where would you say the boy has taken the bull?
00:08:11No man can go into the mind of another,patron.
00:08:14Not even that of his own child.
00:08:15Perhaps he has taken it to the old sheepherder'sbarraca.
00:08:19Sheepherder's what?
00:08:20The old sheepherder's house.
00:08:23It is so close by.
00:08:24Don Xavier: Well, the boy couldn't have taken the bull very far.
00:08:27Anyway, we will separate.
00:08:29Cayetana, you will ride with me.
00:08:31(coyotes howling) ..
00:08:33Muchachos, vamonos.
00:08:41(growls) (growls) (mooing) Gently, gently.
00:09:09Have no fear.
00:09:10El osowill not approach the fire.
00:09:15Little joe, you reckon that young'un took that bull down to that sheepherder's whatever she called it?
00:09:22You mean the shack? yeah.
00:09:23Now, I don't think so, hoss.
00:09:24 come on.
00:09:25 no use wasting our time both looking.
00:09:28 you top out that rim rock up there, and I'll head on down to the shack.
00:09:32 I'll meet you here.
00:09:45Please, saint francis.
00:09:46Please don't let the rain put our fire out.
00:09:49You must keep the bear away.
00:09:51(thunderclap) (rain pelting down) Ure came up fast.
00:13:25The storms are always sudden here and very strong.
00:13:29Yeah, I know.
00:13:30How did you manage to get away from your father?
00:13:35Oh, it was simple.
00:13:36He went one way and I went the other.
00:13:38That's fine.
00:13:39Are you not pleased that I did so?
00:13:42Sure I am.
00:13:44You are a gentleman.
00:13:47Are you not?
00:13:49I think so.
00:13:50And I can trust you, can I not?
00:13:54Sure. sure you can.
00:13:55Then why don't you kiss me?
00:13:58Why don't I kiss you?
00:14:02Are you afraid of eduardo?
00:14:05Eduardo? no.
00:14:06Are you afraid of my father?
00:14:09Your father? no.
00:14:10I'm not afraid of anybody.
00:14:13Why don't you go sit over there?
00:14:15Then you won't have to be afraid of me, and I won't have to be afraid of me.
00:14:20(sighs) I think it is disgusting.
00:14:23You are just like a spaniard.
00:14:25You think all women are without virtue.
00:14:27I didn't say anything like that.
00:14:29But you thought it.
00:14:30Always we are kept behind bars or watched by some old eagle of aduena until we marry and then our wicked, jealous husbands watch us and spy on us until we are old and fat and dead.
00:14:44I have been told that theamericanos treat their women with respect and trust.
00:14:53Then kiss me one time and prove it.
00:14:59And prove it.
00:15:00Prove it?
00:15:02(thunderclap) (bear growling) (horse neighs) Epiphanio: el oso, el oso!
00:15:25(bear growling) El oso, el oso!
00:15:29Get out of the way, boy.
00:15:31Get out of the way.
00:15:32(thud) (bear growling) (bear growling) El oso muerto?
00:16:35Yeah, he's dead.
00:16:38You can't hardly blame that old bear, though.
00:16:41Poor old thing was just naturally hungry and was trying to find him something to eat, that's all.
00:16:47I think it would make a small difference to prometeo if he is to be eaten byel osoor you.
00:16:55Eat him?
00:16:56Why, you poor little splinter, you.
00:16:58You think we was going to butcher your bull?
00:17:01You are not?
00:17:02Why, you bet your boots we ain't.
00:17:03We paid a bunch of money for that bull, son.
00:17:05We're going to take him back up to the ponderosa ..
00:17:09.. let him marry a bunch of cows.
00:17:14He will like that.
00:17:18(lowing) Then he'll have many strong sons and daughters with the red coat and white face.
00:17:26I reckon he will.
00:17:27Will they put me in jail for stealing your bull?
00:17:30No, sir. ain't nobody gonna put you in jail.
00:17:33Then I am your servant for all time.
00:17:35I go with you andel rojo grande to the high country even if I freeze to death, also.
00:17:41We'll see.
00:17:43I think I will not marry with eduardo after all even if he is rich.
00:17:49But why not?
00:17:50You wanted to marry him a little while ago.
00:17:52I have always wanted to marry anamericano.
00:18:00.. I never intended to break up anybody's marriage plans.
00:18:07.. sometimes love is stronger than intentions.
00:18:12Don't you love me?
00:18:14Why, sure I love you.
00:18:15I love you like a sister.
00:18:19You would kiss a sister the way you kiss me?
00:18:22A close sister.
00:18:23Oh, what a monster.
00:18:25What a liar!
00:18:26.. you...
00:18:27I didn't really mean like a sister.
00:18:32I forgive you.
00:18:35I forgive you, my darling.
00:18:41(horses approaching) It is eduardo and my father.
00:18:47They will make you marry with me.
00:18:50Oh, no.
00:18:50You have compromised me.
00:18:53You have compromised me.
00:18:54The heck I did.
00:19:00Father, thank heavens you are safe.
00:19:02I was so worried about you out in that dreadful storm.
00:19:04And why did you slip away from me in the dark?
00:19:07Why did I slip away?
00:19:08Where is señor cartwright?
00:19:10How should I know?
00:19:11Come, we will return to the hacienda.
00:19:16You're sure señor cartwright has not been with you?
00:19:19What right have you to accuse me?
00:19:22(horses departing) I'm your husband-to-be.
00:19:28I am not so sure about that.
00:19:31We will discuss that later.
00:19:34But one thing I am sure of-- if señor cartwright has been with you, I will kill him.
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00:23:32How come he can't ride in an ordinary wagon?
00:23:34Because, señor, he is not an ordinary bull.
00:23:38This animal has traveled 12,000 miles around the horn, and he must continue to travel in comfort.
00:23:44Yeah, $500 worth of comfort just for a bull.
00:23:48Ah, soft as a bride's bed.
00:23:50Sounds like highway robbery to me, all this for a bull.
00:23:54Don Xavier: This is just not a bull.
00:23:58I've heard all that.
00:23:59But to me, he's still plain oldrojo grande.
00:24:02Hoss, you know, there's a lot things more important than a bull.
00:24:05Know what I mean?
00:24:06Just give him the money and let's get out of here.
00:24:15There you are, señor.
00:24:15It's a lot of money; you'd better count it.
00:24:17That isn't necessary, señor.
00:24:19Floriana, take this into the house, please.
00:24:22Si, patron.
00:24:23Come on, red, let's go.
00:24:25(bull bellows, Hoss laughs) Epiphanio: Have mercy, señores.
00:24:29You can see he does not want to go.
00:24:31Yeah, I can see that.
00:24:36Like some folks, red, when you got to go, you got to go.
00:24:41(discontented moo) Oh, please, not like that.
00:24:44I will show you.
00:24:56(chuckling): OH, NO.
00:25:05Forgive me,rojo grande,forgive me.
00:25:08But when you got to go, you got to go.
00:25:12Adios,señor lazarro.
00:25:14Adios, adios.
00:25:20Well, that ought to be enough.
00:25:22Oh, no, señor-- need big fire , all night.
00:25:26Hear mountain lion scream.
00:25:32(slurps) (hawks) Thanks a lot.
00:25:39(man singing in Spanish) What was that?
00:25:42It is all right, señor.
00:25:43It is only my mama and papa.
00:25:45Your ma and pa?
00:25:47Si, señor.
00:25:48One of the burro have baby, and they cannot travel more faster than the baby burro can walk.
00:25:52(Valiente singing in Spanish) .. ♪
00:25:58♪ y anda dile que no cante ♪
00:26:05sorry to be late, señores, but it was the babyburrito.
00:26:08But tomorrow we start an hour before you.
00:26:12.. where are you going?
00:26:15Where are we going, señores?
00:26:17I don't know-- don't you?
00:26:19Hold on just a minute.
00:26:19We done took on one young'un, a fancy wagon, the team of horses, we weren't counting on, ..
00:26:24But señor, a person's mother and father always go where they go.
00:26:28You would make me an orphan, and my mother and father childless.
00:26:31Oh, no, señor, you are too kind-heart for that.
00:26:35This kid's got you all figured out.
00:26:36Besides, we can always use a little more help.
00:26:39And I am, I am a very strong arm.
00:26:41Yeah, well, we don't need no strong arms.
00:26:43Señor, mi hombre es un buen trabajador.
00:26:46Besides, my wife, she cooks.
00:26:48Yeah, well, I don't care what she is.
00:26:52You say she's a good cook?
00:26:54Ah, for the angels.
00:26:56Muy sabroso!
00:26:58Cooks things like what?
00:26:59Ah, arroz con pollo, tamalitos, enchiladas, tacos, burritos, guacamole, chili, mucho machiqueta, que barbaridad.
00:27:07No mas digame.
00:27:07Hoss, hoss you're putting on ten pounds listening to him.
00:27:11You just hush up, little joe.
00:27:12I ain't about to separate these folks from that poor little boy.
00:27:15Oh, no, no-- or you from that cooking.
00:27:18You can stay.
00:27:21Te lo dije que era un muchacho muy bien muy bueno, mujer.
00:27:25You have to prepare the fire.
00:27:27Tonight we prepare something very special.
00:27:30You hear that, little joe? something special.
00:27:32We don't have to put up with that rabbit stew of yours no more.
00:27:35What did you expect me to make out of rabbits-- roast turkey?
00:27:41(singing in Spanish) Hey, epiphanio, you're eating two suppers tonight, likeseñor caballo?
00:27:56Not for me-- forel toro.
00:27:58The bull?
00:27:59Enchiladas and beans?
00:28:00El rojo grandelike to eat what people eat.
00:28:03Little people food epiphanio, you're gonna spoil the bull.
00:28:07Then he will think he is a people.
00:28:10Heisa people.
00:28:16(lowing) Oh, no, not for you.
00:28:32I brought your honor some food.
00:28:39Oh, you are a good boy, epiphanio.
00:28:40Someday when you are older and you can appreciate it, I will kiss you.
00:28:44That's nice, but I'm worried.
00:28:45My dad would kill me, the twoyanquiswill kill me, everyone will kill me when they find out.
00:28:52Nobody will kill you but me if you betray me.
00:28:56(lowing) How does your honor tell which is best?
00:29:04Women are wiser than men, epiphanio.
00:29:09Oh, ho!
00:29:10Soyou'rethe bull that likes people-food.
00:29:13What a stupid thing to say.
00:29:15Please, señor, I could not helping it.
00:29:18Her honor would kill me if I told.
00:29:22Señorita, what are you doing here, anyhow?
00:29:26Her honor going to marry your brother, joselito.
00:29:30You and little joe marry?
00:29:32You are pleased, no?
00:29:33.. yeah, I reckon I am, but does little joe know about this?
00:29:37Not yet; he will be told at the proper time.
00:29:40Well, when's that?
00:29:42When my father arrives withpistoles to protect my honor.
00:29:45Hey, wait a minute.
00:29:46This ain't no shotgun wedding.
00:29:48 everybody knows shotguns are for the birds.
00:29:51Yeah, well, maybe you'd better come on back to the campfire with me and let your bridegroom know you're here.
00:29:56I will come as soon as I fix my hair.
00:29:57But don't tell him-- I want it to be a surprise.
00:30:00Lady, I promise you he will be that.
00:30:03.. I won't tell him.
00:30:05Come on, epiphanio.
00:30:06Epiphanio, it might be a good idea if you'd take the bull down to the creek and water him.
00:30:12Si, señor.
00:30:27(out-of-tune guitar chords) Pretty good, huh, hoss? what do you think?
00:30:35I think me and you'd better have a little talk, joe.
00:30:38Excuse us a minute, valiente.
00:30:40Seguro casi.
00:30:41Thanks a lot, valiente.
00:30:43What's the matter?
00:30:44Why didn't you tell me about your plans, joe?
00:30:47My plans-- what plans?
00:30:48Well, I mean about fixing to get married and all.
00:30:52I want to know what happened between you and that don xavier's daughter last night.
00:30:56Who told you about that?
00:30:57Never mind where I learned about it, just tell me what happened.
00:30:59Well, nothing happened. don't bother me.
00:31:00I aint gonna be the only one who bothers you, little joe.
00:31:03Now, what happened?
00:31:04I said nothing!
00:31:05Are u sure?
00:31:06Sure I'm sure.
00:31:06I got out the window, nobody saw me.
00:31:08That's all very nice.
00:31:09But what happenedbefore you got out of the window?
00:31:11What's the matter?
00:31:13Ve you been drinking?
00:31:16I just want to help you, little joe.
00:31:19You're in a real fix.
00:31:20What fix?
00:31:25That one.
00:31:29Oh, no.
00:31:30Oh, yeah.
00:31:38What are you doing here?
00:31:39I am eloping away with the man I love-- you, my darling.
00:31:42Now, look, cayetana, I never said anything about getting married.
00:31:46Then why did you compromise me?
00:31:48I didn't!
00:31:49All I was trying to do was get out of the rain.
00:31:51I kissed you once.
00:31:52Twice. once.
00:31:53Twice. once!
00:31:55And now three times.
00:31:57Now twice.
00:31:57Anyway, my father will never believe you.
00:31:59He is spanish. so what?
00:32:01My father will kill you!
00:32:03But I will save your life.
00:32:04He will not kill the father of his grandchildren.
00:32:07What are you talking about?
00:32:09After we are married, we will have many fine, beautiful grandchildren for my father.
00:32:14Thenhe will forgive you.
00:32:18What am I going to do?
00:32:19Looks like you already done it, little joe.
00:32:23Come on, I'm not kidding!
00:32:24Yeah, and from the looks of things neither is her pa.
00:32:28(horse neighing) Papa!
00:32:32What are you doing here?
00:32:35I am here to protect the honor of my family.
00:32:37Don xavier, there's been a little mistake.
00:32:41I am certain there has.
00:32:45I didn't even know your daughter was in camp until just a few minutes ago.
00:32:48Little Joe: I'm just as surprised about it as you are.
00:32:52You are a liar and a coward, and I will prove this to señorita cayetana.
00:32:57Hoss: hey, hold on just a minute, pal.
00:33:03Hey, wait a minute, you two!
00:33:05Remember, señor, you said when we first met, if you ever wanted anything I had, you would be glad to deal with me?
00:33:12Now is your chance.
00:33:14Look, this is silly.
00:33:15The whole thing is a mistake.
00:33:17A true coward!
00:33:18He refuses to accept the challenge.
00:33:21Look, I didn't refuse anything.
00:33:22Little joe, you keep quiet.
00:33:23You stay out of this, hoss.
00:33:24You masquerading as a gentleman.
00:33:27What weapons do you choose?
00:33:29Choose your fists, little joe, or your guns.
00:33:31No, I'll take care of you on your own terms.
00:33:34You choose the weapons.
00:33:36Very well.
00:33:37We will fight thecode duelo with rapiers.
00:33:41Pick the longest one.
00:36:48En guard!
00:37:06Stick him, stick him, little joe!
00:37:19Let's not quit now.
00:37:22I don't get a chance to do this very often.
00:37:57I guess I should have used these in the first place.
00:38:00Shoot, little joe, I knew you could whip him all the time anyhow.
00:38:03You'd better let him go before you lose a tree.
00:38:10You still ain't solved your shotgun wedding problem yet, little joe.
00:38:18I was praying for you all the time.
00:38:21That's nice.
00:38:23How can you be so cold to me when you have fought for me and won?
00:38:28I love you.
00:38:29We will have a fine, big wedding.
00:38:31Look, cayetana, he's the one that loves you.
00:38:34Little Joe: He's the one that wants to marry you.
00:38:39Then you will not marry with me?
00:38:41No, I do not wish to marry with you, and when I do decide to get married, I'd like to do the asking.
00:38:47You brute! bully!
00:38:49You have nearly killed the only man I have ever loved!
00:38:55Oh, forgive me, my darling.
00:38:57I was only trying to test your love.
00:38:59Eduardo: After we are married, you will not want to do such a thing, my dear.
00:39:03Nor will you have the opportunity.
00:39:06You will be married as soon as we return home, huh?
00:39:11Si, papa.
00:39:15(contented growl) (bellowing) (guitar chords) (bird whistling) Valiente.
00:39:42Oye, es la chotacabras.
00:39:44Donde esta nuestro hijo?
00:39:46Ay, san jose protegelo!
00:39:49What's the matter with your wife?
00:39:51She have heard thechotacabras.
00:39:53You know,chotacabras is those birds-- -- ..
00:39:59Whippoorwill, that's right.
00:40:00You know, those birds, they are verymala suerte.
00:40:04That means bad luck.
00:40:06That's why she is worried that epiphanio didn't return back from creek.
00:40:10Don't you worry about epiphanio.
00:40:12That bull ain't gonna let nothing happen to that boy.
00:40:15You know, he has been gone a long time, hoss.
00:40:18Maybe I'd better have a look.
00:40:26What was that that esmeralda called that whippoorwill?
00:40:30Chotacabras, señor.
00:40:32That means in spanish goat sucker because those bad birds, they steal all the milk from the goats.
00:40:41I don't believe a goat would stand still for it.
00:40:44It is true, señor.
00:40:46I have seen with my own eye.
00:40:47The lot of goats come back from pasture-- no milk.
00:40:52That don't prove nothing.
00:40:54Sure it proves! why not?
00:40:58Get your guns and come on!
00:40:59Madre de dios, que tal?
00:41:00The boy's gone, so's the bull.
00:41:02Hey, that boy wouldn't run off with that bull again, would he?
00:41:05The tracks lead away from the creek.
00:41:06They're mixed with moccasin tracks.
00:41:08Moccasin tracks?
00:41:10Calmate, mujer, calmate!
00:41:15El toro! el toro!
00:41:18Epiphanio: El toro!
00:41:20(bellows) You can see he does not want to go.
00:41:27When he wants to go, he'll go!
00:41:28Our people are hungry.
00:41:30Why we not kill him here?
00:41:32It shall be done.
00:41:35You would rather die in place of bull?
00:41:38Yes, yes, kill me, but don't killel rojo grande.
00:41:42Please kill me!
00:41:43You sure that is what you want?
00:41:44Yes! you promised not to killel toro.
00:41:47So be it.
00:41:57You are very brave for one so young.
00:42:02From my father.
00:42:03His name means "brave"-- valiente.
00:42:05What is your name?
00:42:09I was born on the twelfth night, the night that the wise man saw the star in the sky.
00:42:14Then he knew the lord jesus was born.
00:42:16The one they nailed to a tree?
00:42:19On the cross.
00:42:20I have heard the story.
00:42:21You have the heart of a true warrior, little one.
00:42:45Now we are blood brothers.
00:42:48All right, hold it!
00:42:51All right, what's going on here?
00:42:53Epiphanio, you're bleeding!
00:42:54Me and chief-- blood brothers!
00:42:57Are these your people?
00:42:59Take your bull.
00:43:01Go in peace, and always be brave.
00:43:12What are you standing there for?
00:43:14We gotta takeel rojoback.
00:47:32♪ Que cantaba en aquella lima ♪
00:47:35♪ y anda dile que no cante ♪
00:47:40so you go with the bull, eh?
00:47:44Si, patron.
00:47:45I take care of himgood.
00:47:47Well, you boys got a little more than you bargained for, didn't you?
00:47:53Padded wagon, too.
00:47:55What did you have to pay for that?
00:47:58Just $500, pa.
00:48:00Oh, just $500.
00:48:02Well, pa, you can't hardly expect a bull like big red there to go any way except first class, can you?
00:48:08Oh, no.
00:48:09No, he's right, pa.
00:48:09I mean, you know, I think it's a cheap price, considering.
00:48:13Considering what?
00:48:15(donkey braying) (guitar music) ♪ Que cantaba en aquella lima ♪
00:48:24(braying) ♪ Y anda dile que no cante ♪
00:48:32♪ que bonito pajarito ♪
00:48:37♪ que cantaba en aquella higuera ♪
00:48:43♪ y anda dile que no cante ♪
00:48:51buenos dias, señor .
00:48:53I am your obedientserviente.
00:48:58Who are these people?
00:48:59Well, tell him who they are, little joe.
00:49:04You tell him.
00:49:05Well, one of you tell me.
00:49:07They are mama and papa.
00:49:12We couldn't separate the boy from his mama and papa.
00:49:15And pa, his mama's the best dang cook you ever seen.
00:49:22.. we certainly have enough room for them.
00:49:30Ben: welcome!
00:49:31Ay, chihuahua, te lo di que era muy buen patron.
00:49:33Anda, llevate la guitarra pronto.
00:49:36A trabajar, a trabajar, pronto.
00:49:39Well, adam you thought these boys would have a lot of trouble bringing that bull up here, eh?
00:49:44I guess I was wrong, pa.
00:49:45You sure you didn't have any trouble?
00:49:48Not a bit.
00:49:49Well, a little bit.
00:49:50Like when big red almost got cut up into steaks by those indians.
00:49:54Yeah, but that wouldn't have happened except little joe was busy fighting a duel.
00:49:57Otherwise, I'd have had to get married.
00:49:59That was right after hoss fought the bear.
00:50:01Bear? oh, that wasn't nothing.
00:50:02You ought to see the way little joe gunned down them two bushwhackers that tried to steal our $15,000.
00:50:06Now just a minute, who are you trying to kid?
00:50:09Ben: it's certainly a lot of bull.
00:50:11(sighs) (bull bellows) Yes sir, it sure is.
00:50:16Captioning sponsored byMTV TELEVISION NETWORKS Captioned byMedia Access Group at WGBH we don't need you.
00:51:03Stop her, somebody. don't let her see this.
00:51:06(cries out) (screams) Why?
00:51:25In the name of decency, mrs. buford, why?
00:51:29That girl's as guilty as her father and her brother were.
00:51:44Captioning Sponsored by MTV Networks Allergies put me in a fog.
00:53:20Now I'm claritin clear.
00:53:21Claritin works hard torelieve my worst symptoms ..
00:53:25...So I stay as alert and focused as someone without allergies.
00:53:27For me, claritin is theperfect allergy medicine.
00:53:30I only live claritin clear how is she?
00:57:00She's resting-- she's in deep shock.
00:57:02I believe I could have made that diagnosis.
00:57:06Don't take your moral indignity out on me, ben.
00:57:09I don't mean to, paul.
00:57:10Just when I think of people like that mrs.
00:57:14Give her these, one every four hours.
00:57:16The only thing else I can prescribe for her is time.
00:57:20How about prescribing a little kindness and affection?
00:57:24The kindest thing that could happen to leta malvet is for her to get out of virginia city as soon as possible.
00:57:30Give the people a chance to forget about the two men her father and brother murdered.
00:57:32But when she leaves, she ought to go of her own free will-- not because somebody threw rocks at her and drove her out.
00:57:38You may be right, ben.