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00:03:58Hi, guess what.
00:03:59I have a date this weekend.
00:04:01That's great, kathy. congratulations!
00:04:05See? we're really helping people.
00:04:07 belding said if we raised the money, we can keep teen-line open.
00:04:12It's worth a try.
00:04:13All right, everyone, think.
00:04:17About what?
00:04:19A way to raise money.
00:04:23How about a bake sale?
00:04:24Honey, you don't want me anywhere near a kitchen.
00:04:29Hi, guys. sorry I'm late.
00:04:30Basketball practice ran over.
00:04:32You're on the basketball team?
00:04:34I love to shoot hoops.
00:04:36Oh! you play basketball?
00:04:37Every day. you should see my hook shot.
00:04:40Can you dunk?
00:04:42Only doughnuts. still I love playing.
00:04:44Wheelchair basketball happens to be a very popular sport.
00:04:48I've seen the lakers play charity wheelchair games.
00:04:51That's right. wait a moment.
00:04:53We may not be the lakers, but I'm getting an idea.
00:04:57Whenever you have ideas, I end up in my underwear.
00:05:02No, wait. just listen.
00:05:04Come here, guys.
00:05:09[Blows whistle] ha ha. I love doing that.
00:05:12Welcome to bayside's first wheelchair basketball game.
00:05:20All proceeds from ticket sales go to help teen-line.
00:05:26After the game, we're having a celebration dance, so make like gum and stick around.
00:05:50Hey, zack, guess what.
00:05:51Tommy hooked on a turbo-booster.
00:05:53I can go faster than the speed of light.
00:05:57Teams, take your places!
00:06:08No fair.
00:06:09Violation on the red team.
00:06:10Slater, you're supposed to stay in your wheelchair.
00:06:13Oh, sorry. guess I got carried away.
00:06:17All right.
00:06:18Blue team takes the ball in bounds.
00:06:34Good bounce, melissa!
00:06:37I'm great. quit worrying.
00:06:39Let's play!
00:06:40All right.
00:06:55Me, me, me!
00:07:13Me, me, me!
00:07:14No, no, no. you're not on my team you ding-dong.
00:07:30Me, me! please, me!
00:07:32O.k. here goes.
00:08:04Thanks, everyone. great game.
00:08:09Your support made a real difference.
00:08:11We raised enough to keep teen-line open.
00:08:17I have something to say.
00:08:18I want another round of applause for the star of today's game-- one who has to be in a wheelchair-- melissa donahue!
00:08:27All right! melissa!
00:08:33I can't believe we raised a 1,000 bucks!
00:08:36We should have another game to pay off my credit cards.
00:08:41I owe you an apology.
00:08:43For what?
00:08:44When you suggested it, I had my doubts.
00:08:47Help! look out!
00:08:51You really came through.
00:08:52I wouldn't have had the idea if it weren't for melissa.
00:08:57Here she comes.
00:08:58Hey, melissa.
00:08:59Hey, melissa, what's up?
00:09:01Melissa, hey-- wait up. melissa!
00:09:04That was a great game.
00:09:06It was great till that little speech you made.
00:09:09Do you have to keep reminding everyone that I'm handicapped?
00:09:13But-- you're just like my parents.
00:09:16I can take care of myself.
00:09:23What was that all about?
00:09:24Maybe she'd rather be your friend than your cause.
00:09:35Hey, what's up, kathy?
00:09:37Your date looks pretty cool.
00:09:39Yeah, he's all right, but, um, you're the hunk I'm after.
00:09:57Excuse me. just a moment.
00:09:59Tommy, your brother's here.
00:10:00Your mom wants you home right away.
00:10:04No way.
00:10:04 besides I miss chasing you around the house.
00:10:08I hope you've learned a little lesson here, that you realize how valuable having a little brother can be.
00:10:15Come on, guys. big hugs.
00:10:23Sorry about losing tommy.
00:10:24You're probably going to miss the little guy.
00:10:27Miss him. are you kidding?
00:10:29The little brat's gone. I'm free! free!
00:10:33I'm free!
00:10:36Don't ask me.
00:10:47Hi. can we talk?
00:10:56I'm sorry I embarrassed you.
00:10:58I'm not embarrassed by my disability.
00:11:01Yes, I wish there were more ramps, parking spaces, and more sensitive people.
00:11:05I also want a chance to be a teenager like everyone else.
00:11:10I guess your handicap bothers me more than it bothers you.
00:11:14I've always lived with it. I'm used to it.
00:11:18I've never known anyone like you.
00:11:20I'm just an ordinary girl.
00:11:22Maybe I won't win a roller blade race, but I'm still capable of doing most things.
00:11:28Don't treat me like I'm broken.
00:11:30I'm sorry.
00:11:31I guess I'm still learning how to act.
00:11:35Act like you did when we first talked.
00:11:38 trying to act cool, coming on-- perfect.
00:11:43You liked that?
00:11:44I met you the next day, didn't i?
00:11:47Hey, you want to dance?
00:11:49But how can you-- I'd love to. come on.
00:12:02Captioning performed bythe national captioning institute, inc.
00:12:08Captions copyright 1992national broadcasting compan and something's a foot and a half.
00:12:45I'm talking about ashley.
00:12:46I know where every penny of this family's money is.
00:12:50None of it is in the bank of bel-air.
00:12:54 I know why.
00:12:56She's amassing a private fortune so she can buy out the family business in a hostile takeover.
00:13:03A sweater and a string of pearls, and you'd be angela lansbury.
00:14:27sport outshines.
00:14:28It protects you from the most damaging rays across 100% of the uva uvb spectrum.
00:14:34And the protectionstays on better because it's ultrasweatproof.
00:14:37Coppertone sport outshines.
00:14:39So you can enjoy the sun.
00:16:14[Crash] ouch! shoot!
00:16:23What are you doing?
00:16:25Changing for school.
00:16:28Today is, uh, casual day.
00:16:33Well, uh, that sounds like the, uh, truth.
00:16:38Actually, will, I've been keeping a secret, and if I don't tell someone I'm gonna explode.
00:16:45 don't tell me 'cause if I know, I can't say I don't when you get busted and phil rounds up the usual suspects-- me.
00:16:54I dropped out of bel-air academy.
00:16:56I've been going to public school since the beginning of the semester.
00:17:01I didn't hear that.
00:17:03I said, I dropped out-- I heard what you said.
00:17:06How can you do that?
00:17:08 I forged all the papers, took daddy's tuition money, and put it in an interest-bearing account.
00:17:17Pretty good, huh?
00:17:18You trippin'!
00:17:20No, no. you worse than trippin'.
00:17:22You've fallen, and you can't get up!
00:17:25 and when he does, ..
00:17:30Into dust.
00:17:31Will, you don't understand.
00:17:32Everything's so fake at bel-air academy.
00:17:36The teachers, the kids, the noses.
00:17:40I can't take it anymore.
00:17:42Please don't tell daddy.
00:17:44 I ain't gonna dime you, but if he subpoenas me, I'll be singing like luther.
00:17:52[Typing] I'm in!
00:18:06Come here!
00:18:14"Bank of bel-air"?
00:18:15Carlton, how did you tap into those records?
00:18:18I overrode the configuration files and deleted the encrypted password.
00:18:24It's hack-boy, the stubby-fingered avenger!
00:18:29You joke, but sometimes you have to go around the law to expose the greater evil.
00:18:34Ashley's hiding $10,000.
00:18:35Where'd she get that kind of money?
00:18:38.. counterfeit girl, the sister of hack-boy.
00:18:43Look, carlton, this is none of your business.
00:18:46Butt out.
00:18:47Oh, I see.
00:18:49She's already gotten to you.
00:18:57Will, I don't get it.
00:18:58My producer told me I'm losing my black audience.
00:19:05I don't see why, hil.
00:19:06You got the best talk show on tv.
00:19:09You really think so?
00:19:10What was your favorite topic?
00:19:15The one with the, uh, dysfunctional, uh, single-parent gang member nuns.
00:19:23Hil, I've never actually seen one of your shows.
00:19:28 you need to do stuff that reaches out to your brothers and sisters.
00:19:34 what have carlton and ashley ever done for me?
00:19:42If it isn't belly dee williams.
00:19:47 where y'all going?
00:19:50A fund-raiser at the museum.
00:19:52I hate these things.
00:19:52Then why'd you agree to be on the board of trustees?
00:19:56Judges are supposed to be on boards.
00:19:58It's just that with you, it's usually a smorgasbord.
00:20:03Hi, mom. hi, dad.
00:20:04Will, I need to talk to you.
00:20:10It's girl talk.
00:20:17Will, my homeroom teacher insists on meeting my parents.
00:20:20 she wants a meeting tonight!
00:20:23You're just gonna have to come clean with uncle phil.
00:20:27I'm waiting for the right time.
00:20:29And when is that?
00:20:30When we go shopping for my cap and gown.
00:20:32That's assuming that you're going to live till graduation.
00:20:38Will, I need your help.
00:20:40Let me sum this up in two words-- uh-uh.
00:20:45I didn't want to have to say this, but it's your fault I'm in this mess.
00:20:51My fault?
00:20:52Oh, this one here gonna be good.
00:20:56Before you showed up, I was leading a nice sheltered existence.
00:21:00You made me see there was a whole world beyond bel-air filled with people who take public transportation and don't have butlers.
00:21:09I like that world.
00:21:10It's like a drug, and you got me hooked!
00:21:15Well, you better go cold turkey before you wind up a dead duck.
00:21:20Will-- I'm sorry you got yourself into this little predicament, but trying to blame it on me-- that's just low.
00:21:28You're right.
00:21:29I can't believe I said that.
00:21:32You've always been so good to me.
00:21:35I'm just so desperate.
00:21:39I'm a terrible, terrible person!
00:21:44No, no.
00:21:45Look, don't cry, ashley. come on.
00:21:48We'll figure a way out of this, all right?
00:21:52Thanks, will.
00:21:53You're a saint.
00:21:54[Sniffling] wait!
00:22:00What was that?
00:22:04 I saw your reflection in the window!
00:22:08Oh, no.
00:22:09That was a happy smile, see?
00:22:11I don't believe I fell for them crocodile tears.
00:22:14Girl, you on your own.
00:22:16All right, fine.
00:22:17Be that way!
00:22:18But if I go down, I'm taking you with me.
00:22:24[Door slams] ashley!
00:22:28I didn't do nothing!
00:22:31You want to call your parents and see what happened?
00:22:35No. maybe we should reschedule again.
00:22:39Is there something you want to tell me?
00:22:51There's my little bran muffin.
00:22:58Is this your father?
00:23:00Miss sharpe, this is, uh, daddy.
00:23:06How could something so smooth be called "sharpe"?
00:23:12Yes. well, nice to finally meet you, mr.
00:23:17Raoul, please.
00:23:21Raoul. oh, and welcome back from the orient.
00:23:24Kon ichi wa.
00:23:25God bless you, miss sharpe.
00:23:32It ismisssharpe, isn't it?
00:23:36Yes, it is.
00:23:37You're a fine teacher, miss sharpe.
00:23:44I bet you could teach me a thing or two--ooh!
00:23:49On the academic side, I mean.
00:23:52Will mrs. banks be joining us?
00:23:55No, I'm single.
00:23:56I mean, uh, ashley's mother ran out on us.
00:24:01Ashley was but a mere tyke at the time.
00:24:04I had to be both mommy and daddy.
00:24:07We went from training wheels to training bras.
00:24:11They both came off too soon, didn't they, kitten?
00:24:18Anyway, about ashley's schoolwork, you should be very proud of her.
00:24:22She does excellent work, she participates actively in class, and she's just a pleasure to have around.
00:24:28You know, that runs in the family.
00:24:33Yes. well.
00:24:34Do you have any questions?
00:24:37Nope! not a one.
00:24:38Thank you for your time, miss sharpe.
00:24:40Let's have the next parent/teacher meeting at my place.
00:24:43Well, I don't know.
00:24:44Thanks for being so understanding, miss sharpe.
00:24:47Come on, daddy. it's time for your pill.
00:24:51It's a miracle this whole thing worked.
00:24:54What you talking about, girl?
00:24:55Denzel ain't the only brother that can act.
00:24:58At least this buys me some time before I break the news to daddy.
00:25:03I have to get my history books.
00:25:05Stay right here, raoul.
00:25:07I made that up.
00:25:23Oh. mr. banks.
00:25:25Did you forget something?
00:25:26You know, I'm glad you asked.
00:25:28I forgot to give you the number to my direct line.
00:25:32Look, I'm very flattered, but-- you know, that is an absolutely intoxicating fragrance that you're wearing.
00:25:40Come closer.
00:25:47That's a fake mustache!
00:25:49No, it's not!
00:25:52[Gasp] yes, it is!
00:25:54No, it's not!
00:25:58I don't know who you are, but I'm calling your real parents right now.
00:26:05No, it's not!
00:26:09Miss sharpe!
00:26:10It's not!
00:29:17spray maine at cousin everett's blueberry farm to talk about our blueberry juice drinks.
00:29:23They're made with my sweet, ripe blueberries, packed with th-those antioxidants that are good for ya.
00:29:30Tastes real good, too!
00:29:30To give you an idea, let's whip up a quick sample.