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00:00:03Your breasts are ridiculous.
00:00:05Angel: That's all we can talk about.
00:00:06Jenny: Those bad boys are like a c-plus-plus-plus.
00:00:09Would you stop? sorry, dad. sorry, dad.
00:00:11Okay, dad, go ahead. go ahead, dad.
00:00:13It's beautiful. very nice. very pretty.
00:00:16She did look magnificent.
00:00:17How do you like it? I like it a lot.
00:00:19I can really tell that she's a daddy's girl, and I think she's got daddy wrapped around her little finger.
00:00:25I feel kind of sexy and kind of bridal.
00:00:29It's tight, but it makes me look good.
00:00:31It's beautiful.
00:00:33Narrator: Both katie and her dad love the first dress, but not everyone's in agreement.
00:00:36I just wish it had a little bit of a longer train.
00:00:41Dolores: Looking at her in it, I picture the ballroom gown, and that's not what she's leaning toward.
00:00:47So, is this the dress to beat?
00:00:48This is definitely number one.
00:00:50If this is the right one for her, we'll see.
00:00:53Here we go.
00:00:55Narrator: Across the salon, another bride has arrived with her dad in tow.
00:01:01My name is kayla capanna, and I'm hereshopping for my bridal gown.
00:01:03Who'd youbring with you today?
00:01:04This is my stepmom, sonya.
00:01:06Hi. how you doing? hi. how are you?
00:01:07My best friend, stephanie. hi, stephanie.
00:01:10And my sister carly. hi, carly.
00:01:11This is my dad, john.
00:01:12Hi, john. how are you? hi. nice to meet you.
00:01:14My dad is my best friend.
00:01:17He was in an accident.
00:01:19I was burnedin an explosion at a refinery when I was 20 years old.
00:01:23It was absolutely horrific.
00:01:24Kayla: It completely scarred him over 80% of his body.
00:01:27He was like that before I was born, so to me, he doesn't look any different.
00:01:30It just happened to be something that scarred him on the outside.
00:01:33It didn't fracture who he was on the inside.
00:01:36My relationship with kayla is a great relationship.
00:01:39We are like best friends.
00:01:40I don't know what I would do without him.
00:01:42Tell me what you're looking at.
00:01:44I have a couple of pictures I can show you.
00:01:48It's a little more whimsical.
00:01:50I want that very dreamy, romantic feel.
00:01:53Where would like to be price-wise with the dress, kayla? under $3,000.
00:01:56 are you all set and ready to try on some dresses?
00:01:59Come in, please. thank you.
00:02:01Tell me a little bit about the venue.
00:02:03Kayla: It's like an old, restored warehouse.
00:02:05It used to be a pickle-barrel factory.
00:02:07And how did you meet the groom?
00:02:08His name is ryan. we met through friends.
00:02:10There was always, like, that little spark there, and we just knew that we wanted to be together.
00:02:15We really balance each other out.
00:02:16I'm gonna do a little bit of shopping, and I'll be back for you, okay?
00:02:19Narrator: Debbie's challenge is to find a traditional gown for a modern bride.
00:02:23I wonder if she would like something like this.
00:02:25 I mean, we could try it.
00:02:28I can bring this.
00:02:29Hi. I'm back. okay.
00:02:30Narrator: Debbie's first pick is a tulle ball gown -- exactly what kayla was asking for.
00:02:35What do you think? I love the tulle.
00:02:37The tulle is magical. I think so, too.
00:02:39Okay. perfect. come.
00:02:45Debbie: Okay, so, how do you feel now, coming out here and looking at the dress?
00:02:49It's very pretty.
00:02:50I really am in love with tulle.
00:02:52I think that it's just really whimsical and romantic.
00:02:55But I don't love how high the waist is.
00:02:58I think that it just made me look really short.
00:03:01I feel boxed in.
00:03:05That's beautiful.
00:03:06Dad loves the dress.
00:03:07Dad loves kayla.
00:03:10She hates it.
00:03:12[ Laughter ] Carly: I think that kayla is confused.
00:03:14She thinks that she wantsthat princess ball gown, but she's really petite.
00:03:18It just swallows her whole.
00:03:20When she findsthe right dress, it's not gonna beanything like that.
00:03:27It didn't really, you know,accent her silhouette.
00:03:31Narrator:...AND OVERDOING IT FOR A DAD.
00:03:33..too much.
00:03:37It's not somethingmy daughter would wear.
00:03:42I would kill for something sweet.
00:03:43I know...
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00:05:05I think I can.
00:05:06I think I can.
00:05:09I think I can.
00:05:10I think I can.
00:05:11I knew I could.
00:05:17We have three Chevy's here.
00:05:18I want you to place this award on the podium next to the vehicle that you think was ranked highest in initial quality by J.D. Power.
00:05:25Can I look around at them?
00:05:27Highest ranking in initial quality.
00:05:28It's gotta be this one.
00:05:30This is it.
00:05:31You are wrong.
00:05:33Actually it's all three.
00:05:33You tricked me.
00:05:35J.D. Power ranked the Malibu, Silverado Half-Ton and Equinox highest in initial quality in their segments.
00:05:39That's impressive!
00:05:41I'm very surprised!
00:05:42I am. I'm very surprised.
00:05:43Chevy hit three home runs.
00:07:12Narrator: Kayla wants to look like a princess when her dad, john, walks her down the aisle.
00:07:16That's beautiful.
00:07:17But opinionated sister carly thinks she knows better.
00:07:20I don't ever see herin a ball-gown dress.
00:07:21 it just swallows her whole.
00:07:25Narrator: Debbie hopes the second pick will win over the bride, her dad, and her opinionated sister carly.
00:07:30Debbie: What are we thinking so far?
00:07:32I like it. I think it's pretty.
00:07:34Okay. let's go show them. I love it.
00:07:48Debbie: So, this one shows the body more.
00:07:50Has the raw-cut edge.
00:07:54They don't seem too happy.
00:07:55Nobody is wowed by this at all.
00:07:57It didn't have enough, like, full-bodiness to it, so it didn't really, you know, accent her siluette.
00:08:03I like it 3/4 of the way down, and then the bottom reminds me of a petticoat, how it's layered.
00:08:09I had mixed feelings about it.
00:08:11Didn't turn me onone way or the other.
00:08:13So this is not it? this is not it.
00:08:15Okay. we'll be back.
00:08:17 [ laughs ] Narrator: Across the salon, katie and her dad are in agreement about her first dress.
00:08:22I feel kind of sexyand kind of bridal.
00:08:26Very nice. very pretty.
00:08:27Narrator: But katie decides it's mom she needs to please with her next dress -- a traditional ball gown.
00:08:32I don't know. I do like this.
00:08:33I didn't think I would.
00:08:35Oh, wow.
00:08:36I really do like the ball gown.
00:08:38Ready? let's go.
00:08:42Dolores: [ Gasps ] ah.
00:08:45It's so pretty. I love the detail.
00:08:47We like this one a lot.
00:08:49I didn't think I'd like a ball gown, but I really, really like this one.
00:08:52Let's see what they say.
00:08:57Truthfully, I think I like the other one better.
00:09:01OH! Woman: Yes!
00:09:03The more I kept looking at the dress, the more I realized it really wasn't as flatteringon her.
00:09:10You likethe other one better?
00:09:11I likethe other one better.
00:09:12..too much.
00:09:16It's not somethingmy daughter would wear.
00:09:18All right. are we ready?
00:09:19Katie E.: Yes. let's move it.
00:09:21Narrator: Across the salon, kayla's stuck on finding a tulle gown, but her consultant, debbie, has something else in mind.
00:09:27I really have such a desire to put the bride in lace.
00:09:30I don't know why. it's just an inner feeling.
00:09:33Narrator: She's gone todirector of sales nicole for a second opinion.
00:09:37The bride wants something a little bit more organic feeling at the bottom.
00:09:40She loves the idea of tulle, but for some reason I can't stop wanting to put her in lace.
00:09:45Come on. let's go look. yeah. let's go look.
00:09:47This is beautiful. I know.
00:09:48How would she feel about the color?
00:09:49She'd look great in that color 'cause she's got that dark hair.
00:09:52We could do it in ivory. it doesn't matter.
00:09:54HI. Kayla: Hi.
00:09:55Have you met nicole yet? I have not.
00:09:57How you doing? nice to meet you.
00:09:59This is nicole.
00:09:59How's everything? beautiful artwork.
00:10:01Thank you. thank you very much.
00:10:03Debbie definitely wanted to bring you in lace and was hesitant about it, and I kind of gave her that push because it's not overly lacy, girly, cutesy to me.
00:10:11It's very pretty, but it is not me.
00:10:14Kayla: I hate lace.
00:10:15I think that lacelooks like doilies, like my grandma would have on her dining-room table.
00:10:22Would you be willing to at least try it on?
00:10:24I'll try it on, but I think everybody's gonna think that I'm punking them.
00:10:28Try it on. doesn't hurt. okay. thank you.
00:10:30Nice to meet you. you, too.
00:10:32Just thinking to myself the whole time, like, I just -- no, this is never gonna work.
00:10:38I think the dress is absolutely sensational on you.
00:10:42I think they're all going to die.
00:10:44Okay. let's go out there. we'll show them.
00:10:54Look at you in this dress.
00:10:57How does it make you feel?
00:10:59But, no, I really kind of like it.
00:11:04Shocked? I know. shocked.
00:11:06I was so anti-lace when I came in here.
00:11:08I'm really astonished because this is not what I wanted, and now here I am, standing in a lace dress.
00:11:15Do you like it?
00:11:19Beautiful. I love it.
00:11:20Of all the dresses, I had thebiggest reaction to that one.
00:11:23I thought that was perfect.
00:11:25It's the vintage appeal with thewild-and-crazy bottom.
00:11:29I think that it's beautiful.
00:11:31I think that it is exactlywhat she was looking for with a little bit ofwhat she wasn't looking for.
00:11:36Kayla: This dress encompasses everything that everybody wanted, but it works somehow.
00:11:42Are we gonna say yes to the dress?
00:11:46We are saying yes to the dress.
00:11:48[ Applause ] whoo-hoo!
00:11:52Narrator: Kayla surprised herself by saying yes to a $3,000 jim hjelm lace mermaid gown.
00:11:58I can picture myself walking down the aisle in it.
00:12:00I feel like it's gonna be the dress that makes everybody happy.
00:12:03John: I can picture myself walking down the aisle with her.
00:12:07I'm sure that'll be a very emotional moment for me.
00:12:10I think we look good together.
00:12:12We were made for each other.
00:12:14Narrator: Coming up, ..
00:12:18And a bride whodoesn't want the journey to end.
00:12:22Katie E.:THIS IS DEFINITELY NUMBER ONE, But I just don't knowif I like the taffeta.
00:12:25I'm really looking for satin.
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00:15:33I feel like it's formal, but it fits so well.
00:15:36...But is looking for randy and jenny to beat it with another.
00:15:39Hello. hello.
00:15:40Hi, beautiful. we have three more dresses.
00:15:42Ooh! this one was on your list.
00:15:44Okay. I like that.
00:15:46Shall we? yes.
00:15:46I like that this goes tighter lower.
00:15:49Ready? let's go. ready.
00:15:54Oh, boy.
00:15:58Jenny: What do you think?
00:15:59Something about this just catches my eye.
00:16:02I don't like that the skirt isn't as poufy.
00:16:04We could do this neckline with this beading on the other dress. you might have me sold.
00:16:08I really do love the beading on this dress, but I just don't know if I like the taffeta.
00:16:13I'm really looking for satin.
00:16:17This is very pretty.
00:16:18You're saying all the right things.
00:16:20She's certainly daddy's little girl.
00:16:23That's for sure.
00:16:24I love that beading.
00:16:25It's beautiful.
00:16:26Mom, what do you think?
00:16:29I think that beading ..
00:16:34...This neckline. ...this neckline.
00:16:35I think that would be perfect.
00:16:37And then it's really a custom pnina.
00:16:39It's a dress that nobody else has.
00:16:41We're gonna go put the other dress back on.
00:16:44Narrator: Downstairs, a last-minute bride has arrived for a rush fitting and is hoping everything is perfect.
00:16:49Katie? hi. I'm katie.
00:16:51Nice to meet you. nice to meet you.
00:16:53My name is katie gillies, and my weddingis in just over a week, and I'm here for a rush fitting.
00:16:58I have not seen my dress for a year.
00:17:01I really hope that it fits.
00:17:03I've gained a little weight, so I'm just nervous the dress will be a little too small.
00:17:06Narrator: Katie's brought just her mom to the fitting.
00:17:09But previously, her dadcame to her dress selection, and emotions were running high.
00:17:14In 2005,my dad was struck by lightning while he was workinginside his office.
00:17:19And so he's basically had a constant electrical chargerunning through his body.
00:17:22[ Voice breaking ] HE'S BEENBACK AND FORTH From the hospital and has a pretty badseizure disorder.
00:17:26David: Part of being struck bylightning, I have what they call short-termcognitive memory loss.
00:17:31I make no new memories.
00:17:33[ Crying ]LOOKING BACK SIX YEARS, I never thought thathe'd even make it to this far.
00:17:35David: [ Voice breaking ]my daughter and i are probablyas close as two people can be.
00:17:39Katie G.: Even if he passes awaybefore i get married, at least he knows jon, and at least he'll get to see mein a wedding dress and that I will -- you know, I'll have this experienceforever.
00:17:50Narrator:RANDY AND ANTONELLA WORKED HARD To find the perfect dressfor katie.
00:17:53What about with the alita grahamwith the ruffles?
00:17:56Oh, look at it is. perfect.
00:17:58Okay,here's the love dress.
00:18:01[ Gasps ] it's gorgeous. isn't that beautiful?
00:18:05That's my little girl. aww!
00:18:06David: The most beautifulyoung lady I've ever seen.
00:18:09And I'm 100% biased.
00:18:10But I'm 110% correct.
00:18:14I love it.
00:18:15Katie, are you going tosay yes to the dress?
00:18:18Antonella:LOOK AT THAT!
00:18:21[ Cheers and applause ] my fiancé's name is jonathan.
00:18:25He is a golf professional for the pga.
00:18:28I met him actually online in july, and by the following march we were engaged.
00:18:32Jon's the first person that has ever come into my life that I've loved as much as my parents.
00:18:39Let me see.
00:18:39Oh, no, I know it's ordered correctly.
00:18:41 [ laughs ] my wedding is in a week.
00:18:49Narrator: Coming up, ..
00:18:51I don't think I'llever be able to hand her off totally.
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00:22:15Narrator: Daddy's girl katie likes the style ..
00:22:18It's tight, but it makes me look good.
00:22:20...But the beading of her third.
00:22:22We could do this neckline with this beading on the other dress. you might have me sold.
00:22:25Narrator: She's re-trying her first, hoping a combination of the two dresses can work.
00:22:30Here we go.
00:22:37It's the beadingfrom the other dress.
00:22:39So, that's what it would look like.
00:22:42It's beautiful, absolutely beautiful.
00:22:47When jenny puts on the beading that I liked from the other dress, it makes me feel like this is my perfect dress.
00:22:58Oh, yeah, that's pretty. that's awesome.
00:22:59Even that neckline looks better with that beading on it.
00:23:03Randy: So, what are you thinking right now?
00:23:06I'm thinking she looks gorgeous.
00:23:10It's not inappropriate for me to cry, is it?
00:23:12Are you gonna cry?
00:23:12I'm kind of sad that I'mgetting closer to the point where I'll no longerhave her as my little girl.
00:23:19I like it.
00:23:21You like it?
00:23:22I do.
00:23:23Once I saw it on her,it really changed my mind.
00:23:26Yes, I didn't think I would, but yes.
00:23:31Jenny: Katie, is this your dress?
00:23:36This is my dress!
00:23:38[ Cheers and applause ] all right!
00:23:42Narrator: Katie says yes to a $6,900 custom pnina dress, pleasing both mom and dad.
00:23:48I'm really excited about the dress.
00:23:50I'm really happy that I decided on one, and I love it.
00:23:53I think we need to have dad come up and show us how he's gonna walk her down the aisle.
00:23:57Oh, yes, yes. I have to hand him off.
00:24:00Remember, my first daughter.
00:24:03When I'm standing next to her, it just drove that point further in.
00:24:07I'm gonna give away my daughter, my baby, my princess.
00:24:11I don't think I'll ever be able to hand her off totally.
00:24:16[ Laughs ] Narrator: Downstairs, katie's hoping that her dress will fit her, with her wedding just one week away.
00:24:24I'm slightly concerned that the dress will bea little too small.
00:24:27Will it zip?
00:24:29Yeah. oh.
00:24:29I've gained a little weight, and so I was really scared that it wasn't going to fit.
00:24:41 [ laughs ] oh, my gosh,it fits perfectly, katie.
00:24:45Pretty good.
00:24:47I love that.
00:24:48Narrator: Her dress is a perfect fit.
00:24:50And one week later, despite his failing health, katie's proud dad lives to see his daughter get married.
00:24:56I didn't think I was going to make it to the day.
00:24:59So, there's nobody happier than me right now.
00:25:03I made it.
00:25:04I know. don't say that.
00:25:05Katie G.: When I started taking pictures with my dad, " Jonathan: When I saw katie come down the aisle, she looked absolutely beautiful in that dress.
00:25:15Just looked like a princess.
00:25:17Being walked down the aisle by my dad was the most wonderful part of the day other than marrying jonathan.
00:25:21Officiant: I now pronounce you husband and wife.
00:25:25[ Applause ] Katie G.: I just knew that as soon as I went up there that it was just the beginning of the most amazing day of my life.
00:25:34It takes two to have a perfect daughter.
00:25:36As far as I'm concerned,it came out pretty darn good.
00:25:41[ Applause ] david is a trouper.
00:25:43Means the world to methat he's with us.
00:25:44Katie G.: I just knew thathowever the day went, no matter what happened,it would be perfect because he was there.
00:25:52Narrator:SHE MAY LOVE HER DRESS...
00:25:54We are saying yesto the dress.
00:25:56[ Applause ] whoo-hoo!
00:25:58Narrator:..And vow tocherish her groom forever, but a bride will always keepa special place in her heart for her father.
00:26:04Remember,my first daughter.
00:26:09Narrator: Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect. I like it.
00:26:12So it's hard when mom's not there to see it.
00:26:14We're keeping her in our thoughts today.
00:26:17I want to share her legacy.
00:26:18I'm having a very hard time, so I need help.
00:26:21Narrator: But a bride's day can still be a dream come true if friends and family can pull together to help take mom's place.
00:26:27Give me a hug 'cause I love you.
00:26:30But without their support, her dream can turn into a nightmare.
00:26:34I don't like it.
00:26:35I think she needs more bling up top.
00:26:37That wasn't on the dress when you tried it on.
00:26:39This is the wrong dress.
00:26:41This is not good.
00:26:43--Captions by Captions paid for bydiscovery communications Woman: Good morning, girls.
00:26:54When brides have moms that have passed away, it's hard for a bride to go through with the appointment.
00:27:00It's every girl's dream to have her mom there on her wedding day.
00:27:04And when she's not, I think it's really an emotional experience for the bride.
00:27:08Debbie, you have amanda.
00:27:10Amanda is marrying debbie's friend that recently past away's son.
00:27:13Let's not forget that even if she comes without her mom, it's our job to make sure that she leaves here smiling and finding the dress of her dreams.
00:27:20Narrator: Debbie knows her first bride because they have a much-loved and missed family friend in common.
00:27:27Oh, my god, it's so goodto see you.
00:27:29Oh, my god.
00:27:30My name is amanda.
00:27:31I'm here today to find my wedding dress.
00:27:34I know that this is your mom.
00:27:36Hi. great to see you again.
00:27:37But you have to introduce me to everybody else.
00:27:38This is my older sister gina.
00:27:40Hi, gina. how are you?
00:27:41That's my sister samantha. hi, samantha.
00:27:43That's my grandma barbara.
00:27:44Yes, I did meet you. how are you?
00:27:45That's my best friend danielle.
00:27:47Yes, danielle.
00:27:48My best friend nicole.
00:27:49 how are you?
00:27:51Amanda: My fiancé's name is dan.
00:27:53Narrator: After dating for five years, dan and amanda suffered a tragic loss.
00:27:56Amanda: A month after dan proposed to me, his mom passed away from cancer.
00:27:59Narrator: Dan's mom, marion, was also debbie's close friend.
00:28:02I've known marion since -- probably since I'm 13 years old.
00:28:07Amanda: Me, debbie, and marion had always talked about coming here and picking out my dress together, ..
00:28:13I just miss her, and I wish she was here.
00:28:15Debbie is here to help amanda find the perfect wedding dress, but to hold back her emotions and feelings, that's got to really be tough on debbie.
00:28:25Tell me what you're looking for.
00:28:27I'm looking for a "wow" dress.
00:28:29I want something glitzy, I want glamorous, I want elegant, and a little traditional.
00:28:33Amanda: Our wedding is at russo's on the bay in queens, and our wedding is going to be elegant and glamorous.
00:28:41Was there any price point that you would feel comfortable with?
00:28:45Around $7,000, yeah.
00:28:47Okay. are you readyto try on dresses?
00:28:49I am so ready. okay.
00:28:50[ Laughter ] Debbie: Come on in.
00:28:53Okay, my love, have a seat.
00:28:54Amanda: My fiancé's name is dan.
00:28:56We met when I was in my last semester of college.
00:29:00We have an awesome relationship.
00:29:02We're great companions.
00:29:04We love to have fun. we love to laugh.
00:29:05Debbie: Dan and amanda have been dating for quite a while, and we really love amanda and we really feel that she is the perfect match for daniel.
00:29:14Marion, his mom, as you know, was a very dear friend of mine since teenage years.
00:29:19And unfortunately, she's not with us here or today, and I know this is gonna be a difficult day for both of us, but we're gonna make it through.
00:29:25Just know that she's here and she's with us, okay?
00:29:29And I'm gonna get you some dresses and we're gonna have a good time today.
00:29:32Okay? mm-hmm.
00:29:33Give me a hug 'cause I love you.
00:29:36I can remember looking at wedding gowns, magazines with amanda and marion.
00:29:41Amanda is definitely a princess, and she loves a lot of bling.
00:29:46I think we're gonna try this one and this one.
00:29:49So, we'll start out with these two.
00:29:54Look how beautiful you look.
00:29:58This one. yeah.