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00:00:00Adowof the great smoky mountains in tennessee, shayne good wasthe only daughter of a teenagedmother and father.
00:00:09Her early childhoodwas tough.
00:00:12She was born into a ratherlower-working-class family.
00:00:18After her parents split up,her mother remarried.
00:00:22Almost overnight,seven-year-old shayne and her mother went frompoverty to privilege.
00:00:28Her stepfather was brent mills, who was a very well-knownbank president in gatlinburg.
00:00:36Was fairly well-off.
00:00:37They lived ina nice home.
00:00:40Her stepfather, brent,made sure his new family wanted for nothing.
00:00:45( woman )SHE WAS WELL-TO-DO.
00:00:46I can remember she had thisreally cool convertible car, you know, and I'm drivingsomepintoor something.
00:00:52At school, shayne wasa standout student.
00:00:55( John ) SHE WAS THE JUNIOR MISS, She was the president of the ski club, she was the editor of the high-school yearbook.
00:01:02These weren't the only extracurricular activitiesshayne enjoyed.
00:01:07She was very smart,but she was also wild.
00:01:10She was a party girl.
00:01:12But in may 1984, it looked likedthe party might be over.
00:01:17The bank run byshayne's stepfather came under federal scrutiny forunethical loan practices.
00:01:23But he would never seethe results of the probe.
00:01:27( Robbie )THERE WAS AN INVESTIGATION AT THE Bank and he subsequentlycommitted suicide.
00:01:33So you had all this scandal.
00:01:34So she went from being in a wealthy family with good standing, to being surrounded by allegations and suspicions.
00:01:45She ended up leaving to go to college.
00:01:47It was during her freshmanyear at college in missouri that shayne found a differentkind of security with another student,23-year-old kelly lovera.
00:02:00Tall, good-looking, athletic-- he played trombone in the marching band.
00:02:04He was a real charmer.
00:02:05( woman ) THERE WERE LIKE TWO KELLYS, THE Very intelligent, nose-to-the-grindstone type of person, and then the weekend side of him, where he was his-- he liked to play cardsand ride his bike and hang out with his buddies.
00:02:19And both sides of kellyseemed to appeal to shayne.
00:02:23( Jamie ) HE WAS VERY STABLE AT A TIME When her life was in great upheaval.
00:02:28That was the attraction.
00:02:30There was, however,just one problem: Kelly was engaged.
00:02:34( Barbara ) HE HAD BEEN GOING WITH A GIRL For three or four years, I think, and then when he met shayne, it just sort of-- you know, it was like, " shayne is a vivacious person and you're drawn to her.
00:02:47So I could certainly see where he would be drawn to her.
00:02:52After a year of dating,shayne and kelly were married.
00:02:57The couple soon starteda family.
00:02:59By 1990, now withtwo small children in tow, they decided to move closer to shayne's familyin tennessee.
00:03:09Shayne got a job in sales and kelly was hiredas a math instructor at a community college.
00:03:15He was justa fantastic instructor.
00:03:18All of the studentsloved him.
00:03:20Kelly was just as popularwith his children.
00:03:23He was a good fatherwith the kids.
00:03:24He always played withthe kids and they loved him.
00:03:29The loveras renteda small apartment in a sevierville neighborhoodknown as frog alley-- a huge contrast with shayne's privileged upbringingin gatlinburg.
00:03:40She had gone literally from being this gatlinburg socialite and heiress to living in frog alley in sevierville in an apartment.
00:03:49Shayne's tastes, however,hadn't changed to fit the family budget.
00:03:53( John )THEY WERE IN TERRIBLE DEBT And they were well overtheir heads, financially.
00:03:57Despite their money troubles, shayne hadn'tlost her wild side.
00:04:01She acquired a reputationfor organizing parties in the apartment complex.
00:04:07Much of this apartment waspopulated with single people or with young marrieds whosimply liked to party.
00:04:12They all managedto get together and party pretty regularly.
00:04:16One of the loveras' neighborsin frog alley was brett rae, the 24-year-old sonof a local newspaper owner.
00:04:29He wasn't very ambitious and-- or very talented and-- but he was a nice guy.
00:04:36He and shayne hit it offfrom the start.
00:04:39Brett's the sort of guythat shayne would go for.
00:04:42They were both wild.
00:04:44On the night ofnovember 5, 1994, shayne organized anoutdoor barbecue for herneighbors at the complex.
00:04:52Everyonehaving a great time, everyone drinking too much,gambling too much.
00:04:56But it would endvery differently.
00:05:00Kelly was one of the firstto leave.
00:05:03( Al ) KELLY HAD GONE IN THEIR APARTMENT About 1:00 in the morning.
00:05:06The party was still going on.
00:05:08He fell asleep on the couch.
00:05:10And when the party finallybroke up an hour later, departing guests hadno reason to suspect they would never seekelly again.
00:05:19( David )FROM THE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, I think he was asleep and they tookthe ball back to him and then beat him to deathon the couch.
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00:09:30( narrator )IT WAS THE MORNING OF NOVEMBER 6, 1994.
00:09:34Two tourists traveling through the great smoky mountainsnational park in tennessee reported what lookedlike an accident in the valley below.
00:09:43( David )THE BLACKJEEP WAS OVER AN EMBANKMENT, Probably 30 feet down,that had hit a small tree.
00:09:50Inside was the body ofa young white male.
00:09:54Within the hour,police had identified the victim as kelly lovera,a college professor and resident ofnearby sevierville.
00:10:03Kelly was pronounceddead at the scene.
00:10:07What at first hadbeen presumed an accident soon began to look toinvestigators like something else.
00:10:14He wasn't in-- behind the steering wheel.
00:10:17That's one key.
00:10:18If he's in the backseat, that maybe he wasn't driving the car.
00:10:21And that wasn't all thatroused detectives' suspicions.
00:10:25Although thejeephadcrashed nose-first, they noticed bloodappeared to have been dripping from the back of the vehicle.
00:10:32The blood was running up outthe back of thejeep, which was facing uphill, which, of course,was impossible.
00:10:39Impossible, unless kellywas already bleeding before the crash.
00:10:44Given the natureof kelly's injuries, this looked like a distinctpossibility.
00:10:49He appeared to be severelybeaten around the head.
00:10:52What had started outas a crash investigation had now become a murderinvestigation.
00:11:00An hour later,detectives broke the news of kelly's death tohis wife, shayne.
00:11:05She told police that she'd lastseen kelly earlier that morning.
00:11:09She had told law enforcement, kelly'd gotten off the couch-- 30, and that he then left and that he never came back.
00:11:20Shayne seemed uninterested in learning how herhusband had died.
00:11:26They're obviously distraughtabout the situation, but they wannaknow what happened.
00:11:30They wanna knowthe details.
00:11:32She didn't ask.
00:11:33Investigator david davenport noticed something elsethat was odd.
00:11:38There was something that smelled bad in the whole house, and also the couch was wet.
00:11:43Detectives took shayneto the sheriff's department for more questioning.
00:11:48But she wasn'tthere long.
00:11:51She hadrequested an attorney, and at that point we shut downthe interrogation.
00:11:56After shayneleft the station, detectives decided tosearch her apartment.
00:12:02But before theycould get a warrant, there was an unexpectedbreak in the case.
00:12:07( Robbie ) I GOT A CALL TO COME BACK TO THE Sheriff's department, that there was an individual there who had information about the murder.
00:12:14The individual reportedthat a friend of his had given a liftto brett rae that morning.
00:12:19On the drive, brett had madea surprising boast.
00:12:25He said, "well, I did it.
00:12:26" the cops immediatelyarrested brett.
00:12:36But once in custody, he wasa little less eager to talk.
00:12:41( John )HE CLAIMED TO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT It and he stuck to his guns.
00:12:45Though the attention ofpolice was focused on brett, shayne's behavior was stillraising eyebrows.
00:12:51At the memorialservices for her husband, shayne wasn't exactly actinglike a grieving widow.
00:12:59( man )SHE WAS AT THE MEMORIAL SERVICE, And she showed up ina pair of shorts, which wasa little unusual.
00:13:05It seemed inappropriate.
00:13:06And it wasn't just her choiceof clothing that was unusual.
00:13:11She and her sisterwere laughing and carrying on on the outside ofthe funeral home.
00:13:17Meanwhile, shayne's behavior had also put her backon the police radar-- particularly, her relationship with the prime suspect in herhusband's murder.
00:13:27We developedthe fact that was true, that there was a romanticrelationship going on.
00:13:32ON NOVEMBER 8th,TWO DAYS AFTER KELLY'S DEATH, Detectives returnedto the apartment with a search warrant and the forensic sprayluminal, which reveals traces of bloodinvisible to the naked eye.
00:13:45Theluminalrevealed ashocking new twist in the case: A trail of blood leadingfrom the couch where kelly had fallen asleep.
00:13:55You could see where the blood pattern started-- on the couch.
00:13:59There was a drag pattern all the way through the hallway, out through the children's bedroom, across the windowsill.
00:14:06They had tried to clean it, but you can't clean blood-- you can't get the enzymes up.
00:14:11Which meant that at least onepart of shayne's story was true.
00:14:14She was correct to the extent that he had left the apartment, but he didn't walk out of there.
00:14:19He was "drug" out of there after being beaten to death.
00:14:23The blood-splatter evidencewas damning.
00:14:26On december 13, 1994,shayne was arrested for the first-degree murderof kelly lovera.
00:14:35 shocking testimonyfrom another of shayne's lovers.
00:14:40( Al ) SHE WAS TALKING TO THE OTHER INDIVIDUAL She was having an affair with about poisoning her husband.
00:14:46He thought, of course, at the time, she was just kidding.
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00:19:32( narrator )THOUGH SHE STOOD ACCUSED OF MURDERING Her husband, 29-year-old shayne lovera appeared calmand collected as she walked intosevier county circuit court on march 26, 1996.
00:19:45Shayne's lover,26-year-old brett rae, also accused of the killing, would be triedalongside her.
00:19:54Upon a conviction offirst-degree murder, they were eligible for eitherlife without parole or life witha possibility of parole.
00:20:04The state was seeking life withoutthe possibility of parole.
00:20:09In his opening arguments,the prosecutor told the court that kelly had been killed byboth shayne and brett.
00:20:17Shayne, he claimed,had been motivated by greed for kelly's life-insurancepolicy.
00:20:24There was insurance, insurance on her husband's life.
00:20:28That insurance, in fact, doubled if he died as a result of an accident.
00:20:34But shaynecouldn't do it alone.
00:20:37Brett's desire to please shayne,the prosecutor claimed, had made him morethan happy to assist.
00:20:44He was deeply in lovewith shayne.
00:20:46This was-- this may havebegun as strictly lust but somethinghappened along the way.
00:20:51Shayne's defense attorney,in his opening statement, didn't deny thatkelly had been killed in the loveras' apartment.
00:20:59But, he argued,shayne was not the killer.
00:21:03( Jamie )SHAYNE'S THEORY OF DEFENSE Was that brett wasobsessed with her and that it was afatal attraction sort of thing-- he kills the husband in orderto score points with her.
00:21:16Remarkably, brett's lawyerdidn't deny this theory.
00:21:21Basically,i think the defense was that give him somethingless than first degree because we pretty well had him.
00:21:28( Rex )AS A JUDGE, YOU SIT THERE AND WONDER Why no defense isbeing offered.
00:21:33It later came out,he apparently told his counsel not to present any defense.
00:21:40The first witnessfor the prosecution was the medical examiner, who testified that kelly'sdeath had been violent.
00:21:48( man )HOW MANY WOUNDS IN ALL DID YOU FIND On the head ?
00:21:5212 Wounds on the head.
00:21:54,both shayne and brett had bludgeoned kelly to death.
00:21:59The evidence showed they hadthen dragged kelly's body through the bedroomof the couple's two children and out the window.
00:22:07And given the route the bodytook through the apartment, the prosecution hinted at aneven more gruesome possibility.
00:22:15There's always speculationabout whether the children may have witnessedwhat happened.
00:22:21Once the body was in thejeep, the state argued, shayne hadgone back inside to clean, while brett drovethe vehicle to the mountains.
00:22:29There, he tried to send thejeepover the edge of a mountain.
00:22:34By sheer chance, however, thejeepdidn'tmake it to the bottom, where it might have remainedundiscovered for months.
00:22:41Thejeep-- instead of going sideways and tumbling over and over, went straight down the side of the mountain and only traveled about 30 feet before it came head on to a hickory tree.
00:22:50With thejeepnow un-drivable, there was not muchbrett could do except walk tonearby gatlinburg and call a friend to give hima lift home.
00:22:59Thanks to brett'sboasting on that ride home, the state had a strongcase against him.
00:23:06The case againstshayne was more circumstantial.
00:23:09Brett was making mistakes from minute one in talking, in talking about his involvement, whereas shayne, she didn't talk about her involvement at all.
00:23:20Brett not only refusedto offer a defense, he also refused totestify against his lover.
00:23:28He was so in love with shayne, he didn't wanna risk her missing the opportunity for freedom.
00:23:33If he testified, he would reveal enough evidence that they might convict her.
00:23:38With brett unwilling to testify, the prosecutor calleda witness who would.
00:23:43Wade hill wasa neighbor of brett's, and, he claimed, that wasn'tall the two had in common.
00:23:49( John ) SHAYNE WAS PRETTY WELL CUT LOOSE And wild.
00:23:52She was having affairs with at least two or three other men.
00:23:56Hill was one of these men, and once on the stand,he told the courtroom that shayne had anunusual topic for pillow talk.
00:24:04She talked to him about killing her husband, wanted to talk to him about types of poison that might not be detected.
00:24:11He thought at the time, of course, that she was joking.
00:24:15With hill unwillingto get involved, the prosecutor claimedshayne went in search of a lover who might be a littlemore willing.
00:24:24That man,he argued, was brett rae.
00:24:32But the real showwas about to begin.
00:24:35The first witness called bythe defense was shayne herself.
00:24:40Once on the stand, shayne deniedany involvement in the crime.
00:24:45The general premise of her defense was that she went to sleep and apparently brett came back to the house and did this on his own.
00:24:53Shayne told the court thatbrett had killed her husband in a fight fueled by kelly'sjealous rage.
00:24:59( John ) SHAYNE CLAIMED THAT BRETT CAME BY To talk to her, kelly saw brett, became very angry and they fought in the living room.
00:25:14.. he said he just picked it up and swung at him to get him away from him.
00:25:21He had hit him-- I don't know how many times-- and he finally fell back onto the couch.
00:25:28According to shayne,brett then dragged kelly's body out of the apartment and cleaned the apartmentafterwards, all while she was sleeping.
00:25:39She even deniedthat she and brett were anything more thanneighbors.
00:25:44She claimed that they didn'thave an affair on the stand.
00:25:47But under cross-examination, the prosecutor confronted shaynewith evidence that not only hadshe and brett been lovers before kelly's murder, their affair hadcontinued long afterward.
00:26:00When both shayne and bretthad been out on bail, detectives had tailed them, hoping for proofof their relationship.
00:26:09And they got it.
00:26:10( John ) THE POLICE ACTUALLY FOLLOWED THEM Up into the mountains and witnessed them strip within thisjeep with the top off and make love in the woods.
00:26:20Confronted with evidenceof the affair, shayne told the jury shehad only had sex with brett because he threatened toimplicate her in kelly's murder.
00:26:28My purpose in going there was trying to save what little bit of a life I had left at that point.
00:26:35( man ) BUT YOU HAD DONE NOTHING.
00:26:37You weren't involved in this.
00:26:39No, I hadn't.
00:26:40But I was also out on bond and under arrest.
00:26:43But the d.a. hadn't finishedwith shayne yet.
00:26:58( Al ) HER CONTINUED RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM, After he had murdered her husband-- I think that testimony was-- I think was very damaging.
00:27:07She was a very able witness, very intelligent, but there's simply no way she could explain the circumstances.
00:27:21It took them just90 minutes to reach a decision.
00:27:26( man ) WE THE JURY FIND THE DEFENDANT, BRETT Rae, guilty of murder in the first degree.
00:27:32We the jury find the defendant, alicia shayne lovera, guilty of murder in the first degree.
00:27:40When the couple returnedthe next day for the sentencing hearing, their lawyers madea surprise announcement.
00:27:47Under the terms of a deal, shayne and brett wouldchange their plea to guilty in exchange for the chance ofparole in 25 years.
00:27:56They would also bedenied the right to appeal.
00:28:00( Al ) ON APPEAL, THE CASE MIGHT COME BACK Four or five years down the road and the family certainly did not want to go back through that again.
00:28:06But shayne's reluctant pleaand lack of apology left somefamily members unsatisfied.
00:28:14She pleaded guilty and the judge even made hersay it a couple of times-- louder-- and-- but shenever did admit killing him.
00:28:24She turns aroundand walks off.
00:28:26That's kinda hard.
00:28:43Oxygen media, l.l.c.
00:28:46( narrator )32-YEAR-OLD DARLENE GENTRY Was used to being the centerof attention.
00:28:51Darlene is an attractive woman.
00:28:53She's blonde, she's petite.
00:28:55" but when she walked intoa texas courtroom on the morning offebruary 6, 2007, her looks weren'tthe only reason all eyes were on darlene.
00:29:08The mother of threewas on trial for murderingher husband, keith.
00:29:13You do not look at herand see "killer" at all.
00:29:17She lookedlike a prom queen.
00:29:18That is,until they saw the tape.
00:29:21You see darlene,with her blonde hair-- I mean, you can obviouslytell it's her.
00:29:40Born in 1974, darlene doskocil grew up in what passedfor a spotlight in the tinytexas town of cameron.
00:29:50( woman )SHE WAS ON THE FLAG CORPS.
00:29:52She was homecoming queen.
00:29:54Her personality justdrew people to her.