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00:00:01Dc, potentially topping 28 inches that you saw in the storm in 1922.
00:00:07>> It is not going to happen.
00:00:10>> We'll not get up to 28 inches.
00:00:13We had snow storm this year and right around the 20 inch range.
00:00:18We'll have two of the snowy centers.
00:00:24Both coasts getting pummeled and the east everyone storm.
00:00:28Rain this weekend and florida causing problems and miami in the clear for today.
00:00:33Tomorrow, that is good news.
00:00:34This is the big storm, you can see right here in parts of the ohio valley and in southern pennsylvania and southern dc.
00:00:44You can see it falling in new york city and penetrating and getting to the ground and we might end up with a inch, we will be talking about 20 or 30 inches of snow for a small region.
00:00:58A big one to cross those areas for today.
00:01:01>> Thank you.
00:01:02>>> And unfortunate for the kids.
00:01:05We have had snow days used up.
00:01:07In dc in philadelphia, when you snow days are gone, your school years get extended.
00:01:15>> Or go on saturday .
00:01:17>> Speaking of someone who had saturday detention every weekend that is a bummer.
00:01:24>> Like the breakfast club.
00:01:26>> Headlines, 10 missionaries charged with kidnapping 33 haitian children are back in jail.
00:01:36The haitian judge denied bail.
00:01:38He has scheduled three more days.
00:01:42>> Two more americans are dead after a helicopter crashed in the dominican republic.
00:01:50>> And the wake of that massive recall.
00:01:52Toyota is launching a new ad campaign to convince the company and customer that the problem with sticking gas pedals is fixed.
00:02:05A spokesman is considering using the pedal problems as a way to clear themselves .
00:02:16Make way for a honest driving experience.
00:02:19>> And a 14 yore old todd brown was shot in the hallway during a class change.
00:02:27Police are looking into the shooter's motive.
00:02:32>> The investigation is ongoing and information that we would love to release.
00:02:39We are well aware of facebook, twitter and myspace.
00:02:43We know what is going on and being said, but it is just that.
00:02:48That is hear say.
00:02:49>> The school is working with churches to offer counseling for students in the weekend and counselors will be at school on monday.
00:02:59>> National tea party convention wraps up with sarah palin.
00:03:04Hundreds of conservative activist showed nup nashville.
00:03:09They each paid $549 for the sold out event.
00:03:13>> We are here to get together and let everybody know that a lot of people feel the same way we do.
00:03:19>> The convention included sessions of how to get young people involved in the conservative movement and unifying the movement.
00:03:30>> Sarah palin.
00:03:31This is an interesting party going on.
00:03:34A lot of discord and controverse yedebate whether it is good or bad for the gop.
00:03:41>> And health care, we are getting mixed signals from the republicans, with scott brown's inauguration and going through the approval and confirmed, it health care is dead.
00:03:59Nancy pelosi said it is will go through.
00:04:02But president obama said something different.
00:04:04>> After a year of fighting through things, the president is acknowledging it is dying and may not make it through congress.
00:04:15He said this on future of health care reform.
00:04:20>> If congress decides we are not doing it after all of the facts are laid out and options are clear, then the american people can make a judgment as to whether this congress as done the right thing for them or not.
00:04:37>> That strikes me odd.
00:04:40That says to me, okay republicans.
00:04:44You are going to kill this thing and when it comes election time and you are running, you are the party that killed health care and didn't offer up anything else.
00:04:55>> I think what he said next, the plan of what the president is going to do about health care, listen to this.
00:05:03>> What I would like to do is have a meeting where by I am sitting with the republicans and sitting the democrat and health care experts and go through thyself bills.
00:05:17Their ideas and our idea and walk through them in a methodical way so the american people can see and compare and what makes the most sense, and then we have to move forward on a vote.
00:05:32>> That is a great idea.
00:05:35Isn't that exactly what the republicans.
00:05:37>> And the american people.
00:05:39>> Wanted back in april and may.
00:05:42>> All along.
00:05:43>> A year ago.
00:05:44That's what they were hoping that president obama will do.
00:05:48Remember the promises of bringing everybody to the table and best ideas and now a year later, many americans say it is curious that the president didn't say that.
00:06:00>> It might make the american people happy but the democrats are furious.
00:06:06They want him to show leadership and say this is getting done .
00:06:11We know how it is going to get down.
00:06:14Take the senate bill and make changes and get it through with 51 votes and that's why we are waiting for nancy pelosi.
00:06:23>> She said it will get done the way she wants it done and she said it is going to pass, take a lin.
00:06:30>> Standing together and working together, we will pass health reform for the american people.
00:06:36I will say it again.
00:06:37>> Big story on monday, the job's bill and congress and the president having to work on the job's bill.
00:06:45Back and forth there.
00:06:47This comes on the heels of the unemployment numbers.
00:06:50Down, if you look at those numbers and hear it was above 10 percent and now it is down to 9.7 percent.
00:06:59It sounds good on surface and paper.
00:07:02>> When you saw the numbers come out and you think things are going up internert and analyze it throughout the day.
00:07:10You realize it is not that great of news.
00:07:13Unemployment is down below ten 7 and look inside of those numbers and it appears they are not better than they were a month ago .
00:07:26We are looking at folks who gave up and that's the reason it went down.
00:07:31It doesn't include folks that stopped looking.
00:07:40Manufacturing added 11,000 job accident.
00:07:43First monthly increase since 2007 and the average workweek lengthened and it rose at factoris and people are working more hours.
00:07:53It is still hard with this number.
00:07:55Because it is a moving target.
00:07:57You can't tell if it is a trend.
00:08:00Now if unemployment is down and continue to go down, then it is a very good use or momentary blip.
00:08:08Some economist think it will shoot back up to 11 percent before it is all over.
00:08:14>> The labor secretary under president bush said employers are scared.
00:08:21>> .
00:08:23Employers are scared and afraid to hire.
00:08:27They see increased taxs and punitive bureaucracy and more government mandates.
00:08:34They see only costs, increased costs go ahead and they will hold back on hire that's why there are no new jobs being created.
00:08:43>> The bottom line, forget all of the numbers and the whole thing here and where people see a silver lining is the face.
00:08:50It is all about pace.
00:08:52Slow and steady wins the race and the decline of jobs is slowing.
00:08:56People are encouraged that people are losing that many jobs as well >> she knows her stuff.
00:09:06So is richie.
00:09:07He is an expert on what is happening.
00:09:10He will come up on the program live to analyze what is happening.
00:09:15>> Let's talk about love, charley and unrequited love.
00:09:21Sad demise of a marriage.
00:09:25Jenny sanford soon to be ex-wife of governor sanford.
00:09:30Put out her book memor called staying true.
00:09:34>> She went on with barbra walters and talked about the demise of her marriage.
00:09:40It is fascinating to hear all of the things and quirks of governor mark sanford that came out in the book.
00:09:48>> You talk about the demice.
00:09:51It may have started in the beginning when they wrote their wedding vows and what mark sanford did.
00:09:57Listen to what jenny sanford said how it start something shooinoid early on.
00:10:04>> Mark refused to promise to be faithful when high took his vows.
00:10:10Did that bother you.
00:10:11>> To some extent but we were young and in love.
00:10:14>> I may not be faithful, you didn't say unhorks.
00:10:18>> I did question it, yes in my mind and we talked through it and I got passed it along with other doubts that I had.
00:10:28>> Wait a minute.
00:10:29Here's the paperwork.
00:10:31>> I see you crossed something out.
00:10:33>> You say that you don't really care about being faithful.
00:10:38All right, let me check that box off here .
00:10:42Cross off fedelity.
00:10:43>> That is a good warning sign, run .
00:10:46Also not going to clean up.
00:10:48>> I thinky sanford is a role model in some respects that she is staying strong and not standing by this man who embarrassed her for years.
00:10:58She is walking away and file would for divorce and stark contrast to elynwoods who appears to be staying with tiger woods and what he did out of the water blows away what mark sanford did.
00:11:11>> We are going to hear a lot more about mark sanford in the show .
00:11:20Bryan -- ♪♪ ♪♪
00:11:25>> hi.
00:11:26What is on your mind?
00:11:28What have you got down there.
00:11:32>> Get set up.
00:11:33>> I got tell you what is coming occupy your show in fort lauderdale on on beach.
00:11:41We have don shula, he will be here.
00:11:44The legend has a statue .
00:11:48Joe thesmann is in the green room taking advantage.
00:11:54Eggs that are complement .
00:11:56Joe montana, looking at the chances of work stor're storage .
00:12:04The parties last night .
00:12:06Yesterday, the saint's cheerleaders, guess who is today in colts cheerleaders.
00:12:15>> It is a tough assignment bryan.
00:12:19Getting through the tough journalistic work.
00:12:22>> And talking to joe montana.
00:12:26Coming up on the show, a large scale terrorist attack should happened by july.
00:12:36Waly is up next.
00:12:38>> Residents forced to take down yellow ribbons.
00:12:42Two military moms outrainfalled with how they plan to fight back.
00:15:25>> Welcome back to "fox and friends".
00:15:28 and warning that a terror is imminent in the next 3-six months.
00:15:38>> Good morning.
00:15:39>> When the director of national intelligence tells the senate in an attempted attack is certain, what is going on behind the scenes?
00:15:48Why is he saying that?
00:15:50>> Well, because he has been and his assistant and colleagues is rolleding what is happening in 2009, 12 attempts.
00:16:00Two of them were bloody and fort hood massacre and any reading would be that.
00:16:11They will not stop.
00:16:13They will continue in 2010 and six month period is the projection in the future.
00:16:18>> To think that we are that close to it.
00:16:22You said lone wolves.
00:16:24Who are those people lone wolf?
00:16:28>> They have not had connection mother ship or al qaeda any of the organization who targets on their own and that's the most difficult enemy to catch.
00:16:40The problem is how to recognize them.
00:16:42That is the biggest issue now .
00:16:44>> What is the answer since more are home grown?
00:16:48>> Well, look, it is not more ethnicity or race or geograph.
00:16:56They are diverse.
00:16:58It is ideology.
00:17:01Many times red flags.
00:17:02The nigeria terrorist was posting blogs .
00:17:11Hadan was lecturing.
00:17:13What they say and blog is important.
00:17:17>> Clean recruits might not have muslim background and may not follow the teachers of islam at all.
00:17:24More specifically belgian person, right.
00:17:28>> Begin here with the north carolina.
00:17:33From africa and asian and european decent and now women .
00:17:38Western born women.
00:17:39They have diversified because they know it is the way to infiltrate and penetrate the country.
00:17:49They are looking for citizens.
00:17:51>> We appreciate your analysis as always.
00:17:54>> Thank you.
00:17:55>> It is a story we are following.
00:18:00Forcing residents to remove yellow ribbons.
00:18:04How moms are fighting back.
00:18:06>> Her house burned to the ground and then she got a whopping bill from the fire department for putting out the flames.
00:18:14We'll tell you why.
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00:21:35>> Welcome back.
00:21:36It is a story we have been following.
00:21:39Residents in connecticut fighting a town board that wants residents to take down the yellow ribbons that honor our troops.
00:21:47Wednesday they made their decision.
00:21:52>> We have one yellow ribbon and two bows.
00:21:58>> One yellow ribbon.
00:22:00The board has backed down a little bit, our next guests say it is not enough.
00:22:07Leslie and robin are residents in connecticut and have sons over seas.
00:22:12You also have a daughter.
00:22:13>> I have a daughter in law.
00:22:17Stationed over seas.
00:22:18>> Welcome to both of you.
00:22:19Let me start with you.
00:22:21Your son is in the army and stationed over seas and deployed to afghanistan in june.
00:22:28Why is it important to have yellow ribbons in your town.
00:22:32>> To show support for the kids who are born and raised and not only fighting for the united states but litchfield.
00:22:42>> Leslie, why is the town not okay for showing support for the troops?
00:22:47>> We are not sure.
00:22:48We have had a few dozen ribbons up for a dozen year since the 2003 and they are maintained in a regular basis .
00:22:59In october, the board decided to take them down and stating they were unsightly and stating they were causing a fungus on a tree and might want to be a resident.
00:23:12>> These pretty ribions wrapped around the trunk of the tree are considered unshitely.
00:23:23>> We let this ribbon stay up we have to put up other ribbons whampt do you say to the board?
00:23:30>> It is been up that lopping and no one else asked to.
00:23:36It is absurd.
00:23:37They didn't like them because they were tattered.
00:23:40We have a maintenance program kind of idea in fact that they have been change happened.
00:23:46Yes in the beginning but we have taken care of them.
00:23:49>> The president, god forbid you show support for breast cancer.
00:23:56They want one ribbon and one flag in the town.
00:23:59They asked you to help take down the other ones.
00:24:03What are you doing now, leslie.
00:24:05>> We are fighting for the five ribbons we have and ooze of this morning they were there.
00:24:11We have a bank willing to pay for the maintenance of the ribbons.
00:24:16One was each military member stationed out of the country whether they are deployed and take them down when they get back.
00:24:26I would be willing to take that task.
00:24:29>> You are man date to take them down.
00:24:31Are you leaving to take them down?
00:24:34>> Absolutely not.
00:24:36Absolutely not.
00:24:37But can I quickly say hi, to tom and oregon and dave and marilyn.
00:24:45They are military veterans that called up wished us good luck and support.
00:24:50>> Thank you for being here and thank your children for supporting our country.
00:25:00>> Coming up.
00:25:01Two inches per hour.
00:25:02Going live to the nation's capitol where the snow is falling at a rapid clip.
00:25:08>> Two commanding officers punished for not being safe.
00:25:13Is it a good idea for men not on the battlefield to question our military leaders who were there?
00:25:19>> And go live to florida and joe is serving time with the colts cheerleader.
00:25:30WE'LL SEE YOU IN A BIT.@<@<@<@<@<@<@<XXXXXX@<XsXXX Snux it is wowild and windy and in the midatlantic region you are probably waking up to a blanket of snow.
00:28:53The nation's capitol has boand half predicted more.
00:28:57>> Mild or extreme.
00:29:00>>> And checking with carolina shoveling right now.
00:29:06>> Good morning, welcome to snow populas as we are nicknaming it in the bureau.
00:29:12This is huge for us.
00:29:14A foot and half of no is what we are getting here it is coming down.
00:29:19You can see two inches an hour.
00:29:22It could be two and half feet of no in some areas of dc and maybe shy of that.
00:29:28And remember back in december talking about the nice show storm that was fluffy.
00:29:34Not so this kind.
00:29:35This is the icy nasty kind .
00:29:37I will show you shoveling here.
00:29:42This is heavy and the power now coming down on power lines.
00:29:50100,000 Folks in dc and pennsylvania and maryland that lost heat it is a tough day.
00:29:58Normally I jump around in the snow.
00:30:01But I am six and half months pregnant.
00:30:04But I will show you hodeep it is.
00:30:10Stay in unless you are like me, and have to go to work.
00:30:14Stay in and have pancakes or something like that.
00:30:17Rick will give you more details.
00:30:20>> The fact it was a heavyweight snow that causes the problem.
00:30:25That sticks on the trees and topples on the power lines and people who have to shovel that, it hurts your back and they can have a heart attacky shoveling the snow.
00:30:38Baltimore and maryland.
00:30:39The all-time snowfall.
00:30:42Record are 28 everyones.
00:30:44We'll get on the schedule somewhere in the.
00:30:47Big storm for the areas in the midatlantic and also in new jersey, look at live shot out of new jersey, this is video actually that we are seeing.
00:30:59Southern jersey area and parts of pennsylvania and in toward dc seeing the worst of this and in new york nothing on the ground.
00:31:09Fine cut off line from a lot of no to not much snow at all.
00:31:14I have a weather blog and we would like to get your ticketsings.
00:31:20And one exciting new thing our weather website is up.
00:31:24We have worked on it for the last two years.
00:31:28Go to the fox weather page.
00:31:31It was not that exciting but it is now.
00:31:34You can get all of your weather needs for the entire world.
00:31:38>> Two years under construction .
00:31:40>> It takes that long to build.
00:31:43>> You wonder what I do with my free time.
00:31:46>> Check it out.
00:31:47>> We have weather headlines for you.
00:31:51>> Defense secretary robert gates.
00:31:58He told supporters that iran and western powers are still miles apart on a nuclear deal.
00:32:06Geets said he sees no sign that iran can willing to swap uranium for nonnuclear fuel.
00:32:14 management punishing two officers for an attack that killed 8 american soldiers and wounded 22.
00:32:23It happened last october.
00:32:25The officers were blamed for inadequate measures taken by leaders.
00:32:32It was temporarily over run by the taliban who eventually were officer.
00:32:40Previous warnings turned out to be smaller.
00:32:43Officials say they received administrative punishments that could impact their careers >> and a deadly shark attack, accounts from the life guard.
00:32:56He steven shaffer was surfing 500 feet.
00:33:02The life guard put his life in danger trying to save him.
00:33:09>> At that moment.
00:33:10He's in trouble.
00:33:11We got to get him in.
00:33:13I knew it was a bad situation, where we are at and conditions and what was going on, but i got to get him in.
00:33:22>> Lund was also attacked by a SHARK IN THE 1980s.
00:33:27>> Tiger woods and his wife elin ararcts apparently going to try to work it out after the sex scandal.
00:33:35Elin flew to a mississippi sex clinic to take tiger woods home.
00:33:39They are going to spend time alone and try to save their marriage.
00:33:44Woods may return to competitive golf at the match play championship in a few weeks from now.
00:33:51>>> And the high 5 duoare back.
00:33:54They are takog miami and home of super bowl 44.
00:33:59>> It is awesome in miami.
00:34:03They are getting way too high .
00:34:06High 5 that is.
00:34:09>> The high-5.
00:34:12Dozens of people.
00:34:14Kim and pam anderson and singer jordin sparks and payton manning.
00:34:21Approximate high-5.
00:34:23Don't be jealous I didn't think of it first.
00:34:26>> I have the cd and wash my hands a lot.
00:34:32I high five and have to wash my hands.
00:34:35>> Scott brown, newly senator not wasting time.
00:34:40You get in and go out and talk to things that matter to you most and grab a cam rampt he criticized the stimulus.
00:34:48Listen to scott brown.
00:34:50>> Your own stim tim bill didn't create a new job and in some states the money didn't correct yobs.
00:35:01We lost more jobs last month.
00:35:04In massachusetts it hasn't created one new job and throughout the country, it may have retained some but not created jobs.
00:35:12I need to see what is in the bill.
00:35:15>> In his home state of massachusetts not one job was created because of the stimulus bill.
00:35:21That is at odds with what the white house.
00:35:28Thape say it created 53,000 total job in massachusetts.
00:35:33More over state and local government and business organization reportedly directed funded more than 5,000 jobs.
00:35:41>> Saved, I love that.
00:35:43>> You have to pull that out.
00:35:46What they are saying is true.
00:35:49Scott brown is saying it has not created a job.
00:35:55But save is what the white house is comfortablutesing that.
00:36:00>> Governor duval coming out and said the stimulus retained 23,5cent 3-- 23,553 jobs since the start 21.
00:36:12Save or created.
00:36:13>> That's what he said back in september and amended it in december.
00:36:18An extra 10,000.
00:36:20Even by the governor's own estimation.
00:36:2432,000 Jobs, saved or created in massachusetts.
00:36:30>> If a corporation ran with this type of math it would be out of business.
00:36:35>> Here's math you might find disturbing as well.
00:36:39, 100 Million stimulus money said to go to research.
00:36:46That sounds all well and good in design.
00:36:49But look at how the 100 million is spent, it sounds disturbing.
00:36:54We are looking for jobs to be created.
00:36:58Massachusetts is one of the best research facilities in the country.
00:37:02>> They are spending nine million to assemble robotic bees.
00:37:09It is about some people did.
00:37:10>> We need more honey?
00:37:12>> We are running out of bees, alyson and need robotic bees.
00:37:17>>> And 225 to state farm tusk function .
00:37:23>> You know how it functions?
00:37:25>> I don't know.
00:37:26I don't blame the universities.
00:37:28I blame the government for not looking after the mon yehaving - money.
00:37:35>> It is not the spirit.
00:37:38>> Or prenatal funds for gam yay an.
00:37:42Did you know the prenatal functions.
00:37:45>> Now we do because of are search.
00:37:48Bryan has spent time studying out in fort lauderdale.
00:37:52How is going down there?
00:37:54>> We got a chance to talk to them about the kname that is hours away instead of weeks away.
00:38:04Joe theismann, super bowl you always think about is that the one you -- >> one we lost.
00:38:12>> The one you win, you wind up having the moment.
00:38:15We won, great, terrific.
00:38:20But when you lose one.
00:38:22Every play that is cons quential.
00:38:28You say I could have done different.
00:38:31>> You never go back and watch the super bowl of the your leg being brokep and then very first scene in the biggest blockbuster and best sports member.
00:38:46Joe theismann footage.
00:38:47What was it like seeing your leg being broken.
00:38:51>> When the movie came out i went to a matny so there were not a lot of people there.
00:38:5750 People in the audience and as the play started.
00:39:00I knew what was there.
00:39:02I closed my eyes and I sat there and lin to the crowd go au.
00:39:10I can watch it now.
00:39:12>> A lot of pain.
00:39:14>> From the knee down my leg went numb.
00:39:17The body is an unbelievable mech pimp and protects itself.
00:39:25I get people saying did it hurt?
00:39:27Yeah, it hurt.
00:39:28I am telling you straight out.
00:39:31>> This game that is happening in miami.
00:39:3410 Super bowls here and the colts were here a couple of years ago and won it.
00:39:39Do you see a lot of ways in watch the saints win.
00:39:43>> I think a lot of ways.
00:39:45Reggie bush has to be big.
00:39:49Reggie bush will make a difference.
00:39:52You know drew breeze will throw .
00:39:57Payton is ruthless .
00:39:59He loves to push it down the field.
00:40:01You know payton likes to push it down.
00:40:03It is it a heavyweight fight we all talk about and hopes it reaches that expectation level and we see hard working guys put on a heck of a show.
00:40:14>> A lot of people mad about tim tebow.
00:40:17You don't think the quarterback or university of the florida should be approached he should retire.
00:40:24>> Not retire.
00:40:25If he hadn't played in the north-south game and showed what he doesn't have, he would have retired in college football just as he is a hero.
00:40:35Great kid and great individual and love everything about him.
00:40:38I am talking as a football player, he has a long way to I am not saying he can't be one.
00:40:46What I see right now, I think he will struggle.
00:40:49If he goes higher than the fourth round I would be surprised.
00:40:55>> Joe, thank you so much for coming down.
00:40:58>> Appreciate it >> and always a tradition with the super bowl.
00:41:04Do the inform envelope network.
00:41:05Go back to joe montana and don shula.
00:41:11>> That's the guy.
00:41:12Take it away.
00:41:13>> Rename would theismann and promoting the heisman trophy in college.
00:41:20>> And take a look at 17 foot long chunk of a plane and crashed in a mall parking lot .
00:41:28How did it happen.
00:41:30>> Fell out of the a cart.
00:41:32>> You can pepped time in a gym and never lose weight.
00:41:37 mark seigal has to say, coming up, >> but first the colts cheerleaders getting in the colt's pirit.
00:41:47One of those ladies on o'reilly last night.
00:41:50>> Where is she?
00:41:52That one?
00:42:53information away-- ..
00:42:55Who's not answering.
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00:44:3646 Minutes past the hour.
00:44:37>> President obama paying tribute to the senc.i.a.
00:44:41Workers killed in afghanistan in december.
00:44:43The president called their sacrifice a summons to carry on their work and win the war.
00:44:48The names of the victims have not been released though .
00:44:52Emaims shedding new light .
00:44:55Sarah palin was alaska's gov goch.
00:44:58Todd's e-mail address was included on important messages sent by staff members and suggesting he was close to government matters.
00:45:07>>> And dave and ally take it away.
00:45:11>> Look at this graphic that is frightening.
00:45:16Unemployment rate since the recession gan and black and purple colors designated growing and growing until they bottom encapsulate the whole country.
00:45:29Even though the unemployment rate in yen did go down why are we struggling to create jobs in peter?
00:45:38>> Good morning, nice to be with you.
00:45:41>> How should we interpert the news that unemployment dropped january?
00:45:48>> Looking at the numbers is not good news.
00:45:51People are opening up shop at home and going into business themselves.
00:45:56They are working five-10 hours a week and no longer qualify for unemployment because benefits have expired.
00:46:05>>> And did this number dropping have anything to do with the folks who have quit looking for work and just given up?
00:46:13>> There is some of that and people's unemployment benefits have run out.
00:46:19So they are self employed and try to get consulting work which can't do on unemployment insurance and may work a few hours a week.
00:46:28>> Yet, peter, we heard bright spots, you correct us if we are wrong.
00:46:35Manufacturing added 11,000 job in january and factories saw a modest increase in the length of the workweek.
00:46:43>> Yes, they put in 11,000 jobs.
00:46:47Remember that manufacturing lost over two million jobs in the recession.
00:46:52That is a automotive sector because they are putting on additionalist shoulds there.
00:46:57By and large manufacturing remains very troubled.
00:47:01>> And more bad news unfortunately instead of 7 4 million jobs is lost in the recession.
00:47:10What is holding back employers and why are they not hiring and what might get the engine moving.
00:47:16>> Obama in his 13 months.
00:47:19The stim tim package hasn't worked.
00:47:25Employers are afraid of higher tax and health care costings.
00:47:31Bottom line to get america moving down we need to get rid of the outsourcing that is destroying the jobs.
00:47:41President announced export initiative.
00:47:45Announced it on thursday.
00:47:47He would put up two billion in small business aid and send sales man in china and with that jenerate 800 billion in experts the whole thing silly.
00:47:59>> Peter, thank you for coming in and give us your interpretation of all .
00:48:05We'll see you again.
00:48:06>> Coming up, your house burns down and you get a bill for the fire department for putting out the for $15,000.
00:48:15We are not kidding.
00:48:17>>> And charley sheen's car found in the bottom of a ravine?
00:48:23We have this story for you.
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00:49:35Great sandwich... Thanks!
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00:51:39>> Welcome back here to "fox and friends".
00:51:4253 Minutes past the hour.
00:51:43Listen to this.
00:51:44They lost their dream home in a fire to make matters worse, they received a huge bill for it in the mail.
00:51:51What it cost to put the fire out.
00:51:54Other victims and insurance companies in similar situations are speaking out claiming that fire departments are double dipping for services that should be covered by tax money.
00:52:06Angel and john piper join us from houston.
00:52:10>> Good morning.
00:52:11>> Your house catches fire and where are you guys living now and when did you receive this bill in the mail?
00:52:17>> Well, in july 2009, there was a freak thunderstorm that came through central texas and two bomits of lightning hit our property and the second one hit our house and it on fire.
00:52:31The house burned.
00:52:32Our fire department responded beautifully and it is it a voluntary department and they were great and saved what they could which was not much.
00:52:43We are currently living in a boy's ranch in still creek that is nonprofit.
00:52:49>> Ramp, you guys are living there and you got something in the mail, what did you get in the mail?
00:52:56>> An increase that shocked us from the fire department for $15,000.
00:53:04And we couldn't believe it.
00:53:06So we called the fire department and verified that it was not a scam and sure enough, it wasn't.
00:53:13But the fire department was really great and they dismissed the charges and we just basically want folks to know that I can be billed if your estate law said you can be.
00:53:31>> We didn't know, you goys were billed per minute however long the truck was on site.
00:53:38I never heard of this.
00:53:40We are talking about you can get billed the time that the fire department was there.
00:53:46I thought that is why we pay taxs and property and community taxes.
00:53:51>> We thought that, too.
00:53:54The recession has county and city budgets in a bind right now and they are trying to make ends meet .
00:54:01They are increasing their revenue.
00:54:05>> Angela, what did you hear from the companies, what do they say to you?
00:54:09>> It is not a covered part of our policy and that was part of our problem.
00:54:14We were not aware that this could happen.
00:54:17We never checked our policy to see if it a covered item and we didn't budget for the bill.
00:54:24That put us in a real bind.
00:54:25>> A lot of other communities are dealing with this as well florida, arkansas and oklahoma and tennessee moved to ban this sort of thing being paid for accident fees.
00:54:37You had your bill dismissed fortunately and we want other americans out there to check with their insurance policy to make sure they are not having the same problem that angela and ralph had to suffer through.
00:54:52Thank you for joining us this morning.
00:54:57>> Coming up here on the show.
00:54:59Discovery that has lasting implications on cases.
00:55:03Theory schiavo, brain dead patients in a veg at that timive state is found to be commuting.
00:55:10- Communicating.
00:55:11>>> And sarah palin set to speak in the tea party convention.
00:55:16How they plan to get 20 candidates elected this fall.
00:55:21>> Live in the super bowl.
00:55:23Including joe montana there in the super bowl.
00:55:25Coming up.
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00:58:11>> Good snowy morning.
00:58:14Here is parts of the east coast buried in snow.
00:58:17What you need to know about the winter blast in a live weather report coming up.
00:58:23>> And sarah palin set to speak tonight in the city - tea party conin the south.
00:58:32Bigger news out of nashville.
00:58:34How the group plan to get 20 candidates elected this fall.
00:58:40>> A high schooler goes to extremes to get his dream date.
00:58:46Roll it.
00:58:47♪♪ ♪♪
00:58:47[ singing ] >> meet the teenager who asked a ufc reng girl.
00:59:02>> Maximum and usf ring girl and got him to say yes to the prom.
00:59:08>> Our slogan is listen my friend and you will hear the news on fox, fair, balance clear.
00:59:17>> Did I -- ♪♪ ♪♪
00:59:23It is super bowl weekend.
00:59:28The colts cheerleader down in fort lauderdale.
00:59:31They are joining bryan live with a live report .
00:59:34Also have joe montana and don >> they woke him up like that.
00:59:41>> They knocked on the door and did that.
00:59:44>> Being.
00:59:45Never saw you so befuddled.
00:59:48>> We couldn't even speak.
00:59:49>> In the meantime headlines this morning, what is happening to the 10 u.s.
00:59:56Missionary in haiti charged now with kidnapping 33 haitian children are back in jail this morning.
01:00:02A haitian judge denied them pending release pending the outcome of the cases.
01:00:09They have scheduled three more hearings this week.
01:00:13They were delivering aid in haiti and are dead after the helicopter crashed in the dominican republic.
01:00:23Treasury secretary geithner said there is lower risk of a double-dip recession.
01:00:29Hoe said it grew more than the last six years in the last quarter.
01:00:36Take a look at this video.
01:00:3917 Foot chunk of a cargo plane falls from the sky and lands in a mall.
01:00:46It fell from a atlas air flight.
01:00:52The debris is 15 feet long and landed in front of dillards property snow.
01:00:59No one was hurt and the plane landed safely.
01:01:02The faa continue to investigate this.
01:01:06Los angeles police are trying to figure out how charley sheen's tollen mersedes ended up in a steep ravine.
01:01:18Crews worked around the clock to retrieve it there was no evidence anyone in the car.
01:01:24It is being treated as an autotheft.
01:01:28Sheen is expected to be arraigned on domestic charges on monday.
01:01:32A judge is expected to determine if a restraining order against sheen should be dropped.
01:01:38The couple say they want to reconcile.
01:01:41Those are the headlines.
01:01:42>> Check in with them now for a look at all of the crazy weather.
01:01:47>> Look at snowfall totals.
01:01:50Snow still going on here.
01:01:52Over two phot in west virginia and maryland and washington d.c. you are at 15.5 inches.
01:01:58We'll have snow and more as well and pictures are going to be looking like this comes from gene price.
01:02:06I am not going to be sitting on my patio.
01:02:10I like that.
01:02:12Sunday them to me at twitter.
01:02:14>>> And how much more snow will we get?
01:02:17Not that much more.
01:02:19Still probably another six or 10 inches in dc areas of new jersey and picking up another foot.
01:02:25But it is going to be windy and gusting up to 50 miles per hour .
01:02:30That is why we have blizzard warnings in effect and toward the nation's capitol.
01:02:36Once the storm gets going, it is going to be rough .
01:02:40Heavy snow continue to fall.
01:02:42A very fine line in new york city .
01:02:44No snow in parts of southern jersey, we'll see two feet of snow.
01:02:53Heavy rain moving in southern california right now and the station burn area has a flash flood in affect.
01:03:03We could see potential of mud flows in southern california.
01:03:07This storm here will be another storm that tracks over the central part of the could you wantry.
01:03:13We'll talk about more rain and snow this month.
01:03:17>> Fortunately no snow?
01:03:21Tonight is the night of the tea party convention.
01:03:27Sarah palin, former alaska governor set to set the stage for the movement.
01:03:37Tea party wants to raise money for 20 candidate to run in the fall.
01:03:44They have to represent less government and lower taxes and strong national security.
01:03:50Listen to one .
01:03:52Spokespeople talking about their goals >> the idea is to act as ferocious as we about our government being responsible as the political process.
01:04:04>> There is a number of critics about the tea party movement.
01:04:08Whether or not they are going to cow towel to the republicans and how it will affect the republican party.
01:04:13A lot of people say it is a real movement and forming the political action committee is a first real sign that this is a foundation that is being built .
01:04:27Critics responded to the criticism.
01:04:29People responded to the criticism.
01:04:31Take two, and listen.
01:04:32>> If they weren't saying something bad a it wouldn't be good.
01:04:37>> They are activist on the front line.
01:04:41If you are out there doing things you believe.
01:04:54They helped scott brown getex lected in the massachusetts.
01:04:59Is if good for the gop.
01:05:01>> They have no national leader this is what happenings.
01:05:12Nature abe abhor ace vacume.
01:05:14Sarah palin is someone who they touted.
01:05:18>> Toyota, alm eyes on the company.
01:05:22They talk about the incredible way in which they build their automobiles.
01:05:26They have had a cult-like following in toyota.
01:05:30Certainly the prius.
01:05:38Japanese media is all over this morning for the apology that didn't go far enough to address their problems.
01:05:45Take a lin.
01:05:47>> I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the concern that we have begin to so many customers in the countries.
01:05:56For customers who worry about if their cars are okay.
01:05:59I come today to give an explanation .
01:06:01>> He is the grandson of the fowner of toyota.
01:06:08The media norm willly don't criticize the business leaders.
01:06:13Yesterday they say it is too little too late.
01:06:19Four million recalled.
01:06:213 .
01:06:25Was it too little too late.
01:06:27Are they doing enough.
01:06:29Folks are not happy.
01:06:30>> People think that their chrisis management is atrocious.
01:06:36Listen to the customers reacting.
01:06:39>> I mean, I think they are liable to fix that.
01:06:47>> I am little concerned.
01:06:50Basically the safety, my wife drives the car.
01:06:53I am hoping they are being honest about the fix and I am going to give them an opportunity to prove.
01:07:06We have a family coming up.
01:07:08One of their family members was killed after christmas.
01:07:12They don't think that toyota has gone far enough.
01:07:15>> They did everything toyota asked in the process and got them nowhere.
01:07:20>> And now my people are creating websites.
01:07:37Every feem he watched movies with his wife she would cry.
01:07:41>> It didn't have to be a sappy one.
01:07:45>> "Star wars" or sci-fi.
01:07:50>>> And he puts up videos on the website and here is a sampbling of one.
01:07:55This is "star wars".
01:07:56Look at what he did with his wife.
01:08:07Molly cries on everything.
01:08:09You feel sad in why?
01:08:11Was it sad when you said you wanted to see your son for the first time.
01:08:16>> It was.
01:08:20And he never gets to see them.
01:08:29(Crying inaudibly) >> it is incomprehensible of what she is saying.
01:08:41>> Crying
01:08:46I see this.
01:08:47Sleep talking man.
01:08:48>> Another blog where a wife bloged about her husband talking in his sleep and saying ridiculous things.
01:08:56Is he playing it up now that she knows he is bloging.
01:09:00>> She gets mad though .
01:09:02She gets mad that he keeps filming her.
01:09:05Here is lord of the ringings.
01:09:07Listen to her with lord of the rings .
01:09:10(Crying) >> I don't see tears.
01:09:31I just hear wailing.
01:09:33>> We'll have to get them live.
01:09:36>> I see tears.
01:09:37>> I am not buying it.
01:09:39>> Here's what they say in defense of her.
01:09:42The husband asked the in-laws.
01:09:46They asked if it was real.
01:09:48She was bawling with little mermaid which has a happy ending.
01:09:53>> She goes on a date and.
01:09:57>> He find itself cute.
01:09:59>> And put its on youtube.
01:10:01>> All right.
01:10:02>> Applause for him.
01:10:04We'll have to get them on.
01:10:05>> And back to the former stop news story.
01:10:10Top terror experts say expect a large scale terror attack on american soil by july.
01:10:16How can they know specifically and are they genuinely worried or covering their track in the event of the something like the underwear bomber.
01:10:26>> He wanted take a model to the prom.
01:10:29He did what I did.
01:10:30He made a youtube video.
01:10:33He pled approximate for the woman to join him.
01:10:37>> Youtube was not around when you were in high school.
01:10:42♪♪ ♪♪
01:10:42[ singing ] note it's growing strongfor all the moments that make every day special.
01:11:04 [dinner bell chimes] high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon in a delicate broth, without by-products or fillers.
01:11:13Fancy feast appetizers.
01:11:15Celebrate the moment.
01:13:26>> What is the likelihood of another terrorist attempted homeland in the next three or six months.
01:13:36High or low, director blir in >> attempted attack priority is certain I would say.
01:13:42>> I would agree with that.
01:13:45Mr. mueller?
01:13:46>> Agreed.
01:13:47>> General.
01:13:48>> Yes, ma'am, I agree.
01:13:50>> Mr. damor, >> yes.
01:13:53>> Ominous warning from top intelligence chiefs.
01:13:58They say america will be attacked again in less than six months.
01:14:02Why are they so sure something will happen?
01:14:05>> We turn to colonel ralph peters this morning.
01:14:09>> Nice to so you this morning.
01:14:11>> Always great to see you guys.
01:14:13>> What do you make of this in >> is it political covering right now and protecting their hides or is this specific intelligence that leads to us catching somebody?
01:14:24>> I think a sliver of it is can covering their back side.
01:14:30The intelligence community over all is embarrassed by the christmas debacle.
01:14:35But when you hear all of these intelligence chiefs speaking out unanimously and so forcibly and stating that there will be an attack attempt in the next three-six months that.
01:14:50Tells me as a former intelligence officer they are seeing intelligence indicators and reading the traffic.
01:14:58I don't know whether or not they know what kind of attack, probably not .
01:15:03They are seeing basically more chatter I am sure .
01:15:07So yes, I would say take it very seriously.
01:15:10>>> And the other fasmating and shocking thing to come out of this is obama administration acknowledging that abdullmuttallab is giving credible information and key information maybe even about the radical cleric in yemen that may have trained him and others all the way back to 9/11 y. make this public?
01:15:32>> It is 100 percent political.
01:15:36It is either they are lying or they are stupid.
01:15:43Obviously they are fighting the miranda issue.
01:15:46Eric holder is under siege.
01:15:49Two key things here, one, if he is giving us serious intelligence.
01:15:58For god sake don't leak if.
01:15:59If you are getting indelience kill the bad guys and hold up their heads as tropies.
01:16:07But act first.
01:16:08Second part.
01:16:10The miranda issue is bogus.
01:16:13Foreign terrorist are not entitle to miranda rights.
01:16:16Again as a former intelligence officer, intelligence from a low level foot soldier from abdullmuttallab the christmas bomber is perishable.
01:16:27A cop could tell you that.
01:16:29The first 24 or 72 hours so you can move out.
01:16:33Intelligence information that might be valuable on december 26th or twenth may be worthless by january 26th or 27th and oh, bypass the way, what have we promised abdullmuttallab to tell us anything.
01:16:48It is a debacle for the white house and trying to worm out fromurn the miranda embarrassment and doing it by lying or compromising our security.
01:16:59>> Lieutenant colonel ralph peters.
01:17:02Always great to see you shedding light on this story.
01:17:05What unfolded and what leaks coming out of this.
01:17:09>> Hopefully nothing.
01:17:11>> Hopefully nothing happens.
01:17:12Thank you, and coming up, a discovery that has lasting implications on future cases like terri schiavo.
01:17:21Brain dead patients found to be communicating.
01:17:25Dr. mark siegal has that next.
01:17:26>> Plus jenny sanford speaking out about her husband, mark sanford's affair.
01:17:32>> You did not stand next to your husband, did you think of doing that?
01:17:38>>Um, no.
01:17:39I didn't really.
01:17:40>> More from that incredible With 100% of the Daily Value of 11 essential vitamins and minerals and the luscious taste of plump, juicy raisins d crunchy whole grain flakes.
01:18:05Guess it's all about what kind of crunch you like.
01:18:08How are you getting 100%?
01:18:11Visit and get a coupon.
01:20:22Call or click today.
01:21:03>> It is time for medical rewind.
01:21:06Starting with the autopsy that will now reveal how two young startet wells.
01:21:12Britany mury and casey johnson died.
01:21:15Both of their deaths could have been prevented.
01:21:23Dr. seigle.
01:21:23Brutny murphy.
01:21:24Let's talk about this.
01:21:26She had pneumonia and she is a young woman.
01:21:29Why did she die from this?
01:21:31>> We spend so much time it was drugs or overdose it was community acquired pneumonia that is treated with antibotics and treated in the hospital .
01:21:45Hydration and antibotics and you would have lived.
01:21:49>> We know that she had a doctor's appointment that week and she never made it there.
01:21:55And there a combination of prescription.
01:21:58Over the counter drugs in her system but they were for men straul cramps and cough syrup.
01:22:07>> She doesn't sound like she overdosed from them.
01:22:11It being have made her more sedate able to respond and say I am not feeling well.
01:22:18If you don't cough well enough you may not see how sick you are.
01:22:23>>>> Casey johnson died of something that was treatable.
01:22:28Why did she die so young.
01:22:30>> That is tragic, it is type one diabetes.
01:22:35You have to be watching that all.
01:22:38You can get dehydrate once you are monitored in the hospital likely should could have been saved.
01:22:47You get insulin and fluid and most people get better from that.
01:22:53>> Being topic.
01:22:55A brain scan has shown that there could be with technology be communication from patients from a vegetative state.
01:23:03>> Let me explain.
01:23:05We are used to mri scan.
01:23:08We have mri's that measure the amount of activity.
01:23:14If you and them questions, it is manage like star trek.
01:23:19Certain parts of the brain may light up it is only a small percentage of people.
01:23:245 People out of 50 study.
01:23:27Reminder to neuriologist.
01:23:29Don't say your family member is brain dead .
01:23:32Forget about that.
01:23:33This is a sophisticated way to look at this.
01:23:36Who wouldn't be?
01:23:37>> This is remarkable.
01:23:40>>> And let's talk about.
01:23:42It is a stunning study.
01:23:44That is.
01:23:45>> I have long suspected this.
01:23:48That one in five people balse of their genetic make up cannot benefit from exercise the way other people can.
01:23:56>> Let's be clear.
01:23:58You are not one in five.
01:24:00>> How do I know!
01:24:01>> You will have that.
01:24:03Clayton will be excited about that.
01:24:06We'll determine how they respond to that.
01:24:0930 Genes were correlated with arobic fitness.
01:24:13That means how much oxygen you burn while you are exercising which is good.
01:24:19If you burn oxygen all of your organs do better and you live longer.
01:24:24One out of five that don't burn oxygen are still benefiting from exercise.
01:24:31Happy hormones and less stress hormones and better for your heart and lipids and cholesteral.
01:24:37I don't care about the study.
01:24:38I like the findings because it is sense e science.
01:24:42But you should exercise.
01:24:44>> Even if you are not burning up.
01:24:47>> Don't use as a couch pato ito.
01:24:51>> I want them on the treadmill now.
01:24:54>> And meanwhile.
01:24:55People are waking up to inches if not feet of snow.
01:24:58We are going to go live to the nation's capitol which is getting slammed by the blizzard.
01:25:04Plus, it seemed like a stretch, but a high school senior hits youtube for a dream date and it worked.
01:25:16That teenager is here with the dream prom date.
01:25:20>>> And fort lauderdale, bryan is meeting with football legends this morning.
01:25:26♪♪ ♪♪
01:25:26[ singing ] >> a major snow storm covering the midatlantic.
01:28:42We have live team coverage.
01:28:43Rick is tracking the storm here warm in our studio.
01:28:47Look how adorable he is.
01:28:49Look who is not all adorable.
01:28:53Steve keely in wildwood, new jersey.
01:28:56One .
01:28:56Areas hit hard by the storm.
01:28:58Hi, steve.
01:29:00>> Clayton, you are not still a property owner are you.
01:29:03>> Notice.
01:29:04>> Good, you would have two and half feet of shoveling to do .
01:29:0990 Miles south of where you are.
01:29:12Getting a dusting, we have 25 inches and counting in southern new jersey.
01:29:18We are in wildwood, new jersey is where clayton can be scene on beach in a bathing sude.
01:29:28This medal hard steel sign .
01:29:30Part of it falls and that chunge that looks like a sharks skin.
01:29:38We thought to move this way and even more dangerous.
01:29:41This is a very heavy and wet and sticky snow.
01:29:45Lock at it sticking on the power lines .
01:29:48The power lines start coming down and parking like 4th of july sparklers.
01:29:54We are in mildwood and we picked this pot.
01:30:01Westminister abbeyister dog show coming up.
01:30:02This is the prelimary guys and the dog show is postponed because the people here, they have lived in rv's.
01:30:11They are stuck and said go along with the dog show.
01:30:14As an anchor man who like to keep his hair perfect.
01:30:20No hair blowers and the poodles are not the favorites today in the dog show.
01:30:25>> Oh, he knows me well.
01:30:30>> Touche.
01:30:32>> My childhood playground.
01:30:34Never saw looking like that.
01:30:36>> Side note of that.
01:30:38Steve's is nicely cropped but he wears the hood.
01:30:43>> There is hair gel to fall back on >> cold air in the country as well 35 in dallas .
01:30:53Central part of the country dealing with another storm starting tomorrow.
01:30:58This picture from alenbooth.
01:31:01Beautiful at this point .
01:31:02I tell you what, because it is a heavy snow tis going to be miserable to shovel this one.
01:31:08The front moved through florida and drying out and good news for tomorrow's game and preparations for today .
01:31:15All .
01:31:17Heaviest of the snow isolate in a fairly small area.
01:31:21Get the strip in west virginia and southern new jersey, that's where all .
01:31:25Snow is and not making its way in new york city.
01:31:29Anywhere south of that toward dc probably seeing a total of upwards 35 inches and isolated cases.
01:31:37Got to talk about the west.
01:31:38A storm pulling in here and one we are talking about this week it is causing big concerns in southern california.
01:31:45We had all .
01:31:46Rain and error heavy rain move nothing once again .
01:31:51The station burn area has flash flood warning affect .
01:31:56A lolt of the snow in the higher elevations.
01:31:58A lot going on guys in a really big chunk of the country.
01:32:03>> Thank you so much, rick.
01:32:05>> In the meantime, your other headlines this morning, president obama wrapped up his weekly address where he pushed congress to use tarp money to help create more jobs.
01:32:17>> Next week congress will start debating many of these proposals and if anyone has additional idea toz support small business and create jobbings, I am happy to consider it my doors are always open.
01:32:31I urge members of good parties, don't oppose good ideas because it is good politics to do so.
01:32:39Proposals are not democratic or republican or liberal or conservative.
01:32:44They are pro business, pro growth and jobs.
01:32:46>> Republicans blasted the proposal and pointing out job creation is stagnant despite billions spent.
01:32:56Some of madoff family members agree to a asset freeze.
01:33:00They are accuse said of living laishly.
01:33:03They will need to seek permission to spend more than 1,000 and must provide a monthly list of all expense.
01:33:14The genius behind pokemon and cabbage patch kidsed a deal to buy madoff's penthouse on the block for million.
01:33:28>> James ray spiritual retreat.
01:33:32Three people died after spending two hours in a sweat lodge.
01:33:36Two employees were granted immunity and said only some staff had training to deal with sun stroke and ray told them to not be alarmed when people vomiting and passed out.
01:33:54He pled not guilty and behind bars on five million bond.
01:33:59>> Victoria secret angel comes to the rescue.
01:34:03Remember the australian banker who got caught looking at seminude models.
01:34:09Doing a live brew as you can see there, that is embarrassing.
01:34:13>> Nice for the 26 year old model.
01:34:15The banker gets to keep his job.
01:34:18Kara would sign a petition to save his job after he was defended earlier this week.
01:34:25He was persusing photos of the model.
01:34:31The bank said in a statement that keely will not lose his job.
01:34:35>> I want to lend my support to him.
01:34:39Listen the photowas from gq magazine and not porn.
01:34:44They were magazines your kids could pick up at the news stand.
01:34:48>> It was an e-mail.
01:34:50>> And something tells me keely himself is a little more encouraged that she came forward to support him than you.
01:34:58>> I e-mailed him the pictures.
01:35:01>> Talking now about the story of jenny sanford, wife of mark sanford who is cheating on the appalachian trail or rather she gave a compelling interview last night with barbra walters.
01:35:18One thing when they got married he crossed out fedelity clause and did not say he would be faithful in the marriage.
01:35:26They kept on going.
01:35:28There were more thing that is may have alarmed the first wife.
01:35:33>> A lot of juicy details, we learned that the governor is a cheap guy.
01:35:38Take a listen on what she said about that.
01:35:43>> One birthday he gave you a bike drawing.
01:35:48>> He give me half and then next year the other half and then a used bike.
01:35:54>> It is not romantic.
01:35:56>> No, it is not.
01:35:57>> Another time a diamond necklace and then he took it back.
01:36:01>> Yeah, touching.
01:36:03But that is who he is.
01:36:07>> Yeah.
01:36:08This book reveals all sorts of embarrass unflattering things about mark sanford and what is great about jenny sanford she has that I canen the high moral ground.
01:36:19She is not doing it out of sour grapes.
01:36:22She loved him despite warts and laul.
01:36:26She is just revealing.
01:36:28Not to get back at him.
01:36:31Because she wanted a sathat aris.
01:36:35>> She said it bothered me to some degree and we were very, very young and in love.
01:36:41She was able to look past that .
01:36:44She said I thought he loved me in his own way which is not a warm and bubbly way.
01:36:49She was able to forgive and young loif, can you see the evolution of a relationship.
01:36:54>> She is a strong woman.
01:36:57I wonder how mark sanford gives a used bike and then goes to the president and asked for 300 million in stimulus funds.
01:37:07>> After he rejected them.
01:37:09>> Super bowl weekend as you know .
01:37:11The rhetoric heating up over the possible and likely envelope inform work stoppage before the 2011 season.
01:37:20Nfl players association director demry smith blasted the league and said chances of a walk out are 15.
01:37:28On the scale of one-10.
01:37:30Smith is particularly upset the owner's plane planto cut player pay.
01:37:38>> They netted 31 million in profits.
01:37:43My simple question does that sound like a business model where the people who play the game and risk everything without a guaranteed contract should give up 18 percent?
01:37:55>> But nfl commissioner gadel insists that owners will work hard to make sure there is football in 2011.
01:38:07>> Workage is not positive out come for any side.
01:38:13Both sides lose mon yefootball.
01:38:15We have to avoid that and our commitment and determination is to work hard to do that.
01:38:23>> Goodell said it will be a agreement.
01:38:26It is a huge story for football fans everywhere in the country.
01:38:31It looks like no progress on a new deal.
01:38:33>> We'll get more on that with our investigative reporter.
01:38:38Bryan is live at the super bowl down there in miami with more on that.
01:38:44Hey, brine.
01:38:45>> What is going on, guys >> not much.
01:38:47You are going on.
01:38:48>> You are so laid back because you are miami.
01:38:52Om tv.
01:38:53>> You want me to talk about this.
01:38:55This looks like a work stoppage.
01:38:58Owners have to reconfigure the salary strunthure.
01:39:02We are not giving the increase.
01:39:05But reconfigure the deals in the past.
01:39:08Have changed.
01:39:09We do it had every day.
01:39:12Players union doesn't believe that the owners are making money .
01:39:16Therefore, they near a work stoppage mode.
01:39:20>> What is the chance of a work stoppage or lock out or strike.
01:39:24He said it is going to happen.
01:39:26Most people think it is going to happen.
01:39:28You thought world series of a big deal.
01:39:33Uncapped year and imagine the season they don't have a super bowl?
01:39:36That would be incredible.
01:39:38>> Bryan, clayton rightly identified you investigative reporter.
01:39:45What did you unearth parties last night.
01:39:48>> There are two scenes to cover.
01:39:50Miami beach scene.
01:39:51That is one side of it and that's where mostly the saints fans are.
01:39:56Up here in fort lauderdale, thatat'shere the colts camped out.
01:40:00Last night one of the parties we saw is the rolls royce party.
01:40:04It is every man.
01:40:06Rolls royces and every car over $250,000 including and unvealing the ghost rolls roys which is brooned new and they say it is a model car and not released and that would cost clayton and dave $300,000 for you alyson because you are hot a lot less.
01:40:28>> There is another party where celebrity players was invited and a welcoming from the people of southern florida.
01:40:39A lot going on last night.
01:40:41>> Other thing to keep in mind, a hall of fame, that is happening today.
01:40:46Two players going into the hall of fame who are now international names because of their success on dancing with the stars.
01:40:54Emit smith and jerry rice, he leads in touchdowns and res.
01:40:59They will be announced at noon.
01:41:01That should be a lot of the fun.
01:41:05As far as shula here on the beach in fort lauderdale, crowd has gathered the colts cheerleaders over there and have great abs and more people with great abs.
01:41:15Our fans filling up chulas at this hour.
01:41:18Can we hear you guys?
01:41:23That's a lot of scrambled eggs we are serving.
01:41:28We'll be back in the bottom of the hour with the kny having the free breakfast.
01:41:33Joe montana and don shula at chulas and everything is free for don.
01:41:39>> Can't wait to hear about who montana said is the greatest quarterback.
01:41:47Montana, brady or manning.
01:41:48>> President obama wants $30 million more for jobs.
01:41:52What about the money he's already spent.
01:41:56A fair and balanced debate next.
01:41:58>> He wanted take a model out to the prom and made a plea on youtube and it worked.
01:42:07We have the teenager with us live.
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01:45:00>> Democrats spending the weekend looking for republican support on a new job's bill.
01:45:04But will it work to create jobs in and will they find any republican support?
01:45:09Here for a fair and balanced debate attorney and republican strategiist.
01:45:18It is bob.
01:45:20>> It is my nickname on the weekend.
01:45:24>> All right.
01:45:24This is interesting.
01:45:25This is where we go next week.
01:45:28They will try to get republican support for a job's bill.
01:45:32There is very little if any.
01:45:35We found unemployment rate dropped.
01:45:38We are still losing jobs.
01:45:40We are losing 20,000 jobs in the month of january.
01:45:44Will they get republican support for a job's bill?
01:45:46>> I sure hope so.
01:45:48I think that the unemployment numbers are better and getting better.
01:45:52They are headed in the right directions and I think if the republicans continue to oppose everything, they run the risk of appearing to be obstructionist and run the risk of being against the recovery.
01:46:04So it is a tricky bit of the business here.
01:46:07Because the democrats, you know neither side wants to be totally in with the amm.
01:46:12>> It is a good point it is a slippery slope.
01:46:16If you come out against tax credits and new jobs that can be spun badly for the republican party.
01:46:22>> I believe the pay roll tax provision is bad.
01:46:27You have to see what is put forward in the stimulus bill.
01:46:33787 And now budged at 880 .
01:46:37So how is this jobs going to be implemented.
01:46:41We didn't do good with the stimulus?
01:46:44That will be decided before we put more money out there.
01:46:47>> A lot of people think that the job's picture would be worse had it not been for the first stimulus bill.
01:46:54>> But there is over 500 billion dollars left unspent from the stimulus package.
01:47:01Republicans are saying why not spend that money?
01:47:04Why pass a whole new job's bill with a huge deficit.
01:47:09>> I think that is why this bill that they are talking about is very limit very structured around tax credits.
01:47:18It is not big spend definitely spending.
01:47:23>> And enormous in the scheme of things.
01:47:26How does the republican party avoid that label.
01:47:28It is the party of no.
01:47:30>> I agree with that.
01:47:31That cannot be a party of no it is pay rol tax cuts and have limited if not no spending at all.
01:47:38I think the republicans should look at it hard instead of going with the democrats on the issue.
01:47:44>> That's well taken.
01:47:45We can make the deal right here.
01:47:48>>> And that's long-term.
01:47:50Jobs are number one issue in the economy .
01:47:53Politics market in general.
01:47:56 president, bipartisan works.
01:48:00>>> And bullish bob epistein .
01:48:03Thanks for both of you being here.
01:48:06Coming up on the show on this day in history, president ronald reagan was born and 99 years later, his pol techs and legacy are more relevant.
01:48:17We'll go live to the regan museum, next >> his dream was to get a maximum model to be his prom date.
01:48:25He made the video and posted it on youtube and it worked.
01:48:29My hero, this colorado teenager joins us live in a bit.
01:48:35>> YOU TAKE HER TO PROM.all day here.
01:49:41It doesn't come with peppers.
01:49:42Ya' know you told me you wanted mustard...
01:49:44You! Back of the line!
01:49:45Hey, excuse me...
01:49:47Great sandwich... Thanks!
01:49:49♪ You didn't have to beso nice ♪
01:51:51>> Well, special celebrations are planned this morning at the ronald reagan library to mark what would have been the president's 99th birthday.
01:52:00Joining us from the library in simi valley, california is clauda cowan, good morning.
01:52:06>> Good morning, dave, that's right.
01:52:08Today would have been ronald reagan's 99th birthday, but a big celebration on tap for later today.
01:52:13Right now, however, on tap, here in the shadow of air force one is a visit to the ronald reagan.
01:52:20Now, like so much of the memorabilia here at the library this authentic irish pub has a great story.
01:52:26In 1984, the reagans took a trip to valley perrine ireland so the president could learn more about his ancesteral home and they came across o'fairly and they had a pint and struck up conversation with the owners john and marily o'fairly.
01:52:48That was the beginning of a deep and long lasting relationship and the end of the o'fairlies, because they owners renamed the bar the ronald reagan.
01:53:00If his humor, john kennedy may have an airport, johnson has a space center, but I have a pub and that's got flare.
01:53:07Years later the o'farrell's put it up for sale.
01:53:13The ronald reagan foundation bought it and guests can enjoy a beer in a vintage irish pub.
01:53:20The bar and all the exhibits at the library are expected to be busy later on today.
01:53:24The head of the ronald reagan foundation are expecting more than a thousand guests to celebrate the life and legacy of our 40th president.
01:53:35>> One of the most admired figures in american history.
01:53:38As a result he's all about the poles I think even americans today feel very much in sync with.
01:53:47It's important not only to celebrate his memory, but how his values and ideals mean something for the future.
01:53:52>> And today's birthday celebration will also include a 21 gun salute, a military flyover, a keynote address by reagan former transportation secretary and close friend elizabeth dole and david, there will also be plenty of birthday cake for as long as those supplies last, back to you.
01:54:08>> I think more than a few will raise a pint to the former president.
01:54:12Thank you, claudia.
01:54:12>> Exactly.
01:54:13>> Great stuff.
01:54:14Over to clayton and aly.
01:54:15>> Thanks, dave.
01:54:17Well, most guys wish they could bring a supermodel as a date to the prom.
01:54:22One high school senior made his date a reality after he posted on youtube.
01:54:28To get the attention of maxim attention and ultimate fighting girl, ariana.
01:54:37>> Go there and see-- ♪♪♪♪
01:54:48>> for some incomprehensible reason she said yes and now the lucky guy, connor cordova joins us from denver.
01:54:57Good morning, connor.
01:54:57>> Good morning, guys, thanks for having me.
01:55:00>> Con non, listen, how did you get the idea and more importantly the guts to ask this beautiful maxim model to your senior dance?
01:55:08>> Well, the guest was no problem, I've never had much shame and now I have zero, it's all gone now, but actually even though I'm only 17 I've got a mixed martial com and i thought it would be fn for my website to have this whacky video to go out on youtube to ask the hottest they think around miss ariana to go to a dance with me and I never thought she'd even respond less say yes.
01:55:37>> It must have been the turtle neck that sold her.
01:55:41>> Of course.
01:55:42>> You see her, you fall in love with her and say she's the hottest thin in the world and we lost half of our studio crew because they collapsed when they saw the photos of her.
01:55:53The real deal, you have to put up or shut up, right?
01:55:55Because now you put up the video.
01:55:57>> Absolutely.
01:55:57>> She's going with you and now you have to prove you're a worthy date.
01:56:01Any plans for that?
01:56:02>> Oh, I can't reveal too much, it's more of a secret strategy, but I got some moves planned out.
01:56:10I've got my -- I'm going to get this done, trust me.
01:56:13>> Now, connor, it will us.
01:56:15Rewind the tape and tell us what did you think when she posted her own video in response to you?
01:56:22What did it say and what did you think?
01:56:25>> I think my heart stopped for a second, honestly.
01:56:30But it was pretty shockingment I was like, wow, she actually kind of knows my name, that's pretty cool and it's crazy, crazy, crazy.
01:56:40You know, I was totally dumbfounded by that and totally, so many emotions going on at the same time, but mostly super excited.
01:56:47>> And this remind me of the movie "can't buy me love" i have to admit.
01:56:52That's amazing about this, is that the prom is -- she's a ufc ring girl.
01:56:57There's an event, a ufc event she was supposed to be at in abu dhabi, but she canceled that event to be with you on your prom night.
01:57:07That says something.
01:57:07>> Well, actually, unfortunately, she's going to be there the actual dance she's coming to to make up for that is going to be on march 20th at the riverside event center so that one is going to be equally fun and exclusive and a senior thing and many' excited for that luckily, you cleared your schedule it accommodate here, which i think was-- >> I had to move some stuff around, I mean, it was-- she put me through so much stuff, but luckily made it happen.
01:57:36And it's going to happen.
01:57:38>> Connor cordova safe to say you're my idol.
01:57:42>> You're the envy of lots of guys today connor.
01:57:45>> Call me later tell me.
01:57:46>> Thanks for having me.
01:57:48>> Thanks, connor.
01:57:49You guys are going to be taking notes don't laugh.
01:57:52Coming up here on the show, did you know the government has your baby's dna in a data base?
01:57:58You have to hear this story, believe it.
01:58:00>> Sarah palin is getting ready to address the tea party convention tonight, a closer look how she and the tea party are changing the political landscape.
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01:58:43That she sold to me to make my menu more organic.
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01:58:59Make your mark with ink.
01:59:02Go to
01:59:04Chase what matters.
02:00:46>> Good morning everyone, it's saturday, february 6th, here is what's happening at this hour, a winter blast is slamming the east coast with the nation's capital expecting two or more feet of snow.
02:00:58This is a live shot from tysons corner, virginia, what you need to know about the winter blast in a live report coming up.
02:01:05And toyota's president making a big apology for recalling millions of cars, but it's not enough for everyone.
02:01:12One family now suing the car maker after their loved ones died driving one of their faulty cars.
02:01:19They are here live.
02:01:21>> Plus, we are live in fort lauderdale, where brian kilmeade is sitting down with football legends in preparation for the big game.
02:01:31My big idol, his post her was on my wall, it's now in my office.
02:01:43>> Still it.
02:01:45>> And megan's slogan the best new show in every town.
02:01:51>> And good morning fb, good saturday morning, thanks for joining us, we start with the weather 'cause it is nasty out in the mid atlantic region, guys.
02:01:58>> It sure is.
02:01:59You probably are waking up under a blanket of snow and caroline shively, you are because the brunt of it is in our nation's capital where a record two and a half feet or more is predicted and rick is standing by with the forecast, but first let's go down to caroline shively.
02:02:17Caroline, please, no more involving in your condition.
02:02:20>> I'm done with the shovelling, but want to show you, this is what a foot and a half of snow looks like here.
02:02:25I'm standing on north capitol, normally packed with tourists, packed with drivers, it's a straight shot to the capitol.
02:02:31I can't see the capitol right now, alisyn and, oh.
02:02:34>> Hot cocoa for you.
02:02:37>> And-- let me say we're going to talk to the manager who thought it was a good idea to put the young mother to be out in the two foot snow blizzard.
02:02:47>> I'm drinking this, this is tasty.
02:02:49I thought he was going to throw a snowball at me, thanks, brian.
02:02:54If you have any more motivation to stay indoor, see the bottom of the red car out there?
02:02:59That's my car, I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to leave work guys, we're talking two feet of snow and that's not including the drifting.
02:03:08Dave, come over here and show you what it's like.
02:03:11This is what three feet of snow more than that from where they've plowed.
02:03:15This used to be a meter.
02:03:17The nasty sticking kind and it's sticking on road signs and take a look at the trees and now bringing do you remember power lines.
02:03:26Told that 180,000 people area are now without power and without heat.
02:03:31It's a rough one.
02:03:32Rick, back to you I'm going to suck down hot chocolate.
02:03:36>> Hey, bring it here.
02:03:37Not bad.
02:03:37 is probably going to break a record for all time snowiest winters that's how bad it's been.
02:03:44They've gone over the budget tore snow removal and d.c.
02:03:47Didn't do that well with snow removal and the airports, so many flights go through the area it's going to cause problems, kind of a ripple back effect for a lot of people.
02:03:56This is how much snow we are going to see, bulls eye, six plus inches, areas of jersey and parts of delaware and 30 inches in snow in some spots.
02:04:07Throughout the day it's gone by nine o'clock tonight and everybody is done with this and I would say that new york city is the cut-off point.
02:04:15Anybody north of that is not going to get any snow, south of that a foot of snow.
02:04:24We head out to the west, another storm is pulling into california bringing a lot of rain and some snow in the higher elevations, but as we move forward over this week, this is going to be another big storm for us.
02:04:33By tomorrow we start to see this wind up towards the four corners and the start of the work week, areas like amarillo, texas maybe up to about ten inches as well and another big bad storm in across the central plains.
02:04:46A lot is going on with both coasts and this weekend toward the center of the country.
02:04:51Guys, exciting news, this week we finally launched our web page, go to com/weather you can get your forecasts for here and set up your favorite cities and get any information for anyplace around the world and all kinds of the weather headlines.
02:05:08I'm blog.
02:05:13com/weather for your weather needs.
02:05:14>> Are you doing it.
02:05:15>> Rick, you've derailed the rest of the show, we can only look at the weather headlines.
02:05:21>> And dave and I will check.
02:05:22>> Great.
02:05:23>> Where are the rest of your headlines while they check it out.
02:05:26We have an update for you on missionaries in hating now charged with kidnapping 33 haitian children and back in jail this morning.
02:05:36The haitian judge denied that release pending the outcome of the cases and the judge scheduled three more days of hearings next week.
02:05:45A tragic story, two americans returning from a trip delivering aid in haiti are dead after their helicopter crashed in the dominican republic.
02:05:55In the wake of a massive recall, toyota says it's launching a new ad campaign that will convince the company andist customers that the sticking gas pedals are fixed.
02:06:09A spokesman for toyota says they're considering using the pedal problems to rebrand itself listen to this, because the ads may take aim at those who may be looking for an honest driving experience.
02:06:24Maybe because they've owned up to the problem.
02:06:25Coming up we're going to talk to a family who lost a loved one because of those accelerator problems and how they're feeling about toyota this morning.
02:06:34A 9th grader is behind bars in alabama this morning accused of shooting and killing a fellow student, 14-year-old todd brown, in the school's hallways during a class change.
02:06:45No other student was hurt and police are looking into the shooter's motive.
02:06:50>> Investigation is ongoing, there's a lot of information we would love to release, but we simply can't do that for the integrity of the case.
02:06:58We're well aware of things like facebook, twitter, my space, we know what's going on, we know what's being said, but it's just that, it's what's being said, it's here say.
02:07:09>> It sound like there's a lot of question this morning, the school is working with churches to offering counseling with students throughout the weekend a the counselors will be at the school on monday.
02:07:18A shocking supplies in usc's upcoming football.
02:07:22Talk about I dave.
02:07:22>> Listen to this, one of the recruits, he's 13 years old.
02:07:26The man you're looking at 7th grade quarterback david sills has verbally committed to the trogans, won't step onto the football field until 2015, it's just the latest controversial move for a new trojan's coach lane can i haven who had been under questionable for recruiting.
02:07:46And they were furious he left them high and dry and this is a new low for college football recruiters.
02:07:53Stay away from my 7th grader if I'm pa parent.
02:07:57>> Why, maybe they have promise.
02:07:58>> Are they hanging out in recess.
02:08:00>> How much can happen between 13, you know, the next couple of years and 18 and an awful lot can happen.
02:08:05>> Hey, I guess that's what you have to do.
02:08:06>> An enormous amount of pressure for that person who is in junior high school.
02:08:11>> Maybe keeps them on the straight and narrow instead of getting caught up with extracurricular activities in high school.
02:08:20>> It was the president's top priority on his agenda what took up the better part after year, but democrats fighting one another and fighting republicans and boxing them out, it was the one thing that the president wanted to, needed to pass and now it appears, clayton, that he's opening the window to this maybe not getting done.
02:08:36>> Yeah, because he says that look, we might not have the votes to do it.
02:08:40It's on the table and he says, look, come the election time this year, come november, americans will have the chance to vote and let us know how they feel about it.
02:08:49You asked the question of one of the republican strategists a little while ago, can the republicans afford to be the party of no and not offer up any other solution.
02:09:00When asked what's next from the president, here is what he had to say.
02:09:02>> What I'd like to do is have a meeting whereby I'm sitting with the republicans, sitting with the democrats, sitting with health care experts and let's just go through these bills, their ideas, our ideas, let's walk through them in a methodical way so that the american people can see and compare.
02:09:24What makes the most sense.
02:09:27And then, I think that we've got to go ahead and move forward on a vote.
02:09:30>> All right, well, I mean the president's critics say that's exactly the process they've been wanting and exactly what should have happened a year ago.
02:09:38And republicans say it's not that they don't have any plans, the president didn't listen to any and furthermore, outsourced this whole thing to congress, that he didn't come up with a plan, he didn't tell even democrats how to get it done.
02:09:51You heard al franken vociforously challenge the president, give us the plan.
02:09:59>> And they learned the problems from the clintons, clintons did it themselves and congress didn't work with it at all.
02:10:06The opposite tact.
02:10:07Imagine you're at the doctor's office and you've got your baby or you have a newborn and the doctor says, comes to you and says we ran some genetic testing and we found out that your baby has this particular disease or propensity for this particular disease.
02:10:22Wait a second, I didn't order genetic testing.
02:10:25We're the government we've got it in a government data base and we have your baby's dna cataloged and-- >> I was asked this in the labor and delivery room, do you remember this?
02:10:39>> I do not remember.
02:10:40There's genetic testing without permission from any of you moms and dads and the government has your children's dnaen you may not know it.
02:10:47>> I remember the babies being whisked away for testing and this isn't the romantic moment I had imagined with the baby, that they were being tested.
02:10:57>> Little do you know they're storing it.
02:10:58>> Now they're storing it forever, basically.
02:11:01One mom who is suing as a result of this is up in arms.
02:11:04Her name is annie brown, she says we were appalled when we found out why do they need to store my baby's dna, something on there could affect her ability to get a job later on or to get health insurance.
02:11:17It could come back to haunt children.
02:11:19>> On the other hand, the government says this has saved countless, thousands of newborns, them doing this genetic testing, storing the results, amlizing it to help future newborns.
02:11:33Would I want the government to store my children's dna, no.
02:11:38com, and twitter as well.
02:11:41The tea party wraps up today, but the effect of the summit could still be felt.
02:11:45A fair and balanced debate on the power of the movement next.
02:11:48>> A 17-foot chunk of a plane falls out of the sky and lands in a mall parking lot there.
02:11:55How did this happen and what happens next straight ahead.
02:11:58>> Yikes.
02:11:58>> And we are in fort lauderdale for the super bowl, partying with the colts cheerleaders.
02:12:06Poor brian kilmeade.
02:12:08What a rough assignment this morning.
02:12:10A live report coming up.
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02:14:50>> Sarah palin is set to address the national tea party convention in nashville tonight.
02:14:56The keynote address.
02:14:57While critics may be quick to dismiss this group, their popularity is certainly growing across the political party.
02:15:04How much attention should be paid to the tea partiers?
02:15:06Joining us for a fair and balanced debate this morning is republican polster john McGLAUK LYNN AND A SENIOR Advisor to the new democratic network.
02:15:17Good morning to both of you.
02:15:18>> Good morning, dave.
02:15:20>> This is a movement that's gaining steam and helped elect scott brown in massachusetts our 41st senator.
02:15:27How much attention should we pay out of the group.
02:15:30They grew out of fundamentals, lower taxes, states rights, less government.
02:15:34Where do they go from here and how much attention should be paid to them?
02:15:37>> Listen, I think that the frustration they express is the frustration that is shared by a lot of americans, at the same time, I think that people are coming out to vote for the party that has solutions to the major challenges that america faces right now.
02:15:52On one hand, you have tea party folks, you have republicans who have a lot of complaints, but short on solutions and you have a democratic party that's focused on jobs, on economic prosperity.
02:16:04On giving small businesses tax cuts so they can hire more employees at a time that we need that more than ever so i think when it comes to november's choice from voters is pretty clear.
02:16:14>> There are independents this this group, there are a few democrats in in group.
02:16:17John, it appears as though the republicans are the one to benefit the most from the tea party movement.
02:16:23How do they do so, though, because they want to be clearly independent from the republican party.
02:16:28How do they bring them under one-tenth?
02:16:30>> First of all, I disagree.
02:16:32We just did -- in terms, this is the corps of the republican party and plus independents ap democrats joining with them.
02:16:39We just did a national survey for the national review institute it's on our website, a lot of people across country, the voters.
02:16:5033% Of americans agree with them, a third of the democratic party and the difference between republicans leading for congress, 42-37 or if there's a third party, we're down 5, 31-26 with 8% going for the tea party.
02:17:03So, this 74% of the republicans agree with them.
02:17:06Majority of the independents agree with the tea party people and the core of america.
02:17:11The democrats want to demonize them and cost them out, that's fine with us, we'll be the beneficiary.
02:17:15>> Alicia, the democrats certainly want to pay attention to them because again, scott brown may have won because of their support and helped them win down the stretch.
02:17:25What do the suspects do with that movement, address them, ignore them, how do they treat this going forward.
02:17:30>> I find this scott brown reference quite funny, we have a candidate who compared kennedy, which is about as progressive as you can get.
02:17:42>> Sure.
02:17:43>> And we're suggesting that tea party members helped elect him.
02:17:47I'm not sure that's true.
02:17:48I think a lot of other reasons for the election.
02:17:50Democrats need to focus on jobs, economic prosperity, focus on offering the real solutions to america's challenges and that's the way they're going to get reelected in november and they can let the republicans fight amongst themselves over how they want to do this.
02:18:03I mean, we've never seen this many insurgent candidates in the republican party.
02:18:09I think that's more with the way to do with the way their party is fractured than anything to do with them.
02:18:14>> John, I want to ask you, in colorado and illinois there are two republican senator candidates, that the tea party doesn't like them.
02:18:24Can it hurt some of the republicans in the 2010 races?
02:18:26>> Mark kirk in illinois, i worked him and he'll get the majority of the tea party voters, he's going to be the one who has the pro growth solutions.
02:18:35I find it interesting, with kennedy, ronald reagan, pro growth tax cuts, tea party would have supported them.
02:18:43>> Wish we could continue this talk, got to wrap it up.
02:18:45Coming up on the program much more "fox & friends," stick around.
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02:22:05>> Welcome back here to "fox " here is a quick look at your headlines.
02:22:13Former john edwards aid andrew young being held in contempt of court for not handing over an alleged sex tape belonging to rielle hunter he could go to jail if he doesn't turn it over by wednesday.
02:22:30A drew peterson case, saying that she did not drown in the bathtub, kathleen skaff yo, rather, she was-- >> now, a massive recall, a function of the car sometimes proves fatal.
02:22:55Martin lost her brother when he was driving an avalon, when it crashed killing all four in the car.
02:23:02>> Martin joins us with the family attorney, randy roberts, thank you for being here.
02:23:08>> Thank you.
02:23:08>> Thank you.
02:23:09>> Martin, I want to start with you, we're so sorry for your family's loss and we know how emotional this whole case still is for you.
02:23:17Can you tell us what happened in your brother's crash and why you believe the accelerator was to blame?
02:23:25>> We only know what's on the news and some of the information's coming out and there's so many, so much misdirection for the information that we would like to know for sure.
02:23:42>> Let me interject and explain a little bit more.
02:23:45It's pretty clear this was an accelerator problem.
02:23:49 hardy had taken their 2008 avalon in for acceleration problems three times before this fatal wreck.
02:23:56The last time it she took it in was just a week before the fatal wreck and each time they told her the problem was fixed or that there was nothing wrong with the car.
02:24:05When the wreck occurred.
02:24:07 roberts, 'cause I know that and yet, the problems persisted, so tell us what happened when the wreck occurred.
02:24:14 hardy was out ministering to some folks in the neighborhood, he had three of the member of his congregation with him.
02:24:24They were driving down a narrow blacktop road, the speed limit is about 30.
02:24:28All of a sudden according to witnesses, the car takes off races through an intersection, hits a metal fence, rec sheas off a tree and winds up in a lake upside down where all four of these people unfortunately drown.
02:24:43This was not driver error, this was clearly a huge acceleration problem and i believe the evidence that the police are gathering, as well as the government, will confirm that.
02:24:53 roberts, we also know that the hardy family had been sent a recall letter shortly before the accident.
02:25:01What did it say?
02:25:02>> It told them to take the floor mat out of the driver's compartment and to put it in the trunk of the car and that's exactly what they did the very day they got that letter.
02:25:13The police found that floor mat in the trunk of the car after they pulled it out of the lake.
02:25:18This family did everything right.
02:25:20>> Absolutely.
02:25:21Because again, as you said, they then took it to the dealership, three separate times and did the dealership deny that there was a problem or they just couldn't find it?
02:25:30>> On one occasion, they said that they'd fixed the problem and I believe on the other two occasions they said they checked everything out and everything looked fine.
02:25:37>> Martin, what did you think when you heard the president of toyota yesterday issuing what he said was an apology?
02:25:45>> Well, it seemed like he was very sorry that-- for the financial hardship that's coming upon toyota and recognized there's a lot of human suffering happening here.
02:26:07Money really valued life and he went to-- money went to a great extent to value of human life and so in this regard we -- regards to toyota we recognize that they're going through a tremendous hardship also, but our loss in the form of actually human life, so.
02:26:36>> That's very kind of you to have any sympathy whatsoever to them.
02:26:40What would you like to say to the president of toyota, if he's listening.
02:26:45>> I think I wideter to randy.
02:26:53>> Randy, what is next?
02:26:57What do you plan to do with toyota?
02:27:01>> First of all, we're gathering the facts and it's amazing that this family waited six weeks, toyota knew about this horrible fatality within days of occurring and they went out and went to the wrecker yard and inspected the car with the police blocks from the family.
02:27:22Six weeks went by and the family never got a cursy visit from toyota, never got a call, never got a sympathy card.
02:27:29>> Yeah, it seems-- >> I want to make it clear that-- >> I'm sorry to interrupt you we're running out of time, but seems that toyota has been slow to address all of these issues.
02:27:39Randy roberts, martin hardy, please tell us know what comes of your case and again, we're so sorry for your loss, thank you for coming on to share your personal story.
02:27:49>> Thank you very much.
02:27:50>> Thank you.
02:27:51>> Coming up, we have a controversial decision to tell you about.
02:27:54Two commanding officers punished for not keeping soldiers safe.
02:27:57Is it a good idea for people who are not on the battlefield to question our military leaders who were?
02:28:04And then politics as we know it brought to a complete stand still.
02:28:09Yes, mother nature is trumping politics.
02:28:13We have live team coverage of next and from snow to sun, former all-star quarterback joe montana joins us live in ten minutes.
02:28:24Hi, joe.
02:31:32>> Welcome back.
02:31:33Look at this.
02:31:33A tale of three cities.
02:31:34Look at all of that snow, severe.
02:31:38I don't know, that's somebody's basement.
02:31:39>> What's on the left?
02:31:40>> That's d.c.
02:31:40>> Oh, listen to this, that's capitol hill on the far left, the white house lawn in the middle and tysons corner, virginia.
02:31:52And "the washington post" reporting the post office shut down in d.c.
02:31:56They don't stop for anything.
02:31:58>> They don't nor snow, sleet, rain, nothing.
02:32:01>> And blanketing you with coverage as well.
02:32:05We start in west chester, pennsylvania.
02:32:13Thank you for getting out there.
02:32:14>> Good morning, guys, it's not an as bad as it's been all morning long when we got out here maybe around five or so this morning, it was kind of that brutal side ways stinging and hit you in your face kind of snow and now it's really just very pretty.
02:32:28The snowflakes as you can see very light, but as you take a look at the ground you can see there's certainly a good amount of snow here.
02:32:34It was pretty hard this morning.
02:32:36It was so fluffy, to even maybe a snowball so I was a little bored out here earlier.
02:32:41But as you can see, traffic is moving fine.
02:32:43There are plows out here trying to get the roads clear.
02:32:45The thing is the snow is coming down so quickly that as soon as they kind of get a layer of it up, a whole other layer and coating comes down.
02:32:53If you take a look across the street you can see garth over there towing cars that are parked along the snow emergency route so these people are going to be in for a big surprise when they come outside and find no vehicle whatsoever, you guys, but again, the snow coming down here in chunky flakes in western pa.
02:33:15Very scenic and people walkening it, as long as you dress warm and take it slow, things are okay.
02:33:21>> Good to know.
02:33:22>> Let's check with rick now, he's got the rest of the weather is.
02:33:27>> I like how hearty she is, traffic is moving fine.
02:33:30That's good.
02:33:31>> It's moving at a clip.
02:33:32>> I love it.
02:33:34Baltimore, maryland, 20 inches of snow and 25 in kaiser, west virginia, a ton of pictures in on my twitter, but this comes from clayton's family.
02:33:41Clayton, what is this?
02:33:43>> This on the left is the front yard of my parent's house in reading, pennsylvania.
02:33:48Can't see anything, two and a half feet.
02:33:50>> That's the back yard there and walk out the patio two and a half feet of snow on porch there mom and dad's house.
02:33:57>> Thank you, mom and dad, hi, verna.
02:34:00>> We're going all day long today, it's gone tomorrow, a cleanup day, and it's going to be cool, a narrow strip across new york city, delaware and towards the nation's capital seeing this and then turn our attention across the west because another storm moving in, big flooding conditions towards southern california right now, flash flood warnings in effect where the station fire is, and a big storm across the four corners more rain and snow and pulls out across parts of the plains for more weather again for monday and tuesday, that pattern is going to continue it looks like.
02:34:35>> All right, thank you, batten down the hatches.
02:34:37The rest of your headlines, what else is happening, the military is punishing two senior officers for an attack in afghanistan that killed eight american soldiers and wounded 22.
02:34:47The day long battle happened at a combat outpost keating last october.
02:34:53The officers are blamed for inadequate measures taken by leaders, the base was temporarily overrun by 300 taliban fighters who were eventually fought off, officials say the commanders were desensitized to large scale attacks.
02:35:11And they've saved administrative punishment that could impact their careers.
02:35:15A firsthand account of a deadly shark attack from a lifeguard to tried to save his life.
02:35:24He was a tacked and dan alled lund, a lifeguard put his lifeguard on the line to try to save him.
02:35:29Lund shared his story last night with bill o'reilly in the fox news sclauf.
02:35:34>> He was speaking for part of the way.
02:35:36>> What did he say?
02:35:38>> I really would not say what he said.
02:35:41I respect-- >> did he know he was in danger of dying?
02:35:46>> He, he knew it was a bad situation, yes.
02:35:48>> How did you comfort him?
02:35:50>> I just told him I'm you know, I'm here with you, and you know, we'll make it.
02:35:56>> How horrible?
02:35:57Sadly schaeffer did not make it.
02:35:59He was 38 years old.
02:36:01Take a look at this video, it's a 17 foot chunk of a plane that was fallen from the sky and landed right in the middle of a mall parking lot in florida.
02:36:11The piece fell from an atlas air flight enroot to miami from child.
02:36:16Thankfully no one was hurt and the cargo plane did land safely.
02:36:21 is trying to figure out how it happened.
02:36:23>> I'd say the glue loosened.
02:36:27>> Tiger woods and wife elin apartment I are going to try to work it out.
02:36:33Reports are that elin flu to a sex hab clinic to pri tiger home.
02:36:39They're going to spend time alone and woods may return to competitive golf at the accenture play championship in just a few weeks.
02:36:47>> I doubt that.
02:36:49Accenture was the first company to lot of him, surprised to see that happens.
02:36:54>> When you would go through the airport and see tiger and accenture posters, no longer.
02:37:02President reagan was icon in times of economic turmoil.
02:37:06To help celebrate his 99th birthday we're taking you on a tour of his presidential library.
02:37:11>> We're joined by john highbush the director of the reagan presidential foundation.
02:37:16Good morning to you, the reagan legacy alive and well this morning, isn't it?
02:37:20>> It sure is.
02:37:21Nice to see you guys out here.
02:37:23>> So-- >> today, a big day for us.
02:37:26>> It obviously is and looks like, how did you get into the oval office?
02:37:29I can't imagine how did you pull at that off?
02:37:31>> Well, you know, the real , but as part of the president's 100th birthday a year from now, we've got -- we're building a number of things out here at the reagan library including a brand new museum.
02:37:45What you're in the middle of is the oval office part of what we call our discovery center.
02:37:51This discovery center is where we've had 30,000 kids come so far this past year so role play as president of the united states and a number of his cabinet members, so it's a fantastic place where it's really a worldclass civics lesson for kids to understand the role of government and what their place would be in it.
02:38:13I'm walking over here from the oval office a lot of kids play roles to another section of the class would come and here we come aboard a command center of an aircraft carrier.
02:38:21And it's here where kids role play as well.
02:38:24In this case, they play as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, as members of the military and these-- they're confronted with some very tough and difficult decisions because in this case the scenario they're faced with is the same that president reagan was which was the grenada invasion, it's a great environment for kids to learn about government and decision making.
02:38:50>> That's unbelievable.
02:38:52My producer, lauren, this is a dream come true for you.
02:38:55>> I wish we could have had that walk into the oval office and walk into the strategic command center.
02:39:00John, thanks for showing us part of the presidential library, we appreciate it.
02:39:03>> Man.
02:39:04Clayton I can only imagine you telling your other seven year olds let's go to def-con five.
02:39:13>> And super bowl xliv tomorrow, and listen to this, first ring, payton and the colts are looking for another.
02:39:22That's nothing new for the colts.
02:39:24Next, brian kilmeade has the man, clayton's childhood hero, many hero, joe montana.
02:39:33Did he bring all of his rings?
02:39:35I know that joe theisman did.
02:39:37No rings, but here is joe montana we're here at the westin.
02:39:41Great to see you.
02:39:42>> My pleasure.
02:39:43>> We are going at that talk about what brings you down here not only to see me.
02:39:46I want to talk about the game a little bit.
02:39:48You enjoy the way the saints are playing as much awes respect payton, are you pulling for them?
02:39:58>> Being in san francisco we play against them over year and for a while they were-- >> a door mat.
02:40:05>> They were pretty bad and they had some pretty good games for a while and exciting.
02:40:10I'd like to see them win.
02:40:11I'm pulling for them.
02:40:14I love to watch peyton play and when it came down to it they didn't pull back, hey, we're going for it all.
02:40:21We're here on our ride and we lose to somebody and get an injury, that's part of the game, but we're going to try to be undefeated that.
02:40:28>> A six foot quarterback it wasn't a first round draft pick and the chargers, said get another job and saints took him and now drew brees could be in the middle half of headed to a hall of fame career.
02:40:44You have four rings, peyton manning, does it byou when people say joe montana was the greatest until peyton manning came along.
02:40:54>> It's hard to say who is the greatest.
02:40:57The game has changed so much and today, even from when i played, but even when I played back to guys like sammy vaughan and bart star.
02:41:05The things you could do to wide receivers back then they'd throw you in jail for these days.
02:41:11I can't imagine playing in that era, but I can't imagine what those guys would be able to do to play today.
02:41:16It's kind of hard.
02:41:18>> Real quick, you had two back surgeries this year and said this thing is helping me?
02:41:22>> You know what, I was one of those guys who said, how much can a shoe really do and one thing that it does, it does a couple of things, one, it cushions a lot, makes you use the muscles in your legs more, straightens your posture and i was really a disbeliever until I started to walk and i couldn't run and that's what i had to do is get outside away from the house and out of the bed and strengthen my back and a lot had to do with walking.
02:41:50>> Sketchers will be debuting in the super bowl, you get in shape by walking and wearing it.
02:41:55Joe great to see.
02:41:56>> You a pleasure.
02:41:58>> Good luckson university of washington, a quarterback, montana who would have thought it.
02:42:04The other one is at notre dame.
02:42:06>> I stel say joe montana greatest quarterback of all time.
02:42:10>> Manning, will end all discussion in a couple of years.
02:42:13>> Joe, I wish I could have been down there with you.
02:42:15>> In the meantime more news for you, federal officials read the accused underwear bomber his miranda rights.
02:42:22Was this a good idea?
02:42:24What does it mean for the future of other terror arrests, we have that for you NEXT. p @ún >> First after telling me to keep my mouth shut, the white house disclosed sensitive information, very helpful to the terrorists in order to justify and defend a very, very unpopular and I think unwise decision to mirandize abdulmutallab.
02:45:22>> That was senator kit bond in a bitter dispute with eric holder's decision to read abdulmutallab his miranda rights.
02:45:33Some say he should be not be read his rights and should be treated as a terrorist.
02:45:39>> A former senior interrogator in iraq and author of "how to break a terrorist" david, start with you.
02:45:46Go back to this mirandizing point here, was it proper for them to be mirandizing this person in the first place.
02:45:52>> Forget about the critics, the justice department senior attorney for the 7th district of new york on december 18th in a case involving a terrorist galani argues in a filing it's tension to treat a person like galani or like abdulmutallab, psychological dominance, to listen to every bit of intelligence information, back and forth.
02:46:18And remember he's at his most vulnerable, after capture, psychological shock, et cetera.
02:46:27>> 50 Minutes, but really ten hours after this guy was brought in, ten hours and 50 minutes of actual interrogation before the mirandizing took place.
02:46:35We seemed to have learn a lot from this guy.
02:46:37Was wrong, do you think?
02:46:39>> I don't think it was wrong.
02:46:40First of all, we should leverage our justice system to delegit matize terrorists and we're a country that holds a rule of low, it doesn't treat them as holy warriors and, it treats them as common criminals and I think it's better in the long run.
02:47:03>> Treating them as common criminals, first of all, haven't declared war, seems to be a problem with congress.
02:47:09But declaring war on these guys in the field and labeling them as enemy combatants does it give more leverage over information.
02:47:18We seem to have gotten this information from this guy.
02:47:22>> We didn't get it in a timely fashion, intelligence was stale.
02:47:27Because because we got some intelligence stream out of this guy doesn't mean we couldn't have gotten more.
02:47:38>> Don't listen to me, listen to the district attorney, he is powses the treaty of treating someone as intelligence asset.
02:47:47Let's forget about where he will be tried, it's a different debate.
02:47:51We could have treated him as an enemy combatant and interrogated him humane for several months and decide whether to put him in the justice system.
02:48:01You're confusing two different issues.
02:48:04>> The interrogation, the fbi is more than capable of interrogating people and getting intelligence information in a law enforcement setting.
02:48:12I was a federal agency.
02:48:13I've interrogated people and mirandize them.
02:48:18Many people do not take their rights when they're read their rights.
02:48:22Richard reid didn't take his right to remain silent and we know that abdulmutallab initially did and started talking after his family came in and we have numerous cases this have working.
02:48:33>> Unfortunately we're out of time and leave it there.
02:48:35Interesting debate and the debate will certainly ten off the mrit sizing of mirandize.
02:48:41>> We got some information out of him, we could have got more.
02:48:45>> No doubt.
02:48:46>> We'll find out.
02:48:47The unemployment rate fell, but 20,000 still lost.
02:48:53Why are we struggling to create jobs next.
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02:52:15>> There's good news and bad news, unemployment rate fell, but the economy shed 20,000 more jobs.
02:52:22>> Fox business network's shibani is here.
02:52:32>> Don't pop the champagne.
02:52:33The unemployment rate is headed in right direction, 7%, that's good, but the reason we're not busting out the bubbly just yet is that the economy is still losing jobs.
02:52:4320,000 Jobs were lost in the last month and you know, obviously, we want to see jobs added, that's a big important metric and then, the other reason is that people out there are just saying, hey, i don't want to look for jobs because things are so tough I'm going to stay out of the work place for a little while and that's one of the reasons we saw the unemployment rate fall.
02:53:02It wasn't because jobs were added.
02:53:03>> So it's all about pace.
02:53:04>> Yes.
02:53:05>> If people re just concerned about.
02:53:07So we should be excited in some ways that the rate of decline is not as fast so if a ball is dropping, it's not dropping as fast as it was before.
02:53:15>> Right, right.
02:53:15>> Let's celebrate.
02:53:18>> Whenever we-- >> and something else we can celebrate.
02:53:21There were jobs added in the manufacturing sector and the retail sector, temporary jobs.
02:53:27Most employers out there hire temps before full-time workers so that's certainly a good indicating sign.
02:53:32The average work week also climbed up to something like 33 or 34 hours per week.
02:53:37>> Which means?
02:53:38>> Well, it means that workers are still underutilized and the average hourly work week goes to 40 hours then they start to hire additional workers, we want to see that number bump up.
02:53:48The overall trend is good, but it's going to take a long time.
02:53:52>> In other words, people are just working longer weeks, not that there are more people putting in those hours.
02:53:58>> Right, right.
02:53:59There's still efficiency you can get out of existing workers so you all need to still work, ten, 12 more hours before fox can hire more people.
02:54:08>> And get hiring going again?
02:54:11>> Obviously, companies doing more business.
02:54:13People buying things, businesses buying things, that's where the growth starts.
02:54:17The growth starts with businesses, it doesn't start with stimulus and artificial inflation of throwing money out in people's pockets as we see people are saving it, are paying down their credit cards, not a bad thing, but we need the businesses to spur growth.
02:54:31>> Maybe this weekend as a result of the super bowl, a lot of the potato chip manufacturers will start hiring.
02:54:36>> And beer, anheuser-busch, that's right.
02:54:39There we comb.
02:54:40>> Great to see you.
02:54:41Catch her on the fox business network, thanks, shibani.
02:54:45>> We have more "fox & friends" in two minutes, we'll be right back.
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02:57:24>> That wraps things up here, and did' wonderful job and next time you see me it will be at the statement, when it comes to the -- live from the field, we're also, ladies and gentlemen, going to be getting the highlights of the directv celebrity football game, I'm participating in and I hope I'm