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00:00:03>> NARRATOR: Sexual contact between workers was strictly forbidden.
00:00:07>> MIN: Mao never teach about love.
00:00:09Love does not exist, until one day they are 29 years old and the government says Comrade Lee is a good comrade, Comrade Wah is a good comrade, so two of you get together and you're married, and they give you a couple of candies, and that's marriage.
00:00:27>> NARRATOR: But Mao's effort to eliminate the human sex drive was doomed to failure, as Anchee would soon learn.
00:00:35>> MIN: There was one girl named Little Green, she sang song, it's called "My Motherland." When she sang the song, it's just so beautiful... and it makes me so happy.
00:00:49>> NARRATOR: Little Green had a secret-- she had fallen in love.
00:00:53>> MIN: She got in trouble, because she was making out with a man.
00:00:57And both of them arrested.
00:01:01>> NARRATOR: In Mao's work camps, the consequences for unauthorized sexual contact were dire.
00:01:06>> MIN: This is how system works-- they catch you, and they work on the girl until the girl says, "I was raped." And the commander of the company says, "What do we do with the rapist?
00:01:19Shall we shoot him?" So we have a witness, we have the criminal, and he's gone.
00:01:25(gunshot) >> NARRATOR: Little Green was forced into isolation, forced to cut her hair, forced to lose all femininity.
00:01:37>> MIN: And after he's gone, Little Green just couldn't take it.
00:01:40She was the person responsible for her boyfriend's death.
00:01:43So she'd gone mad.
00:01:46I was walking across the bridge, and there was a boatman calling down there, he said, "Somebody come down, take a look." This person drowned.
00:01:57And when I get down and the boatman flipped the body, and I saw it was Little Green.
00:02:04She'd never sing again.
00:02:08It started to work on me, because when dating a man means prosecution, humiliation, and a bullet in the head for the man, we learned a lesson not to do that.
00:02:22>> NARRATOR: Later, Anchee discovered that the company leader who had sentenced Little Green to death also had a secret.
00:02:29>> MIN: I found my commander after Little Green was prosecuted, and all these things started bothering her.
00:02:37And in the meantime, she was...
00:02:40fall in love with another man, another company leader.
00:02:45And she had nobody to confide.
00:02:47And when I became her friend, she start confiding in me that she was thinking about a man.
00:02:56I was thrilled.
00:02:57I thought that she must really trust me, because if I tell anybody, she could be prosecuted.
00:03:03So that was the biggest trust that she had in me.
00:03:08>> NARRATOR: Anchee decided to help her write a letter to the man.
00:03:11>> MIN: My life all of a sudden became very fulfilled.
00:03:14In the rice... boring rice paddy... all day my mind was thinking about that mission to deliver the letter.
00:03:23So I delivered this letter to the company leader, the man.
00:03:27He didn't respond.
00:03:28Because he was the leader, he would risk everything, he would risk his life to respond, he decide not to.
00:03:36Then I come back, facing my boss.
00:03:40What do I say?
00:03:42So I start make up stories.
00:03:44I say, "The man is interested in you.
00:03:47He read the letter, he wants to "write back, but he couldn't.
00:03:50He wants me to say... he has the same feelings." So she start to ask me to do more, and I have to make up more stories.
00:04:01Sometimes we were so cold we have to share blankets.
00:04:06So it was normal for the girls to share the blankets.
00:04:09So I shared blankets with her.
00:04:11>> NARRATOR: The two women were engaging in a play that went beyond a simple friendship.
00:04:16>> MIN: Eventually, she says, "I want to be kissed by him.
00:04:21I wonder what it's like to be kissed by him." I felt that I must continue to play the role.
00:04:28So I said, "I pretend I'm your boyfriend.
00:04:33So you kiss me like you kiss him." So she kissed me.
00:04:39I was very confused.
00:04:41(laughs) I did not know if I was myself and... or I was the boyfriend.
00:04:48And I kind of liked the kiss.
00:04:54It actually very frustrating.
00:04:57You are very turned on, but then you can't really consummate.
00:05:02It was like exploring in the dark.
00:05:06I was committing a crime.
00:05:09I could get shot if caught.
00:05:11But it makes me feel so wonderful and happy as a human being that I had this little drop of rain in the drought, and I realized that the people in the ten labor camps, 100,000 youths just around me, they were deprived from that.
00:05:30>> NARRATOR: Today Anchee is a successful author and lives in America.
00:05:34Millions of other Chinese perished during the Maoist Era.
00:05:38>> MIN: When men and women are not... allowed to satisfy their basic human needs, life was not worth living.
00:05:51(car horn honks) >> NARRATOR: Anchee's love was suppressed by tyranny-- but what happens when the nature of love goes against the very essence of what is accepted by community?
00:06:01>> I found myself falling in love with my daughter.
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00:10:20>> NARRATOR: The bonobo chimpanzee is an endangered species that is known, among other things, for its habit of having sex with its immediate family members.
00:10:29Among humans, such behavior is almost universally taboo.
00:10:33>> BILL JANKOVIAK: We are all biologically prone to have sexual desires for one another and the only thing that prevents any human beings from not wanting to have sex with their parents or their close sibs is the rule of "thou shall not." >> NARRATOR: Over 3,000 years ago, the Bible laid out a long list of sexual relations that were off limits.
00:10:54>> "None of you shall approach anyone near of kin to uncover nakedness, your father... your mother... your father's wife...
00:11:02your sister,.. your brother's wife..." >> NARRATOR: But incest has happened time and again throughout history, especially among the ruling classes.
00:11:12Brother-sister marriages were a custom of the Egyptian pharaohs.
00:11:16Ptolemy II, ruler of Egypt, married his sister.
00:11:20Ramses II married eight times, not only his sisters, but some of his daughters.
00:11:25Roman Emperor Caligula had incestuous affairs with both of his sisters.
00:11:30Napoleon abolished the French penal code for incest in 1810, supposedly to clear the way to consummating his own desires.
00:11:40Modern research has shown that deep psychological triggers can drive some people to commit incest.
00:11:46>> FISHER: We really are naturally drawn to people from our same socioeconomic background, same general level of intelligence, same general level of good looks, same religious and social values and same level of education.
00:11:59>> NARRATOR: In 1897, sociologist Edward Westermarck began the first scientific study of incest.
00:12:05>> JANKOVIAC: What Westermarck wanted to know-- why did we not find incest more common throughout the world?
00:12:14Was it because of cultural taboos or was it because human beings had evolved a natural prevention device that made them not want to have sex with close biological kin?
00:12:28>> NARRATOR: Westermarck's studies showed children who were raised separately often had sexual feelings for one another as adults, but if children spent several years growing up together, those feelings disappeared.
00:12:40>> FISHER: At some point between ages three and six, we acquire a natural revulsion towards having sex with somebody who we know very well.
00:12:50If you ask a girl why she doesn't want to copulate with her brother, she's gonna say, "Oh no, he's too fat, he's too dumb, he plays his music too "loud.
00:12:58Why would I want a boy like that?" >> NARRATOR: War breaks families apart.
00:13:04It also reunites estranged relatives.
00:13:07The results can be explosive.
00:13:10(explosion) Kevin Rohm made national headlines when he was wounded in Iraq.
00:13:17An ex-girlfriend thought she recognized him, and made contact.
00:13:20>> KEVIN ROHM: She wrote me and asked me if I was the same person that she dated back in 1974.
00:13:28Her second e-mail came and said "I have a surprise for you.
00:13:32I think my daughter is your daughter." my response to her was, "I'll go ahead and write her.
00:13:38Give me her e-mail address." >> MICHELLE ROHM: He basically said, "I suppose you know who I am by now.
00:13:44"Your mom has probably already told you." >> KEVIN: We probably wrote over 500 e-mails to each other.
00:13:51>> MICHELLE: We would write, and we would communicate our likes, our dislikes, what our favorites are, what our, you know, non-favorites are.
00:13:58We understood each other very quickly.
00:14:00>> KEVIN: She liked the same things I liked.
00:14:02>> MICHEE: Our favorite colors from when we were young were the same.
00:14:05As we grew up into adults they morphed into the same.
00:14:08>> KEVIN: She likes sci-fi.
00:14:09I like sci-fi.
00:14:10>> MICHELLE: We enjoy scary movies, but not gore movies.
00:14:14>> KEVIN: It would be easier to name the things we don't share in common.
00:14:18>> NARRATION: It was Kevin who first realized that their relationship was out of the ordinary.
00:14:26>> KEVIN: I felt myself becoming obsessed with her.
00:14:30I couldn't stand a day where I couldn't talk to her.
00:14:34I had to write her constantly.
00:14:37I found myself falling in love... with my daughter.
00:14:41It scared me a little bit.
00:14:44I really didn't know if this was the way it was supposed to be or not; this was my first experience having an adult child come into my life.
00:14:55And so I just simply assumed that this was the way it normally was supposed to be.
00:15:00>> NARRATOR: And by the time they were ready to meet, the expectations had become bizarre.
00:15:06>> KEVIN: Michelle made arrangements to come visit her new family.
00:15:11>> MICHELLE: As I approached down the ramp, and saw him, the feelings that I'd had five minutes ago had started to change as I approached him.
00:15:22I could see him visually.
00:15:24And the closer I got, the more the feelings changed.
00:15:28>> KEVIN: I threw my arms around her.
00:15:30I gave her a hug.
00:15:31>> MICHELLE: As we embraced, I felt that there was a certain comfort.
00:15:37>> KEVIN: And it all felt so awkward, too, at the same time.
00:15:41>> MICHELLE: I found myself having thoughts and feelings about Kevin that weren't what I would consider appropriate.
00:15:51And this terrified me.
00:15:53>> NARRATOR: Kevin and Michelle first met 12 months ago.
00:15:56It has been a long struggle for them to come to terms with their feelings.
00:16:01>> KEVIN: Hi, baby!
00:16:02>> MICHELLE: When I become in his proximity I feel the need to procreate.
00:16:09>> KEVIN: It was like I was turned back into a 17-year-old kid, with... constantly aroused.
00:16:15>> MICHELLE: It felt shameful, it felt guilty, so much so that I called my therapist.
00:16:22And the counselor's advice was that if he is indeed your parent you really should confront him with what's going on.
00:16:31Because the last thing that you want is for this emotion to grow too big for you to handle.
00:16:35I advised him of these most unsavory thoughts and feelings that I was having toward him, and I expressed that I would hope that they would eventually evolve into the love that a daughter should have for her father.
00:16:48But the response I got back from him was not the one I thought I was going to get.
00:16:53>> KEVIN: In the moment, I let her know how I felt, too.
00:16:59>> NARRATOR: Talking to each other about their feelings is very difficult for Kevin and Michelle.
00:17:04>> MICHELLE: I hope they're just doing image shots because I don't know what we're supposed to be talking about.
00:17:08>> NARRATOR: And talking in front of the media is even more uncomfortable.
00:17:46>> NARRATOR: Kevin and Michelle have decided to resolve their predicament.
00:17:50But their solution is a surprising one.
00:17:52>> MICHELLE: We absolutely cannot keep doing this to ourselves. vodka.
00:21:38The parisol is the rum.
00:21:39The Angelica, Juniper, Corriander and other select ingredients...
00:21:42culminating in a taste that everyone can describe but no one can identify...
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00:21:49Tanqueray Gin. Resist Simple.
00:21:51Drink Responsibly.
00:22:30>> NARRATOR: Kevin and Michelle Rohm, father and daughter who found themselves on the verge of an incestuous relationship, have to make decisions about their future.
00:22:38>> MICHELLE: So here we are, I'm lost and confused having all kinds of conflicting emotions.
00:22:44And he is being no help because he's in the same boat that I am.
00:22:48>> KEVIN: If you've ever felt a crush on someone, or whatever, this was 20 times more powerful.
00:22:54It was the same feelings, but it was much more intense.
00:22:57>> MICHELLE: If we want the relationship that I've wanted for so long as a father-daughter then we absolutely cannot keep doing this to ourselves.
00:23:06>> NARRATOR: Kevin and Michelle are taking a tip from the 19th- century incest researcher Edward Westermarck: They plan to stamp out their passion by living closer to one another.
00:23:16>> KEVIN: If I can be with my daughter daily, hopefully within about six to seven years, Westermarck will kick in and we'll be able to realize what it is to really be father and daughter.
00:23:28>> MICHELLE: We're still teaching ourselves.
00:23:30And he and I both still understand that we're respecting each other's boundaries.
00:23:35It's gonna be a learning process.
00:23:37>> NARRATOR: Kevin and Michelle are not alone.
00:23:39In the past decade, there have been countless cases of incest between estranged parents and children, and between brothers and sisters who grew up separately.
00:23:49>> KEVIN: 50 years ago, being gay was a curse.
00:23:53Having incestual feelings for somebody close to you is a curse today.
00:24:00>> MICHELLE: Hopefully someday in the future another person will find this and say "Oh," and "Wow," and "Interesting," and "I'm not the only one," and hopefully that will help them.
00:24:12>> NARRATOR: New York, 1820.
00:24:14A time of intense religious revivalism.
00:24:17A 14-year old boy by the name of Joseph Smith Jr. was struggling to find a congregation that shared his beliefs.
00:24:24One day Joseph had a vision in which he came face to face with God, who told him that none of the churches were right for him.
00:24:31>> JANKOVIAC: In the early 19th century there was a tremendous religious upheaval in America.
00:24:37The traditional churches were being challenged.
00:24:40>> NARRATOR: Later Joseph records another vision of an angel, Morona, who helps him find sacred scriptures buried in the family farm.
00:24:49The translation of the texts later becomes the Book of Mormon.
00:24:53By the time Joseph is 24, he has his own church, a growing congregation ready to believe him and his visions.
00:25:00>> JANKOVIAC: Somewhere during that time Joseph Smith had a revelation.
00:25:04He said that in order to be saved, everyone had to take more than one wife.
00:25:11>> NARRATOR: Polygamy, or marriage to multiple spouses simultaneously, has cropped up in several cultures throughout history.
00:25:19It is still common in Africa and parts of Asia.
00:25:23Even in the Hebrew bible, Abraham is married to three wives.
00:25:28But to introduce polygamy as a new divine dictum in mid-19th century America was asking for trouble.
00:25:36>> JANKOVIAC: Other Christian groups reacted with hostility.
00:25:40It was proof, for many people, that this really was not God's religion, but the Devil's religion.
00:25:46>> NARRATOR: In 1844, a posse stormed a jail where Joseph Smith was being held.
00:25:52He was shot dead as he tried to escape through a window.
00:25:55He left 33 widows behind, and a large congregation of polygamous families.
00:25:59>> JANKOVIAC: After the Civil War, the American federal government was so appalled by this practice they thought they had to save Mormon women.
00:26:08>> NARRATOR: The next prophet, Brigham Young, led the Mormons to a safe, isolated area in Utah, and to safeguard the church from persecution, denounced polygamy.
00:26:19>> JANKOVIAC: Eventually, by the early 1920s, the next generation of descendants had completely rejected polygamy.
00:26:26That being said, there were some who went back to these scriptures, and they decided they had an obligation to reintroduce the more perfect form of Mormonism-- fundamental Mormonism.
00:26:45>> NARRATOR: Today, the remaining fundamentalist Mormons are pushed to the fringes of civilization.
00:26:50Like here, near Concho, Arizona, 200 miles east of Phoenix.
00:27:01>> MORONI: Time to get the kids going.
00:27:03Come on, wake up.
00:27:06It's time to get ready.
00:27:08Sophie, it's time to get up.
00:27:11Wake up.
00:27:12It's time to go to school.
00:27:13Come on.
00:27:16>> NARRATOR:Moroni and Martha Jessop have been married for 16 years.
00:27:21They have seven children.
00:27:23>> MARTHA: I was 18 when I met Moroni, but he was just my friend.
00:27:26(laughs) I had no idea that I would fall in love with him.
00:27:33>> MORONI: Well, Martha and I decided that we would live a plural marriage but, you know, I went through a whole year where I couldn't even bring up the subject to Martha.
00:27:44>> MARTHA: Polygamy was practiced by the early Mormon prophets.
00:27:49If you want to go back in history to the Bibletimes, you can see it in the Bible.
00:27:54>> NARRATOR: Five years into his marriage with Martha, Moroni married Temple.
00:27:59>> MORONI: Good morning, sweetie.
00:28:01How did you sleep?
00:28:03We met, two months later we were engaged, two months later we were married.
00:28:07It was just a whirlwind.
00:28:09It was just a perfect fit, you know, for our family.
00:28:12And I said, "Aha! I get it now.
00:28:14I know how to live this lifestyle." >> TEMPLE: I have a room and she has a room, and he just goes between the two rooms.
00:28:20He doesn't have a room.
00:28:21>> MARTHA: We do pretty much stick to every other night.
00:28:25If one of us is mad at him, a lot of times he'll end up on the couch.
00:28:31>> TEMPLE: It's not that complex.
00:28:33There are special circumstances.
00:28:35If one of us feels like we need him more, then he'll change nights.
00:28:40>> NARRATOR: The transition into a polygamous marriage was not easy for Martha.
00:28:44>> MARTHA: Well, I think there is always jealousy because we're human.
00:28:48I did have insecurities just like any woman.
00:28:52>> MORONI: I realized, you know, she's going to have a hard time, and be jealous seeing me with this other woman.
00:28:59And I realized that this was kind of a little life lesson for me, you know, on jealousy.
00:29:03>> MARTHA: 'Cause I'd had Moroni to myself for a while, I was not sure if he was going to love me or view me the same way as he did before.
00:29:14>> TEMPLE: I was in love, starry-eyed.
00:29:17Everything was great.
00:29:18So I... I mean, that was my adjustment.
00:29:20And I knew that's what the Heavenly Father wanted for me, so...
00:29:25>> MARTHA: We have to learn that he still loves us, no matter what.
00:29:29If he's a good man, he's going to bring his wives into this with love for that wife, but he's not going to love any of us differently.
00:29:37>> MORONI: Come on, go sit at the table.
00:29:39(all talking) >> NARRATOR: The Jessops live in a three-bedroom trailer.
00:29:45They have no running water or electricity.
00:29:47The nearest town is 15 miles away.
00:29:50>> TEMPLE: This is Sophie's bed.
00:29:52Christian's bed.
00:29:53The bottom bunk is Ethan's.
00:29:55>> MARTHA: Yeah, it's difficult.
00:29:57The four older kids share a room, and then we've got kids that are in bedrooms with us.
00:30:03>> TEMPLE: Well, ultimately, we're responsible for our own kids.
00:30:07>> MARTHA: But, I mean, there is always helping out with each other.
00:30:11Sometimes, Temple will come in and dress my baby, or... or sometimes, you know, just...
00:30:15just different things.
00:30:17>> TEMPLE: Whatever needs to be done to get out the door.
00:30:19>> MARTHA: I think that it's fine.
00:30:22We want our kids to be close.
00:30:23'Cause I've known families where every mother has their own house, and the kids grow up saying, "That's not my brother," and, "That's not my sister." We don't want that.
00:30:35>> NARRATOR: In the middle of the desert, the Jessops are kept together with a combination of faith and tradition.
00:30:41>> MARTHA: If you don't come into this lifestyle saying, "I'm giving my 100% no matter what," it's going to be doomed for failure.
00:30:49>> NARRATOR: As the family grows, so do its isolation and challenges.
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00:35:42>> MORONI: My name is Moroni Lopez-Jessop.
00:35:46Moroni: That I'm mormon.
00:35:47I'm named after an angel in the Book of Mormon.
00:35:50Second, Lopez, that I'm Latino.
00:35:53And Jessop, that I come from a polygamous family.
00:35:56My father was a very important figure in my life.
00:36:01And him entering polygamy is hard to describe.
00:36:04He wound up getting excommunicated from the Mormon church.
00:36:06After that, the rest of the family was excommunicated.
00:36:09After that, we basically just associated with other people who believed in polygamy like we did.
00:36:18>> NARRATOR: Nowadays, mainstream Mormons denounce polygamists.
00:36:22There aren't many groups left for the Jessops to associate with.
00:36:26>> MARTHA: The biggest disadvantage is how other people look at you.
00:36:30You feel their animosity toward you.
00:36:34>> MORONI: There's a culture of paranoia that has cracked into polygamist culture.
00:36:40It's only in recent years, you know, recent decades that polygamists have been put in prison simply forbeing polygamous.
00:36:48>> NARRATOR: Last time the Arizona state troopers went to arrest Mormon fundamentalists for polygamy was in the 1950s.
00:36:54When the public saw how the children were separated from their parents, the protests forced the law officials to reunite the families.
00:37:03>> MORONI: Ethan, would you say thblessing, please?
00:37:05>> Sure.
00:37:06Dear Kind Heavenly Father, please bless the food, help it to strengthen our body, bless us, keep us safe.
00:37:13In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
00:37:16("Amen" all around) >> NARRATOR: Shunned by other communities, the Jessops find solace in their own faith and family, something Joseph Smith would have been very familiar with.
00:37:26>> MARTHA: I believe that we can be as God.
00:37:30Honestly, I believe that God was once like us, and that we can attain what He has.
00:37:37>> MORONI: Heaven is not just family, but heaven is the presence of both male and female, interconnected inseparably, and so...
00:37:49>> NARRATOR: The Jessops pay a price for their lifestyle.
00:37:52Even their neighbors are suspicious of their every move.
00:37:59Their isolation may be the reason for their decision to increase the size of their family yet again by adding a third wife.
00:38:08>> MARTHA: We want someone who's going to come in and say, "We love this family for who they are, and we will accept them for who they are, and we want to be part of this family." >> MORONI: Come on out on the porch.
00:38:21That's all right.
00:38:22>> TEMPLE: I think, more than anything, I want her to be willing to give 100% of herself, just as we have, and we will continue to do.
00:38:32>> MORONI: All right, everybody looking right here.
00:38:34Stand up straight.
00:38:35Look at him.
00:38:36>> TEMPLE: Look over there.
00:38:37Be still.
00:38:39>> MARTHA: 'Cause I love Moroni that much, and I believe that a man needs to have more than one wife.
00:38:45He will become more whole with more wives, and so will I.
00:38:50>> MORONI: Very nice.
00:39:03>> NARRATOR: The courtesan.
00:39:05The scarlet woman.
00:39:07The harlot.
00:39:10The prostitute.
00:39:11She has many names and faces, and the oldest and most denounced profession on earth.
00:39:17In fifth century B.C., Greek historian Herodotus wrote about a "sacred prostitute" engaged in a "shameful custom" in the city of Babylon, near the temple of Aphrodite.
00:39:31She was paid a silver coin for her services.
00:39:34What Herodotus failed to record was that the silver coin was donated to the temple, not to the woman, and that Babylonians revered the "sacred prostitutes" as high priestesses who they believed were able to generate abundance and fertility by connecting their bodies with the divine.
00:39:55At the same time, ancient cultures in Mesopotamia, the Far East, and especially India, had their own versions of "sacred prostitutes," who also claimed that they were not practicing sex, but channeling divine energy.
00:40:10In India, this esoteric tradition became known as "tantra" after the introduction of Buddhism in the sixth century B.C.
00:40:19The precise historical origin of tantra remains unclear.
00:40:24Every academic has his own theory.
00:40:27>> LESSIN: According to the Sumerians, people from the Planet Niburu had high sexual practices, where groups of Sumerians would get together and a couple that would make love in a ritual way that would raise the consciousness of all of them.
00:40:44>> NARRATOR: Regardless of tantra's origins, what remains unchanged today are the claims tantric masters make about its purpose.
00:40:52To reach the divine, one must manipulate and align energy fields in one's body through precise motions and rituals.
00:40:59The most powerful of these energies happens to be sexual in nature.
00:41:07Sexual arousal, therefore, is not intended primarily for pleasure, but for the attainment of a higher level of consciousness.
00:41:15With the rise of Christianity, tantric practices became associated with prostitution and sin.
00:41:27For the modern-day tantric practitioner, the line between prostitution and sacred sexual healing can never be crossed.
00:41:35Claire Rumore is a tantra apprentice in Marin County, California.
00:41:40Her mentor is Shivakti Shaktiva.
00:41:42>> SHAKTIVA: Hi, Claire.
00:41:43Come on in.
00:41:44>> RUMORE: Thank you.
00:41:47>> SHAKTIVA: What we're going to do to begin is I'm going to be sitting with you in Yab Yum.
00:41:54>> RUMORE: I always felt a sexual energy in myself that I wanted to embrace, but at times I was taught that sexuality is something that's taboo, and it's best left to marriage, and abstinence and there's just a lot of conflicting messages.
00:42:09>> SHAKTIVA: Try and take the breath a little slower.
00:42:15>> RUMORE: What excites me about tantra is that in the realm of tantra, there is a feminine principle and a masculine principle, and when the feminine or masculine is out of balance there can be chaos.
00:42:29So when we begin to integrate these energies, bring them together, blend them, harmonize them, then we're able, individually, to live from a centered place.
00:42:38It does happen that tantra is mistaken as something explicitly or exclusively sexual.
00:42:44In reality, when you trace tantra back, it's much larger, much broader spiritual practice of which sexuality and sensuality is a very tiny part.
00:43:00(moaning, breathing heavily) >> NARRATOR: Claire wants to take the next step in becoming a professional sacred healer.
00:43:14For this, she will travel to Sedona, where every year tantric professionals meet and train new initiates.
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00:48:06>> NARRATOR: Claire Rumore wants to become a full-time sacred sexual healer, dedicated to the pure tantra tradition.
00:48:14She is driving 800 miles to Sedona, Arizona, to attend a conference of tantric masters.
00:48:22Baba Dez is considered one of the foremost leaders of the tantric community in America.
00:48:27>> DEZ: Sit right here.
00:48:28>> RUMORE: I'm very eager to learn more about what tantra is...
00:48:32>> DEZ: That's great.
00:48:33>> RUMORE: ...and how it can be used to help other humans, other men, other women, and couples, bring the masculine and the feminine into a healed wholeness.
00:48:41>> DEZ: So here in Sedona we have the School of Temple Arts.
00:48:44Not only do we teach a lot of the ancient rituals, but we also teach a lot of new modalities and a lot of new techniques that are more directed toward what it is that's happening in the modern world...
00:48:57>> NARRATOR: Baba Dez offers Claire a session to help her become a full-fledged trainer.
00:49:02For Claire, this raises questions about what she can look forward to, where exactly the line between sex and healing really is.
00:49:10>> RUMORE: For tomorrow's session, I have absolutely no idea what to expect, what techniques he'll be bringing in, using, teaching.
00:49:18Probably not going to be open to taking my clothes off in the session.
00:49:23The tantra realm is new to me, there is a lot to learn, so I don't know right now.
00:49:27>> NARRATOR: At one of the conference sessions, Claire gets a feel for what she may have to confront in her own healing session.
00:49:34>> You can let that power shine.
00:49:37>> NARRATOR: 200 tantric practitioners here are using meditative techniques to enter what they claim is divine bliss, not sexual arousal.
00:49:46>> Sometimes it gets fun.
00:49:48Ift's weird, let it be weird, it's okay.
00:49:52If it gets a little freaky, that's okay, this is the place.
00:49:56It might get wild, it might get fiery, your body may need to shake.
00:50:02Take it deep for me now, take it deep.
00:50:06>> NARRATOR: Before she meets with Baba Dez, Claire has an invitation from another tantric master, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, to practice her energy flows.
00:50:15This session will involve no physical contact.
00:50:18>> STUBBS: So first we're gonna tune into what some people call the chakras.
00:50:21Bringing awareness to each one of them.
00:50:23And what we're gonna be really focusing on is our energies merging.
00:50:27So we can tune into each other.
00:50:29Just bring your awareness to be one with the energy in your pelvic floor in the first center in the first chakra.
00:50:35And now into the second one, somewhere in the lower abdomen.
00:50:39And the fifth...
00:50:41and now the seventh somewhere in the top of your head.
00:50:44Just be one with the energies there.
00:50:48Extend the fibers.
00:50:50Resonate at the core.
00:50:53(exhales deeply) If lovers can connect like this energetically before they start their physical lovemaking, then it's gonna greatly intensify because you are energetically making love before they physically touch.
00:51:05And then you build on top of that the sexual arousal, the sexual passion, and the sexual orgasmic response.
00:51:12>> NARRATOR: Tantric practitioners believe sexual healing can take place without any physical connection.
00:51:18This is important to Claire, who wants to be sure her career choice will not be mistaken for prostitution.
00:51:25But for some women, this distinction isn't as clear.
00:51:29This woman is caught between two worlds: one legal, one not.
00:51:34She works for an escort agency, and yet she is also a tantric practitioner.
00:51:40She does not want her name revealed.
00:51:43>> I think all of my childhood and early experiences were leading up to who I am now.
00:51:50I had a Catholic upbringing, and sexuality really never entered into the equation of life.
00:51:58Somewhere in my 20s, I had taken a weekend tantra class.
00:52:02There is a major misunderstanding around what tantra is.
00:52:07For me, it's my spiritual practice; it's how I choose to live my life.
00:52:12So if I have a client that only wants to have sex, I first try to enlighten him and ask him if he really understands the skills needed in order to have enlightened sex, or a more powerful union with another human being.
00:52:29>> NARRATOR: Shortly after joining an escort agency, she was arrested in a prostitution sting.
00:52:35>> I look at that experience as a wake-up call.
00:52:38The sex business isn't the true place where I should be working.
00:52:42I have to look for a more holistic, accepting place of sacred sexuality.
00:52:52>> NARRATOR: An accepting place of sacred sexuality is also what Claire is looking for, but the next step in getting there is causing her some anxiety.
00:53:01According to Baba Dez, she needs to align her male sexual energy to become a fully fledged healer, but what this really means remains to be seen.
00:53:13>> DEZ: There is that male aspect in all people that has emulated and role modeled the unhealthy masculine, that is very dominant and very dominating.
00:53:23Turn to that side... and I'm just going to spoon you.
00:53:28>> RUMORE: Okay.
00:53:29>> DEZ: Okay.
00:53:30Not many people have had the reference point of what it feels like to fall asleep in the safety of their father's arms.
00:53:36Most women have never had permission to explore a man's body without the agenda of having to pleasure him.
00:53:44The whole objective of this exercise is for you to really feel the body of man.
00:53:54Feel his loins.
00:53:56Feel right inside the thighs there.
00:54:04>> RUMORE: The experience of touching Dez's body was... was profound, because there is a distinct difference in the sexual act.
00:54:13The difference is in the intention.
00:54:15And when lovemaking, the intention is for there to be a sexual charge, for there to be arousal, and in this particular session, the intention was to touch, and to touch with love.
00:54:26>> DEZ: As you get this reference point, now slowly lie down next to me, and just go ahead and close your eyes and go inside.
00:54:37I've been praying for you to show up on this planet.
00:54:44That divine goddess within both of us.
00:54:51What we did today is about that aspect of the masculine that is the healthy masculine, so that bully aspect can retire.
00:55:02>> RUMORE: This trip to Sedona has confirmed for me that I'm on a path that is towards becoming a healer for other people in the realm of t tantric, the sacred sensua the sacred sexual.
00:55:14>> NARRATOR: The American tantric community is small but growing.
00:55:19Claire, and many others like her, are searching for the path to enlightened sexuality: an ancient custom that remains as misunderstood as it was when Herodotus wrote about temple prostitutes 2,500 years ago.
00:55:32>> RUMORE: There is quite a distinction between prostitution, which is body focused, and the sacred healing, sacred sexual healing work, which involves the entire body, mind, spirit, soul, heart.
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00:57:18>> narrator: BUT IT ALSO Has a violent history.
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00:57:55>> narrator: OKLAHOMA CITY Is home to almost 4,000 gang members.
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00:58:31>> narrator: 600 STRONG, They are the city's largest gang, with a reputation for insanity.
00:58:39>> The south side locos are so unpredictable at times, and they just don't care.
00:58:43That's what makes them a big threat to our mmunity.
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00:58:51>> Oh, my deal was I always pack a club.
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00:58:56>> narrator: JUSTIN BARBER-- Aka caveman--has been banging with the locos for more than 20 years.
00:59:11>> I was in the game, so I always had them around and they were always hitting me up, you know, we're gonna put y on, we're gonna put you on.
00:59:23>> narrator: CAVEMAN PACKS HEAT And is not afraid to use it.
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00:59:34But I got pretty good to where I could shoot from 30 feet away and hit a tree, 'cause I used to practice.
00:59:43>> narrator: AND HE'LL DO Anything to protect his reputation.
00:59:46>> If you disrespect me, I'm-- I'm gonna bring what I got to show you that you made a terrible mistake.
00:59:54Whether I got to use a plastic spoon or a--you know, a butcher knife,