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00:00:00♪♪ Get on your feet and dance ♪♪
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00:00:10are you ready?
00:00:11Now dance along to my song.
00:00:15Follow me and jump to the beat.
00:00:17Jump, jump, jump, jump.
00:00:20Follow again and slide real sweet.
00:00:22Slide, slide, slide, slide, and freeze!
00:00:27Follow me and bounce up and down.
00:00:30Up and down. up and down.
00:00:32Follow again and twist around.
00:00:34Twist, twist, twist, twist, and freeze!
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00:00:47Thanks for dancing. got to dash.
00:00:49Woman: ♪♪ Dash's dance party ♪♪
00:00:53 it's me, the today, we're going to meet some turtles from the cretaceous and the triassic time periods.
00:01:02So come on along with me on the dinosaur train.
00:01:05All aboard!
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00:01:13>> ♪♪ Dinosaur train ♪♪
00:01:15[whistle blows] >> ♪♪ dinosaur train ♪♪
00:01:17>> ♪♪ once upon a time there was a mom pteranodon sitting on her nest she heard a scratching .. ♪♪
00:01:23 my eggs are hatching!
00:01:25>> ♪♪ One by one her kids popped free baby pteranodons 1, 2, 3 ♪♪
00:01:29>> I'll name you tiny, shiny, and don.
00:01:32.. ♪♪
00:01:33>> wait! there's one more, mom!
00:01:34>> ♪♪ Last little baby was a different size with teeth and a tail and big green eyes he didn't look anything like the rest ♪♪
00:01:40>> what am I doing in a pteranodon nest?
00:01:42>> ♪♪ But dear, old .. ♪♪
00:01:45>> oh, this is your family, and you may be different, but we're all all dinosaurs have come on, buddy. we'll take a vacation.
00:01:53I'll get us a ticket at we'll travel the world in sunshine and rain and meet all the ..
00:01:59>> ♪♪ Dinosaur train ♪♪
00:02:00>> ♪♪ dinosaur train ♪♪
00:02:01>> ♪♪ dinosaur train ♪♪
00:02:02>> ♪♪ dinosaur train ♪♪
00:02:04>> ♪♪ we're gonna ride ♪♪
00:02:05>> ♪♪ ride, ride, ride, ride ♪♪
00:02:07[whistle blows] >> ♪♪ the dinosaur train ♪♪
00:02:09[roaring] [captioning made possible by the jim henson company] >> awk!
00:02:24>> Ha ha ha!
00:02:26>> Awk!
00:02:27 let's play "that's not a " you have to point out an animal that's not a that's not a dinosaur. that's a snake.
00:02:39[Croaking] it's a frog.
00:02:44>> [Gasp] look. a dragonfly.
00:02:46 it's an insect.
00:02:49>> Aww, I was gonna pick now what species can I pick?
00:02:57Awk! this rock isn't a rock.
00:03:00>> Aah!
00:03:01>> Hello. I'm tiny pteranodon.
00:03:03This is don and buddy and shiny. who are you?
00:03:07 I'm a turtle.
00:03:11>> Whoa!
00:03:13..does that mean you're not a dinosaur?
00:03:16 I'm a water turtle.
00:03:20 that's not a dinosaur!
00:03:24>> It's a game we're playing.
00:03:26[Knocking] >> what do you call this part of you?
00:03:30>> That's my shell. beauty, huh?
00:03:33 how does your head go all the way into your shell?
00:03:36>> We atticus are turtles that that means to our heads are retractable.
00:03:44>> Retractable--good word.
00:03:47>> [Sniffing] ah-ah-ah-ah-choo!
00:03:51>> Ah!
00:03:52>> Whoa!
00:03:56>> Awk! that was amazing, adam.
00:03:58 maybe I can retract my head.
00:04:02[Grunting] >> [laughter] >> whoa! unh!
00:04:08>> [Laughter] >> nice try, don.
00:04:11>> Well, adam, that is one it's sort of like you carry your home around with you.
00:04:17>> Exactly. my shell is my home.
00:04:20>> I wonder what it'd be like to carry my home around with me.
00:04:23 so mancreatures live in different kinds of homes.
00:04:26♪♪ Some of us creatures live in a nest that's the home that we love best others are critters that live in trees ♪♪
00:04:33>> ♪♪ all day long they can feel the breeze ♪♪
00:04:36>> ♪♪ some dinosaurs like to dig around ♪♪
00:04:38>> ♪♪ they make a home from a hole in the ground ♪♪
00:04:41>> ♪♪ but turtle homes are special, you know ♪♪
00:04:44>> ♪♪ they carry their shells wherever they go ♪♪
00:04:46>> yeah!
00:04:47>> Ha ha ha!
00:04:49>> You're very talented pteranodons and one terrific t-rex.
00:04:54>> Thanks!
00:04:56 all turtles retract their heads to keep them safe from predators.
00:05:01 that is why we but I've heard that there are some other species of turtles that can't retract their heads.
00:05:10 but how do they protect themselves from predators?
00:05:13 what a good question, tiny.
00:05:17 we have a mystery to solve!
00:05:19>> ♪♪ Da da da ♪♪
00:05:23>> let's take the dinosaur the conductor will know where we can find those turtles. dad?
00:05:29 sounds like an adventure!
00:05:33>> The perfect expedition for our family.
00:05:35>> Hooray!
00:05:37>> Huh? bye.
00:05:41>> Tickets, please. tickets.
00:05:43Where to, pteranodons?
00:05:45>> We're not exactly sure.
00:05:46>> We're looking for a turtle that can't retract its head into its shell.
00:05:50 a turtle that can't to see one of those, we'd have to go way back to the triassic time period, when the first turtles lived--a turtle like proganochelys.
00:06:05>> Progranno--whatsit?
00:06:07>> He said proganochelys!
00:06:11>> Can we go back to the triassic, mom and dad?
00:06:14 we haven't been to the triassic in a while.
00:06:17>> Please?
00:06:19>> [Chuckling] well, that's why we came on the train, team, to find us some the pteranodon family is going all the way back to the triassic!
00:06:29>> Hooray!
00:06:30>> Then tuck your tails and ride the rails because it's time time tunnel approaching!
00:06:43>> ♪♪ Riding in the time tunnel back to the triassic hanging with my family and everything's fantastic ♪♪
00:06:48take it, shiny.
00:06:50>> Oh.
00:06:51♪♪ Tiny thinks the time tunnel's fun but I'm usually happiest when it's done ♪♪
00:06:56>> [laughter] >> next stop, proganochelys place in the triassic time so long, pteranodons good luck finding out about turtles and retractable heads!
00:07:16>> Thanks! bye!
00:07:19[Laughter] it's hot in the hey, why don't you kids search for turtles while your mom and I sit here in the shade?
00:07:28>> Ok.
00:07:29>> See you soon, kids.
00:07:30>> Stay where we can see you.
00:07:34 I'm not sure what a proganochelys smells like, but since turtles live in the water, let's look around this pond.
00:07:42>> Proganochelys!
00:07:44>> Proganochelys!
00:07:51No turtles by the pond.
00:07:55 and it's hot!
00:08:01Mmm. ahh. huh?
00:08:05>> Hello.
00:08:06 i are you a pro--proggy-- my name's pauline proganochelys.
00:08:18>> Hi, pauline. my name's don.
00:08:19Oh, buddy and tiny and shiny will be so glad I found you.
00:08:23Hold on. I'll call them. awk!
00:08:25 I found a pauline, meet buddy, tiny, and shiny.
00:08:32>> Hello.
00:08:33>> I'm surprised that don found we were all looking for you down by the water.
00:08:38>> Oh. I don't go in the water.
00:08:41 I spend my time on dry land looking for tasty plants to eat.
00:08:47 she eats plants.
00:08:49 he's a turtle friend of ours from you mind if we compare features?
00:08:56>> Go right ahead.
00:08:57>> One: big, hard shell--check.
00:09:00 my shell is made of about 60 bony plates.
00:09:08 sharp beak for cutting tough plants.
00:09:12>> Check.
00:09:13>> 3: Tough armor-covered feet.
00:09:15>> Check.
00:09:16>> And now the big question: Does pauline proganochelys have a retractable head?
00:09:23>> A what?
00:09:23>> Don?
00:09:25>> Oh, right.
00:09:30Uh, boo!
00:09:32>> Pauline, why isn't your head retractable?
00:09:35 ooh, what's that mean?
00:09:38>> To pull your head into your shell, like this.
00:09:41[Grunting] I'll try.
00:09:46[Grunting] nope, I don't think I can do it.
00:09:49>> Well, we live in the cretaceous time period, and we met a turtle that can retract his head into his shell.
00:09:55>> Wow! that sounds amazing.
00:09:57The cretaceous time period, you say. I've never been there.
00:10:02>> Oh, you'd love the we have flowers.
00:10:06>> Flowers?
00:10:07 they're plants that grow out of the ground, and they have these beautiful petals.
00:10:12>> They can be all different colors.
00:10:14 I'll have to ride the dinosaur train to see the cretaceous someday and see these flowers for myself.
00:10:23 if she can't retract her neck--pauline, how do you protect your head and neck from predators that want to eat you?
00:10:30>> Well, check out the spikes really tough stuff.
00:10:35 her neck is more armory how about your tail?
00:10:40>> Oh, I'm especially proud of if a predator tries to eat me, I swing this big thing at him.
00:10:48>> Ooh!
00:10:50>> But the most important feature that turtles all seem to have is their big, beautiful shell.
00:10:55>> Aw. you're right, buddy.
00:10:58>> Pauline, were you born with your shell home already on?
00:11:01>> You know, over at our nest area, we have some eggs that why don't you go and see for yourselves?
00:11:09>> Some babies are about to hatch? are they yours?
00:11:11>> Some of them are.
00:11:12>> Aren't you gonna be there?
00:11:14>> Oh, baby proganochelys have so much armor, they can take care of themselves from the day they hatch.
00:11:21>> Can we see them?
00:11:22>> Sure. come on.
00:11:25 come on!
00:11:29 this one's hatching!
00:11:33 it does have a shell.
00:11:37 I'm so proud.
00:11:44>> I guess they're gonna be ok.
00:11:46>> Yeah, I guess so.
00:11:48>> Awk! there's the train, kids.
00:11:50>> Come on, team, let's get back to the station.
00:11:53>> Bye, pauline! bye, babies!
00:11:57 nice to meet you.
00:12:01[Train whistle blows] >> and she had a big, bony tail, like a club.
00:12:07 a bony armored outer shell and a spiky reminds me of a certain dinosaur I know called ankylosaurus.
00:12:18 I knew I'd seen a tail like that somewhere!
00:12:22>> We also saw some proganochelys eggs hatch.
00:12:25>> And then the babies just sort of wandered off by themselves.
00:12:28 pauline wasn't worried about them at all!
00:12:31>> Well, every species has its own way of doing things, tiny and shiny, like the way they care for their babies.
00:12:37>> Do you think the babies will be ok, mom?
00:12:39 they're protected with plenty of armor and should grow up to be happy and safe grown-up proganochelys but--awk--i'm glad the pteranodons like to stay close i can't imagine doing it any I just love you kids so much.
00:12:58>> We love you, too, mom!
00:13:00>> Ha ha ha!
00:13:01>> Hey, don't forget me. rawr!
00:13:03>> Hey, what am i, carrion?
00:13:06>> Oh, we love you, too, dad!
00:13:09>> [Laughter] scott the paleontologist, and this is proganochelys.
00:13:21>> Proganochelys.
00:13:23>> Proganochelys.
00:13:25>> Proganochelys lived alongside the first dinosaurs in the triassic time period, but it so what is this animal?
00:13:34>> It's a turtle.
00:13:36>> Yeah, proganochelys looks a lot like turtles living today, with a strong beak, sprawled legs, and a tough shell but this ancient turtle also had something that you don't see in any living turtles.
00:13:50>> A spiky tail.
00:13:52 the tail of proganochelys was spiky with a bony club on the end, kind of like the armored dinosaur turtles are amazingly successful creatures.
00:14:03Not only have they been around for millions of years, they still live all over, from hot deserts to chilly oceans, like and turtles come in some are only 4 inches long, and others are over 7 feet long.
00:14:21>> That's a big turtle!
00:14:23>> But no matter what their size, when turtles are on land, ..
00:14:29>> Slowly.
00:14:31 so remember, get outside, get into nature, and make your own discoveries.
00:14:39>> ♪♪ I'm a hungry hungry herbivore plants are what I'm hungry for I don't eat insects don't eat critters just get me some of them durn fern fritters when you're a hungry herbivore the world is full of food I always follow this simple rule if it's green it's good wah-ooh, we love to chew 'cause that's our food and if it's green it's good ♪♪
00:15:09 it's me, the conductor.
00:15:13Today we're gonna visit our good friend tank triceratops and so come on along with me on the dinosaur train. all aboard!
00:15:28>> Ha ha ha!
00:15:30>> Awk!
00:15:31 new let's go!
00:15:36 I can't understand what you're saying.
00:15:39>> I think mom's saying that she heard at the big pond that trudy triceratops had a new baby boy.
00:15:45 I just get so excited about a new baby hatching.
00:15:51>> Wow.
00:15:52 and we can take the dinosaur train to meet him?
00:15:55 shiny and don are off fishing with dad, so if you two are interested in meeting a new baby, let's go.
00:16:01>> Yay!
00:16:02>> Oh, whoops. silly me.
00:16:04>> Heh heh! oh, mom.
00:16:08[Train whistle blows] >> tickets. tickets, please.
00:16:12 conductor, did you trudy triceratops had a new baby boy.
00:16:17>> I did. it's wonderful!
00:16:20>> Mom's really excited about the new baby.
00:16:22>> I bet tank's excited, too.
00:16:24>> In fact, I bet the whole herd is excited about their new member.
00:16:28 tank lives in I wonder if triceratops trails is like pteranodon terrace.
00:16:34>> Maybe it has a lot more nests.
00:16:36>> Uh, it-- >> maybe there's just one big I wonder if the whole herd helps take care of the baby.
00:16:40>> Ahem!
00:16:41>> Wonder if tank's baby brother looks like him, with horns and a frill, or eats as much as tank.
00:16:46>> Can a baby even eat anything yet?
00:16:48>> Those are all excellent let's triceratops don't they just also, triceratops trails is just where the herd is staying for now.
00:17:01They travel around to other places. that's what herds do.
00:17:05 herds move all they don't live in one place.
00:17:09>> Correct, buddy.
00:17:10>> But why?
00:17:11>> Well, when triceratops herds eat all the vegetation in one area, they have to move on.
00:17:18Now, as far as what tank's baby brother looks like and what he can eat, well, you're about to see that for yourselves.
00:17:25 i can't wait to see that little bundle of cuteness.
00:17:30>> Oh, mom.
00:17:31>> Next stop, triceratops trails station, in another part of the cretaceous time period.
00:17:38[Train whistle blows] say hi to tank and trudy and the new little triceratops.
00:17:51>> We will!
00:17:55 let's find our friends.
00:18:00[Gasp] trudy! congratulations.
00:18:05>> Oh, thanks so much.
00:18:07>> Hey, guys.
00:18:08>> Tank!
00:18:09>> Urr!
00:18:10>> [Gasping] >> [cooing] >> meet tuck.
00:18:14>> Aww!
00:18:16 may i pick him up?
00:18:19>> Well, you can try, but he's a pretty big guy.
00:18:24>> [Grunting] ha ha ha!
00:18:28 how about if I just sit with him?
00:18:34[Gibberish] aren't you the sweetest boo-boo-boo?
00:18:42>> What?
00:18:43 she means he's really, really cute.
00:18:45 triceratops, I observe that tuck has tiny horns and barely has a frill.
00:18:50 tuck's horns will grow, and his frill will, too.
00:18:56>> Can we play with baby tuck?
00:18:57>> Buddy, tiny, hi. I said hi!
00:19:02>> Oh, hi.
00:19:04>> Ha ha ha!
00:19:07We're just meeting your baby brother.
00:19:10He's so cute.
00:19:13>> Yeah, really cute.
00:19:15>> It must be so cool to have a baby brother.
00:19:18 want we can play with tuck, right?
00:19:22>> Sure, as long as you play right here on the ground and be new babies are fragile.
00:19:29>> We will.
00:19:30>> We promise.
00:19:32 who's the little cutie?
00:19:35>> Ha ha ha!
00:19:37>> Sorry. he's just so cute!
00:19:39 meet tiny and buddy--my babies.
00:19:44>> Hey, baby tuck.
00:19:45 I'm tiny. look. he's smiling at us.
00:19:50 he has excellent taste in friends.
00:19:53>> Ha ha ha!
00:19:55>> You know, I liked buddy and so I'm the one with the excellent taste.
00:20:00>> Look. tuck can roll over.
00:20:02>> Aren't you just the sweetest little mr. cutie horns?
00:20:05 he's giggling.
00:20:08>> [Laughing] look at him nibble that leaf!
00:20:12>> Such an appetite.
00:20:14>> You think that's an appetite?
00:20:16>> What a good, good eater you are.
00:20:19>> Hey, everybody, want to see check this out.
00:20:25[Belch] excuse me.
00:20:27>> Ha ha ha!
00:20:30..Little cutie.
00:20:32>> Ooh. mom, my tummy hurts.
00:20:37 I think you may have had a little too many leaves at once and a bit would you like to lie down and rest?
00:20:47>> Awk! look. tuck's walking.
00:20:50>> That's so cool.
00:20:51 your brother's walking.
00:20:56 I do hey, look at me. I'm walking just like tuck.
00:21:03 I'm uh-oh, um, a little help, please?
00:21:14>> Tank, let's try to be more you know, ever since tuck was hatched, tank has been ..frustrated.
00:21:25>> Thanks, guys.
00:21:26>> [Sigh] >> hey, want to play something?
00:21:28>> [Growl] he's so little, but he roars so loud.
00:21:34>> Hey, if you like noise, let's play roar as loud as you can.
00:21:39>> Tank, please don't roar now.
00:21:41>> But tuck does, and you never get mad at him.
00:21:45 it's just that tuck is a little baby, and you're a big boy, and you know better, sweetie, don't you?
00:21:53>> Yeah.
00:21:57>> I guess it's not always easy having a baby brother.
00:22:00 can you imagine if mom and dad had a bunch of new kitchy-cooing all the time.
00:22:06>> I think we'd get pretty mad.
00:22:08>> Hey, tank!
00:22:10 we want to play with you.
00:22:12>> With me? how about little mr.
00:22:14Cutie horns?
00:22:15 we want to do something grown-up with you.
00:22:20>> Really?
00:22:21>> Could we go to that watering it looks like a perfect spot to dig holes and play.
00:22:26 but that's where the big kids in the herd play.
00:22:31 i mean, as long as our moms say it's ok.
00:22:37 can we play over at the watering hole?
00:22:40 I can see you but keep an ear out for us.
00:22:45>> Ok. let's do it.
00:22:47>> [Laughter] >> hey, tank, who are they?
00:22:56>> Oh, that's truman and todd.
00:22:57They're part of the herd, but I've never really played with them before.
00:23:01 I'm tiny. this is my brother buddy.
00:23:04>> Hi.
00:23:05>> And this is tank.
00:23:06>> Hi.
00:23:07>> Oh, I mean--i guess you already know tank, right?
00:23:10 your mom just had the new baby, right?
00:23:13>> Yeah, she did.
00:23:14>> That can be rough.
00:23:15>> Yeah.
00:23:16 having a baby brother or sister is the it's just hard at first, you know?
00:23:22 you think it's hard, too?
00:23:27 the new baby gets all the attention, and then you have to be the big kid and do everything right because you're older.
00:23:33>> But sometimes it's nice to be older because you get to that's the fun part.
00:23:38>> Plus when you're older, you get to play with friends and hang around the watering hole.
00:23:42>> We play here all the time.
00:23:44You guys want to play something?
00:23:45 can buddy and tiny play, too?
00:23:47 that's what's great we all play we can play, ..triceratops rule.
00:23:55>> But we're not triceratops.
00:23:56 you can pretend tiny and buddy, you're triceratops for the day.
00:24:01>> Yeah!
00:24:02>> High 4!
00:24:03>> High 3!
00:24:04>> High two!
00:24:05>> All right! let's play!
00:24:07 I'll be the dad.
00:24:10>> I'll be the kid.
00:24:11>> Me, too!
00:24:13 then I'll be the kids, follow me and your dad.
00:24:19>> Yes, mom.
00:24:20>> [Laughter] >> yeah! ha ha ha!
00:24:27>> Boys, stop playing with your horns. someone could get hurt.
00:24:31>> Sorry, mom. heh heh heh!
00:24:35>> As the dad of the herd, i think we should all line up together and eat everything green in our path.
00:24:40>> [Cheering] >> yeah. now I'm a widdle baby.
00:24:46I can't weally walk, and I don't eat that much.
00:24:49>> [Laughter] >> well, son, do the best you can.
00:24:58>> Go!
00:25:00>> [Chomping] >> buddy, tiny, tank, hi.
00:25:05>> Hi, mom!
00:25:07>> Tank.
00:25:09>> [Gasp] he said your name.
00:25:12 you said my name.
00:25:17 you want to play with tank and oh, but you're too little.
00:25:23>> Hey, tank, tuck wants to do exactly what you do.
00:25:26 you can't do some things are for big kids, and some things are for babies.
00:25:34[Chuckling] [train whistle blows] there's the dinosaur we'd better get going.
00:25:45>> Bye, pteranodon family!
00:25:47>> Bye, baby tuck.
00:25:48>> Bye, trudy.
00:25:50 we had so much fun playing at the watering hole.
00:25:53>> Yeah, pretending to be part of the herd. right, tank?
00:26:00>> Peek-a-boo!
00:26:01>> [Laughing] " you guys should try it.
00:26:08>> Peek-a-boo!
00:26:10>> Aah!
00:26:11>> [Laughter] >> bye!
00:26:17>> Bye!
00:26:20>> Bye!
00:26:25 scott the paleontologist, and this is a for a long time, scientists weren't sure how many babies hatched from a typical dinosaur nest.
00:26:37>> Ooh, there's a baby triceratops!
00:26:40>> Today we know that most dinosaurs had lots of babies, with about 20 to 30 eggs some dinosaurs nested in groups, probably so that the grownups could help protect the eggs and in argentina, paleontologists found a nesting ground with hundreds of nests.
00:27:01>> Dude, that's a lot of eggs.
00:27:03>> It sure is, and can you think of any animals living today that nest in groups?
00:27:08>> Seabirds.
00:27:10>> Right, many seabirds nest in groups, or colonies, just like group living helps the birds protect their babies.
00:27:19 keep watching for more his program was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you!
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