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00:00:00The cardinals did not get the 77 votes necessarily.
00:00:03They rarely pick a pope on the first round.
00:00:12>> it was beautiful scene this morning at 115 cardinals aelectricitiors filed into the peters basilica to celebrate the final mass for the conclave.
00:00:28Conclave meaning with key, a tradition that began in 1268.
00:00:33As the story goes the local officials became to fed up with the lack of decision of choosing a pope for two years so they were looked up and encouraged get done.
00:00:50Le there was a call for unity of the church.
00:01:05>> Shepard: Then the walk into the sistine chapel.
00:01:10Chanting the litany of the saints.
00:01:14Under the frescoes of creation and the last judgment.
00:01:18Each cardinal placed has handon the gospel to pledge vow of secrecy.
00:01:30Then it was time for everyone else to get out.
00:01:33With that the master of ceremonies said, latin for, everybody out, leaving just the CARDINALs SOME ASSISTANTS Behind as the heavy wooden doors shut.
00:02:00>> Shepard: We'll not see the inside of the chapel until the white smoke pours into the sky.
00:02:11Amy kellogg is live.
00:02:14 shep, we had that gray smoke, and I think the scenes peters basilica with crowds in the rain, in the cold, waiting, eyes fixed on the screens that had the sistine chapel chimney upon it, waiting to see if there by gray smoke or white smoke or no smoke.
00:02:35We figured we'd see gray smoke tonight after a day of incredible pageantry with the cardinals first having a mass for the election of the pontiff peter's basilica this morning, and then the beautiful scenes of them making their way to the sistine chapel where they will continue to cast votes until a pope is chosen.
00:03:02The speculation continues with italian newspapers and the bookies still putting angelo scola, the -- the archbishop of milan in the poll position.
00:03:20The canadianary.
00:03:22Bishop and a couple americans being talked about as possibilities as well.
00:03:27We got out and about today, talking to catholics.
00:03:30Many of them pilgrims here to witness this incredible event and asked them what they were hoping to see happen in the catholic church under the next pontificate.
00:03:42>> Any of the scandals that have been brushedder in the rug, wayne somebody that is going to stand up and not be afraid, not be timid, be very bold, and say that this is how the church is -- this is our tradition and this is what we're going to da and -- going to do and make change.
00:04:02 we have a little inside information from cardinal dolan.
00:04:06This morning he apparently packed some snacks to eat.
00:04:09He said earlier he hopes it goes quickly.
00:04:12He was a little traumatized by the stories of cardinals being locked in and only being given bread and water, thinking he might need a little sustainan.
00:04:33>> Shepard: Robert moynihan is here with us, plugged into the system here.
00:04:38There's such a big challenge ahead.
00:04:41Many different ways to tackle any number of problems.
00:04:44Do you have a sense for how it is the reformers want to begin the process?
00:04:48>> Shep I was just thinking how to explain the situation.
00:04:54We have a massive oil favre two or three people trying to put their hands on the steering wheel.
00:05:00For 50 years the church has been trying to become more modern.
00:05:06Joseph rat singer -- goa wanted to clean things up.
00:05:15It's also massive.
00:05:17Universities, religious orders and a bank.
00:05:19The structure requires organization, and it requires political diplomacy the catholic church used to be the national religious of many states and it's been losing that status.
00:05:37That's why I call it a massive oil tanker.
00:05:40We're going to have changes and we're watching one critical part of the process.
00:05:50One cardinal said, let's become a curious and stable government, but he really meant, let's keep going from the insider's position.
00:06:00And the other man is completely silent, and is still alive, pope benedict xvi.
00:06:09He said, let's have clarity.
00:06:10I want to have it but don't have the strength to bring it.
00:06:15The cardinals listened to these two men and today didn't make a decision.
00:06:20I think it's fascinating theater but it's reality.
00:06:23>> Shepard: You ask people involved in the process or speak on behalf of the vatan, they will tell you there's no politicking.
00:06:31That flies in the face of reality, because there is, and jockeying for two different positions, how to go former.
00:06:37Aside from which reformer is at the top of the list and is it possible for that map to becomes pope?
00:06:44>> We right now, as people have been saying, common wisdom.
00:06:48I'm not bringing up anything new.
00:06:50There are two or three candidates trying to get a consensus, and looks like we have the first sign -- unless we have an election tomorrow -- we'll have a little bit longer conclave.
00:07:00If one of those two candidates, the man who would be close to pope benedict is cardinal scola of milan.
00:07:11Then sharer would be in -- of sao paulo brazil, german origin, who is a very nice and good man but real in a sense a creature of sodano.
00:07:26He was very close to cardinal ray.
00:07:30Cardinal ray is the last one into the sistine chapel, 80 years old.
00:07:37The two of them are were running vet can business.
00:07:51And cardinal sole dan know soldano is a representative of vatan diplomacy and ideas that a structure can't be run on prayers and hopes and wishes.
00:08:09That kind of charismatic church, and even pope benedict understood this.
00:08:15A church requires planning, just like a university or television network.
00:08:20So soldano has a point.
00:08:23The problem is when you folk accuse too much on the institution, and lose sight of the spirituality, you can be in danger.
00:08:34>> Shepard: Their problems are very big.
00:08:37They have cardinals who are subject to blackmail, vulnerable to blackmail.
00:08:42Scandals within the bank scandal.
00:08:44There is a sexual abuse of children scandal that seems to still be bubbling, that has been covered up for decades.
00:08:50It goes on and on.
00:08:52Are these reformers of the mind to come in and say, here's what we have done, here's how we're going to fix this so we can move on?
00:09:00Are or we going to remain in this slow, inside the vatican, inside the government, slog through -- that's so difficult for everyone involved, catholics and noncatholics.
00:09:11>> Your questions are the right questions.
00:09:13I do think no one expects an overnight reform, and I don't think the idea of a man coming in in 100 days changing things.
00:09:21I expect -- I think we expect the process to take years.
00:09:27People are lookingon the first two candidates now, and I expect that even the possibility of an american is being raised, but i think there could be an unexpected candidate.
00:09:37It was interesting the cardinal from nigeria came up yesterday in the papers.
00:09:43I don't know how anyone got the information.
00:09:45But he was in the meeting of cardinals, apparently speaking out that jesus didn't have a bank.
00:09:50The church maybe doesn't even ed a bank.
00:09:54In other words, it was an evangelical type of appeal from a popular cardinal.
00:10:00>> Shepard: And some applause.
00:10:02>> That gives you an indication -- we don't actually know but we have hints that something is bubbling there, and I'm fascinated to watch it, and I'm hoping something very surprising comes out of all this.
00:10:18>> Shepard: It's so much fun to watch it and to realize we're all part of history.
00:10:22So good of you.
00:10:24Look forward to speaking to you as this goes on.
00:10:28>>> The next few days should be interesting for catholics and noncatholics.
00:10:32Think how many people are represented.
00:10:352 Billion on every continent on the planet, and all challenges we laid out.
00:10:40What happens here today will begin to decide how they're going to tackle them.
00:10:44With the government that's been in place for so long or the reformer who comes in and says, no, let's open it up, let's show what we've done wrong.
00:10:55Explain where we made mistakes and correct them so the catholic church can, as its primary mission is, begin to spread the gospel again and grow the fold again.
00:11:03We'll be here day and night for the next however long.
00:11:06There's other news as well.
00:11:08>>> Congressman and former have thal nominee paul ryan, he is presenting the republican party's proposal for a federal budget there was an immediate response from washington insiders.
00:11:20No way congressman ryan's plan will pass.
00:11:23We'll look at the details and the democratic response, which has come.
00:11:28Plus it couldn't last forever.
00:11:30Stocks are slipping after a long winning streak.
00:11:33So what is behind the numbers?
00:11:37Down 14, still above 14,400.
00:11:42Jerry willis looks at the good news and what is driving things on this special edition of " live on a chilly and rainy night in row.
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00:14:59>> Shepard: 15 Minutes past 00 in rome on this monday night.
00:15:02 peter's square and it was absolutely packed an hour ago, as people waited to see if we would get white smoke or black smoke.
00:15:11They waited because if the were a new pope, someone would come to a balcony and announce such a thing and history would be made before their eyes.
00:15:22Instead they have gone home.
00:15:24Good evening again from rome as the process of the conclave has gun.
00:15:32-- Has begun.
00:15:3477 Votes will decide who the next pope is and the jockey egg for the votes is will underway.
00:15:41Joining us no, father morris, a fox contributor.
00:15:45Father, one of the questions people who are within the church and those who watch the church -- one question is, how can this church relate to a group of people in a large part of the world where social ideas are changing.
00:16:00Where this idea that women don't get to be part of things is just -- not understandable.
00:16:08That some of the social issues the church still espouses -- i don't have to go through them all here.
00:16:16Where so many people in the developed world are all about making changes, but the places where the church wants to attract new followers are still of the same thinking.
00:16:26How can the church move forward and attract people?
00:16:29>> It's a great question.
00:16:31>> Shepard: Not very eloquently stated.
00:16:36>> There's a real disconnect between a large part of society, even among catholics, and what is going on here, and the teachings coming forth from the vatican, but I wouldles say there's a disconnect between what a lot of people are living and what the bible teaches us.
00:16:56So the way the vatican and cardinals are looking at is how to be faithful to what we have been begin by god, the teachings of the bible, while at the same time reaching out and presenting it in a way that is both joyful and convincing.
00:17:14That's tough.
00:17:15And so you have to figure out, okay, what is it we can change and what is it that is not ours to change.
00:17:23>> Shepard: Why is it that the thinking that half the population is to be excluded as leadership?
00:17:30How can you be relevant and a figure of authority and one to whom we should pay attention when you exclude half of the population when you don't allow women to be part of things.
00:17:41>> I think you have a very good point, shep.
00:17:45I think women should have a much more active -- >> Shepard: Is that changeable?
00:17:50>> Much more active involvement.
00:17:54>> Shepard: Why can't a woman be cardinal?
00:17:56>> Doesn't necessarily -- if you understood priesthood, the question of authority, women should be able to do that.
00:18:03But the way jesus set it up, even with his first disciples, he had women doing all sorts of things.
00:18:14Yet he chose 12 men to pass on the eternal fraternity.
00:18:21And I think there should be more women involved here here in the vatican.
00:18:27With the sex abuse crisis, have happened to the degree it has happened, and a coverup, if there were more women involved in serious positions of leadership, I don't think it would have happened in the same way.
00:18:40You have a point.
00:18:41Doesn't mean that the church can say, we are going to change what jesus did and say that women should be priests.
00:18:50Priest doesn't mean necessary di -- >> Shepard: That was 2,000 years ago.
00:18:53Women didn't get to do anything 2,000 years ago.
00:18:56But the church doesn't evolve with society?
00:18:58In a time when women -- we don't have to go back that far where certain races were three-fifths and women didn't get to do anything.
00:19:10And everybody understands women are as capable of doing anything as men are.
00:19:14There's a disconnect.
00:19:15>> I think a lot of women could give a better homily than i could.
00:19:26It's a theological issue of the priesthood.
00:19:37God does not allow me to marry and have children.
00:19:39Men and women are different and have different roles, and the church is saying the priesthood in particular is about spiritual fraternity.
00:19:48Jesus set it up that way and we can't change it should will be more involved in church leadership?
00:19:55I think so.
00:19:56>> Shepard: A lot to take in.
00:19:58Another sinkhole in the news today.
00:20:00That's the turn.
00:20:01This one swallowed a golfer mid-game.
00:20:04The pictures are next.
00:20:05Also, stocks are mixed on wall street.
00:20:08A little up, a little down, but one thing is clear, the number wes see -- look at that!
00:20:12All we had to do is sit around and talk for a second and we get back to even territory.
00:20:19Maybe jerry willis can take us over the hump.
00:20:27Live from just outside vatican city on this monday night.
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00:23:45>> Shepard: If you're a market watcher and you like streaks, today for a while looked like it might be a bad day.
00:23:50Looked like the streak might end.
00:23:51Now look at the big board.
00:23:54Up just barely in the home stretch.
00:23:5836 Minutes left in the trading day.
00:24:00It's been in the red most of the day but at it evened out.
00:24:05But it could be the end of the streak.
00:24:08The winning streak put the s&p 500 within striking range of its all-time high.
00:24:12The index fewer ten points yesterday from a rally and then sputtered.
00:24:21I'm holding out for the raft half hour rally.
00:24:25What happened with the.
00:24:28>> The germany central bank had bad things to say about the euro crisis.
00:24:34But you can't be greedy.
00:24:38Stocks don't grow to the sky.
00:24:41All three indexes are up 7 to 10% this year and now some of the best known strategists say we're due for a pullback.
00:24:52 morgan chase saying they're going to pull back.
00:24:56So everybody is calling for it.
00:24:58Shouldn't be surprised when we turn a little south here.
00:25:04>> Shepard: Explain to people why it is that the markets are clearly recovering more quickly than the rest of the economy and certainly more quickly than some people's households.
00:25:15>> It's confusing.
00:25:16Doesn't feel like the economy is doing great but the stock market is on fire.
00:25:19When you buy stock, you're not buy an economy, you're buying an company, and many bigger companies, the dow, these are international companies.
00:25:29They're making a lot of money overseas because some of the questions they are doing business in have 0 a stronger economy.
00:25:41Caterpillar, ge, apple.
00:25:43When you talk about the new york stock exchange or dow, you're talking about companies doing business all over the world.
00:25:50We'll talk it tonight on my show, business network.
00:25:55We have experted lined up to talk about where the market might go next.
00:26:00>> Shepard: Always good.
00:26:04Thank you.
00:26:06Google will have to pay millions of dollars to settle charges it spied on people across the country as part of its street view mapping service.
00:26:16The the giant was slapped with $57 million fine.
00:26:24Each state claimed that between 2008 and 2010.
00:26:26Google improperly accesses wireless networks and stored people's private information.
00:26:31Things like e-mails, text messages and web history.
00:26:37Google claimed that rogue engineers caused the breech, and they will now train employee how to protect people's privacy.
00:26:47$7 Million to google, which i guess is like fining you a penny.
00:26:52>> We balance this budget in just ten years.
00:26:55That's in the house budget committee chairman.
00:26:59Congressman paul ryan.
00:27:00The former republican vice-presidential candidate today unveiled the house g.o.p.
00:27:05Plan which includes no tax hikes.
00:27:07In other words, no revenue increases.
00:27:09In other words, no closing of loopholes.
00:27:12The white house called it a wrong course for america.
00:27:15Among the proposals, repeal president obama's health health care overall.
00:27:236 trillion in spending cuts, including major changes to medicare and medicaid.
00:27:27Congressman ryan claims the plan will actually create a $7 billion surplus by the year 2023.
00:27:35Political analysts say it has absolutely no chance of passing in the senate.
00:27:39And democrats say it shows republicans are out of touch with most americans.
00:27:44Mike emanuel breaks it down live on capitol hill.
00:27:47The congressman is raising eyebrows by calling for something that can't be done.
00:27:53Can't repeal the president's overhaul because the president has a pen.
00:27:59>> That's right.
00:27:59Some in his own party are suggesting pau ryan's budget is not realistic when you consider president obama has another four years in the senate.
00:28:07You have democrats in the majority in the senate.
00:28:10The house budget chairman explained his thinking.
00:28:14>> We believe that in the interests of healthcare for seniors and healthcare for families and making medicaid work better for low income people we need to repeal and replacebamacare with a better system.
00:28:29So we can't balance the budget with obamacare because it's a fiscal train wreck.
00:28:34>> So bottom line that is one of the key selling points for congressman ryan.
00:28:37Another one, of course, as we are running trillion dollar deficits every year, is balance within ten years.
00:28:44Obviously would be challenge when you consider how much trouble washington is having these days but it's a goal he thinks may be attainable.
00:28:53>> Shepard: That's what he says.
00:28:54Then the democrats have come out with a plan that closes loopholes on big corps so they'll actually have to pay tacks.
00:29:03Reporter: correct.
00:29:06They also do not care for ryan budget 3.0.
00:29:08Senator patty murray is the senate budget chair and she is due to fully unveil her budget plan tomorrow.
00:29:15We know it is due to raise taxes, close to a trillion dollars, and would also cut for cutting spending bay -- by a 8 trillion in deficit reduction.
00:29:31And the white house is ripping the house g.o.p. plan.
00:29:35>> We look at the ryan budget as a perfect example of why balance is so necessary.
00:29:41Because this is what -- this is the alternative to balance.
00:29:46It results in unfair tax hikes on needle class americans and results in undo burden on middle class americans through the cuts envisioned.
00:30:00>> Reporter: Of course, as republicans and democrats are duking it out.
00:30:04>> Ask where are president obama's about it.
00:30:08Jay carney said it would probably be released the week of APRIL 8th.
00:30:12Shep help mike emanuel on capitol hill.
00:30:15The newest hole at a golf course in illinois nearly swallowed a golfer alive.
00:30:21Another sinkhole.
00:30:22This one a giant one in a middle of a fairway in waterloo, and pulled this golfer underground in a matter of seconds.
00:30:32He said he dislocated his shoulder during this whole thing, and here you'll see his golfing buddies looking down into the sinkhole.
00:30:40The injured golfer says it was too hard to climb out.
00:30:43Friends eventually pulled him out to safety with a row.
00:30:46Earlier this month, of course, sinkhole of natural formation swallowed a man in florida, asleep in his bed.
00:30:53The golfer this time says it's all he could think of when he waited in the darkness to be rescued, thinking about the guy outside tampa.
00:31:02Officials never found his body.
00:31:03We invited the golfer to talk about his experiences himself wife says he is having an mri on his injured shoulder.
00:31:11>>> Some of the biggest names in are apparent victims of a possible cyberattack, people prom mel gibson to first lady michelle obama.
00:31:23So how do you protect yourself?
00:31:24Now the secret service is on the case.
00:31:27That and the rest of the news coming up live on "studio b" from rome.
00:35:10>> Shepard: Black smoke means no pope.
00:35:11And 50 minutes ago the black smoke rows -- rose from the sistine chapel.
00:35:17So if there's a pope decided -- there will be a pope decided but not tonight here in rome.
00:35:24 secret service is investigating a potential cyberattack which may have targeted some of the most famous people in the world.
00:35:31The attackers posted information online which they claim is stolen from first lady misch -- michelle obama, beyonce, and whitney spears.
00:35:44No way to determine if the information is real but includes what appears to be social security numbers, credit reports, private addresses, pain after page of unflatters photos.
00:35:58Jonathan hunt is back in studios.
00:36:00Some folks are questioning whether this is real.
00:36:03>> A lot of questions as to whether this might be a real hack attack or whether it might be some sort of scam.
00:36:11We now know that at least part of it is real because the credit reporting agency, he can eqeifax con farm the access to four consumer credit reports has occurred through the credit CHANNEL.
00:36:35Ey would not say to whom those credit reports belonged to, and -- but we also know that some of the information was not accurate.
00:36:48A lot of the phone numbers-for instance.
00:36:50We tried one of the phone numbers on the web site for michelle obama.
00:36:56Turned out to belong to somebody who works at the university of chicago.
00:37:00We tried the number for joe biden, the vice-president.
00:37:03Turns out that belongs to the delware feed and garden supply company.
00:37:10And donald trump's phone numbers and traces were exactly the numbers you would get if you googled trump headquarters.
00:37:16So, part of it may be real, part of it may be part of one of these scams we have seen before, shep.
00:37:23>> Shepard: And all of this comes as cyber security becomes a really big issue of national concern.
00:37:30>> We all remember then-cia director leon panetta saying the next pearl harbor in the u.s.
00:37:36Would be a cyberattack.
00:37:39Now the national security adviser is speaking out and saying, quite plainly, where he officials believe a large number of these attacks are coming from.
00:37:51 businesses are speaking out about their serious concerns about the sophisticated, targeted theft, of confidential business information and proprietary technology, through cyber inrestitution emanating from china in a large scale.
00:38:08The international community cannot tolerate such activity from any country and as the president said in the state of the union we'll take action to protect our government.
00:38:17>> The chinese government has repeatedly denied any roll in any hacking against u.s.
00:38:23Targets, but very clearly this is becoming a bigger and bigger and chinese government, shep.
00:38:33>> Shepard: Jonathan, thanks.
00:38:34So how big is this threat?
00:38:37We'll bring in morgan rice.
00:38:40If the accusation is china or somebody has gone inside the pentagon and inside other national headquarters of our government, had that happened in the physical world that would be an act of war.
00:38:52Yet in the cyberworld, what is it?
00:38:57>> First, bona seta.
00:39:01You're absolutely right.
00:39:02We reached a critical policy decision level as to when would dehit back?
00:39:11It costs businesses -- they lose intellectual properties.
00:39:15It's soft dollars.
00:39:17Costs hard dollars to protect us.
00:39:18At some point the government has to say -- the report clearly staked out a line in the stand.
00:39:24Now the government -- we have forced their hand to say china is behind this, but china says you don't have no hard evidence.
00:39:36So, I think we have a long road ahead of us with china in terms of defending our critical infrastructure.
00:39:43>> Shepard: You wonder when the road comes to an end because we're led to believe if they want to shut our trains down, they can.
00:39:50If they want to shut our electrical grid down, they can.
00:39:55Or economic system, they can.
00:39:57If they can, and they do, then we have real problem.
00:40:04>> Yeah.
00:40:04The government isn't also in the business of spreading a judicious amount of fear and undoubt to get policies.
00:40:12But there is a real problem and the real problem is the activities of china, things like you were talking about with credit reports.
00:40:20We are such an interconnected world.
00:40:22How do we defend our digital assets?
00:40:25Just watch the movie, skyfall, people said is that fact or fiction?
00:40:32People used think "star trek" is fiction.
00:40:34But a lot of that has come true.
00:40:37Atit's not just flipping one switch but it's the cascading experience when you flip the switch and that will impact the physical world.
00:40:51>> Shepard: Morgan, thank you.
00:40:53A smackdown, new york city mayor michael policemanberg's sugary soda ban was struck down.
00:41:01Can he still get it in place before he leaves office?
00:41:06That's next as studio b reports live from rome.
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00:44:26He shared coffee with the ex-boyfriend.
00:44:30This guy told the bbc as score pistorius called his girlfriend twice within 20 minutes but according to the ex-boyfriend she said everything was fine.
00:44:39Of course pistorius faces murder charges in south africa.
00:44:44But the blade runner claim his thought she was an intruder.
00:44:47Trace gallagher has this.
00:44:48What else do we know about the meeting with the ex-boyfriend?
00:44:52>> Well, the ex-boyfriend says it wag totally innocent.
00:44:55He was just meeting with riva steenkamp to catch up.
00:44:59They dated for five years.
00:45:01It was after the second time during the meeting pistorius called her, he asked her if everything was okay.
00:45:07She says it was.
00:45:08The ex-boyfriend says he met as core pistorius twice and admitted that in the days leading up to her killing, he texted riva steenkamp several times, and you know the prosecutors are looking at jealousy as a possible motive in all of this.
00:45:28>> Shepard: We have heard for a while now that pistorius' girlfriend had a fear of burglaries.
00:45:40>> She was living with her parent when a burglar broke into their apartment.
00:45:46And she ran into their room and locked her door.
00:45:49The burglar left without harming anyone but the uncle says receia was so distraught she had to undergoing counseling.
00:46:01The defense experts say the reason she went the bathroom is because she, just like oscar pistorius, believed there might have been an intruder in the house.
00:46:13>> Shepard: Trace gallagher, live this afternoon.
00:46:15The new york city mayor michael bloomberg is still fighting for this controversial sugarry soda ban, even after a judge struck down the law.
00:46:30The mayor visited a restaurant that is voluntarily implementing the ban.
00:46:33He said the city will appeal the decision and is confident they will win.
00:46:37>> Obesity is a national epidemic getting worse, and in new york city we're not just going to simply wring our hands about it.
00:46:45>> Shepard: Trying to ban restaurants and movie theaters from selling large sugary drinks has been a haul --mark of his campaign and the judge called the soda ban arbitrary and capricious, speaking to the way it was handled, not the ban itself.
00:47:08We have the author of the book, rethinking reputation, how p. r.
00:47:13Trumps marketing in the new world.
00:47:17>> It's clear here we have an obesity problem, but also seems clear a lot of people think it's the nanny state, gone too far.
00:47:24>> That's right.
00:47:25But to a great degree bloomberg has already won.
00:47:28Even though he will ultimately lose on appeal.
00:47:31He has shown -- he put this in the public consciousness and has shown he is a leader.
00:47:37Inform public relations we say a leader is someone who stands up for what they stand for, and he is egotistical and self-righteous and a nanny, if i can use that term, but he is our nanny and he is a leader.
00:47:56>> Shepard: Of course, his time going forward, you wonder how he is going to be defined.
00:48:02I'm guessing with history as our guide he might not mind being defined this way, at least bringing attention to what is a serious problem.
00:48:10>> "The new york times," which is a newspaper in our country, said this morning that this will indelibly stain bloomberg's legacy.
00:48:21As usual the times is completely wrong.
00:48:23This will help bloomberg.
00:48:25He has done more for this obesity issue to get it into people's minds than anybody, including michelle obama.
00:48:33It's a victory for him.
00:48:35>> Shepard: When I was a kid, a LARGE SODA FROM a McDonald's was maybe -- I don't know -- 12-14 ounces, and now at 7-eleven and others, 42 ounces is -- and nobody was ever on the other side going, whoa, 42 ounces, for real?
00:48:53I guess maybe he and others are going to now own that for a while, and we'll see if they can't make us drink less.
00:48:59>> It's a very good point, and bloomberg has made it clear that for the first time in history, more people die of obesity than die of starvation on this planet.
00:49:10That's something.
00:49:10This guy is a real leader, shep.
00:49:13He would make a great pope.
00:49:16Maybe you can put a word in.
00:49:18>> Shepard: I don't have a direct path over here but the.
00:49:22See you back in the city.
00:49:24>>> If you happen to look up in the sky you might see something rare.
00:49:28Scientist say a comet is zooming past earth.
00:49:31What to look for and how to find it next on "studio b" as we continue our report live from rome.
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00:52:55>> Shepard: Whetherror here in , you can look up at the moon after sunset and scientists shay mew it might get a glimpse of a comet passing by the planet.
00:53:09100 Million miles.
00:53:09And if the weather permits some folks might be able to see it even without a telescope.
00:53:18>> It's called the pan starr comet.
00:53:24And a chance that will come around once in many, many lifetimes.
00:53:30>> More like an elegant painting in the sky.
00:53:33And it moves as well.
00:53:36It throws itself around the stars.
00:53:38This one will be here once every 100,000 years or so so don't want to miss it.
00:53:45>> Shepard: Once -- >> this comet is from party but it's about the size of the island of manhattan lengthwise, about 13-miles in diameter, moving quickly at 30-miles a second and will have its distinctive tail.
00:54:02Now, astronomers say that unlike tradition says, the mott self -- comet itself is not a bad omen or a sign that changech.
00:54:24>> If you have a clear view tonight you should be able to see it just after sunset.
00:54:28There's also going to be a crescent moon so the comet and the moon together could be a spectacular sight a half hour after the sun goes down.
00:54:38>> Shepard: Sounds like a good time.
00:54:40One thing that we have learned in our trip to rome in recent days and weeks and years is, they have the most annoying sirens on the planet earth.
00:54:49If there were a cat gore -- category for that in city status there would be but one entry necessary.
00:54:57Rome wins, romans, congratulations.
00:55:00>>> We have evidence of what may be life on mars maybe.
00:55:02The word from nasa.
00:55:05Scientist say curiosity collected a rock sample a month ago, and the sirens continue.
00:55:11Whether there's anyone on the street doesn't matter.
00:55:13They just keep them on.
00:55:17New analysis shows several key elements of life.
00:55:22A strange gray image of an ancient mars.
00:55:26The the program's lead scientist says the funding answers a fundamental question of the mission.
00:55:33No noise up there.
00:55:34The sistine chapel chimney can do more than blow moch.
00:55:38It also has its own twitter account, kind of.
00:55:43That's coming next.
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00:58:49>> Shepard: By way of observation and something unusual, look at this.
00:58:52That's the dome on the petitioner's basilica.
00:58:57It's always lit up at night.
00:58:59One of our employees, lived here 23 years, the dome is right outside -- he sees it out his win develop it's always lit up at night.
00:59:08Not kinda sometimes; all the time.
00:59:11It's gone up.
00:59:13Very super bowlesque, isn't it?
00:59:17" hopefully by fox report we'll have resolution to the mystery of the night the lights went out on pope land.
00:59:27We'll solve this one for you.
00:59:30Cavuto is coming up next.