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00:00:04,, >> Nancy: Sir, I don't care who says what -- I'm gonna find the truth.
00:00:19>> Announcer: Court starts now, on "swift justice with " >> Nancy: Oh, mom!
00:00:27At just 10 months old, jashaya stanley touched a hot radiator.
00:00:32It was left exposed at a chinese restaurant, and she got a ,, now, the deal was, she could access it once she turned 18.
00:00:44So, she asked her mom for the money, but she only got $8,500.
00:00:51Jashaya says her mother stole the money, including 15 years of, interest.
00:00:57She's now suing her mother for $5,000.
00:01:00The mom, jasmine, says after the lawyers' cut, the settlement was reduced to $8,500, and she's given her a total of $10,000, much more than she had been, awarded.
00:01:11First of all, do you agree to be bound by my court ruling, ma'am?
00:01:15>> Yes, I do.
00:01:16>> Nancy: Ma'am?
00:01:17>> Yes, I do.
00:01:18>> Nancy: Okay.
00:01:19First to you, dear.
00:01:20What happened?
00:01:22>> Well, I got burnt at 10 months.
00:01:23>> Nancy: Where?
00:01:24, >> it's still here.
00:01:26>> Nancy: Let me see.
00:01:28Come here.
00:01:31>> It was worse.
00:01:32All four of these fingers was burnt.
00:01:35>> Nancy: Okay. you know what?
00:01:37Now, I would not have known if you hadn't told me, but now that you've told -- le,t me see the other hand.
00:01:43Yeah, okay.
00:01:45And when you were growing up, was the scar worse?
00:01:47>> Yeah.
00:01:48I used to always feel pain.
00:01:49Like, I still feel, like, a sharp pain.
00:01:51>> Nancy: Yeah. you know what?
00:01:53I've had a scar like that, and years later -- I had a spider , it's 15 years old, and sometimes it still hurts.
00:02:01So I know.
00:02:04So, that happened, and you got a $13,000 money settlement?
00:02:09>> Yes.
00:02:10>> Nancy: Okay.
00:02:10Then what happened?
00:02:11>> I was told that it was put into an account for me when i,, get 18.
00:02:16My mother and my father always told me that.
00:02:19And when I got 18, my mother gave me the $8,500, and then that's when I tried to figure out what happened to the rest of my money, ,and I wanted to know what was going on.
00:02:33>> Nancy: So, what did your mom tell you when you asked her where was the $13,000?
00:02:37>> She didn't really want to talk about it.
00:02:39Every time I called her with it, she would hang up the phone.
00:02:41" >> Nancy: Do you live with her?
00:02:44>> No.
00:02:44>> Nancy: Where do you live?
00:02:45, >> Nancy: Why?
00:02:53>> Nancy: You put your child in foster care?
00:02:56>> Yes, I did.
00:02:58>> Nancy: Why?
00:03:00>> Well, nancy, as you may know,,, she's a handful of a child andas been.
00:03:10When she turned 14 years old, she decided that she didn't want to go to school anymore, so the department of children services were knocking on my door, and they were threaten,ing to take away my other child.
00:03:21You know, we pretty much -- i tried everything that I could try, and then after she had the baby -- she had a baby at 16.
00:03:28After she had the baby, I let her come and live with me.
00:03:32And she thought that her and her boyfriend and her baby was going, to live with me also, so we got into a big fight.
00:03:38And before I allowed her to cause me to lose everything i worked hard for, i was probably better for her to be in the care of someone else, someone that she might listen to.
00:03:50And it, still hasn't done anything.
00:03:53>> Nancy: Tell me your side.
00:03:55>> My side of the story is, when I was in 8th from middle school, I had a 75% average.i graduated and all that.
00:04:04Me and my mother had gotten into little problems.
00:04:06, and she didn't pay for my graduation.
00:04:109th-GRADE YEAR CAME, AND I WAS Still hurt because I couldn't go TO MY 8th-GRADE GRADUATION, SO I Rebelled in 9th grade, and I got suspended, and one day, my mother -- she came up to the, school, and she hit me, and this is how we got the a.c.s. case.
00:04:29She hit me in school in front of the dean because I tried to cut school, whatever.
00:04:36>> Two weeks into her first year, in high school, she was cutting class.
00:04:42>> Nancy: She hit you where?
00:04:44>> I don't remember exactly where, but I know we was in the dean's office.
00:04:48>> Nancy: Where on her?
00:04:50>> Her behind, her legs, her arms -- a beating.
00:04:53>> Nancy: So you started beating, her at school?
00:04:57>> Yes, I did.
00:04:59>> Nancy: Well, you're just crazy.
00:05:01I'm just telling you that right now, lady.
00:05:03>> Okay. that's your opinion.
00:05:05>> Nancy: No.
00:05:06It's not my opinion.
00:05:07How dare you go in front of other people and start beating a girl in the 9th gr,ade on her butt and legs in front of other people?
00:05:16I'dwant to move out, too.
00:05:18>> Can I say something else about that?
00:05:20>> Nancy: Yeah.
00:05:20>> All right.
00:05:21Even after that, right, a.c.s.
00:05:24Came to my house, and they closed that case because it was, unfounded, so that was dropped, but even after that -- >> Nancy: No.
00:05:31It's because you gave your child up.
00:05:33>> No.
00:05:34>> Nancy: That is why the case was dropped.
00:05:35>> That's not why the case was dropped.
00:05:37>> Nancy: What happened?
00:05:38>> The case was dropped.
00:05:39>> Nancy: I asked your child.
00:05:41 worker come in,to the house on the regular, worker that I didn't want to live there 'cause me and mother kept getting into fights and stuff, so I went and lived with my grandmother.
00:05:53Then when I went and lived with my grandmother -- >> Nancy: How did it work out with your grandmother?
00:05:57>> It didn't.
00:05:58>> Nancy:, >> it didn't work out for the simple fact that -- >> she didn't want to listen.
00:06:04>> Nancy: Lady, I'm having you removed if you cannot be quiet.
00:06:07I am talking tohernow.
00:06:09>> Okay.
00:06:10>> It didn't work out because i was going to school, like, three times a week, but I just missed two days because I was in, brooklyn, and my school was in harlem 'cause that's where my mother lived at.
00:06:19And then that's when the -- >> Nancy: That's a long way to go, from brooklyn to harlem.
00:06:25Don't say "no" to me.
00:06:26I lived in new york 12 years.
00:06:27>> Then you took mass transit, too.
00:06:29You know it's nothing to get on mass transit.
00:06:31>> Nancy: Lady, did I as,k you anything?
00:06:35Your child is a minor, and you're putting her on mass transit?
00:06:40Just stop.
00:06:41I'm giving you one more chance to be quiet.
00:06:44You're gonna have your turn to talk.
00:06:46,, >> Announcer:..
00:06:50>> She wanted jashaya to go in -- >> go in a detention center.
00:06:53..A girls detention center.
00:06:55>> Nancy: Which is a hellhole.
00:06:56>> Yes.
00:06:57That's why I took her.
00:06:58>> Nancy: You taking her in -- I don't even care if y'all got along.
00:07:01Saving her from having to go to juvie jail when her own mother, was throwing her to the wolves -- you know, you didn't have to do that.
00:07:09>> I was not throwing her to the wolves.
00:07:10>> Nancy: Okay, take her out.
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00:07:26>> Announcer: More "swift justice" after this.
00:07:30] hon'.
00:07:33Give me half an hour.
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00:08:40,,,,,, >> Announcer: Stanley vs.
00:09:35Did a mom steal part of her daughter's cash settlement, or is she just guilty of bad investing?
00:09:41>> Nancy: Can you please finish?
00:09:43 people --, she sent them to my grandmother's house, and i started running from them because she told them that she didn't want me to live with my grandmother, so I figured that i was gonna have to go stay with somebody else, so I started running from them or whatever.
00:09:59I was staying with my boyfriend,, who is now my baby's father.
00:10:03I came back to live with her.
00:10:04Things got messed up again 'cause she -- I didn't go live there, and I didn't have no babysitter,,, so I couldn't go to school yet.
00:10:35She was stressing me about school, but I told her that i was gonna go back to school.
00:10:41So, out of nowhere, the a.c.s.
00:10:43Workers popped up, whatever, and they said that my mother wanted to keep joshay and get, rid of me again.
00:10:53So I told them that I wasn't going nowhere, and I took my daughter and I left.
00:10:57And then after that, my daughter was placed with my aunt, and then I was placed with my aunt dee dee.
00:11:03>> Nancy: The same aunt?
00:11:05>> No.
00:11:05>> Nancy,: So you don't have your baby?
00:11:07>> No.
00:11:10>> Nancy: What about school?
00:11:11, I'm gonna go to college and study forensic science.
00:11:15>> Nancy: Because I'm just listening to you, and you could be anything you want to be.
00:11:21, >> thank you.
00:11:23>> Nancy: And I just hate to see you dragged down by
00:00:02>> Nancy: Sir, I don't care who I'm gonna find the truth.
00:00:09>> Announcer: Court starts now, on "swift justice with " >> Nancy: Revenge on a potted pl,ant?
00:00:17Tamara harold says when her husband refused to go drinking with christopher salcido, a friend, salcido shows up at the house drunk, angry, yelling, "we're bros, man.
00:00:30" well, she says he then urinated,, on and destroyed one of her favorite plants and then keyed the rear window of her '97 jeep cherokee.
00:00:41She's suing for 3,950 bucks.
00:00:45First to you, ma'am.
00:00:46Do you agree to be bound by my court ruling?
00:00:48>> I do.
00:00:48>> Nancy: Sir?
00:00:49>> Yes, ,ma'am.
00:00:49>> Nancy: Tell me what happened, tamara.
00:00:52>> MARCH 11th.
00:00:54We had gotten rid of the kids for the evening.
00:00:56We were staying home, watching a movie.
00:00:58>> Nancy: Excuse me.
00:00:59You "got rid of the kids"?
00:01:00>> They went to grandma anda for the evening.
00:01:04We were sitting there, watching,, a movie -- knock on the door.
00:01:07I open the door. I see it's him.
00:01:09I shut the door.
00:01:10I dead-bolt the door.
00:01:11I say, "brian, chris is outside.
00:01:15" brian goes outside.
00:01:17Chris is not allowed in our home anymore.
00:01:20>> Nancy: So at that point, already, he was not allowed in?
00:01:23>> He had not been allowed in our home for maybe two years at that point.
00:01:28>> Nancy: Why?
00:01:29>> Because of all the past history that has gone on.
00:01:32>> Nancy: Like what?
00:01:33>> Using foul language, talking,, very disrespectful to my guests that are in the home.
00:01:41>> Nancy: Like what?
00:01:42>> He calls my sister-in-law [bleep] she is gay.
00:01:48She is married to a woman.
00:01:50He uses the "n" word.
00:01:52>> Nancy:, yeah, you can't come in the house.
00:01:56Go ahead.
00:01:57>> So we don't let him in.
00:01:58Brian goes out to take care of, you know, "why are you here?
00:02:01I've already told you I'm not going drinking with you this afternoon.
00:02:03You already called and I said, 'i'm not going.
00:02:05'" >> Nancy: Whoa. whoa.
00:02:07Where is your husband?
00:02:08Ight there.
00:02:09>> Nancy: At your age,, you still go out drinking with people?
00:02:12>> No, I don't.
00:02:13That's why I told him no.
00:02:14>> Nancy: Go ahead.
00:02:15>> Chris shows up periodically t of the blue just to show up, even though he knows that he is not welcome in our home anymore.
00:02:25It could go ,six months without us seeing him.
00:02:28It could go a year without us seeing him.
00:02:30And then he pops up like nothing has ever happened.
00:02:32He thinks everything is fine.
00:02:34>> Nancy: What was the deal breaker?
00:02:36What was the straw that broke the camel's back, when you decided he could no longer come in your home?
00:02:41>> [ Sighs ] he called up, one evening extremely intoxicated, and he left on my voicemail message -- he told me that I am a fat [bleep] he told me that I wish that i would choke on a bag of [bleep] and die.
00:02:55>> Nancy: What do you mean?
00:02:56,, >> Nancy: It's all lies?
00:03:01>> He crashed my wedding.
00:03:02He showed up at my wedding.
00:03:03>> Nancy: Whoa!
00:03:04I got to hear about this.
00:03:05>> He showed up at my wedding.
00:03:07He showed up at my wedding.
00:03:09I let it go. it is my day.
00:03:10I'm not going to let him ruin it.
00:03:13>> Nancy: Wait, wait.
00:03:14Ther,e's a difference between showing up and crashing.
00:03:17>> He was not invited.
00:03:18He was specifically told not to come to my wedding.
00:03:21>> Nancy: I would say that's crashing.
00:03:24>> Two months after we got married, he shows up at our house uninvited.
00:03:29>> Nancy: Well, I've got a,, question.
00:03:32I'm all about equality, all right?
00:03:35I'm fine.
00:03:35Why areyoumakingherstand up to him?
00:03:38He's your friend.
00:03:39Why isshehaving to do it?
00:03:41>> Well, because I have been best friends with the guy since I was a kid, and I still d about him to,day, and I'm a very forgiving person.
00:03:50I do like to try and forgive and forget if I can.
00:03:53That's why I kept allowing him back.
00:03:55>> The majority of anything that chris has done has been directed towards me.
00:04:00I think of chris as the jealous,,, psycho ex-girlfriend.
00:04:06I've tried really hard.
00:04:08I was the new kid in the group.
00:04:10When I met brian, I tried to be accepted into the group of his friends.
00:04:15>> Nancy: How many children do you have?
00:04:18, >> Nancy: Okay, yeah.
00:04:21You know what? that's all over.
00:04:23It's one thing for a girlfriend not to fit in.
00:04:26But when you get married and you have children, anybody that insults your wife is not your friend anymore.
00:04:33I'm kind of starting to blame,, you.
00:04:35>> I'm also a very non-confrontational person.
00:04:38Anyone who knows me will tell you that I try to avoiyts.
00:04:42So that's another reason why.
00:04:43>> Nancy: I can tell by just looking at you.
00:04:46You're sitting there all meek and mild looking down.
00:04:48You've got some growing up to, do, sir.
00:04:52Now, let me ask you about this particular night.
00:04:55That evening, he comes over, you guys are watching a movie -- bam, bam, bam.
00:04:59You see it's him.
00:05:01You tell, um -- "take care of " then what happens?
00:05:04>> Brian was out there for a, solid 45 minutes saying, "i'm not going with you.
00:05:10" >> Nancy: What took you 45 !
00:05:13>> Chris doesn't shut up.
00:05:14>> I was trying to defuse the situation.
00:05:16>> Nancy: Defuse it?
00:05:17Shut the door, and don't answer it anymore.
00:05:19Wouldn't that work?
00:05:20>> Eventually, that's what i did.
00:05:21, he shut the door and dead-bolted it.
00:05:24We heard, "she is a fat [bleep] I can't believe that you're " >> Nancy: How do you knowhe's the one that urinated on the plant and dumped it over?
00:05:35>> He has admitted the plant out.
00:05:37>> Nancy:, >> I had alaskan forget-me-nots that I had sent down from alaska.
00:05:42I'm a natural-born alaskan.
00:05:44I'm very proud of these annuals.
00:05:46They come back every year.
00:05:47I'm very proud of them.
00:05:48>> Nancy: So the alaskan forget-me-nots were fine before chris salcido came to the door.
00:05:53>> Right. right.
00:05:54, >> Nancy: AFTER HE FINALLY LEFT, What condition were they in?
00:05:57>> They were dumped out on -- right as we stepped out of the porch, they were dumped out.
00:06:04>> Nancy: And right there on your front porch, he whipped it out and tee-teed on them?
00:06:09>> You could see there was an, ..
00:06:11>> Nancy: Urine.
00:06:12..Urine on my screen door.
00:06:14We take a broom to sweep it off.
00:06:16>> Nancy: Why do you keep looking up at the ceiling?
00:06:19Is there something up there?
00:06:21>> I just can't believe she's saying that.
00:06:24>> Nancy: And the car got keyed.
00:06:26, Let me just ask you two questions.
00:06:28Was the car keyed before he came over?
00:06:30>> No.
00:06:31>> Nancy: Was the car keyed after he came over?
00:06:33>> Yes.
00:06:34>> Announcer:..
00:06:35>> Chris turned over the pot.
00:06:36Then he went around the corner, got the bike, and came to the car.
00:06:40>> Nancy: So you're saying you did not see him go near the, jeep?
00:06:43>> No. he walked behind it.
00:06:45>> Announcer: Closed captioning ..
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00:06:58,, >> Announcer: Mo,re "swift justice" after this.
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00:08:03,,,,,, >> Announcer: Harold vs.
00:09:07When a hus,band refuses to go out drinking with a friend, did the