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Aired at 03:55 AM on Saturday, Aug 14, 2010 (8/14/2010)      View all transcripts from this day


00:00:00Welcome to "Tasty Time with ZeFronk." Today we celebrate India.
00:00:07Did you say India, Frankie?
00:00:11I love India.
00:00:12And I bet you love Indian food, too.
00:00:15And Indian movies, the ones with the big Bollywood song-and-dance routines.
00:00:20I have no time for dancing, Dom.
00:00:22I must make ze Mango Lassi.
00:00:26Mango, huh?
00:00:27Goodbye. I'm very busy today.
00:00:30[slurping] Oh! I got an idea, pal.
00:00:32How about I put together a big finale for your show?
00:00:34A big dance number. What do you say, huh?
00:00:37Yes, yes. Anything if you let me make my drink.
00:00:41Will do, Frankie.
00:00:44To make my refreshing Mango Lassi, we need fresh mango, plain yogurt, milk, and honey.
00:00:53We will also need our trusty blender.
00:00:56Before we make our treat, we must wash.
00:00:59Wash along with me.
00:01:00♪ We wash our hands to make them neat ♪
00:01:03♪ before we fix our tasty treat ♪
00:01:06First, have your grownup helper pour ze yogurt and milk into the blender.
00:01:12Then we plop in the sliced mango.
00:01:16[tweet] You can sweeten with a little honey.
00:01:22Now we blend it all up.
00:01:25Blend, blend, blend.
00:01:27Ze Mango Lassi is a delightfully refreshing treat, and you can make it at home with a grownup's help.
00:01:34Just pour the yogurt and milk, plop in the mango, add a bit of honey, and blend it all together.
00:01:41♪ Pour and plop and blend, yes! ♪
00:01:43♪ Pour and plop and blend, whoo-hoo! ♪
00:01:46Frankie! Dom?
00:01:47[Bollywood music plays] Dom, what are you doing?
00:01:51♪ Snack-ho! ♪
00:01:52♪ Humma humma humma ♪
00:01:54Humma humma humma?