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Aired at 08:55 AM on Thursday, Oct 07, 2010 (10/7/2010)      View all transcripts from this day


00:00:00I love puppets, Frankie.
00:00:03Can I put on a puppet show for you?
00:00:05No, Dom. I don't have time for a-- Actually, zat's a wonderful idea.
00:00:11While I prepare today's snack, you practice with these and put on a show for me and Sue later.
00:00:17Hee hee. Sure thing. See ya later, pal.
00:00:20Anything to keep him away from my snacks.
00:00:23For my tasty watermelon slush, we need two cups of seedless watermelon, one tablespoon of honey, and 6 ice cubes.
00:00:33And, of course, before we start, we must wash.
00:00:37Wash along with me.
00:00:38♪ We wash our hands to make them neat ♪
00:00:41♪ before we fix our tasty treat ♪
00:00:43Now, for this treat, we will need to use a blender.
00:00:48Start by having a grownup put ze ice cubes in the machine.
00:00:52Then we crush the ice.
00:00:55Now, pour in the watermelon and ze honey, and finally, we blend it up.
00:01:01[blender whirs] And now we have a tasty, cool Thai treat.
00:01:09Mmm! It is slushy good.
00:01:12And you can make it at home with a grownup's help.
00:01:15Simply crush the ice, pour in the watermelon and honey, and blend it up.
00:01:20♪ Crush and pour and blend, hey! ♪
00:01:22♪ Crush and pour and blend, whoo-hoo! ♪
00:01:25Hey, Frankie! I'm ready with the puppet show.
00:01:28Ooh! Zis I must see.
00:01:30♪ Zis is "Tasty Time with...Frankie" ♪
00:01:34Today I will be making a tasty treat.
00:01:38Hiya, Frankie.
00:01:40Stay away from my snacks, you silly cat!
00:01:44You know, it's funny because it is true.
00:01:47[tweet] I just wanna try some of your tasty watermelon slush.
00:01:51No, Dom! No!
00:01:53Bravo! Bravo, Dom! Ha ha ha!
00:01:57You cannot eat my snacks, you pesky cat! [slurp slurp] You took the words right out from my mouth.
00:02:04See you next time on "Tasty Time with Frankie." [slurp] Out of my kitchen, silly cat!
00:02:11Arf arf arf! Meow meow meow!