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Aired at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, Nov 23, 2010 (11/23/2010)      View all transcripts from this day


00:00:00[Umi Car vrooms] [honks] - Whoa, umi car is the fastest.
00:00:06- With umi car's help, we're gonna win you those balloons, sam.
00:00:11We promise.
00:00:12[Umi Car honks] - Thanks, team umizoomi.
00:00:15- To win the balloons for sam, we're going to need your help.
00:00:19Will you help us win the race?
00:00:24All right!
00:00:28all: IT'S TIME FOR ACTION!
00:00:31- Let's go, team.
00:00:33- Seat belts on.
00:00:35- Racers, start your engines!
00:00:39[engines vrooming] [bell dings] On your marks, get set, go!
00:00:47[engines vrooming] - Come on, umi car, let's race.
00:00:52[Umi Car vrooms, beeps] - Go, umi car!
00:00:57[cheering] - Who's gonna win the race for sam?
00:01:07both: WE ARE! TEAM UMIZOOMI!
00:01:09- Who's gonna win the race for sam?
00:01:11all: WE ARE! TEAM UMIZOOMI!
00:01:13♪♪ We're on a mission to save the day ♪♪
00:01:15♪♪ go, umi car, we're on our way ♪♪
00:01:19♪♪ we're gonna win the race for sam ♪♪
00:01:22♪♪ yeah, team umizoomi ♪♪
00:01:26- whoa, to win the race, we have to beat a lot of other cars.
00:01:31- Let's see how many cars are in the race.
00:01:35Count them with me.
00:01:50Ten cars.
00:01:51And right now, umi car is the tenth car.
00:01:55That means we're in tenth place.
00:01:57- But to win the balloons for sam, we have to finish in first place.
00:02:03We need to be car number 1.
00:02:05- Come on, umi car, show us some speed.
00:02:09[Umi Car vrooms in agreement] - That striped car is number 9.
00:02:16He's in ninth place.
00:02:18- But not for long.
00:02:19Umi car is passing him.
00:02:21- Uh-oh.
00:02:23- Now umi car is number 9.
00:02:26We're in ninth place.
00:02:28- What do you say, umi car?
00:02:30Do you think you can pass the spotted car?
00:02:33[Umi Car beeps in agreement] - 8!
00:02:37Now we're in eighth place.
00:02:41Keep going, umi car!
00:02:43- [gasps] OH, BOY.
00:02:47- Now what number are we?
00:02:517, Right.
00:02:52We're in seventh place.
00:02:55- Go, umi car!
00:02:56[Umi Car vrooms] - Look up ahead.
00:02:59Here comes a jump.
00:03:02Hang on tight.
00:03:04[Umi Car vrooms] [all cheer] [cheers] - You're doing great, umi car.
00:03:14Look, the other cars are going over a drawbridge.
00:03:17- Come on, umi car.
00:03:19[Umi Car vrooms] [drawbridge cranking] - Hey, the bridge is going up.
00:03:30all: WHOA!
00:03:32- Oh, no!
00:03:33Now we can't get across the river.
00:03:35- Let's use our umi goggles to see what's going on.
00:03:39Umi goggles on.
00:03:42[gasps] SOMEONE IS PRESSING THE UP BUTTON To make the bridge go up.
00:03:47- [chuckles] - Who's pushing the button?
00:03:52It's dump truck.
00:03:53[Dump Truck laughs] - Oh, no!
00:04:00We can't win the balloons for sam if we can't cross the river.
00:04:04- [vrooming] I HAVE AN IDEA.
00:04:06- Umi car has an idea.
00:04:08- Okay.
00:04:12- Check it out.
00:04:13There are beach balls lined up in the water.
00:04:17- Leaping laptops!
00:04:19Umi car wants to bounce across the river on these beach balls.
00:04:23[Umi Car vrooms in agreement] - That's a great idea.
00:04:27He can bounce all the way to the other side.
00:04:32- Uh-oh. look.
00:04:34There's a beach ball missing.
00:04:36There aren't enough to get all the way across.
00:04:40- Don't worry.
00:04:41The beach balls are lined up in a pattern.
00:04:43So I can fix it with my pattern power.
00:04:47 now I have the beach ball pattern on my dress.
00:04:53The beach balls go in this order: Small, small, big.
00:05:00Let's help umi car follow the pattern and figure out what's missing.
00:05:05[Umi Car vrooms] Here we go.
00:05:08Small. small, big.
00:05:11Small, small, big.
00:05:14Small, small.
00:05:16What comes next?
00:05:21Oneig beach ball coming up.
00:05:26It worked.
00:05:27Let's keep bouncing.
00:05:29Small, small, big.
00:05:32Small, small, big.
00:05:36What goes here?
00:05:45Small, small, big.
00:05:48Small, small, big.
00:05:51What goes here?
00:05:57Hey, look.
00:05:59We're almost to the other side.
00:06:02Small, big.
00:06:04Small, small, big!
00:06:07We made it.
00:06:09- Whoo-hoo!
00:06:10- Thanks for your help, umi friend.
00:06:14 umi car is making the bridge go back down.
00:06:18- What a good sport.
00:06:20- Now all the cars can cross the river and get back in the race.
00:06:27[musical beeping] Oh. I'm getting a call.
00:06:30Let's see who's calling right here on my belly-belly bellyscreen.
00:06:38It's sam.
00:06:39- Team umizoomi, you're doing great.
00:06:42But you've got to hurry up, because dump truck and all the other cars are ahead of you.
00:06:52- Don't worry, sam.
00:06:53Umi car will catch them and win you those balloons.
00:06:57- Good luck.
00:07:04- Look, we're catching up with the other cars.
00:07:08- We're in seventh place.
00:07:10But to win the balloons for sam, we need to be in first place.
00:07:14- Look up ahead.
00:07:16It's the green tractor.
00:07:20[Umi Car beeps] - Huh?
00:07:21- We're passing him.
00:07:22[Green Tractor grunts] - Whoo-hoo.
00:07:26Now we're in sixth place.
00:07:30- We're catching up with the school bus.
00:07:33[Umi Car beeps] - The school bus is fast but not as fast as umi car.
00:07:38- Hey. oh.
00:07:39- 5; We're in fifth place.
00:07:42- Keep going, umi car.
00:07:44There's the mail truck.
00:07:47- Go, umi car, go.
00:07:49- [straining] SHEESH.
00:07:51- What number is umi car now?
00:07:554. Right.
00:07:57We're in fourth place.
00:07:59- And look up ahead.
00:08:01It's dump truck.
00:08:03- You can catch him, umi car.
00:08:05[Umi Car vrooms] - We're right behind him.
00:08:11- Let's go around dump truck.
00:08:13Try that way, umi car.
00:08:16[Umi Car beeps] - Sizzling circuits.
00:08:18He blocked the way.
00:08:20- Let's try passing dump truck on the other side.
00:08:23[Umi Car beeps] - He got in our way again.
00:08:28- Dump truck will do anything to stop umi car from beating him.
00:08:33[dirt sifting] - [gasps] HE'S DUMPING HIS DIRT!
00:08:36- Yoinks-a-doinks!
00:08:38- Oh, no!
00:08:39Dump truck dumped a big pile of dirt on umi car.
00:08:43[tires screeching] [Umi Car vrooming] - And he can't get out.
00:08:49We're stuck!
00:08:50- But we have to keep going to win the balloons for sam.
00:08:54[Umi Car vrooms] - Hey. wait a minute.
00:08:58We're on top of a tunnel.
00:08:59We can take this tunnel to get back in the race.
00:09:02- Umi car, through that tunnel.
00:09:11- Whoa!
00:09:15- Uh-oh.
00:09:15This tunnel splits into lots of tunnels.
00:09:18- M but one of them keeps going all the way back to the street.
00:09:24We need your help to find the tunnel that keeps going.
00:09:28Should we take the one that goes up or down?
00:09:35Down. yes.
00:09:36[Umi Car vrooms] - Yikes! the tunnel splits again.
00:09:49Om tunnel?
00:09:54The middle tunnel. yes.
00:09:56[Umi Car vrooms] - Just a little further, umi car.
00:10:03We're almost there.
00:10:06- To get back to the street, should we take the near tunnel or the far the far tunnel.
00:10:21- Whoo-hoo-hoo!
00:10:24- We're back on the street.
00:10:25Thanks for helping umi car get through the tunnels.
00:10:29- We've got to catch up to the other cars.
00:10:33- Uh-oh. we don't know which way they went.
00:10:37- Hey. there's sam.
00:10:39all: SAM!
00:10:41- Team umizoomi, all the cars went that way.
00:10:45You can catch them if you hurry.
00:10:47- Thanks, sam.
00:10:49- Go, umi car!
00:10:52[Umi Car vrooming] [cheers and applause] - Umi car.
00:11:07- Check it out.
00:11:08We're catching up to pickup truck.
00:11:10[Umi Car beeps] - Correction, geo, we're passing pickup truck.
00:11:16- Speeding servers!
00:11:18Now we're in third place.
00:11:20That means there are only two cars ahead of us, taxi cab and dump truck.
00:11:27[tires skid] Uh-oh.
00:11:30Dump truck just picked up that bucket of soapy bubbles.
00:11:33He's up to something.
00:11:35[water bubbles] - Oh, no!
00:11:39The soap is making the street super slippery.
00:11:43- Umi car can't control his steering wheel.
00:11:46Watch out, umi car.
00:11:48all: WHOA-WHOA-WHOA!
00:11:52- Oh, no.
00:11:53Umi car's steering wheel broke in half.
00:11:56- Umi car can't drive with a broken steering wheel.
00:12:00- Don't worry, team.
00:12:01I can fix the steering wheel with shapes from my shape belt.
00:12:06[electrical zapping] Look at this blueprint.
00:12:09To build the other half of the steering wheel, we need to fill in the missing shapes.