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00:02:03Got the gum.
00:02:11(announcer)THE RIDICULOUSLY LONG LASTING Gum®, new stride®uber bubble™.
00:02:45[RuPaul laughing] [camera shutter snapping] >> Today, we're doing a photo shoot which is inspired by gone with the wind.
00:02:56>> What does she need to know?
00:02:57>> It's the height of the civil war.
00:02:59You need to straddle the canon, work the piece of fabric, and, you know, kind of interact with the guys.
00:03:04They're being thrust into an environment, which, you know, they're unfamiliar with and they didn't have any preparation for.
00:03:09>> Yeah, straddle that canon, hon.
00:03:11..hold on right here.
00:03:12>> [laughing] >> And here we go.
00:03:14>> All right!
00:03:15>> Oh, lord! oh, my god.
00:03:16>> Aah!
00:03:17>> Work! work the fabric!
00:03:18>> Storm comes up, and they're snapping pictures.
00:03:22And I don't know what to do.
00:03:23>> Watch your hair!
00:03:24Your hair is covering your face.
00:03:26>> Work the camera, jujubee!
00:03:29>> I feel a little tug in the back of my leg, and I think it's gonna fly off, so I'm grasping onto it.
00:03:34And then my lashes are just flapping back and forth.
00:03:37That's all I can focus on.
00:03:39I didn't know where the camera was at this point.
00:03:41>> We got it!
00:03:42>> All right!
00:03:42How do you feel, jujubee?
00:03:43>> I have never been blown like that in my life.
00:03:46[laughter] >> Yes, you got a lot of firepower between your legs, girl.
00:03:50Don't nobody make a sudden move.
00:03:52She might blow it.
00:03:54>> When I saw the fan, I was excited.
00:03:57'Cause fans make everything prettier.
00:03:59..there we go!
00:04:03>> Ooh! lord jesus!
00:04:04When they started cranking up ..
00:04:08Ugh. really?
00:04:10>> Watch your hair in your face.
00:04:12All right, we got it!
00:04:16>> Sonique, ride that canon.
00:04:19>> Yeah, that hits the spot.
00:04:22Pandora's box is on fire!
00:04:25>> All right!
00:04:26>> Jessica's a girl gone wild!
00:04:31Yeah! serve it!
00:04:33Suzanne sugarbaker!
00:04:36That's what I'm talkin' about!
00:04:38Hoo hoo hoo!
00:04:41As god is my witness.
00:04:45Those damn yankees took everything from you!
00:04:49>> Morgan mcmichael's had a problem with having her wig fly off, and she tried to recover from it, but I find that she never really did.
00:04:56>> 3, 2, 1!
00:04:59Okay, we got it.
00:05:00That's it.
00:05:01We did get a good shot, but it was a struggle.
00:05:04Thank you, morgan.
00:05:05>> Thanks, morgan.
00:05:06Wow, the competition has just begun and they're already flipping their wigs.
00:05:10>> Honey, how was it?
00:05:11>> I mean, this wig went on vacation, girl.
00:05:13She flew right off.
00:05:14>> [laughing] >> As I see everybody changing, the thing that stood out most to me is kind of forget like how much it really takes to transform somebody, and how amazingly different they can look from--from one to the other.
00:05:26>> I wonder what everyone's gonna look like out of drag.
00:05:29I hope some of you are attractive boys, like me.
00:05:32>> [laughing] ..
00:05:35both: PAIGE BROOKS.
00:05:36>> From atlanta, georgia.
00:05:37>> That's right.
00:05:39>> And I will never go hungry again.
00:05:41>> All right.
00:05:42>> Am I gonna pinch your nipples?
00:05:44Ohh! they bounce too.
00:05:45This one's jealous.
00:05:46>> Oh, I think it's leaking.
00:05:48>> Nicole had all of the southern charm, but I felt like in the photoshoot situation, she wasn't delivering couture, she was delivering, you know, little catalog.
00:05:58Look off into the distance, off into the horizon.
00:06:02Too far off, too far off.
00:06:04Sahara davenport had a really great understanding of her body and how to move.
00:06:09Although she didn't have that same understanding with her face.
00:06:15>> We're gonna sit you on that cannon with these two gorgeous soldiers.
00:06:20>> And I'm like, "oh, my god, you want me to stand next to " >> don't teeter over it.
00:06:24>> I can't cross my legs, anything.
00:06:26The skirt is so tight.
00:06:27I'm like trying my hardest to be perfect.
00:06:30>> Chin down a little bit.
00:06:31Remember the camera's down here.
00:06:33>> Chin down!
00:06:34>> I felt that I could have did better.
00:06:35I should have been just, like more focused on the picture itself.
00:06:39>> We got it!
00:06:40>> Got it! wonderful.
00:06:40>> Be aware of the camera.
00:06:42Pretty, pretty face.
00:06:44>> Pretty face.
00:06:45Think franklin mint plate.
00:06:47>> Ha ha, yeah.
00:06:48>> I wanted to bring the most fiercest possible.
00:06:52>> Chicken cutlets!
00:06:53Chicken cutlets.
00:06:55>> But my boobs were falling out the top of the dress.
00:06:58Rupaul's screaming, mike is screaming, and through my head is going, "bitch, pull it together.
00:07:02Look at that camera and pull it " both: YES!
00:07:06>> Cover up, dear.
00:07:07[laughing] Ooh, is that a possum in the woods?
00:07:11[laughter] Yes, yes!
00:07:14War is hell!
00:07:16But you look gorgeous!
00:07:18>> [laughing] RIGHT.
00:07:19All right, we got it!
00:07:20>> Gorgeous!
00:07:21>> That is what I'm talkin' about.
00:07:24>> Yes.
00:07:25>> [sighs] I love a good blow job.
00:07:28>> [giggles] BRAT.
00:07:30>> That was amazing.
00:07:32I WAS ABLE TO SPREAD MY [bleep] And air it out.
00:07:35Immediately, raven and morgan were kind of off-putting.
00:07:38>> [gasps] Oh, my god.
00:07:41>> We're all staring at each other, 'cause we're just in shock.
00:07:44You is naked.
00:07:45>> I think morgan is gonna get on my nerves.
00:07:49>> Son of a bitch.
00:07:51>> Oh, wait, wait, these are my wigs.
00:07:53>> Do you usually do your own ..
00:07:55..technically, well, no.
00:07:58The answer is no.
00:07:59I felt that people were looking down on me for only doing this for five months.
00:08:03It just made me feel more determined to show them that i can do it.
00:08:09Bah, bah, bah! whoop!
00:08:12>> Hey, dolls.
00:08:14[all return greeting] Gather around.
00:08:17Mike and I went over all your photos.
00:08:20You each did a great job.
00:08:23But only one of you can be the best.
00:08:27The winner of the first ..
00:08:36>> Oh, my god.
00:08:37[applause] Congratulations.
00:08:39>> I think me winning the first challenge is gonna make the other bitches kind of open their eyes.
00:08:44'Cause I plan on winning the grand prize.
00:08:47>> Have fun tonight.
00:08:49>> Yes.
00:08:50>> 'Cause when it comes to rupaul's drag race,tomorrow is another day.
00:08:57>> You pushed me!
00:08:59>> It's like, back off.
00:09:00>> I just broke the whole machine.
00:09:02>> SO NOW WE'RE [bleep].
00:09:03>> Noo.
00:09:04>> Corn?
00:09:04Are you gonna be using corn?
00:09:07[engine revs] [RuPaul laughing] [RuPaul laughing] [alarm beeping] >> Gather round, dolls.
00:12:49Now, if you haven't guessed by now,gone with the windis the inspiration for your first main challenge.
00:12:56Now, scarlett o'hara was one fierce bitch.
00:12:59She survived the civil war, the fires of atlanta, and the ransacking of tara.
00:13:05And still, she was able to turn out a drop-dead gorgeous outfit, just using the curtains in her window.
00:13:13And now it's your turn to do the same.
00:13:17Inspired by miss scarlett o'hara, you must create your best drag look using just these curtains, courtesy of smith+noble.
00:13:26And in the work room, we've got some used home furnishings we picked up at out of the closet that you can use to accessorize.
00:13:35You'll wear your own wigs, shoes, and undergarments.
00:13:38And when it comes to makeup, nyx cosmetics has you covered.
00:13:43Tomorrow, you'll be debuting your stunning "gone with the window" drag looks on the main stage.
00:13:51Raven, since you won the photoshoot, you get to choose your curtains first.
00:13:57Choose wisely.
00:13:59Take your time.
00:14:00That's what winning the challenge gets you.
00:14:04Take note, girls.
00:14:08>> I'm gonna go with these.
00:14:09>> You're going with those?
00:14:10>> Yes.
00:14:11>> Nooo, don't pick that one.
00:14:15>> In a moment, I'm gonna let the rest of you fight it out.
00:14:19And remember, only one matching set of curtains each.
00:14:24Gentlemen, start your engines.
00:14:29And may the best woman win.
00:14:32[all chattering] [giggling] >> There weren't no ladies on that set today.
00:14:43There were men running for curtains.
00:14:45Tyra! you pushed me!
00:14:47You pushed me!
00:14:48>> This is mine.
00:14:49>> It is on now.
00:14:53>> I dashed for the first set of curtains I saw.
00:14:56And along came tatianna, and she grabbed the same one.
00:14:59>> Reach all you want to.
00:15:00Reach all you want to.
00:15:02>> Y'all could go get another one.
00:15:04>> This is mine.
00:15:05I was like, back up off.
00:15:06I wasn't letting go.
00:15:07And so she didn't hold on any longer after that.
00:15:10I win.
00:15:11>> I got to the curtain first.
00:15:13And I pulled it down first.
00:15:15It really wasn't that classy of her to do that.
00:15:17>> Ooh, I broke a nail.
00:15:18>> Keep it moving, bitches.
00:15:20>> No, sir!
00:15:21>> The rules of the challenge are pick a set of curtains and make your costume from it.
00:15:25We also have to incorporate homewear, pieces from out of the closet.
00:15:29>> I'm going to be flawless with this.
00:15:33>> Pandora, get that table back there; you can have that one.
00:15:36>> I was trying to figure out where I was going and where we were putting our stuff.
00:15:39And then shangela said, "come over here, come over to this station, and we'll work " and I was like, "you want to work together 'cause you don't know how to sew, and I know how " >> could I beg you just to, like, show me how to sew that little piece together?
00:15:52>> I guess.
00:15:53>> Hey, I'm not gonna ask him to do it for me.
00:15:55I want to learn.
00:15:56But I need to be right there next to the teacher.
00:15:58[squeals] Look at this.
00:16:02Look what happened.
00:16:03Is that supposed to happen?
00:16:04>> Oh, what are you doing?
00:16:06>> I did it.
00:16:07I just pushed the foot pedal.
00:16:08>> If I don't get to finish my outfit 'cause I run out of time, then I'll be like, "damn you " >> sahara, I'm sewing.
00:16:15Thank you!
00:16:16>> You better work, diva.
00:16:19>> Oh, my god, pandora.
00:16:26>> Mystique felt like the fabric wasn't plus-size girl-friendly.
00:16:30What size are you?
00:16:31>> 22.
00:16:32>> Really?
00:16:34>> Mystique looks like she's making a huge pillowcase.
00:16:38For mystique to sit there and think that her curtains are not plus-size-friendly is a crock of [bleep].
00:16:49..i'm doing something wrong.
00:16:53>> You're doing something wrong?
00:16:54>> Mine is broke.
00:16:56>> You what?
00:16:59You broke the needle?
00:17:00>> No, I just broke the whole machine.
00:17:04Yeah, this is an issue.
00:17:06>> SO NOW WE'RE [bleep].
00:17:09>> I should get ready, 'cause I'll have to lip-synch for my life in a minute.
00:17:11>> Hey, is anybody home?
00:17:13all: HELLO.
00:17:15>> Clean up this mess!
00:17:18No, just kidding.
00:17:19Keep working.
00:17:21Hi, mystique.
00:17:21>> Hey, girl.
00:17:22>> All right.
00:17:23How's it going for you?
00:17:24>> Kind of rough.
00:17:25>> Rough? really?
00:17:27>> No.
00:17:28>> Dress for it.
00:17:29>> This is the biggest one.
00:17:30>> Why don't you pad it?
00:17:30>> I don't got time for that.
00:17:31>> Well, this challenge is about overcoming adversity and-- >> oh, yeah.
00:17:35>> You'll do it.
00:17:36>> LIKE I SAID, [bleep] BITCHES [bleep] IN THE HOUSE.
00:17:39>> I'm gonna come over here to shangela.
00:17:41>> Hey, ru.
00:17:42>> What's your inspiration?
00:17:43>> Well, this is gonna be a hot gun concoction.
00:17:46>> I see.
00:17:47>> Along with--i'm gonna also do some sewing, and pandora's kind of helped show me the machine.
00:17:51>> I see.
00:17:52>> I might be the new bitch on the block, but in order to be on the show, I quit my job, because I love performing as shangela.
00:17:59So I have 100% committed myself to this.
00:18:01>> Oh, my goodness, corn?
00:18:03>> Yeah.
00:18:04>> Are you gonna be using corn?
00:18:05>> It is the south will rise meets children of the corn.
00:18:08>> I've seen great potential in you, so you've got to--you've got to bring it, honey.
00:18:12>> Tyra.
00:18:13>> Hi.
00:18:14>> Hi, honey.
00:18:15>> How are you?
00:18:15>> I'm good.
00:18:16Now, you have a child.
00:18:17>> I do have a son.
00:18:18His name is jeremiah.
00:18:19>> Jeremiah--oh, that's the tattoo you have there.
00:18:21>> Yeah, tattoo on my arm.
00:18:22>> Why, jeremiah?
00:18:23>> Um, we wanted a name from the bible.
00:18:26My name comes from the bible, so-- >> tyra's in the bible?
00:18:29>> No, not tyra.
00:18:30James is from the bible.
00:18:31>> [laughing] He was born the first week of my 12th grade year.
00:18:36It's like the first time I'll be away from him this long.
00:18:38My son is, like, my major motivation for winning this competition.
00:18:41>> You know, a family that drags together, stays together.
00:18:45All right.
00:18:46>> Thank you.
00:18:47>> Thank you.
00:18:47>> Sahara, hi, honey.
00:18:48>> Hi, ru.
00:18:49>> You put a lot of work into this bustier.
00:18:51>> I have.
00:18:52>> And is this the vision you had from the very start?
00:18:54>> I don't know where I'm going with it, to be honest.
00:18:57>> Are you a little worried about that?
00:18:58>> Of course I'm worried!
00:19:00I still want to be gorgeous, but I also want to have a good-- a good garment to show.
00:19:05>> Yeah.
00:19:06I think you got a little bit more work to do, so I don't want to keep you.
00:19:10>> All right, thank you.
00:19:11>> All right, I'm gonna move over here to see miss morgan and see what you're up to.
00:19:16>> Hi.
00:19:16>> What are your plans for?
00:19:17>> Okay, now, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with the sleeves.
00:19:19But I think I'm gonna do the high neck and maybe try and incorporate this into it.
00:19:22>> Ah, wow.
00:19:24>> I got this.
00:19:25>> Uh-huh.
00:19:26>> You know, which is huge.
00:19:27I could use this as a skirt, really.
00:19:28>> And you feel like you have enough time?
00:19:30>> Um, I will make time.
00:19:31I will get it done.
00:19:32>> I see.
00:19:34>> All right, ladies.
00:19:35Gather round.
00:19:37>> I'll see you tomorrow on the main stage, where our extra-special guest judge will ..
00:19:45Kathy griffin.
00:19:46>> [gasping] >> I really identify with kathy griffin.
00:19:50I love her, so I'm excited that she's gonna be here.
00:19:52>> Now, remember, in this world, you only get one chance to make a first impression.
00:19:58SO DON'T [bleep] IT UP.
00:20:01Good luck.
00:20:03See you soon.
00:20:06>> I'm kind of scared about what the judges are gonna say.
00:20:09With this hot-ass mess I'm gonna wear out there tomorrow, this is gonna be brutal.
00:20:15>> There is one word for your outfit: raggedy.
00:20:19>> It's completely off.
00:20:20>> I just don't think it's draggy enough.
00:20:24For you to lip-synch for your life.
00:20:27[RuPaul laughing] theveggies with ragu, you cangive your kids veggies they'll actually eat.
00:21:35Ragu has more than afull serving of veggies in every half-cup.
00:21:39So give them a good startwith all natural ragu.
00:21:43Feed our kids well.
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00:21:53So everyone can get their fair share of funding.
00:21:55We can't move forward until you mail it back.
00:21:582010 Census [RuPaul laughing] >> Whoo! burning!
00:23:40[all chattering] >> Tonight is my first day that I'm going to walk the runway.
00:23:45So I have a lot of great emotions.
00:23:48>> Are you nervous?
00:23:50>> Yeah. yeah, I am.
00:23:52The only thing on my mind is finish this garment.
00:23:56>> What you think, sahara?
00:23:58>> Ooh, yeah.
00:24:00>> I think mystique is a mistake.
00:24:03>> I love doing drag because i love the transformation--the costuming, the hair, the makeup.
00:24:08The glamour of it all.
00:24:09It is an art form.
00:24:11>> To be able to change yourself into a completely different person is very empowering.
00:24:22♪ Cover girl ♪
00:24:23♪ put the face in your walk ♪
00:24:26♪ head to toe ♪
00:24:27♪ let your whole body talk ♪
00:24:32>> yes.
00:24:33>> Yes!
00:24:34>> Hey, you guys.
00:24:35So happy to see all of you.
00:24:38Santino, so good to have you back.
00:24:40>> I've missed you.
00:24:41>> Merle, you look marvelous tonight.
00:24:44>> My world's been empty without you, ru.
00:24:47>> Hey, mike, what do you think of our queens so far?
00:24:49>> Oh, I'm very impressed.
00:24:52>> And miss kathy griffin, welcome to the show.
00:24:55>> Ru, I cannot believe that you dismembered our first lady and stole michelle obama's arms.
00:24:59They are perfect, as are you.
00:25:02>> Okay, judges, for this week's challenge, inspired by miss scarlett o'hara, the girls had to turn out a breathtaking drag look using just curtains and some used home furnishings.
00:25:15Are you ready to see what they've created?
00:25:18Gentlemen, start your engines.
00:25:21And may the best woman win.
00:25:25[techno music] ♪ ♪
00:25:29>> I think that I do have a good chance at winning this challenge.
00:25:33My dress looks amazing.
00:25:35>> I love the fabric of the underdress.
00:25:37It's actually the carpet and the drapes.
00:25:39>> Oh, wow.
00:25:40>> And they don't match, and they don't need to, not today.
00:25:42>> That's so 2000.
00:25:43There is nothing dirty about this sanchez.
00:25:46>> Here comes some sass.
00:25:47>> Yes, sassy miss raven.
00:25:49>> My runway walk is giving them a little hip action.
00:25:52Flip of the hair, working it out, giving them sex.
00:25:56>> I do like the focus on the waist.
00:25:57>> Yes, now she-- >> even when there isn't one, she kind of manufactured one.
00:26:00>> That's right.
00:26:01>> Which is essential in your business.
00:26:02>> Wow.
00:26:03>> Sonique, boom.
00:26:05>> Yes.
00:26:06>> Southern belle, african, playboy mansion, all rolled into one.
00:26:11I definitely think that no one else came up with that concept.
00:26:15>> I wonder what she uses that rod for.
00:26:18Here is jujubee.
00:26:20>> I feel great--sickly, gorgeous.
00:26:22I wasn't going for pretty.
00:26:25I was going for fierce.
00:26:26I put on my feathers and I felt like a big ol' style warrior goddess.
00:26:31>> Lauren bacall would love that collar.
00:26:33>> Yes.
00:26:33>> She will wrestle you to the ground for that collar.
00:26:35>> Everyone's doing redhead, kathy.
00:26:37>> Look at those gams.
00:26:38>> The legs are killing me.
00:26:41>> I didn't really know what to do.
00:26:43The lights are in my eyes.
00:26:45I see ru's teeth glowing at me.
00:26:48Freaking out inside.
00:26:49>> She's serving some raquel welch there, and I don't just mean her hair.
00:26:53>> Sahara.
00:26:54>> Uh-oh, it's raining.
00:26:56>> She is throwing some serious shade.
00:26:59>> We'll see her poolside in south beach.
00:27:01>> I'm excited to work the runway.
00:27:02That's one of my favorite things.
00:27:04>> I like the mix of the blues.
00:27:05>> Yeah.
00:27:06>> Looks great.
00:27:07>> It's refreshing.
00:27:09>> As I step onto the runway, it can be a little intimidating.
00:27:14YOU DON'T WANT TO [bleep] IT UP In front of rupaul.
00:27:17>> There's corn hanging from her hand!
00:27:19>> What is that corn doing there?
00:27:21>> I've been corn cobbed.
00:27:22>> It's a co--you been corn cobbed?
00:27:23>> Yes. and I loved it.
00:27:25>> Jessica wild.
00:27:27>> Wild flower.
00:27:28>> It's inspiring, a movie that I never saw.
00:27:31But in my imagination, that girl ..
00:27:36>> How did she get it back from the sweatshop so quickly?
00:27:39'Cause it looks like it took many, many children to make those flowers.
00:27:41>> You're absolutely right.
00:27:42>> It's a lot of work.
00:27:43>> Morgan mcmichaels.
00:27:45>> Look at that body.
00:27:46>> My attitude is a positive one.
00:27:48I will not go home.
00:27:49This challenge will not send me home.
00:27:51>> I love the little belt and the little belly jewel.
00:27:54>> I love the little eyelids there.
00:27:57>> And I never met a grommet i didn't like.
00:27:58>> Yeah, grommets are fabulous.
00:28:00 I don't know what that is, but I agree.
00:28:02>> [laughing] >> All right!
00:28:04>> That's not just an outfit, it's a lifestyle.
00:28:06>> Who needs a hybrid when you could have a basket on your head?
00:28:09>> Yep.
00:28:10>> I pulled out every single trick that I have in the bag.
00:28:13>> Ohh!
00:28:15[laughter] >> If I was gonna go home, I was gonna be memorable for something.
00:28:20>> Nicole paige brooks.
00:28:23>> My outfit's like the madame running the saloon down the street from the tara that's burning down.
00:28:27>> Yes, miss thing's got a little bustle in her hustle.
00:28:30Vivien westwood does vivien leigh.
00:28:33>> Oh, my god, I wish I'd said that!
00:28:36>> Pandora boxx.
00:28:38>> I can't believe that bitch went into my purse and took that wig.
00:28:40I just can't even believe it.
00:28:42>> It's like a body double.
00:28:43>> There's only one chance I'm gonna get to rock a runway in front of kathy griffin, and I am wearing that wig.
00:28:50>> Don't sashay away.
00:28:52One of you will be the winner of this challenge.
00:28:55And for one of you, it's curtains.
00:28:59[engine revving] [RuPaul laughing] [RuPaul laughing] >> Hello, dolls.
00:31:08I have to say, anyone who has the courage to break free and follow their heart is my hero.
00:31:16Based on your "gone with the window" challenge, your photoshoot, and tonight's presentation on the main stage, I've made some decisions.
00:31:26When I call your name, please step forward.
00:31:41Jessica wild.
00:31:43Nicole paige brooks.
00:31:46Here's the bad news.
00:31:49None of you are the best.
00:31:52And here is the good news.
00:31:55None of you are the worst.'re all safe.
00:32:03>> I DON'T [bleep] LIKE BEING Just safe.
00:32:05I wanted to be one of the top ones.
00:32:07As you move forward in this competition, I have one piece of advice for you.
00:32:14Step up your game.
00:32:17You may leave the stage.
00:32:22For you six, one of you will be the winner of this challenge.
00:32:26And for one of you, it's curtains.
00:32:30Now, we're gonna begin with tyra.
00:32:33So these are the curtains you started with.
00:32:35>> I would have liked to have seen just a little more originality.
00:32:38>> I don't mind that it's not necessarily innovative, but it is a very classic shape.
00:32:43>> I have a very small criticism, which is just maybe have a little bit more fun with your face.
00:32:47Smile, more facial expressions.
00:32:48And remember, it's drag.
00:32:50So give me face.
00:32:52>> Let's take a look at your photograph with mike ruiz.
00:32:55What was going through your mind?
00:32:56>> Pose, but don't fall.
00:32:58>> I disagree.
00:32:59I think falling on those two guys would have been the best thing that could have happened that day.
00:33:02>> Shangela, tell us what this outfit says about you.
00:33:06>> Well, you know, a little fun, a little rough around the edges, because I'm fairly new to the drag world.
00:33:12>> Your bust line is non-existent.
00:33:15There's no waist definition there.
00:33:17>> Wow.
00:33:19>> I think you need to have a better understanding of how to relate your face in a photo shoot situation.
00:33:23>> Morgan mcmichaels, what does your outfit say about you?
00:33:27>> I thought warrior.
00:33:28>> I love it.
00:33:29I love it because I'm calling you chergefani.
00:33:32You're like a little cher, a little fergie, a little gwen stefani.
00:33:35>> Yes, and cher wore something like that in herhalf breed video.
00:33:38[imitating Cher] INHALF BREED.
00:33:39[laughter] >> It reads as a lot of different things, and that could have gone horribly wrong.
00:33:46But it worked.
00:33:47>> So how much?
00:33:48[laughter] >> Pandora boxx.
00:33:51>> It's like looking in a mirror, it really is.
00:33:54>> Kathy, would you say she's the most beautiful of all the queens?
00:33:56>> Well, obviously.
00:33:57[laughter] >> Wow!
00:34:00Now, see, I wish that some of the energy in this photo, you could bring to the main stage in your presentation.
00:34:05>> Here, you're very demure and girly.
00:34:07There, you're like belting it out like judy garland on barbituratesandamphetamines!
00:34:13>> Mystique summers madison.
00:34:15>> I'm torn about the dress.
00:34:16Remember, it is the first impression.
00:34:18>> I may be a big girl, but i can get down with the skinny bitches and wear something short if I want to.
00:34:24>> [laughter] >> Now, is that your breast coming out?
00:34:28>> Got milk?
00:34:30[laughter] >> All the humor we're seeing from you now, I would loved to have seen in that picture.
00:34:36>> Yes.
00:34:37>> That's right--know who you are, and deliver at all times.
00:34:39All right, sahara davenport.
00:34:42Your first impression for us.
00:34:44>> Well, my boyfriend's asian, so I went with the parasol.
00:34:47>> Well, nothing says civil war like my asian boyfriend.
00:34:50[laughter] I love the dress, I just don't think it's draggy enough.
00:34:55>> Yeah.
00:34:55>> I agree, it probably could be a little more flamboyant.
00:34:57>> I'm a new yorker.
00:34:58I'm always on the move.
00:34:59So I decide to do something a little more contemporary.
00:35:01>> But, with that said, you know, this is a drag competition.
00:35:05>> Yes. well, thank you, ladies.
00:35:07While the six of you untuck in the interior illusions lounge, the judges and I will deliberate.
00:35:14Thank you.
00:35:16Okay, now just between us girls, we've got a little work to do.
00:35:20Let's talk about mystique.
00:35:24That outfit was raggedy as hell.
00:35:26I mean, the split was even raggedy, but it was entertaining.
00:35:29>> If they were at a drag show and she did that split, all the gays would go crazy and cheer.
00:35:32Bad dress, though.
00:35:33>> Her humor kind of sells, like, the raggedy dress.
00:35:36>> Shangela.
00:35:37>> Too old-fashioned looking.
00:35:39>> She had a lot more personality in the question and answer part that the walk.
00:35:42So she definitely could really learn how to perform, I think.
00:35:44>> We're not judging the potential a year down the line.
00:35:47We're picking a drag superstar today.
00:35:49 this isrupaul's drag race,not rupaul's school for girls.
00:35:53>> Exactly.
00:35:54>> Sahara.
00:35:55>> Chic and wonderful and sweet and great poses, but I don't know if she really has the fabulousness.
00:36:00>> Exactly, you know.
00:36:01It's all about the razzle dazzle.
00:36:03You know, and we didn't really get to really see that.
00:36:05>> Tyra.
00:36:06>> Beautiful, great visual.
00:36:07Great dress, great hair, great makeup.
00:36:09Where's the personality?
00:36:11>> Wessonality--none whatsoever.
00:36:13>> Morgan mcmichaels.
00:36:15>> I didn't really get the fun personality.
00:36:18>> I loved the concept.
00:36:19Overall, just a really well-executed look.
00:36:23>> Pandora boxx.
00:36:24>> She was really humorous, and I thought her look was great.
00:36:27>> She needs that sort of drag personality like that.
00:36:30"I'm taking the stage, I'm owning it.
00:36:31" >> with that said, silence!
00:36:38Back in.
00:36:40[engine revs] [RuPaul laughing]@@ ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú ú [RuPaul laughing] >> Welcome back, ladies.
00:41:37The judges loved your look. you have the personality to be the next drag superstar?
00:41:50You're safe. have an irrepressible energy, but can energy make up for a lack of experience?
00:42:05I'm sorry, my dear.
00:42:06You're up for elimination.
00:42:09>> I expected to be in the bottom group.
00:42:13Now I'm thinking in my head, let's turn it out.
00:42:17>> Morgan mcmichaels, you made a lasting first impression with the judges, and you are the winner of this challenge.
00:42:26[applause] >> Thank you very much.
00:42:28>> You will receive immunity from next week's elimination.
00:42:32>> Yes.
00:42:33>> Plus, you'll be doing a photo spread for interior illusions that will be featured in luxmagazine.
00:42:43>> Thank you very much.
00:42:44>> Winning any challenge in this competition is amazing.
00:42:47But to win the very first one, i set myself a high bar.
00:42:51>> Pandora boxx, congratulations.
00:42:54You're safe.
00:42:55>> Thank you.
00:42:56[applause] >> Mystique summers madison.
00:43:04There is one word for your outfit.
00:43:09..based on your ..
00:43:16I'm giving you a get out of jail free card.
00:43:20You're safe.
00:43:22>> Thank you.
00:43:25>> Pull it together, my dear!
00:43:26[applause] >> Since I was almost cut, now I'm gonna work even harder, because I believe I still could be the next drag superstar.
00:43:38>> Sahara davenport.
00:43:40This pains me.
00:43:42You're a beautiful doll.
00:43:44But your personality did not shine through tonight.
00:43:48I'm sorry, my dear.
00:43:49You are up for elimination.
00:43:52>> My heart fills with tears.
00:43:54It's so crazy, because I'm here to win, but, like, I don't want to go against my friend.
00:43:58>> I expected to be in the bottom two for this week, but i did not expect to be going against sahara.
00:44:04Sahara and I went to college together and have been friends forever.
00:44:07>> Two queens stand before me.
00:44:10This is your last chance to impress me and save yourselves from elimination.
00:44:22For your life.
00:44:24And remember, good luck, AND DON'T [bleep] IT UP.
00:44:36[techno music] ♪ ♪
00:44:40♪ stroll down the runway ♪
00:44:42♪ another payday ♪
00:44:44>> as I'm performing, I'm looking at the judges, and some are making great eye contact with me, and others are looking only at sahara.
00:44:50So I'm thinking, turn it up, shangela, turn it up.
00:44:54And that's what I did.
00:44:55♪ Cover girl ♪
00:44:56>> whoo!
00:44:57>> I looked over and she had ripped her skirt off and was going crazy.
00:45:01I'm gonna have to shut it down.
00:45:03♪ Cover girl ♪
00:45:04♪ put the face in your walk ♪
00:45:06♪ head to toe ♪
00:45:07>> when she hit the floor, I'm like, yes, yes, bitch.
00:45:11Work it.
00:45:12♪ Stroll down the runway ♪
00:45:14♪ another payday ♪
00:45:17♪ cover girl ♪
00:45:18♪ put the face in your walk ♪
00:45:21♪ head to toe ♪
00:45:22>> it looked likemortal kombat.
00:45:24[laughter] ♪ Walk ♪
00:45:30♪ walk ♪
00:45:33♪ and what ♪
00:45:35[laughter and applause] >> Wow.
00:45:41>> Fantastic.
00:45:44>> Ladies, I've made my decision.
00:45:53Chantay, you stay.
00:45:54>> Yes!
00:45:57>> Congratulations, girl.
00:45:59>> [whispering] I'M SORRY.
00:46:00>> [whispering] PLEASE, YOU ..
00:46:02I love you.
00:46:03>> It's a bittersweet moment.
00:46:04I'm happy that I survived.
00:46:06But, of course, I'm sad.
00:46:07You know, I sent my friend home.
00:46:12You have only just begun.
00:46:13But I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of you yet.
00:46:18Good luck, my dear.
00:46:20Now sashay away.
00:46:23>> Thank you all.
00:46:24[applause] [laughter] >> It was disappointing.
00:46:35If I was to lose to anyone in this group, I'm glad it was my sister sahara.
00:46:40That was a great experience, and now it's time for me to pack these wigs and go home.
00:46:46>> This was truly a bittersweet victory.
00:46:50Congratulations, ladies, for surviving your first challenge.
00:46:56And remember, if you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?
00:47:01Can I get an amen up in here?
00:47:02all: AMEN.
00:47:04>> Now let the music play.
00:47:06♪ Don't be jealous ♪
00:47:07♪ of my boogie ♪
00:47:08♪ don't be jealous ♪
00:47:09♪ of my boogie ♪
00:47:10♪ you can say that you are not ♪
00:47:11♪ but I always see you looking ♪
00:47:14♪ don't be jealous ♪
00:47:14♪ of my boogie ♪
00:47:16♪ don't be jealous ♪
00:47:16♪ of my boogie ♪
00:48:00[voices chanting nam myoho renge kyo] captioning made possible bydisney-abc domestic television [organ playing] ♪♪ this little lightof mine ♪♪
00:48:30♪♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪♪
00:48:34♪♪ this little lightof mine ♪♪
00:48:37♪♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪♪
00:48:42♪♪ whoa ♪♪
00:48:42♪♪ this little light of mine ♪♪
00:48:46♪♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪♪
00:48:49♪♪ let it shine ♪♪
00:48:51♪♪ let it shine ♪♪
00:48:53♪♪ let it shine ♪♪
00:48:55Girl: ♪♪ Whoa, yeah ♪♪
00:48:57♪♪ jesus ♪♪
00:48:58♪♪ you know, my jesus ♪♪
00:48:59♪♪ told me ♪♪
00:49:00♪♪ he said it's time ♪♪
00:49:01♪♪ to let my little light shine ♪♪
00:49:04♪♪ whoa, oh, oh, oh ♪♪
00:49:05♪♪ jesus ♪♪
00:49:07♪♪ whoa ♪♪ ♪♪ told me ♪♪
00:49:11Young lady, what is wrong with you?
00:49:12You just cut out all that wild gyration and blues shoutin' in here.
00:49:17Ain't the fourth of july picnic, bootsey whitelaw and his slide trombone.
00:49:24Show the lord a little more respect.
00:49:27Do you understand me?
00:49:30Do you understand me?
00:49:42" ♪♪ bright ♪♪
00:49:49♪♪ light ♪♪
00:49:50♪♪ my little light ♪♪
00:49:51♪♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪♪
00:49:54♪♪ oh ♪♪
00:49:55♪♪ bright ♪♪
00:49:57♪♪ light ♪♪
00:49:57♪♪ my little light ♪♪
00:49:59♪♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪♪
00:50:03♪♪ my bright light ♪♪
00:50:06♪♪ little light ♪♪
00:50:06♪♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪♪
00:50:10♪♪ let it shine ♪♪
00:50:12♪♪ let it shine ♪♪
00:50:13♪♪ gonna ♪♪ ♪♪ let it shine ♪♪
00:50:16♪♪ oh, yeah ♪♪
00:50:18♪♪ oh ♪♪
00:50:19♪♪ this little light of mine ♪♪
00:50:22♪♪ oh, yeah ♪♪
00:50:23♪♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪♪
00:50:25♪♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪♪
00:50:27♪♪ this little light of mine ♪♪
00:50:30♪♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪♪
00:50:34♪♪ oh-h-h ♪♪
00:50:35♪♪ this little light of mine ♪♪
00:50:38♪♪ oh, yeah ♪♪
00:50:39♪♪ I'm gonna let it shine ♪♪
00:50:41♪♪ let it shine ♪♪
00:50:43♪♪ oh ♪♪ ♪♪ let it shine ♪♪
00:50:45♪♪ let it shine ♪♪
00:51:44[women yelling] !
00:51:48I tell you, I'm sick of that baby!
00:51:50I ain't got to feed me no more.
00:51:52You take that kid! I won't!
00:51:55You take care of her!
00:51:56It's too much trouble to take care of both of 'em.
00:52:00You can't leave anna mae here!
00:52:02[Yelling] go on, old woman!
00:52:08Go on!
00:52:09[Chirping] [chirping stops] come back here!
00:52:18You can't leave me!
00:52:19Take care of my baby!
00:52:21You bitch!
00:53:20Anna Mae: She took alline and not me.
00:53:24How could she?
00:53:25Woman: Don't you worry about a thing.
00:53:29You're gonna stay with grandma, you hear?
00:53:32When is she coming back to get me?
00:53:36She ain't, honey.
00:53:37She just ain't.
00:54:03Lord, what I'm gonna do with another teenager?
00:54:06Well, she's not my mistake.
00:54:08Alline, don't get fresh with me.
00:54:09I'm not gettin' fresh, mama.
00:54:10I wonder what she look like now?
00:54:12Probably look like that damn no-good daddy of hers.
00:54:14Now, you said you wasn't gonna start today, mama.
00:54:16 y'all don't recognize your own-- anna mae!
00:54:20Oh, my god. is this her?
00:54:22Anna mae!
00:54:22 how are you doing?
00:54:27Hi, ma.
00:54:27Here, you ain't nothin' but skin and bones.
00:54:29Come here.
00:54:37 you have a good ride, sweetie?
00:54:40Yes, ma'am.
00:54:41Well, what'd you bring with you, baby?
00:54:43Some bags? you got some bags?
00:54:44Um, that--that big brown one right there.
00:54:47I'll get it! all right.
00:54:48Come on.
00:54:49All right. come on.
00:54:50 I kept all your letters, alline.
00:54:54I'm sorry we missed grandma's funeral.
00:54:56You know, by the time we heard, anna mae-- yeah, I know.
00:54:59Alline: Mama, can I borrow some of your new perfume?
00:55:02Go ahead on, girl.
00:55:04[Alline giggles] and that was some fine sweet potato pie, baby.
00:55:07Your grandma teach you how to cook?
00:55:09Who else?
00:55:09Now, wait a minute. wait a minute.
00:55:12Anna mae, sit down. sit down.
00:55:14Now, anna mae, I know I wasn't around, but believe me, honey, you was too young to understand what was going on with your daddy and me.
00:55:24Did alline understand?
00:55:25She ain't that much older than me.
00:55:26Now, don't think you're gonna come live in my house and make me feel bad.
00:55:31You gonna pull your weight, girl.
00:55:33This ain't just some party town, you hear?
00:55:36Yes, ma'am.
00:55:39Now, we all got jobs.
00:55:41Tomorrow you start lookin'.
00:55:46You headin' for the club, alline?
00:55:48 reggie gonna meet me there and wait for me till I'm ready to go.
00:55:51I want you to take anna.
00:55:53Mama, I got to work.
00:55:54Reggie don't want nobody-- well, I have a date.
00:55:58Go on, anna mae. put on a dress.
00:56:01I need some privacy.
00:56:06Looky here.
00:56:07Don't you get any ideas, baby girl.
00:56:09I'm the only sinner in this house.
00:56:13[R & b music playing] .. ♪♪
00:56:29Come on, anna mae.
00:56:32Excuse me!
00:56:33Wait up!
00:56:36♪♪ Well, you won't find riches ♪♪
00:56:38♪♪ but, lord, I love her still ♪♪
00:56:42♪♪ oh, boy ♪♪
00:56:44♪♪ go jump for joy ♪♪
00:56:47.. ♪♪
00:56:52.. ♪♪
00:56:54there you is.
00:56:55Anna mae, this is fross, this is spider.
00:56:58Hi. you already met reggie.
00:56:59Yeah, spider. I play piano for the revue.
00:57:02Anna mae bullock.
00:57:03..that's a pretty name, little girl.
00:57:06He's back!
00:57:08 ike turner and the kings of rhythm.
00:57:25Man: All right!
00:57:26♪♪ I know you love me, baby ♪♪
00:57:29♪♪ yeah, I know ♪♪
00:57:30♪♪ but you never tell me so ♪♪
00:57:37♪♪ I know you love me, baby ♪♪
00:57:41♪♪ but you never tell me so ♪♪
00:57:48♪♪ if you don't tell me you love me ♪♪
00:57:51♪♪ I'm gonna pack my rags and go ♪♪
00:57:54all right, now, who's gonna help me out now, huh?
00:58:07[Off-key] ♪♪ I live across the street ♪♪
00:58:09[crowd booing] ♪♪ from the jukebox, baby ♪♪
00:58:22ooh, alline, they're just awful.
00:58:25How come they get up?
00:58:27Please, girl.
00:58:27Every woman in here want to sing with ike's band.
00:58:30He's got a reputation.
00:58:32Naw, not from his looks.
00:58:36Woman, off-key: ♪♪ Always makes me think of you ♪♪
00:58:44only been with 'bout every woman in here.
00:58:47He's somethin' else.
00:58:53[On key] ♪♪ one song in particular, baby ♪♪
00:58:56[crowd cheers] ♪♪ always stays on my mind ♪♪
00:59:01aah! aah!
00:59:03♪♪ Ah, one particular song, baby ♪♪
00:59:08♪♪ always stays on my mind ♪♪
00:59:14♪♪ Every time you play it, baby ♪♪
00:59:17♪♪ I just break down and cry ♪♪
00:59:21aah! aah!
00:59:25Oh, no, no, no, mr. turner.
00:59:27I'll wear it out.