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00:00:02written by Ely Trudeau.
00:00:03Two years before she became your clerk.
00:00:06Either you stole her article, or she wrote it for you.
00:00:10That's ridiculous.
00:00:11It defamatory.
00:00:13It's good-bye to the appella court if anybody finds out.
00:00:16What did Emily do, Judge?
00:00:19Threaten to go public?
00:00:21Don't answer that.
00:00:23Unless you, what?
00:00:24Left your wife or gave her money?
00:00:27The proof was on her computer, which is why you waited to call the police so you could get rid of it Computer? She had her computer with her.
00:00:34No, not with her, not in her office not in her home.
00:00:55You really don't know where that computer is, do y?
00:01:07But you're terrified because of what's on it.
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00:02:52Guys remember, we're a solar system.
00:03:01Um, it's only 10am.
00:03:04Who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning?
00:03:11Now lets orbit I feel awesome.
00:03:13You're all awesome.
00:03:16Jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight First, you calhim a plagiarist, then a murderer, now you've changed yr mind.
00:04:25This is no way to eat a justice of the New Yorcourt.
00:04:29He still is a plagiarist.
00:04:29Except somebody else killed Emily Trudeau.
00:04:31Killed her for her computer.
00:04:32The evidence she was ghost-writing his articles was on that computer.
00:04:36If somebody wants to destroy Blakemore's rep, ruin his chances with the appellate court...
00:04:42Questions who wanted Blakemore disqualified?
00:04:44We could alwayask whoever chooses appellate court judges.
00:04:48This I'll handle.
00:04:48I'll talk to the bipartisan nominating committee, and I'll let you know what I find out.
00:05:02Want to know how it really works?
00:05:04I got just the guy for you.
00:05:10His first jowas bellhop at the Biltmore wasn't it, Jimmy?
00:05:16My mom marched me do to Democratic headquarters herself.
00:05:19Said I was a hooligan in the making and if anybody could set me straight it was Mack McNeil.
00:05:24I need to get home.
00:05:26Fill 'em in, Mack.
00:05:28, what can I tell you about the Honorable Dutch Blakemore?
00:05:31Let's start with people whd want to keep him off the appellate court.
00:05:37He might be the swing vote on an portant case or he rubs a special-interest group e wrong way.
00:05:41Everybody loves Dutch Blakemore.
00:05:43He didn't strike us as very lovable.
00:05:46When you've raised $10 million for the rty's candidates in the last election, people will overlook your shortcongs.
00:05:53So that's what counts here-- fundraising for the right party.
00:05:57Where did you think appellate urt judges came from?
00:06:01Any other judgesn the running?
00:06:03Fo. Rasmussen, Fuller, Sabatelli and Zimmer.
00:06:07But Dutch is the front-runner by a long mile.
00:06:12Because everyby loves Dutch.
00:06:16Ask the Bar Association.
00:06:18They hold public hearings on the candidates.
00:06:21Woman: We looked at Judge Bkemore's record pretty closely and I don't reca that he ever took a stand on any controversial issue.
00:06:28What about pending appeals he mig be facing on the appellate court?
00:06:32Organized crime cases, drug cases?
00:06:34Nothing of any consequence.
00:06:35Anything come up in the public hearings?
00:06:37Maybe a personal gripe?
00:06:39I don't recall.
00:06:40Can you check?
00:06:40There's always a personal gripe of some kind-- co-op neighbors who don't think the nominee pays his dues on time.
00:06:47Here. There was one name on the witness list.
00:06:50She was a no-show.
00:06:51Her name?
00:06:53Duval, Marie Duval.
00:06:54Doesn't say what her complaint was.
00:06:57In hindsight, maybe I was wrong to back out.
00:07:00But I'm up for partner next year.
00:07:02Why should I be the next Anita Hill?
00:07:05Blakemore sexually harassed you.
00:07:07I was his clerk back in the '80s.
00:07:09During a sexual battery case, he told me liked watching S&M scenes in pornos.
00:07:13Was it ever anhing more than talk?
00:07:16He never laid a hand on me.
00:07:17On anyone else, I can't vouch for.
00:07:21He harassed other women?
00:07:23Gu like him can't help themselves.
00:07:26Do you know who ese women are?
00:07:29No, but when I didn't appe at the hearing, I got a call.
00:07:32He said he was a concerned citizen.
00:07:34It was probablsome girl's boyfriend or brother.
00:07:37He said that Blakemo was a fraud, a womanizer, and that it wasn't too le for me to testify.
00:07:44Did the citizen identify himself?
00:07:46No. He hung up when I asked him h name.
00:07:49I star-69'd him and a dispatcher answered.
00:07:51It was a car service-- Smooth Ride.
00:07:56Woman: Yeah, I remember getting that call.
00:07:58Althe incoming calls get routed to me.
00:08:02I told that lady I got 102 drivers, 42 cars, each one with a cell phone.
00:08:06I got no way of knowing who called her That's what shsaid you told her.
00:08:09Same thing I td the other lady.
00:08:11What other lady?
00:08:12other lawyer.
00:08:13She comes down here a week later.
00:08:14She says she's getting crank calls from one of our numbs.
00:08:17She said if I didn't help her her bo is going to put me in contempt.
00:08:20Her boss was a judge?
00:08:23What she sd.
00:08:26Yeah, that's the one who showed up here.
00:08:28I had to pull the logs on every phone till I found one with her number on it.
00:08:33You still have those records?
00:08:35I don't need a judge putting me in coempt.
00:08:39Who had this phone?
00:08:40This day, that's just it.
00:08:41Four different dvers could have used it.
00:08:44Three calls to Emily's number at the courthouse.
00:08:46This number here right after the second call to the 248 exchange.
00:08:50That's the probation office.
00:08:55You said shut her up.
00:08:56She knew my name.
00:08:57How else am I supposed to shut her up?
00:08:59What the hell were you thinking going to his house?
00:09:02That was a good thing.
00:09:02It was good.
00:09:04What was the good thing about it, Arnie?
00:09:06For God's sake, sometimes think you're dumber than you look.
00:09:08You didn't even see what I got for you.
00:09:11From her computer.
00:09:13And don't worry, I got rid oft.
00:09:15This is pretty good, huh?
00:09:17See, I anticipated what you wanted.
00:09:20I always anticipate.
00:09:22Want me to get you some water?
00:09:27Eames: This one's a cream puff.
00:09:29Two shoplifting efs and one for passing bad checks.
00:09:32This one's got three assaults.
00:09:34Arnie Cox. Was fired from his last two jobs for violent outbursts.
00:09:39A history of violence sounds like a distinguishing feature of the semi- professional hit man.
00:09:44I only look like I'm not paying attention to you.
00:09:54You need to close ranks.
00:09:55What are you talking abou You're setting up a "seven-stars offense," right?
00:10:00What are you, an expert?
00:10:02I'm a cop.
00:10:03So's she.
00:10:05And you're under arrest.
00:10:10Your move.
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00:12:58Ask for seasonique.
00:13:45It's not that I don't have counsel.
00:13:46It's just that he costs me 100 bucks an hour.
00:13:49I mean, if I thought I needed him...
00:13:50I know you folks are just doing your job.
00:13:52And anybody that likes Chinese chess can't be all bad.
00:13:55Where'd you learn anyways?
00:13:59Yeah? Metoo.
00:14:02No, I'm just pulling your leg.
00:14:04Anyways, I never made any calls to Emilyrudeau.
00:14:08But you heard about her murder?
00:14:10Who didn't?
00:14:11You were working that night.
00:14:13Now, you see?
00:14:13I got an alibi EAMES: That's a little optimistic.
00:14:19There was plenty of time too the murder in between your runs to JFK.
00:14:22I had the trots from eating too much grease.
00:14:27Speang of...
00:14:29What would you say ii told you we found DNA in some vomit on the crime scene?
00:14:33Actually, that's a good one, Bobby.
00:14:35You had DNA, I wouldn't be here.
00:14:37I'd be sitting in some doctor's office with a court-ordered needle in my vein.
00:14:43That's a good one... Arnie.
00:14:49You've got quite a career.
00:14:51Turned over a new leaf.
00:14:54Yeah. Judge cut you a break.
00:14:58Judge Sabatelli.
00:15:22Look, isn't he the guy who writes novels in his spare time?
00:15:28I don't know.
00:15:33I just got lucky.
00:15:35I cod have been in front of Judge Sessor.
00:15:37That guy's got a broomstick up his ass.
00:15:42Something just occurred to me.
00:15:44Sabatelli's up for the appellate court.
00:15:48Oh, yeah?
00:15:50You didn't know?
00:15:53Why would I?
00:15:56Well, your favorite judge.
00:16:01You know what, Bobby?
00:16:03I'm done talking today Raoul Sabatelli?
00:16:19That's where it's going.
00:16:20Or where you're taking it.
00:16:21Every time Sabatelli's name came up Arnie's pulse went up 20 clks.
00:16:24Right along with mine.
00:16:25I know Sabatli's a little rough around the edges...
00:16:28Golden Gloves, right?
00:16:29Forget about Sabatelli for a second.
00:16:31Worry about this mutt.
00:16:32You think he stole the girl's computer, right?
00:16:35Get a search warrant.
00:16:38You care who we ask?
00:16:47Sabatelli: You're little late on probable cause here.
00:16:51u were a Golden Gloves champ in '59.
00:16:54Why? You want to go a few rounds?
00:16:58The phone calls; there's no certainty he made them.
00:17:01Isn't that why they call it "probable cause," Don't get smart with me.
00:17:06Goren: You know this defendant?
00:17:08Yeah, he's made a fe appearances in my part.
00:17:12You think murder is out of his reach?
00:17:14All of my years onhe bench have taught me that anybody is caple of anything.
00:17:19Isn't that a line from o of your books?
00:17:21My first book: The Serpent's Toot Look at this.
00:17:29Is this a French edition?
00:17:31Yeah. My books ve been translated into nine different nguages.
00:17:37That's the latest.
00:17:40La Ville Sanglante.
00:17:42"Bloody City." This is very cool.
00:17:44This one, I ven't seen before.
00:17:48Westside Danny.
00:17:51That's out of int.
00:17:53Well, I'd... love to read it.
00:18:00Could, uh...
00:18:00could I buy it from you?
00:18:04Just go ahead.
00:18:06It's on me.
00:18:07Well, thank you.
00:18:09Eames: Your Honor, the search warrant?
00:18:12Oh... okay, what the hell?
00:18:15You want to go fhing, be my guest.
00:18:22Uh, since you're signing things, doou mind?
00:18:33Woman: We don't have any computers here We don't even know how to work thvideo.
00:18:38They won't break anything, will they?
00:18:41They know not to.
00:18:42It's Judge Sabatelli.
00:18:44That belongs to my husband.
00:18:46Well, why do you have it?
00:18:48He thinks very highly He's from very humble circumstances like Arnie.
00:18:53He gave Arnie a break when he didn't have to.
00:18:56That's from the newspaper.
00:18:57One of the papers did an article on the dge.
00:19:00Arnie clipped it out.
00:19:01This is from the newspaper, too.
00:19:02That w two years ago.
00:19:04The judge hired Arnie to drive him to some fancy potical thing.
00:19:07Eames: The Judge throw a lot of work his way?
00:19:11On occasion.
00:19:12So, Arnie has all of Sabatelli's novels.
00:19:14It looks like he's read them a few times.
00:19:17They came like that.
00:19:18He bought them at the flea market.
00:19:28Are's locker at the limo company was clean.
00:19:32No computer...
00:19:33nothing to connect him to the murder.
00:19:36You underlining the dirty parts?
00:19:39The sex is pretty robust.
00:19:41It's Jimmy Breslin meets Daphne dMaurier.
00:19:44"Judge Wakefield was t worst kind of American aristocrat.
00:19:48"The kind who was born on third base and thought he hit a tripl" Wakefield's one of his curring characters.
00:19:55"Wakefield majored "and whored his way through Columbia.
00:19:59"That and marrying the granddaughter "of a New York Supreme Court Justic was e sum total of his legal education." "Wakefield sat in silence, to all appearances "in deep meditation on the grave constitutional issue "before him.
00:20:13"But Wakield wasn't meditating on anything.
00:20:16"He didn't havan opinion on the matter "so he did what he usually did when he had no opinion: borrowed one." Wakefield is Blakemore.
00:20:32Goren: In the first edition of Sabatelli's second book Wakefield's wife was named Diane-- which happens to be the same name as Blakemore's wife-- but e name was changed in subsequent editions.
00:20:42Yeah, that was a creative dision.
00:20:45Inspired by...
00:20:47threat of a lawsuit?
00:20:49Raoul was not ppy.
00:20:51In the right light you can see where we plastered over the hole heade with his fist.
00:20:55What's his beef with Blakemore?
00:20:57We know they both went to Columbia...
00:20:59Oh, yes, Raoul went on a scholarship.
00:21:01Blakemore went on his father's dime.
00:21:04Raoul got the straight A's buBlakemore got the invitations to the Faculty Club.
00:21:12Sabatelli: Ron.
00:21:14Yes, Judge?
00:21:15You need to be straight with me.
00:21:16Where are they going with this?
00:21:18Where's who goinwith what?
00:21:19The Blakemore case.
00:21:20The detectives are investigating me.
00:21:21I wasn't aware.
00:21:22You point the finger at Blakemore, you know, and everyone says, ", not couldn't be him." Point the finger at Sabatelli and they say "Well, what do you expect from some punk from the streets?" Nobody is saying...
00:21:32If they point the fing at you, Ron, what would they say?
00:21:36You know exactly what they'd say.
00:21:40Carver: Sabatelli hates Blakemore.
00:21:44He hates Zimmer.
00:21:45hates Rasmussen.
00:21:46He hates Lewin.
00:21:47He hates McCoy.
00:21:48He hates everybody eally.
00:21:50He doesn't seem to hate you.
00:21:51We served on committees together.
00:21:53I admire him as a maverick.
00:21:54A man who lifted himselfp from the streets.
00:21:56He doesn't see me as a threat.
00:21:58But that's how he see's Blakemore!
00:21:59He's paranoid...
00:22:02Is that police code for hot-blooded?
00:22:04W... wl, don't put words in my mouth or some kind of attitude.
00:22:07If he's involved, why Earth would he sign a search warrant for Mr. Cox?
00:22:11Eames: Because henew we wouldn't find anything.
00:22:14That's paranoid.
00:22:14We could throw Sabatelli another hot potato.
00:22:17See how he handles it.
00:22:19Arnie Cox made harassing calls Emily Trudeau.
00:22:23You charge him with violating his probation.
00:22:26Since he was Sabatelli's defendant, it'll end up in Sabatelli's lap.
00:22:30Sabatelli revokes his probatio Arnie goes back to prison for five to ten.
00:22:36If you'rright about Sabatelli, he won't want to alienate Mr. Cox.
00:22:40Yeah. you're right about him, then he wot have a problem locking him up.
00:22:46Very slick, Detective.
00:22:50It's a damn trap, Henry.
00:22:52's only a trap if Arnie Cox can hurt you.
00:22:54Be straight wi me, Raoul.
00:22:56As your atrney, I need to know.
00:22:58don't like surprises.
00:22:59He's a nothing little mouse.
00:23:00But you see what's happening?
00:23:01They're all closing ranks around Blakemore.
00:23:05The fact that I'm even a suspect.
00:23:08You have any idea what that does to my chances for the appellate court, Henry, huh?
00:23:12I this close and they can't stand it.
00:23:14You're right about that.
00:23:16Yeah, because I don't fill their coffers.
00:23:18I don't kiss ass.
00:23:19I've just worked hard my whole li!
00:23:21Raoul, if Arnie Cox really can't hurt you, all you'd be doing is locking up a defendant a probation violation.
00:23:28No b deal.
00:23:31Right, Raoul?
00:23:42Carver: e defendant placed harassing phone calls to Miss Trudeau only days before her murder.
00:23:47They can't prove the calls were harassing without a complaining witness.
00:23:50She's dead, Your Honor.
00:23:51Which is exactly our point.
00:23:52There'no other explanation for the calls.
00:23:54All right. Mr. Gruber, I have bent over backward to give your client second, third and fourth chances but it seems he took advantage of my generous nature.
00:24:07I'm finding him in violation of his probation and remanding him to the custody of the Department of Corrections to serve o the balance of his sentence.
00:24:16(pounds gavel) Come.
00:24:32Case closed.
00:25:32number would you like that to hurt now or later?
00:25:36Uh-- what?
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00:28:32It ain't like he had much choi.
00:28:33After everything you've done for him, he's supposed to take care of you.
00:28:37Your lawyer's not here, so you should just... listen.
00:28:43You know, think things over.
00:28:49Sabatelli gave me this.
00:28:55See? He signed it.
00:29:01Now, your copies are all secondhand.
00:29:03Not one of them is signed.
00:29:05So what?
00:29:10Have you read his latest book?
00:29:12I haven't gotten to it yet.
00:29:15You should.
00:29:15You're in it.
00:29:18"Donnie was a small-time crook "who embellished his criminal past and bragged about being a big-time robber." That ain't me.
00:29:24He just made that up.
00:29:27"Donnie was like one of those "sly little terriers...
00:29:31"always in tune to his master's moods "always eager to please, and that made him useful." Look, I told you, that ain't me.
00:29:38"As a kid, Donnie was a bed wetter "and his old man beat the crap out of him for it "until child welfare sent him "to live with his alcoholic grandmother.
00:29:48"The night of his first rest "he pissed himself.
00:29:55He was 17." None of that stuff matters, baby.
00:30:16Yore my guy, and I love you.
00:30:18Your family loves you.
00:30:20I can't just flip on him.
00:30:23I can't.
00:30:24I know it's hard for you.
00:30:26You never turned on anybody.
00:30:27But this time it's different.
00:30:29's him or you.
00:30:32I can't.
00:30:33only did what he wanted me to do.
00:30:35For once, can't you do what I want?
00:30:38Please, baby, I can't lose y forever.
00:30:48A deal? In return for what What's he offering?
00:30:51Eames: He said Sabatelli told him to do what he hato to get proof Blakemore's plagiarism.
00:30:55When Emily Trudeau found out Arni was calling her, Sabatelli got worrd the trail would lead to him so he told Donnie to shut her up.
00:31:03Arnie had the bright idea of killing her in Blakemore's house to embarrass him.
00:31:07Getting the computer was a bonus.
00:31:09What happened to the computer?
00:31:11Arnie made a copy of the computer disk and gave it to Sabatelli.
00:31:14He made a copy for himself as insurance.
00:31:18What's on ?
00:31:19Drafts of articles she was ghostwriting for Blakemore, e-mails discussing the articles.
00:31:29I can't believe Satelli would do this.
00:31:33Of all the foolish, arrogant...
00:31:43Granting this isll true...
00:31:45he's only liable for conspiracy.
00:31:49I-I can't convict him lely on the testimony of his coconspirators.
00:31:53I need corroboration.
00:31:56If Sabatelli still had a copy of the disk and if we could find it?
00:31:59That would dit.
00:32:00But, at this point what are the chaes he still has it?
00:32:03Is it enough to prove that he knows what's on the disk?
00:32:08What are you suggesting, a pop quiz?
00:32:11Or an opportunity at he can't resist.
00:32:16Now, I've been rethinking our case, Counselo Uh, we were right the first time.
00:32:21If anyone had the motive...
00:32:22to kill Emily Trudeau and destroy the contents her computer it's Judge Blakemore.
00:32:35You want to arrest Blakemore?
00:32:40Well, arrest would...
00:32:44would be an derstament.
00:36:22Ron. Ron.
00:36:23Is it true what they say Blakemore's the guy?
00:36:26So it apars.
00:36:27I told you your concerns were premature.
00:36:29Blakemore is a big fish.
00:36:29This is good for you, Ron.
00:36:31If it doesn't turn into a three-ring circus.
00:36:33Lewin wants everything by the book.
00:36:35I'm thinking of having someone from the Jicial Committee of the bar observe the interrogation.
00:36:40I serve on that committee.
00:36:45This is asinine.
00:36:46Emily never said anything to me about th Arnie Cox.
00:36:48She told you about the phone calls she got.
00:36:51Well, yes,ut...
00:36:52Look at him.
00:36:53He probably never sat on the wrong side of an interrogation before.
00:36:57You ve?
00:37:00When I was a kid.
00:37:01In my neighborhood, getting pinched was part of puberty.
00:37:04This is crazy.
00:37:05Goren: What? You're not denying she wawriting those articles for you, are you?
00:37:09She was not.
00:37:11He's lying.
00:37:11He never had an original thought inis life.
00:37:15We found drafts of articles in her ho.
00:37:18Here, this copy of an e-mail shsent you last December.
00:37:22"I'm almost finished with the final draft "and I'm pretty sure theGeorgetown Law Review "will be interested in it.
00:37:28It'll be quite a feather in your cap." Well, that could mean anything.
00:37:30It actually means you'd be out of the running for the appellate court.
00:37:34Goren: And you re worried one of those other guys would get the job.
00:37:37Rasmussen, Fuller...
00:37:39...or Sabatelli.
00:37:41Sabatelli? He's thug.
00:37:43They put h name in the race just to make it look fair.
00:37:46Eames: What about the e-mail, Judge?
00:37:48We found that article in theGeorgetown Law Review puished last spring under your name.
00:37:52You mean "The Constitutionalization of the Internet"?
00:37:55Detective, I know what I wrote.
00:37:57You'll never get him this way.
00:38:00He's not an idiot.
00:38:01Use the actual artles against him.
00:38:03Eames: You're worried your secret is out.
00:38:06Blakemore: Oh, please.
00:38:08This is crazy.
00:38:18CARVER: Judge Sabatelli thinks we should test Blakemore on the contents of the articles.
00:38:24Take it from a writer.
00:38:24If they're his, he'll know them inside out.
00:38:29ll, he might have written some, right?
00:38:32That'll be the day.
00:38:33Ask him about the one on software encryption.
00:38:36"Intellectual Property and the Shifting Paradigm"?
00:38:40Yeah, yeah, that's the one.
00:38:41He didn't ite that; I know he didn't.
00:38:43It's almost two years old.
00:38:44I have a hard time remembering briefs I wrote twoonths ago.
00:38:49It won't convince a jury.
00:38:51Well, use something recent.
00:38:52The lastLaw Review we have is six months old.
00:38:56Didn't you say you found drafts of articles the girl's home?
00:39:01I don't have dates on those.
00:39:03Well, uh, try "The Role of the Judicial Review in the, uh, in the Digital Copyright Act." That's very recent.
00:39:15Some of these don't ha titles.
00:39:18Well, ittarts, uh...
00:39:19"Traditionally, the oversight role of the judiciary in therea of the, uh..." "The area of the constitutional limits of database protection"?
00:39:27Yes, that's it.
00:39:28You've found it.
00:39:31Yes, it'right here.
00:39:33How do you know thisarticle so well?
00:39:36Because I read it.
00:39:40Because, funny thing is, it hasn't been published yet.
00:39:44Emily Trudeau was still polishing it.
00:39:57Well, uh, if...
00:39:58if you found drafts of the article uh, I'm sure the were other copies circulating.
00:40:04I probably read one of those.
00:40:08Well... no.
00:40:11There are no copies.
00:40:12We found this the same place you did-on the disk from her computer.
00:40:18A disk Arnie Cox gave us idtical to the one he gave you.
00:40:22No... no.
00:40:23No, that is t right.
00:40:25Mr. Cox told us erything.
00:40:27What does he know?! It's Blakemore!
00:40:30You don't really believe that.
00:40:30Yes,yes.He killed her with his own bare hands!
00:40:34You know he's not capable of it.
00:40:35You don't know what the hell you're talking about!
00:40:44"Of all the crimes that paraded throh his courtroom...
00:40:49the one Wakefield never understood was murder." "Murder required "passion, guts...
00:41:02and in his heart, Wakefield knew he had neither." But you, on the other hand, you... have plenty of both.
00:41:33You... sons of bitches!
00:41:36Heput you up to this.
00:41:36You trapped me.
00:41:38And I thought I could trust you, Ron!
00:41:42I thought I could trust you,Judge.
00:41:53Carver: Raoul Sabatelli...
00:41:55you're under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder.
00:42:10Eames: Marie val told us how much you like the rough stuff, Judge.
00:42:14Litton: No, don't let her get to you.
00:42:17Should we break the news to him?
00:42:18Let him sweat a little more.
00:42:20Look, this is crazy.
00:42:20I didn't do this.
00:42:22Sabatelli and Blakemore-- they violated the first rule you learn in law school.
00:42:26Never commit anything to paper.
00:42:30Captioning sponsored by Studios usa television Captioned by Media Access Group at WGBH (wolf howling) In New York City's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the Major Case Squad.
00:43:29These are their stories.
00:43:32Harry, I think you're wrong on this one.
00:43:34If we release the credits to Delhi Islamabad won't just sit on its hands.
00:43:38I don't think we should be taking on new obligations, Father.
00:43:42We're a bank, Edward.
00:43:45That's what we do.
00:43:47Take on obligations.
00:43:49Don't be such a nervous Nelly.
00:43:52Me? Nervous?
00:43:52You're the one who sees assassins behind every plant.
00:43:55I see traitors.
00:43:56There's a difference.
00:44:01(door opens) Tell Delhi they have the loan.
00:44:04If Islamabad squawks, screw 'em.
00:44:07Time for your shots, Mr. Sternman.
00:44:09We'll leave you, Harry.
00:44:12Shame, Edward.
00:44:14Shame, shame, shame.
00:44:20Son of a bitch.
00:44:23I'm surrounded by sons of bitches, Zainer.
00:44:28There you go.
00:44:29(grunts) So, where is she?
00:44:33She just came back from shopping, she said.
00:44:36And what about him?
00:44:37Before your meeting Edward took a call from a Mr. Zuckerman.
00:44:40I see what's happening.
00:44:43I'll get it.
00:44:44Throw all that out.
00:44:44It's junk.
00:44:47George, is it done yet?
00:44:48What are you doing for 800 bucks an hour?!
00:44:51What about this, sir?
00:44:52I need it signed end of week.
00:44:54That, too.
00:44:55No excuses.
00:44:56Just get it done!
00:45:00This so-called reinforced door...
00:45:05how reinforced is it?
00:45:06You'd need a bazooka to blow it down.
00:45:09They've got bazookas.
00:45:11What about the air filters?
00:45:15Once they're installed, they could pump cyanide into this place be like an offshore breeze.
00:45:20Oncethey're installed?
00:45:21Why aren't they installed now?
00:45:23Waiting for your son to okay them.
00:45:27I say they're okay.
00:45:31What exactly did he tell Knowles?
00:45:33Something about it had to be signed by the end of the week.
00:45:38That stupid old man.
00:45:40What did he mean by "whatever happens"?
00:45:44What's supposed to happen?
00:45:46Zainer: I don't know.
00:45:47Edward just said get him out by the elevator.
00:45:53What should I do?
00:45:55Just what he told you.
00:46:00Where are you going with your boobs hanging out like that?
00:46:03Cocktail party at the Met.
00:46:06I'll be back by 9:00.
00:46:08And make sure he takes one of his little blue pills.
00:46:12He might just get lucky tonight.
00:46:18She thinks I'd go near that swamp.
00:46:22Like she doesn't think I know where it's been.
00:46:25That I don't know what's going on in this house!
00:46:30(door slamming) Now, the Russians, they get all weepy on you, but they are ruthless S.O.B.s.
00:46:39Ow! Watch it, you idiot!
00:46:41Yes, sir.
00:46:42I'm sorry.
00:46:42What are you stopping for?
00:46:43My back is still tight.
00:46:47What is it?
00:46:48Do you smell smoke?
00:46:50What is it, Zainer?
00:46:52There's a fire down the hall!
00:46:54I hear noises!
00:46:55This is it. It's them.
00:46:55They're coming for me.
00:46:58Zainer, help me!
00:47:11911. What is your emergency?
00:47:13They're coming to kill me!
00:47:14They're breaking in!
00:47:15What is your location, sir?
00:47:17Hear them?
00:47:17They're trying to get in.
00:47:20Sir, I need your location.
00:47:21(thumping) Sternman Towers.
00:47:23For God's sake, hurry.
00:47:25They're shooting at the door.
00:47:25Smoke is coming in!
00:47:29Sir, emergency services are on their way.
00:47:32They're killing me!
00:47:36Sir, can you hear me? Sir?
00:47:42Captioning sponsored by Nbc/universal great.
00:50:52Mmmmmm. ( shattering, thud ) Mmmmmm. ( crash, shattering ) ..
00:50:59And green chilisto chicken and pasta, .. - good.
00:51:03IT'LL BLOW 'EM AWAY.( crashing ) Velveeta and rotel.
00:51:27The building doesn't officially open for another two months.
00:51:30Mr. and Mrs. Sternman were the only residents.
00:51:32We were still working out a few bugs in the security system.
00:51:36How elaborate was this security system?
00:51:38Alarms on every window.
00:51:38Motion sensors on the roof.
00:51:42We're on the 90th floor.
00:51:43Mr. Sternman had whole countries after him, so he said.
00:51:48This was his building.
00:51:49No one was going to drive him out of it.
00:51:52Pack this up.
00:51:53What do you know about his nurse, Rick Zainer?
00:51:57Very dependable.
00:51:59Do you have any idea why Sternman would lock himself up in the bathroom?
00:52:05This was the safe room.
00:52:06Any emergency, the drill was he'd lock himself in here.
00:52:09Four-way locks, bulletproof door, firewalls.
00:52:11And 911 mentioned shots fired.
00:52:17Check for slugs.
00:52:21Ventilation-- that one of the bugs you were working on?
00:52:25Why would Sternman run in here if there was a problem?
00:52:29I don't know.
00:52:31He was a very unusual guy.
00:52:34Seems so.
00:52:40Pipes: This is the panel that controls the security system.
00:52:43This is where the fire started.
00:52:45In the security system?
00:52:46If the grim one's going to get you, he's going to get you.
00:52:48Anyone else help this thing along?
00:52:50I won't know until I get this panel back to the lab.
00:52:53Is there any reason why the sprinklers didn't go off?
00:52:56We're looking into that, too.
00:52:57Fireman: We have another smoke fatality.
00:52:59In the laundry room.
00:53:00A maid.
00:53:04I told him it was a fire, but he was convinced it was terrorists.
00:53:07He told 911 people were trying to break in.
00:53:11Thank you.
00:53:11That could have been me pounding on the bathroom door to tell him to come out, but he wouldn't listen.
00:53:16Did you see or hear anybody in or out of the apartment?
00:53:19No. There was black smoke.
00:53:20I'm lucky I found the stairs.
00:53:22How long had you been his nurse?
00:53:24Six years.
00:53:25What kind of nursing did he need?
00:53:27He was practically a recluse.
00:53:29He had high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, bad hip, gout.
00:53:34He took 14 pills a day.
00:53:36Any mood-altering drugs?
00:53:38Zoloft, Xanax.
00:53:39(coughs) He suffered from depression, anxiety.
00:53:42Sounds like he kept you busy.
00:53:44He was an interesting man.
00:53:45All right, Mr. Zainer, thank you.
00:53:47Goren: Did this woman work for you, Mrs. Sternman?
00:53:51Yes, it's her.
00:53:51It's Aricelli.
00:53:54Oh, God, what's her last name?
00:53:55Rick, what's Aricelli's last name?
00:53:57DiMarco. What happened to her?
00:53:58We found her dead of smoke inhalation in the laundry room.
00:54:01Did she have anything to do with starting the fire?
00:54:05Not as far as we know yet.
00:54:06Would you have her number?
00:54:08We need to call her family.
00:54:09I know it.
00:54:10I'll write it down.
00:54:11I can't believe this is happening.
00:54:13This is a nightmare.
00:54:13Edward, thank God.
00:54:14You got my message.
00:54:15I was in the car.
00:54:16I heard on the radio there was a fire.
00:54:18Where's Dad?
00:54:18Is he all right?
00:54:19Edward, he locked himself in the bathroom.
00:54:21He died from the smoke.
00:54:22I'm sorry.
00:54:23Dead? My God.
00:54:24What started it?
00:54:25We don't know yet.
00:54:30My father's dead.
00:54:32I can't...
00:54:32That's not possible.
00:54:45Yu: The fire was designed to be slow burning with a maximum of smoke.
00:54:48The sprinklers had been disabled in the penthouse but were still operational in the rest of the building.
00:54:55How was the fire set?
00:54:56Security system has a dedicated phone line to the security company.
00:55:00The torch hooked up one end of an answering machine circuit board to the phone line and the other end to an electronic match.
00:55:10He dials the number...
00:55:10The phone answers, sparks the match, which sets off half a pound of loosely packed black powder.
00:55:16Can you trace any of the parts?
00:55:19Just the electronic match.
00:55:20Nine times out of ten they melt in the fire, but we managed to pull a partial serial number off this one.
00:55:29I traced the serial number and got it narrowed down to two electronic supply houses.
00:55:35They can tell you who they sold it to.
00:55:39Goren: Eames, I found the guy's workshop back here.
00:55:44Firebug, firebug, fly away home.
00:55:49Electronic matches-- buy in bulk and save.
00:55:53Bag this paper shredder.
00:55:55Look at this.
00:55:56I make it.
00:55:57It's the warehouse next to the DiSantos Beef on 11th.
00:56:03His next gig.
00:56:06I can't control variables.
00:56:08I can be the best driver in the world.
00:56:09A guy steps in front of my car...
00:56:11This wasn't some guy.
00:56:12This was my father, Harry Sternman.
00:56:15Not to mention this poor woman.
00:56:17You told me all the help was going to be out by 6:00.
00:56:20I know what I told you.
00:56:21I don't know how this could hav gone so wrong.
00:56:24I'm not happy about it, either.
00:56:26I never killed anyone.
00:56:28You're the expert.
00:56:29You should have known.
00:56:29Screw that line of thought, my you friend.
00:56:32And as a point of law, we're both on the hook for homicide.
00:56:34Joined at the hip, as it were.
00:56:37Remember, you and me, Eduardo-- Siamese twins.
00:56:49Goren: We're staking out the warehouse and Colin Flynn's apartment.
00:56:52Deakins: Any leads on who hired him?
00:56:54Eames: Not yet, but we're piecing together the documents we found in his paper shredder.
00:56:58What else we got on Flynn?
00:56:59Sheet a mile long.
00:57:00No known associates.
00:57:00House was rented for cash.
00:57:03Most of his work was insurance-related.
00:57:05No homicides until now.
00:57:09He set a slow burning fire.
00:57:10Was he trying to give Sternman a chance to get out?
00:57:12Unless the people who hired him knew Sternman would lock himself in his safe room.
00:57:16It's bulletproof, fireproof.
00:57:17The only way to get him was with smoke.
00:57:18Who knows what the intent was here.
00:57:20The crime scene is sending mixed messages.
00:57:22Maybe somebody on the inside can set you stight.
00:57:29(ringing) Goren.
00:57:41Pipes: The patrolman found him trying to set the fire.
00:57:44He reached for something, they opened fire.
00:57:46Goren: What was he reaching for?
00:57:48A set of car keys.
00:57:50Didn't anybody tell them we needed this mutt alive?
00:57:54Pipes: What can I tell you?
00:57:56So you know, he primed the sprinkler system with gasoline instead of water.
00:58:01The whole block would have gone up.
00:58:02Hell of a barbecue on a Saturday afternoon.
00:58:05Seabees-- Navy Corps of Engeers.
00:58:08Yeah, Colin Flynn served two tours of Vietnam.
00:58:10He won't be setting any more fires now.
00:58:12I'm sure the patrolman who shot him will be glad to hear that.