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00:00:00L with.
00:00:01It is so far in the back of my head.
00:00:03But men in hollywood don't always marry famous women.
00:00:07A power player's first bride is often known as the starter wife.
00:00:13[ Phone beeps ] Man on phone: I want a divorce.
00:00:16Oh, my god.
00:00:19A starter wife is dumped usually becauseshe is a reminder to the power playerand to his circle of friends that he wasn't alwaysa power player, that he wasn't alwaysan a-list actor.
00:00:31It's really difficult because the stakesare so high.
00:00:35You go into marriageto stay married.
00:00:37You're ready to stick it out 'cause that's whatyou're supposed to do.
00:00:41When you are marriedto a famous person, there's no guaranteethat he'll always be there or that you'll alwayshave each other.
00:00:47Some hollywood wives areultimately disposable because they maybe replaced by a younger versionin a younger model, and they areno longer desired by their husband.
00:00:5950% Or more of marriagesend in divorce.
00:01:02And certainly in hollywood, the numbers are higher.
00:01:06[ Photographers shouting ] in the big-time hollywood divorces with wives who were there from the very beginning and rose to the success at the same level as their husband, they get half of everything that he earned.
00:01:19When kevin costnerand cindy silva start dating, they're both nobodies.
00:01:23And so they reallystart off with nothing.
00:01:25Kevin costner had to payhis wife a lot of money when they got divorced because when he met her,he was in college.
00:01:33He had nothing.
00:01:33He amassed his whole fortune during their marriage.
00:01:37By 1994, kevin costner is worth an estimated $150 million and ends up settling with cindy for $80 million.
00:01:45Some of the biggest divorcesettlements in hollywood are steven spielbergand amy irving, neil diamondand marcia diamond, george lucas-marcia lucas.
00:01:56Ultimately, marcia lucas got $50 million, amy irving banked $110 million, and marcia diamond walked away with $150 million.
00:02:11But not all ex-wives cash in.
00:02:14The child support wasreduced to $307.16.
00:02:19For keith carradine's ex, that kind of monthly payment didn't cut it.
00:02:23That created a huge problem for me, because even though there were some provisions for education provided, I basically was contributing a great amount toward the education of the children.
00:02:37There's a big misconception that a hollywood ex-wife becomes rich by virtue of the divorce.
00:02:43No matter how much money they get, it's gonna be less than when they were married.
00:02:48The end of a marriage canalso mean the end of the perks.
00:02:52Suddenly, the red carpet is pulled out from under them.
00:02:55Some women have their own very clear agenda-- to be at the right place at the right time with the right people, to be able to call up a restaurant and get the key table.
00:03:04And then when they're no longer the wife of, somehow they're not getting that key table.
00:03:10And it's very hard for them to handle that.
00:03:12All of a sudden, people are no longer fascinated in her.
00:03:17They are no longer trying to kiss up to her.
00:03:20This can actually be that wake-up call that some of these women need to recognize that they are not just an extension of their celebrity husbands, that they are valuable unto themselves, and it actually may be that time that they get that sense of " ..
00:03:41You can't go off and leaveyour wife for weeks at a time.
00:03:44Our paths were completelyseparate, night and day.
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00:06:42Being married to a movie star is a dream come true for many women.
00:06:46Fleeman: You get to go to the parties.
00:06:48You get to go to the best restaurants.
00:06:50You get the best and most discreet plastic surgery.
00:06:54Everybody is constantlyfalling over themselves to do anythingthey can for you because they want to haveany little tiny piece of that celebrity.
00:07:04But when the spotlight is off, life can be very different.
00:07:11MODEL AND ASPIRING ACTRESS darcy LaPier met up-and-coming action star jean-claude van damme IN THE EARLY 1990s.
00:07:18We were both goingin the same direction.
00:07:20His star was star was rising.
00:07:23We both worked out and enjoyed life, and everything was positive.
00:07:28For darcy, attracting men has never been a problem.
00:07:32My friends introduced me to makeup.
00:07:34And then as I got older, I was getting attention for being good-looking, and I liked that.
00:07:39It was, wow!
00:07:40As a teenager, darcy became a regular on the local beauty pageant circuit.
00:07:44Those were the days of bathing-suit contests, and they were everywhere.
00:07:48It was just very natural for me.
00:07:50My hair was getting longer.
00:07:52I was doing my makeup better.
00:07:53And anything that I entered, I won.
00:07:56In 1985, she signed up for the miss hawaiian tropic contest and caught the attention of the company's founder, ron rice.
00:08:04darcy LaPier enteredthe oregon pageant and won thereand did very well.
00:08:09And she came to daytona beach, where we had the finals.
00:08:12Mhawaiian tropic, in those days, was huge.
00:08:15I'd never been in a pageant that had 150 girls in it.
00:08:20I was like, wow!
00:08:22Though she didn't nab the crown, darcy won ron's heart.
00:08:26In 1990, after giving birth to their daughter sterling, darcy married the billionaire tanning mogul.
00:08:32It was a natural friendship that just evolved.
00:08:36We were traveling all the time together.
00:08:38We were both going in the same direction.
00:08:40He was going to celebrity events, I was going to celebrity events.
00:08:44At a charity fund-raiser, darcy and ron met action film star jean-claude van damme and his wife, gladys.
00:08:50Gladys and jean-claude and darcy and I were all friends.
00:08:54We'd go out and party at night.
00:08:55And of course, everybody was attracted to darcy.
00:08:58Especially jean-claude.
00:09:02[ Screaming ] have a nice day.
00:09:07[ Screaming ] the belgian actor known as "the muscles from brussels" wven more notorious for living large.
00:09:17Everything came-- the people, the fast life,and all that stuff-- all those good goodiesfrom hollywood.
00:09:25By spring 1991, darcy and ron were drifting apart.
00:09:29Their marriage was annulled in 1993.
00:09:32It dissolved because we were 25 years apart.
00:09:37It wasn't working. it just wasn't working.
00:09:39Neither was jean-claude's marriage to gladys.
00:09:43After she filed for divorce, van damme and darcy began dating.
00:09:47Jean-claude and I had a lot of fun together.
00:09:49He always said he was going to marry me.
00:09:51And so I went along with it.
00:09:54On february 3, 1994, while traveling in thailand, van damme kept his promise.
00:10:01I was told that we needed to dress up in traditional thai costumes.
00:10:07So they brought the silk and gold scarves and gold jewelry.
00:10:12We came to this beautiful temple.
00:10:15And he said, "we're going to get married " and we.
00:10:22It was a very romantic wedding.
00:10:24The newlyweds lived it up.
00:10:27The vacations were wonderful.
00:10:28Phuket, hong kong, china, paris, germany, monte carlo-- my goodness.
00:10:37We opened almost every planet hollywood in the world.
00:10:40That was a lot of fun.
00:10:42The good times didn't last.
00:10:44In an interview, van damme admitted that he was a heavy cocaine user when he and darcy began dating.
00:10:51He was a raging coke addict.
00:10:52He became likea dr. jekyll-mr. hyde.
00:10:55We all have different chemical inside us, and how those chemicals are going to react to drugs.
00:11:03You have your own story, I've got my own story.
00:11:05Reporter: How do you keep him in line?
00:11:07Oh, I don't know.
00:11:09A big whip, a great big whip.
00:11:11By november 1994, darcy was fed up and filed for divorce.
00:11:17The need to helpthe celebrity husband maintain this imagethat he is clean and sober and who everybody thinkshe is, it was extremely stressfulfor her.
00:11:29I just felt that I couldn't keep doing the same thing over and over again.
00:11:35And I needed to move on.
00:11:36And it was best that he go his direction and I go mine.
00:11:41After a brief separation and nasty accusations from both sides in court, darcy and jean-claude called a truce.
00:11:49Their son nicholas was born in october 1995.
00:11:54My goal has always been family and keeping everyone healthy and happy, and I really wanted to do the right thing for my children.
00:12:01I really wanted it to work.
00:12:03But jean-claude's self-destructive behavior finally forced darcy's hand.
00:12:08You can't go off and leave your wife for weeks at a time.
00:12:12Our paths were completely separate, night and day.
00:12:14And I just-- I couldn't do that anymore.
00:12:17In november 1997, darcy re-filed for divorce.
00:12:21 times," the court ordered jeanude to pay $27,000 per month for child support, plus another $85,000 a month in spousal support.
00:12:33I REPRESENTED darcy LaPier and received the highestchild support award litigated in the countryat that time.
00:12:40In order to achieve those numbers, I had to show the court what their lifestyle was, or what the best-dressed, best-educated 2-year-old should receive via his mom, so that he can continue to be the best-dressed, best-educated, et cetera, 2-year-old.
00:12:56A big weight was lifted off my shoulders.
00:12:58I was just happy to move on.
00:13:03I'm one of the mostbeautiful women in the world.
00:13:06Because I came froma small town, that makes me a gold digger?
00:13:11There's literally20 cops standing there.
00:13:14Danny had been arrested for picking upa transvestite prostitute.
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00:15:59Shortly after she divorced action starjean-claude van damme in 1998, darcy LaPier went on a blind date with herbalife ceo mark hughes.
00:16:10After a brief courtship, the couple married in february 1999.
00:16:14But two years later, 44-year-old hughes died from an accidental overdose ofprescription anti-depressants.
00:16:20It was the hardest dayof my life, so I don't really liketo talk about it.
00:16:26When mark died, it wasreally tragic for darcy.
00:16:28I've never seen anybodydeal with pain and loss like I had to see hergo through.
00:16:34She was devastated.
00:16:38According to news reports, darcy received $20 million from mark's estate, and she faced a common criticism of hollywood ex-wives.
00:16:47" hmm, doesn't bother me at all.
00:16:50Because rich men found me attractive?
00:16:53Well, duh.
00:16:55I'm beautiful.
00:16:55I'm one of the most beautiful women in the world.
00:16:57Because I came from a small town, that makes me a gold digger?
00:17:02She's not a gold digger.
00:17:03She's just a real person whose had real relationships, and they haven't all ended the way that she probably thought they were going to when she married them.
00:17:12Darcy finally settled down.
00:17:14Since 2002, she's been happily married to 35-year-old real estate developer brian snodgrass.
00:17:20My longest relationship ever, and the best relationship ever.
00:17:25Darcy left california for a quieter lifestyle.
00:17:29I just wanted to bring my children up in oregon.
00:17:32I wanted to give them all of the goodness of the country.
00:17:40After moving to the northwest, darcy rediscovered her childhood love of horses.
00:17:45She's now a rodeo cowgirl competing in events across america.
00:17:52I've been barrel racing professionally for two and a half years.
00:17:57I've had a lot of injuries, though-- two herniated discs in my neck, a compound fracture in my left arm.
00:18:04I've broken four fingers.
00:18:05I've had three concussions, which was really sad.
00:18:09But I've had such a colorful life.
00:18:12The drugs and the drama and the beauty and the sex and the bling, bling, bling.
00:18:17I've earned my spurs.
00:18:19I don't have any regrets.
00:18:21Not all hollywood marriages start off glamorous.
00:18:25Sometimes it's a hard climb to the top with the wife leading the way.
00:18:29Many hollywood wivesare the manager, the agent, the booker.
00:18:35They are making sure their spouse is in the right place, the right time, with the right people.
00:18:43The wife of a former star faces a particularly difficult challenge.
00:18:48For gretchen bonaduce, her husband danny wasan 18-year project.
00:18:53She tried everything to get his life back on track.
00:18:57In 1990, 24-year-old gretchen hillmer took a job finding guests for radio shows in phoenix, including one that featuredformer child star turned deejay danny bonaduce.
00:19:10All right, sherry, you're on the air.
00:19:11What's up?
00:19:12That week, I booked a psychic on danny's radio show.
00:19:15She walked up to himand she goes, "hey, danny, "let me read your palm.
00:19:19"Oh, my god. you're gonna get married.
00:19:21"She's really, really, really skinny, "and she has all this hair.
00:19:24" soon after, gretchen invited danny on a date he would never forget.
00:19:30I showed up in rare form-- clean, sober,and bearing gifts.
00:19:34He had just come out of rehab.
00:19:35I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.
00:19:37I made dinner, and then we just kind of went out on the town.
00:19:41We got back to my apartment and I put the big moves on her, and she just pushed my hands away.
00:19:45I did not wanna have meaningless relationships with men.
00:19:48If they want to have that sort of relationship, it's gotta be someone I'm married to.
00:19:52Okay, that doesn't seem like too unreasonable of a request.
00:19:55And I got out the yellow pages and I found a minister, and he came over and he married us.
00:20:00But the honeymoon didn't last.
00:20:03Four months later, gretchen woke up to find her husband missing.
00:20:07I look down the street and I see all these cars racing by.
00:20:11And then I see this police helicopter.
00:20:13I open the door, and there's literally 20 cops standing there.
00:20:17He was hiding in the closet, and he's yelling when they grab him and drag him downstairs.
00:20:22Danny had been arrested for picking up a transvestite prostitute.
00:20:27Gretchen was pretty much beside herself.
00:20:30We had to post bail, and gretchen got himout of jail.
00:20:34Danny was placed on probation, but still struggled with a fierce drug habit.
00:20:39I saw this amazing potential in this man who was so funny and so brilliant and so smart, but he just could not get it together.
00:20:48I had to fight to keep him off of drugs.
00:20:50I punched drug dealers in the face.
00:20:52I laid down behind cars to stop him from getting drugs.
00:20:54Everything that I am is a direct result of my wife.
00:20:59I mean, everything, 'cause there was every chance I'd be dead.
00:21:03Gretchen became her husband's manager and worked hard to restore his image.
00:21:07That effort paid off in 2001 when danny joined the cast of a men's talk show " hello?
00:21:15I can't talk right now. I'm on e!
00:21:18But things soon went sour.
00:21:19It was during the second season of "the other half" that danny started hg this affair.
00:21:24I just could not fathom at that point in time that he would return everything I had done for him by repaying me like that.
00:21:33After the show was canceled, gretchen and danny decided to see a marriage counselor and air their dirty laundry on tv.
00:21:41It was something fun we could do together.
00:21:43I didn't realize that he was gonna go so freakin' crazy on the show.
00:21:52He was imploding.
00:21:52The steroids and the drugsand the alcohol started to make himbecome unglued.
00:21:58Vince was in his snakeskin"white" tuxedo.
00:22:06[ Chuckles ] there weresome grandparents falling downin the bathroom.
00:22:10You know,your typical wedding.
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00:24:55When the reality tv show "breaking bonaduce" premiere 2005, viewers were hooked.
00:25:02But the series marked the end for the starring couple, gretchen and danny.
00:25:08He was imploding.
00:25:09I was trying to get himinto rehab.
00:25:11I think with the steroidsand the drugs and the alcohol, the combination startedto make him come unglued.
00:25:17I actually had a couple oflike parents walk up to me and be like,it's okay, it's okay.
00:25:22After raising two children with danny, gretchen finally gave up on her marriage in 2007.
00:25:28The divorce was brutal.
00:25:30My parents were fighting a lot.
00:25:32It's hard to exactly put into words how bad that hurts.
00:25:37She really did forgive himfor cheating.
00:25:40You know, she just had to get out.
00:25:42I needed to have some self-respect.
00:25:44And I just didn't want to have my health jeopardized anymore.
00:25:49Danny responded to an interview request for "true hollywood story" ..
00:26:02I'm shocked because usually, he'll do anything to be on tv.
00:26:08Following the divorce, gretchen did her best to forge a new identity.
00:26:11In early 2009, she was cast on a cable tv program, " her boobs.
00:26:19She gets her nailsdone a lot.
00:26:20Some of her teeth are fake.
00:26:21She gets botox every six months and her hair.
00:26:24That's expensive.
00:26:25That's why I need this reality show.
00:26:27Gretchen also won a deal for her own reality series, " my whole concept was my new life-- being a single mother, my clothing line, my band.
00:26:39I wanted to do something really positive for women, and I wanted to do something really fun.
00:26:44The series concluded with a surprise proposal from gretchen's new boyfriend, drummer kevin starr.
00:26:50I just knew,the first time I kissed her.
00:26:53We looked in each other's eyes,i just knew.
00:26:55I just want to sayyou're the most charming, beautiful person, lover, and mother I've ever met.
00:27:04Miss gretchen, will you marry me?
00:27:06I would love to marry you.
00:27:11These days, the 44-year-old is happy, healthy, and headed in the right direction.
00:27:17The minute people don't care about what you're doing, you're dead.
00:27:21Mother, singer, songwriter, and performer-- she's just unbelievable.
00:27:27I don't regret one second of my life.
00:27:31You know, 18 years with danny to have the exact two kids that I have, it was worth every second.
00:27:37Thank you, guys. thank you.
00:27:39My god, that was so much fun.
00:27:42Lots of women dream of marrying a famous musician.
00:27:46But not everyone can handle the drama.
00:27:49When you're marriedto a rock star, you're constantly plaguedby trust issues.
00:27:55He is being swarmed by groupies everywhere he goes.
00:27:59A lot of time, you're sitting at home wondering, just what the hell is he doing in that hotel room?
00:28:0421-Year-old sharise ruddell loved to party on l.a.'s sunset strip.
00:28:10One night in 1985, sharise and her posse caught the attention of motley crue lead singer vince neil.
00:28:16When he asked me out,i was a little bit scared.
00:28:18And I kinda said,"no, I'm busy tomor "i have to work. I have this modeling job.
00:28:23" and then he asked again and again and again.
00:28:26He's a great pursuer.
00:28:27Neil's persistence paid off.
00:28:30Here comes vince.
00:28:31He's got these snakeskin pants on.
00:28:34And he had leopard shoes.
00:28:34His shirt was cut to there, and it was all laced up.
00:28:38And I was like, ah!
00:28:39I was helping her put onher lee press-on nails.
00:28:42[ Laughs ] vince came and got her, and he just won her over.
00:28:46I expected him to be really wild, but he was really down-to-earth, personable, charming, super-complimentary, loving-- just a really nice guy.
00:28:56Slowly but surely, her clothes kept, you know, disappearing out of our house, and her stays at his place were longer and longer.
00:29:04In 1987, vince summoned sharise to tennessee.
00:29:09He wanted me to come out to nashville.
00:29:10He had a "question" to ask me.
00:29:13I got in the limo, and he got on one knee.
00:29:14And he had the ring, and he proposed.
00:29:17On april 1, 1987, sharise ruddell became mrs. vince neil.
00:29:23It was at the hotel bel-air by this beautiful lake with swans.
00:29:29I had all my little sexy girlfriends in hot pink dresses.
00:29:33Vince was in his snakeskin white tuxedo.
00:29:39[ Chuckles ] there were some grandparents falling down in the bathroom.
00:29:44You know, your typical wedding.
00:29:47For sharise, being married to a rock star had its benefits-- first-class travel, designer clothes, and fast cars.
00:29:56She drove around town in a ferrari.
00:29:59She could get usthe best tables at the hottest,coolest restaurants.
00:30:04There are perks that are kind of fun.
00:30:07I'm very happy being in rock-and-roll.
00:30:09Some of the things are big, fat houses.
00:30:13Ours was a small, little 7,000-square-footer.
00:30:17Vince liked to collect cars.
00:30:18Six of them were ferraris.
00:30:20He never asked me what I spent.
00:30:22But the lavish lifestyle came with a steep price.
00:30:26You want to experienceeverything, so you're gonna experiencethe drugs and the alcohol and wild nightsand not sleeping.
00:30:31He had a total night where he just went crazy.
00:30:35He drank a lot.
00:30:36He'd probably done a lot of drugs.
00:30:37He told me to call his sponsor.
00:30:38He got off the phone and he said, "i'm going " keeping vince sober was a challenge.
00:30:44Whatever the guy wants, he gets.
00:30:47And people are there, ready, willing, and able to bring in the drugs, bring in the girls, and just keep feeding it.
00:30:55Once he had one drink, it went to 12 drinks.
00:30:58The first three were fun, jovial-- " the sixth and on, he kinda wanted to fight with somebody.
00:31:06So then it became a baby-sitting job for me.
00:31:11She just was askingif she was gonna die, and I didn't knowwhat to tell her.
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00:33:52From pampers for sharise neil, being married to a rock star required a lot of trust.
00:34:17When her husband vince and his group, motley crue, feelgood" tour in 1990, there was constant temptation.
00:34:26Unfortunately,that lifestyle often includes sexual experimentation, infidelity, alcoholism,drug addiction.
00:34:35And it creates its ownset of problems that can ultimatelylead to the divorce.
00:34:40When a rock star cheats,it can ruin a marriage because it can killany sense of trust.
00:34:45It can make the wife feel totally betrayed.
00:34:49It can make her feel so insecure and so jealous and so possessive over her husband that that alone can smother and kill the marriage.
00:35:00It's great when you'reup on-stage and singing and you flirt withthe girls in the front, 'cause there's alwayslots of girls.
00:35:05Oh, my god, the groupies.
00:35:07Can I just tell youhow annoying it is to be holdingyour husband's hand and have some girltry to kiss his face?
00:35:12We'd been going through the parking lot at full blast and looked back and seen two girls hanging onto the antennas.
00:35:20When the motley crue tour ended, the neils found reason to celebrate.
00:35:24On march 26, 1991, sharise gave birth to a daughter named skylar.
00:35:29It was a very quick delivery.
00:35:31Three hours and she was here.
00:35:33And next thing I know, sebastian bach was in the hospital, carrying her, singing her little songs.
00:35:39Soon after skylar was born, sharise finally decided she was tired of vince's wild ways.
00:35:45She put her foot down and said,"i'm not taking " sharise and vince split in 1993.
00:35:52It was kind of a divorcing of a whole family.
00:35:54I was, for seven years, friends with managers, agents, band wives.
00:36:02I love them.
00:36:03And even the guys in the band were like brothers.
00:36:06I had to then create a whole new world for myself.
00:36:10Then, in february 1995, sharise discovered skylar was seriously ill.
00:36:16She woke up in the middle of the night, and she had excruciating pain.
00:36:19I brought her into the doctors.
00:36:20They did a bunch of tests on her and they said that it was a tumor.
00:36:24Skylar was diagnosed with a rare stomach tumor.
00:36:27Doctors recommended experimental treatment.
00:36:30It was like four operations in four months.
00:36:32And she just was asking if she was gonna die.
00:36:38And I didn't know what to tell her.
00:36:404-Year-old skylar passed away suddenly on august 15, 1995.
00:36:46Sharise was shattered.
00:36:49She tried to stay strong, but how do you watchyour baby die?
00:36:52It helped herto really believe that skylar is an angelwatching over her.
00:36:58I told her that I would-- to come meet me when it was my time.
00:37:04Hi, baby.
00:37:07Unfortunately, dad couldn't be there at the end.
00:37:12Vince was all the way in malibu.
00:37:14It took him a long time to get back, and he missed being able to say good-bye to her 'cause he loved her so much.
00:37:19He was such a big part of her life.
00:37:25Vince started up a skylar memorial fund.
00:37:28Once a year, he has a golf tournament and raiseney in her name.
00:37:33As time passed, sharise rebuilt her life and began dating again.
00:37:37Then she learned she was pregnant.
00:37:39But her relationship withthe baby's father didn't last.
00:37:43On november 3, 2002, the 38-year-old gave birth to a son named colt.
00:37:49To be a mom again was so important to me that it was my driving force.
00:37:53I have a little boy who completely filled such a huge gaping, gigantic, open wound.
00:38:02I love, love, love, love, love my colt.
00:38:05Colt, what's your favorite dress?
00:38:07This one.
00:38:08Sharise also turned her love of fashion into a business, with a clothing company called pink polka dot.
00:38:15I went to all the pattern-makers and the cutters and the sewers and created a really great product.
00:38:22From there, I went to booty shorts and camisoles and robes.
00:38:27Sharise's journeyhas been fun, it's been wild,it's been sad.
00:38:33She's very, very excited about where she is today.
00:38:37At the end of my life, I'm gonna have a really rockin' chapter " before marrying a hollywood player, some women have already made a name for themselves.
00:38:54I did print ads.
00:38:59I was the "milk has something for every body" girl, close-up toothpaste, spokesperson for all the car companies, wella balsam.
00:39:07Sandra will gave it all up for a handsome young movie star.
00:39:12In 1980, I went to this malibu beach party.
00:39:14And there's this actor, keith carradine.
00:39:19And we meet.
00:39:20And there was an instant connection.
00:39:23Keith, to me, was just grounded.
00:39:27He was like connected to the earth.
00:39:30He was just very real.
00:39:32Very much the artistic sensibility.
00:39:35He felt unlike anyone else I'd ever known.
00:39:39Keith carradine starredin the movie "nashville," and he wrote the song"i'm easwhich got an oscar.
00:39:47He was absolutely the dream of every woman " then the surprise was seeing him in "py baby," where he was the antithesis of that.
00:39:58He was dark and mysterious.
00:40:04Never, never do that!
00:40:07You have no idea what you might've done!
00:40:09Hanging out with keith was always an adventure.
00:40:12We could be really laid-back, camping out.
00:40:14Or we could be in the high life at an exciting premiere party.
00:40:18We traveled to europe, went skiing in the swiss alps.
00:40:22When keith and I traveled, it was always first-class.
00:40:27There were the limos, the meet-and-greet people who ushered us through, got us wherever we needed to be.
00:40:32It was something that you just would never want to stop.
00:40:36Keith and sandra werea really good couple because they weren'tinterested in being in the newspapers.
00:40:42They were more interested in who they were as individuals.
00:40:45But sandra couldn't pass up a chance to appear in a film with her boyfriend.
00:40:50You don't wanna kiss me.
00:40:53It won't cost too muchto find out.
00:40:58I got $10.
00:41:01You got a car.
00:41:02[ Laughs ] forget it, soldier.
00:41:04I don't do it in cars.
00:41:08On february 6, 1982, sandra married keith at a church in downtown los angeles.
00:41:13It was the most magical day because we had decided to surprise all of the guests with a bagpipe band that marched down aisle.
00:41:23Sandra looked beautiful on her wedding day.
00:41:25She doesn't have to put on a stitch of makeup, and she looks sensational.
00:41:33The couple had two children together-- cade and sorel.
00:41:36For sandra, being a mom and the wife of a movie star meant putting her ambitions on hold.
00:41:43I had had a strong independence before we married of my own career and my own feeling of identity to that career.
00:41:53Now I'm married to someone like keith, who has a bigger identity.
00:41:59He's a big celebrity.
00:42:00I have sort of lost some of what I could identify with and felt people recognize me for.
00:42:06When a woman puts her owncareer ambitions on hold for her celebrity husband, she's actually sellingherself short and sacrificing herself.
00:42:17Keith was veryemotionally removed.
00:42:21And after several monthsof being in the dark, I realized thathe had been having a romantic relationshipwith one of his co-stars.
00:43:33Nice shoe tree.
00:43:34Mother nature?
00:43:34Get out of my dream.
00:43:36Providing your monthly gift?
00:43:38I'm covered.
00:43:39[ Female Announcer ] Tampax pearl protects up to 8 hours, even at night, rTO STOP MORE LEAKS Than the next leading brand.
00:43:45Outsmart mother nature.
00:45:15after their marriage, sandra carradine and her movie-star husband keith , new york, and telluride, colorado.
00:45:23Sandra fell in love with the historic ski town and later bought and restored the sheridan opera house.
00:45:29I told her she was crazy.
00:45:32But, you know,it's the crazy people that get things donein this world.
00:45:35Carradine was busy, too.
00:45:36Keith got this play called"will rogers at the follies" 991.
00:45:42That was when I noticed there was somethingterribly wrong.
00:45:48Keith was very emotionally removed.
00:45:53And after several months of being in the dark, I realized that he had been having a romantic relationship with one of his co-stars.
00:46:02As a result, sandra filedfor divorce in september 1993.
00:46:08Six months later,her life took a harrowing turn.
00:46:12I was invited to go on a helicopter ski trip with ricky taubman and christy brinkley.
00:46:18She was a friend of mine.
00:46:20And I took my son, cade.
00:46:22We got in the helicopter, then we went over to this place,waterfall canyon.
00:46:26On our way there, we were hit by adraft.
00:46:31We just felt a sharp turn.
00:46:34And the ground was coming up at us.
00:46:38And I just thought, oh, my god. we must be crashing.
00:46:43And the next thing I remember is this impact of intense pain in my head.
00:46:52And I just thought, oh, my god, this is gonna kill me.
00:46:55I'm not gonna-- I'm not gonna survive this.
00:46:58We hit the side of the mountain and tumbled down several hundred yards.
00:47:01Everyone was thrown from the helicopter.
00:47:04Miraculously, they all survived.
00:47:07But it took hours for a rescue team to airlift the group to safety.
00:47:10Finally, cade was the last one off the mountain with about two minutes to spare before dark.
00:47:16And they took us to the medical center in telluride.
00:47:19My dad was flying in to visit us, and I remember seeing him at the hospital and being so glad I wasn't dead.
00:47:26After the accident,sandra put her divorce on hold and allowed keith to return home-- as a friend-- so he could spend more time with the kids.
00:47:35Then, in early 1996, she started dating a wealthy lawyer named marion "chip" allen.
00:47:41But their brief romance ended tragically.
00:47:43I was actually on my way to see him in atlanta, georgia when I found out that he had died in the plane crash.
00:47:53It was an incredibly painful time, and one that I'll just never get over.
00:48:05On november 9, 2000, the carradines' divorce became final.
00:48:09The following spring, sandra retained private detective anthony pellicano to investigate keith and try to obtain more child support.
00:48:17Since the divorce, I have felt a tremendous pressure in so many areas.
00:48:22How am I gonna keep things going?
00:48:23How am I gonna make these mortgage payments?
00:48:26No lavish shopping sprees or exotic trips around the world for me.
00:48:31In the meantime, sandra got romantically involved with pellicano.
00:48:35In november of 2001, anthony invited me out to dinner.
00:48:39Well, anthony could be very charming.
00:48:42And I was flattered.
00:48:44I started dating anthony on somewhat of a casual basis.
00:48:48Then, during an investigation into alleged wiretapping by the private eye, sandra testified to a grand jury that she didn't know anything about the wiretaps.
00:48:57But when tapes of her conversations with pellicano were discovered, carradine was charged with perjury.
00:49:04Sandra genuinely fellin love with anthony, but she had no ideawhat kind of a person anthony truly was.
00:49:12I met anthony pellicano one time, and I felt like these black tentacles of death coming off of him.
00:49:19I absolutely told my mom about my feelings.
00:49:21And my recommendation was, "do not have any contact with him.
00:49:23 he is bad " this guy was like worse than darth vader.
00:49:31In january 2006, carradine pled guilty to two counts of perjury for lying to the grand jury.
00:49:37She also became the key government witness in the trial against pellicano.
00:49:41I felt morally and ethically bound to cooperate because I felt that was the right thing to do.
00:49:49In 2008, pellicano was convicted on wiretapping charges and got 15 years in prison.
00:49:55Sandra's sentencing is set for november 2009.
00:49:59The worst possible outcome for what I pled guilty to is ten years of incarceration.
00:50:06"She is truly and deeply sorry "and accepts full responsibility for her " it's sometimes almost like all of the air is being sucked out of me or that my heart could stop beating.
00:50:18It's caused me an immense amount of pain and suffering.
00:50:22I don't really think about the outcome.
00:50:25Whatever happens will happen.
00:50:26God gave me the strength to get through.
00:50:29I had never experienced anything like that in my life, ever.
00:50:34Keith carradine declined an interview request for this story.
00:50:38HE IS NOW MARRIED TO ACTRESS HAYLEY DuMOND " keith's ex-wife has no hard feelings about their divorce.
00:50:49Even though it was painful and it ended up being an incredible loss, my marriage with keith really taught me the true meaning of love.
00:50:59I bet you and I could rivaleach other in stories of groupies.
00:51:03And although I'm sure thatthe motley crue groupies were of a muchbetter caliber than the "partridge family"groupies.
00:51:10[ Laughter ] ♪♪♪♪♪♪
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00:54:09when hollywood ex-wives get together, one thing always tops the agenda-- comparing notes.
00:54:16All: Cheers!
00:54:18The rules are different for men.
00:54:19I never thought of it that way.
00:54:20Are rules different for men?
00:54:23I've never thought that.
00:54:28" I mean, I don't. I don't.
00:54:33When you're an assertive female, you definitely aren't looked at as, " " it was a sheltered life for seven years.
00:54:45I didn't pay a gas bill or an electric bill.
00:54:49I saw no bills.
00:54:49It all went to the accountants, and they took care of it.
00:54:52And I was like, you know, perpetually 16 in my head 'cause I just traveled and shopped and had a great time.
00:54:58I bet you and I could rival each other in stories of groupies.
00:55:01And although I'm sure that the motley crue groupies were of a much better caliber than the "partridge family" groupies.
00:55:09[ Laughs ] I saw some stuff that was pretty crazy.
00:55:13You know, it's like I tell my kids, " to hollywood ex-wives.
00:55:20All: Cheers!
00:55:21It's a very big club, actually, isn't it?
00:55:23[ Laughter ] for hollywood ex-wives, the biggest challenge is re-inventing themselves.
00:55:30Gretchen bonaduce hopes her new career as a rock musician leads to personal happiness.
00:55:37[ Singing ] most people go, "oh, you're almo4.
00:55:45" " oh, there's no age barrier.
00:55:50Thank you!
00:55:50Everything's gonna be organized and completely done.
00:55:54Sandra carradine has been forced to downsize her life and put her california dream house on the market.
00:56:00She now owns and manages an apartment building.
00:56:03I don't know what happened, but the drain-- the water pressure's all messed up.
00:56:07The drain is backed up.
00:56:09Man: I fix it. don't worry.
00:56:11I do real estate, so I kind of sometimes have to put my landlady hat on.
00:56:16What do you think about vegas?
00:56:17I'm thinking of buying there.
00:56:19Should i?
00:56:19I have a friend who can help you.
00:56:21I need help.
00:56:23Your table is ready, if you all would like to follow me.
00:56:26We would love to.
00:56:28Let's go make some cute dresses.
00:56:31Sharise neil is designing her own future.
00:56:34We have three lines.
00:56:35We have pink rock los angeles, pink polka dot, and candy wrappers bikinis.
00:56:41Woman: So cute.
00:56:42Can I get these two rolls, please?
00:56:44I'm just going forward with fashion.
00:56:46Fashion is my life.
00:56:50darcy LaPier loves being a rodeo star.
00:56:53Barrel racing is a sport where you complete a cloverleaf pattern as fast as you can go.
00:57:00Fastest time wins.
00:57:00And then you can win the most in your circuit.
00:57:02Or you can make it to the national finals rodeo, which is the cowboy super bowl.
00:57:07Man: Go, go, go!
00:57:10[ Cheering ] these four women have clearly moved on, and they would never go back.
00:57:18I don't wanna date high-profile men.
00:57:20No actors. bye.
00:57:23No athletes. buh-bye.
00:57:26 [ laughs ] not a chance.
00:57:29Marriage is hard, period.
00:57:31But now you add in fame and money, and it's a recipe for ugly, ugly, ugly.
00:57:36The most important lesson that I've learned is to just trust your instinct and follow the direction that you know is right.
00:57:48If I was to advise someone who was getting ready to divorce a celebrity, " [ laughs ] still, being a hollywood ex-wife is not all bad.
00:58:00You know what, I got two great kids out of it.
00:58:03I swear, you guys, I don't regret one second.
00:58:06The best thing for me is, I guess, I learned another aspect of forgiveness and healing, which was very important, and just to accept what happened.
00:58:15Time heals everything.
00:58:16Yeah, it does.
00:58:17It doesn't completely heal, but it makes the sting a little less.
00:58:21It really does.
00:58:23Woman: Hi, ladies.
00:58:24All: Hi!
00:58:25[ Laughter ] dessert, compliments of blt steak.
00:58:30I'm gonna take a picture of all of us around the cake.
00:58:34This will be fun.
00:58:38Ahh! oh!
00:58:39Oh, sorry.
00:58:41[ Laughter ] isn't it delicious?
00:58:44I'm done. how 'bout you?
00:58:46I'm done, too.