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00:00:12so many good looking men, so little time.
00:00:16I better behave myself.
00:00:20Your breasts feel so good.
00:00:23Maybe I'll be a lesbian.
00:00:25And always over the top.
00:00:27I need an accounting firm to count up all the husbands I have had and a-list actors.
00:00:32What do you want from me?
00:00:33But supermodel janice dickinson isn't over the hill.
00:00:37I just wrote an article for "harper's bazaar," " janice dickinson's been turning heads SINCE THE MID-1970s.
00:00:44The exotic dark-haired beauty broke the blond chokehold on the fashion world.
00:00:51And while most of her counterparts faded from the spotlight, dickinson clung onto fame.
00:00:58There was nothing that she wouldn't do.
00:01:00There was nothing that she wouldn't say.
00:01:03The inside story of this most daring of cover girls is the classic tale of sex, drugs, and disco.
00:01:11But dickinson's high-wire actdidn't come with a safety net.
00:01:22Far from the fashion capitals of new york, paris, and l.a.
00:01:31This is where janice dickinson grew up.
00:01:34She was born on february 17, 1955.
00:01:39From birth,janice was never quiet.
00:01:42Janice was--she was a wild child.
00:01:44Janice was a wild child.
00:01:45She couldn't sit through mass, you know?
00:01:49Janice and her two sisters took after theirpolish-american mother, jennie.
00:01:56Their irish dad, ray, served in the merchant marine after being thrown out of the navy for assaulting an officer.
00:02:04Ray's family became an outlet for his hostility.
00:02:08He hated afro americans.he hated jewish people.
00:02:10he hated latino people.
00:02:13He hated everyonethat wasn't himself.
00:02:15He was such a hater.
00:02:15I always questioned his hatred at the dinner table.
00:02:18And pow! pow! I'd get beaten.
00:02:21I'd walk into a roomwith him, and he'd justsort of grumble.
00:02:23And I'd wanna run outscreaming, but I tried to be polite " you know, hang out for a while till my skin basically crawled off my body and had to leave the room.
00:02:34He exuded such a meanness.
00:02:37As janice grew older, she discoveredan even darker side to her dad.
00:02:42My father was a pedophile.
00:02:43He vented his frustrations out on his daughters.
00:02:47He molested my older sister, and I was aware of this process going on and I was too afraid to say anything to anyone.
00:02:54He did things he shouldn't have and had no boundaries himself.
00:02:58But he also loved us all to distraction.
00:03:01And janice pushed whatever buttons that caused him to be very violent with her.
00:03:10Janice: He physically abused me for denying him sexually.
00:03:14He just used to slap me around and, you know, knock me around.
00:03:17I had a big mouth.
00:03:18So he'd smack me around for not giving in to his whims.
00:03:22Janice found refuge at a local supermarket, where fashion magazines opened her eyes to a whole new world.
00:03:30I would straddle the linoleum floor and I would look at lauren hutton sailing the pages of "vogue," and I just wanted to be that girl in those photographs.
00:03:41By age 14, janice discovered rock-'n'-roll.
00:03:46The year: 1969.
00:03:48Singer-poet jim morrison of the doors was in.
00:03:51Like morrison, dickinson says she also experimented with drugs.
00:03:55Pot, lsd, and quaaludes provided the perfect escape.
00:04:02Going to concerts and getting stoned was the thing to do.
00:04:06I think the suffering in her household was tremendous.
00:04:11 boys-- the wilder, the better.
00:04:16Someone with a motorcycle, someone with a car, someone with long hair beyond his shoulder blades, someone who looked like he just got off a wall in a post office.
00:04:27Janice's mom tried to soften the rough edges.
00:04:32My mother just said to me, you know, " and I was like, "i don't need grace and manners, " but my mother always steered me in the right direction.
00:04:43At age 16, janice took her mother's advice and enrolled in a local modeling school.
00:04:49She won a competition and went on to the national finals in new york city.
00:04:54I knew I could deliver.
00:04:55That was what you call confidence, without sounding conceited.
00:04:59I just knew that I could pirouette down the runway and show the clothes the way my predecessors did.
00:05:06So when I won the contest, I really was kind of like, "oh, gee, shucks, golly, it shouldn't have been me.
00:05:12" it felt amazing.
00:05:16I mean, I got this big old trophy.
00:05:19Janice told her father she wanted to become a professional model.
00:05:22He would say, you know, "you'll never look like that.
00:05:24"You could never be that glamorous.
00:05:27" I mean, that's not so great for a young girl's self-esteem.
00:05:35Dickinson graduated from high school in 1973.
00:05:38She headed to new york, moved in with friends, and did whatever it took to get noticed in the fashion world.
00:05:45I would just pound on photographers' doors begging them, "please, you need to take my pictures "if you're testing your lights.
00:05:52"I mean, I'd be perfect, you know, " the fashion world kind of just said, " she wasn't cheryl tiegs.
00:06:01She wasn't christie brinkley.
00:06:03I had these sloppy ethnic lips and sloppy ethnic features that I knew could model, but it was convincing the other people.
00:06:12One day, janice showed up at the prestigious eileen ford modeling agency.
00:06:17Talent booker monique pillard liked what she saw.
00:06:21We were not lookingfor that type at the time, and-- but I knew--something in me told me, this girl is gonna make it and is gonna make it big.
00:06:30Janice says eileen ford thought otherwise.
00:06:35She took one look at me " I just couldn't believe that came out of her mouth.
00:06:41I couldn't believe that she just said, " so I was thinking to myself as I walked out, you know, 0 perfect head flip curl, I'll make you eat your words, bitch.
00:06:53Next stop, the wilhelmina agency.
00:06:57In the summer of 1973, dickinson signed on as a junior model.
00:07:02Janice posed while photographers tested their cameras and lights.
00:07:07Around the same time, janice tracked down an old friend from florida.
00:07:1122-Year-old musician ron levy jammed with the king of the blues, bb king.
00:07:17You ever fallen in love with someone on the spot?
00:07:20I guess I'm a romantic, and love for me is like a leaf falling from a tree because, I mean, that's where I clocked my first husband.
00:07:27I saw this young man, and he could play his ass off.
00:07:33A few months later, dickinson married levy.
00:07:37It was a band member's wife and all the drugs, sex, and rock-'n'-roll that went with that.
00:07:44And that does not bode for longevity.
00:07:49Ron played music, and janice waited tables between modeling jobs.
00:07:54One night, she showed up at a gig to surprise her husband.
00:07:58Inside the club, janice says she got a surprise of her own.
00:08:03When you walk in and you find your husband banging some chick against the wall, some backup dancer against the wall, it's not the most pleasant thing a young girl wants to experience.
00:08:13It was the second male in my life that had just-- that I didn't trust.
00:08:18 then there was my husband.
00:08:21I just walked out the door, never went back.
00:08:23Levy said janice blew the whole thing out of proportion, that the woman was a friend, and nothing inappropriate happened.
00:08:31Still, the damage was done, the marriage over.
00:08:35But 20-year-old janice wasn't down for long.
00:08:39Her agent called to say the paris officewas scouting for fresh talent.
00:08:43Janice met with a visiting rep, who brought along his girlfriend, an up-and-coming american actress.
00:08:49Lorraine bracco of "sopranos" fame was sitting right there.
00:08:52And there was one photograph in my book that I'll never forget.
00:08:57It was just a big old, alligator, [bleep]-eating grin, and that was like the energy that I wanted to portray 'cause I was like sailing across the page like my idol, lauren hutton.
00:09:06And lorraine got it.
00:09:07And she goes, "jackie, I like that girl," with her brooklynese accent.
00:09:11So they offered me a ticket to paris, a one-way ticket.
00:09:15Man, you never saw a young girl walk out of that agency just going, "oh, my god, I got the ticket.
00:09:23" coming up,the claws come out.
00:09:32The rumor and the buzzin the industry was that janice is insane.
00:09:37And later, yo, janice!
00:09:39She really hoped he wasthe father of savannah.
00:09:43She adored him.
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00:14:06In 1975, wild child janice dickinson left manhattan for paris to chase her dream of becoming a top fashion model.
00:14:15What she craved more than anything was to succeed and, I think, to show her family that here I am; I've done it.
00:14:26That november, 20-year-old dickinson landed at charles de gaulle airport.
00:14:31Janice was awestruck as the driver transported her into another world.
00:14:35He drove me as the sun was coming up around the eiffel tower, around some ofthe most important architectural structuresin the world.
00:14:46He drove me up the champs elysee to the model's apartment at the agency, crista, and it was unbelievable.
00:14:51They had faith in me to go out and just take paris by storm.
00:14:57Janice wasn't shy.
00:14:59She tracked down some famous photographers known as the french mafia.
00:15:03These were the rock stars of photography.
00:15:05So that's why I did my homework, to go and knock on their doors when I knew they would be photographing at " soon, dickinson landed her first gig, a pantyhose ad.
00:15:17So the stockings are going all the way up to there, and I'm kicking my leg up in the air, and I'm-- aah! you know?
00:15:24I did that same energetic grin that I knew would work.
00:15:29And the french got it because the french love anything that's different.
00:15:33And when I saw myself all over, " janice's unconventional look captivated europeans.
00:15:44Over the next few months, she appeared on magazine covers across the continent.
00:15:49But old insecurities lingered.
00:15:53They didn't felt that I deserve it.
00:15:55It always went back to that voice in my head from my father that "you're not good enough.
00:15:59" still, janice pressed on.
00:16:03She returned to america after less than a year in france.
00:16:06Now it was time to take on the big apple.
00:16:10She was totally incredible.
00:16:13I remember one instance, when she was doing a booking outside, I looked at her doing her stuff on park avenue totally oblivious to the cars, totally oblivious to anything that was going on, just showing the clothes and opening her jacket and walking along and everything.
00:16:28And I thought, my god, what a talent this girl had.
00:16:31she never had any problems.
00:16:35And she realized exactly everything involved, and she was inventive and creative and beautiful.
00:16:42There's an emotion that she brought when she was looking in the camera that somehow, you know,people receive.
00:16:49This is not somethingthat you can explain.
00:16:52There aren't a lot of peoplethat come to new york and are instantly famous.
00:16:58They're instantly booked for "vogue" and they're instantly booked for "glamour" magazine.
00:17:02And she was the "it" girl.
00:17:03And "it" girls had no problem attracting guys.
00:17:08Janice began dating michael reinhardt, a 40-year-old photographer.
00:17:13Reinhardt's work appeared in the world's top fashion magazines.
00:17:17She always went with the hot photographer, which is like really what you're supposed to do when you're a hot model.
00:17:24You hook up with the hot photographer.
00:17:28Janice and michael moved in together, and soon the real fireworks began.
00:17:33It was the michael showand the janice show.
00:17:37And so the conflict was who was going to be the center.
00:17:42Oh, the arguments and the fights.
00:17:44[ Laughing ] oh, god.
00:17:46You know, that's one of the downsides about going with a photographer, is that the fights on the set-- and he would be like, "that doesn't look right. that looks terrible.
00:17:57" and she would blow up at him.
00:18:00It was a tumultuous relationship working with reinhardt because I had my set of ideas, and he had his set.
00:18:07But the results were magic. it was just magic.
00:18:10Every time I opened a magazine, she was in it.
00:18:13Every time I saw a billboard, she was on it.
00:18:14Even tv, I mean, she was everywhere, everywhere.
00:18:18It was amazing.
00:18:22The massive exposure translated into big bucks and then, bigger bucks.
00:18:28If the day rate for a fashion show would be $800, I needed $1,500.
00:18:34When everyone else started getting $1,500, I raised it to $2,000.
00:18:38Janice's income climbed even higher when she signed on with eileen ford, the agency that once rejected her for not having the right look.
00:18:48It was so easy to negotiate for her and to get the top dollar for her because I knew that I had such a talent on my hands that the sky was the limit.
00:18:58But along with fame came a serious attitude.
00:19:02If a photographer was like taking our picture and taking it and taking it, " you know, she would be like that.
00:19:08And, you know, she would walk off the set.
00:19:10And I'd be like-- she said, "you got it!
00:19:14"Come on, beverly. come on, let's change.
00:19:16"Next thing.
00:19:17" I mean, it would be like-- and you just don't do those things, or at least you don't do it unless you're janice.
00:19:27In 1977, studio 54 was the ultimate spot in new york to let it all hang out, with dickinson as the main attraction.
00:19:38We'd pull up, and the waters would part like moses.
00:19:40You'd hear the boom, boom, boom, boom of donna summer going off, you know, and it was like-- I walked up to the bar, margarita, cigarette.
00:19:48I was on the dance floor for the next four hours.
00:19:50That was it.
00:19:51The rail-thin model indulged in wild nights of disco dancing and drugs.
00:19:58You have to like squeeze your skinny, little ass into these dresses, these bathing suits, these designer size two, four, sixes.
00:20:06So a little help from my chemical friends got me through, you know-- loss of appetite, cocaine.
00:20:14Meanwhile, dickinson's relationship with michael reinhardt fell apart.
00:20:19In 1980, the couple split.
00:20:23Janice threw herself into work and more play.
00:20:26It would be nothing for herto rent a limousine, do, you know, the best hotels,the best this, champagne-- "everybody, champagne all the way around.
00:20:33I would take three or four of my friends down to key west for the weekend and get key wasted.
00:20:38She took every cent she had and spent it onthe people around her.
00:20:41 it was always the moment.
00:20:44If one of my friends needed rent, I'd hand it over 'cause I knew what it was like to be broke.
00:20:52Coming up, it's raining men.
00:20:55Here's mick jaggerfilling up my hotel room with-- I mean,everywhere you looked, there was pink roses.
00:21:02And the showdown.
00:21:04He can't even sit thereand listen to all the [bleep] that he put outonto his little girls.
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00:25:34By 1980, 25-year-old janice dickinson had crisscrossed the world.
00:25:39Wherever she went, dickinson raised eyebrows and raised hell.
00:25:45The rumor and the buzz in the industry was that, you know, janice is insane.
00:25:56janice often stepped off a catwalk and into the arms of a famous man.
00:26:0100 in the morning.
00:26:04And he would bein a tennis outfit.
00:26:06He would get off an airplanein his shorts from l.a.
00:26:08 it would be like february.
00:26:12There were others, like legendary hollywood playboy warren beatty.
00:26:16I was dating the hottest actor in the world.
00:26:19He was dating the hottest model.
00:26:21We hooked up at the carlyle, did the dirty-dirty, and the rest is history.
00:26:25But according to janice's sister, beatty wanted to double the fun.
00:26:29At dinner, waiting for janice, he propositioned me.
00:26:34And I think warren had this idea in his mind that he was gonna do the sister act.
00:26:38Later in 1980, dickinson met bruce "bruno" willis.
00:26:43Back then, bruce was a bartender who liked to play tough guy.
00:26:47We were walking down columbus avenue one day, and like some guy was eyeballing me, and bruce didn't like it.
00:26:53So this guy ended up giving him a flying side kick to his mouth and split open his lip, and like blood started squirting out.
00:26:59" and he started chasing this guy just like he does in the movies.
00:27:02Bruce and janice lasted only a few months.
00:27:05But soon, dickinson was back on the hunt.
00:27:08 live every moment like it's your last.
00:27:12She's just always looking around the corner.
00:27:15She's like a man lookingfor another sexual exploit or someone to touch and loveand more passion.
00:27:22The more passion, the better.
00:27:24But that in itself is a horrible disease.
00:27:27You can never fulfill yourself doing that.
00:27:30All of the menjanice has been with have fallen in lovewith the image.
00:27:33They wanna be seen with a supermodel.
00:27:36And I don't know how you can get beyond that.
00:27:42At a hollywood nightclub in 1981, janice rocked out with a rolling stone.
00:27:47Man: How ya doing, mick?
00:27:48I was dancing by myself on the dance floor, and all of a sudden, I looked down-- and mick's a good deal shorter than I am, but size doesn't matter when you're hot.
00:27:56This guy was hot.
00:27:56" I was like doing his mick jagger thing like kinda better than what he was doing himself.
00:28:01And I was like, "i can out dance you.
00:28:03 in fact, I could " and I think he liked " jagger launched a british invasion.
00:28:15Janice: Here's mick jagger filling up my hotel room with-- I mean, everywhere you looked, there was pink roses.
00:28:21He was courting me.
00:28:21So I said to my friend, "what do I do?
00:28:22 I'm not even " he goes, "go out with him.
00:28:28" " but then eventually, you know, the tables turned because I did start to fall in love with him.
00:28:38And so then he had the power. I lost my power.
00:28:41See, the minute like the woman shows her vein, the guy will just like walk all over it.
00:28:47Dickinson got no satisfaction from mick, but she did get it from the fashion scene.
00:28:53When you're a top supermodel like that, you know, you are really not onlyworking five days a week, but sometimesseven days a week, and then you're practically living out of airplanes.
00:29:03She said, "but, janice, you are going to get sick.
00:29:05" and I said, "no, honey, I'm supermodel, " " and that's how the term came to be, supermodel.
00:29:17That's it.
00:29:17Mayer: She worked day and night.
00:29:20And even when she was finished with a photo session, she worked the room.
00:29:25She couldn't stop.
00:29:27She was on a treadmill to nowhere, to everywhere.
00:29:31White powder fueled dickinson's manic lifestyle.
00:29:35At the pinnacle of my career, I developed a nasty cocaine problem.
00:29:39I was working, doing six collections a year, back and forth to paris to milan to england to germany.
00:29:45How do you think we kept going back in those days?
00:29:48Vitamin b12 shots didn't just cut it.
00:29:51We were taking cocaine.
00:29:53The drug took over janice's life.
00:29:56After seven years on top, the supermodel started going down fast.
00:30:02It became increasingly difficult to book her because people didn't wanna take a chance not knowing whether she was gonna show up and everything.
00:30:10Then the lights went out.
00:30:13It happened in 1982 during a benefit concert at studio 54.
00:30:18Janice discovered a new passion, singing, and agreed to perform.
00:30:23We're backstage,and janice is fine, you know?
00:30:26She's talking fine.she's fine.
00:30:29About ten minutes later, [ slurring ] janice is going-- I said, "jan, what's up? what did you take?
00:30:33" " so she breaks through. she goes out onstage.
00:30:39She gets up there.
00:30:40And janice is standing there, and the first bars of the music start.
00:30:44And janice is like, ♪♪ ana ena ♪♪ boom.
00:30:47It was a disaster becauseshe was so terrified and she was so overdrugged when she got up there that she was lip-synching badly to her own music.
00:30:59Janice's problem only got worse.
00:31:02She would hallucinate that I was going to arrest her or something.
00:31:06And she would do copious amounts of cocaine.
00:31:12In march 1982, friends and family staged an intervention at dickinson's manhattan town house.
00:31:18I was still lit from the night before.
00:31:20So I thought it was a party in my living room.
00:31:22I thought, whoa, what are you all doing here?
00:31:24" " monique said, "do you realize you missed, "you know, two days worth of work?
00:31:32"And do you realize that, you know-- "here's what's been happening to you "in the last six months.
00:31:38"And do you realize "that you've become grouchy and angry with " she packed my bags, and I hightailed it for a 28-day stint in st. mary's in minneapolis.
00:31:49Janice got a cool reception at the rehab clinic.
00:31:53I was telling everyone my true life story.
00:31:55Yeah, I was dating mick and going out with warren beatty and hanging out with the rolling stones.
00:32:02They were telling me I was a pathological liar.
00:32:04Eventually, dickinson opened up about what really mattered, her troubled childhood.
00:32:11I was able to tell for the first time in my life about why I was behaving the way I was, the unresolved issues from being abused 16 years on a daily basis with this pedophile for a father.
00:32:27And it was the first time the cat was out of the bag.
00:32:32My father came to rehab, and we had to do the group together.
00:32:37And I started talking up to some of the situations that happened when we were growing up, and my father got up and walked out, and janice fell apart.
00:32:52I told him that it was painful for me growing up in a house of rage and hostility.
00:33:02And that's what drove me and propelled me during those years for escapism.
00:33:12He split.
00:33:14And when he split, I realized, mother [bleep], he can't even sit there and listen to all the [bleep] that he put out onto his little girls.
00:33:23Janice completed rehab, but she didn't stay clean for long.
00:33:27When she came back in the business, you know, you're in an environment which is not exactly the healthiest environment around 'cause you have other people doing drugs and things like that.
00:33:38I didn't quite bottom out then.
00:33:45Coming up,sly and the family stallone?
00:33:49" she didn't--she didn't believe it.
00:33:55 phil thoughtthat I was having surgery to cover uphow empty I was inside.
00:38:36BY THE LATE 1980s, Supermodel janice dickinson was worn out from life in the fast lane.
00:38:43I had burnout in france, I had burnout in england, and I had burnout in germany.
00:38:46It was time to go to los angeles to see what I could do on the magic screen.
00:38:52In 1986, the 31-year-old wannabe movie star touched down in l.a.
00:38:58At a hollywood hot spot, janice connected with simon fields.
00:39:03Simon produced music videos for some of the biggest names in the business: Madonna, prince, and michael jackson.
00:39:09Simon was different than any man I'd ever met.
00:39:12Simon, he was hysterically funny, he was extremely good-looking, but he had vision.
00:39:19Simon's english, very, you know, sophisticatedand strait-laced kinda guy.
00:39:26And she's the opposite.
00:39:27So if you say opposites attract, I think that was the attraction there.
00:39:33Fields and dickinson started dating.
00:39:36Four months later, janice became pregnant.
00:39:39First there were wedding bells.
00:39:41Then in the spring of 1987, janice gave birth to a baby boy.
00:39:46I believe that I got humble when I had nathan.
00:39:50Nathan taught me how to behave like a human being, like a mom.
00:39:55Dickinson put her hollywood ambitions on hold.
00:39:59She settled into the role of wife and mother.
00:40:02In the summer of 1989, janice and 2-year-old nathan flew to north carolina, where simon produced his first feature film, " dickinson's mom, jennie, also visited the set with an unwelcome guest, janice's dad.
00:40:20Ray dickinson was 67.
00:40:22He suffered from a heart condition and alzheimer's disease.
00:40:25Still, janice couldn't let go of her childhood anger.
00:40:29The father-daughter tension erupted into an ugly scene.
00:40:34I saw him like kick my son.
00:40:36When he kicked my son, I went-- I went ape [bleep].
00:40:38I said, "that's it, my son's not gonna get abused.
00:40:42"'Cause I was abused, and you're being abused.
00:40:43"So I'm gonna take him, mom, and I'm gonna take him away, " I called 911 'cause he was having an attack.
00:40:49He was hitting everybody.
00:40:50My mom said, "here, make sure he has his " so we followed the ambulance, and I threw the heart pills out the window.
00:40:55He was already in custody of the ambulance, but I still feel like that I should have told them that he had a heart condition.
00:41:01But when I left him at the hospital, I told him, "bye-bye, I'll see you in the next life "'cause this life, you've made it miserable for me.
00:41:10"How dare you did what you did to me "and our entire family.
00:41:14" and that's the last time I saw him.
00:41:19He was looking at me, and I know he was lucid at that moment, but I meant every word.
00:41:24I had-- my husband was looking at me like I was insane.
00:41:27Ray passed away the next day.
00:41:30She was very-- and stillis very unforgiving.
00:41:35And, you know, you have to move on sometimes.
00:41:38You can blame your past and your experiences for the person you are or you can take responsibility and become the person you wanna be.
00:41:48I was not present when they scoured his ashes.
00:41:50I did not even attend my own father's funeral.
00:41:55I have the anger issues that my older sister has been able to overcome, which is why I admire her so much.
00:42:01She's been able to forgive her predator, her abuser.
00:42:07I have not.
00:42:09Meanwhile, dickinson's marriage to simon fields began to unravel.
00:42:14It wasn't because of any fault on his part.
00:42:17It was me.
00:42:18I was beginning to pick up the bottle again.
00:42:21So I sought treatment a second time for alcoholism and pill addiction.
00:42:26I still hadn't come to terms with the unresolved issues, once again, of childhood, my dad.
00:42:31Simon filed for divorce in may 1992.
00:42:35The couple went head-to-head ina bitter custody fight over 5-year-old nathan.
00:42:40Simon alleged janice was an unfit mother.
00:42:43When the dust finally settled, the court ordered joint custody, but janice was granted much less time with nathan.
00:42:52Dickinson threw herself back into modeling.
00:42:56She also discovered another talent behind the camera.
00:43:00Smile! great.
00:43:02[ Camera clicking ] I love it!
00:43:05I always knewshe could take pictures because she alwaystook pictures when she was with thesedifferent photographers.
00:43:11And she was working with my daughter, and anansa was going through that little teenage stage.
00:43:16So she wasn't the most adorable little girl at that time.
00:43:19And janice says, "anansa, stop being a little 'b' " anansa was like, "did you hear what she just " " " " by late 1992, janice's heart was on the mend.
00:43:39She found romance with 26-year-old tv producer michael birnbaum.
00:43:43But dickinson also jumped into the ring with movie star sylvester stallone.
00:43:48In the spring of 1993, a pregnancy test turned up positive.
00:43:53She said she had connected with two different guys and she said she didn't knowwhose baby it was.
00:44:00 I was tripping out big time.
00:44:04Finally, janice leveled with stallone, telling sly she believed he was the dad.
00:44:10Sly had doubts.
00:44:11Still, he decided to end a five-year relationship with model jennifer flavin to be with dickinson.
00:44:17No matter what happened, whether the baby was or wasn't his, and he was just so supportive.
00:44:23I felt that janice was so afraid.
00:44:25It was very hard for her to really accept that there was this man that was gonna be there for her no matter what happened.
00:44:33The media wanted all the dirt.
00:44:36The tabloid reporters would go through my trash and pull out like tampax and like, you know, beer bottles and like all sorts of like stuff, you know.
00:44:45And I'd go, "eww, this is so invasive, you guys.
00:44:48" on february 23, 1994, janice gave birth to a daughter, savannah.
00:44:58Janice looked forward to settling into family life with stallone.
00:45:02But a month after savannah was born, sly had second thoughts.
00:45:07He ordered a paternity test.
00:45:08I got the news from long beach genetics that the child wasn't his.
00:45:14" she didn't-- she didn't believe it.
00:45:19 we broke up.
00:45:22Life went on, but it was really, really difficult and it was really sad.
00:45:27She really hoped he was the father of savannah.
00:45:30She adored him. they were powerful together.
00:45:32I think he's strong enough to balance janice, and they could have really made it.
00:45:37I think they really could have made it.
00:45:40Janice now knew michael birnbaum fathered her child, but she dreaded another painful custody battle.
00:45:46So she said nothing to birnbaum.
00:45:49Instead, janice drank.
00:45:51In late 1994, a friend set dickinson up with 43-year-old real estate developer and club owner albert gersten.
00:46:00Gersten loved to party, and before long, janice was at the center of gersten's world.
00:46:06Now, you don't put an alcoholic in a nightclub and expect that you're going to be able to balance out your life.
00:46:15Janice ignored the warning signs.
00:46:17At 39, she married for the third time on valentine's day 1995.
00:46:23The dickinson-gersten ceremony created a buzz all over town.
00:46:28The wedding was incredible.
00:46:30We had this train of women all with these giant, red, heart-shaped hats and red lace push-up bra outfits.
00:46:39It was fabulous, but, I mean, not a soul there thought it would last more than an hour.
00:46:43I mean, you know?
00:46:45Within a year, strike three.
00:46:48The marriage was over.
00:46:50Janice focused on her kids, nathan and savannah.
00:46:53Salter: She had two beings that counted on her, so she had to sort of give up her selfish, super passionate ways in order to relate to two little human beings, which I think is amazing.
00:47:06And she's donean incredible job with them, and I think they havekept her sane.
00:47:12Saner, I should say.
00:47:14Most of my friends' momsare like quiet.
00:47:17They like don't saywhat they think.
00:47:19Mom just like says what she thinks.
00:47:25She's like not afraid to put herself on the line or something like that.
00:47:28Yes, I love that!
00:47:29But dickinson still battled her demons " I got sober when it was my time, which was july 17, 2000.
00:47:40I made a phone call to a friend of mine, tony peck, and he suggested I try a 12-step program.
00:47:46And my biggest problem was absolutely walking in through the door and raising my hand and admitting that I had a problem because I wanted you to like me for that cover girl.
00:47:56Later that year,janice made another tough call.
00:48:00Her little girl, savannah, was growing up and constantly asked about her daddy.
00:48:05Dickinson finally contacted michael birnbaum.
00:48:09Janice: We were out on the santa monica pier when michael first met his daughter after seven years of not knowing that he had a daughter.
00:48:14He was not to blame. it was me.
00:48:16It took him by storm.
00:48:17He was completely flabbergasted and shocked and damaged because it was painful just to inflict upon somebody, " and like, whoa, that's pretty hard-core.
00:48:29And when they met, it was extremely touching because they both went up to get lemonade and they were both standing like in the same body language and position.
00:48:39And I should have seen it all along, but I was so thick and stupid and alcoholic that I couldn't at the time.
00:48:44And I chose not to.
00:48:45Michael is a much better parent than I am.
00:48:47He's the one saying, "no television.
00:48:48"Make her read more," you know?
00:48:50" michael's one smart dad, and they're really close and really tight.
00:48:56In fact, she's gonna change her name to birnbaum.
00:48:59" coming up,here comes the judge.
00:49:09People love to hate janice.
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00:53:48From abuse to addictions, from runway shows to hot lovers, janice dickinson's life read like a sizzling summer novel.
00:53:57So janice's next move came as no surprise.
00:54:00Well, I said, "janice, you gotta write a " and I knew that it was gonna be so beneficial for her to delve into those kind of issues.
00:54:09I just sat there and wrote and wrote and furiously wrote until like my hand was going so fast and so hard and the pen into the paper.
00:54:17Memories were coming up about my dad, my childhood.
00:54:20I decided to write "no lifeguard on duty" to lift this stuff from the inside, to bring it to the surface.
00:54:28Janice's 2002 memoir made it to the bestseller list.
00:54:32She followed up with a second tell-all, ..and I'm perfect!" that book exploreddickinson's latest addiction, cosmetic surgery.
00:54:44Janice: Can't live without it.
00:54:45There's more botox in my face than a small country in micro-indonesia.
00:54:49My teeth, my hair color, my nails, my breasts-- everything about me's fake, but I'm perfect because I'm happy with who I am.
00:54:56One of the reasonspeople such as janice in the public eyeget plastic surgery, because it prolongs their career.
00:55:02There's a fair amount of pressure on people in the entertainment business, in front of the camera, to look good.
00:55:07I wanna be the best-looking corpse that ever lived.
00:55:10She has a sense of humor about everything and even aging.
00:55:14And for a supermodel, that ain't funny.
00:55:17 phil" episode to talk about plastic surgery.
00:55:22Dickinson's method of self-improvement didn't impresstv's most outspoken therapist.
00:55:28How do you make it okay in your mind that you can do that?
00:55:30 phil thought that I was having surgery to cover up how empty I was inside, and I told phil he might wanna try some hair plugs and to lose-- get some lipo himself.
00:55:43Ladies and gentlemen, the girls from "america's next top model"!
00:55:47But supermodel tyra banks liked what she saw, brutal honesty.
00:55:52In 2002, banks signed dickinson to be a judge on her reality tv show, "america's next top " every week,someone is eliminated until we finally have thatlast top model standing.
00:56:04On-air, janice went all out.
00:56:08You were working here.
00:56:09The photograph was not working.
00:56:10And there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
00:56:13It sucks.
00:56:14I had no idea she was gonna be as honest and as "tell it like it is" as she is.
00:56:18But, you know, it works for television.
00:56:20But in an interview with the "new york times" in 2004, janice revealed that working with tyra was "arduous" and that she didn't "agree with the concepts " everybody has their own opinion of what is a good picture, what isn't, what's a good model, who has potential but is not showing it, or whose time is up.
00:56:42Then janice decided her time was up.
00:56:45After four seasons, she left the show in 2005 with no hard feelings.
00:56:51Hell, no!
00:56:52I'm moving on to bigger and better things!
00:56:54Janice began planning her own tv series about starting a business in the world she loved.
00:57:00I'm opening a modeling agency on the oxygen network.
00:57:02We're starting in june, so I'm here looking at models, checking out the bookers, checking out the trends.
00:57:09"The janice dickinson modeling agency" premiered in summer 2006.
00:57:14As cameras rolled, janice discovered cool models and hot ratings.
00:57:19Her series scored the largest audience to date for oxygen.
00:57:23Season two was an even bigger hit.
00:57:25Her third season began filming in 2007.
00:57:29In her personal life, dickinson worked hard to stay sober and play supermom to nathan and savannah.
00:57:36She adores her children.
00:57:38Nathan, do you want cindy?
00:57:39Nathan: Mom, stop!
00:57:42Oh, my god.
00:57:43Been there, done that. ah!
00:57:45I know that I embarrass my children because I'm loud and obnoxious, but my heart's in the right place.
00:57:53For more than three decades, janice somehow managed to keep her face, figure, and outrageous personality front and center, exactly where she intends to stay.
00:58:06She's a force because she's a survivor.
00:58:09She's a beautiful girl inside and she went through all kinds of things, but she's a survivor.
00:58:15She's lived nine lives, you know?
00:58:17And believe me, she has two more cats in her.
00:58:21I write, I'm on television, and I'm in the pta, and I'm the loudest soccer mom there is.
00:58:28That's just who I am.
00:58:29Please, all I want is a star on hollywood boulevard,