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00:00:00Championship has a chance-to-eight different conferences.
00:00:06, ohio state and north carolina win tonight, it would mark the first time since 1975 that no conference or independent had multiple teams in the elite eight.
00:00:16>>> My bracket wasn't good but president alabama is in the 8 percent I'll -- percentile.
00:00:25>> He knows his hoops.
00:00:27>> A lot of guys do and don't do well on that.
00:00:29>> He's had some luck.
00:00:30>> The fab five documentary is coming up on espnews.
00:00:32Where going there.
00:00:33>> We are.
00:00:33He's brian kenny.
00:00:34I'm jay harris.
00:00:36I'm not talking about my bracket because it's really bad.
00:00:38>> See you later.
00:00:46[crowd cheering] >> male announcer: FROM ESPN Films,the fab five, presented by super street fighter iv, 3-d edition, rated teen.
00:01:10>> I remember watching the first duke game that the fab five played in december of '91 and saying, "who are " the fab five come in and don't care how they look or how they're perceived-- bald heads, black socks, black shoes, baggy shorts.
00:01:26They act how they want to act, and they're doing well.
00:01:29No big-time college basketball team had ever started freshmen like that before.
00:01:35A lot of america was threatened by some young, outspoken, brash black guys.
00:01:40I think that the audience, when they watch this, will see what these guys had to go through off the floor to get to a point where they could be successful.
00:01:50>> announcer: AND NOW The fab five.
00:01:56>> When the banners were snatched down, and they rolled them up and put them in the basement, it rocked me to the core because we had put so much into that.
00:02:13Like, it's like snatching your life dreams away.
00:02:19When you mess up, there are consequences, and know that you could pay for them by being erased.
00:02:32[solemn instrumental music] ♪♪ ♪♪
00:02:39>> male narrator: DEEP WITHIN The archives at the university of michigan lie the remnants of a revolution.
00:02:47To some, it was the flash point of a cultural rebellion.
00:02:51To others, the essence of all that was wrong with college sports.
00:02:57[cheers and applause] [rock music] ♪♪ ♪♪
00:03:06>> michigan is going to the ncaa final four!
00:03:10>> Oh, showtime!
00:03:16>> narrator: WHERE THESE Hallways end, a legacy lies in limbo, and our story begins.
00:03:24>> 3 On 2 to king!
00:03:27>> All righty, baby!
00:03:28Here they go!
00:03:29The wolverines!
00:03:33>> We gonna shock the world!
00:03:34I told you, we was gonna shock the world.
00:03:38>> A huge mental mistake.
00:03:43>> This is a day of great shame for the university.
00:03:56>> Steve fisher doing all the right things in this particular ball game.
00:03:59See, mills makes it tough to throw the line drive pass.
00:04:02>> Starts when touched.
00:04:03Long pass.
00:04:04Walker and green battle.
00:04:05Walker fires up.
00:04:06It's over.
00:04:07Michigan has won the national championship.
00:04:09The wolverines win an ncaa title over seton hall.
00:04:14>> narrator: THE MICHIGAN Wolverines weren't supposed to win the 1989 national championship, certainly not just three weeks after steve fisher had been promoted to replace head coach bill frieder on the eve of the ncaa tournament.
00:04:28>> I am the happiest man alive right now, brent.
00:04:30I'm just so proud of every one of them.
00:04:33>> Coach fisher, I think we will be able to replace that interim tax sometime soon.
00:04:37>> narrator: FISHER DID GET The full-time job, but the following season, the wolverines were bounced in the second round of the tournament, and the next year was even worse.
00:04:47>> We struggled, lost in the first round , and a lot of PLACES, N.I.T.s ARE PRETTY GOOD, But where we were, it was unacceptable.
00:04:58>> Steve fisher was really essentially on the hot seat that year.
00:05:03>> Turnover.
00:05:04Here comes caleb, busting out for the wolverines.
00:05:06He misses the layup.
00:05:08>> Remember, now, the championship that he won, even though he was on that coaching staff, people did not consider those guys his players.
00:05:16They were somebody else's.
00:05:18So now he has to go out and keep michigan at a high level.
00:05:23>> All the talking heads said, "well, fisher won.
00:05:28He won with frieder's talent, but now can he do what's most important?
00:05:32" >> we had some debate.
00:05:33Who was the most important recruit for michigan?
00:05:35And someone would bring up, " and I said, "it's not chris webber; it's juwan howard, because I think juwan howard wants to come, and if we lose chris webber, juwan howard will still give us the type of recruiting class that we can build on and be successful " >> narrator: IN 1990, JUWAN Howard was one of the nation's top prospects, a first team all-american from chicago's notorious south side.
00:06:00>> Yeah, my mom and dad had me at a young age, and my grandmother took that responsibility, took that role to be my mother and father combined.
00:06:09The howard family is very small, but we were a close-knit group, and I think a big reason for that was my grandmother.
00:06:17I wanted to go to a university that the coaching staff, the players, was all a family.
00:06:24>> I spent every day recruiting juwan howard.
00:06:26That means, if he was playing in an open gym in a park, I was at the open gym.
00:06:30That means, if he was at a summer league game, I was at the summer league game.
00:06:34I convinced myself I was not gonna be outworked to get juwan howard.
00:06:37>> Juwan trusted us, taking care of him, looking after him, like his grandmother had when he was growing up in the projects of the south side of chicago.
00:06:47>> The day I declared to go to the university of michigan, I woke up that morning, and I was all excited about the press conference at school, and I recall my grandmother helping me get ready that morning.
00:06:58I came back home after basketball practice.
00:07:00There was a friend of the family walking out of our home, and she said, "well, your " and I'm like--i didn't believe her.
00:07:11>> Juwan signed his national , got a phone call at 6:00 p.m.
00:07:18That juwan's grandmother had died of a massive heart attack.
00:07:23Juwan was uncontrollable in his sorrow.
00:07:27So brian and i, along with my wife, angie, jumped on a plane, and we felt we had to be there for him during that time.
00:07:36>> We had a lot of friends and family members to show up to my grandmother's funeral, but what meant the most to me, to see coach fisher there, coach dutcher, to be there for me.
00:07:48And that was the start of me building a new relationship with a new family.
00:07:55>> narrator: WITH HOWARD SIGNED, Next on michigan's wish list was jimmy king, a highly touted shooting guard out of plano, texas.
00:08:02>> My recruiting trip to michigan, it was the first chance I got to meet juwan.