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00:00:01That's gonna be the short, narrower thing of the sks.
00:00:05- I think we have two shooters.
00:00:08There seems to be more sks rounds than the medium-caliber shell casings.
00:00:14It's overkill, no doubt about it.
00:00:18narrator: ..
00:00:21- What you got?
00:00:22narrator: The team gets a potential lead.
00:00:25- Apartment ..
00:00:26narrator: Detective kyle willett found a woman who says she knows one of the shooters.
00:00:32- We need her to go to the office and get the information now.
00:00:42- Can you give me a brief description of the events that led up to tonight?
00:00:47- I received a call from my ex-husband.
00:00:52narrator: THE WOMAN SAYS Before the shooting, her ex-husband spoke to a man that may be involved.
00:00:58The man had just been in a fight and was angry.
00:01:02- He was very, very intoxicated.
00:01:10- That's in reference to the people he was fighting with.
00:01:13- Mm-hmm.
00:01:15narrator: She says that her ex-husband told her the man's name.
00:01:30- Okay.
00:01:40- We got tawain lewis.
00:01:43narrator: Tawain lewis, aka "chum," is 31 years old.
00:01:49- He has a history of trafficking in controlled substance, tampering with physical evidence, fleeing and evading police, is shooting took place.
00:01:59- We have two victims that survived.
00:02:02If he's our guy, they'll be able to pick him out.
00:02:10narrator: In the morning, detective chris middleton and sergeant aaron crowell take a photo pack containing chum to one of the surviving victims, demarcus.
00:02:22- Hey, what's up, man?
00:02:22You demarcus?
00:02:24- Yeah.
00:02:24- Can I talk to you for a minute, partner?
00:02:26Where did you get hit at, wasn't the hip?
00:02:28- My leg.
00:02:28- Where at?
00:02:35- [hisses] - Boy, you got real lucky.
00:02:39You were just sitting, minding your own business, wasn't you?
00:02:45narrator: He says he and the four other victims were walking to a liquor store when they were confronted by a man.
00:03:37narrator: HE SAYS THEN He noticed another m approach.
00:03:41He was carrying an ak-47.
00:03:55- Yeah.
00:03:56narrator: DEMARCUS SAYS The two men started firing.
00:03:59He jumpeup and ran.
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00:08:11narrator: Louisville detective will brown is working a shooting of four cousins that killed jonte johnson and quinntin knighten.
00:08:19Their potential suspect is 31-year-old " now detective chris middleton is showing a photo pack to one of the surviving victims.
00:08:31] - that's who shot y'all last night?
00:08:43- Yeah.
00:08:43narrator: HE PICKS OUT " as the shooter with the handgun.
00:08:57narrator: HE SAYS HE REMEMBERS Hearing part of a nickname that chum was calling the second shooter.
00:09:31narrator: MEANWHILE At the hospital, the second surviving victim also picks out chum from a photo pack.
00:09:37But he doesn't know the second shooter either.
00:09:52- Why do you think he was tripping?
00:10:01- I'm going to make sure they pay for this.
00:10:07He said that the guy has a problem with powder, cocaine.
00:10:11And when I was in narcotics, one thing you learn is, they become very paranoid.
00:10:17So that might have contributed to the problem.
00:10:19And it's just sad, because just in a blink of a eye, with a very nasty weapon, you can take down a whole family.
00:10:31narrator: ..
00:10:33- It's that building there.
00:10:34narrator: BROWN MEETS With detectives corey cadwell and kevin trees to look for chum at his last known address.
00:10:40[pounding on door] [pounding on door] - Police.
00:10:56narrator: In birmingham, detectives mike allison and cynthia morrow are working the case of tia smith, shot in her car while her three children were in the backseat.
00:11:06Now detective mike allison just learned that the shooting occurred during a fight between tia and a group of women.
00:11:14[clock ticking] Allison turns to the victim's boyfriend, hoping he can explain what went down.
00:11:25[door latch clicks] ..
00:11:38- Mm-hmm.
00:11:38narrator: HE EXPLAINS THAT They were driving home from a friend's house when tia spotted a car in a parking lot with four women inside.
00:11:46- You ever seen them before?
00:11:48- Just tonight, the first time.
00:11:49narrator: He says tia pulled over to confront the women, but he doesn't know why.
00:12:02- All right.
00:12:03narrator: TIA STARTED Arguing with the women through their car windows.
00:12:07Then the women in the other car got out.
00:12:29- Mm-hmm.
00:13:10- Not sure if we know anything more.
00:13:13He don't know who they were or why they were fighting.
00:13:16I guess that's one part of the puzzle we're still gonna have to figure out.
00:13:24One of the victim's friends has come forward.
00:13:27She may have the answers detectives are looking for.
00:13:31- So we've got a witness up here that says that she knows these girls' full names.
00:13:36And she knows about the beef that's been going on between the two groups.
00:13:40So I'm gonna talk to her and see if she can give me some names, and we'll pull up some pictures.
00:13:47All right.
00:13:51Were you present when all this happened?
00:13:56- Tell me what you know about what's been going on.
00:14:02narrator: SHE SAYS The group of women who called had been arguing with her over a man.
00:14:07Tia was over at her house during the argument.
00:14:22- Did they have a problem with rosetia?
00:14:25- No.
00:14:25- No?
00:14:31narrator: She says tia left to go home before the women came over.
00:14:35She thinks tia ran into them while driving out of her neighborhood.
00:14:52narrator: They find all four women.
00:14:55None of them have criminal records.
00:14:58- It's just crazy.
00:15:00I mean, the victim didn't have anything to do with the beef that was going on, didn't really even know the suspect.
00:15:06Doesn't make any sense to me.
00:15:11- We gonna come back in the morning and try to get some good addresses on these girls and then go pick them up.
00:15:19narrator: , the team calls it a night.
00:15:23- Thank y'all very much.
00:15:30narrator: Less than four hours later, allison gets a cl at home.
00:15:41- We got a call.
00:15:41Two of the girls that were in the car have come in.
00:15:45narrator: The two women say they want to talk.
00:15:48- Right now, they're not saying the name of the girl who had the gun.
00:15:53- How you doing?
00:15:53I'm cynthia.
00:15:54- How you doing?
00:15:59- Gonna tell me exactly what happened.
00:16:04And you do not tell me a lie, okay?
00:16:20narrator: She says that she and three other women pulled into a parking lot on the way to confront the victim's friend.
00:16:26A little while later, the victim drove up and started yelling at them.
00:16:42- Okay.
00:16:43narrator: SHE SAYS The car started pulling away.
00:16:46That's when she heard a gunshot.
00:16:49- When did you first see the gun?
00:16:56- All right, now, this is where I'm gonna stop you.
00:16:59- Mm-hmm.
00:16:59- This is where you got to be careful.
00:17:01A child with his mother's brains splattered on his legs sitting in the backseat told me about the gun.
00:17:12He watched his mother get her head blown off tonight.
00:17:17- Yeah.
00:17:17- Okay?
00:17:19So I'ma ask you again.
00:17:21When did you first see the gun?
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00:21:20narrator: IN THE BIRMINGHAM Shooting of tia smith, detective mike allison is questioning one of the four alleged female suspects to find out who pulled the trigger.
00:21:32[clock ticking] - Now I'ma ask you again.
00:21:38When did you first see the gun?
00:22:07- All right.
00:22:08Who are we talking about that said, "i think I done shot somebody"?
00:22:18- Laquintta?
00:22:20narrator: SHE SAYS HER FRIEND Laquintta turk was the shooter.
00:22:29- And you're fighting over, what, a boy?
00:22:37- So you never thought that maybe we just need to just let this go?
00:22:51narrator: In the next room, the other witness confirms laquintta turk as the alleged shooter.
00:22:57- I mean, it's just crazy.
00:22:59It makes no sense.
00:23:00And of course, if you go to fight, you need to make sure everybody's on the same page and no one brings a gun to a fistfight, because stuff like this can happen.
00:23:10[keys clacking] And that's her.
00:23:18narrator: 22-YEAR-OLD Laquintta turk has never been arrested.
00:23:28- I don't believe she's a cold-blooded killer.
00:23:32But the fact remains that we got a young lady who's dead tonight, and this girl's probably responsible for it.
00:23:49narrator: The team heads out to laquintta's workplace.
00:24:07In the louisville double homicide of cousins jonte johnson and quinntin knighten, detective will brown is looking for suspect tawain lewis, aka "chum," at his apartment.
00:24:18[pounding on door] - Police.
00:24:20[clock ticking] [knocker clanking] [sighs] We're gonna keep on looking for him until we find him.
00:24:43Right now, we got to identify the second shooter, and I have a fifth victim in the case.
00:24:48He wasn't shot, but he was shot at.
00:24:51And he may be my only chance of identifying the second shooter.
00:25:02narrator: The next day, with less than 7 hours left in the first 48, the fifth victim agrees to meet with brown.
00:25:12[door clicking open] - What's up, bro?
00:25:15I'm detective brown.
00:25:17narrator: Brown hopes the man can help him track down the second shooter, but he refuses to even identify chum.
00:25:38- Just relax, man.
00:25:41- No, I'm not gonna get you-- man, we got two guys that got shot up that was like--man.
00:25:46- Thank you.
00:25:47Two people gone.
00:25:48They can't speak for theyself.
00:25:50We got to speak for them.
00:25:58- Oh, i-- - man, you're giving him too much power.
00:26:06What makes him stronger is, "i walked up on them.
00:26:09"They seen my face.
00:26:10"Me and my boy just sprayed 'em.
00:26:12" if you want to sit there and say, "i don't know none ..]," that's on you.
00:26:19You got to live with that, because j and q, you, dejuan, demarcus, didn't deservehat.
00:26:34narrator: THE VICTIM CLAIMS He never got a look at the second shooter with the ak-47.
00:26:52- You almost died out there, and you don't want to put somebody away.
00:27:26- That's what you have to deal with as a police officer.
00:27:33We're still at square one, trying to look for our second shooter.
00:27:42narrator: As the clock runs out, both suspects are still at large.
00:27:48- Chum.
00:27:49I don't think he's gonna leave the city.
00:27:52Once we get ahold of that suspect, we'll be able to figure out who was his accomplice in this horrible act.
00:28:01We'll catch these guys.
00:28:07narrator: In the first 48, louisville detective will brown responded to a multiple shooting that killed jonte johnson and quinntin knighten, identified one suspect-- 31-year-old tawain lewis, aka "chum,"-- but could not identify his accomplice, searched for chum, but he was nowhere to be found.
00:28:33Patrol units continue the search for chum.
00:28:41Four days later, the pressure pays off.
00:28:46Um turns himself in.
00:28:52- He's came in with his attorney.
00:28:54At this time, he does not want to give a statement, so we're gonna advise him of his rights and transport him over to corrections.
00:29:04- That way.
00:29:04- I'm a little disappointed about chum.
00:29:07We're not gonna get some of the answers to questions in the case.
00:29:17The key to the case is us talking to people close to chum.
00:29:20Try to get some insight to maybe who else might have committed this crime.
00:29:25That's the only thing I'm worried about, this other guy that's on the streets with that weapon, an assault rifle.
00:29:31I want to get him off the streets.
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00:33:41narrator: IN THE LOUISVILLE Shooting deaths of jonte johnson and quinntin knighten, detective will brown has charged one suspect: Tawain lewis, " now brown is on the hunt for a second suspect.
00:34:02Brown spends three months searching for leads on the second shooter.
00:34:10Then he gets a potential break from chum's visiting records in jail.
00:34:15- There's an individual on the visiting log that has been to see him at least six times.
00:34:21We're gonna go talk to this person and see if they can add anything to the case.
00:34:26narrator: BROWN Is hoping chum's friend will be willing to talk.
00:35:22narrator: ..
00:35:28- Seaundre horsley.
00:35:30narrator: BROWN FINDS MOOKIE In the database.
00:35:34Seaundre horsley just turned 18.
00:35:37- His criminal history, it's not that significant.
00:35:41We don't have access to juvenile records.
00:35:48narrator: Brown takes a photo pack containing horsley to demarcus, the surviving victim who was shot in the leg.
00:36:10narrator: DEMARCUS I.D.'S Horsley as the second shooter with the ak-47.
00:36:17- Now we can go pick him up.
00:36:25narrator: The next day, patrol picks up horsley and brings him to headquarters.
00:36:32- Really would like him to talk.
00:36:34Want him to give me some type of association with chum.
00:36:37It's gonna be tough.
00:36:47I'm detective brown.
00:36:48I'm working the saddlebrook case.
00:36:52Do you remember that case?
00:37:02- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
00:37:09narrator: Horsley admits to knowing tawain lewis, " - what do you know about the case, mookie?
00:37:19- Is mookie not your name?
00:37:23- Okay, so nobody calls you mookie.
00:37:38- Why would chum call you mookie?
00:37:57- Think back to when that happened.
00:38:00Somebody told me that you was with chum shortly before all this went down.
00:38:06- [hisses] - You--you know what-- you know what it is.
00:38:24narrator: Horsley claims he doesn't hang out in the neighborhood where the shooting took place.
00:38:38- But that, dawg-- but you hear what you just said?
00:38:42Can I repeat it?
00:38:43- Yeah, go ahead.
00:38:45- "Man, now I remember.
00:38:46"Now I know I definitely ain't got nothing to do with it " you either know you did it or you know you didn't.
00:39:09narrator: In the birmingham murder of 23-year-old tia smith, detective mike allison is pursuing a suspect: 22-Year-old laquintta turk.
00:39:18Now the team has arrived at laquintta's work to take her into custody.
00:39:24[clock ticking] - You ready, john?
00:39:47- Yeah.
00:39:56- You ended up with three other g start at that point, when you met up.
00:40:12narrator: She confirms that they were on their way to talk to the victim's friend when they pulled over.
00:40:40narrator: LAQUINTTA SAYS She and her friends jumped out of their car.
00:40:48narrator: SHE SAYS Two of her friends started fighting with the victim through her car window.
00:41:00- Okay.
00:41:01narrator: SHE CLAIMS THAT The victim's boyfriend reached under his seat for something.
00:41:06- What did you guys do?
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00:45:08narrator: In the birmingham shooting of a young mother, tia smith, detective mike allison is talking to the alleged shooter, 22-year-old laquintta turk.
00:45:19- And I pulled the gun.
00:45:21[clock ticking] - What did you guys do?
00:45:42- [sniffs] - Tell me what was going through your mind when you pointed that gun and pulled the trigger.
00:46:01- Based on the way this situation happened, that's a capital murder offense.
00:46:08- [sniffles] - Now, I've got your statements, all the other witnesses, even the child that was in the backseat, okay?
00:46:20- But I tell you, there's a mother of three children dead tonight, and it's messed up.
00:46:27There ain't-- there ain't nothing-- nothing pretty about this situation.
00:46:35All right.
00:46:38[sighs] Her justification was that the boyfriend was reaching up under the seat.
00:46:49Said she just pointed and fired, so I think it was just a bad decision on her part, and it's got her in a rough spot right now.
00:46:58At least right now, she's gonna be charged with murder.
00:47:02narrator: 16 Hours in, detective allison closes his case.
00:47:12In the first 48, detectives mike allison and cynthia morrow responded to the murder of tia smith, found out that four women were suspected to be involved in the shooting, learned laquintta turk was the alleged shooter, and arrested laquintta, who admitted to pulling the trigger.
00:48:08- The best thing, I feel, that I can do for my sister is help my daddy take care of these boys so they can have a better life than she did, 'cause that's what she would want.
00:48:19- Take a lot of love.
00:48:21And I think we got that.
00:48:25We gonna always have her memories.
00:48:50narrator: In the louisville shooting that killed jonte johnson and quinntin knighten, detective will brown is interrogating seaundre horsley, aka "mookie," the alleged second shooter.
00:49:10- This is not like you're 16 or 17.
00:49:14You've graduated now.
00:49:17Two men are gone.
00:49:18Two other men are jacked up for life.
00:49:24And I'm dealing with this.
00:49:25I'm dealing with this every day.
00:49:43- There's enough to arrest him.
00:49:46He's going to jail for murder.
00:49:48[door clicks open] - Stand up against that wall right there.
00:49:55- Go right there for a second.
00:49:57- Arguments happen, but to see this range of violence, I don't see it too often.
00:50:03I think he was put into this by chum.
00:50:06He looks up to chum in some ways, and when chum came to him for help, he wanted to show that he was up for it.
00:50:12He's one of the boys.
00:50:19You got five guys that know each other, just having a good time, sitting, laughing on the porch.
00:50:27And two people, out of nowhere, come up and shoot them.
00:50:34In a blink of an eye, two of those people are not with us anymore.
00:50:40There is gonna be justice.
00:50:57Captioning byCaptionMax male narrator: For homicide detectives, the clock starts ticking the moment they are called.
00:51:15- We can count 22 bullets that struck the house itself.
00:51:20- Right now, we do not have any eyewitnesses.
00:51:26- Wow.
00:51:27narrator: Their chance of solving a murder ..
00:51:30- There she is.
00:51:31Oh, look at that.
00:51:32narrator: ..
00:51:34- You are right in the middle of something nasty.
00:51:37narrator: Within the first 48 hours.
00:51:39- When my cousin comes down here, his bitch ass better watch his back.
00:51:42I mean, watch hiass.
00:51:44[imitates automatic gunfire] [dramatic music] ♪ ♪
00:52:03narrator: Louisville, kentucky, , the west side.
00:52:11[phone rings] [siren wailing] narrator: Police and paramedics arrive and find a house riddled with bullet holes.
00:52:32Inside, three teenage boys have been shot.
00:52:37[siren wailing] The boys are rushed to the hospital.
00:52:43Two of them survive their wounds.
00:52:46The third one dies.
00:52:58- When the call came in this morning, I was at home in bed, asleep.
00:53:01Looks like it's gonna be a long day.
00:53:05Lead detective mickey cohn has spent four years in homicide.
00:53:11He is the father of two young girls.
00:53:14- My little girl, I talked to her before in the past about how I have to work long hours.
00:53:19And you have to explain it to them like, "you know, these people are hurting.
00:53:23"You know, they've lost loved ones, " okay, give me the rundown.
00:53:44- All right.
00:53:44Got three young males that were shot.
00:53:49- Who was home?
00:53:50- There are seven people here.
00:53:52They're all laying in bed 00, when, bam, bam, bam, bam, it lights up.
00:54:00- So they were just laying in bed at 5:00.
00:54:02The next thing they know, they heard-- they heard a bunch of gunshots.
00:54:06I want to look at the scene.
00:54:16[glass crunches] narrator: Two of the victims were struck while sleeping in the front bedroom.
00:54:27- There's some spray and some bullet holes in the wall over here.
00:54:40- Dominique, shot in the leg.
00:54:42Lajuan, shot in the back.
00:54:48narrator: The deceased victim is 18-year-old lajuan smith.
00:54:53He had been spending the night at his friend's house when he was shot.
00:54:57He was the father of a one-year-old daughter.
00:55:04The second victim is 19-year-old dominique smith.
00:55:09Dominique was the friend lajuan was visiting at the time of the shooting.
00:55:13He was shot in the leg and is expected to survive.
00:55:22Cohn notices that one of the bullet holes in the bedroom lines up with the bullet holes in the next two rooms.
00:55:31- Comes in the wall, enters this bathroom here, into this bedroom, and then there's a hole in the wall on the opposite side of the room.
00:55:44narrator: THE BULLET Traveled through the wall to a bedroom in the back of the house, where the third victim was found.
00:55:51- This is darius.
00:55:58- Oh, wow.
00:56:04- We have a hole in the wall right here that it appears the projectile came through and struck the 14-year-old child where he was sleeping.
00:56:13The only hole in this wall is where the child's head was laying.
00:56:21narrator: THE THIRD VICTIM Is 14-year-old darius smith, dominique's younger brother.
00:56:28He is in critical condition at the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head.
00:56:36- And then the round's right down there on the floor.
00:56:40It's a rifle round.
00:56:47One in a million, I mean, unbelievable.
00:56:50The child was sleeping and never knew what was coming, probably never knew what was going on.
00:57:02narrator: 7:00 A.m.
00:57:04- Must have shot through the window.
00:57:06narrator: The crime scene unit examines bullet casings and strike marks to determine the number of times the house was shot.
00:57:12- Got all these holes right here.
00:57:17- Got another one right here.
00:57:28- It appears right now that we can count 22 bullets that actually struck the house itself.
00:57:33There were seven people inside this house last night.
00:57:36Somebody's awfully angry just to stand outside with an ak-47 and shoot a house.
00:57:42Somebody that would do something like that is just coldhearted, just an evil individual, in my opinion.
00:57:53narrator: ..
00:57:55- Where were you at last night?
00:57:57narrator: The team canvasses the area looking for witnesses.
00:58:01- Call me on that number.
00:58:03What did you hear last night?
00:58:05- Did they say who they think ..
00:58:10narrator: ..
00:58:18narrator: A MAN SAYS HE SAW A tan-colored ford taurus fleeing the scene shortly after the shooting.
00:58:37- Right.
00:58:40I appreciate it.
00:58:43- Just on the other side of those buildings, he hears, like, 12 shots from an automatic rifle.
00:58:47He sits up, looks around, and a tan or brown ford taurus goes flying by him at a high rate of speed.
00:58:53- That's good.
00:58:57narrator: ..
00:59:00- How you doing?
00:59:01I'm the lead detective on this case.
00:59:04Were you in the house last night when all this stuff happened?
00:59:06- Yes.
00:59:07- Okay.
00:59:07Can I talk to you for a second?
00:59:08narrator: THE SISTER Of the two surviving victims returns from the hospital with information about the shooting.
00:59:15- I know you're going through a lot right now, but I want--i need all the help