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00:00:02- It's one of those lucky coincidences.
00:00:04Officers were right there when this thing happened.
00:00:07narrator: DETECTIVE Kristen downs has been with homicide for one year.
00:00:11She will lead the investigation.
00:00:40narrator: THE VICTICIN TEAD.
00:00:45- Rico cunningham's his name.
00:00:48narrator: RICO CUNNINGHAM Was just 26 years old.
00:00:52He was killed outside a friend's garage, where he was learning to repair cars.
00:00:58Downs recognizes rico from an earlier case.
00:01:04- I talked to rico on my very first case.
00:01:06He was actually with my suspect rit bere my ect le and did the shooting.
00:01:12narrator: RICO WAS ALLEGEDLY A member of a local gang called the market street gangster crips - shell casings under the east side of him.
00:01:29narrator: NEAR RICO'S BODY Are two 9-millimeter shell casings.
00:01:35- We had two officers thatere right close by, heard the gunshots, saw this car pulling out, and were proactive and stopped this car.
00:01:42narrator: TWO MEN IN THE CAR Were taken into custody.
00:01:51- He was too.
00:01:52- Yeah.
00:01:53- So they know each other.
00:01:55- What's the connection?
00:01:58- What'd he do wrong?
00:01:59- Yeah; I'm going to say, if they're the same group-- - they just got out of prison here recently.
00:02:05- As far as I know, he never has.
00:02:07But he may have done nothing more than not put money on their books or hit one of their girls while they were inside.
00:02:12You never know.
00:02:12narrator: DETECTIVES Mike woodard and tramont banks pulled over the fleeing car.
00:02:18- And when we went to attempt to stop the car, the front right seat passenger bailed out of the car.
00:02:22Aftea ort fohase, we lost sight of somewhere around this way.
00:02:26- Right through here.
00:02:28narrator: DETECTIVE BANKS Retraces the path where he chased the man that got away.
00:02:38- See the broken pieces of fence?
00:02:41He went over right there.
00:02:53- That's what it looks like.
00:02:58- Since this is where our boy ran, that's probably our murder weapon.
00:03:04- I hope that matches.
00:03:11narrator: BACK AT HOMICIDE, Detective scott russ looks up the two suspects from the car.
00:03:19- It looks like clifton jones, he's been charged with several felonies in the past.
00:03:23Dontay rice has also been convicted of a felony in the past.
00:03:27So both of these guys are convicted felons.
00:03:28narrator: BUT NEITHER DONTAY Nor clifton has been convicted of a violent crime.
00:03:34- Clifton's first words are, "we ain't got nothing to do with what happened on 22nd street.
00:03:38Don't know what happened " how would he know that unless he knew what happened on 22nd street?
00:03:46narrator: RUSS GOES IN To interview clifton, the driver.
00:03:52He hopes to find out the name of the man who escaped.
00:03:56- All right, clifton.
00:03:58I'm scott russ.
00:03:59I'm a detective at the police department, okay?
00:04:02You were driving that car today?
00:04:04- Yeah.
00:04:04- All right.
00:04:07Just before you all get stopped by the police, whereabout where y'all at?
00:04:15- Did you pick up anybody else?
00:04:21narrator: CLIFTON CLAIMS The man who escaped ..
00:04:26- So where can we find little mikey at?
00:04:28narrator: BUT SAYS He does not know where little mikey lives.
00:04:35- What did y'all done?
00:04:36'Cause, honestly, the police see y'all coming out of that alley.
00:04:44- Right.
00:04:54narrator: CLIFTON CLAIMS He did not drive down the alley where the body was found.
00:04:59- At no point were y'all in that alley.
00:05:01So why do you think they would say that, that y'all came out of that alley?
00:05:04- I don't know.
00:05:05- All right.
00:05:08Who is this in this picture?
00:05:12- Rico?
00:05:14You know his last name?
00:05:16- Rico.
00:05:16Sure is rico.
00:05:18Rico cunningham.
00:05:19- He hangs out with all your people, right?
00:05:21- Yeah.
00:05:22narrator: CLIFTON ADMITS That he was friends with rico.
00:05:25- Well, he's laying dead here in the alley right on 22nd street where y'all came out of the alley.
00:05:30- No.
00:05:30- Yeah.
00:05:33- Damn.
00:05:33- What do you think about that?
00:05:38The problem is, in the same path your boy took off of when he ran out of your car, laying in the grass is a 9-millimeter handgun.
00:05:45Guess what rico was killed with.
00:05:47- 9-Millimeter.
00:05:48- If mikey gets out of your car, shoots and kills somebody, gets into your car, you all leave the scene, then he bails out of your car and leaves the 9-millimeter handgun, you're going to get a complicity-to-murder charge.
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00:09:57narrator: IN LOUISVILLE, Detective kristen downs and the homicide unit are investigating the murder of rico cunningham, shot in the head in an alleyway.
00:10:06Two suspects were apprehended in a car fleeing the murder scene, but a third suspect got away.
00:10:19- If mikey shoots and kills somebody, gets into your car, you all leave the scene, you all are going to get complicity-to-murder charges.
00:10:36- All right.
00:10:44I literally thought he would either continue to deny it or he may tell me a little more about mikey.
00:10:51narrator: DOWNS And detective kyle willett turn to the second suspect, dontay rice.
00:10:58They hope to find out more about the man that got away.
00:11:02- Dontay, tell me about what went on.
00:11:05What were you doing earlier today?
00:11:11- Who was riding with you?
00:11:14- What did he say?
00:11:17narrator: DONTAY CLAIMS He knows nothing about the man that clifton " - what did he look like?
00:11:27- Do you know rico?
00:11:31- You don't seem too upset that he's dead.
00:11:55- You're okay to take that charge?
00:11:58- 'Cause you're in a car with two other guys where someone got killed.
00:12:04- I swear i-- - and you two won't come off the third person, who drops my murder weapon.
00:12:14- That's not going to happen.
00:12:17You're already going to jail tonight.
00:12:20What you need to think about right now is how you're going to talk to us and tell us the truth instead of telling us some-- "i don't know.
00:12:27I was in the backseat.
00:12:28" I mean, I'm a car, but I'm in the backseat, so that makes me somehow not know what goes on in the front seat.
00:12:41- Sit tight for me just a second, okay?
00:12:43And I'll be right back.
00:12:46He's so playing stupid, like he doesn't know what happened.
00:12:50I'm going to book these guys on parole violations for now.
00:12:53I don't know if little mikey is anyone's real name or not.
00:12:56It kind of sounds like something clifton just made up.
00:12:58narrator: CLIFTON AND DONTAY Are placed under arrest for violating their parole.
00:13:05- Good thing with them is, they're not going anywhere.
00:13:08They're being revoked, and probation parole has put a detainer on them, so they're not going anywhere.
00:13:12Now we're going to look to the car for any evidence that'll lead us to the third suspect.
00:13:22narrator: THE NEXT MORNING, Detecte mickey cohn oversees the search of the car that fled the crime scene.
00:13:30- Anything that we can use to tie that third guy to this car and identify him is what we're looking for: Fingerprint, dna, whatever.
00:13:47Was that a palm print?
00:13:48- Those are too much of a smear.
00:13:53- Did you pull anything off this other side yet?
00:13:57narrator: THEY TURN To the passenger-side door, where the third suspect exited the car.
00:14:17- That looks like a pretty decent one.
00:14:19- Right there.
00:14:20We may have enough points to get an identification.
00:14:28narrator: IN BIRMINGHAM, Detective cynthia morrow and the homicide team are investigating the murder of christopher woods, shot after a drug deal gone bad.
00:14:38Now the team is searching the house where the shooting took place.
00:14:56A trail of blood leads from the kitchen to the front door.
00:15:00- Found what looks like two bullet holes back there.
00:15:04- Shooter had to be right in here.
00:15:05narrator: THERE ARE SEVERAL Bullet holes in the walls but no shell casings.
00:15:12- That's some cocaine?
00:15:18- Whoever got the bags and took it out, they could smell it right off.
00:15:23- Yeah.
00:15:23narrator: THE TEAM BELIEVES That what appears to be cocaine is actually cake mix - that may be what this whole thing was about, because somebody sold somebody some bad dope.
00:15:36- There ain't no loyalty among dopers, you know.
00:15:41Everybody's out to get, you know, whathey can.
00:15:43They could have been set up; we don't know.
00:15:45And they get in here, and everything turns bad.
00:15:54narrator: BACK AT HOMICIDE, Morrow continues to interview the victim's brother, donnie, o was waiting outside in his car when the shooting went down.
00:16:03- Did your brother come out the house?
00:16:09narrator: DONNIE SAYS Christopher then collapsed into his car.
00:16:13- Did you see anybody else at that point?
00:16:19narrator: ACCORDING TO DONNIE, A man was chasing his brother out of the house.
00:16:28narrator: DONNIE SAYS HE TRIED To hit the man with his car.
00:16:39- Okay.
00:16:40Where was shantez?
00:16:41narrator: MORROW ASKS ABOUT The second shooting victim, who was in the car with them.
00:16:50narrator: ACCORDING TO DONNIE, He doesn't know how shantez was shot.
00:17:20- Mikey-mike.
00:17:21narrator: MORROW MEETS With detective mike allison, who just returned from talking to shantez at the hospital.
00:17:27- Shot in the finger and the abdomen.
00:17:34The brother that they got.
00:17:35narrator: SHANTEZ CLAIMS He was shot by the victim's brother, donnie.
00:17:40- Leme tell you what he said to me.
00:17:43I even asked him clearly-- I said, "well, what happened " he said, "when we got to the store, he just jumped out the car " somebody's lying.
00:17:50See, he never mentioned he had any guns.
00:17:53Somebody's hiding something.
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00:21:37narrator: IN BIRMINGHAM, Detective cynthia morrow and the homicide team are investigating the murder of christopher woods and the shooting of donald moulton, also known as shantez.
00:21:48The victim's brother told the team he doesn't know how shantez was shot.
00:21:52But shantez says the brother pulled the trigger.
00:21:57- Somebody's hiding something.
00:22:03- Read him his rights, you know.
00:22:04Just tell him, " - all right, then.
00:22:09narrator: MORROW And detective marcel walker go back in to talk with the victim's brother, donnie.
00:22:20narrator: MORROW READS DONNIE His miranda rights.
00:22:25- Your brother's dead and gone, and we don't care about no drugs.
00:22:30We just want you to tell the truth.
00:22:32Not saying that you're telling me lies, but I know that you're telling-- - bits and parts of it.
00:22:40- Did you have a gun?
00:22:54- Okay, you left that part out.
00:23:00Let me make sure I understand you.
00:23:02The tall guy with the gun came out the house, and when you saw him, you shot at him.
00:23:17- We're giving you the opportunity to just come clean.
00:23:20We don't want you to leave here and we find out that, okay, well, you shot shantez.
00:23:27You got your story, and you got shantez's story.
00:23:31Why, when we interview shantez, he tell us something totally different?
00:23:41What happened in that car?
00:23:52narrator: DONNIE ADMITS He fired a gun at shantez.
00:24:13narrator: DONNIE SAYS His brother thought shantez set them up.
00:24:23- Now it makes more sense.
00:24:26- We'll be with you in just a second.
00:24:33- Then he shot him.
00:24:34- Donnie, stand up.
00:24:35Put your hands behind your back for a minute.
00:24:38narrator: DONNIE IS PLACED Under arrest for the attempted murder of shantez.
00:24:43- Apparently, he must have thought that shantez set his brother up.
00:24:47And in a moment of anger, he shot shantez.
00:24:50We don't have any information, at this point, to show us that shantez was any type of threat to him.
00:24:56He just let his emotions get the best of him.
00:25:00- Okay.
00:25:01- Now we just got to go out and try to find this tall, dark-skinned guy that he says shot his brother.
00:25:10narrator: TEN HOURS IN, The team gets an unexpected call.
00:25:14- Okay, what was that location again?
00:25:16narrator: ANOTHER MAN JUST Turned up at an area hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg.
00:25:21- We got a call from another municipality, tuscaloosa, which is probably ay from birmingham.
00:25:27They got a guy that had been shot in the leg at their hospital.
00:25:31He initially told them that he had been shot down there, but he fessed up and told them that he was shot up here.
00:25:40- He may be the person we're looking for.
00:25:49narrator: IN LOUISVILLE, Detective kristen downs and the homicide unit are investigating the shooting of rico cunningham.
00:25:56While processing the car that fled the crime scene, the team lifted a fingerprint they hope will lead them to their killer.
00:26:08- We may have enough points to get an identification.
00:26:14I'll have ernie look at the prints.
00:26:18narrator: BACK AT THE CRIME LAB, match.
00:26:24- It's a very good print from the side passenger door.
00:26:27narrator: JONES RUNS THE PRINT , the automated fingerprint identification system.
00:26:33- It will show me possible suspects it could be.
00:26:40As long as there are seven characteristics that match from one fingerprint to the other, we will make a positive identification.
00:26:51There's a possibility of this.
00:27:03Looks as if we have a match.
00:27:05The print belongs to antonio ellison.
00:27:14narrator: ELLISON WAS ACQUITTED On previous charges of murder and attempted murder.
00:27:23- Hopefully, tremont can say one way or another if it's the guy that bailed.
00:27:28narrator: DETECTIVE Tramont banks, who chased the suspect from the car, will look at ellison's photo - see if that's the guy.
00:27:41- That's him.
00:27:43I seen this side profile here.
00:27:47narrator: BUT BEFORE They can get a warrant for ellison's arrest, they need physical evidence connecting him to the shooting.
00:27:54- We need to test that 9-millimeter we found along the path where ellison was running and see if that's the murder weapon.
00:28:03narrator: FIREARMS SPECIALIST Scott doyle will test the possible murder weapon.
00:28:08- Hopefully, we'll be able to determine whether or not the two casings found next to the body were fired in this gun or in another gun.
00:28:19[gunshots] : The markings on the ejected shell casings will be examined to see if they match the casings found near rico's body.
00:28:36- I've placed one cartridge case from the crime scene on the left side of the microscope and another cartridge case that I've just fired in the gun on the right side of the microscope.
00:28:49I'm going to rotate these around to see if there's a consistent pattern.
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00:31:56[Cheering and applause] narrator: IN LOUISVILLE, Detective kristen downs and the homicide unit are investigating the murder of rico cunningham.
00:33:09Before downs picks up her prime suspect, antonio ellison, she needs to find out if the gun found along the escape route is the murder weapon.
00:33:36- You can see how the pattern of the impressed breech marks it's my opinion that the two cartridge cases found at the scene were fired in this pistol.
00:33:56narrator: DOWNS NOW HAS Enough evidence to wrap up her case.
00:33:59- We now have strong evidence that antonio ellison is the person that ran from the car, and on the path he ran, we found the murder weapon.
00:34:06So we could put antonio, clifton, and dontay with the murder weapon when that car was spotted in the alley where rico was murdered.
00:34:17narrator: SERGEANT CROWELL Calls rico's father to give him the news.
00:34:22- Hi, sir, this is sergeant aaron crowell.
00:34:25- Okay, yeah.
00:34:25- I just wanted to call and let you know that we're ready to charge two of the individuals with rico's murder.
00:34:31It's clifton jones and dontay rice.
00:34:46- We still have a ways to go before we're ready to put this thing to bed, but if you have any questions or anything, feel free to give us a call.
00:34:52Again, I'm sorry for your loss.
00:34:54- Thanks a lot, now.
00:34:55- You're welcome.
00:34:59- It's pretty sad these guys were friends with the victim.
00:35:01It sounds like the father knew them pretty well.
00:35:04I hope we can bring a little bit of closure to the family by getting this solved.
00:35:07Now we have probable cause to pick up antonio ellison and charge him.
00:35:12We just have to track him down.
00:35:22narrator: IN THE FIRST 48, Detective kristen downs and the homicide unit responded to the murder of rico cunningham, learned that officers had already captured two suspects fleeing the scene, lifted a fingerprint from the getaway car that led them to a third suspect, and determined that the handgun they recovered was their murder weapon.
00:35:45Later that day, downs and her team head out to look for antonio ellison.
00:35:50- We're going to go out and look for our suspect.
00:35:53And we've gotten his mom's address on the south end.
00:36:16[dog yapping] [knocking at door] narrator: IN BIRMINGHAM, Detective cyhia morrow and the homicide team are investigating the murder of christopher woods.
00:36:35Now morrow just learned that a man who turned up in a hpital an hour away could be their murder suspect.
00:36:45- He showed up about noon down there.
00:36:49- What'll be driving time?
00:36:51narrator: MORROW CALLS Detectives in tuscaloosa to check on the status of the potential suspect.
00:36:57- Okay.
00:36:57narrator: HE IS IN RECOVERY After surgery in his leg.
00:37:01N in the hospital overnight, and they'll bring him back to birmingham tomorrow for a statement.
00:37:13narrator: THE NEXT MORNING...
00:37:15[telephone rings] - Morrow.
00:37:18narrator: BEFORE MORROW Can interview the suspect, she gets an unexpected break.
00:37:22A witness who was present during the shooting decides to come forward.
00:37:34- Hey, how you doing?
00:37:36I hear you want to talk to me.
00:37:38- Yes, ma'am.
00:37:38- Okay, well, tell me what happened.
00:37:48- Who did you call?
00:37:52narrator: ACCORDING To the witness, the suspect goes " describe him to me.
00:38:06- So you call bigfoot chris, and you tell chris, "shantez's boy wants " - yeah.
00:38:13narrator: THE WITNESS SAYS He set up the meeting at a friend's house.
00:38:17- So you're really the middleman.
00:38:17Ma - yes, ma'am.
00:38:23narrator: HE SAYS THE VICTIM Put down a pile of cash on the kitchen table.
00:38:28- Do you know how much money was on the table?
00:38:50- So why do you think bigfoot chris shot him?
00:38:55- Robbing him.
00:39:03- Now we have a credible witness.
00:39:05So when this guy from tuscaloosa come in here, we'll see if he's the guy we're looking for.
00:39:14narrator: A FEW HOURS LATER, The possible suspect arrives from the tuscaloosa hospital.
00:39:24The suspect is 27-year-old christopher norris.
00:39:29- He's tall and dark, and he fits the description of the shooter.
00:39:32Plus, he was shot in the leg, just like witness has said.
00:39:42All right.
00:39:43You want to talk to me about what happened with your leg?
00:39:57- How did you get to tuscaloosa?
00:40:05narrator: CHRISTOPHER SAYS He wanted to go to tuscaloosa because he was afraid of being arrested in birmingham for violating his parole.
00:40:15You know what I'm saying?
00:40:20- Let me cut to the chase.
00:40:22I see right now we're going to be here for a minute.
00:40:25I'd much rather just get to the facts and be through with it.
00:40:28And the fact is, you know how you got shot, okay?
00:40:32And the fact is, we do too.
00:40:33And we really don't want to sit here all day long, trying to pull words out of you, okay?
00:40:41Tell me what happened in this shooting.
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00:44:29?úñ1ñ1ñññ narrator: IN BIRMINGHAM, Detective cynthia morrow and the homicide team are investigating the shooting death of christopher woods.
00:44:50The main suspect just arrived from a hospital in tuscaloosa.
00:44:55Now morrow needs to find out if he shot woods.
00:45:08- How'd you get shot?
00:45:13- Oh, a guy tried to rob you?
00:45:15Tell me what happened with that robbery.
00:45:25- Okay, when he came-- the guy came inside to buy the dope, what did he do?
00:45:30narrator: NORRIS SAYS The victim put some money on the kitchen table.
00:45:42- Absolutely.
00:45:42Need me to push it back for you?
00:45:45- Yes.
00:45:46- Okay, okay.
00:46:13- So you shot him.
00:46:13- Yeah.
00:46:20- Did y'all see a gun on this man?
00:46:27narrator: HE ADMITS THE VICTIM Did not have a gun.
00:46:31- We'll be with you in a second.
00:46:37I think we have enough right now.
00:46:38He's told us that he was there.
00:46:40He told us that it was about dope.
00:46:43He wanted to say the victim tried to rob him.
00:46:46That's just a little hard for me to believe.
00:46:49narrator: CHRISTOPHER NORRIS Is placed under arrest for the murder of christopher woods.
00:46:59- Bye, mr. chris.
00:47:02- Okay, just the jailers know you want to talk to me.
00:47:04I'll come back over and holler at you.
00:47:09All right.
00:47:11I appreciate y'all.
00:47:13This dope game is killing a lot of people over nothingyou know?
00:47:17Victims come over there to buy dope, go into a house, and deal with people they don't know.
00:47:23And, unfortunately, this man lost his life.
00:47:27And for what?
00:47:35narrator: IN THE FIRST 48, Birmingham homicide responded to the shootings of christopher woods and donald moulton, also known as shantez; found out that woods' brother, donnie, shot the suspect and shantez; learned from a witness that the suspect, christopher norris, had tried to rob the victim; and brought in norris, who admitted to shooting woods.
00:48:01A few weeks later, morrow and anderson me with shantez to get his side of the story.
00:48:06- Where were you shot, and how many times were you shot?
00:48:09- I got shot in the stomach.
00:48:11- Wow.
00:48:13- It's just about well now, but it went in right here and came out right there.
00:48:17narrator: SHANTEZ RECALLS The moments before he was shot.
00:48:23- Chris went on into the house.
00:48:25And after about five minutes, we heard gunshots.
00:48:28We seen chris coming out with blood on him and stuff.
00:48:35Once I got out of the car, I heard "c" saying the deal was a whole lot of this d all that and told him to shoot me.
00:48:42- Chris told him to shoot you?
00:48:45- To shoot me, like I had something to do with the confusion or something else going on in the house.
00:48:51And that wasn't the case.
00:48:53- So he shot you.
00:48:54- He shot me.
00:48:56- Okay.
00:48:58Anything else?
00:48:59All right.
00:48:59All right.
00:49:00We appreciate you talking to us.
00:49:05Now I think I know what really happened.
00:49:07Christopher norris planned to rob the victim on his own.
00:49:12When the victim got shot by christopher norris, he ran out the house and told his brother, donnie, that he was set up by shantez.
00:49:21So donnie shot shantez.
00:49:24That thing was just a misunderstanding, actually.
00:49:28But, you know, once that bullet leaves that chamber, you can't get it back.
00:49:49narrator: IN THE MURDER Of rico cunningham, louisville detective kristen downs has a suspect, antonio ellison.
00:49:57Now they have ellison's house surrounded.
00:50:01[knocking at door] - Nobody's home at all.
00:50:19We're going to keep watch on that house, and hopefully he shows up and we can take him into custody.
00:50:38narrator: TWO WEEKS LATER...
00:50:41Antonio ellison is finally arrested by the u.s. marshals.
00:50:49- I don't rely care.
00:50:50- I think I already had it in my head that he was going to do this, 'cause this is what he's done in the past.
00:50:55And he's beaten murder charges before, and he wouldn't talk then, so why would he talk right now?
00:50:59I'm pretty confident he's not going to beat this murder charge.
00:51:02We've got physical evidence and a police witness.
00:51:05I don't think he's going to get away with that.
00:51:07We received some info in the last few weeks from an anonymous source that the motive may have been gang related.
00:51:13We heard that rico was supposed to avenge another gang member's death, and he didn't.
00:51:19So he may have been killed because he didn't kill someone else.
00:51:25This is kind of like the anniversary case for my year anniversary up here in homicide.
00:51:30So I feel a lot more comfortable than a year ago, and the weird thing is, my victim in this case, I interviewed him twice in my very first case.
00:51:39Now I'm solving his case.
00:51:41So it kind of brings things full circle.
00:51:49Captioning byCaptionMax Captioning presented byA&E TELEVISION NETWORKS man: All units, stand by.
00:53:05Okay, here we go.
00:53:11That's Darli.
00:53:13Wait for the switch, they must make the switch.
00:53:18Okay, here we go.
00:53:36man: Everybody wants this guy.
00:53:42This was two chases.
00:53:43I had to catch this guy twice.
00:53:47It was a high-speed crash with your whole family in the car.
00:53:53Talk aboutetting personal, this is personal now.
00:53:57( tires screeching ) How can I be in this position again with this guy ?
00:54:03What does he have ?
00:54:04Maybe I met my match.
00:54:18My name is Rolando Betancourt.
00:54:19I was born in Cuba.
00:54:21I've lived in Miami for 30 years.
00:54:26What I get paid for is to locate somebody.
00:54:29I guess I am a bounty hunter.
00:54:33I work on my own, I would say 90% of the time.
00:54:36Not that I'm antisocial or anything, but you get used to it after awhile.
00:54:46It was Saturday night, around 10:00 at night that I got the call from Josh Herman in California.
00:54:52( phone ringing ) "Rolando": Rolando Betancourt.
00:54:57Rolando: Josh is a longtime California bondsman.
00:54:59"Rolando": What do you got ?
00:55:02Rolando: He told me that they had posted a million-dollar bond on a Cuban national, Darli Velazquez, and now he had a serious problem.
00:55:11man: Okay, here we go.
00:55:13Rolando: Three weeks ago, the DEA had busted Darli receiving 85 kilos of cocaine.
00:55:20That's a lot of cocaine.
00:55:38He was a big player in the drug business.
00:55:41He had prior arrests for racketeering, prior cases where he had even fled to Spain before, and moving up in the ranks of the drug trade.
00:55:51So it was a big deal.
00:55:53So Darli spent a few days with the DEA.
00:55:57He hired one of the best attorneys in Miami, and eventually he was allowed out on a million dollars bail, but he had to be electronically monitored with an ankle bracelet.
00:56:08( beeping ) But of course, he had ulterior motives.
00:56:16( alarm ringing ) By the time the police are notified and they get to the house...
00:56:28... he was gone.
00:56:31That's when I got the call.
00:56:33( "Rolando": How much ?
00:56:36"Josh":A million dollars.
00:56:37Rolando: A bail bond is designed to guarantee the appearance of a defendant in court.
00:56:42If Darli couldn't be found now, then Josh would have to pay the government the million dollars.
00:56:47Produce the body or pay the money.
00:56:50That's where I come in.
00:56:51"Rolando": Okay, I'll do it.
00:56:53Rolando: At that point, the clock starts ticking and it doesn't stop 'til it's all over.
00:57:00So at this point, Darli could be anywhere, anywhere in the world.
00:57:03But his family were still in Miami.
00:57:08In the beginning, that's the only thing I had to go on.
00:57:12The first thing I did was surveillance on the house.
00:57:21Before I came on, the DEA had already interviewed his sister.
00:57:26Her story was that he had left on foot to get a haircut, and she thought he had gotten abducted and killed so he wouldn't testify in court.
00:57:35( gunshot ) She said that's the last time she saw him.
00:57:40Oh, I knew it was BS.
00:57:42They could at least have thought of something better.
00:57:44Go get a haircut, walking ?
00:57:46Nobody walks in Miami.
00:57:49It's one of the dumbest dead stories I've heard.
00:57:53I knew Darli was not dead.
00:57:55He was very much alive.
00:57:57I swear, I have brought back like 20 people from the dead, okay ?
00:58:09After I watched the house for about a week, I still haven't got a lead, so I decided to go undercover.
00:58:22I started to pick up the trash.
00:58:24Very smelly, nasty business, but you learn a lot about people from their trash.
00:58:30But of course, the closer you get to the defendant, the more risk there is of being discovered.
00:58:39One day a neighbor saw us, I guess he was coming in or leaving, I forget what.
00:58:43"Rolando": Morning.
00:58:46Rolando: We had to pick up all the trash on the street.
00:58:49It would have been suspicious if we hadn't.
00:58:52That was a messy day.
00:58:57( cell phone ringing ) "Rolando": Hey, Josh.
00:59:00Rolando: Josh wants to know every day.
00:59:03"Rolando": Yeah, I'm with a bunch of leaves and flies and garbage.
00:59:07Rolando: You know, he's calling me because he wants to know what's going on.
00:59:10He doesn't wanna be in the dark all the way in California.
00:59:13He was under pressure because he had a million dollars hanging over his head, so I was under pressure from Josh.
00:59:20"Rolando": Josh, listen.
00:59:21These things take time.
00:59:22I'll call you back, okay ?
00:59:24Rolando: Every chase, there's a time pressure.
00:59:26That's part of the job.
00:59:28But I knew that I had to come up with something.
00:59:34See, the thing is, in any case,