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00:00:00O leave miami, but I don't want to leave miami-- >> do yourself a favor.
00:00:05Go to school outside of here.
00:00:07Open your eyes to things outside of this.
00:00:19And for some reason don't like you, and you got to try something-- >> oh, you know like when we first met and you didn't like me.
00:00:26>> I always liked you.
00:00:26I just thought you were nuts.
00:00:29>> Oh, okay.
00:00:31I feel so much better now.
00:00:36>> There's still a lot to be done, but I think it's a very solvable case.
00:00:52narrator: THE NEXT DAY, They return to the building across from the store to check their surveillance video.
00:00:58>> December 25, about 7:00.
00:01:05>> If you could please do me the favor, backing up that camera.
00:01:11narrator: ONE CAMERA FACES The store across the street, but the spot where the victim was shot is just out of camera range.
00:01:22>> Now camera six-- narrator: ANOTHER CAMERA Faces a side street.
00:01:32Then, eight minutes ..
00:01:48>> Oh, god!
00:01:48>> Oh, my god!
00:01:54My Kiki, she's stuck in the tree.
00:01:57Hold my stones.
00:02:01Hey, little Kiki.
00:02:02Easy, easy.
00:02:05That's a girl.
00:02:07She'll be fine, she's justa little shaken.
00:02:11Thank you,young man.
00:03:59.. thanks mom.
00:04:03yeah I did.
00:04:05Oh that smells good.
00:04:06How much further?
00:04:07Exit 19.
00:04:08Did you see that squirrel?yeah!
00:04:13Excuse me!
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00:06:19narrator: IN MIAMI, Detective leo tapanes and sergeant armando aguilar are working the murder of nicholas ardura, shot outside a convenience store on christmas day.
00:06:29Now they are searching through surveillance video from a nearby building for a sign of the suspects.
00:06:36>> Oh, god!
00:06:36>> Oh, my god!
00:06:42narrator: EIGHT MINUTES Before the shooting, a light-colored monte carlo backs into the parking lot right in front of the camera.
00:06:55Two men with dreadlocks get out of the car.
00:06:59A third person is in the back seat.
00:07:03>> I think they were scoping it out before.
00:07:05They hadn't shot at him yet.
00:07:08narrator: THE DRIVER IS STOCKY With short dreadlocks.
00:07:11The passenger is tall with long dreadlocks.
00:07:16A few moments later, they get back in the car and pull away.
00:07:22>> [laughing] Brother.
00:07:25>> It doesn't get better than that.
00:07:28The witnesses are telling us that it was a yellow monte carlo used in the murder, and this car just literally pulled into this parking lot, backed in right into the camera.
00:07:40Is this a home run?
00:07:40Let's call it a triple for now.
00:07:44Let's call it a triple.
00:07:45>> A home run would have been the actual shooting, but-- >> yeah, with the tag and everything all jumbled together, but let's call this a triple.
00:07:52You got to take these when you can get them, 'cause they don't always get caught on film.
00:08:00narrator: THE NEXT DAY, ..
00:08:03[phone ringing] >> Tapanes.
00:08:08narrator: TAPANES GETS A CALL From one of the victim's friends.
00:08:12>> I'm sorry to hear about nicholas, man.
00:08:14narrator: HE HAS INFORMATION About the case.
00:08:19>> Okay.
00:08:20narrator: HE SAYS That the victim had been selling marijuana.
00:08:24>> So I'll be straight up with you.
00:08:25I'm not worried about if he was, you know, selling dope.
00:08:28Could have just been selling some weed.
00:08:30I'm not worried about that, okay?
00:08:31The only thing I want to do is find out who shot him.
00:08:35narrator: THE FRIEND SAYS He heard on the street that one of the suspects " >> all right, man.
00:08:46Received a tip on a possible nickname, nada.
00:09:03narrator: THEY DON'T FIND Any matches.
00:09:06>> Maybe try going back, talking to our 911 caller.
00:09:12I mean, who knows?
00:09:13Maybe he can point me in the right direction.
00:09:16We'll see how far down the rabbit hole we go on this one.
00:09:28narrator: IN THE FIRST 48, Detective leo tapanes and sergeant armando aguilar took over the two-day old case of nicholas ardura, who died in the hospital after wounds suffered from a shooting on christmas day.
00:09:41Surveillance video showed three suspects driving a monte carlo at the store just before the murder.
00:09:47A friend of the victim gave detectives a possible lead, " they searched their databases for the name, but didn't come up with any matches.
00:10:10Six days later, they find donovan, the 911 caller who was playing dominoes with the victim the nighof the shooting.
00:10:18>> How you doing?
00:10:18You're one of the few people we haven't had a chance to talk to.
00:10:22>> Hey, we tied.
00:10:23>> Oh, he tied you.
00:10:27>> Piss me off.
00:10:27narrator: THEY'RE HOPING HE Has information about the case.
00:10:32>> You already know about what nick does.
00:10:36>> Yeah.
00:10:36>> Okay.
00:10:37>> I guess he's doing good.
00:10:43You know how it is.
00:10:44narrator: HIS SAYS NICK Sometimes talked about a rival who didn't like him, but he never mentioned a name.
00:10:51>> Let me ask you something.
00:10:53He ever mention a barber to you?
00:10:56>> How do you spell it?
00:10:59" >> okay.
00:11:03[sobbing] My god!
00:11:06Yes, I know a barber.
00:11:08I KNOW A [bleep] BARBER, And I talked about it too.
00:11:13>> Okay, tell me about the barber.
00:11:14>> Name is not barber.
00:11:15He's a barber.
00:11:20[bleep] narrator: HE SAYS THE BARBER Cuts his friends' hair.
00:11:26[stomping feet] >> Okay.
00:11:29>> [mumbling] >> So tell me about the barber.
00:11:44narrator: HE TELLS THEM He's only seen the barber when he was hanging out with nick.
00:11:51>> He's chubby.
00:11:51He got a little bit of dreads, little pinned-up thing here, looks stupid, you know.
00:11:57>> About how long?
00:11:57About that long? that long?
00:11:59>> About--i would say about that long.
00:12:00>> Okay, and he keeps it back here in a pony tail?
00:12:02>> Uh-huh. all the time.
00:12:03narrator: BUT HE SAYS HE DOESN'T >> Tdid ta nick in and really-- I don't think that their loyalty's to the streets.
00:13:20I think their loyalty's towards each other, so I think they're gonna do whatever they can to help us out.
00:13:34narrator: THREE DAYS LATER, There's a major break in the case.
00:13:40>> This guy came to us and told us that he knew information about our murder, so we're just gonna see what he has to say, see how good his information is.
00:13:49>> Okay, you know the boy that we're here for, right?
00:13:52>> Yeah.
00:13:53narrator: HE SAYS He knows about a guy who didn't like the victim, known as dread.
00:14:10>> What name do you know him by?
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00:18:48narrator: MIAMI DETECTIVE Leo tapanes and sergeant armando aguilar are investigating the death of nicholas ardura, shot on christmas day.
00:18:57Now they're questioning a confidential informant who says he knows who did the shooting.
00:19:15narrator: HE GIVES UP Emmanuel darbonne, aka "e," as the suspect.
00:19:26narrator: THEY ASK ABOUT Their other potential suspect.
00:19:31>> Barber?
00:19:36narrator: THE MAN SAYS He knows a barber who drives a yellow monte carlo.
00:19:42He tells them where they can find him.
00:19:48>> We'll be right back, okay?
00:19:49>> All right.
00:19:50>> Thank you.
00:19:52>> What?
00:19:53narrator: HE TELLS THEM The barber keeps a gun in his car.
00:20:00The alleged shooter, 20-year-old emmanuel darbonne, has an open case on a battery charge.
00:20:08>> Very promising.
00:20:11narrator: TO FIND The alleged driver, they pull driver's license photos for owners of yellow monte carlos.
00:20:39narrator: HE IDENTIFIES The barber as 23-year-old brayshun nwamah, " he has no prior history.
00:20:48>> Much happier now.
00:20:51Much happier than when I started my shift.
00:20:55I think we should snag the driver, because the driver's gonna be a lot easier to break.
00:21:01>> Next step is gonna be to go out to where he works, see if we find his car in the parking lot.
00:21:29There it is.
00:21:34He's got a gun in the car, according to our witness.
00:21:38We really don't want to let him get in that car, but that means that we're gonna have to get some people here now.
00:21:44narrator: AGUILAR And tapanes call for backup.
00:21:48>> Wanted to see if I could >> so we're set up on the car.
00:21:57Prefer to take him down before he gets anywhere near that so now it's just watch and wait and see who starts walking toward that car.
00:22:18This is what sudoku was invented for.
00:22:34Come on.
00:22:38narrator: AFTER FIVE HOURS Of waiting: >> He just drove by in a cart.
00:22:48That orange shirt.
00:22:57He's heading towards the fence with the cart.
00:23:03Start slowly sliding over there, and then block him as he's walking.
00:23:21[car door chimes] Come here.
00:23:26[car door chimes] Spread your legs.
00:23:36>> This is just for our safety and yours, all right?
00:23:39>> Hey.
00:23:42Where's the firearm at?
00:23:43>> Huh?
00:23:43>> Where's the gun at?
00:23:44You're carrying a holster.
00:23:45Where's the gun at?
00:23:46>> Just be honest.
00:23:47>> Yeah, I'm being honest.
00:23:48>> Where is it at?
00:23:48>> Where's the gun at?
00:23:50[stammering] Do not get nervous.
00:23:51Where's the gun at?
00:23:53>> Don't make me embarrass you here in front of everybody.
00:23:56>> It's right there in the car.
00:24:09narrator: TAPANES RETRIEVES The gun from the suspect's car.
00:24:13It could be the murder weapon.
00:24:26>> I'm feeling pretty positive about this.
00:24:29On the way over here, we told him, you know, we didn't pick you out of the sky for nothing.
00:24:35He didn't dispute that.
00:24:36He knows very well why he's sitting here.
00:24:47>> Now, why do you think we brought you here?
00:25:02[sighs] >> Okay, who was the friend?
00:25:21narrator: AFTER HE GOT JAY, He says he went to pick up the alleged shooter, emmanuel.
00:25:38narrator: HE SAYS He drove emmanuel to the convenience store so he could meet the victim, dread.
00:25:48So-- >> okay.
00:25:49narrator: WHEN THEY GOT To the store, brayshun claims emmanuel asked to borrow his gun.
00:26:20>> Okay.
00:26:22And then what'd he do?
00:26:32narrator: While tapanes and aguilar are questioning brayshun, detectives orlando benitez and carlos castellanos head out to emmanuel's last known address.
00:26:44>> Let's go catch this guy.
00:27:14narrator: HE SAYS He drove emmanuel home.
00:27:30>> Here we go.
00:27:33[knock on door] >> It's the police.
00:27:41Watch your head.
00:27:55narrator: BENITEZ Questions emmanuel.
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00:32:32narrator: MIAMI DETECTIVE Leo tapanes and sergeant armando aguilar are eleven days into the murder case of nicholas ardura, shot on christmas day.
00:32:41Suspect brayshun "b" nwamah claims his friend, emmanuel "e" darbonne is the shooter.
00:32:49Now they question emmanuel.
00:32:55>> Okay, boom.
00:33:05narrator: HE SAYS That the driver, brayshun, and their friend "j" came over to hang out.
00:33:15narrator: EMMANUEL SAYS He went with them to meet the victim, dread, at the convenience store.
00:33:29narrator: EMMANUEL CLAIMS HE Wanted no part of the robbery.
00:33:33He stayed in the car.
00:33:39>> Listen, you're not gonna pull a wool over my eyes.
00:33:45You're not gonna lie to me.
00:33:47>> I never shot nobody in my life.
00:33:49I never shot nobody.
00:33:50I never did and never will shoot nobody.
00:33:52>> Hey, relax.
00:33:53Listen-- >> why am I facing dread's murder?
00:33:55God in heaven, look at me.
00:33:56Look at your son.
00:33:58Why the hell am i facing dread's murder?
00:33:59Why me? why me?
00:34:00Come on.
00:34:01Say a word for your child emmanuel.
00:34:03I never, never, never would have done nothing like that.
00:34:07Why me? why?
00:34:07>> Do me a favor.
00:34:08Say a word for me too, man.
00:34:10>> Why?
00:34:10Why, god in heaven?
00:34:13Dread, please tell them.
00:34:16>> Come on, listen, I'm not gonna give an academy award, so don't give me that whole act now, all right?
00:34:29>> Okay, maybe you should talk to him and ask him why doesn't he come forward?
00:34:35'Cause you're gonna tell him to come forward and tell me the truth.
00:34:39>> Truth. 100%.
00:34:39>> Right?
00:34:41>> If you guys do that for me, god bless your heart and souls.
00:34:45>> You're gonna god bless me?
00:34:46>> God bless you, your heart, and soul for saving another heart and soul.
00:34:49>> You know what?
00:34:49>> Amen.
00:34:50>> If you're gonna god bless me, I think I'm gonna do that.
00:34:53>> Please.
00:34:53>> Because I want to be blessed.
00:34:55>> God bless your soul and mine.
00:34:55Come on.
00:34:58>> He says that god will bless me if I do bring him over and I confront him.
00:35:03>> Well, you're blessed.
00:35:05>> May have a little bit of sparks in a minute.
00:35:11>> Okay.
00:35:21>> You know this guy?
00:35:24Come here.
00:35:24Come here for a second.
00:35:32>> I never told nobody your name until now.
00:35:37>> You told them I murdered dread.
00:35:39>> Of course I did.
00:35:39Why wouldn't i?
00:35:54That's why I didn't get out of the car.
00:35:59>> So you're trying to say I killed dread?
00:36:02>> You killed dread!
00:36:05" " you came back to the car.
00:36:13>> You don't have to own no gun.
00:36:14>> So you mean you gave me your gun and I shot the man?
00:36:19You can't even say it.
00:36:20You can't even say it because that's so damn crazy, fool.
00:36:26>> Hold my hand, "b," fool.
00:36:27>> I'm gonna hold it.
00:36:29You see?
00:36:29I'm not shaking.
00:36:30>> Fool, you murdered dread, fool?
00:36:33>> [scoffs] I MURDERED DREAD?
00:36:33>> You murdered dread.
00:36:36>> He has not been able to find it within himself TO [bleep] SAY " all he can say is, " >> yeah.
00:36:46>> This one's emphatic.
00:36:47>> "B," you are gonna burn in hell for pinning something that I didn't do on me, fool.
00:36:59"B," you murdered dread!
00:37:02You murdered dread.
00:37:02Take it like a man, fool.
00:37:10>> Oh, my goodness, fool.
00:37:10>> Yeah.
00:37:11>> Oh, my goodness, fool.
00:37:12>> Yeah.
00:37:17>> THAT'S OUR [bleep] GUY HERE.
00:37:18>> That's your shooter?
00:37:20>> Watch his reactions.
00:37:21He won't deny anything.
00:37:27>> You're a murderer!
00:37:28It ain't no FRIEND-Y FRIEND-Y [bep].
00:37:30You're a murderer, man!
00:37:34You're a murderer.
00:37:39>> Hey, come on over here.
00:37:41narrator: TAPANES AND AGUILAR Decide to split up the suspects again.
00:37:45They're going to take another shot at brayshun.
00:38:04>> Yes.
00:38:10Nobody ever said that this is what you wanted to happen.
00:38:13>> Right.
00:38:14>> But unfortunately, it is the reality of what did happen.
00:38:29What happened out there?
00:38:56>> Why did he want to get him bad?
00:39:09>> Was it planned to kill him?
00:39:13>> Was it planned to rob him?
00:39:17narrator: BRAYSHUN CLAIMS "E" Was supposed to do the robbery, but then he got cold feet.
00:39:30narrator: THEN BRAYSHUN And jay approached the victim.
00:39:34Brayshun was holding the gun.
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00:44:15narrator: IN THE MIAMI MURDER Of nicholas ardura, detective leo tapanes and sergeant armando aguilar are questioning a suspect, brayshun nwamah.
00:44:25They believe he may be the shooter.
00:44:33>> Then what?
00:44:39>> Mm-hmm.
00:45:07>> How do I find "j"?
00:45:08narrator: HE GIVES THEM The third suspect's information.
00:45:20>> There he is.
00:45:22We got the man with the long dreads.
00:45:25narrator: JAY IS 23-YEAR-OLD Tavaris cromer.
00:45:31>> Very good prospective suspect.
00:45:36narrator: EARLY IN THE MORNING, They find tavaris at home and bring him back to headquarters.
00:45:45>> You know, we could probably go without it, but getting a confession would be great for us right now.
00:45:58>> Can you tell me where you were on christmas?
00:46:03narrator: TAVARIS CONFIRMS That he, brayshun, and emmanuel planned to rob dread.
00:46:23narrator: TAVARIS AND BRAYSHUN Got out of the car to meet dread.
00:46:27Emmanuel stayed behind.
00:46:35narrator: TAVARIS CLAIMS He ran back to the car.
00:46:39Then he heard a gunshot.
00:46:57>> Uh-huh.
00:47:02>> Yeah, he did.
00:47:03>> [sobbing] It was discussed beforehand.
00:47:39It was planned beforehand.
00:47:41He's done.
00:47:42He's in for felony murder.
00:47:44>> When you ask some of these people what-- you know, what's life worth to them, well, there's your answer.
00:47:50150 Bucks and a couple bags of weed, that's what it's worth.
00:48:01>> This is one of the reasons why we tell people, you know, that same old story about, "listen, if you get into selling dope, "you're gonna end up one of two ways, " unfortunately for our victim, he ended up dead, and he didn't even get to turn 21.
00:48:29narrator: THREE MONTHS LATER, Nicholas ardura's mother is still coping with her loss.
00:48:35>> I've been going through a lot of the little mementos that I'd saved.
00:48:40These people stole his life.
00:48:43Whatever he could have been or whatever he could have contributed to his daughter, whatever opportunities he had, those were all robbed.
00:48:49Those were just taken away from him, just snuffed out.
00:48:53He had his whole life ahead of him, and we just miss him an awful lot.
00:49:03The main concern now is nick's daughter.
00:49:06I'll be making some efforts to set up a memorial fund for the baby.
00:49:09I'm hopeful that people will reach out.
00:49:13Everybody that knew him appreciated his heart and his goodness, and, you know, I want to remember him like this.
00:49:25Captioning byCaptionMax male narrator: For homicide detectives, the clock starts ticking the moment they are called.
00:50:11- He was just way outgunned.
00:50:15- The video's very important.
00:50:16That's the case.
00:50:18- They was like, " that's when I started hearing shooting.
00:50:23[gunshot] - Get out of the way.
00:50:25narrator: THEIR CHANCE Of solving a murder ..
00:50:28- They got him at the airport.
00:50:29narrator: ..
00:50:31- There's some sweet stuff.
00:50:32narrator: Within the first 48 hours.
00:50:35- Get a long gun if you've got it.
00:50:38So let's move.
00:50:40[dramatic music] ♪ ♪
00:50:56narrator: Louisville, kentucky.
00:50:592:30 A.m.
00:51:02A clerk at a local convenience store calls 911 from his cell phone.
00:51:08He says an armed robber just shot him in the chest.
00:51:15The clerk says he's fleeing out the back of the store hoping to escape the gunman.
00:51:24[siren wailing] Police and paramedics race to the scene and find the caller unconscious.
00:51:29He's rushed to the nearest trauma center, where he is immediately taken to emergency surgery.
00:51:44- We're responding to a holdup of a convenience store.
00:51:48The clerk was shot behind the counter, and right now, it's touch and go whether or not he'll survive.
00:51:54narrator: Sergeant aaron crowell will supervise the investigation.
00:52:00Crowell joined homicide six months ago from the criminal intelligence unit.
00:52:17- You've got some evidence out front here, and then you've got a scene out back, where the victim ended up.
00:52:25narrator: Rookie detective holly rogers will be the lead investigator.
00:52:30- Holly, you want me to walk you through?
00:52:33- Yeah.
00:52:33narrator: ROGERS And sergeant kevin thompson head to the alley behind the store, where the victim collapsed.
00:52:48He is 30-year-old chris spears, a father of two young children.
00:52:54Chris was hired only recently at the convenience store.