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00:00:03Those two girls supposedly fled out the back of this rooming house.
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00:03:46(narrator) In Miami, Detective Fernando Bosch is working the murder of David "Dread" Pottinger, shot down in a Little Haiti rooming house.
00:03:54Now detectives have learned two women were spotted running from the scene seconds after the shooting.
00:04:04Okay, you got it.
00:04:06(narrator) Eight hours in, Bosch gets a break.
00:04:10The two women come forward.
00:04:13Tapanes takes them to the station for questioning.
00:04:25(narrator) One of the women admits that she and her friend were with Dread that afternoon.
00:04:53(narrator) The woman claims there was a young man standing in the doorway.
00:05:02(Tapanes) While they're in there getting ready to do their business, that's when the heavy banging on the door.
00:05:10The victim gets the gun [...], cracks the door open.
00:05:13The guy pushes the gun through.
00:05:15He starts trying to push the door closed, and somehow, the door comes open, and they start shooting.
00:05:20(narrator) Detectives speculate on a possible motive.
00:05:24Somebody finds out that the victim has a stash of dope inside the house.
00:05:28And they hit him, and that's it.
00:05:30The shooter never goes into the apartment.
00:05:32(Velazquez) Well, I'm sure, because they didn't expect, maybe, the victim to start shooting back.
00:05:37The diet of a homicide investigator.
00:05:41That's one sad slice of pizza.
00:05:45[laughs] You handle that like you got experience.
00:05:54Homicide, Bosch.
00:05:54(narrator) 13 hours in, Bosch gets a huge lead.
00:05:58And the fight happened when?
00:06:00Okay, what's the guy's name?
00:06:03Okay, according to the victim's wife, Dread, the victim, had an argument with this guy that lives across the hall, by the name of Morrie.
00:06:15A long shot, but he's coming in.
00:06:20(narrator) Memphis Homicide Sergeant Tony Mullins and Sergeant Ron Collins are investigating the murder of 28-year-old Issa Diakite.
00:06:28The victim's cell phone led them to the victim's girlfriend Tracy.
00:06:31Sergeant Collins rushes back to Homicide, hoping Tracy can tell them who would want Issa dead.
00:06:41So what's the scoop?
00:06:43She kept calling the phone.
00:06:44She asked me what happened to him.
00:06:46She asked, "Is he okay?" And I said, "No, he's not okay." (narrator) Detectives learn that Issa immigrated to America from Mali three years ago.
00:06:54Issa and his girlfriend Tracy were planning to move in to a new apartment together.
00:07:04Okay, let me see if I can get this phone number and call Tracy and see what other information she can give us.
00:07:12Hello, Tracy?
00:07:12So you're saying Issa went up to Steve's shop at 9:00, and you saw Issa's car parked outside?
00:07:18(narrator) The victim's girlfriend Tracy says Issa went to an auto body shop the night of the murder.
00:07:24Okay, do you know Candace's last name?
00:07:26(narrator) She thinks he went there to meet a woman named Candace.
00:07:30(Collins) Okay, then.
00:07:34Barry, do you mind driving?
00:07:36I got to bed at 1:00, and I got called out 1:45.
00:07:39I'm dragging ass.
00:07:42(narrator) Mullins and Sergeant Barry Hanks head to the auto body shop to see if anyone saw Issa there the night of the murder.
00:07:53Hey, how you doing?
00:07:54All right, how are you?
00:07:55(narrator) Steve Smith, the owner of the shop, meets detectives.
00:07:58We are from the Homicide unit.
00:08:00Yeah, already know.
00:08:02About Issa?
00:08:02The African?
00:08:05We heard he come by here about 9:00ish last night.
00:08:08No, it was earlier than that.
00:08:10He came by about 5:00, 6:00.
00:08:16(Mullins) Yeah.
00:08:17What time did you close up last night?
00:08:18I left here about 6:30, 7:00.
00:08:20It was about in that area.
00:08:20It was lightish.
00:08:21(narrator) Steve says he left Issa at the shop at 6:30 p.m.
00:08:26and never spoke to him again.
00:08:28(Mullins) Okay.
00:08:35I got you.
00:08:36(narrator) Steve says he doesn't know if the woman's name was Candace.
00:08:45There you go.
00:08:46All right.
00:08:46(Steve) All right, but, man, you guys have a good one.
00:08:48All right, Mr. Smith.
00:08:49I appreciate it.
00:08:50Hey, no problem, no problem.
00:08:51(Hanks) Appreciate it.
00:09:07(narrator) Back at Homicide, Collins gets a lead on a possible motive for the murder.
00:09:12Issa's girlfriend Tracy just learned that Issa was recently paid an insurance claim and had the cash on him the night he was killed.
00:09:21(Collins) If a person that know he got that money on him, that'd be a motive for robbery right there.
00:09:25And only certain people knew where he kept his money, which was in his pants, which may explain why his pants was pulled down.
00:09:34And he still had that cash on him when he left home, going up to the shop.
00:09:43(Mullins) He said that he was still there when he left with the female.
00:09:47He could tell she was a prostitute.
00:09:50Yeah, this is Sergeant Collins with Homicide.
00:09:52I need your help and assistance in locating a prostitute that may frequent over in your precinct.
00:09:58(narrator) Collins suspects Candace is the prostitute Issa was seen with at the auto body shop.
00:10:02He's counting on the police task force to find her.
00:10:09(Collins) We've got to get Candace into the office, talk to her.
00:10:12Candace is the key to this whole thing.
00:10:19(narrator) The next morning, patrol brings in Candace.
00:10:23(Collins) This is a Candace.
00:10:25Whether or not it's the Candace that we're looking for, I'm not sure.
00:10:29This is a prostitute that's known as Candace.
00:10:31And so I just took a long shot and went in and brought her in.
00:10:34We got our hands on her now.
00:10:36(narrator) Sergeant Jim Currin, a 16-year police veteran, teams up with Sergeant Collins to interview Candace.
00:10:43(Collins) Do you know about or have knowledge of a homicide that occurred in Alcy Park, right at Alcy and Warren?
00:10:50Have you heard anything about that?
00:10:53(narrator) Candace denies knowing the victim.
00:10:59(narrator) Candace also claims she's never been to the auto body shop.
00:11:04Do you know a Steven Smith?
00:11:10Well, I think you know more than what you're telling us.
00:11:14[cell phone ringing] Tell us what you know.
00:11:17Turn the phone off.
00:11:34Most people do.
00:11:35Well, yeah, that's true.
00:11:36My two wives are living proof of that.
00:11:40(narrator) Collins searches through Candace's phone to see if she ever called the victim.
00:11:58That's Steve's number.
00:12:01That is Steve's number.
00:12:03(narrator) The case takes a turn.
00:12:05Auto body shop owner Steve Smith's number is programmed into Candace's phone.
00:12:11You need to put her on the hook, Ron.
00:12:12That's Steve's number.
00:12:13'Cause she's lying to you.
00:12:14Sure is.
00:12:15So Steve's lying too, then.
00:12:17Matter of fact, these are outgoing calls.
00:12:20She just called him since she been up here.
00:12:23She was on the phone.
00:12:24She was on the phone when I walked in the room.
00:12:26(Collins) She called him since she been up here.
00:12:30We go back for round two.
00:12:32Whose number is that?
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00:16:167y= (narrator) In Memphis, Sergeant Ron Collins is working on the murder of Issa Diakite.
00:16:56Collins interviewed his main suspect, Candace.
00:16:58seen with the victim the night he was killed.
00:17:01He discovered that Candace lied about knowing auto body shop owner Steve Smith.
00:17:05Now investigators confront Candace about Issa's murder and about how Steve Smith might be involved.
00:17:15(Collins) You ever seen that number before?
00:17:22That's the same guy I asked you about you said you didn't know.
00:17:28I asked you about Steve Smith.
00:17:34Ain't no telling.
00:17:35You going to come off with this dumb [...].
00:17:37I'm fixin' to put your ass in jail.
00:17:39You going to stay there.
00:17:40It's simple as that.
00:17:41It's simple as that.
00:17:44I'm through talking with you.
00:17:48Tell me how Steve Smith is involved in it.
00:17:50That's what you tell me.
00:17:56[phone beeps] 1911, I need a transport car to meet me up at the Homicide office.
00:18:01Put her on a 48-hour hold.
00:18:02She's lying undoubtedly about something that we're not sure about.
00:18:06We're going to talk to Steve aga.
00:18:08He's lying undoubtedly about something.
00:18:11The plot thickens.
00:18:18(narrator) Collins gets Issa's cell phone records.
00:18:21He looks for calls between Issa and Steve Smith the night of the murder.
00:18:31(Collins) Okay, look what we got here.
00:18:33He received a phone call from Steve at about 8:03.
00:18:37And the victim returned his call at 8:37.
00:18:41(narrator) Collins finds that Issa called Steve just before he was killed.
00:18:47(Collins) Steve--Steve swore up and down that he didn't have any contact with the victim after he left his shop.
00:18:53I think we're going to have to talk to Mr. Steve again.
00:19:01Let's go make Steve's day.
00:19:20How's it going?
00:19:21You got an office that we can do this inside somewhere?
00:19:27All right, we got some discrepancies that we need to get ironed out.
00:19:30The night he was killed, you called his cell phone.
00:19:34We've got the phone records.
00:19:36That was at 8:02.
00:19:37At 8:36, he called your cell phone from his cell phone.
00:19:44Okay, did he speak to me?
00:19:45That was a 1-minute-and- 11-second phone call.
00:19:48Okay, well, he didn't talk to me.
00:19:49Somebody had your cell phone and called his cell phone at 8:00 that night.
00:19:54At 8:02 p.m.
00:19:55Let me tell you something.
00:19:56'Cause after 8:00, my battery's usually down.
00:19:59I'm plugging my phone up.
00:20:00So you're saying that you've never called-- Okay, well, I don't know nothing about that, 'cause I wasn't here.
00:20:04You didn't call?
00:20:05No, I didn't.
00:20:06(narrator) Steve continues to deny calling Issa the night of the murder.
00:20:09This wasn't the last place that boy was at, was he?
00:20:13Okay, then.
00:20:13Obviously not, because he turned up dead in the park.
00:20:16So that's pretty obvious.
00:20:21(Currin) He was lying.
00:20:22I mean, he's denying ever receiving any calls or ever making any calls.
00:20:27So it's obvious that he's not going to come up off the truth, so...
00:20:36[phone rings] (Collins) Sergeant Collins.
00:20:38(narrator) Meanwhile, Collins gets a tip that could force Candace to talk.
00:20:42A former employee is claiming he's seen Candace at the auto body shop before.
00:20:48If he can ID her exactly as being the one that we're looking for, then we're most definitely going to have to talk to her again.
00:21:01If you see anybody on there that you recognize, circle the picture for me as surely as you can where you know her from.
00:21:07(narrator) The witness IDs Candace.
00:21:09He says he knows her from Steve Smith's shop.
00:21:12She says she's never been to the shop and she don't know anything about the shop, but he's just told us that he worked there for a while.
00:21:19He's seen her there several times.
00:21:22(narrator) Collins brings Candace back to the interview room.
00:21:31(Maybon) The stuff you have told us are untruths.
00:21:36(narrator) Interrogation specialist Sergeant Sharon Maybon is brought in to question Candace.
00:21:40(Maybon) You'd never been to Steve's workplace?
00:21:44People seen you there.
00:21:45And you sitting over there covering up.
00:21:51Do you know the gentleman that was killed, Issa?
00:21:55You even seen him anywhere before?
00:22:00See, I know when you're lying.
00:22:14We got to go back in here.
00:22:15I don't care.
00:22:15You can do whatever.
00:22:17Hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer.
00:22:19And I'll sit back here.
00:22:20If one of us needs to just be ugly with her, I ain't got no problem with it.
00:22:28(Maybon) Jim will be the bad guy, and I will be her confidant.
00:22:32(Collins) So what we're going to do is the good cop/bad cop scenario.
00:22:37(Maybon) We'll see.
00:22:43(narrator) In Miami, Detective Fernando Bosch is investigating the murder of David "Dread" Pottinger.
00:22:50According to the victim's wife, Dread recently had an argument with a neighbor across the hall.
00:22:54Detectives need to find out if this argument led to murder.
00:23:03Morrie has come into the station.
00:23:05He agrees to cooperate with police.
00:23:25(narrator) Morrie has an alibi.
00:23:29(narrator) Dread was killed at 1:00 p.m.
00:23:33But Morrie says his 17-year-old son, Smitty, was at home the day of the murder.
00:23:39He was friends with Dread.
00:23:59(narrator) Morrie says Smitty left for Atlanta that afternoon to see his mother.
00:24:10Okay, give me the name.
00:24:14(narrator) The detectives focus their investigation on Morrie's son Smitty.
00:24:18(Bosch) Hope he's skinny and he's short and we catch him with the gun that fired the deadly shot.
00:24:23Oh, there he is.
00:24:25This is a little weird.
00:24:27This kid stays with his dad across the hall.
00:24:30And he skips town the day of the murder.
00:24:32Sounds like this kid's running away from something.
00:24:34(Tapanes) The description that I got of the shooter from one of the girls that was inside: short male, young-looking.
00:24:41His son.
00:24:41His son.
00:24:45(Bosch) Before I ask my boss to go to Atlanta, I need to make sure I'm on the right track.
00:24:51(narrator) Detective Bosch needs to see if one of the girls from the scene recognizes Smitty.
00:25:03Look at all the pictures.
00:25:04And do you recognize anybody from that photo lineup?
00:25:11Take your time.
00:25:15That guy right there?
00:25:17(narrator) The witness IDs Smitty out of a photo lineup.
00:25:19(Bosch) Okay, about how soon before the shooting did you see him there?
00:25:26Great, great.
00:25:28(narrator) The witness claims Smitty knocked on Dread's door and asked for a cigarette just minutes before the shooting.
00:25:35Good deal, good deal.
00:25:38Looks like we're going to Atlanta.
00:25:43If this kid was there three minutes before the murder, maybe he saw something he shouldn't have and he got scared and ran.
00:25:50If not, he might just be our suspect.
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00:29:37(narrator) Detective Fernando Bosch is working the murder investigation of David "Dread" Pottinger.
00:29:42A witness said that the neighbor's son Smitty left town the day of the murder.
00:29:46Now Bosch must go to Atlanta to determine if he's a witness or a suspect.
00:30:00Going on Highway 85.
00:30:01(Bosch) Merge onto I-85.
00:30:04toward I-75 north, Atlanta.
00:30:06I don't know why, but I got a funny feeling we're going to get lost again.
00:30:11(narrator) Sergeant Carlos de los Santos, a 28-year Miami police veteran, partners up with Detective Bosch to hunt down Smitty.
00:30:31If he's been shot, if he's got some kind of a gunshot wound...
00:30:38Exit 86.
00:30:39What exit are we supposed to take?
00:30:41It's right here, man.
00:30:42It's right here, north towards-- This one.
00:30:45He's getting us lost.
00:30:46This guy does not know how to drive.
00:30:49You know, if I was driving, we probably would have been there already.
00:30:52[laughs] Now, that's funny.
00:30:55That--that is funny.
00:30:56(narrator) After checking in with Atlanta police, Bosch and de los Santos go to Smitty's mother's address.
00:31:07[knocking at door] [knocking] So far, no answer.
00:31:22It's never easy, man.
00:31:23Never easy-- never get to the place; knock on the door; the person is there.
00:31:28It's never, "Hey, how you doing?
00:31:30Yeah, this is what happened." Carlos, It's ringing.
00:31:37Just trying to get ahold of her now.
00:31:42(narrator) Smitty's mother answers the phone.
00:31:45How you doing?
00:31:45I'm Detective Bosch with the city of Miami.
00:31:48(woman) Yes, how are you?
00:31:49How are you?
00:31:50I needed to speak with you and your son.
00:32:02Ma'am, I'm Det-- Okay, I'll tell you what.
00:32:08Go to the Fulton County police department, and I'll meet you there.
00:32:16Bosch and de los Santos join Agent Eric Gravet and Detective Mark Smith at headquarters.
00:32:20Right, so this guy that we're going to talk to just happened to knock on the victim's door just prior to the-- To the murder.
00:32:28To the murder.
00:32:29I have my doubts if he's going to show up.
00:32:32Me too.
00:32:35(man) Let me call Jean.
00:32:38I don't think this boy's going to come in.
00:32:41Well, if he doesn't come in, that's a very good sign that he's guilty.
00:32:49(narrator) In Memphis, Sergeant Ron Collins is working the murder of Issa Diakite.
00:32:54Eyewitness reports and cell phone records suggest that a woman named Candace, last seen with the victim, and auto body shop owner Steve Smith know what happened the night Issa was killed.
00:33:06Now investigators team up to get Candace to talk.
00:33:16(Currin) Let me ask you this.
00:33:17Why should we let you go home today?
00:33:19Why should we believe what you're telling us now?
00:33:25How was it that you came to know Steve?
00:33:28How was it that you came to know Steve?
00:33:34Okay, and?
00:33:38We're not going to do this again today, now.
00:33:40"People tend to sit around the bar." What is that?
00:33:43That's being smart, ain't ?
00:33:48Because I got the charges for your ass right here.
00:33:50I [...] you not.
00:33:52I will put your ass in the penitentiary for the next three to nine [...] years if you want to play this game with me.
00:33:58Do you understand?
00:33:59Do you understand?
00:34:01Now, let me ask you that question again.
00:34:04How did you come to know Steve?
00:34:13(narrator) Candace admits to having a relationship with Steve.
00:34:17All right, keep going.
00:34:27Okay, we're not going to tell him.
00:34:29(Maybon) No, he's not.
00:34:31No, he's not.
00:34:32It's okay.
00:34:32It's okay.
00:34:42And what else he tell you?
00:34:48(narrator) According to Candace, Issa owed Steve money for a car.
00:34:52So Steve told you that a dude owed him some money.
00:35:02(narrator) Candace claims Steve knew about Issa's insurance settlement.
00:35:07Little bit more truth.
00:35:07Little bit more truth.
00:35:13Inch by inch.
00:35:15We got toast and grits.
00:35:16We got any eggs in the fridge?
00:35:18We'll go ahead and whip breakfast up on here.
00:35:20Do you want anything more?
00:35:21Mm-mm, I'm on the road right now.
00:35:24You on the road?
00:35:29Hopefully, this is it.
00:35:32This is the end of the road.
00:35:33We coming to the end now.
00:35:34The 48 hours is about running up now, and releasing her is not an option at this point.
00:35:39And we release her now, we'll never get to this point again.
00:35:44I'm going to tell you what happened.
00:35:45He got you to meet with this man, didn't he?
00:35:48And y'all went over there to that park, and Steve shot that man, didn't he?
00:35:52(Currin) Told us part of the story.
00:35:54The rest of the story will get you set free.
00:35:58Half stories get you brought up as an accessory on first-degree murder, sweetheart.
00:36:02That's 25 to life.
00:36:05You going to hit the road?
00:36:08(narrator) As the first 48 comes to a close, Maybon and Currin press Candace harder.
00:36:15You knew that the guy had some money.
00:36:18You're halfway there.
00:36:19You already knew that Steve and this guy was at odds with each other.
00:36:22You don't want to spend the rest of your life in jail.
00:36:24Uh-uh, you got your two babies.
00:36:25The truth shall set you free.
00:36:28Trying to help.
00:36:29It was you, sweetheart.
00:36:31Save yourself, Candy.
00:36:32You knew.
00:36:32Save yourself.
00:36:35(nartor) Finally, Candace cracks.
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00:40:35You sound like a spokesperson.
00:40:36I know, I do, don't i?
00:40:37You know they want me to be the spokesperson?
00:40:38How much would they pay you for this sort of thing?
00:40:41A boat load of cash.
00:40:41I think you should do it.
00:40:44I don't.
00:41:18I want you to tell us exactly what Steve told you when he told you, okay?
00:41:30(narrator) Candace says the night of the murder, Steve told her he was going to kill Issa for his money.
00:41:36She's telling us that Steve set him up.
00:41:38She knew that Steve was going to do some evilness.
00:41:43Steve told her that this dude owed him money and he was going to kill him.
00:41:47Well, I mean, he had no reason.
00:41:48As far as I can tell, I'm the only man in your life that ain't never lied to you.
00:41:54(narrator) In the first 48, Memphis Homicide sergeants Ron Collins and Tony Mullins responded to the murder of 28-year-old Issa Diakite, learned from the victim's girlfriend that Issa went to an auto body shop to meet a girl named Candace, confronted Candace, who said auto body shop owner Steve Smith wanted to rob and kill Issa.
00:42:18(Collins) Candace's statement is good, but she's got an arrest history.
00:42:22She's got a lot working against her as a credible witness.
00:42:25And if we're going to charge Steve with this murder, I've got to get more than just her statement.
00:42:31(narrator) Two days later, police get a call.
00:42:34(Maybon) Is it any way you can meet us at 201 Poplar?
00:42:38Or we'll come out to you.
00:42:40(narrator) A mechanic from Steve's shop says he has information about the murder.
00:42:55(Maybon) Ooh, wait a minute, honey.
00:42:57That's important.
00:42:58(narrator) Both the caliber of the gun and the location of the wound were never made public.
00:43:10How much did he owe you?
00:43:20(Collins) You can stick a fork in Steve now, 'cause he done.
00:43:31(narrator) The next morning, Steve Smith is brought into custody.
00:43:41(Collins) We have enough right now to charge Steve.
00:43:44But we'll give him a chance to tell his story.
00:43:46If we can get a confession, it'll be great.
00:43:49(Currin) 'Cause at this point, you're the only one named as a suspect, okay?
00:43:57Don't look surprised.
00:43:58Why'd you come down here in handcuffs?
00:44:00(Maybon) Did you tell Candy to tell the police that she didn't know you?
00:44:17Okay, Steven.
00:44:20She said that you was going to kill this guy if he didn't pay you some money.
00:44:25Are you serious?
00:44:27(Currin) It ain't just her, Steven.
00:44:29Like I said, more and more people are jumping on it the further along we go.
00:44:34We already know that you've lied to us.
00:44:35(Maybon) We got your cell records.
00:44:38We have his cell.
00:44:39Everything points at you, Steve.
00:44:41Did you shoot the guy?
00:44:41No, I didn't.
00:44:43So you tell me you had nothing to do with it?
00:44:46I don't know who shot him.
00:44:47(Collins) It seems like he's got in his mind-set that we can't get him.
00:44:51Even though he's done it, we don't have enough on him to get him.
00:44:54He's not going to confess today.
00:44:58He's left us no choice.
00:45:07I've heard nothing but nice things about this young man from other people that hung around the shop that knew him.
00:45:13And why Steve would want to go out and kill this guy, I have no idea.
00:45:18There's stuff that I don't understand why they do the things they do.
00:45:36(narrator) Detective Fernando Bosch is investigating the Miami murder of David "Dread" Pottinger.
00:45:42Bosch and Sergeant Carlos de los Santos went to Atlanta to talk to Smitty, a 17-year-old neighbor of the victim, who suddenly left town after the shooting.
00:45:51As the first 48 comes to an end, detectives wait to question Smitty.
00:46:02What's up, man?
00:46:04Okay, we--our guy we've been looking for all day just got here.
00:46:10He's our main suspect now.
00:46:11We got to talk to him, see what he's got to say, you know, his whereabouts and what did he do and all that.
00:46:19(de los Santos) Did you see him at all that day that he got killed?
00:46:23(Smitty) Yeah.
00:46:26Was he with anybody?
00:46:30(narrator) Smitty admits to being in the rooming house the day of the murder.
00:46:34But he says he did not knock on Dread's door.
00:46:37Were you cut in any way that day, that maybe some of your blood fell on the floor?
00:46:52(Bosch) I asked him if he had been cut or anything like that.
00:46:55He was involved in an argument with his father July 4th, which was three days before the murder.
00:47:00(narrator) Because of the fight, Smitty's mother came to Miami the day of the murder.
00:47:05to pick up her son.
00:47:06(Bosch) What time did Mom come pick you up?
00:47:17(narrator) Smitty confirms he left the apartment house an hour before the shooting.
00:47:20(de los Santos) The fight with your dad, more or less, what happened?
00:47:41(Bosch) He was trying to get the victim's attention, 'cause it happened just outside the victim's window.
00:47:48And he started hitting this glass.
00:47:55(Bosch) And there was evidence on the scene of the broken glass and stuff, so I have to believe him.
00:48:04(Bosch) You know, I had a wrong impression of this kid.
00:48:07You know, he sounds very honest.
00:48:09Doesn't have any bullet holes.
00:48:11And you know, we've got to verify some things that he's told us, but overall, I think he's telling us the truth.
00:48:20I'm very frustrated right now.
00:48:21And you know, you talk to this guy, hoping to get some information, hoping that maybe, you know, he's the offender, and no luck.
00:48:36(narrator) In the first 48, Miami detective Fernando Bosch and his team found David "Dread" Pottinger shot in his apartment, learned from two female witnesses that the offender was a young man, discovered that the neighbor's son Smitty left town the day of the murder, tracked down Smitty in Atlanta, where they learned he was not an offender or a witness.
00:49:08>> This sucks, man.
00:49:09It's so frustrating, because this guy was such a good possible suspect, you know.
00:49:18>> At least we got this kid out.
00:49:21He's not a witness.
00:49:22He's not an offender.
00:49:23Now we can concentrate our efforts somewhere else.
00:49:39(male narrator) For Homicide detectives, the clock starts ticking the moment they are called.
00:49:44(Williams) Look like we got ourselves a homicide.
00:49:49No, I didn't put you in nothing.
00:49:51You're in it.
00:49:52(man) This guy will take you out, and they like to do it in a dramatic way.
00:49:57(Oliver) If I have to take you with me, then I'll do it.
00:49:58(narrator) Their chance of solving a murder is cut in half...
00:50:02This is a cold mystery: Nothing to go on.
00:50:05(narrator) If they don't get a lead...
00:50:06(Oliver) Stay in, stay in, stay in.
00:50:10(narrator) Within the first 48 hours.
00:50:14[ominous electronic music] ♪ ♪
00:50:29South Memphis, 3:00 p.m.
00:50:31Children on their way home fromschool hear a single gunshot.
00:50:35A man has been shotin the street.
00:50:44The victim is rushed to the hospital, where he dies.
00:50:58(Oliver)And I'm the luckiest one up there.
00:51:00I've yet to have onethat went unsolved.
00:51:03They just fall in place,for some reason.
00:51:05(narrator)Sergeant Mitch Oliver, a three-year veteran of Homicide, will bethe lead investigator.
00:51:13(Mason) Mitch is my buddy.
00:51:14If you get a case to him, you may as well give it to me, 'cause I got his back.
00:51:18Hey, how you doing?
00:51:19What's going on?
00:51:20Good, what's up?
00:51:21(narrator)Sergeant Caroline Mason is a 19-year veteran of the Memphis Police.
00:51:28(Oliver)What's the deal?
00:51:29The shooting took placeright there by that pole.
00:51:33(Oliver) That wooden pole right there?
00:51:35So only thing we got is, I guess, that bloody T-shirt.
00:51:45(narrator) The neighbor who called 911 says the victim staggered into her driveway, clutching his stomach.
00:51:51She gave him a towel to stop the bleeding.
00:51:55She didn't recognize him atfirst and realized it's Quincy.
00:51:59(narrator) 39-year-old Quincy Jones had recently moved to Memphis from Los Angeles with his 12-year-old son.
00:52:09He was a neighborhood investor who was shot in front of a house he was renovating.
00:52:18This is nice.
00:52:20I mean, this is some nice rental property.
00:52:23(narrator) The victim's car, a new Range Rover, is parked in front of the house.
00:52:30(Oliver) He's got a real nice Range Rover with, you know, big chrome rims on it.
00:52:34(Mullins) Around here, young men will kill for a fancy truck like this.
00:52:40(Mason) Oh, man, a shell casing would be super.
00:52:43[metal detector beeping] (man) I don't see anything.
00:52:50(Mullins) Well, we can't even find any shell casings.
00:52:53(Oliver) Absolutely nothing.
00:52:57You know, right now, it's looking like my lucky streak's probably over with.
00:53:08This is a cold mystery.
00:53:12No clue. Nothing to go on.
00:53:15If we solve this, we the big dogs.
00:53:20(Oliver) One of our witnesses said schoolkids were walking up and down the street, because school just let out.
00:53:27Only bad thing about that is, a lot of your parents will not, you know, allow the kids to get involved because they're afraid something will happen to them, which I can understand.
00:53:46(narrator)Five hours in...
00:53:47I need you to come down hereand talk to me, tell me what's going on.
00:53:53(narrator) A witness comes forward.
00:54:01Just kind of tell me what you saw.
00:54:03Just start from the beginning.
00:54:14(narrator)The witness tells Sergeant Mullins he recognized a manrunning from the scene.
00:54:19His name, his nickname, anything like that?
00:54:26I'll be right back. I'm going to just...
00:54:29(narrator) The detectives look up Dusty in their database.
00:54:37He's Clarence Bailey, a convicted burglar.
00:54:45Oh, yeah.
00:54:46So what's your plan?
00:54:47What are you thinking?
00:54:48Where your head at?
00:54:50I think we're going to get Dusty.
00:54:58(narrator)900 miles away, in central Miami, a young woman calls 911 from under the 12th Avenue bridge.
00:55:30(Aguilar) Had a lot of construction going on, so it's pretty out of the way here.
00:55:35So it's a nice, out of the way place for homeless people to sleep.
00:55:40(narrator)Armando Aguilar, with three yearsof Homicide under his belt, will be the lead detectiveon the case.
00:55:46(Williams)We got this white homeless man that's found underneaththe overpass here, inside this greenmakeshift shack.
00:56:06(narrator) The woman who called 911 is still on the scene.
00:56:11She's part of a team of filmmakers making a documentary about homelessness.
00:56:18The victim was their main subject.
00:56:21And I'm going to go get my camera.
00:56:26They haven't seen himin a couple days, which is whythey came to find him.
00:56:30(narrator) Johnny Dickson was a 31-year-old native of New Jersey.
00:56:35He was struggling with an addiction to crack cocaine and had lived on the street for years.
00:56:43We're waiting for the medical examiner to get here so we can take a closer look at the body.
00:56:49Doesn't appear to be any shell casings, so we have to try to figure out how he was murdered.
00:56:57(narrator) The medical examiner arrives on the scene.
00:57:17There's a skull fracture.
00:57:19Big fracture on the left.
00:57:23Yeah, in multiple pieces.
00:57:26(Williams) Look like we got ourself a homicide.
00:57:39(narrator) Detectives search the scene for a possible murder weapon.
00:57:48And what you got here is, you got blood spatter here on the floor, like if it was dragged.
00:58:06That could be the murder weapon right there.
00:58:12(Williams) Is that hair?
00:58:14It looks like it very well could be hair.
00:58:16And it looks like there's hair in the blood.
00:58:22(Williams) Man, it's going to be too dirty to get any type of fingerprints off of it.
00:58:31Armando? Come here.
00:58:33Look at this.
00:58:34(narrator) Two hours in, detectives get a lead.
00:58:37They find a driver's license that doesn't belong to the victim.
00:58:40(Mullins) We need to run this guy's name.
00:58:49(narrator) Back at headquarters, Tapanes looks up the driver's license found at the scene.
00:58:55(Tapanes) This is interesting.
00:58:57Battery of police, resisting officer with violence.
00:59:04Hey, Sarge.
00:59:04That D.L., the guy from the D.L.: battery, police and fire; resisting officer with violence; resisting officer with violence; resist with violence;