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Aired at 12:01 AM on Friday, Jan 15, 2010 (1/15/2010)      View all transcripts from this day


00:00:16(narrator) Did someone come to your apartment today, where you live with gary and crystal?
00:00:30What happened?
00:00:32[knocking] Okay, gary opened the door, and he told 'em, "no, man, you can't " and they pushed gary out of the way.
00:00:39(narrator) Linda says that two young black males walked in.
00:00:44They were there to collect money that she owed them for drugs.
00:00:48$10 Or something stupid.
00:00:49(narrator) An argument broke out when linda refused to pay.
00:00:54I was trying to call the police well, he come after me ..] out of me and said, "gimme that phone, " gary was getting in between me and him and said, "let me go across the street.
00:01:06" (narrator) Linda says gary took her cell phone and left the apartment.
00:01:11The two young men followed him out into the hall.
00:01:16And I don't know what happened.
00:01:17I closed the door and locked it.
00:01:21And I heard stuff.
00:01:21[sobs] (narrator) 800 Miles away: Dallas, texas, 5:00 a.m.
00:01:43Shots ring out in the parking lot of an after-hours bar on northwest highway.
00:01:48[line rings] [man speaking Spanish] [siren wailing] (narrator) When patrol arrives, they find a man in a chevy suburban shot dead.
00:02:16(Ibarra) I think the first order of business is to find out who this guy is and find out what he was doing up there.
00:02:23(narrator) Detective eddie ibarra is a 17-year-veteran of the dallas police force.
00:02:29He will lead the investigation.
00:02:33I'm optimistic on this.
00:02:34You have to be.
00:02:35If not, it would burn you up inside.
00:03:00What we got?
00:03:02Basically, you have a deceased guy in this car.
00:03:06We haven't identified him yet.
00:03:08He's still sittin' in there.
00:03:21(Ibarra) All right.
00:03:31(woman) Here you are.
00:03:35(narrator) The victim is 28-year-old augustine plancarte, known as angel.
00:03:42He was a musician and performed at local nightclubs.
00:04:08(narrator) The victim has multiple gunshot wounds on the right side of his arm and shoulder.
00:04:15(Lundberg) That's where one of the bullets hit.
00:04:19(Ibarra) Looks like it's upward.
00:04:22Somebody was eager to be inside.
00:04:24The shooting took place inside.
00:04:26(narrator) Detectives believe the shots came from the passenger seat of the victim's suv.
00:04:40(Ibarra) Scott's the old drug dog.
00:04:42What is that, scotty?
00:04:44It's meth.
00:04:50Here's another cell phone.
00:04:52(Sayers) Four phones.
00:04:53(woman) Five.
00:04:53You missed another one.
00:04:55(Sayers) Oh, where's the fifth phone?
00:04:57(Ibarra) Right here, brother.
00:05:07Let me tell you what I got.
00:05:11You have at least maybe two dozen people inside the club when this happens.
00:05:15The only person that I think you'll need to take down is the security guard.
00:05:19I think he came out here.
00:05:21He saw a jeep cherokee leave the scene at a high rate of speed.
00:05:38The drug trade is the key to a lot of our homicides that occur, because people just don't care about other folks.
00:05:48They just care about the money and the drugs.
00:05:54But just because he appears to be involved in the dope trade doesn't justify the act.
00:06:07(narrator) Back at headquarters, ibarra will interview the bar's security guard, who may have seen the shooting.
00:06:17[speaking Spanish] [speaking Spanish] (narrator) The security guard says two men in a jeep cherokee pulled into the parking lot, followed by the victim's suv.
00:06:33(narrator) The driver of the jeep got into the victim's suv.
00:06:38The other man stayed behind.
00:07:10I got a good idea of what happened and how it happened.
00:07:14It just-- adding to the theory that I got that this is a drug deal gone bad.
00:07:23(narrator) Nine hours in, ibarra and detective mike mendez put together a list of contacts from the victim's cell phones.
00:07:30This is detective ibarra with the dallas police department.
00:07:34I'm trying to locate some family for a guy that goes by the name of augustine.
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00:11:33(narrator) In dallas, detective eddie ibarra and the homicide team are investigating a murder of 28-year-old angel plancarte, found shot in his car in an apparent drug deal gone bad.
00:11:45A witness claimed he saw the victim speaking with two men in a jeep cherokee moments before the gunshots.
00:11:51Now detectives have tracked down a potential lead.
00:12:01(narrator) Mendez reaches the victim's ex-girlfriend monica.
00:12:05Si. gracias, gracias.
00:12:08(Ibarra) What's the deal?
00:12:11Well, I gave her the name "angel," when I gave her the name angel, she started crying.
00:12:18She says all his family is in mexico.
00:12:25(narrator) Ibarra and mendez head out to talk with monica.
00:12:49(narrator) Monica says angel had a troubled past in mexico.
00:12:58Monica takes ibarra and mendez to the hotel room where angel stayed.
00:13:25[sobbing] In this little binder, there's sheets of lyrics that he's written.
00:13:50(Mendez) Obviously, this guy is using this room as kind of a semi-recording studio.
00:13:57I don't see anything here out of the ordinary.
00:14:13Hi, this is detective ibarra from dallas homicide.
00:14:16(narrator) With no other leads, ibarra turns to another name from the victim's cell phone.
00:14:22Would you be willing to meet so I could get some more information?
00:14:26We'll see you in a little bit.
00:14:32There's a good place.
00:15:17(narrator) One of angel's friends says that a man threatened angel just days before.
00:15:22Angel supposedly owed him money.
00:15:34(Ibarra) She says, "well, he's a hispanic guy about your height.
00:15:37He's just kind of " but he's got a mustache and thick eyebrows.
00:15:45" (narrator) Back at headquarters, ibarra and mendez look through the victim's cell phones " [sighs] (Ibarra) I've got one right here that says cocho.
00:16:05(narrator) Using the phone number, they track down his address and real name.
00:16:17(Ibarra) That's it.
00:16:18Look at that unibrow.
00:16:19That's him.
00:16:21We're on the track.
00:16:22(narrator) Samuel benitez.
00:16:25(Ibarra) Man of the hour.
00:16:26(narrator) Ibarra prepares a lineup with samuel benitez, aka el cocho.
00:16:32(Ibarra) Now the next step is to take the lineup to the security guard that was out at the scene and show him the lineup.
00:16:44(narrator) The next day, ibarra and mendez meet the security guard from the crime scene to see if he can pick el cocho out of a lineup.
00:17:29(narrator) In cincinnati, detective jenny luke and the homicide team are working the case of 52-year-old gary secone, beaten to death outside his apartment door.
00:17:39The victim's wife said that two young men had come to collect on a debt.
00:17:43When her husband intervened, a fight broke out in the stairwell.
00:17:47I said, "crystal, " I was scared to death to go out there because I knew they'd come back up into our house, you know?
00:17:58(narrator) Minutes later, linda went out into the hallway.
00:18:02The two men were gone, along with her cell phone.
00:18:06Gary was unconscious.
00:18:08And there was blood coming out his ears and his mouth.
00:18:14And it looked like tread marks on his back where they kicked him so many times.
00:18:21Aw, man.
00:18:21[sobbing softly] Is there anything else about this?
00:18:29Do you know about who's involved in this?
00:18:32(narrator) Linda says she knows the nickname of one of the young men.
00:18:38(Vaughn) Who is it?
00:18:39(Linda) Keno.
00:18:40That's the one who did it.
00:18:42This other person ..
00:18:45Do you know his name at all?
00:18:49Okay, is there anything else that you think would help me?
00:18:53(narrator) Linda says keno was also upset over insulting text messages he had received.
00:18:57The lady that lives across the hall from me she was texting keno with my phone.
00:19:03(narrator) Linda says her neighbor felt ripped off over a drug purchase and was angry with keno.
00:19:09So, on my phone, she's texting him, but I didn't know she was doing that.
00:19:12Okay, so they come in and they're talking about the money, but then they start talking about the texting?
00:19:18Yeah, it wasn't over the money; it was over that phone.
00:19:22Okay, do you know of him by anything other than keno?
00:19:24(narrator) Linda doesn't know keno's real name, but she knows his address.
00:19:40Look at those and tell me if there's anybody in there that you recognize.
00:19:49Right there.
00:19:51That's him.
00:19:53He had a baby face.
00:19:54(narrator) Keno is 15-year-old tor hardy.
00:19:59[Linda sobbing] Whew.
00:20:05Man, she just killed me.
00:20:10Even though she might have ..
00:20:13He ruined that woman's life.
00:20:23You try not to forget it when you go to court.
00:20:25That's for sure.
00:20:34(narrator) Luke hopes tor's mother will turn him in.
00:20:39(Luke) Hi, my name ..
00:20:42(narrator) She gets her voice mail.
00:20:44(Luke) It's in his best interest to turn himself in.
00:20:48I'm very sorry that I have to make this phone call.
00:20:54Maybe she'll listen.
00:20:56Right now, she's probably so freaked out, she don't know what to do.
00:21:06(narrator) The next day, patrol gets a tip on tor's whereabouts.
00:21:13They bring him in to homicide.
00:21:19(Luke) Hey, tor.
00:21:26I'm going to let you tell me, in your own words, how this all happened.
00:21:39(Luke) It's not a matter " 'cause it happened.
00:21:44We already know who was involved.
00:21:47Do you understand that?
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00:25:54(narrator) In cincinnati, detective jenny luke and the homicide team are working the murder of gary secone, found beaten to death.
00:26:03Witnesses identified 15-year-old tor hardy as the alleged assailant.
00:26:08Now luke needs him to talk.
00:26:18I went up there and knocked on her door.
00:26:20Linda stepped back.
00:26:22She let me in.
00:26:23And then I was like, "i'm just trying ..
00:26:26(Luke) How much money did they owe you?
00:26:28She only owed me $28.
00:26:29I wasn't even trippin' over that, though.
00:26:32(narrator) Tor claims he was angry because he'd received text messages from linda's phone with racial slurs.
00:26:37She's like, calling my phone and texting me and stuff.
00:26:41(Luke) Did they ever use the n-word?
00:26:43Yeah, she did.
00:26:46(narrator) But linda said the messages weren't from her.
00:26:50Linda got up, and then she's like, ..], I'm gonna call " she tried to run past me, so, li, I grabbed her, and, I put her back in the house.
00:26:59(narrator) Tor says that's when gary stepped in.
00:27:03He kept pushing me, ..
00:27:08" I just got fed up, and we started fighting.
00:27:15Did you ever kick him?
00:27:16Probably so.
00:27:16I was mad.
00:27:20You kind of went off and snapped?
00:27:28I stopped hitting him and seen the blood coming out his head.
00:27:32Then I was like, " I didn't know that this was gonna happen, man.
00:27:46Who were you with?
00:27:47(Hardy) I don't know.
00:27:48I was with my friend, ju.
00:27:49(Luke) Do you know his real name?
00:27:51He just go to my school.
00:27:53But he ain't do nothing.
00:27:55(Luke) So he never laid a hand on this guy?
00:27:59No, ma'am.
00:28:01Where is this cell phone at?
00:28:02(narrator) Luke asks tor about linda's cell phone, taken during the fight.
00:28:06I don't even remember about no cell phone.
00:28:10(Luke) Are you telling me the truth?
00:28:12Yes, ma'am.
00:28:21I'm scared.
00:28:24(Luke) I'm not saying you shouldn't be scared; I would be scared too.
00:28:30You're young.
00:28:32You're only 15 years old.
00:28:50He gave us a nickname of ju.
00:28:52He says he goes to school with him, so we'll try to locate ju, find out who he is and get him in here.
00:29:09(narrator) The next morning, luke call's tor's school ..
00:29:13(Luke) Hi, my name is detective jenny luke.
00:29:16(narrator) And learns of a jullian douglas who goes by that nickname.
00:29:21Okay, thank you.
00:29:24(narrator) Luke searches the juvenile database.
00:29:27Jullian douglas is 17 years old.
00:29:29(Luke) So what I'm going to do now is, I've got the two witnesses inside that apartment to hopefully identify jullian from a photo array.
00:29:45And I'm going to give you these.
00:29:46I want you to take a look at them one at a time, okay?
00:30:04(narrator) In dallas, detective eddie ibarra and the homicide team are working the murder of angel plancarte.
00:30:10They have a potential suspect: A man named el cocho, who allegedly threatened angel days before the murder.
00:30:18Now, detectives see if the security guard from the crime scene will pick out el cocho from a photo lineup.
00:30:41(narrator) The security guard cannot i.d. el cocho.
00:30:49Let's go.
00:30:58It's dark.
00:30:59And if h I mean, we're talking about 50, 60 feet away.
00:31:12It's a part of homicide work, brother.
00:31:15Ups and downs.
00:31:17Pros and cons.
00:31:19We're not out of options.
00:31:26You got the number for that girl?
00:31:27(narrator) 35 Hours in, ibarra contacts one of angel's friends whom he met with the day before.
00:31:34He arranges to show her the suspect lineup.
00:31:38Okay, bye.
00:32:10(narrator) She says el cocho was at the bar on the night of the murder.
00:32:23Muy bien.
00:32:24(narrator) With the first 48 winding down, ibarra updates deployment, who will hunt for el cocho.
00:32:32(Ibarra) Go get him.
00:32:33Bring him in on the warrants.
00:32:38At this point, it's out of my hands, so we're gonna let deployment do their thing and see if they go snatch this guy.
00:32:56(narrator) In the first 48, detective eddie ibarra and the dallas homicide team responded to the murder of angel plancarte, found shot in his car.
00:33:06A witness said the victim was seen with two men and a jeep cherokee moments before the murder.
00:33:12Detectives learned that a man named samuel benitez, aka el cocho, allegedly threatened to kill the victim shortly before the murder.
00:33:20Now, the hunt is on for their suspect: el cocho.
00:33:33On what street?
00:33:34(narrator) marshals get word that the suspect's jeep cherokee has been spotted.
00:33:39Said he was right in front of the door.
00:33:48Everybody, just chill.
00:33:54(man) That's him.
00:33:54(man) Oh yeah, that's him.
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00:38:12(narrator) In dallas, detective eddie ibarra and the homicide unit are investigating the shooting death of angel plancarte.
00:38:18Detectives are trying to track down their suspect, a man called el cocho.
00:38:23 marshals may have spotted him.
00:38:28Let me see your hands!
00:39:04Good job.
00:39:04Good luck, sir.
00:39:06My turn.
00:39:07They came through and apprehended the guy who we believe killed augustine, and now it's time-- my turn to get in there and see if I can get him to tell me why.
00:39:20Go do this.
00:39:25[both speaking Spanish] (narrator) El cocho admits that angel met him in the parking lot to pay off an $800 debt.
00:40:16(narrator) In cincinnati, detective jenny luke and the homicide team arrested 15-year-old tor hardy for the beating death of gary secone.
00:40:26Now, luke is showing a lineup to the victim's wife to see if she can identify jullian douglas as the second suspect.
00:40:40This could be him, but it just looks-- he looks too old.
00:40:45(narrator) Linda cannot make a positive i.d.
00:40:49As the first 48 winds down, luke turns to crystal.
00:40:55Take as much time as you want and go through them one by one.
00:41:09(narrator) Crystal i.d.'s douglas.
00:41:20(narrator) In the first 48, detective jenny luke and the cincinnati homicide team responded to the murder of 52-year-old gary secone, found beaten to death.
00:41:30The victim's wife identified 15-year-old tor hardy as the first suspect.
00:41:36Tor admitted to the beating and claimed the victim provoked him with racial slurs.
00:41:41'd jullian douglas as the second suspect who was with tor during the beating.
00:41:52(Luke) We have the cell phone records back now.
00:41:55And basically, we have tor texting the victim's cell phone after the murder happened, telling his "bro" that he'll be calling.
00:42:06He knew that jullian had the cell phone.
00:42:09(narrator) Detectives meet with the county prosecutor to discuss jullian's role in the crime.
00:42:15So tell me about-- ..
00:42:19Tor went up to these people's apartment with another kid named jullian douglas.
00:42:24He went up there to: "A," get his $15 back, and "b," he's pissed off about these text messages.
00:42:32(Luke) Gary and linda, they're scared.
00:42:35They were trying to get out of there, trying to get out of the apartment and try to call the police, and they were not allowing, ..
00:42:41(Branson) With the cell phone, that later is in the possession, we think, with ju.
00:42:44(Luke) Yeah.
00:42:45It's ju that's got the cell phone.
00:42:56(narrator) Six days later, detectives bring 17-year-old jullian douglas into custody.
00:43:02Man, I ain't killed nobody, man.
00:43:04Man, I didn't kill nobody, man.
00:43:06Put this on the news, man.
00:43:09Man, hell no, man.
00:43:21(Feldhaus) Jullian, what I like to do is just start from the beginning.
00:43:24(Jullian) I ain't murder nobody or put my hands on nobody.
00:43:27(Feldhaus) You were over there with tor when this happened.
00:43:31I ain't got nothing to do with it.
00:43:34He said, "will you take me over to my friend's house " I said, "yeah, " we went over there, ..
00:43:44You didn't force your way in?
00:43:46Everybody was talking cool early-- everything was cool.
00:43:49(narrator) Jullian says then the discussion became heated.
00:43:53(Jullian) And that's when she told us that, "y'all have to get out " and I told him like, "i don't know what's going on.
00:44:01"I don't have nothing to do with this.
00:44:03" did you help tor fight this guy?
00:44:06I ain't touch nobody.
00:44:09(narrator) Jullian insists he left as the fight broke out and had no part in the crime.
00:44:17Did you take the phone?
00:44:21The phone?
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00:48:24(narrator) In cincinnati, detective jenny luke and the homicide team are working the beating death of gary secone.
00:48:30With one suspect already in custody, detective dave feldhaus is now questioning 17-year-old jullian douglas to find out his role in the crime.
00:48:40(Feldhaus) Did you take the phone?
00:48:49I know you took the phone.
00:48:50That's not even an issue here.
00:48:52I didn't deliberately steal the phone.
00:48:55It had to been given to me, because I didn't touch nobody.
00:48:58Well, who would have gave it to you?
00:48:59Tor, probably.
00:49:00I don't know, sir.
00:49:04(Feldhaus) So you don't know how you got his phone.
00:49:06You don't remember?
00:49:07I know I didn't touch nobody, though.
00:49:09That's all I know.
00:49:14Anything else you want-- you want straighten anything out here, jullian?
00:49:19No, sir.
00:49:23(Feldhaus) He participated in the taking of the property of the victim.
00:49:29He's involved in the commission of a felony with tor, which makes him just as guilty as tor, as far as the law's concerned.
00:49:39Aw, hell no, man.
00:49:41I ain't kill nobody.
00:49:43Aw, hell no, man.
00:49:45I didn't kill nobody.
00:49:46NEVER HAD [bleep] To do with nothing, man.
00:49:48Calm down, brother.
00:49:49Calm down.
00:49:52Aw, man.
00:49:57I ain't never going to never see life again, man.
00:50:00Hell, they just took my life away from me, man.
00:50:34(narrator) In dallas, detective eddie ibarra and the homicide team are investigating the murder of angel plancarte.
00:50:41Their suspect, el cocho, admitted that he was at the scene of the crime but claims that he didn't shoot angel.
00:51:02(narrator) El cocho claims el compa is an assassin sent from mexico.
00:51:25(narrator) According to el cocho, angel had killed a member of el compa's drug organization, and el compa was seeking revenge.
00:51:43El cocho gives ibarra el compa's home address.
00:51:53Now we know who the alleged shooter is.
00:51:56El cocho has identified [indistinct], 'CAUSE, UH-- Told us exactly where we can find him.
00:52:01So we're going to send deployment out and see if they can get him.
00:52:11(narrator) Three hours later, the alleged assassin, el compa, is apprehended at his home and brought to headquarters.
00:53:02Well, the next thing is, we draft up a search warrant for his house and see if we can find the murder weapon or any other physical evidence that might connect him to this case.
00:53:16(narrator) Across town, detective john palmer hits el compa's home to search for evidence.
00:53:22How you doing?
00:53:23(narrator) The landlord leads them to el compa's room.
00:53:42(man) ..
00:53:47Ain't that pretty.
00:53:51Eddie, we got the weapon.
00:53:56(Ibarra) Beautiful.
00:53:57It's a beautiful thing when a plan comes together, brother.
00:53:59Thank you.
00:54:02(Ibarra) He did find the weapon which we believe is going to be the murder weapon in el compa's apartment.
00:54:08We believe that ties him into the murder.
00:54:11There's still a lot of unanswered questions.
00:54:14Right now, the only thing we have is cocho's account of what happened.
00:54:19He indicates that angel killed a member of el compa's drug organization.
00:54:26El compa was sent up here from mexico to settle the score, and the score was to get back at angel.
00:54:44Long day, mikey.
00:54:45(man) Yes, sir.
00:54:48It was a good day?
00:54:51Very good day.
00:54:52Very productive day.
00:54:56Captioning byCaptionMax male narrator: For homicide detectives, the clock starts ticking the moment they are called.
00:55:39- To shoot a married couple in front of their children, it's just a callous act.
00:55:46" - he was suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest.
00:55:53- Have you ever lied to someone who trusts you?
00:55:56narrator: THEIR CHANCE OF Solving a murder is cut in half if they don't get a lead within the first 48 hours.
00:56:04- Who shot dion?
00:56:05- The man.
00:56:07- Do you know the man?
00:56:07- Yes.
00:56:10[dramatic music] ♪ ♪
00:56:26narrator: LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, 1:45 A.m.
00:56:29The iroquois projects on the south side of town.
00:56:48[siren blaring] narrator: WHEN PATROL RESPONDS, They find a man and woman shot to death and three young children left unharmed.
00:57:09- When you go into a homicide scene, it's business, business, business.
00:57:13It's when you stop and think about it all that it can hit home, and that's why a lot of people just don't think about it.
00:57:19narrator: DETECTIVE KEVIN TREES Has been with the louisville police department for ten years.
00:57:26He's been in homicide for two.
00:57:42- We've got two subjects shot, a male and a female.
00:57:46Also found three children, but the children were all unharmed.
00:57:50The oldest child is three.
00:58:12- We have dion smith and timela smith.
00:58:20narrator: THE VICTIMS Are 34-year-old dion smith and 22-year-old timela smith, known to friends as tee.
00:58:28Recently married, they leave behind a one-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy.
00:58:35Their three-year-old niece was staying with them for the night.
00:58:42- It appears she's been shot twice in the head.
00:58:50And then I think he was shot once in the back, lower left side, and then in the head.
00:58:59I'm thinking he's kneeling down.
00:59:01He's like this, and she's leaning over on her knee.
00:59:07Pop, pop, pop.
00:59:09It's almost like they were executed.
00:59:17I'm not sure we're gonna have much to go on right now.
00:59:27To shoot a married couple in front of their children shows disregard for life and just a callous, llous acaltogether.
00:59:36My opinion is, if the children were any older, we might have one or more deceased children for the fear that they could become witnesses.
00:59:46- All three kids are going to cacu right now.
00:59:50- Keep 'em all together.
00:59:51- And then grandma can go down there with you if she wants.