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00:00:00And then just build up on her.
00:00:07Let's see here.
00:00:09So tell me about you guys.
00:00:12J-mo is at the door, and you guys are arguing.
00:00:17He's wanting to come inside.
00:00:21You shut the door, and then what?
00:00:36narrator: DALLAS, TEXAS.
00:00:39A cloudy spring afternoon.
00:00:424:30 P.m.
00:00:44A 911 call comes in from a west dallas apartment complex.
00:01:01narrator: When paramedics respond, they find two men shot.
00:01:05One arrives at the hospital in critical condition.
00:01:10The other dies.
00:01:21[thunder rumbles] - I wasn't planning on working evenings, but I guess I am now.
00:01:27narrator: Detective rick duggan has been in homicide for five years.
00:01:35- That's the problem with working homicide, is 'cause you never can anticipate when you're gonna go out on the next scene.
00:01:42narrator: DETECTIVE P.E. JONES Is 36-year veteran of the dallas police department.
00:01:55- Lovely day for a murder.
00:01:58- Yes, it is.
00:02:09- Hey, guys.
00:02:21What's the victim's name?
00:02:23- The deceased?
00:02:24" narrator: 46-YEAR-OLD Shawn evans was a welder.
00:02:34He lived in nearby irving, texas.
00:02:38- And he had three gunshot wounds to the chest.
00:02:41The survivor, he had a gunshot wound to the stomach.
00:02:45narrator: THE SECOND VICTIM, Who survived, is 50 years old and has been friends with shawn for 30 years.
00:02:51He is in surgery and is not yet able to speak with detectives.
00:02:57- Supposedly, this is the deceased victim's car.
00:03:03narrator: THE PHYSICAL Evidence section finds a gun.
00:03:10- This side of the street down here is pretty quiet.
00:03:15So they probably selected this place for whatever transaction they were gonna do.
00:03:24- I'm gonna go up there and talk to 'em.
00:03:26- All right.
00:03:26narrator: THE TEAM CANVASSES The complex for witnesses.
00:03:33[knocking on door] - Police.
00:03:43[knocking on door] - Was he the one who was in the front seat?
00:03:46narrator: JONES FINDS A RESIDENT Who says that before the shooting, she saw two white men and two black men in the car.
00:03:52- So you weren't out here when the shots were actually-- - no, sir.
00:03:55- Okay.
00:04:02- All right.
00:04:07narrator: AT THE AUTO POUND, The team hopes the victim's car will hold the key to suspect's identity.
00:04:15- We're looking for drugs, a fired bullet, and fired cartridges.
00:04:31- It looks like an eight ball.
00:04:31- It's an eight ball.
00:04:33narrator: THEY FIND WHAT APPEARS To be cocaine in the backseat.
00:04:40 begins dusting the car for prints.
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00:08:45narrator: The dallas homicide team is investigating the murder of 46-year-old shawn evans, shot in his car along with his friend, who survived.
00:08:52Now investigators hope that evidence from the victim's car will lead them to their suspects.
00:09:13- Nada.
00:09:13narrator: THE TEAM FINDS No usable prints on the car.
00:09:20- Evidently, shawn bought this car the day he died.
00:09:27He didn't even have this car 24 hours.
00:09:35[mid-tempo bass guitar music] ♪ ♪
00:09:45narrator: ..
00:09:47- You know, I want to see the case work out.
00:09:49I want to see all my cases work out.
00:09:51You know, I get excited about the stuff that's fixin' to happen, and I just kind of go into-- I go into overdrive.
00:09:58narrator: Detective scott sayers will take over the case as lead detective.
00:10:03He has been in homicide for one year.
00:10:06- I just got word about a caller who says they got information about the case.
00:10:11I'm gonna go in and talk to them and find out what they've got.
00:10:17narrator: Sayers calls the tipster.
00:10:21- Uh-huh.
00:10:26 how do you know that he did this?
00:10:32 were you there when it went down?
00:10:39All right. bye.
00:10:39[phone snaps closed] narrator: THE TIPSTER Is not an eyewitness but believes two men are involved: Morris fuller and tracy "boo boo" johunkin.
00:10:53- My two suspects set up this robbery, and they wanted him to be in on it, but he said no.
00:10:59So he knows my two suspects.
00:11:01narrator: THE TIPSTER BELIEVES The shootings are a result of a robbery gone bad.
00:11:09- Bingo.
00:11:10narrator: Morris fuller is 18 years old.
00:11:18"Boo boo" is 20-year-old tracy johunkin.
00:11:22Neither man has a criminal record.
00:11:24[phone rings] - Yeah?
00:11:26narrator: SAYERS RECEIVES WORD That the surviving victim is in stable condition.
00:11:33He heads to the hospital to show him photo lineups containing the two suspects.
00:11:43- Whoever said being impatient was a fault?
00:11:46If I was investigating the death of your relative, you'd want me going 100 miles an hour if I got some leads.
00:11:54This witness' best friend of 30 years is dead.
00:11:57So imagine the pressure that he's got on him to pick these guys that killed his best friend, you know?
00:12:04Imagine if hecan'tdo it.
00:12:15narrator: SAYERS SHOWS The surviving victim the photo lineups.
00:12:31[monitor beeping] narrator: In louisville, detective kristen downs and her team are working the murder of james "j-mo" allen, shot in front of his ex-girlfriend's place.
00:12:50Now the team must find out if she knows who shot j-mo.
00:13:01J-mo is at the door, and you guys are arguing.
00:13:04He's wanting to come inside.
00:13:10narrator: She says james was angry because she had ended their relationship and started dating another man, fred.
00:13:17- You don't have a gun, do you?
00:13:20- Okay.
00:13:22Does fred carry guns?
00:13:30- Don't get mixed up in this, you know?
00:13:34Think about your son.
00:13:39We already found a clip to a gun inside your apartment.
00:13:55What's gonna happen when those bullets come back to the ones that are in j-mo?
00:13:59What's gonna happen to you and your little boy?
00:14:16- Help me fix this as best we can.
00:14:31- Hang on just a second.
00:14:38I can't understand if that kid angle doesn't work.
00:14:43Somebody else can go in and maybe try it with her.
00:14:46- I don't mind going in there.
00:14:50narrator: BEFORE BUTLER Questions the ex-girlfriend, detective kyle willet looks up her current boyfriend, fred davis.
00:14:58- Here is fred davis.
00:15:00Here we have james allen, who's our victim.
00:15:03Both had relations with our witness in there.
00:15:15- Who's that?
00:15:24- If I had a picture of you, I could put you right in the middle.
00:15:27Does that make sense?
00:15:30Who shot him?
00:15:37[sighs] - Do you love him?
00:15:47- She's absolutely stuck in the middle.
00:15:49She's got two boyfriends.
00:15:51One's dead, and if the other one did it, then he goes away too.
00:16:05We're going on three hours with her, and we keep getting stuck.
00:16:14[line ringing] - Hello?
00:16:17narrator: FOUR HOURS IN, Butler reaches out to the witness's mother, hoping she will get her daughter to talk.
00:16:24- She's done nothing wrong.
00:16:25She's gonna help everybody involved if she'd just tell us the truth.
00:16:28Would you have a problem if I take you in there with her and you can talk to her?
00:16:42- Hey, mom?
00:16:42- Yeah?
00:16:44- Okay.
00:16:46- [crying] - Okay?
00:17:10- All right. bye-bye.
00:17:11- Okay. thank you.
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00:21:19ttGET A $3 OFF COUPON AT narrator: Detective kristen downs and the louisville homicide team are investigating the shooting death of james "j-mo" allen, gunned down outside his ex-girlfriend's apartment.
00:21:40Now they need her to tell them what she knows.
00:21:55- Okay.
00:21:55- [sobs] narrator: SHE SAYS She was alone in the house and james was pounding on the door.
00:22:14She called fred and asked him to come over.
00:22:34narrator: SHE SAYS She saw james on the ground with fred standing over him, holding a gun.
00:22:39Fred then shot james two more times.
00:22:58- I'll be right back, okay?
00:23:06I think she was really scared.
00:23:06She called fred.
00:23:09Fred came over, lost control.
00:23:11And so she's kind of a victim in this too.
00:23:21narrator: 5:00 A.M., Just six hours in, police have the suspect fred davis' house surrounded.
00:23:30[knocking on door] - Police.
00:23:36[door clicks] Yes, ma'am.
00:23:37How you doing?
00:23:40Ma'am, is your son home?
00:23:47narrator: IN DALLAS, Detective scott sayers is working a shooting in which 46-year-old shawn evans was killed and his friend was hospitalized.
00:23:56The team has two suspects: Morris fuller and tracy "boo boo" johunkin.
00:24:01Now sayers is showing the surviving victim photo lineups containing the suspects.
00:24:13- Take your time.
00:24:21[sighs] He couldn't pick anybody.
00:24:37But I talked to him.
00:24:38- What'd he say?
00:24:39- Yeah, he said a bunch of good stuff.
00:24:40narrator: SAYERS BRIEFS THE TEAM On the surviving victim's story.
00:24:44- Two 50-year-old white guys go pick up these two 19-year-old black kids, supposedly for the purpose of going and hunting down a guy that owes both parties money.
00:24:57narrator: THE SURVIVING VICTIM Says that they couldn't find the man who owed shawn money.
00:25:02Instead, the two young men turned on them.
00:25:06- The kid pulls his gun, " and my complainant grabs the gun, and they start wrestling for it.
00:25:12The kid in the back 25, points it at the surviving witness in the back.
00:25:18He grabs it, so everybody had guns.
00:25:20narrator: THE SURVIVING VICTIM Claims neither he or shawn had time to pull their guns and they failed to get the guns away from the suspects.
00:25:29The guy in the front shoots both of them.
00:25:31narrator: HE SAYS THE SUSPECT In the front seat shot both shawn and him.
00:25:37- Wow.
00:25:43- Oh, no, that's good.
00:25:43- No.
00:25:44- That's good.
00:25:44- No.
00:25:45- It keeps the blood going.
00:25:45- I want you to slow down.
00:25:47You know, I want you to be here I want you-- - [laughs] I WANT TO BE HERE For a while too.
00:25:52- So slow down.
00:25:53- All right.
00:25:57[both laughing] narrator: THE NEXT MORNING, Sayers finds someone else who might be able to i.d.
00:26:12The suspects: The victim's girlfriend, valerie cahill.
00:26:19- Now, she supposedly saw both of them right before they shot them.
00:26:24narrator: According to valerie, on the day of the shooting, the victims stopped by the house with two men who match the descriptions of the suspects.
00:27:15narrator: VALERIE CANNOT Identify either suspect.
00:27:20- I'm sorry.
00:27:20- It's okay.
00:27:22It's all right, okay?
00:27:23Listen, we still got some other good stuff going, so I'll--you know, don't get all upset, okay?
00:27:29Let me talk with my partner out there, and then I'll probably get you back home.
00:27:34narrator: SAYERS AND DETECTIVE Robert quirk drive valerie home.
00:27:39- People get the wrong impression when they see him.
00:27:41They think that he might be a mean person or whatever, but he's a big teddy bear, loves to cook.
00:27:48He'd do anything in the world for anybody.
00:28:04narrator: In the first 48, detective scott sayers and his team investigated the shooting death of 46-year-old shawn evans and the wounding of his friend in an alleged robbery gone bad.
00:28:17The team developed two potential suspects: 20-Year-old tracy "boo boo" johunkin and 18-year-old morris fuller.
00:28:24But they have nothing solid that ties them to the murder.
00:28:32Day three of the investigation.
00:28:36- Right now, you don't have anybody that can identify them as actually doing it.
00:28:42So if you get these two guys and they say, "no, we weren't there; we had nothing to do with it," what do you got?
00:28:51- Nothing.
00:28:55[suspenseful music] ♪ ♪
00:29:10narrator: THREE WEEKS PASS.
00:29:11With no new developments in the case, sayers decides to take a chance.
00:29:17He will bring his suspects in to talk.
00:29:19- These are the two guys that I'm suspecting.
00:29:27narrator: PATROL Brings in morris fuller.
00:29:31- The only thing that's gonna make or break this case is gonna be a confession at this point, because right now, I don't have enough to even charge him.
00:29:46Okay, morris, I'm detective scott sayers.
00:30:09narrator: ACCORDING TO FULLER, He and boo boo, tracy johunkin, are friends from the neighborhood.
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00:34:29narrator: THE DALLAS Homicide team is investigating the shooting death of shawn evans.
00:34:35The team has two suspects: Morris fuller and tracy "boo boo" johunkin.
00:34:40Fuller has been brought to homicide.
00:34:42Now sayers must get him to confess.
00:34:56narrator: FULLER CLAIMS HE WAS Helping the victim shawn evans track down a drug dealer who owed him money.
00:35:07narrator: HE SAYS He was in the backseat with the surviving victim, while boo boo was riding shotgun.
00:35:19narrator: FULLER CLAIMS The victim got angry when he could not find the drug dealer.
00:35:24He then claims the victims both pulled out guns.
00:35:34narrator: FULLER SAYS That he and boo boo struggled with the victims for their guns.
00:35:51narrator: According to fuller, he did not see boo boo shoot the deceased victim.
00:35:56He believes the surviving victim shot himself during the struggle.
00:36:02narrator: FULLER SAYS That he brought a gun, but boo boo did not.
00:36:26- His story just doesn't make sense.
00:36:29He hasn't given me any reasons at all on why our victims would pull out their guns.
00:36:34I'm gonna book him, and I'll deal with boo boo when I get boo boo.
00:36:38- Does that sound--okay.
00:36:38- Yeah. yeah.
00:36:47- Let's go.
00:36:59narrator: One week later, tracy "boo boo" johunkin is brought in to homicide.
00:37:05- Boo boo's here.
00:37:05Marshalls brought him in.
00:37:08He's supposedly gonna be my shooter, so I'd like to get a statement from him, hear his side of the story.
00:37:15[door clicks] Okay, buddy.
00:37:21I'm detective sayers, okay?
00:38:22- Uh-huh.
00:38:24narrator: BOO BOO CLAIMS That while he was riding in the victim's car, the deceased victim pulled a gun on him.
00:38:36- Mm-hmm.
00:38:42- Okay.
00:38:56narrator: BOO BOO SAYS He shot the surviving victim when he pointed the gun at him.
00:39:03- So I know there was three guns, right?
00:39:08Or is there four guns?
00:39:10narrator: BOO BOO ADMITS He had a gun with him.
00:39:26- I'm not buying this self-defense claim.
00:39:31Everything is pointing towards a robbery gone bad.
00:39:37Shawn died, and these guys got to answer for it.
00:39:43narrator: ONE MONTH After the homicide, sayers has closed his case.
00:39:50- There's things that happened on this case that I thought would turn me on to him sooner that didn't.
00:39:59When it comes to patience, yeah, I think I learned not to get frustrated.
00:40:25narrator: The louisville homicide team and lead detective kristen downs have a suspect in the shooting death of james allen: Frederick davis.
00:40:34Now the team must bring him in.
00:40:37[knocking on door] Detectives find fred in his bedroom, asleep.
00:40:52[handcuffs clicking] - It's murder, east side.
00:41:04- Have a seat.
00:41:22- I've only been in homicide four months, so I'm a little nervous, but I'm excited.
00:41:27This is gonna be the first time I'm talking to a suspect, trying to get him to confess to murder.
00:41:34- Just lay out everything you got on him.
00:41:37- Which just let him know what we got, and-- - and then let him make his lies.
00:41:52- Hello.
00:41:54How are you?
00:42:00- Right now, you're under arrest.
00:42:04- You don't know?
00:42:06What'd you do yesterday?
00:42:07Just go through your day with me.
00:42:15 you didn't go anywhere else?
00:42:19- Well, what would you say if I told you that I've got witnesses that say you were on tenth street tonight?
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00:45:30If you have persistentpelvic or stomach pain, or if Mirena comes out,tell your healthcare provider.
00:45:35If it comes out, use back-upbirth control.
00:45:38Mirena may attach to or gothrough the uterine wall and cause other problems.
00:45:42Although uncommon, pregnancywhile using Mirena can be life threatening and mayresult in loss of pregnancy or fertility.
00:45:48Ovarian cysts may occur,but usually disappear.
00:45:51Bleeding and spottingmay increase at first and continue to be irregular.
00:45:54Periods over time may becomeshorter, lighter, or even stop.
00:45:57Mirena does not protectagainst HIV or STDs.
00:46:01"Oh, I think two's plenty. Maybe." Ask about Mirena.When you have time.
00:46:07Did you know ?
00:46:07If you choose Mirenato prevent pregnancy, it's the only birth controlalso approved to treat heavymenstrual bleeding.
00:46:20narrator: IN LOUISVILLE, Detective kristen downs is leading the investigation into the death of james allen.
00:46:27Now downs needs to get the suspect, frederick davis, to talk.
00:46:39- What would you say if I told you that I've got witnesses that say you were on tenth street tonight?
00:46:53- They're lying?
00:46:58What I'm trying to do is give you an opportunity right now to tell me your side of what happened.
00:47:09narrator: DOWNS ASKS FRED About his girlfriend.
00:47:12- When was the last time you saw her?
00:47:19- I've talked to her for a while, right? hours.
00:47:39- Yes.
00:47:41I DON'T WANT TO [bleep] YOU.
00:47:41- Mm-hmm.
00:47:42- I don't.
00:47:42I don't have time for it.
00:47:44I've been up since yesterday.
00:48:45- How'd he hit the ground?
00:48:55- How many times did you shoot him?
00:49:16- About seven?
00:49:18- Yeah.
00:49:21- All right. hang on.
00:49:24From everything we've got right now-- all the statements, all the physical evidence-- we're gonna charge him with murder.
00:49:31narrator: JUST TEN HOURS Into the investigation, downs closes her case.
00:49:39- [exhales] narrator: IN THE FIRST 48, Detective kristen downs responded to the murder of james allen.
00:49:48Downs brought the ex-girlfriend in for questioning and learned the shooter was her new boyfriend, frederick davis.
00:49:55The team brought davis to homicide, where he confessed to the murder.
00:50:02- All right, stand right up against that wall, facing me.
00:50:05Look straight forward.
00:50:07[camera shutter clicks] Turn and face that wall.
00:50:11[camera shutter clicks] - It was a win for us, but it wasn't a win for anyone, ..
00:50:18Just 'cause he was so young and just made a really stupid decision.
00:50:22This was just all so over nothing, and now all three of them are gonna be affected forever.
00:50:29James is dead, he's going to jail, and the girlfriend's lost both the men she cared about.
00:50:37narrator: SERGEANT DENNY BUTLER Calls the girlfriend.
00:50:44- Yeah, I'm all right.
00:50:45Is you all right?
00:50:48All right, man.
00:50:49Look, man, for real, for real, man, I love you for real, SO DON'T [bleep] OVER ME.
00:50:55- All right.
00:50:55- All right.
00:50:58- You done?
00:50:58both: YEAH.
00:51:00- All right.
00:51:01Everybody's done.
00:51:12narrator: DOWNS AND BUTLER MEET With the victim's family to tell them they've made an arrest.
00:51:18- And we just wanted to come and let you all know that-- that the responsible party, we've made that arrest, okay?
00:51:37[woman sobbing] - Thank y'all so much.
00:51:40Thank you so much.
00:51:43- Yeah.
00:51:46- Whoo, lord.
00:51:48- Thank y'all.
00:51:48- Thank y'all so much.
00:51:49- Thank y'all for getting him off the streets.
00:52:06Captioning byCaptionMax male narrator: FOR HOMICIDE Detectives, the clock starts ticking the moment they are called.
00:52:25- This was a brazen act.
00:52:30- We're looking for a car.
00:52:33- It's either the money or drugs or both.
00:52:37narrator: THEIR CHANCE OF Solving a murder is cut in half ..
00:52:43- Those prints could put somebody in jail.
00:52:46narrator: WITHIN The first 48 hours.
00:52:48- This ain't no joke.
00:52:49Somebody's gonna burn for it.
00:52:51- Not guilty.
00:52:54[dramatic music] ♪ ♪
00:53:12narrator: 2:15 P.M.
00:53:13In the parking lot of a shopping mall on the outer loop, shots ring out.
00:53:27narrator: PARAMEDICS RUSH To the scene and find the man lying on the ground.
00:53:32They transport him to the hospital, where he's pronounced dead.
00:53:39[clock ticking] - 961, Could you change my 10-7 to 7505 outer loop?
00:53:50I'm not sure what the circumstances were just yet.
00:53:54I can tell you, whatever it is, it's not gonna surprise me.
00:53:58narrator: LEAD DETECTIVE Keith roberts is working his tenth year in homicide.
00:54:05- The fact that it happened in broad daylight in a parking lot, it tells me that the person that did this, one, is extremely bold and extremely dangerous.
00:54:26- Do you mind shooting down to the office to help out mike with that family?
00:54:31narrator: SERGEANT DENNY BUTLER, 18 Years with louisville pd, is already at the scene.
00:54:40- Do we know how the victim got over here?
00:54:42- The maroon vehicle over here.
00:54:45We believe the victim was in the driver's seat.
00:54:49And a shooting ensues.
00:54:50narrator: AFTER HE WAS SHOT, The victim tried to escape.
00:55:03- Got you.
00:55:03- And then tries to get up and move away and collapses.
00:55:10narrator: THE VICTIM IS 21-Year-old camden mccroskey, the father of a two-year-old girl.
00:55:22- And that truck does come back to my victim.
00:55:24- That is his vehicle.
00:55:26- Okay.
00:55:27narrator: ON THE DRIVER'S SIDE Of the victim's truck, 380-caliber shell casings and bullet fragments.
00:55:34There is a third shell casing on the driver's seat.
00:55:40A cell phone believed to be the victim's is lying outside the door.
00:55:45Detectives canvass the parking lot for witnesses.
00:55:54Detective terry jones finds a man who caught a glimpse of the shooting.
00:55:58- If you would, just tell me, what did you see?
00:56:02- I heard three or four shots.
00:56:04And the guy that got shot was running towards me.
00:56:09He said, "help.
00:56:10" - the guy who shot him, what was his description?
00:56:14- The guy was black.
00:56:16narrator: THE WITNESS SAYS The shooter was IN HIS EARLY 20s With braided hair.
00:56:20- I don't know exactly what kind of car it was, but after he shot him, he got in the car and took off.
00:56:30narrator: DETECTIVES FIND Another man who saw the shooter and the getaway car.
00:56:37- The witness looks up.
00:56:37He sees the victim's car right here, this red truck.
00:56:40He said he parked to the right side of that, facing out.
00:56:44It was a silver mustang.
00:56:46narrator: ACCORDING To the witness, the suspect was standing next to the driver's side of the victim's truck.
00:56:52- Said he's about six feet tall, medium build.
00:56:55He had braids that went straight back.
00:56:58He sees the suspect standing outside the victim's car, shoots inside the car.
00:57:04The victim gets out of the car.
00:57:06He said the suspect comes out behind him, shoots him two more times.
00:57:12narrator: DETECTIVES BELIEVE The suspect shot the victim as he tried to escape.
00:57:20The witness provides them with a strong lead.
00:57:23He got a clear view of the suspect's license plate.
00:57:26Sergeant kevin thompson runs the tag.
00:57:29- It comes back to a rental car.
00:57:32They're trying to track down the information on who's got it leased at this time or rented at this time.
00:57:38narrator: THOMPSON SENDS Detectives to the rental car office to find out who rented the car.
00:57:42- They're gonna go by that address.
00:57:46- We're looking for a car.
00:57:48It's a silver mustang, kentucky tag, henry robert nora.
00:57:56And if we could just put an attempt to locate out on it and just contact lmpd homicide if found.
00:58:04narrator: PATROL UNITS Search the city for the silver mustang.
00:58:14Back at the crime scene, detectives get another potential lead.
00:58:19- You have video.
00:58:24Hopefully, we will have the shooting scene on tape, and it will be clear enough where we can identify the shooter.
00:58:31narrator: WHILE BUTLER Retrieves the surveillance video, roberts returns to headquarters to talk to the victim's mother and stepfather.
00:58:48- Come in and have a seat over there.
00:58:50I'm gonna shut this door.
00:58:54Obviously, you know I'm working a homicide.
00:58:57It involved camden.
00:58:58We're trying to find different angles of why this happened.
00:59:04- Camden was always a good kid.
00:59:07He played basketball in high school.
00:59:12Camden had kind of slipped away from the way he used to be.
00:59:15And he had lost his job.
00:59:18- So a lost a job doing what?
00:59:21- They were building parts for ford.
00:59:24He lost that job a year ago.
00:59:26- He hardly ever talked to me anymore.
00:59:29I could never get anything out of him about what he was doing for money.
00:59:35- We did hear that he may have been dealing drugs,