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00:00:00Music. thank you.
00:00:25You've gotta wash this whole room!
00:00:26Are you kidding?
00:00:28Let's wash it with febreze!
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00:01:48 now that's ..?
00:01:49Boss: how 'bout this?
00:01:52..they're the bee's knees?
00:01:54Boss: or this?
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00:03:15Check this out.
00:03:16We've died and gone to babe heaven.
00:03:20Yeah. let's sample some of the afterlife.
00:03:24Let's do it.
00:03:29Hi, girls. we're here.
00:03:31Look who it is!
00:03:33One at a time.
00:03:34There's enough of me for everybody.
00:03:37How does it feel to win an award?
00:03:44And you and you.
00:03:45So, do you girls live around here?
00:03:49Tell us your deepest, darkest secret.
00:03:51 tell them about that contagious blue fungus you have on your feet.
00:03:58As I was saying, do you girls live around here?
00:04:04You're probably busy, but I'd love to take you sailing.
00:04:09I'd love that.
00:04:10I shouldn't have asked someone so famous.
00:04:14I want to go.
00:04:15It's o.k. I'll find someone less beautiful.
00:04:18I like you.
00:04:20Don't pity me.
00:04:23What happened here?
00:04:26Zack, you've got to see these new costumes I've designed for the group.
00:04:32Lisa, these are great.
00:04:34Look at this one.
00:04:37They're very cute, but we've already asked bob mackie to design costumes.
00:04:42Wow, he designs cher's outfits.
00:04:45We're in the big time now. understand?
00:04:49Well, zack?
00:04:59Mindy, I feel bad for her.
00:05:02I've gotten you this far.
00:05:04Stick with me, you'll be a star.
00:05:08Me? what about the group?
00:05:10You don't need them.
00:05:12They're just backup singers.
00:05:18As mindy and zack grew closer, the band and zack grew further apart.
00:05:23It's number one.
00:05:25You think so?
00:05:26Here you go.
00:05:27So why is everybody standing around?
00:05:30Come on. let's do it.
00:05:33Where did this come from?
00:05:35Mindy and me. we wrote it.
00:05:38She writes?
00:05:38You've got something better?
00:05:41We sure like it.
00:05:42Kelly, screech, and I wrote it.
00:05:44Jocks can write?
00:05:45All right, all right. let's hear their song.
00:05:49You ready, kelly? screech?
00:05:51Here we go. 1, 2, 3.
00:05:58♪♪ School is a bore ♪♪
00:05:59♪♪ when we're stuck indoors ♪♪
00:06:01♪♪ make it fun, put it out in the sun ♪♪
00:06:05♪♪ hit the beach, teach ♪♪
00:06:07♪♪ let us learn while we burn ♪♪♪♪
00:06:12what do you think?'s nice.
00:06:17You really like it?
00:06:20Well, it rhymes.
00:06:21We'll sing what's written. I'm a writer.
00:06:24That doesn't rhyme.
00:06:26Give us a chance.
00:06:28She's not a writer.
00:06:30People, people!
00:06:31This studio costmucho dinero,money.
00:06:34Let's do zack's song now and argue later.
00:06:38There we go.
00:06:45All right, here we go.
00:06:471, 2, 3, 4.
00:06:57♪♪ Let's stay together ♪♪
00:06:59♪♪ let's stay together, baby ♪♪
00:07:01♪♪ let's stay together ♪♪
00:07:03♪♪ let's stay together, baby ♪♪
00:07:05♪♪ a flash of light comes flyin' from your eyes ♪♪
00:07:09♪♪ I get the feelin' that I'm hypnotized ♪♪
00:07:13♪♪ oh ♪♪ ♪♪ oh ♪♪
00:07:14♪♪ it feels so good when you're around ♪♪
00:07:18♪♪ we're movin' fast ♪♪
00:07:19♪♪ to all those def, groovin' sounds ♪♪
00:07:21♪♪ oh, love me now ♪♪
00:07:22♪♪ love me now ♪♪
00:07:24♪♪ let's stay together, baby ♪♪
00:07:26♪♪ love me now ♪♪
00:07:28♪♪ please say you'll leave me never ♪♪
00:07:30.. ♪♪♪♪
00:07:32who's been spreading all these rumors about us?
00:07:36 unfortunately, they're true.
00:07:39Whatever happens should stay in the group.
00:07:42There is no group, not with her along.
00:07:45She's the best thing that ever happened to me.
00:07:49I thought I was.
00:07:51Quiet, doofus.
00:07:52We've a concert to do. discuss it later.
00:07:55Forget later. who gave this interview?
00:07:59I didn't.
00:08:00I didn't.
00:08:01I didn't.
00:08:02[Whistling] screech, how could you do this?
00:08:07For a free pass to disneyland, I told them everything. I'm weak.
00:08:13Do you all think I'm an ego-driven prima donna?
00:08:17" is that what you think?
00:08:24You've changed, zack.
00:08:25She's right.
00:08:28If that's how you think, there's only one thing to do.
00:08:33You don't need them.
00:08:34You're right. I quit.
00:08:36But we have a concert.
00:08:38Let's see how good you do without me.
00:08:43What are we going to do?
00:08:45I'll get him.
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00:11:16Time passes.
00:11:17Hold on to christmas.
00:11:21[ Woman ] UNBELIEVABLE.
00:11:23I've been wanting one of these.
00:11:25Since when can mountains float?
00:11:27♪♪ ♪♪
00:11:28[ sighs ] [ Male Announcer ] CELEBRATE A BURGER LIKE ..
00:11:32[ sighs ] Mmm.
00:11:34♪♪ ♪♪
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00:11:37[ snarls ] ♪♪ ♪♪
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00:11:47♪♪ ♪♪
00:11:51@[email protected] is empty now.
00:12:05After the breakup, each member went their separate way.
00:12:13Screech searched far and wide for the meaning of life, finally seeking the wisdom of the high geek.
00:12:24Hi, high geek.
00:12:27I'm feeling low.
00:12:28What's the secret of happiness?
00:12:30Happiness? well, that's easy.
00:12:32Marry a cheerleader and live at the beach.
00:12:36But cheerleaders don't like me, and I peel.
00:12:41Here. take this retainer.
00:12:43It will bring you good luck.
00:12:49♪♪ Uhh la la la la la la la la la la ♪♪♪♪
00:12:56send in the next geek.
00:13:00Slater didn't know where he was going, but he had to get there fast.
00:13:10Mindy kept her word.
00:13:12Zack was a star, but not the kind of star he wanted to be.
00:13:19What's the problem?
00:13:20They absolutely loved you.
00:13:22Mindy, I look like mr. madonna.
00:13:25A macho madonna.
00:13:27It isn't me.
00:13:28It doesn't matter.
00:13:30It's what sells.
00:13:31It matters to me.
00:13:33You couldn't hear a word I sang.
00:13:35Did you see the smoke, the lights, the lasers?
00:13:40How could i? they blinded me.
00:13:42[Telephone rings] hello.
00:13:48Oh, no.
00:13:49Yeah. I'll be right there.
00:13:51Where are you going?
00:13:53We have to leave for london.
00:13:55Slater's in the hospital.
00:13:57The doctors will take care of him.
00:14:00I have to. he's my friend.
00:14:03You walk out, you are throwing everything away.
00:14:07I already have.
00:14:08Goodbye, mindy.
00:14:12Kelly rushed from her new role in life to be with slater.
00:14:18How fast were you going?
00:14:20Only 275. I guess I missed the stop sign.
00:14:25Well, you look great.
00:14:27I look awful.
00:14:28Do me a favor-- stop being kelly.
00:14:31O.k., you look terrible.
00:14:33Are you going to die?
00:14:36All right, where is he?
00:14:39Stupid jock.
00:14:41I saw you onu.s. gladiators.
00:14:44You beat up everybody.
00:14:46Nobody messes with lethal lisa.
00:14:48It was dumb getting hurt like that.
00:14:53Kelly, when did you become a nun?
00:14:55I'm not a nun. I'm an actress onsanta barbara.
00:15:00 I've found the meaning of life.
00:15:05Her name's linda.
00:15:06Yay, linda!
00:15:07How are you, slater?
00:15:10O.k., yay!
00:15:11S-l-a, t-e-r, yay, slater!
00:15:15Get rid of linda, or I'll throw her out the winda.
00:15:21B-y-e, bye.
00:15:24Zack, why are you here?
00:15:26I got here really fast.
00:15:29That's how I got here.
00:15:31I never expected to see you again.
00:15:34Let me hang up your hair.
00:15:37Don't touch my hair.
00:15:39You must free yourself from stress.
00:15:41 I shouldn't have walked out on you.
00:15:46Can we be friends again?
00:15:48Of course, zachary.
00:15:49Follow me in this chant.
00:15:51Friends. let's say it.
00:15:56You've got to admit screech does look peaceful.
00:16:01Friends. friends. friends.
00:16:02Join hands. come on.
00:16:04Friends. friends. friends. friends.
00:16:06That brings us back to the present and the zack attack's reunion concert.
00:16:12Friends forever-- it's a nice idea.
00:16:16[Crowd cheers] ♪♪ we met some time ago ♪♪
00:16:26♪♪ when we were so young ♪♪
00:16:29♪♪ we've been through thick and thin ♪♪
00:16:33♪♪ we lost, in time we won ♪♪
00:16:37♪♪ friends forever ♪♪
00:16:41♪♪ with you everywhere ♪♪
00:16:43♪♪ with you everywhere ♪♪
00:16:45♪♪ friends forever ♪♪
00:16:48♪♪ will be there ♪♪
00:16:48♪♪ always will be there ♪♪
00:16:51♪♪ always will be there ♪♪
00:16:52♪♪ will be there ♪♪
00:16:56♪♪ if you're down, I'll pick you up ♪♪
00:16:59♪♪ I'll never let you fall ♪♪
00:17:03♪♪ if you ever need someone ♪♪
00:17:06♪♪ I'm waitin' for your call ♪♪
00:17:11♪♪ friends forever ♪♪
00:17:14♪♪ will be there ♪♪
00:17:15♪♪ with you everywhere ♪♪
00:17:17♪♪ talkin' 'bout ♪♪
00:17:18♪♪ friends forever ♪♪
00:17:21♪♪ always be there ♪♪
00:17:22♪♪ always will be there ♪♪
00:17:25♪♪ will be there ♪♪
00:17:28♪♪ through it all, hangin' tough ♪♪
00:17:31♪♪ we'll stay side by side ♪♪
00:17:35♪♪ we'll be friends forever ♪♪
00:17:39♪♪ till the end of time ♪♪
00:17:43♪♪ friends forever ♪♪
00:17:46♪♪ will be there ♪♪
00:17:47♪♪ with you everywhere ♪♪
00:17:49♪♪ talkin' 'bout ♪♪
00:17:50♪♪ friends forever ♪♪
00:17:53♪♪ always be there ♪♪
00:17:54♪♪ always will be there ♪♪
00:17:57♪♪ yeah, yeah ♪♪
00:17:58♪♪ friends forever ♪♪
00:18:01♪♪ always be there ♪♪
00:18:02♪♪ with you everywhere ♪♪
00:18:04♪♪ we'll be friends together ♪♪
00:18:05♪♪ friends forever ♪♪
00:18:08♪♪ yes, we will ♪♪
00:18:09♪♪ always will be there ♪♪
00:18:10♪♪ yes, we will ♪♪
00:18:12♪♪ oh oh oh ♪♪♪♪
00:18:25got your notes?
00:18:28Hey, come on, zack. wake up.
00:18:32We got to practice.
00:18:33Tomorrow's our first jig.
00:18:35That's gig, you idiot.
00:18:37What a strange dream.
00:18:39Forget the dream.
00:18:40Let's practice for the berkowitz bar mitzvah.
00:18:43O.k. let's do it. on 3.
00:18:47Here we go! 1, 2, 3!
00:18:48Captioning performed bythe national captioning institute, inc.
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00:22:47Wow, look at this line!
00:22:49We'll never get u2 concert tickets.
00:22:52Oh, ye of little faith.
00:22:54We have a plan. have I let you down before?
00:22:59Yeah. yeah.
00:23:02When you snuck us inn.
00:23:04So I forgot the car trunk key.
00:23:08You heard the movie.
00:23:09It was a japanese movie.
00:23:11I read the subtitles as fast as I could.
00:23:15He really has a good idea this time.
00:23:18And there it is.
00:23:25How did screech get ahead?
00:23:27He slept here all night.
00:23:30How did you get him to do that?
00:23:31We bribed him with a new teddy bear.
00:23:34[Alarm rings] just five more minutes, mom.
00:23:38Screech, hey. get up, man.
00:23:41Five tickets to the u2 concert!
00:23:44The window's not open yet.
00:23:45This is the nicest, sweetest thing you've ever done.
00:23:49Nicer than when I wrote, "i love you" in chocolate syrup on your mother's white couch?
00:23:55Forget the whole thing.
00:23:57Let's check out that video store.
00:23:59Screech, you have our money, right?
00:24:02Yep. right here in my slippers.
00:24:05Since you've covered the tickets, we're going shopping.
00:24:08Let's slip our toes into the shoes at the hot feet boutique.
00:24:15We'll meet in an hour at the directory sign.
00:24:17O.k. see you.
00:24:20U2 tickets are now on sale. cash only.
00:24:22I'd like five seats as close as possible.
00:24:24When I say close, I want to see nose hairs!
00:24:30I have tickets in mezzanine or orchestra.
00:24:34Oh, my goodness.
00:24:36Oh, my gosh!
00:24:36Zack will kill me if I make the wrong decision.
00:24:39These people will kill you if you don't hurry.
00:24:43Would you hold my spot in line?
00:24:45I need to consult with my friends.
00:24:52Why can't we meet girls like that?
00:24:55Yeah. great figure, doesn't talk back.
00:25:00Who's the babe in the window?
00:25:02She's a dummy, dummy.
00:25:03You got the tickets?
00:25:04Not exactly. mezzanine or orchestra?
00:25:07Wait--you left the line to ask us that?
00:25:10Dimwit, you lost your place!
00:25:13The guy behind me saved my spot.
00:25:16Here he comes.
00:25:17Thanks for saving my spot in line.
00:25:20No comprendo, se or. adios.
00:25:25Wait, if he's here, then who's there?
00:25:30I'll save you the trouble.
00:25:34Get back in line, lunkhead.
00:25:36If we miss this concert, I'm going to kill you.
00:25:42Hey, kelly. where's lisa?
00:25:44She's at the shoe store flirting with the salesman.
00:25:47He's taking polaroids of her feet.
00:25:50Did you buy anything?
00:25:51No. you have all the money for the concert.
00:25:54Shouldn't screech have the tickets by now? see... let's go eat!
00:26:01What happened, guys?
00:26:03He was born. need I say more?
00:26:04He accidentally lost his place in line.
00:26:08Well, call a priest, because lisa will kill him, and I'll have bad thoughts.
00:26:12Hey, lisa. how are you and the shoe salesman?
00:26:17 eddie wants to give me a ride in his air jordans.
00:26:21How many pairs of shoes did you buy?
00:26:24Just three. I'm on a tight budget.
00:26:29Whose bag is this?
00:26:30Not mine. it's not mine.
00:26:32Whoa, mama!
00:26:34Whoa, mama! whoa, mama! whoa, mama!
00:26:38Is that real money?
00:26:39Smells like it.
00:26:42Sounds like 5,000, give or take a 20.
00:26:45This is a good day, after all.
00:26:47This isn't ours. some poor person lost it.
00:26:52What poor person has $5,000?
00:26:55Well, if they weren't poor before, they're poor now.
00:26:58This is somebody else's money.
00:27:01Why are you arguing?
00:27:03This is my money. I found the bag.
00:27:05You wouldn't have found it if we didn't move so you could sit down.
00:27:10I'll split it with you.
00:27:12There wouldn't be a bag to find if I didn't sit here.
00:27:16You'd still be rattling on about eddie's air jordans.
00:27:19Hold it. hold it.
00:27:24I know how to solve this money problem.
00:27:27How? give it to you?
00:27:30All right. I'll think of another way.
00:27:32We'll give it back after it works for us.
00:27:35What does that mean?
00:27:37We buy as many tickets as we can, then sell them for a big profit.
00:27:42And the money is returned?
00:27:44 it's just a short-term loan with a great interest rate.
00:27:49All right. all right.
00:27:50Let's find screech.
00:27:52Got the money?
00:27:53I got the money.
00:28:03Bag's gone, frankie.
00:28:04It's got to be those kids, louie. let's go!
00:28:07Screech, buy a lot of tickets, because we just found $5,000.
00:28:12$5,000 Dol-- ?
00:28:17Did you have a doughnut for breakfast?
00:28:20Your hand tastes good.
00:28:21Oh! oh, man!
00:28:22We need to get screech ahead of the line.
00:28:26I don't think that will be a problem.
00:28:33Mmm, look at that.
00:28:36Double scoop.
00:28:40Come here, baby.
00:28:44Hee hee hee hee!
00:28:51Oh! oh!
00:28:57Excuse me, ma'am?
00:28:58Could my friend go ahead?
00:29:00He missed last year's concert.
00:29:02He was so depressed, he locked himself up for a year.