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00:00:00Are you, uh, feeling all right, mandy?
00:00:12Ha ha ha!
00:00:21[Man yelling gibberish] bl-bl-bl-bl!
00:01:18Ha ha ha!
00:01:19Ha ha ha!
00:01:26Hey, hey, hey!
00:01:27[Speaking gibberish] ooh, my head.
00:01:40Hi, mandy.
00:01:42Uh, you're not mad at me, are you?
00:01:59[Sighs] gee, milkshakes, I think mandy might be mad at me.
00:02:03I guess I deserve it on account of all the naughty stuff I made her do.
00:02:07I deserve to be punished.
00:02:16You know, billy, you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose.
00:02:26Ooh! ow! eeh-a ow!
00:02:27Ooh! ooh! hey, I'm sorry!
00:02:29I'm sorry.
00:02:29My eyes, my eyes!
00:03:25The uniquely-glazedpops™alope: ..
00:03:30In the numbersof its tasty pack.
00:03:35Of the chompodilelurking nearby.
00:03:38Hungry for a crunch.
00:03:44Over the deliciousyellow creatures.
00:03:47( chomping ) ..
00:03:50Of this balanced breakfast.
00:03:52( aring ) GOTTA HAVE MY POPS™.( pop! ) ♪♪♪
00:04:50( music, laughter ) ♪♪♪
00:04:53♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪
00:04:569ç8 you fight nasty viviviviviviss shatters) johnny, we need you to join our super secret agency.
00:05:34What? no!
00:05:35Stop missiles, battle ninjas,s,s,s,s,s,s,iry friend.
00:05:40Having a good ti mr. black and oh crud.
00:05:43And in the end, you hang with a my ninja security te: dah!
00:05:46 it's a call them of well, we could play speed d d d d d d d d my favorite part of the day-- the obituaries.
00:06:18..nope. nobody died today.
00:06:24Let's try the personal ads.
00:06:26"Fun-loving female seeks mysterious, dark stranger.
00:06:31" oh! I despise the living. curse them all.
00:06:38[Crunch] [barking] hey there, little fella.
00:06:45You gonna be grim's best friend?
00:06:48Yes, sirree!
00:06:53Hey there, g-man.
00:06:55What do you want?
00:06:56Mandy and me went fishing, and look what I got.
00:07:00A stick.
00:07:01You caught a stick.
00:07:04Hee hee! I know!
00:07:06His name is derrick.
00:07:07Why didn't you take me fishing with you?
00:07:10Hey, you're a big boy.
00:07:11I don't need to baby-sit you all day, do i?
00:07:13.. no, I don't.
00:07:15Besides, it's a full-time job baby-sitting billy.
00:07:19Hee hee hee!
00:07:20Go, derrick, go!
00:07:24Oops. derrick broke.
00:07:26[Gasps] hey!
00:07:29Derrick's got a brother!
00:07:31 now, what should I call you, little fella?
00:07:35Ooh, ooh! ooh, ooh! I know.
00:07:36I'll call you derrick.
00:07:39Hello, derrick. how are you today?
00:07:41" couldn't you get a part-time job while billy and I aren't around?
00:07:47A part-time job?
00:07:49Well, there is one thing I've always wanted to be.
00:07:54This is what I've always wanted to do.
00:07:58This is what you've always wanted to do?
00:08:03But, grim, you're already a cold, lifeless dummy.
00:08:07Billy: Ooh, ooh! I know.
00:08:11Grim wants to be a window.
00:08:15No, you idiot.
00:08:16I want to be a swimsuit model!
00:08:22Oh, boy.
00:08:24I gotta get new friends.
00:08:35Look how skinny he is.
00:08:37He must have a great personal trainer.
00:08:40Ok, let's see. very nice. mm-hmm.
00:08:43Very nice.
00:08:45Too small. ohh.
00:08:47Too stupid.
00:08:51Too old. bah!
00:08:52.. too dead.
00:08:58[Grim screaming] Billy: Ooh, yeah! oh, just missed.
00:09:05Ooh! there it is!
00:09:07Now I've got you, you little fairy.
00:09:12Ugh. this is too easy.
00:09:18Hey, aren't you supposed to be off modeling somewhere?
00:09:22Those blasted people at the modeling agency didn't want to use me at all!
00:09:27I can't imagine why.
00:09:33Oh, what's that word?
00:09:35Oh, yeah. scary.
00:09:37Yeah, and you're ugly, too.
00:09:39I'm supposed to be scary and ugly.
00:09:43Oooh! and his breath smells, too.
00:09:46[Gasps] [blows] well, you'd have stinky breath, too, if you were a rotten bag of bones.
00:09:54Obviously, you need some help-- ..
00:09:59A makeover.
00:10:00Hee hee hee!
00:10:02Let's start with the bare bones.
00:10:06Yah! aaah!
00:10:07Billy: Ooh, yeah. he's got to have skin.
00:10:09Ooh! and eyes, too. ooh! and teeth.
00:10:11Ooh-ooh! and that! put that in there.
00:10:17Grim: A mirror. give me a mirror.
00:10:19I must see what you have done to me.
00:10:26I can't see a blasted thing.
00:10:28That's because you've got billiard balls for eyes.
00:10:32It takes a lot of guts to be a swimsuit model, grim.
00:10:34Yep! so I stuffed your stocking full of meat.
00:10:42Grim: But if I can't see--oof!
00:10:45How do I know if I look good enough this time?
00:10:49Trust me, grim. you look great.
00:10:51Really? do i?
00:10:53You're gonna knock 'em dead.
00:10:55Grim: Ooh! aah! eeh!
00:10:58[Crash] let's try to catch the fairy again.
00:11:06[Screaming] you are perfect!
00:11:08You're just what we need for our new commercial contract: Swim swam trunks.
00:11:14Can you see yourself wearing these trunks?
00:11:17Well, actually, i-- of course you can!
00:11:20 reaper-- a superstar.
00:11:24A superstar?
00:11:27Just you wait and see.
00:11:29Grim: Ooh! uh! ah!
00:11:32Billy: Uh-uh! oh, boy! oh, boy!
00:11:34Grim is gonna be on tv.
00:11:36Grim is gonna be on tv.
00:11:42Maybe you should lose the billiard balls so you can see.
00:11:49Oh, yeah.
00:11:50That's really attractive.
00:11:52[Surf music playing] ♪♪ swim swam trunks, they're for hunks ♪♪
00:11:59♪♪ swim swam trunks ♪♪
00:12:00for chicks as well!
00:12:02♪♪ Swim swam trunks are really hot ♪♪
00:12:04♪♪ but swim swam trunks are really cool, as well ♪♪
00:12:07♪♪ yes, sirree, swim swam trunks are really ♪♪
00:12:10♪♪ interesting ♪♪
00:12:14Billy: Ooh, look! it's grim! it's grim!
00:12:17He's a superstar on tv.
00:12:21Announcer: Are you ugly? are you really ugly?
00:12:25You're really ugly.
00:12:26Announcer: Avoid being as ugly as this poor misshapen man.
00:12:29Buy swim swam swimming shorts.
00:12:31Swim swam swimsuits. buy now!
00:12:34Buy it now. buyitnow. buy itnow!
00:12:37Swimsuit does not actually make you this attractive and contains no vitamins.
00:12:40Some side effects may occur, such as bleeding from the gums and ears.
00:12:42Consult your doctor before using swim swam.
00:12:46Hey, derrick and derrick.
00:12:48You don't think your old buddy grim is ugly, do you?
00:13:06♪ Alone again, naturally ♪♪
00:13:11ust-- [ Engine Sputtering Stuart!
00:13:16- What's going on?
00:13:16, get out of the way!
00:13:19[ Panting ] ♪ Hoping to find a way ♪
00:13:23come on, let's go!
00:13:24Come on!
00:13:26[ Screaming ] Good morning, grim! time for breakfast!
00:17:24Most important meal of the day!
00:17:26I don't need breakfast, billy.
00:17:28I'm the grim reaper.
00:17:29I just need my coffee.
00:17:30Besides, cereal goes right through me.
00:17:34So, what are you shoving into your face now, billy?
00:17:38 sugar, cane syrup, glucose, "sucrose, dextrose, fructose, " yeah. try some.
00:17:47Are you kidding?
00:17:49That stuff will kill you.
00:17:50Yeah, right. like you would know.
00:17:55Hello? what's this?
00:17:57Hey, I'm not missing!
00:17:58I'm being held hostage by children.
00:18:01Hee hee! yeah! ha ha ha!
00:18:04It's humiliating.
00:18:06What if my friends should find out?
00:18:07I'll be the laughingstock of the underworld.
00:18:10Grim! I found you at last!
00:18:13What are you doing here, man?
00:18:14We got heads to roll.
00:18:15Oh, just, uh, having a little breakfast, man.
00:18:19[Slurping and gulping] [chewing loudly] so, uh, who's the kid?
00:18:25That's billy.
00:18:27[Gulps] [belches loudly] cute.
00:18:30So let's reap his wretched little soul and get the heck out of here!
00:18:34I can't.
00:18:37Can you keep a secret?
00:18:39I lost a bet.
00:18:40You lost a bet?
00:18:41And now I'm stuck baby-sitting these brats forever and ever!
00:18:45So, what would you have won in this bet?
00:18:47The soul of a sick hamster.
00:18:50Hold it right there.
00:18:53Ha ha ha ha ha!
00:18:55What a bonehead!
00:18:57Ha ha ha ha ha!
00:18:59[Stomach rumbling] hey, what's with the kid?
00:19:04[Belches very loudly] cheer up, grim. it's good to be alive.
00:19:11That's easy for you to say, billy.
00:19:13It's killing me.
00:19:14I long for that old simple pleasure of dragging lost wretched souls kicking and screaming down to the underworld and-- hello, billy. hello, grim.
00:19:26So, grim, why the long face?
00:19:28[Muttering] grim's depressed, mandy.
00:19:32I long for my former grimness.
00:19:35That's so sad.
00:19:37[Sobbing] just bring your bony buns back here after school.
00:19:42Bye, grim.
00:19:43See you after school.
00:19:45And no grim reaping.
00:19:47Right. no grim reaping.
00:19:49But then, could anyone blame me if I should happen to witness some horrible accident?
00:19:54It's the end for someone in endsville, baby!
00:20:02You're a very careless little girl, aren't you?
00:20:11[Horns honking] [honking continues] [girl panting] oh, bile!
00:20:38Grim: What's this?
00:20:39A skateboarder without a helmet?
00:20:41That's insane.
00:20:43No, that's perfect! ha ha ha ha ha!
00:20:51Well, that's embarrassing.
00:20:55Wow. this kid is good!
00:21:01He's very good.
00:21:05He's headed for that ditch!
00:21:06This is it! he will never make it across.
00:21:09Ha ha ha ha ha!
00:21:11Grim: Yes! yes!
00:21:13Faster! faster!
00:21:15Ha ha ha ha ha!
00:21:28You saved my life.
00:21:29What can I say? I like you, kid.
00:21:32You got style.
00:21:33Thanks, scary skeletal dude.
00:21:36Yeah, yeah, yeah.
00:21:36Beat it before I change my mind.
00:21:38I've got a reputation to maintain, for crying out loud.
00:21:42[Gasps] oh, who am I kidding?
00:21:45I'm no good at grim reaping.
00:21:47I'm all washed up.
00:21:49Maybe it's time for a change.
00:21:52I could be good.
00:21:53I mean, heck, even I have a heart-- a dead one.
00:21:58 from this day forward, I'm one of the good guys!
00:22:06Give me the bag, granny!
00:22:08Unhand that bag.
00:22:12Thank you, young man.
00:22:14That was very brave.
00:22:15 i-- aah!
00:22:20Leave me alone!
00:22:21I'm too young to die!
00:22:23Meow. meow. ahem. meow.
00:22:29[Yawns] oh, won't somebody please save our poor kitty from the horrible tree?
00:22:36Meow. me--aah!
00:22:44I think he's stunned.
00:22:47Remember, children-- safety first.
00:22:51Now follow me.
00:22:53Grim: That driver is out of control.
00:22:56I must save the children!
00:22:57Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, yeah, ha ha ha!
00:23:00 blah, blah, blah-- hey! what's going on?
00:23:04Now maybe he will pay attention to his driving.
00:23:08My dang cell phone went dead.
00:23:10What the-- ooh!
00:23:16Man: Jeez, I got to be more careful.
00:23:20[Tires screeching] [shouting] ..aah!
00:23:33Who am I kidding?
00:23:34I can't be a good guy.
00:23:36Have I forgotten who I am?
00:23:39Have I no purpose?
00:23:42I am grim!
00:23:44Mandy: Hey, bonehead.
00:23:45Get your bony butt over here.
00:23:47Where have you been all day?
00:23:48Why don't you call if you're gonna be late?
00:23:50Saliva wants to bury you in the yard again, don't you, baby?
00:24:02Eh, everybody needs a purpose.
00:24:44>> Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
00:24:51[Captioning made possible by turner entertainment group] >> caution.
00:25:11Contents may have shifted during shipping.
00:25:27>> Billy, it's time to clean up your clay.
00:25:29We're off to visit your grandma for the day.
00:25:31>> Yay!
00:25:34♪♪ Over the river and through the 'hood to grandmothers house we go-ah ♪♪
00:25:38>> and I suppose I'll have to go along on this little visit, as well.
00:25:41>> Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
00:25:42We can't have you scaring the heck out of grammy.
00:25:44>> That's true.
00:25:45Besides, I'll be visiting her soon enough.
00:25:48>> Ha ha ha!
00:25:49>> I guess it's off to mandy's then.
00:25:51>> Bye, grim!
00:25:52♪♪ Over the river and through the woods to-- ♪♪
00:25:55where are we going again?
00:25:59>> What do you want, bonehead?
00:26:00>> Little micheangelio had to go off to his grandma's, so i guess you've got custody for the day.
00:26:06>> No can do, slim.
00:26:07>> Huh?
00:26:08>> This is the one day a year that's all about mandy.
00:26:11>> But I thought every day was all about mandy.
00:26:13>> True, but this is the one day of the year that I pamper myself--manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, the works.
00:26:21 I sit on the couch, stuff myself with cheesy foam, and watch demolition derby.
00:26:25The point is, I need a break.
00:26:31Don't tell me that after all this time you can't use a break
00:26:42Want to do.
00:26:43Oh, what should I do?
00:26:59>> Can you believe she said that?
00:27:00>> No kidding.
00:27:02>> Yeah. I'm just kidding.
00:27:08[Pbbt] [roaring] [screaming] >> now what?
00:27:15Maybe I'll just go see if mandy's ready for some company, or maybe I'll join billy at his grammy's.
00:27:20Oh, what am I talking about?
00:27:22I don't need those two little sacks of burden to keep me occupied.
00:27:25I'll scare up me own fun!
00:27:27[Whistling] >> all right, troops.
00:27:33You are not just lawn gnomes.
00:27:36You are the elite.
00:27:38I have trained you to watch over this lawn, to defend it with your lives if need be!
00:27:43>> Hey, skarr.
00:27:44>> Aah!
00:27:45Heh heh!
00:27:46The grim reaper.
00:27:47What, uh--what can I do you for?
00:27:50>> Oh, I was just passing by when I noticed you playing with your garden dolls.
00:27:53>> Dolls?
00:27:54What dolls?
00:27:55I don't see any dolls.
00:27:58>> These dolls.
00:27:59>> Gnomes.
00:28:01These gnome figurines are very important--very important accents to my luxurious garden.
00:28:08>> I see.
00:28:10Well, I was hoping to play some mini-golf, but it's no fun by meself.
00:28:14Say, maybe you'd like to come.
00:28:16>> Or maybe not.
00:28:18>> Oh, you'll love it!
00:28:19You see, I use me scythe instead of a putter, and me scythe is full of ultimate power, so when I tee off with me scythe, all sorts of crazy stuff happens.
00:28:27Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, scythe.
00:28:29Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, scythe.
00:28:31Blah, blah, blah, blah, scythe.
00:28:32Blah, blah, blah.
00:28:33Ultimate power.
00:28:37>> No.
00:28:39I couldn't.
00:28:40It's probably best that I not be tempted.
00:28:44I'll just stay here with my gnomes.
00:28:48>> Oh, come on!
00:28:50I've got an idea, skarr.
00:28:51Maybe I can help you with your gardening.
00:28:54Maybe I can let you borrow me scythe.
00:28:56It trims a mean hedge.
00:28:58>> She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not.
00:29:06>> You know you want to.
00:29:11[Explosion] ha ha ha!
00:29:17It's mine, and with it, I'll landscape this entire planet to bloom under my rule!