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00:02:14Somebody has lain in waitoutside your house waiting for you to come out.
00:02:19The first thing that enteredour minds was some type of drug rip-off.
00:02:24Narrator: The stovall case is assigned to the panama city homicide squad.
00:02:32This is an execution.
00:02:33Someone wanted ron stovall dead,and they went to great lengths.
00:02:38They shot him outside.
00:02:39They followed himinto his house.
00:02:40They were gonnaget the job done.
00:02:42Right off the bat, we heardabout the child custody.
00:02:44That was the first thingwe kept hearing, that there was a very bitterchild-custody fight.
00:02:48Narrator: Police learned ron may not have been a model husband to his first wife, tina trexler stovall.
00:02:55Right there?
00:02:56SO WHEN YOU MAKE STRAIGHT A's AND I FLY YOU Out there, where are we gonna fly?
00:03:00How are we gonna get there?
00:03:01Tina and ron had one child together, kierstyn.
00:03:05They divorced when she was only 4.
00:03:08Ron had a very quick temper.
00:03:11He could be a very mellow, easygoing guy.
00:03:14One little thing, though, and he just would sw.
00:03:18He could make you feel like you were just the most awful, ignorant person in the world.
00:03:25Narrator: Initially, tina gave up custody of kierstyn after she claims ron threatened her.
00:03:31He said, "by the time I'm done with you, talking about you" and saying things about me, the court would not let me have my daughter, " Man: Verbally and mentally beat her down, but he physically hurtmy daughter, too, and if I had known at the time, I'd have hit him with a baseballbat a few times.
00:03:48Wouldn't have killed him,but I'd have beat him with it.
00:03:50Narrator: Eventually tina brought ron back to court, and they agreed to share custody.
00:03:56But the fighting over kierstyn continued.
00:03:58Tina's mother, ann trexler, claims all the problems were caused by ron and his new wife, angeleka.
00:04:05Ann: And they were telling her her mother didn't want her, that she tried to get rid of her.
00:04:11Said that she tried to have an abortion when she was pregnant with her.
00:04:16Said that she didn't even want her, and i know that's a lie.
00:04:19Narrator: Police learned ron threatened to take kierstyn and move to montana with his new family.
00:04:24They went - he's like, "we're moving.
00:04:26" they were very scared.
00:04:31'Cause they would miss me a lot, and I would miss them.
00:04:36A whole bunch.
00:04:37Narrator: Tina trexler becomes a suspect in her ex-husband's murder.
00:04:42, nearly 4 hours after ron was murdered, police are at tina's door.
00:04:47Tina: They asked me where I was. I was here.
00:04:48I was in bed.
00:04:51I had worked the night before.
00:04:53They were very suspiciousof tina from the beginning.
00:04:56I remember telling them, "i wish I could help you.
00:05:00I wish I could tell you something, but i " they just looked at me.
00:05:05You know, I could tell right then and there where it was going, but -- suspicion and proof are two totally different things.
00:05:14Narrator: Police questioned tina for hours, but without enough evidence to hold her, she's released.
00:05:21But investigators still believe that somehow the custody battle is linked to the murder, so they start looking at tina's family.
00:05:29Her father, jack trexler, becomes a suspect.
00:05:33We had set up surveillance on the house, and we sat up on the house round the clock for about three days, watching them coming and going, checking out and seeing what the family was doing.
00:05:43We find jack, ann's husband, was here that weekend.
00:05:47If I'd wanted ron dead, I'd have done it myself.
00:05:50I didn't want him dead.
00:05:51Narrator: But even before police have a chance to question him, ..
00:05:55I was in virginia at the time of the murder.
00:05:59And, coincidentally or not, jack trexler was, almost at the exact time of the murder, buying gas in another state.
00:06:05Jack: And I had to turn that in to my company.
00:06:09It was a travel receipt.
00:06:10Narrator: His alibi checks out, eliminating tina's father as the shooter.
00:06:14It was just scary that we weren't getting anywhere right at the beginning.
00:06:18Narrator: Then police get a new lead.
00:06:20They learn tina's then-boyfriend didn't get along with the victim.
00:06:24The ex-wife's boyfriend had made some threats at one time to ron, and he'd actually threatened to kill him.
00:06:30Narrator: The officers discover the boyfriend lives in maryland.
00:06:36They fly up there and question him.
00:06:40His roommate, guy mackinvale, was also in the apartment.
00:06:45They got a bunch of stuff, took all our boots, took all our hats, took all our flannel shirts.
00:06:49And they took our cars that same night.
00:06:51Narrator: Police believe guy mackinvale resembles the description ron's wife gave of the killer.
00:06:56We placed his photograph in a lineup, and we sent it back down from maryland for angeleka to look at.
00:07:03Ron's wife said that, "this is the man who " she picked him.
00:07:08She picked our guy we were sitting on up there.
00:07:11I was e number-one suspect.
00:07:13Chris and I were just tickled to death when they called us back and told us that she had picked this guy.
00:07:19I'm 1,000 miles away, ain't been here in a month.
00:07:24Seems pretty damn obvious I had nothing to do with it.
00:07:27Sgt. Pate: All his alibis were panning out.
00:07:29There was no way that he could be in maryland and here in panama city at the same time.
00:07:33Sgt. Bates: So, we cleared him, virtually cleared him by investigating everything he told us.
00:07:38Narrator: Another frustrating dead end for police.
00:07:41That was a low point.
00:07:43Because then chris and i had to get on that plane and come back home, knowing we were no more closer than when we left and went up there.
00:07:50Narrator: Ron's mother prays the killer will be caught.
00:07:54Doris: I went to sleep.
00:07:55And in my dream I heard ron say, "mom, god let me call you, " " and so, I ask him, "ron, do you know who " " you have no idea on this earth if somebody's gonna be standing out in front of your house 30 in the morning with a gun gonna kill you.
00:08:20That's scary, folks.
00:08:21Narrator: Nearly a month after the murder, police get a tip that leads them in a different direction.
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00:09:41ñ/ c F ron stovall shocked the peaceful community of panama city.
00:12:37It's a family neighborhood.
00:12:38One of these neighborhoods where your kids can go out and ride their bikes up and down the road and skate.
00:12:43Everybody was expecting a drug deal or something, and everybody said, "no, that's not who he " the biggest surprise was that it was just not the right neighborhood for a drug deal.
00:12:51Narrator: Nearly four weeks go by.
00:12:54Police are flooded with tips.
00:12:55I think every tipsterthat calls in solves the thing.
00:12:59Everybody who calls in thinks,"this guy is " one of them told us to look in the direction of perez.
00:13:05"You guys ought to look at this perez guy "because he runs around acting like a mafia guy.
00:13:10" he's just a criminal. that's all he was.
00:13:15Narrator: Tony perez is a low-level drug dealer with a criminal record.
00:13:19Unlike all the other "just another call," that one started panning out, and everything started falling into place.
00:13:24Narrator: Police discover perez is already in jail, charged with robbing an elderly man at gunpoint in his motel room.
00:13:32The robbery occurred three weeks after ron's murder.
00:13:37The firearms used in that robbery are recovered and sent to the lab for ballistics testing to see if they match the guns used to kill ron.
00:13:47[ Gunshot ] finally, detectives get lucky.
00:13:55They tell us, "these are the guns that wereused to kill " that's the dumbest damn thing he could have done was keep those guns.
00:14:01Grammer: Why did tony perez not toss the guns out from the top of the bridge?
00:14:06I don't know. stupidity.
00:14:08Narrator: Now police think they know who the shooter is.
00:14:11What they stilldon'tknow is why ron stovall was killed.
00:14:16They interrogate tony perez.
00:14:18Antonio alberto perez.
00:14:20At first, he denies his involvement.
00:14:23Hours pass. police continue to press perez.
00:14:26They asked me all kinds of questions.
00:14:28They wanted me to say who was there and what happened.
00:14:30Grammer: He invented a story that involved george, the spanish guy, an elderly german, and some drug dealings wse between ron and the doctor in atlanta.
00:14:43This man was not involved in drugs, had nothing to do with drugs.
00:14:46Narrator: It takes four hours, but then a stunning revelation.
00:14:51He looked at us and said, "what do you want " " " Perez: I shot him.
00:14:59How many times?
00:15:00I don't remember. it happened so fast.
00:15:02These statements that you gave earlier ..
00:15:07They're all lies.
00:15:09Nobody had helped him, and that's all he wanted to say.
00:15:13Perez: I did this all by myself.
00:15:16Nobody else was involved but me.
00:15:18" I didn't want to talk any more.
00:15:21I said, "you want someone to put in the electric " i " open count of murder.
00:15:27Narrator: Tony perez is charged with murder in the first degree.
00:15:31My goodness, we were so sky-high because we knew we had solved our murder.
00:15:35Narrator: But that wasn't enough.
00:15:37..the killer to the victim.
00:15:44We couldn't do that.
00:15:45The killer had a reason to kill him, and we could find no connection between perez and stovall.
00:15:51Narrator: Police still suspect that the reason for ron's murder is the ongoing child-custody battle with his ex-wife, tina.
00:16:00It became frustrating later, after we got perez, when we realized there were others out there, other targets out there, that we couldn't get to.
00:16:08Narrator: Then police discover that perez is a hair washer at hott headz beauty salon and sells drugs out the back door.
00:16:14He's sweeping up, selling a little drugs on the back, washing hair, listening to people's complaints.
00:16:21Narrator: Perez's girlfriend is salon owner, kim miller.
00:16:25They were using kim miller'sbeauty salon in panama city beach as a frontfor the drug business.
00:16:31Perez knew kim miller, worked with her, slept with her, sold drugs with her.
00:16:38Kim miller cut the hair of ann trexler.
00:16:41Narrator: Police learn that ann trexler, tina's mother, is a regular client at hott headz.
00:16:47Every four to six weeks, kim miller colors and cuts ann's hair.
00:16:50Ann: That's their job, to talk to you and get you to relax, and you talk about your life, each other.
00:16:56Narrator: Police believe that ann trexler confided in her hairdresser about how much she hated ron.
00:17:01 I wish I could get rid of ron.
00:17:04" this was pretty much the one note of ann trexler's conversation when she was in the shop.
00:17:12Narrator: Police suspect miller is the link between ann trexler and the shooter, tony perez.
00:17:17We obtained enough informationto go ahead and get an arrest warrantfor kimberly ann miller.
00:17:23Narrator: She is charged as an accessory to murder.
00:17:27Police question miller, but she refuses to cooperate and bonds out of jail.
00:17:31Meanwhile, perez writes her love letters from his prison cell.
00:17:36I wrote this to kim, uh, on 1/7 -- "my love, you are probably the only one woman "that I've ever loved the way I do.
00:17:48"It's 11:45 p.m.
00:17:49"I want so badly to hold you, to feel you, to smell you, "just to be a part of you.
00:17:54"But try to understand this.
00:17:56"I am here in jail looking at time in prison.
00:17:59" Narrator: Miller often visits him in jail.
00:18:07Perez refuses to incriminate her.
00:18:11What did kim do?
00:18:13Perez: I don't know.
00:18:14Nearly one year passes police are stymied.
00:18:18Ron's parents, fred and doris stovall, continue to pressure the police.
00:18:24Bates: I could tell you just about the questions they were gonna ask me, u stand there and explain things to them over and over and over.
00:18:32And still they will say, "i just can't understand why kim miller's still not in jail, " you just can't walk away from people like that.
00:18:45Narrator: On the one-year anniversary of ron's death, perez pleads guilty to murder in the first degree.
00:18:53Because I did do it, and I believe, you know, I'm gonna get punished one way or another, so I'd rather face what I did.
00:19:00Z faces life in prison or the death penalty, but at his sentencing hearing, he starts talking.
00:19:08For the first time, perez implicates the grandmother, ann trexler, as well as his girlfriend, kim miller.
00:19:15Kim had brought up having something happen to mr. stovall.
00:19:20He talked about hearing the conversation between ann trexler and kim about wanting to take care of ron, to get ron out of their lives.
00:19:29 trexler had come over and talked with kim and kim talked to me again, it sounded different.
00:19:36It didn't sound like it was gonna be something really all that bad to do.
00:19:40Narrator: Perez admits driving kim miller to an omelet shop, where she met with ann and jack trexler, just three days before ron's death.
00:19:48Prosecutors believe this is where they worked out last-minute details for the murder.
00:19:53That was the first time, outside the beauty shop, that we could put kim miller together with ann trexler in a time that was very close in time to the murder.
00:20:05Narrator: Ann's husband admits seeing miller, but says there was no talk of murder.
00:20:10I stopped to get a glass of tea so I could takemy allergy tablet.
00:20:14When we went in, kim millerappeared walking behind us.
00:20:18Perez: kim walked in.
00:20:20She paid for what we were gonna eat -- two patty melts and french fries.
00:20:23She walked in, paid for it, and came back out.
00:20:26She was waving at mr. and mrs. trexler.
00:20:28That was the extent of that.
00:20:29There was no meeting.
00:20:31Narrator: But perez does admit he was given ron's picture and work schedule.
00:20:36I had a picture and a note telling me what time this man was gonna come to work, and I got that from kim.
00:20:45Ann trexler gave it to kim and then gave it to antonio perez.
00:20:51And then all I had to do was just go over there and take one minute and do this.
00:20:56Fred: There's no redeeming value whatsoever in tony perez's body.
00:21:00He has none.
00:21:01Narrator: The prosecution asksfor the death penalty.
00:21:05Woman: The jury advises and recommends to the court that it impose a sentence of life imprisonment of antonio perez without possibility of parole.
00:21:12If there was ever a case of cold-blooded, calculated, premeditated, heinous, and atrocious murder, that's it.
00:21:22Narrator: Prosecutors still want to get the woman they believe hired perez to kill ron stovall, grandmother ann trexler.
00:21:29Grammer: It's ann trexler's idea to kill ron.
00:21:33She wanted him gone.
00:21:34He made her life a living hell, and she wanted him out of her life, out of her life and out of kierstyn's life.
00:21:40Narrator: But, in order to get ann trexler, they need kim miller to testify against her.
00:21:46Grammer: It was our one shot at getting the people that paid the money.
00:21:50Narrator: Kim miller, who was facing accessory to murder charges, makes a deal.
00:21:54In exchange for her testimony, she is given probation.
00:21:57If you want to get them all, you want to get them all, and you want them all to have the same penalty.
00:22:02But, in this case, until kim miller gave us that statement, you know, we didn't have her.
00:22:07We didn't have her for murder.
00:22:08Kim strictly cut the deal to save her own butt, it's as simple as that.
00:22:13She's just as guilty as me, if not more so.
00:22:15Narrator: The community is outraged about miller's deal.
00:22:19That's pretty disgusting, considering she helped mastermind it.
00:22:23She's certainly as culpable as anybody in this case, including the shooter.
00:22:28She basically walked.
00:22:29No punishment.
00:22:30Narrator: With miller's testimony in hand, police raid ann's home in front of her granddaughter.
00:22:37They charge her with murder.
00:22:39They handcuffed me.
00:22:41Kierstyn came back out of the room.
00:22:44 I didn't want her to see it.
00:22:50They called tina to come.
00:22:52My mom sitting right there on the couch, handcuffed.
00:22:56Kierstyn's in the bedroom, and they had cops standing in here.
00:23:00They were ripping their bedroom apart.
00:23:04She was so scared.
00:23:06And I couldn't even hug her because my hands were behind my back.
00:23:11[ Crying ] and I can't get that out of my mind, seeing the look on her face.
00:23:18Most murders are generally bad people killing other bad people, and this is a little different.
00:23:26You know, it's people that you would normally not suspect or think would be involved in such a thing.
00:23:35Narrator: Can the authorities prove to a jury that a gray-haired, loving grandmother hated her former son-in-law so much that she had him killed?
00:26:29Doris: Ron's always ther no matter where I go, I see something that reminds me of him.
00:26:35When I look at his children, my heart breaks because thon't have a father.
00:26:40Fred: I can sit days and look at that chair over there, and I can see him sitting there just like yesterday.
00:26:47When he'd get off work in the morning, he'd come by.
00:26:50Narrator: Prosecutor joe grammer must now convince the jury that a loving grandmother hired a hit man to kill her ex-son-in-law.
00:26:58Sgt. Bates: She's just an evil woman, that's all.
00:27:00Ann trexler believed that she was losing that grandchild.
00:27:04Ann trexler was not gonna let that happen.
00:27:07She wanted him gone.
00:27:08He had made her life a living hell.
00:27:11Narrator: The prosecution's case rests on the credibility of hairdresser kim miller, who cut a deal to avoid prison.
00:27:18Grammer: Did there come a time where ann trexler said anything to you about wanting ron stovall out of the picture?
00:27:23 she basically wished that something woun to the son of a bitch.
00:27:27I don't think it was ann showed up one day and said, "hey, I'd like to have some highlights done, " the next conversation was discussing a price on having ron stovall killed.
00:27:42Grammer: Kim mentit to tony perez, who said, " so, the defendant said to you that she couldn't afford $50,000?
00:27:51She could no way come up with that amount.
00:27:53Tony perez had sent backthe counteroffer, " he would be seriously maimed and that didn't seem to be good enough.
00:28:03She wanted him dead.
00:28:04Narrator: Perez agreed for the hit.
00:28:08Was there a counteroffer made?
00:28:10Miller: $10,000.
00:28:11And who came up with that amount?
00:28:14Narrator: Then within an hour of each other, from two different states, the prosecution says jack and ann trexler withdrew over $10,000.
00:28:23Jack trexler cashed the check THAT HE GOT FROM HIS 401k FOR $7,400-PLUS.
00:28:30Ann trexler had received, I think it was a cash advance on her credit card, for $ so it added up to $10,200 and some odd dollars and cents.
00:28:39Narrator: But defense attorney russ ramey says the money was for a child-custody attorney.
00:28:44Ramey: Tina stovall contacted my office, and we had set a price on what that retainer would be ld be $10,000 up front.
00:28:52Narrator: Miller says trexler came back to the salon and handed her half the money up front.
00:28:58Miller: I met ann trexler in the back in the lab where I mix colors and stuff, and she gave me the $5,000.
00:29:05What was your understanding that the $5,000 was for?
00:29:09Tova Grammer: The police were le to find later that after the murder, kim miller had gone off with perez on a trip and spent some money.
00:29:18You cannot imagine someone hiring and paying someone to take a life, especially in this town.
00:29:24$10,000 For somebody's life just is -- that's a pretty sad note.
00:29:30Narrator: The police believe that ron's murder was planned FOR THE WEEKEND OF SEPTEM25th, BUT A STORM Hit.
00:29:41Hurricane george struck. the city was evacuated.
00:29:48One week later, perez fired seven shots into ron.
00:29:54Soon after, miller says ann returned to the salon with another 5 grand.
00:29:59Miller: She hugged me and told me that she had not a friend like me.
00:30:02The final nail in the coffin, though, was when kim miller came forward and gave us a statement as to what had happed.
00:30:10She told us that ann trexler had, in fact, paid money to have ron stovall killed.
00:30:16And to believe kim miller is tantamount to believing that santa claus is really gonna come and deliver packages on christmas eve night.
00:30:25Those sort of things are things that are done in clandestine-type environments, not in a busy hair salon when people are shoulder-to-shoulder and can hear everything you're talking about.
00:30:36Narrator: The defense hammers in on miller's deal.
00:30:39In exchange for her testimony against ann, she is given probation.
00:30:44That's the deal you wanted, wasn't it?
00:30:46I don't know who wouldn't have wanted that deal.
00:30:49Ramey: She got her life, a free life, outside the walls of the penitentiary.
00:30:55Cut a deal to tell.
00:30:57She went and told on somebody to cover her trail.
00:31:06Ann: it was so easy.
00:31:09She knew we were having problems.
00:31:11When I would go have my hair done, we talked.
00:31:14She would always initial the conversation, though.
00:31:16She would ask me, "well, how you doing?
00:31:18"How's everything going with tina and kierstyn?
00:31:21" and I would open up and tell her.
00:31:25Narrator: But the authorities don't believe trexler.
00:31:28There was motive from the beginning and then there was opportunity.
00:31:31Narrator: Next, the prosecution suffers a blow when the hit man changes his story.
00:35:21Narrator: Ann trexler has been confined to a prison cell at the bay county jail for nearly a year and a half, accused of hiring a hit man to kill her ex-son-in-law.
00:35:32Tina: She's a very loving person.
00:35:35She's got a wonderful heart, and I can't stand the thought that people think that she had anything to do with it or that she's guilty, because she's not that kind of person.
00:35:48Ann:" then the holidays would come.
00:35:54Then I would think, "this is last holiday I won't -- " but then the next holiday would come, and that's the way it went.
00:36:09Narrator: Two days before mother's day, trexler was called to the stand.
00:36:14Ramey: You've been waiting for a long time for your day in court, haven't you?
00:36:19Ann: Yes.
00:36:20Did you have anything to do with ron stovall's death?
00:36:24No, I did not.
00:36:26Did you want ron stovall dead?
00:36:31No, I did not.
00:36:32Did you have hard feelings about him?
00:36:37Yes, I did.
00:36:37Grammer: I didn't think she came across as very sincere.
00:36:41I mean, she certainly said and did, I think, everything that her attorneys wanted her to do.
00:36:48Narrator: The prosecution hammers away at trexler.
00:36:52They point out there were 16 calls made between thexlers' home and kim miller's beauty salon, home, and cell phone.
00:37:01, do you recall a telephone call from your home to kim miller's home?
00:37:10No, sir, I do not.
00:37:1134 in the morning making a call from your house to hott headz?
00:37:17No, sir, I do not.
00:37:18At 12 minutes after midnight -- no, sir.
00:37:20On october 3rd at 12:10 -- no, sir.
00:37:22Do you recall on the next day, which was a sunday?
00:37:24No, sir, I don't.
00:37:2512 Minutes after midnight isa very strange time to call up " I have never, ever, called her at midnight or any other time like that.
00:37:37Any calls I have made was to make appointments or cancel appointments.
00:37:42That was it.
00:37:42Four to five different people had access to ann trexler's telephone lines, and we were able to prove that five or six or seven people had access to the phone lines at hott headz salon.
00:37:51So, nothing was actually proven with those phone records.
00:37:55Do you recall making a call on the morning of ron stovall's death at 10:17 to hott headz?
00:38:00I called and cancelled the appointment, and I told her that ron had been murdered.
00:38:04I told kim miller over the phone.
00:38:05There were too many calls at unusual times to be explained by, "this is the typical hairdresser and client " to think a grandmother would do something that's going to affect a child for the rest of her life.
00:38:22I would be as shocked if any person -- grandmother, mother, sister or anybody else -- would hire somebody to kill another member of your family.
00:38:33She didn't look to be like some crazy woman or uneducated or desperate.
00:38:38I mean, she looked like your neighbor.
00:38:40Narrator: Meanwhile, tony perez, the confessed hit man, changes his ory for the fourth time.
00:38:47He had previously implicated trexler.
00:38:49Now, he says, she's not involved.
00:38:51Did ann trexler have anything to do with this homicide?
00:38:55She had nothing to do with it.
00:38:56Mrs. trexler never talked to me, period.
00:38:58You a single dime, or any other amount of money, for doing this?
00:39:06No, sir.
00:39:06Narrator: Perez says his girlfriend, kim miller, put him up to the murder after she had an affair with the victim.
00:39:12Before she had met me,she knew ron stovall.
00:39:19She messed around with him, like she did with me.
00:39:23Did she ever tell you specifically she had a "sexual relationship" with him or did she just tell you she was fooling around with him?
00:39:29She told me she was fooling around with him.
00:39:31Kim made it sound like he was still kind of hanky-pankying around, or sneaking around the corner.
00:39:38I started to get -- I don't like the word "jealous," but that's the only thing I can explain.
00:39:45I was jealous.
00:39:45Narrator: Perez says ron verbally abused miller.
00:39:48Did her call her derogatory names?
00:39:51White trailer trash.
00:39:52" and she says, "i want nothing to do with " antonio perez loved kim miller.
00:40:01Kim miller had loved ron stovall and dated ron stovall in the past and had had a sexual, romantic relationship with him.
00:40:10He had jilted her.
00:40:12Bull. smoke screen.
00:40:13They didn't haveany place to go, so they just startthrowing out -- that's the defense attorneys.
00:40:18That was actually silly.
00:40:19It sounded like something that came from russ ramey.
00:40:22Perez: I felt kim was suffering and hurting.
00:40:27It hurt me 10 times worse.
00:40:29And she said, "he should pay." I snapped.
00:40:33I'm very territorial.
00:40:33I believe if something's mine, I'll defend it the best I can.
00:40:37I was her man. I was the one that was there.
00:40:41I was the one helping pay the bills.
00:40:43I was the one helping the kids.
00:40:45How am I gonna let somebody else come in and hurt my family now at that time?
00:40:51You went from not knowing him to hating him at that point?
00:40:54Oh, yes, most definitely hatred.
00:40:56Narrator: Perez now claims his girlfriend, kim miller, was more than just the middleman.
00:41:02IN THE EARLY MORNING HOURS OF OCTOBER 6th, He says miller drove him to ron's house.
00:41:08Grammer: That was something new that he came up with, where it seemed to be a little pitch and catch, where all of a sudden, "well, where was kim " " when I went there, I went there to hurt the man.
00:41:18Kim just helped me understand that I should kill the man.
00:41:22Narrator: Then perez saw ron walk to his car.
00:41:25And I was standing between the corridor, the front door, and him.
00:41:33He fell to the ground.
00:41:34 I said, "now, get in " " and ran.
00:41:41The actual way it was supposed I would have wounded him, made him get in his car.
00:41:46Me and him would have drove off and she would have followed us.
00:41:49Narrator: But the police dismiss the defense theory of the case.
00:41:54Sergeant bates insists perez was hiding near the side of the house, waiting for ron to come out.
00:42:00That's why we surmise that he stepped out and shot him the first time as ron was standing right here.
00:42:06Shot him, caught him in the arm or elbow area, knocked him down.
00:42:10Ron was able to get up and run back down ..
00:42:19And get inside this front door.
00:42:21Narrator: Sergeant bates says perez continued shooting through the front door, again hitting ron in the backside.
00:42:28Perez pushed the door in and found ron in the kitchen.
00:42:33Before firing the last shot, he looked ron right in the eyes, as ron pled.
00:42:38Perez: And he says, "why do you want to do " and I was so angry, I turned around, " and I shot him.
00:42:47Ron actually had stippling orpowder burns in his eyes, which indicates that ron was, in fact, looking at his killer when he was shot.
00:42:55Perez: I killed the man because I hated him that much.
00:42:59Did you ever have any conversations whatsoever with ann trexler or jack trexler about killing ron stovall?
00:43:08No, sir, never.
00:43:09They want to put her in the electric chair.
00:43:11I can't let this happen to an innocent lady.
00:43:13When the killer himself comes into a court of law and says, "i did this, "this is why I did this, and that person didn't have anything to do with it," that's the most powerful evidence in the world.
00:47:33Doris: I don't understand how anyone could hate ron so much that they did this to him, do you?
00:47:39Fred: No.
00:47:40And you stand there.
00:47:43You can't believe this happened.
00:47:47You know, he's gone.
00:47:52We love you, ron.
00:47:57Sgt. Bates: I have not met two more victims that have been through anything worse than these two people.
00:48:03They had to sit through all this and watch those peoplecome in there -- the people that murdered their son.
00:48:14How in the world do you get through something like that?
00:48:20Narrator: After nearly a week of testimony, both sides are confident.
00:48:24I felt more confident actually as the trial went on that the jury was going to find her guilty.
00:48:32There's no way this jury could find her guilty based on the evidence that was put before this court.
00:48:37Kierstyn was planningthe whole party.
00:48:41Narrator: After two and a half hours, the jury returns with a verdict.
00:48:51[ Coughs ] pardon me.
00:48:59Woman: Verdict -- "we, the jury, find as follows "as to the defendant, ann trexler, in this case -- the defendant is guilty of murder in the " Narrator: Ann trexr, is found guilty of murder.
00:49:12Ann: I couldn't move.
00:49:14When they gave me the verdict, ..
00:49:21A weight down on me.
00:49:24I just felt heavy.
00:49:26I just sat there, and I couldn't move.
00:49:30I just buried my head.
00:49:32I-i just couldn't believe I was hearing those words.
00:49:40I felt relieved.
00:49:41Am I happy? no, I'm not happy.
00:49:44Too many people are hurt.
00:49:45Three kids don't have a father, but I felt justice was done.
00:49:52Narrator: The prosecution asks for the death penalty.
00:49:56Woman: The jury advises and recommends to the court that it impose a sentence of life imprisonment upon ann trexler without the possibility of parole.
00:50:06Narrator: To this day, police suspect that tina's father, jack, was involved.
00:50:10Sgt. Bates: We never could get anything solid on him to charge him, but how in the world could he not be involved?
00:50:18He knew.he knew what was going on.
00:50:22How could he let his wife go to prison?
00:50:25Jack: They don't know me.
00:50:26I'd never let anything like that happen to her.
00:50:30I'd never let her go through that, and I'd do anything right now if I could trade places with her.
00:50:41And she don't deserve it.
00:50:43Narrator: As for kim miller, she hasn't been able to stay out of trouble.
00:50:48She was arrested for drunk driving, violating her probation, and sentenced to 15 weekends in jail.
00:50:54Grammer: On one of those weekends, violated by having in her possession in the jail some contraband sleeping pills, which is also a felony under florida law.
00:51:04Narrator: Miller was sentenced to 10 years in prison and for sneaking in sleeping pills.
00:51:11Meanwhile, the case has torn the families apart.
00:51:15Kierstyn no longer has a father and now has lost her paternal grandparents as well.
00:51:21Doris: She knows that we love her, and she can't help the problems that we big adults have.
00:51:28She couldn't help the problems that her dad and her mother had.
00:51:34She's just a child.
00:51:34Narrator: Doris tries to remain a part of kierstyn's life, but the child stays away from her grandfather, fred.
00:51:42Kierstyn: Because mommy told me that he said some bad things that aren't true.
00:51:46He thinks that mama, mommy, and papa did it all.
00:51:51Killed your father?
00:51:53That's got to be very difficultfor you to think about, isn't it?
00:51:58Mm. mommy and I knowthat he's wrong.
00:52:01That none of them did that 'cause my family on this side's too nice ..
00:52:12Like that.
00:52:12I've got a book of everything that's been wrote about it, every word.
00:52:17And when she gets old enough, one day I hope she will come.
00:52:22And I can lay it down and say, "there, kierstyn.
00:52:26"There's the facts.
00:52:28" and I'm saving it.
00:52:33I may not live to see it, but I've got it made.
00:52:36This was a tough case.
00:52:37This was a case that we had one chance really to make this case against ann trexler.
00:52:44And we did and feel very good that she didn't get away with it.
00:52:50--Captions by VITAC-- >> Narrator: The dean of a prestigious university had a secret life that may have led to a tiny piece of a latex glove and some broken glass were the only clues.
00:53:05To solve the mystery, investigators needed to know what he was doing with an 18-year-old girl.
00:53:23For 12 years, students and faculty at texas tech university could set their watches by douglas miller's schedule.
00:53:31As the associate dean of libraries, he'd arrive promptly , a schedule that ..until one day he just didn't show up.
00:53:42>> If he was ill, he would call in, so we were aware that things weren't exactly the way they were supposed to be.
00:53:49>> Narrator: Police found his car in a drainage ditch in canyon lakes park, just 5 miles from the university.
00:53:5653-Year-old doug miller was dead in the backseat, and there was an 18-year-old woman, viola McVade, found dead in theseat.
00:54:07Both were shot with a .380-caliber pistol.
00:54:11>> There were 6 bullets recovered at the scene, and all 380 auto caliber and that they were all fired from the same firearm.
00:54:21>> Narrator: Gunfire had broken both of the car's side windows, but there was no broken glass in the drainage ditch, which meant the murder took place elsewhere.
00:54:32>> It took hours for them to check the ground and the sticks and everything possible around the car before they could even pull the car out of the gully.
00:54:41And after that, they would remove the bodies out.
00:54:45>> Narrator: The car was dusted for fingerprints, and the only ones found belonged to doug and viola.
00:54:53And investigators soon discovered why.
00:54:56They found what appeared to be a small piece of a latex glove beneath doug miller's body.
00:55:03>> It was the tip of a finger is what it was.
00:55:05It was less than a half an inch.
00:55:08>> Narrator: If the killer was wearing rubber gloves, this was a clear indicati were premeditated.
00:55:18>> You wonder right away, "why is a 53-year-old male in the car with an 18-year-old female?
00:55:23" which, of course, we were all asking.
00:55:27>> Ntor: Investigators learned that doug miller met viola McVade for the first time just a few hours before the murders.
00:55:35A known prostitute, teresa williams, had introduced them.
00:55:48FRIEND viola McVade.
00:55:50>> He would take out a young woman on a date several times and see where it would go, butit was not a situation he was asking for someone to sleep with him.
00:55:59Not real common, but it happens.
00:56:01Not that uncommon, either.
00:56:03>> As far as I know, this might have been a lonely man that just enjoyed the company of these young girls.
00:56:08Maybe that's the naiveté in me that says that.
00:56:12>> Narrator: Doug miller was a divorced father of two grown children.
00:56:16Viola was an aspiring model and hadn't yet graduated from high school.
00:56:22>> Words can't describe how i felt.
00:56:24I loved her, but the way I truly felt for her, I can't explain it to you.
00:56:30>> Narrator: Her fiancé, terremy beaver, knew nothing about this paid date, but wasn't entirely surprised.
00:56:38>> She loved money.
00:56:40I know that.
00:56:41Whatever it took for her to get to provide for her and her family, that's what she was gonna do.
00:56:47She didn't care what it was or how she had to go and get it.
00:56:53She just had that mentality.
00:56:54>> Narrator: Investigators knew beaver had nothing to do with the crime because he was in jail that night on a drug charge.
00:57:02>> I always tell folks it's almost impossible to get killed in lubbock unless you're doing something you shouldn't be doing, unless you're someplace