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00:00:34>>> A young mother with a beautiful family, but did she have secrets.
00:00:36>> I went to great lengths to hide the fact they were renting this home.
00:00:38>> Then one day her secrets caught up with her.
00:00:39>> The mystery of all this is, who is sheila.
00:00:40Her life was very complicated, yet her ending so simple.
00:00:42>> Now it's up to these detectives to find the man behind the mystery.
00:00:43>> He was like dogging us.
00:00:44See if you can catch me.
00:01:00>>> IT'S FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7th.
00:01:03A beautiful morning in sarasota, florida.
00:01:06Not a cloud in the sky.
00:01:08The year is 1997.
00:01:1335-Year-old sheila bellush, mother of six, has her hands full.
00:01:18With 2-year-old quadruplets, and two teenage daughters, the morning is a steady stream of errands and laundry.
00:01:26Jamie bellush, sheila's husband, and father of the quads, is a pharmaceutical salesman.
00:01:32On this day, he goes to work at a neighboring town.
00:01:3612-Year-old daughter darryl is away at camp.
00:01:39Sheila takes her 13-year-old daughter stevie to school.
00:01:43For a moment, the busy house is empty.
00:01:48Then sheila comes home and begins to do the laundry.
00:01:57Six hours later, stevie bellush, sheila's 13-year-old daughter, returns home from school.
00:02:04She hears the quads crying.
00:02:07She calls out for her mother.
00:02:10There is no answer.
00:02:15Slowly she makes her way through the house.
00:02:17Until she reaches the kitchen, where she finds her mother dead.
00:02:25>> Hello?
00:02:25>> Hello?
00:02:27>> This is the 911 center.
00:02:28What's the matter?
00:02:29>> My mother is dead.
00:02:32>> Ma'am, I can't hear you.
00:02:33>> My mom is dead.
00:02:34I just got home.
00:02:35There's blood all over the place.
00:02:38And she has a cut on her neck >> when you get that -- >> their first call is to the patrol officer on the scene.
00:02:55>> What have you got out there.
00:02:56He said we've got a woman dead in the house.
00:02:59And I said, well, is it suicide or what have you got?
00:03:02He said, oh, no, this is no suicide.
00:03:04This certainly isn't.
00:03:08>> Sheila bellush has been shot and stand.
00:03:12>> Sheila bellush put up a great fight for her life, because typically you get shot in the 45, you accept the fate that you're done, and you just lay there.
00:03:21But she had that will power to get up and move and try to protect her kids.
00:03:28>> Within half an hour of being notified that his wife had been murdered, sheila's husband, jamie bellush, returns home to comfort his babies, and his stepdaughter stevie.
00:03:39Jackie barren is a local reporter in florida.
00:03:43>> We got a call there had been a murder.
00:03:45You get there, and you see stevie crying, and you see jamie bellush pull up, and hug her.
00:03:52And then he forms a prayer circle with detectives on the front lawn.
00:03:56It was very different from any other sort of crime scene you normally cover.
00:04:02>> Forensic investigators search the house for clues.
00:04:07On top of the dryer, they find a .45 caliber bullet casing, a fingerprint and a sooty towel.
00:04:12On the floor of the utility room, they discover a blood-stained knife.
00:04:18Meanwhile, detectives question the neighbors.
00:04:22They learn that the bellush family has moved in two months earlier, that no one knew much about them or where they came from.
00:04:29>> We really didn't get a chance to know her.
00:04:30I've just seen her a few times walking up and down the street with the kids.
00:04:35>> We had to track her through the internet, and we found out who she was.
00:04:40>> Two years earlier the bellushes had been local celebrities in san antonio, texas, when sheila had given birth to quadruplets.
00:04:53Who would want to kill this beautiful mother of six.
00:05:01Jacob mast, a lawn care worker in the area, gives detectives their first clue.
00:05:06On the day of the murder, he spotted a car driving slowly down mark ridge road near the bellush home.
00:05:12>> A guy came by me and I waved at him, and he didn't wave back.
00:05:17>> He watched the car circle the block.
00:05:20The man got out of the car and walked toward him.
00:05:22>> He was a young man.
00:05:23There was no emotion with him.
00:05:27And he had like camouflage on, and it was just the idea that he didn't fit there.
00:05:33And then is when it hit me that something's wrong here, this isn't right.
00:05:38>> Mast finished his work.
00:05:41The empty car was still parked on the street.
00:05:43So he memorized the license plate number.
00:05:46>> I had a pencil and paper because I was mowing.
00:05:49So finally I decided, I've got to make a sentence out of it.
00:05:52Yes, bob runs, 62 girls.
00:05:57>> Ybr 62g.
00:05:59Detectives search the national data base for a florida license plate, after two hours he finds no matches.
00:06:06Then he decides to try texas.
00:06:09>> You hit all the states in the united states.
00:06:13Why do you start with texas.
00:06:13Well, these people were from texas.
00:06:15Let's try texas.
00:06:16>> And there it is.
00:06:18He finds that the license plate number ybr 62g belong toss a white mitsubishi owned by a 66-year-old woman in la pryor, texas.
00:06:30The sarasota sheriff's office, the texas rangers question the owner.
00:06:37>> She was contacted by the texas authorities.
00:06:42She explained that that is my grandson's car, registered in my name.
00:06:46That's when we get the name joey deltoro from the grandmother, that that's his vehicle.
00:06:53>> Meanwhile, the florida investigators get a call from the manager of the sarasota hampton inn located five miles from the crime scene.
00:07:01She tells them that a maid found 45 caliber bullet under the bed in room 309.
00:07:09On the night before the murder, room 309 was registered to none other than joey deltoro.
00:07:15The manager also gives them a photo copy of a driver's license.
00:07:21Now police can put a face to the name joey deltoro.
00:07:27In texas, deltoro's grandmother tells investigators that joey is at his girlfriend's place in austin.
00:07:34The rangers put her apartment under surveillance, and notify the florida detectives.
00:07:38>> Obviously we need to get there in a hurry.
00:07:41So sunday night everything changed dramatically, instantly.
00:07:44The next morning at daylight, we're on an airplane leaving sarasota, headed for austin, texas.
00:07:52>> 48 Hours after the murder of sheila bellush, detectives believe they have identified her killer.
00:07:57>> I'm happy to report that we have a first-degree murder warrant charging jose luis , hispanic male, born APRIL 29th, 1976, WITH A November 7th murder of mrs.
00:08:12We have issued a national alert and our attempt to locate deltoro.
00:08:16>> But the motive and whereabouts of joey deltoro remain a total mystery.
00:08:21>> Don't know if it was a hit.
00:08:22You don't know if it was the husband.
00:08:25You don't know if it was an intruder or burglar.
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00:12:13Sheila bellush, the investigation of so suspected killer joey deltoro shifts to texas.
00:12:21Working around the clock, texas ranger gary de la santos joins the detectives.
00:12:28Together they go to the austin apartment of deltoro's girlfriend.
00:12:33They find his white mitsubishi parked out in front.
00:12:37>> The suspect, joey deltoro, who had a warrant for murder, was supposed to meet with his girlfriend in san antonio.
00:12:44>> But deltoro's girlfriend now tells the investigators that she is meeting joey's cousin, a man named sammy gonzalez that evening at a gas station in san antonio.
00:12:57>> Who sammy gonzalez was, I had no idea who he was or what he was driving.
00:13:01We did not know if joey deltoro was going to be with him or not.
00:13:03>> We held our surveillance post here and waited for a couple hours to see if he in fact would show up.
00:13:09>> But no one shows.
00:13:11>> He's acted like a typical crook.
00:13:12He knows he's done bad, so he's going to be paranoid about everything.
00:13:16He probably saw someone and knew he was being watched.
00:13:20>> After several hours they call off the surveillance.
00:13:24The next day, deltoro's girlfriend contacts the investigators.
00:13:28She has received a call from deltoro.
00:13:31>> The girlfriend tips joey off, who suddenly gets frightened and gets on a bus and flees for the border.
00:13:39>> Joey deltoro is now a fugitive in mexico.
00:13:43Looking for clues, investigators search deltoro's car and sees a mountain of evidence.
00:13:50It's almost too good to be true.
00:13:52Inside the car they find what they believe is the murder weapon.
00:14:00A map of florida, key cards to the hampton inn, and a receipt for camouflage clothes from a sporting goods store near the crime scene.
00:14:08>> Joey deltoro left evidence from here to florida and back.
00:14:10It was incredible.
00:14:12He traversed over 1,800 miles across, I don't know how many counties and bridges, rivers, swamps, and he never got rid of the evidence.
00:14:26>> Trying to find a connection between deltoro and sheila, investigators question the bellushes' former neighbors in a community near san antonio.
00:14:36They learn that sheila was accused of physically abusing her younger daughter by a neighbor.
00:14:41>> A burney woman who gave birth to quadruplets was allege shed beat her 12-year-old daughter.
00:14:47>> She was arrested but the charges were later dropped.
00:14:52Neighbors also tell detectives that weeks after sheila's court appearance the bellush family suddenly left texas under the cover of darkness, without explanation.
00:15:03>> They went to great lengths to hide the fact that they were renting this home, so that would not be public knowledge.
00:15:10They did not get mailbox in the mailbox here.
00:15:11Obviously they had concerns leaving texas coming to sarasota.
00:15:17>> As the mystery of sheila bellush deepens, detectives wonder, who was she running from.
00:15:25The detectives turn to sheila's husband, jamie.
00:15:28>> The obvious person who wasn't present at the time of the homicide was jamie bellush.
00:15:34We had jamie come down to our office.
00:15:36We told him, look, this is standard procedure.
00:15:38We need to talk to you.
00:15:38We need to find out where you were.
00:15:40>> Jamie tells detectives at the time of the murder he was at a restaurant in forth myers having lunch, but he has no receipt to prove it.
00:15:48>> He mentioned, do I need an attorney.
00:15:51And that's something that you really don't want to hear early in the investigation, because that leads you to think, well, what is this person trying to hide.
00:16:01>> The detectives also learn from texas neighbors that there were rumors of trouble in the bellush marriage.
00:16:07And that jamie may have been physically abusive.
00:16:12>> He believes that the brush and the spoon are used for discipline, but he definitely used it on both stevie and darryl, and he's very outspoken about that.
00:16:23And I think that that's where the questions of abuse came up.
00:16:26I mean, in the house where she's pregnant, and then she has these four toddlers, or four brand-new babies, I think there's a matter of keeping the piece.
00:16:33And jamie was in charge of that house.
00:16:37>> Meanwhile, texas rangers pick up the trail of joey deltoro's cousin, sammy gonzalez, the man they suspect may have helped deltoro escape to mexico.
00:16:47He goes to a driving range in san antonio where he heard sammy works.
00:16:52>> Unfortunately at the time, sammy was not working.
00:16:56But they did give me some leads where I might possibly find him.
00:17:03>> The next day, wednesday, NOVEMBER 12th, SAMMY GONZALEZ Calls ranger de la santos and volunteers to come down to headquarters.
00:17:08He tells them he's 32, unmarried and living with his parents.
00:17:14The detectives are shocked as sammy matter of factually reveals a murder plot.
00:17:19>> Sammy sat down and started telling a story behind this murder.
00:17:23Of course, he had mentioned his cousin joey deltoro, but he started telling us how this plan came to be, according to what he knew.
00:17:31>> According to sammy, a meeting took place at the pan american golf club in san antonio three nights before the murder.
00:17:39>> Who was present during this conversation?
00:17:41>> Myself, and joey deltoro and danny rocha.
00:17:49>> They now have a third name, danny rocha, and the barest of an outline for a murder for hire plot.
00:17:57He said danny gave him orders to beat up a woman but sammy claimed he couldn't hurt a woman, so he hired his cousin, joey deltoro.