The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack - Bubbie's Tummy Ache; Mind the Store, Don't Look in the Drawer   View more episodes

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00:00:04>> Hey, those areourpies!
00:00:07>> Bubbie: No, honey.
00:00:08They'remypies now.
00:00:09Now, help that man bring bubbie more pie.
00:00:12Mmm! mm-mm-mm!
00:00:14Don't just stand there.
00:00:18[ Cheers and applause ] mmm! faster!
00:00:22Mmm! faster!
00:00:23Oh, never mind!
00:00:30[ Crowd shouting ] [ growling ] I'm so happy.
00:00:35Oh, I'm sopy. I'm so happy.
00:00:38I'm so happy.
00:00:39[ Cheers and applause ] then I got a stomachache.
00:00:42Oh, but this pain is much worse.
00:00:46[ Groaning ] >> Flapjack: You're gonna be okay, though, aren't you, bubbie?
00:00:49>> Bubbie: I don't know, sugar.
00:00:51It feels pretty serious.
00:00:52>> Flapjack: But you're my bubbie!
00:00:54>> Bubbie: [ Groaning ] >> Flapjack: I got to have my bubbie.
00:00:57>> K'nuckles:I'LLBE YOUR Bubbie.
00:01:02[ Gulping ] [ belches ] get in here, boy.
00:01:08>> Flapjack: I'll get dr. barber.
00:01:10>> I'm a doctor barber, not a veterinarianbarber.
00:01:14>> Flapjack: Oh.
00:01:15Well, what would you do if I had a tummy ache?
00:01:19>> [ Laughs ] you don't have a tummy, flapjack.
00:01:22We humans have a sophisticated system of pulleys and counterweights, accessed by a convenient food hole.
00:01:29>> Flapjack: Bubbie has a food hole, too!
00:01:32>> Really?
00:01:34Then try some hot tea.
00:01:36>> Bubbie: Hot tea?
00:01:37>> Flapjack: Yeah.
00:01:38 barber says to pour it down your food hole.
00:01:42>> Bubbie: Oh!
00:01:43[ Chuckles ] >> Flapjack: Does that feel better, bubbie?
00:01:46>> Bubbie: Oh, yes.
00:01:48[ Giggles ] like a warm little hug on my insides.
00:01:52I think I'm gonna be -- [ groaning ] no!
00:01:57It still hurts!
00:01:58Maybe it wasn't a big enough hug.
00:02:01>> Flapjack: Well, if all you need is a hug, good thing I have a pair of these monsters.
00:02:05>> Bubbie: [ Screams ] >> Flapjack: [ Grunting ] I'll go down there and give your tummy abihug.
00:02:14>> K'nuckles: Don't go down there, boy.
00:02:17>> Flapjack: Whoa! cap'n!
00:02:19What are you doing back here?
00:02:20>> K'nuckles: Just 'cause you're not watching old k'nuckles doesn't mean he's not watching you.
00:02:25>> Flapjack: Wow!
00:02:26..kind of scary.
00:02:28>> K'nuckles: Not as scary as going into the guts of a whale.
00:02:32Flapjack, before I was a captain with a boy and a whale, I was a captain withanotherboy and anotherwhale.
00:02:41Now, remember, tuppence, as soon as you find my watch, tug on the rope two times, and I'll pull you up.
00:02:47>> [ French accent ] I WILL SEE You again, will I not, captain k'nuckle?
00:02:52>> K'nuckles: Uh, sure.
00:02:54>> Un, deux, trois!
00:02:55>> K'nuckles: I never saw my watch again.
00:02:59>> Bubbie: [ Groaning loudly ] >> Both: Aah!
00:03:07>> Flapjack: Get me down there, k'nuckles.
00:03:10>> K'nuckles: [ Grunting ] when you want me to pull you up, tug on the rope two times, just like I told poor tuppence.
00:03:26Better make itthreetimes.
00:03:27>> Flapjack: Okay!
00:03:30Is this your tummy, bubbie?
00:03:32>> Bubbie: Uh, no, baby.
00:03:34That's my throat.
00:03:35My tummy's on the other side.
00:03:41>> Flapjack: Hey.
00:03:43" >> Bubbie: Oh, you weren't supposed to see that till your birthday.
00:03:51>> Flapjack: Thanks, bubbie.
00:03:53Wait, that's the breakfast in bed I made for you foryour birthday.
00:03:58>> Bubbie:..
00:03:59>> Flapjack: You never ate my breakfast in bed!
00:04:01>> Bubbie: You know I love you, flapjack, but you're a terrible cook.
00:04:05>> Flapjack: Well, no argument there.
00:04:07[ Laughs ] ] wow!
00:04:10>> Bubbie: Climb down the vocal cords, baby.
00:04:13>> Flapjack: Okay!
00:04:16>> Bubbie: [ Echoing ] oh, easy now, baby.
00:04:20Once you get past the vocal cords, we won't be able to hear each other.
00:04:24If anything happens to me while you're down there, I want you to promise me two things.
00:04:28Pull the rope so k'nuckles can get you out of there.
00:04:34That's not k'nuckles.
00:04:36>> K'nuckles: Hey!
00:04:37>> Flapjack: Aren'tyougonna raise me, bubbie?
00:04:39>> Bubbie: Sure, baby.
00:04:40[ Sea gulls squawking ] [ Echoing ] JUST HURRY!
00:04:44>> Flapjack: [ Grunts ] [ stomach squeaking, bubbling ] [ stomach burps ] this place ishuge.
00:04:54I don't know where to start hugging.
00:04:56>> You could start with me, young man.
00:05:00>> Flapjack: Aah!
00:05:01 [ laughs ] oh, I didn't mean to startle you.
00:05:06My name is ruth.
00:05:08What's yours?
00:05:09>> Flapjack: Flapjack.
00:05:11>> Flapjack.
00:05:12Oh, what a wonderful name for a boy.
00:05:16[ Laughs ] [ sighing ] that's the first hug I've gotten down here, and I've been down here for quite some time.
00:05:28>> Flapjack: How'd you get here in the first place?
00:05:30>> Oh, it's a very funny story that started I was baking pies for the stormalong pie-eating contest and cooling them on the windowsill.
00:05:45[ Laughing ] OH.
00:05:46I had many suitors in those days.
00:05:49>> Ruth, youmustsummon the constable -- for you have stolen my heart.
00:05:55>> [ British accent ] RUTH, YOU Must give me a bandage, because I scraped my knee whilst falling for you.
00:06:02>> All:..
00:06:07>> All:..
00:06:08>> Are out of this world.
00:06:09>> Have made me lovesick.
00:06:10>> Have set my heart! ruth!
00:06:13>> I was almost ready to choose.
00:06:16I just had to bake one more pie.
00:06:19>> Bubbie: Oh, I'm so happy!
00:06:22I'm so happy! oh!
00:06:24I'm sohungry!
00:06:28[ Gurgling ] >> I've been down here ever since, baking the pie.
00:06:38Luckily, my oven was swallowed, also.
00:06:43So I'm doomed to a life of baking this one pie, over and over again, like a wound that will never fully heal.
00:06:56Oh, and I've recently taken up ..
00:07:00Uh, pies.
00:07:06All done!
00:07:08>> Bubbie: Aah!
00:07:09>> Both: Aah!
00:07:10>> Flapjack: That's it!
00:07:11Bubbie's tummy's been hurting 'cause you've been sticking your needles into it!
00:07:16>> Oh, no!
00:07:17I didn't mean to hurt anyone.
00:07:19I just wanted to have a little fun before I die.
00:07:23>> Flapjack: Well, you better not die yet, 'cause we're going backto stormalong!
00:07:28>> Oh, that's a nice thought, young man, but there is no way out.
00:07:34>> Flapjack: Oh, yes, there is.
00:07:38Hold on tight, ruth.
00:07:40When I give k'nuckles a signal, he's gonna yank u ..
00:07:53"Went to the candy barrel.
00:07:55" >> so, where's flapjack?
00:08:00>> K'nuckles: I left him a note.
00:08:02>> [ French accent ] A NOTE, Huh?
00:08:08>> K'nuckles: Tuppence!
00:08:10Where's my watch?
00:08:13>> Flapjack: Bubbie!
00:08:20>> She can't hear you, child.
00:08:22You'll never see your bubbie again.
00:08:27Do you know what makesmefeel better?
00:08:30>> Flapjack: Pie.
00:08:31>> Let's bake pie together.
00:08:34>> Flapjack: I can't bake pie.
00:08:35>> You have the rest of your ♪ close your eyes ♪
00:08:42♪ your thoughts unwind ♪
00:08:44♪ imagine pie ♪
00:08:47[ laughs ] ♪ use your mind ♪
00:08:53♪ what goes inside ♪
00:08:58>> Flapjack: ♪ Even I ♪
00:09:01♪ can give a try ♪
00:09:05♪ imagination ♪
00:09:09♪ pi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-e ♪
00:09:17>> that's some imagination.
00:09:2030 Minutes at 450 should do it.
00:09:25>> Bubbie: [ Gurgling ] [ belches ] oh, my.
00:09:28Bubbie's starting to rot.
00:09:38>> Flapjack: Whoa!
00:09:40>> Bubbie: [ Gags ] >> Both: Aah!
00:09:48I must be dead, because you look like an angel.
00:09:51>> [ British accent ] RUTH, You must be a library book, 'cause I'm checking you out.
00:09:58>> Ruth!
00:09:59>> Ruth!
00:10:00>> Ruth!
00:10:00>> Ruth!
00:10:01>> All: Ruth! ruth! ruth! ruth!
00:10:03>> [ Chuckles ] I'll marry you all.
00:10:06[ All cheer ] >> Bubbie: You okay, baby?
00:10:09>> Flapjack: I'm okay, bubbie.
00:10:11And so are you.
00:10:13These were in your tummy, from when you swallowed that nice lady.
00:10:16>> Now, who wants pie?
00:10:20[ All muttering ] >> Bubbie: Hmm, now that I'm feeling better, iamkind of hungry.
00:10:25What time is it, anyway?
00:10:27>> K'nuckles: Lunchtime!
00:10:28[ Watch ticking ] >> Flapjack: Ah!
00:10:31[ Laughter ] [ knock on door ] >> Flapjack: Delivery!
00:14:22>> Mm.
00:14:23Where's the regular delivery guy?
00:14:25>> Flapjack: Over there.
00:14:27 ] he asked us to deliver this for him.
00:14:29>> K'nuckles: Actually, he beggedus to.
00:14:36>> [ Laughs ] oh, yes -- him.
00:14:38[ Laughs ] remember, your next surgery is 50% off, yes!
00:14:43I've been waiting for this package.
00:14:51[ Sniffs ] mm.
00:14:53>> Flapjack: What are you doing to that candy?
00:14:57>> This isn't just candy.
00:14:59It's fancy candy.
00:15:00And I'm not just doingsomething to it.
00:15:06First, I check it for color and consistency.
00:15:09Then I allow the air to unlock its aroma.
00:15:13[ Sniffs ] yes.
00:15:15This piece is chock chocolat de la fleur, wrapped in 1647.
00:15:23Good year. yes.
00:15:25>> Flapjack: Wow!
00:15:26Youreallyknow a lot about candy.
00:15:29>> Yes.
00:15:32I used to.
00:15:37>> Flapjack: Dr. barber?
00:15:39>> Flapjack, did you ever have to make a decision that would decisively change every decision you'll ever decide again?
00:15:47>> Flapjack: W-what?
00:15:48>> I've got to go.
00:15:49>> Flapjack: Wait!
00:15:50You can't go, dr. barber!
00:15:52What if someone needs surgery or even worse -- an emergency haircut?
00:15:58>> Hmm. you have a point.
00:16:00You fellas can mind the store while I'm gone.
00:16:02>> K'nuckles: Hey, what's in it for me?
00:16:06I-i meanus.
00:16:09>> I'll give you each one of these.
00:16:12>> Flapjack: ♪ It's a piece of perfect candy from the big candy-lovey episode ♪
00:16:19♪ buh-da-da-da-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a ♪
00:16:23>> but only if you mind the store and don't look in that ..
00:16:32No matter how tempting.
00:16:36[ Growls ] bye-bye now.
00:16:40>> Flapjack: Oh, my goodness, k'nuckles.
00:16:43This is gonna be a piece of cake.
00:16:45>> K'nuckles: [ Laughs ] don't you mean a piece of fancy candy?
00:16:49[ Both laugh ] >> Flapjack: Yeah, I guess that iswhat I mean.
00:16:53[ Both laugh ] >> K'nuckles: Hey, uh, I wonder what's in that drawer.
00:16:58We should go look.
00:16:59>> Flapjack:! no!
00:17:01K'nuckles, no! no!
00:17:03Doc barber said mind the store, don'tlook in the drawer.
00:17:06>> K'nuckles: Flap, how's he even gonna know?
00:17:08>> Flapjack: Mind the store, don't look in the drawer!
00:17:10>> K'nuckles: Flap!
00:17:11>> Flapjack: Mind the store, don't look in the drawer!
00:17:14Mind the store, don't look in the drawer!
00:17:16Mind the store -- >> K'nuckles: All right!
00:17:17Geez, you're really a piece of work sometimes.
00:17:20>> Flapjack: Don't you mean a piece offancy candy?
00:17:23[ Both laugh ] [ both sigh ] ] >> Flapjack: K'nuckles!
00:17:39>> K'nuckles: Sorry.
00:17:40It's just that I'm so curious.
00:17:43>> Hello?
00:17:44 barber, a-are you in there?
00:17:48>> Flapjack: Perhaps a customer will take your mind off that drawer.
00:17:52[ Laughs ] now, then, what seems to be the problem, lady nickelbottoms?
00:17:58 barber wanted to keep an eye on one of my, uh, um, beauty marks.
00:18:05>> Flapjack: Cap'n, no!
00:18:07 ] now, then, let's see.
00:18:11This one or this one?
00:18:13>> Neither.
00:18:14It's on top of my head, so I'll -- I'll need to remove my wig.
00:18:19>> Flapjack: All right.
00:18:21[ Rustling ] [ gasps ] !
00:18:24>> Flapjack: Nothing.
00:18:31>> So, w-w-what do you think?
00:18:33>> Flapjack:.
00:18:35[ Clears throat ] ..
00:18:38Which, uh, beauty mark is it?
00:18:44>> This one!
00:18:45>> Flapjack: Oh!
00:18:46>> Be honest, doctor.
00:18:48Do you think it's getting smaller?
00:18:51>> Flapjack: No!
00:18:52>> No?
00:18:53>> K'nuckles: [ Whistling ] >> um, but i-i'm going to live, aren't i?
00:18:59>> Flapjack: No!
00:19:01>> [ Gasps ] ..
00:19:03>> Flapjack: Don't touch it!
00:19:04>> [ Crying ] come, charles.
00:19:09That doctor needs to work on his bedside manner!
00:19:13>> Flapjack: Captain!
00:19:14If you keep this up, we won't get that fancy candy!
00:19:18>> K'nuckles: You don't understand.
00:19:20This is actuallyreallyhard work.
00:19:23>> Flapjack: What do you usually do when there's hard work?
00:19:27>> K'nuckles: Mm, take a nap.
00:19:28Boy, you are a genius!
00:19:31[ Snoring ] >> Flapjack: Oh, captain, you aresosilly.
00:19:41[ Clock ticking ] >> K'nuckles: [ Snoring ] [ squish ] >> Flapjack: [ Grunts ] don't look at it.
00:19:55[ Groans ] strength!
00:19:59[ Inhales, exhales deeply ] you're doing fine.
00:20:03[ Knock on door ] a customer!
00:20:05Good thing, too, 'cause I wasn't doing fine.
00:20:08[ Chuckles ] come in!
00:20:14Would you like a haircut or surgery?
00:20:16>> Actually, I'm here with the buckets.
00:20:21You know -- the buckets for the drawer.
00:20:26I'll come back tomorrow when dr. barber's here.
00:20:34>> Flapjack: [ Thinking ] stop ..
00:20:38And all the wonderful things that could be inside.
00:20:41I want to know so bad!
00:20:43No, ineedto know!
00:20:45All my happiness is inside that drawer.
00:20:47It's the only thing that matters!
00:20:50I need to know!
00:20:51...Thinking about the drawer and ..
00:20:54...The only thing that ..
00:20:56Bubbie, how'd I get here?
00:20:58>> Bubbie: Sugar, you imagined yourself here because you were trying not to think about that drawer.
00:21:03>> Flapjack: Aah!
00:21:05[ Screaming ] [ breathing heavily ] >> look inside me, flapjack.
00:21:11>> Flapjack: Aah!
00:21:13[ Breathing heavily ] >> why do you run?
00:21:17You know you want to open me.
00:21:19>> Flapjack: [ Breathing heavily, shouting ] you!
00:21:24You're a stupid drawer -- stupid, stupid drawer!
00:21:28[ Breathing heavily ] ] ] ] >> K'nuckles: Just do it already!
00:21:41The suspense is killing me.
00:21:44[ Snoring ] >> flapjack.
00:21:49>> Flapjack: Dr. barber!
00:21:51>> You -- you looked in the drawer, after I specifically instructed you to mind the store.
00:21:58>> Flapjack: barber, i couldn't help it.
00:22:01It wassomysterious!
00:22:04>> Well, no fancy candy for you.
00:22:07>> Flapjack: [ Distorted ] no!
00:22:15>> Julius.
00:22:16What's going on?
00:22:18Who is that little boy?
00:22:19>> Mother.
00:22:21Y-you're awake.
00:22:22[ Chuckles nervously ] >> don't shut me when I'm talking to you!
00:22:25>> Mm, sorry, mother.
00:22:27>> Who was that boy?
00:22:28>> His name is flapjack, mother.
00:22:30>> K'nuckles: What did I miss?
00:22:31>> Flapjack: I opened the drawer.
00:22:33>> K'nuckles: What's inside?
00:22:34>> Flapjack: Doc barber's mother.
00:22:35>> K'nuckles: That's really weird.
00:22:37>> Julius!
00:22:38Julius, why was he calling you "doctor"?
00:22:41>> Because I am a doctor, mother!
00:22:43>> What?
00:22:44You always told me you were a candiologist.
00:22:47>> Well, what was I supposed to do, mother -- tell you the truth?
00:22:51We both know how you feel about doctors.
00:22:55>> Doctors never did nothing for nobody.
00:22:59>> Well, today, this one did.
00:23:02He got his candiology degree.
00:23:05I got it for you, mother.
00:23:07>> Flapjack: Aww.
00:23:08>> K'nuckles: Mama's boy.
00:23:10>> Let me see it.
00:23:12Oh, julius, you make your mother so proud.
00:23:17Oh, I'm so proud, my heart is racing.
00:23:21Oh, oh, oh, j-julius!
00:23:23Oh, oh, it's happening again!
00:23:25>> Flapjack: What's happening, dr. barber?
00:23:27>> Uh, mother has a condition.
00:23:30>> [ Shouting indistinctly ] >> Flapjack: Can't you do !
00:23:35>> Mm, w-what can I do?
00:23:37I'm a candiologist now.
00:23:39I'm -- I'm no longer a doctor.
00:23:41>> K'nuckles: But you'restilla barber.
00:23:47I'm a doctor!
00:23:49>> Flapjack: Now save her with your medicine!
00:23:52>> All right.
00:23:57>> Thank you, julius.
00:23:59I feel so much better now.
00:24:01>> Flapjack: Now, how didthat help her?
00:24:04>> I could tell you, but you wouldn't understand, 'cause you're not a doctor.
00:24:10[ Laughter ] >> the end!
00:25:26S chicken& stars soup, your mouth will blast off!
00:25:28♪♪Chicken-n-stars ♪♪
00:25:29♪♪ twinkle, twinkle ♪♪
00:25:30♪♪ campbell'schicken-n-stars ♪♪
00:25:32♪♪ oh, what a rockin'soup you are ♪♪
00:25:34♪♪ chicken-n-stars ♪♪
00:25:35♪♪ worth lickin'the dish for ♪♪
00:25:38Campbell's chicken& stars soup.
00:25:39Out of this world!
00:28:46>> The following episode was drawn before a live studio audience.
00:28:50[ Applause ] >> Flapjack: The storyteller's club?
00:28:54>> K'nuckles: That's right, flappy.
00:28:56This is where old-time adventurers share their stories of dangerous and daring adventures.
00:29:02>> Flapjack: Wow!
00:29:03And I get to share, too?
00:29:05>> K'nuckles: [ Inhales deeply ] no.
00:29:06[ Audience laughs ] but you can watch as an old pro like captain k'nuckles does it.