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00:00:00 thinking everything's lame is lame!
00:00:03That's what's lame!
00:00:04(Axl) WHATEVER! (door slams) What I just yelled was lame, wasn't it?
00:00:09Well, we're not allowed to yellwhat we really want to.
00:00:16 it's important.
00:00:20(whispers) IMPORTANT.
00:00:24(normal voice) THEY WANT TO TALK TO YOU AND Dad the waterman-ginsberg test?
00:00:30Yeah. why'd I have totake that test anyway?
00:00:34No reason.
00:00:34Then why'dthey only give it mom, throw this.
00:00:40(ball bouncing) THAT WAS JUST THE DAYYOUTOOK It.
00:00:43They give that test to everyone.
00:00:46They don't.
00:00:47Throw it again.
00:00:49Wait. why am I doing this?
00:00:50Tryouts for tennis team are next week. yay!
00:00:53You're trying out for tennis?
00:00:55 coach said that's a long shot, but hedidsay there are openings for ball girl. yay!
00:01:05Andi'mthe one who needs testing.
00:01:13Well, the counselor explained it so well, I'll let her tell it.
00:01:16Brick's teachers referred him for waterman-ginsberg testing because they observed that-- although very bright-- your son struggles socially.
00:01:24In layman's terms, he has a hard ti making friends.
00:01:28We needed some $500 test to tell us that?
00:01:30 mike, let her finish.
00:01:33THANK YOU. (chuckles) THE TEST REVEALED That brick is slightly challenged in his ability to establish appropriate peer connections.
00:01:42I see.
00:01:43He has a hard time making friends.
00:01:48So there you have it.
00:01:50(sighs) (stammers) I-i think what my husband and I are wondering is, why?
00:01:55Whydoes he have a hard time making friends?
00:01:58Oh, who can say why anyone does anything?
00:01:59(laughs) You'resupposed to, for 500 bucks.
00:02:04(sighs) MIKE, LET HER FINISH.
00:02:07Oh, I'm done.
00:02:08LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. (sighs) Brick is the happiest kid I know.
00:02:12 sure, he showers SITTING DOWN. (pen clicks) Maybe he licked the car once or twice.
00:02:19 i-i guess what ..
00:02:23Is there something we should be doing?
00:02:25Well, what do you donow to help him socialize?
00:02:26(pen clicks) I THINK-- (all) SHH!
00:02:40The usual.
00:02:41I'd do a little more than that.
00:02:44.. should we be concerned?
00:02:46I guess what I'd advise is that you be concerned, BUT NOT OVERLY CONCERNED. (sighs) Do what you can and hope for the best.
00:02:56That's it?
00:02:57That's it.
00:02:58Not so bad.
00:02:59Now doesn't it feel good to have a plan?
00:03:03(sighs) So how'd the kid who lights things on fire do?
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00:03:46I thought we weren't adding any sugar.
00:03:49/ okay, nobody use these cranberries over here.
00:03:55[ gasps ] BUZZ!
00:03:56[ giggles ] [ gasps ] HOLD ON I'M COMING!
00:03:59♪ ♪
00:04:01[ Slink ] WATCH HIM! [ giggles ] !
00:04:05Grab a tail!
00:04:06♪ ♪
00:04:07whooooa! ahh, he's a goner.
00:04:09[ Woody ] NOOOO! BUZZZ! [ beeps ] Ahh. my favorite part.
00:04:13[ giggles ] BUZZ?? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
00:04:16With the guys.hey buzz!
00:04:17Hey buddy!zhey buzz!
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00:05:11(sighs) That stupid counselor meeting left us more confused than ever.
00:05:16Why is everyone always trying to convince you something's wrong with your kids?
00:05:19 that is for the block PARTY. (mouth full) I CAN READ. I'M NOT STUPID.
00:05:23(sighs) WE'LL BE THE JUDGE OF WHETHER YOU'RE Stupid or not.
00:05:26 I've seen them draped over the tv.
00:05:29GO PUT 'EM ON. (sighs) Oh, mom, are you going to the booster club thing at school on friday?
00:05:36Well, I will if you want me to.
00:05:40You sound like you do.
00:05:41You know, that meanssomuch to me.
00:05:44(clicks tongue) OH, I MISS YOU!
00:05:46Whoa! chill. gross.
00:05:49Thought we talked about this.
00:05:53 I mean, he used to be so sweet.
00:05:57Remember when he was 6 and he made me that clay giraffe?
00:06:00(clicks tongue) AW.
00:06:01Thank you for being the best mom ever.
00:06:06Should've kept that.
00:06:11THE SMALL ONE. (sighs) I DON'T KNOW.
00:06:13Maybe we didn't do enough for brick.
00:06:15 he's lucky we remember to feed him.
00:06:19(thud) Looking good, sue!
00:06:23She's trying out for ball girl. oh.
00:06:25Oh, I can't help thinking it's my fault.
00:06:27 that's her FAULT--NOT YOURS. (opening can) No. we're on brick now. oh.
00:06:34Hard to keep track, isn't it?
00:06:35(opens can) I JUST FEEL LIKE I'VE SLACKED Off.
00:06:37I used to try to set up playdates for him, but I ran through every boy in the neighborhood.
00:06:42I like juice.
00:06:45You do?
00:06:45Ell, brick likes juice, too, don't you, brick?
00:06:55Your move.
00:07:00(dice clatter) ..
00:07:04Good fun, huh, boys?
00:07:07I like juice, too.
00:07:10(sighs) ..
00:07:15(sighs) (whispers) BRICK, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
00:07:20You have a friend over.
00:07:21 that kid is weird.
00:07:26(whispers) WEIRD.
00:07:27(sighs) Look, if you want, I can help brick make friends.
00:07:31 don't say it.
00:07:34Sports! there, I said it.
00:07:36 this is brick we're talking about.
00:07:39 of course he's gonna suck, but it's still the best way for a boy to make friends.
00:07:43 what sport you like?
00:07:47I like basketball.
00:07:49See? he likes basketball.
00:07:50 or get him beat up.
00:07:54By his friends.
00:07:56Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to brick's first game because it was the same day as booster club.
00:08:01I knew how important it was to axl for me to be there, and that made it important to me.
00:08:06I had to suck up every scrap of affection from him I could get.
00:08:10Oh, yay, you're here!
00:08:12(chuckles) BARELY. MY BOSS THINKS I'M ON A doughnut run.
00:08:15Remind me to steal some doughnuts oh, you can't, though.
00:08:18The boys want to thank us for raising the money for their new jerseys. it's a whole thing.
00:08:22(gasps) IT'S ATHING?
00:08:24Oh, that's why axl wanted me to come.
00:08:27Um, isn't this axl heck's locker?
00:08:30(sighs) THAT ONE. (locker slams) (sighs) (marker squeaking) (school bell rings) (blows whistle) COME ON, GUYS! COME ON!
00:08:49Okay, now get out there, play some ball and make some friends! hustle!
00:08:53Dad, why are you yelling?
00:08:56Because that's the way we talk in sports.
00:08:56Go get 'em!
00:08:58Okay, dad!
00:09:00(whistle blows) (applause) All right! good start!
00:09:11It says "spalding," brick.
00:09:13Don't read the ball!
00:09:19(mouthing words) We're okay, dad!
00:09:34What? what are you doing?
00:09:36Can you take me to a book signing this weekend?
00:09:39My favorite writer is going to be there.
00:09:41 just get back out there.
00:09:44GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS. (man) Come on!
00:09:48Ketchup packets?
00:09:50They're my security condiments.
00:09:51 you're playing a basketball game.
00:09:54 give me those things.
00:09:58Come on. get back in the game.
00:10:01And make a friend, would ya?
00:10:03So, uh, the guys just wanted to do something nice for you.
00:10:06Especially sinceyou raised the money to getus these killer new jerseys, right?
00:10:12(boys cheering and laughing) ..
00:10:19Mom, I want you to have my old jersey.
00:10:23(women) AW! THANK YOU!
00:10:26Yeah, mom, you rock!
00:10:27(laughter) Hey.
00:10:33I'd like to give my jersey to a special lady who might not know just how special she is.
00:10:40There it was.
00:10:42I complain it's hard to get out of work for the boosting and all, but it's these little moments that make it all worthwhile.
00:10:51(boy laughs) SOPHIE, I THINK YOU'RE REALLY Hot.
00:10:55(boys) OHH!
00:10:57(boys cheering) (boy) WHOO! (boy) YEAH!
00:11:01Keep smiling.
00:11:03You can cry in the car.
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00:14:59okay, so axl didn't give me his jersey.
00:15:02IT WAS NO BIG DEAL. (women laugh) (camera shutter clicks) where's the $500 test to tell me how I ended up with a clueless bonehead who doesn't even know how to thank his mother?
00:15:11(door opens and closes) .. how'd it go?
00:15:19 it was a little loud, but I got some reading done.
00:15:21 you said you liked basketball.
00:15:24 I like all words with three syllables-- ..
00:15:33This is fun.
00:15:34I'm gonna go put on my pajamas and make a list.
00:15:42That's it. I'm out.
00:15:43What--what--what do you mean, you're out?
00:15:45It was a disaster.
00:15:51(sighs) DAMN IT. I WAS HOPING IT WAS GONNA Be like the u2 video where the odd kid who sat on the bench the whole time makes the basket and saves the game and everybody loves him. yeah, it wasn't like that.
00:16:02(sighs) SO WHAT DO WE DO NOW?
00:16:04 I'm gonna work on something I can understand-- the lawnmower.
00:16:09You don't get to be out. I'm out.
00:16:11You don't get to be out!
00:16:13(door opens and slams) He was out-- out hiding in the garage while I spent the week avoiding my other son .. until...
00:16:24Sue, what happened to your face?
00:16:26(yawns) SHE WAS BORN THAT WAY.
00:16:30(TV playing indistinctly) I didn't make ball girl.
00:16:34Oh, I'm sorry, honey.
00:16:37I got hit in the face with a racket.
00:16:43No, not her. me.
00:16:44Stupid for giving my jersey to sophie.
00:16:47Oh, really? what do you mean?
00:16:51She doesn't like me.
00:16:54Oh, that's terrible.
00:16:55Oh, that's awesome! here was my opening.
00:16:58I was gonna get that jersey, and I was gonna get axl to give it to me. so what happened?
00:17:02I got hit when I ran out onto the court to get the ball, but the point was still going on. oh, honey.
00:17:07 did ya, you know, get it back? no.
00:17:11After the guy hit me with his racket, he smashed into me oh, honey, that's horrible.
00:17:17Don't you think you should ask her to give it back?
00:17:21You know, for closure?
00:17:22 and after he knocked me into the net, my braces got stuck in the strings.
00:17:27The nurses had to cut me out with nail scissors.
00:17:30 gosh, it sounds like it just wasn't meant to be.
00:17:34 I think you might want to get it back.
00:17:37It's your jersey, and it's very valuable.
00:17:40There could be someone out there who wants it very badly.
00:17:48You think I could sell it?
00:17:51(sighs) I'M OUT.
00:18:06grand possible.
00:18:07[ horn honks ] Get me to the airport, and don't step on it.
00:18:12♪ ♪
00:18:14congress and main, and I'm not in a hurry.
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00:21:50Turns out, mike didn't understand the lawnmower any more than he understood brick.
00:21:54What are you doing?
00:21:56I'm lookinfor the manual so I can put this damn thing back together again. can I help?
00:22:01 why don't you just go back to bed?
00:22:05 but your brake pad is in the wrong place.
00:22:08Mm, how you know that? I read the manual.
00:22:11It goes on the jackshaft pulley.
00:22:13Pull the brake pad away from the jackshaft pulley see diagram "b" on page 32.
00:22:19It had a smooshed bug on it.
00:22:21 I remember everything I read.
00:22:25Do you need to fix the margarita maker?
00:22:27I read the manual for that, too.
00:22:30NO. (chuckles) NO, LET'S JUST WORK ON THIS.
00:22:35The block party was finally here, and my worries were melting away.
00:22:40I don't know if it was 'e mike and brick fixed the lamower together, or mike and brick fixed the margarita maker.
00:22:48Who am I kidding? I knew.
00:22:50I wasn't sure I was nna get the whole thing back together, ..
00:22:55Brick, tell 'em the first line on page 26.
00:22:57"To adjust shift levers, stop engine and disconnect " (whispers) SHIFTER YOKE.
00:23:04(chuckles) HOW ABOUT THAT, HUH?
00:23:05What's the last line on page 50?
00:23:08"Attach the cotter pin and brake spring to the locknut " brick was actually having a conversation with the harrison boy and--dare I say it-- making a friend.
00:23:21What's on page-- okay, I'm done talking to you now.
00:23:26Baby steps.
00:23:28(women laughing) Look at 'em over there--all shrouded in their sons' love.
00:23:34(laughter continues) Here's the thing, sophie.
00:23:46We both know you don't care about that jersey, and there's no hard feelings.
00:23:52(laughs) I CAN'T DO THAT.
00:23:54 I was a cheerleader once.
00:23:57I had spirit,yes,i did.
00:23:59And now I'm just a cranky, tired mom with nothing to lose.
00:24:04I already gave it back to axl.
00:24:06He said he wanted to give it to someone else.
00:24:09OH. (laughs) Well, then. never mind.
00:24:12It wassonice to have met you.
00:24:18You're gonna mow my yard. you're gonna mowmyyard.
00:24:21You're gonna mow my yard. you're gonna mowmyyard.
00:24:25In orson, indiana, that's some serious trash-talking.
00:24:28Gentlemen, start your mowers!
00:24:32(cheers and applause) (engines revving) Whoo!
00:24:47(cheers and applause continue) Hear you got your jersey back. uh-huh.
00:24:53I al heard you want to give it to somebody else.
00:24:57Uh, yeah.
00:25:00I already gave it to her.
00:25:02What?her?you gave it to another girl?
00:25:06Yeah, whatever.
00:25:12I keep telling myself that you're still that same kid who gave me that clay giraffe, but I don't think that boy's in there anymore.
00:25:22Do you have any idea how much I do for you?
00:25:25And when you get the chance to give me a little shout-out, you embarrass me instead, and that-- oh, that, mister, is whatithink is lame.
00:25:36Did I miss much of the race?
00:25:41What are you doing with that?
00:25:46Yeah, he said he felt bad about me not making ball girl.
00:25:53Aw! oh!
00:25:55This is why I didn't tell you!
00:25:58 hewasthe same sweet kid who had given me the clay giraffe.
00:26:03He was currently hiding in the shell of a hideous teenager, but there was a glimmer he'd be back. mom!
00:26:10Oh! I love you, too, honey. mwah!
00:26:14Can I have a wine cooler? no.
00:26:18(cheering) This block party was shaping up to be the best one ever-- even better than the one where the kids were out of town.
00:26:26Looked like mike was finally gonna beat jack ..