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00:00:58Put the rifle down, too.
00:01:00I'll be needing this for squirrels and such.
00:01:02Put it down.
00:01:09You're kind of young, ain't you, kid, to be riding with this rabble?
00:01:14Who you calling rabble, you blue scum belly.
00:01:19Hell, we showed these boys anyway.
00:01:22Lee might've had to surrender, but we didn't, did we?
00:01:25Shut up, kid.
00:01:27Yes, sir. you showed us.
00:01:28Now, get in line before I kick you so hard you'll be wearing your ass for a hat.
00:01:45Here's the man you asked for, sir.
00:01:47Ah, fletcher, good to see you!
00:01:50Well done.
00:01:52Thank you.
00:01:56What the hell is this redleg doing here?
00:02:00You said regular federal authorities would be handling this.
00:02:06Captain terrill is the regular federal authority now.
00:02:09Captain terrill is a bloodthirsty son of a bitch.
00:02:12He is a looter and a pillager.
00:02:15He's the worst enemy those men have got!
00:02:20War's over.
00:02:22Our side won the war.
00:02:25Now we must busy ourselves winning the peace.
00:02:28Fletcher, there's an old saying-- to the victors belong the spoils.
00:02:40There's another old saying, senator.
00:02:42Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.
00:02:47Which side is this man on, senator?
00:02:49 he brought them all in, didn't he?
00:02:52All but one.
00:02:53Who's that?
00:02:55Josey wales.
00:03:00Josey wales.
00:03:07Captain terrill, I want you to currycomb the countryside.
00:03:12You beat the brush and root out everything disloyal from a shanghai rooster to a durham cow.
00:03:18Now, we've got to clean up this country.
00:03:23Now, you take five men and go up there and get josey wales.
00:03:27[Fletcher chuckles] captain "redlegs" terrill and five men against josey wales, eh?
00:03:36We stopped those bushwhackers pretty good during the war.
00:03:41Fletcher, you go with captain terrill then.
00:03:45Bring in this damn insurrectionist rebel.
00:03:49Now, here.
00:03:50Here's the money for bringing down the others.
00:03:53And there'll be more for josey wales.
00:04:02I've had enough of your money, senator.
00:04:06Let wales be.
00:04:08Let me be.
00:04:10I'm finished with you.
00:04:22All right, I want you men to raise your right hands.
00:04:29What for?
00:04:31So as you can pledge loyalty to the union.
00:04:34Hell. pledge loyalty to the union?
00:04:38You ought to have us turn around and bend over.
00:04:41Ha ha!
00:04:42Raise your right hands so I can take your oath.
00:04:48"I pledge "that I will be loyal " Men: I pledge that I will be loyal to the united states of america.
00:04:59.." let's see.
00:05:03"I will abide by its law, " that I will abide by its law, that I will never bear arms against it.
00:05:15" and recognize that it is one nation.
00:05:25I ain't doing it.
00:05:25 let's get this over with, damn it.
00:05:29I've been thinking.
00:05:31I think it's them who owe us an apology.
00:05:35"And I further swear .." and I further swear-- look! that's josey.
00:05:47" whoa!
00:06:24Damn you, senator.
00:06:26You promised me those men would be decently treated.
00:06:29They were decently treated.
00:06:32They were decently fed, and then they were decently shot.
00:06:37These men are common outlaws, nothing more.
00:07:41Run for it, fletcher! it's a trap!
00:08:00Josey, we best be on our way.
00:08:04Get moving, boy!
00:08:04 we got to take to that brush!
00:08:08You get going!
00:08:09You can't get them all, josey.
00:08:10That's a fact.
00:08:11How come you're doing this then?
00:08:14'Cause I've got nothing better to do.
00:08:16Fletcher was in with them. it was a trap!
00:08:22Never would've figured that.
00:08:30You dumb kid.
00:08:33Josey, I got to tell you something.
00:08:37I'm scared of dying, josey!
00:08:39Move out!
00:09:12You're going after him, after all.
00:09:15Fletcher, I'm giving you a commission.
00:09:18Hound this wales to kingdom come.
00:09:23Hound him, senator?
00:09:26A man like wales lives by the feud.
00:09:30Because of what you did here today, I've got to kill that man.
00:09:33Well, he'll have to run for it now.
00:09:37And hell is where he's headed.
00:09:41He'll be waiting there for us, senator.
00:13:20My nose and right around here.
00:13:23(announcer)WANT TO GIVE AFRIN A TRY?
00:13:28It cleared up right away.
00:13:30I can breathe.
00:13:31(announcer) SO WHERE WOULD YOU RATE IT?
00:13:33(announcer)AFRIN. WHY SUFFER?
00:13:51Don't hold back account of me. I can ride.
00:13:53I ain't holding back account of you, you thick-headed grasshopper.
00:13:57First place, if we ride out in the open, there's enough posses over south missouri to start another war.
00:14:04And if we try riding instead of thinking, well, end up hanging by a rope by nightfall.
00:14:12Where we headed?
00:14:13Indian nations.
00:14:14It's a good place to hole up and get you healed up.
00:14:18Then we go back, get fletcher?
00:14:22Right, boy.
00:14:24Then we go back and get fletcher.
00:14:37Some riders coming up behind us.
00:15:13Get down here, boy.
00:15:15Lay across his neck.
00:15:17Keep him down.
00:15:33You hear me, boy?
00:15:36Now, if you see me get up, you stay there, understand?
00:15:40If you hear some shooting and me headed back north, you get back on that horse.
00:15:44He'll get right up with you.
00:15:45And you head south now, now, you hear?
00:16:03All right. you can let him up now, boy.
00:16:08Let him up.
00:16:10Get up, goddamn it.
00:16:15Whupped 'em again, didn't we, josey?
00:16:21Whupped 'em again, boy.
00:16:29[Neighs] 10 years I been ferrying kansas redlegs, union cavalry, missouri guerrillas.
00:16:42You name it-- mad dogs, them guerrillas.
00:16:48They kill you!
00:16:50Sound like hard men to do business with.
00:16:53You bet.
00:16:55In my line of work, you got to be able either to sing the battle hymn of the republic ..
00:17:03Depending upon present company.
00:17:06Can't say as I blame you for that.
00:17:09Only good business to play it safe.
00:17:12Yeah, well, thank god they all been disarmed now, except for a few of the nastiest ones who they're busy running down.
00:17:21Well, where I'm going, they know how to handle that kind.
00:17:25Where you headed?
00:17:26I'm going to ply my wares down in texas.
00:17:30Texas, huh?
00:17:33How much for the ferry ride?
00:17:3610 Cent.
00:17:38By coincidence, I happen to have a bottle of this remarkable elixir I could let you have for that exact amount.
00:17:44♪♪ I wish I was in the land of the cotton ♪♪
00:17:47♪♪ old times there is not forgotten ♪♪
00:17:50♪♪ look away, look away ♪♪
00:17:53♪♪ look away, dixie land ♪♪
00:17:58Howdy there.
00:17:59Sim carstairs is the name.
00:18:03Figured we might give you a bit of ferrying business.
00:18:06Oh, pleasure.
00:18:09You know, bill quantrill used this ferry all the time.
00:18:14Good friend of mine.
00:18:16What do you got over there?
00:18:18Oh, just the store with granny hawkins up there.
00:18:23I'll tell you what.
00:18:25We'll just all amble over to that store.
00:18:28We'll ride. he has the cramp.
00:18:31Stranger, you're in luck.
00:18:32I happen to have the perfect thing for cramp.
00:18:37We'll need a half a side of bacon, 10 pounds of beef jerky, 20 pounds of horse grain.
00:18:44And when we get over there, there won't be any need for you to go inside.
00:18:48You can just talk through the door to old granny and tell her we'll need a lot of clean bandages ..
00:18:54In a hurry.
00:18:55Come on.
00:19:11So you'll be josey wales.
00:19:15How might you know that, granny?
00:19:18Soldiers were here looking for you about two hours ago.
00:19:22I was going to mention that as soon as I got the chance.
00:19:25They say you killed your own men.
00:19:28Those lying blue scum bellies.
00:19:29Granny: They say you're a hard put and desperate man, josey wales.
00:19:34They're going to heel and hide you to a barn door.
00:19:38You know what I say?
00:19:41What's that?
00:19:41I say that big talk's worth doodley-squat.
00:19:44Now, them poultices be laced with feather moss and mustard root.
00:19:49Mind you drop water on them occasional and keep them damp.
00:19:54Much obliged, granny.
00:19:54You can pay me when you see me again, josey wales.
00:20:02I reckon so.
00:20:05♪♪ There's buckwheat cakes and injun batter ♪♪
00:20:09♪♪ makes you fat or a little fatter ♪♪
00:20:11♪♪ look away, look away ♪♪
00:20:14♪♪ look away, dixie land ♪♪
00:20:18that-- that sure is a sweet sound to the ears.
00:20:22Now, wouldn't you say so, mr. wales?
00:20:25Your young friend could use some help.
00:20:27This is it. $1.00 a bottle.
00:20:29It works wonders on wounds.
00:20:31Works wonders on just about everything, huh?
00:20:34It can do most anything.
00:20:38How is it with stains?
00:20:54There we go.
00:20:56Come on.
00:21:11Disembark, gentlemen.
00:21:14Soldier: Bring that boat back!
00:21:16Bring it back!
00:21:18[Gunshot] bring that barge back!
00:21:21[Gunshot] bring it back!
00:21:23Whupped 'em again, josey.
00:21:25Ooh, hey--hey, they're hollering for me to come over.
00:21:28I can't hold on.
00:21:30[Gunshot] but I'll hold on until you fellas get out of sight.
00:21:35All right?
00:21:36I'll make do something's wrong.
00:21:39Pull, lemuel, pull.
00:21:40I'll make do something's wrong until you get going.
00:21:45I wish you all lots of luck!
00:21:48Pull, lemuel, pull.
00:21:55he ain't going to hold up no ferry.
00:21:57He'll bring that cavalry over fast as he can.
00:22:02Reckon there's a nice reward out for us about now.
00:22:08♪♪ Mine eyes have seen the glory ♪♪
00:22:10♪♪ of the coming of the lord ♪♪
00:22:12.. ♪♪
00:22:17we've got him now.
00:22:18We'll get these two first, then we'll get the others.
00:22:22What others?
00:22:23Wales and the kid are the last ones.
00:22:27Texas is full of rebels.
00:22:29Lots of work to do down in texas.
00:22:31We get josey wales, and it ends.
00:22:35Doing right ain't got no end.
00:22:38[Granny laughs] we best hurry on, josey.
00:22:46They'd catch up to us by the end of the day.
00:22:5240, 50 Horses ahead of us.
00:22:55What we've got to do is space some time between them and us.
00:23:00Well, what are we going to do?
00:23:03Stay right here.
00:23:06.. ♪♪
00:23:09Welcome, gentlemen.
00:23:11Come aboard.
00:27:25Yeah, pull, lemuel.
00:27:27He's still there.
00:27:28Still there?
00:27:29What in hell's he think he's doing?
00:27:32Don't know.
00:27:34Some of you men get down there and prepare to fire.
00:27:41I advise you to turn back.
00:27:43You can catch him later.
00:27:45Turn back?
00:27:47Are you crazy?
00:27:47He's gonna try to pick us off one by one.
00:27:51He'll never do it.
00:27:52At best, he'll get two or three up front.
00:27:57I advise you to turn back, captain.
00:28:00They comin'.
00:28:27Do you really think you can shoot all those men down before they shoot you?
00:28:32Oh, no, no, mr. josey wales.
00:28:36There is such a thing in this country called justice.
00:28:42 carpetbagger, ..
00:28:50Called a missouri boat ride.
00:28:57Watch out for that horse!
00:28:59Get that horse out there!
00:29:02Fletcher, back it up!
00:29:04Back it up!
00:29:13Ha ha ha!
00:29:15God almighty!
00:29:20Watch out for that horse!
00:29:23Watch out!
00:29:24Watch out!
00:29:49Is it bad, josey?
00:29:51It's bad.
00:29:53Don't look at it, boy.
00:29:56Just think.
00:29:56Think a good feeling now.
00:30:02If'n I don't make it, josey, ..
00:30:06I'm prouder than a game rooster to have rid with you.
00:30:10You are a game rooster, boy.
00:30:12Now, shut up.
00:30:13You can make it without me, josey.
00:30:18Take a little drink of this.
00:30:34This here linsey-woolsey shirt I got ..
00:30:38We didn't have no ma, did all the fancy needlework for me.
00:30:48Told me not to tell no one.
00:30:53Imagine a grown man doing that for his own kid?
00:30:59He sang a little song while he sewed it.
00:31:03You--you know rose of alabama,josey?
00:31:09♪♪ The river rolled ♪♪
00:31:09♪♪ the cricket sang, the lightning bug ♪♪
00:31:13♪♪ he flashed his wing ♪♪
00:31:15♪♪ and like a rope ♪♪
00:31:16♪♪ my arms I fling 'round rose of alabama ♪♪
00:31:22♪♪ oh, brown rosie ♪♪
00:31:24♪♪ rose of alabama ♪♪
00:31:27♪♪ a sweet tobacco posey ♪♪
00:31:29♪♪ is the rose of alabamie ♪♪
00:31:33you just do that, cousin.
00:31:34You bring that old pistol right out.
00:31:37We got him, ladge.
00:31:40It's him, abe! it's him!
00:31:42We got the josey wales, abe.
00:31:43I seen him ride side-by-side with bloody bill, abe.
00:31:48We got reward money comin'.
00:31:50Watch it, abe.
00:31:51He's meaner than a rattler and twice as fast with them pistols.
00:31:54You're a bushawag, ain't you, josey wales?
00:31:58I tell you what.
00:31:59Move on back. move on back.
00:32:02Watch him, abe.
00:32:03I seen him do some things.
00:32:04Shut up, ladge.
00:32:12.. mr. josey wales, I'd just as soon as shoot you now, except it'd be harder to drag your body through the brush to get our pound price.
00:32:22Shoot him now, abe.
00:32:23Shut up, ladge.
00:32:29And unbuckle that pistol belt.
00:32:31Make it nice and slow so I can count the hairs on that hand.
00:32:59See, ladge?
00:33:02You pull his teeth, he's harmless as a heel hound.
00:33:09Always wanted to face out one of these big pistol fighters they raise all the fuss about.
00:33:14All in the way you handle them.
00:33:16Abe, watch out.
00:33:18He's probably got another pistol-- shut up, ladge.
00:33:21.. on a horse.
00:33:25Benny, come up!
00:33:27We got us the josey wales!
00:33:29♪♪ Oh, brown rosie, the rose of alabamie ♪♪
00:33:35who is that?
00:33:36.. ♪♪
00:33:38just a boy with a fever.
00:33:40♪♪ The rose of alabamie ♪♪
00:33:41tell him to shut up.
00:33:42♪♪ Sweet tobacco posey-- ♪♪
00:33:47Pa? is that you, pa?
00:33:50It ain't your pa!
00:33:52Now, shut up!
00:33:54Pa, I got the gold right here, pa.
00:33:59What gold is he talking about?
00:34:02There's no gold. he's crazy.
00:34:03The gold me and josey robbed from the bank, pa.
00:34:08Ladge, take a look under that there blanket.
00:34:14I got it right here.
00:34:35Thought you could use some help.
00:34:38You get those holes a-leakin', I'm going to whomp you with a knotted plow line.
00:34:43They ain't, honest.
00:34:45I feel as pert as a ruttin' buck.
00:34:50'Cause I ain't hauling you all over hell's creation dribbling blood over half of missouri.
00:34:59Pretty sure we have time to bury them fellas.
00:35:02The hell with them fellas.
00:35:08Same as worms.
00:38:10With my Subaru Foresterand its all-wheel drive...
00:38:15... handling eventhe toughest conditions...
00:38:19is just another dayat the beach.
00:39:31A real frog strangler.
00:39:3510, 20 More miles before we'll be safe in the nations.
00:39:48There's cavalry between us and the nations.
00:39:51We're going to have to wait till they bed down, then walk through quiet.
00:39:56Here. have some beef jerky.
00:39:59Don't swallow nothing but the juice.
00:40:00I'm going to go have a look-see.
00:40:03Feel all right?
00:40:04I feel real good, josey.
00:40:06We got 'em whupped.
00:40:08[Coughs] josey, I want to thank you.
00:40:13For what?
00:40:14Saving my life.
00:40:16Forget about that.
00:40:18You know something, josey?
00:40:22I ain't scared no more.
00:40:30All right.
00:40:58We can start working our way through now, boy.
00:41:01The rain's giving us a-- ..
00:41:31Time of blood and dyin', and never questioned a bit of it.
00:41:34Never turned his back on his folks or his kind.
00:41:39I rode with him.
00:41:42I got no complaints.
00:41:46Better burial than I can, boy.
00:41:59What's going on?
00:43:39Name's josey wales.
00:43:42I've heard of that name.
00:43:45Some said you'd be headed this way, and they said a man could get rich on reward money if he would kill you.
00:43:55Seems like you was lookin' to gain some money here.
00:44:00Actually, I was looking to gain an edge.
00:44:04I thought you might be someone who'd sneak up behind me with a gun.
00:44:08Where'd you ever get an idea like that?
00:44:11Besides, it ain't supposed to be easy to sneak up behind an indian.
00:44:16I'm an indian, all right, but here in the nation, they call us the civilized tribe.
00:44:24They call us civilized because we're easy to sneak up on.
00:44:29White men have been sneaking up on us for years.
00:44:35Cherokee, huh?
00:44:39They sneaked up on us, and they told us we wouldn't be happy here.
00:44:44They said we'd be happier in the nations.
00:44:52And sent us here.
00:44:59And two sons, but they all died on the trail of tears.
00:45:07And now, ..
00:45:21Seems like we can't trust the white man.
00:45:24You bet we can't.
00:45:29.. frock coat in washington, before the war.
00:45:37We wore them because we belonged to the five civilized tribes.
00:45:44We dressed ourself up like abraham lincoln.
00:45:51You know, we got to see the secretary of the interior.
00:46:00" he congratulated us, and he gave us medals for looking so civilized.
00:46:11We told him about how our land had been stolen and our people were dying.
00:46:19When we finished, he shook our hands and said, " they stood us in a line-- JOHN JUMPER, chili McIntosh, buffalo hump, and, uh, jim pockmark, and me.
00:46:39I'm lone watie.
00:46:41They took our pictures, and the newspaper said, " we thought about it for a long time.
00:46:55Endeavor to persevere.
00:46:57And when we had thought about it long enough, we declared war on the union.
00:47:05[Snoring] @[email protected]@úúú sergeant said this kid tried to ride through their camp.
00:51:22They got him.
00:51:24They did, did they?
00:51:27They've had men on guard here night and day.
00:51:30No way wales could've gotten through to the nations.
00:51:38Where the hell are you going, fletcher?
00:51:40I'm heading into the indian nations.
00:51:42Why don't you stay here, redlegs?
00:51:45Wales may be back in a year or two.
00:51:51When we get to the nations, I want you men to fan out.
00:51:55$5,000 To the one who gets him.
00:52:17A horned toad can tell you which way to go.
00:52:20I used to know these things when I was young.
00:52:25But when I got civilized, I forgot all these things.
00:52:29I didn't know which way to go.
00:52:31The horned toad says we should go to mexico.
00:52:46You can take your horned toad down mexico way.
00:52:50I've got some unfinished business in missouri.
00:52:53I heard, uh, general joe shelby and some men refused to surrender.
00:52:59They're going down to mexico.
00:53:01I think I'll join them.
00:53:04Shelby, huh?
00:53:05I didn't know others hadn't surrendered.
00:53:07I didn't surrender neither, but, uh, they took my horse and made him surrender.
00:53:13They have him pulling a wagon up in kansas, I'll bet.
00:53:20If you haven't got a horse, what are you planning on doing, walking to mexico?
00:53:24 there's a trading post right near the creek nation.
00:53:28They got horses to trade.
00:53:31You have any food here?
00:53:34All I have is a piece of hard rock candy.
00:53:39But it's not for eating.
00:53:41It's just for looking through.
00:53:47All righty.
00:53:52I'll get you a horse.
00:54:18Well, what the hell you got there?
00:54:21Muskrat? what the hell's that?
00:54:26No. no, sir.
00:54:27You've got to come up with something more.
00:54:31Beaver ain't no good no more.
00:54:35And 30 beaver pelts, I'll give you red cloth.
00:54:40That's a very good bargain for you.
00:54:48You go have a drink and think about it.
00:55:01[Whinny] you bring some drink inside, you hear?
00:55:22I tell ya, this jerky-- put it on our bill.
00:55:26What about these cougar pelts?
00:55:29Going to put them on our bill, too?
00:55:33[Spits drink] this is what you give those indians.
00:55:39Where's the real stuff?
00:55:56What'll you take for the squaw?
00:55:59She ain't for sale.
00:56:03I mean, she ain't mine.
00:56:05She works here.
00:56:11See that nose scar?
00:56:14Know what that means to a cheyenne?
00:56:17One too many bucks.
00:56:19Little squaw likes her bucks, huh?
00:56:21Zuckie, you put her on the bill, too.
00:56:56I'll be looking for a horse.
00:57:00A horse?
00:57:01Uh, the horses belong to these gentlemen.
00:57:07I'm sure they'd sell you one.
00:57:17Uh, look, I got some beer.
00:57:19Some good-brewed chock.
00:57:23It's on the house.
00:57:41Do you suppose these gentlemen will be available to discuss business afore long?
00:57:52Now give me a bucket of that chock.
00:58:04I got him!
00:58:05I got me josey wales.
00:58:09Luke, 5,000 gold simoleons walked right in.
00:58:15Right to us.
00:58:16Zuckie: Wait a minute.
00:58:17He's in my place.
00:58:19I recognized him, too, and I'm due an even split.
00:58:26Mr. chain-blue lightnin' hisself.
00:58:32The one that everyone's so scared about.
00:58:36 lightnin', move a muscle, twitch your finger, and I'll splatter your guts all over the wall.
00:58:46 lightnin', when I say move, you move real slow, like molasses in wintertime.
00:58:55All right, drop that hammer.
00:58:57Now, just ease your hands down, ..
00:59:04So you don't get hold of them.
00:59:08Do you understand?
00:59:11Nod, damn you.
00:59:19Ease them pistols out.
00:59:36[Gunshots] ..
00:59:56You say those horses belong to them there pilgrims, huh?
01:04:37I'm getting better sneaking up on you like this.
01:04:41Only an indian can do something like this.
01:04:46That's what I figured.
01:04:48You figured?
01:04:50Only an indian could do something like that.
01:04:53[Gun cocks] it's not right, this damn woman doing something like this to me.
01:05:12I used to have power.
01:05:14Now old age is creeping up on me.
01:05:18I think it's more like old habits than old age.
01:05:24Who the hell's this woman?
01:05:26She was back at the trading post, got in some kind of trouble.
01:05:30She's not going to mexico with us.
01:05:34With us? now, wait a minute.
01:05:35I got you a horse. you're on your own now.
01:05:38I've seen a lot today.
01:05:40I've seen patrols of soldiers all day.
01:05:45Everybody's looking for you.
01:05:49She's not going with us.
01:05:51[Speaking navajo] she says she's navajo, but she was captured by the cheyenne.
01:06:11She was violated by one of the bucks of the arapahos.
01:06:15Their sign is the dirty nose sign.
01:06:18Cheyenne chief black cattle, he figures she did not resist enough.
01:06:24[Speaking navajo] old man, can't you get her to shut up?
01:06:42[Speaking navajo] [speaking navajo] anyway, she says when she come to that trading post, she didn't know this man zukie limmer was selling liquor.
01:07:10She also wants you to know that although he beat her a lot, nothing happened between them.
01:07:19And she says you are a great warrior and that she sort of belongs to you for what you done for her.
01:07:29Look, you tell her I don't want nobody belonging to me.
01:07:35That meal was damn good.
01:07:37I'm going to take up tepee living if it's like this.
01:07:42You know, she thinks I'm some kind of a cherokee chief.
01:07:47I wonder where she ever got that idea.
01:08:05Oh, chief, I was just wondering, I suppose that mangy redbone hound got no place else to go, either.
01:08:17Well, you might as well ride along with us.
01:08:20Hell, everybody else is.
01:08:27[Growling] yahoo!
01:08:49Whoo whoo whoo!
01:09:13Buy some indian scalps?
01:10:22Nasty habit, young fella.
01:10:24You born in a barn?
01:10:25Photographer: Hold it-- real still.
01:10:40The wheat is from kansas, and the molasses comes from missouri.
01:10:43Well, sir, we'll do without molasses.
01:10:45Anything from missouri has a taint about it.
01:10:48Grandma, you got to tread lightly here in texas.
01:10:51Lots of nice elements from missouri coming west.
01:10:54Never heard of nice things from missouri coming west, and treading lightly isn't my way.
01:10:58We're from kansas, jayhawkers and proud of it.
01:11:01Shopkeeper: I'm a hoosier myself.
01:11:04Personally, I don't think much of hoosiers, neither.
01:11:19Yes, friends, yes.
01:11:20This is a positive remedy for weariness, turgidity of the bowels, and, uh-- ..
01:11:29Say, you're an indian, aren't you?
01:11:33[Laughing] uh, you speak any english?
01:11:37Well, sir, this is the very best thing for those who can't handle their liquor.
01:11:43[Laughing] what's in it?
01:11:50I--i don't know. various things.
01:11:52I'm only the salesman.
01:11:56You drink it.
01:11:57What's that?
01:12:00You drink it.
01:12:09What can you expect from a nonbeliever?
01:12:12That old lady don't know what kind of trouble she can get in talking like that.
01:12:16Too many folks around here with thin skin.
01:12:19Lots of southern boys been getting into trouble here in texas.
01:12:22Colonel baker and captain bob lee been fighting over in fannin county.
01:12:27Bill longly, reed taylor, and all them other taylors down in gonzalez.
01:12:32Killed sim fixen over in cotton gin.
01:12:36Weighted him down with lead.
01:12:38I got a picture post card of it.
01:12:42Here. have a look.
01:12:46Josey wales.
01:12:52What say?
01:12:53Josey wales--they say he's coming into texas.
01:12:56Won't come through here, though.
01:12:58Killed 50, 60 men.
01:12:59Regulators are all over the place looking for him.
01:13:04How much for all this stuff?
01:13:08I'm sure those regulators would pay plenty to the man who could identify josey wales.
01:13:15Reckon so.
01:13:27And how about you, sir?
01:13:28Just a few bottles left.
01:13:40Oh, my god.
01:13:41It's josey wales!
01:13:43Josey wales?
01:14:13Are you going to pull those pistols or whistledixie?
01:14:23[Gunshots] I told you to stay inside!
01:15:13Drunk indian squaw!
01:15:19Let's go!
01:19:57Welcome to texas, mr. lone watie.
01:20:00I guess we ain't going to see that little navajo girl again.
01:20:06I guess not.
01:20:08I kind of liked her, but then, it's always like that.
01:20:12Like what?
01:20:13After I get to liking someone, they ain't around long.
01:20:17I noticed when you get to disliking someone, they ain't around for long, neither.
01:20:25How did you know which one was going to shoot first?
01:20:29Well, that one in the center, he had a flap holster and he was in no itching hurry.
01:20:35The one second from the left, he had scared eyes.
01:20:38He wasn't gonna do nothing.
01:20:39But that one on the far left, he had crazy eyes.
01:20:43Figured him to make the first move.
01:20:45How about the one on the right?
01:20:52Never paid him no mind.
01:20:54You were there.
01:21:01I could have missed.
01:21:02Yes, sir, it was josey wales, all right.
01:21:05Saw him heading north out of town with a renegade injun.
01:21:09I can identify him, and I'd certainly be glad to share in any reward.
01:21:16Knew him quite well, actually.
01:21:22Well, not a hard man to track.
01:21:25Leaves dead men wherever he goes.
01:21:28He's heading north now.
01:21:30Riding with a renegade indian.
01:21:34He's heading north now, but he'll turn southwest, head for mexico.
01:21:38Then we'll turn southwest and head for mexico.
01:21:41Tell them to head north.
01:21:44What are you talking about?
01:21:55Bounty hunters.
01:21:57Come out of a war, got no other way to make a living.
01:22:01Every last mother's son of them wants that money you got on wales' head.
01:22:06You and me didn't ride all that way for that.
01:22:10I don't want to hear wales dead.
01:22:14I want to see wales dead.
01:22:21We're heading north, men.
01:22:23Let's ride.
01:22:46They're following us.
01:22:50Couple of horses.
01:22:52Far off. moving fast.
01:22:55I don't hear nothing.
01:22:58Got to be an indian to know those things.
01:23:05All right, let's take them out in the sand.
01:24:20Glad you stopped me when you did.
01:24:23I might have killer her.
01:24:24Oh, I noticed that.
01:24:32She got some supplies and--and our horses and followed us around.
01:24:39She said that we was the only kin she had.
01:24:43Yeah, I'll bet we are at that.
01:24:46You know, every man that I ever knew who was good with a gun and lived always had an edge.
01:24:54Some of them would like to have the sun behind their back.
01:25:00That's always a good idea.
01:25:03Yeah. sure pays to have an edge.
01:25:13All kind of edges.
01:25:24[Dog whines] howdy.
01:25:58Is there something wrong?
01:26:01I guess you were right.
01:26:03I ain't that old after all.
01:26:23[Dog barking] Lone Watie: Not many men west of here.
01:26:41We're getting into comanche country.
01:26:51But I never seen tracks like these.
01:26:54Never heard of comanches traveling in two-wheeled carts.
01:27:00[Speaking navajo] comancheros-- trade liquor and guns to comanche for horses.
01:27:16Trade women, too.
01:27:18How many of 'em?
01:27:21.. maybe nine horses and a couple of carts.
01:27:27[Speaking navajo] [laughter] those poor pilgrims from kansas.
01:28:16Don't look too proud now, do they?
01:28:40[Piano strings thrum] [screaming] why, you little son of a bitch!
01:30:17Ten bears is going to want himself a fresh woman.
01:30:23Fresh, that little gal gonna brings maybe 20 horses.
01:30:27Now, if one of you has to, take that old woman over there.
01:30:33She might be worth maybe one donkey.
01:30:57Fix yourself.
01:31:41[Dog whimpers] move faster!
01:36:22If you fall, they'll let you die.
01:36:25Keep walking.
01:36:33Come around here, bitch. come around here.
01:36:40Come here.
01:36:41Now, you listen to me.
01:36:42I want you looking real good when we get to ten bears, you understand?
01:36:45First chance you get, I want you to jump in that wagon and put on one of your best little dresses.
01:36:51Heh heh heh.
01:36:52Might boost your price.
01:36:55You know, if you look good enough, I just might outbid old ten bears and take you myself.
01:36:59[Laughing] if I figure this right, we're facing the sun.
01:37:41This ought to give him an edge.
01:37:44Who are you talking about?
01:37:46What the hell does he want?
01:37:48Looks like a parlay.
01:37:57Well, you just going to sit there all day or you going to ride out and see what he wants?
01:38:03Get ready, little lady.
01:38:05Hell is coming to breakfast.
01:38:16That's a mighty nice horse you got there, mister.
01:38:19Would you sell him?
01:38:20Ha. we will give you a good price.
01:38:24[Laughing] now spit.
01:38:38Just get off the horse.
01:38:46Get out of the way!
01:38:50[Gunshots] !no me mate!
01:39:28!No me mate!
01:39:45Now you'll kill us, I suppose.
01:39:48I'd have been halfway to mexico by now except for that crazy squaw.
01:39:52I can't understand a word she says.
01:39:55I knew that would bring you.
01:40:13Help us.
01:40:18Help us.
01:40:21They're not going to like us killing these friends of theirs.
01:40:24We better get moving.
01:41:12Looks like a family of hogs just moved out of the seat of these britches.
01:41:17Oh, I had such beautiful clothes I was taking to our ranch.
01:41:25Whereabouts is this ranch?
01:41:27My son's ranch-- he found before the war near a town called santa rio.
01:41:32Creek with good water, trees, cattle, black-tailed deer.
01:41:36It's a regular paradise we're headed to.
01:41:40Out there?
01:41:42Your son told you this was out there?
01:41:44Told me that near a place called blood butte.
01:41:49My son was true blue, mr. wales.
01:41:52Never lied.
01:41:53It'll be there, all right.
01:41:56Yes, ma'am. I'm sure it will be.
01:41:59Woman: Cottonwoods, live oaks, ..
01:42:17You see 'em?
01:42:21Clouds. over there.
01:42:27Dreams floatin' across the sky-blue mind.
01:42:34Well, honey, I never thought of them that way.
01:42:40Indian, this mr. wales is a cold-blooded killer.
01:42:46He's from missouri where they're all known to be killers of innocent men, women, and children.
01:42:52Would you rather be riding with comancheros,granny?
01:42:58No, I wouldn't.
01:47:45[Faint singing] Woman: ♪♪ I lost my sweet lover ♪♪
01:48:03♪♪ in that dirty old mine ♪♪
01:48:08♪♪ but he's coming back ♪♪
01:48:13♪♪ no matter how long I wait ♪♪
01:48:18♪♪ my lover is coming-- ♪♪
01:48:28what will you have?
01:48:34Ha ha. "whiskey," he says.
01:48:38How about something else?
01:48:41Well, a beer then.
01:48:44You can get those gents whatever they're drinking.
01:48:46You, too, ma'am.
01:48:48[Laughing] that's mighty decent of you, mister.
01:48:52Been a long time since anybody bought a drink around here.
01:48:55'Bout long time since we had anything to drink around here.
01:48:58Or anything else.
01:49:01Yeah, first the silver run out of the santa rio, then the people run out, then the whiskey, then the beer run out.
01:49:13Well, no matter.
01:49:14It's good to see a high roller wander through.
01:49:32I didn't mean to offend him.
01:49:34I guess some fellas just don't like to be called high rollers.
01:49:38I knowed a fella once.
01:49:39He didn't like to be called high-handed.
01:49:45We'll have whiskey all around.
01:49:55Angels of mercy come to santa rio!
01:49:58This ain't santa rio.
01:50:00My son tom turner said it was a thriving place.
01:50:04It was.
01:50:05When the silver run out, the thrivin' run out.
01:50:09That's right.
01:50:10I do declare.
01:50:13Might you be the mother of tom turner whose crooked river ranch is over by blood butte?
01:50:18That I might, miss.
01:50:20Well, I am rose!
01:50:25Rose of santa rio!
01:50:26I reckon he wrote you all about me.
01:50:29I don't recollect that.
01:50:32After his lucy passed on, he didn't show much interest in women.
01:50:37My sonny boy kept his nose to the grindstone, providing a future for me and his daughter there.
01:50:48I do seem to recall him telling me ..
01:50:54A little odd.
01:50:55He was killed in the border war by missouri ruffians.
01:51:00He died a proud member of senator jim lane's redlegs, fighting for the just cause.
01:51:07Oh, I am sorry to hear that.
01:51:10I mean, he was of the finest sort.
01:51:13Senora, please sit down.
01:51:15You must be very, very tired.
01:51:20I am deeply sorrowed to hear this.
01:51:24In past years, my friend and I were of service to your tom turner.
01:51:29And now, we are at your service.
01:51:33Why, I appreciate your concern.
01:51:37I am glad to find manners at last here in the wilderness.
01:51:41We have endured hardship of the worst sort on the way out here.
01:51:46Grandpa samuel and uncle enoch fell prey tocomancheros.
01:51:53Let's have a drink to the damn silver running out.
01:51:55Gave us some peace and quiet around here.
01:51:57That's bad luck, the silver running out.
01:51:59I wouldn't have any other kind.
01:52:03[Growling] [man laughing] what'll you have?
01:52:13I'm looking for josey wales.
01:52:19That'd be me.
01:52:24You're wanted, wales.
01:52:26I reckon I'm right popular.
01:52:30You a bounty hunter?
01:52:31A man's got to do something for a living these days.
01:52:35Dying ain't much of a living, boy.
01:52:42You know, this isn't necessary.
01:52:45You can just ride on.
01:53:10[Spurs jingling] I had to come back.
01:53:28I know.
01:53:44[Horse gallops away] comanche?
01:54:12Comanches, all right.
01:54:14Any more of them, you think?
01:54:16I think that's all there is, but they have horses, buck, and antelope, so I figure they're not a raiding party.
01:54:24But you never can tell, these comanches.
01:54:28You stay with the cart.
01:54:35[Comanches whooping] just looking us over, I guess.
01:54:51Well, they're packing heavy.
01:54:54They may return.
01:54:55All right. let's move out.
01:55:04If they ride with ten bears, they will come back.
01:55:09Ten bears is the greatest comanche war chief, but he's angry.
01:55:14Each year he's met with one of your bluecoat generals.
01:55:18Ain't one of my generals.
01:55:19Each year he is pushed further across the plain.
01:55:23General sherman has come with more promises, but ten bears will move no more.
02:00:24It's so beautiful.
02:00:34All right. we can get to work dusting first.
02:00:39We've got a nice dutch oven in the fireplace here.
02:00:44 wales, you men chop some wood, .. get everything done.
02:00:52Mr. wales!
02:00:54Did you come all this way to gawk?
02:00:57You don't work, you don't eat around here.
02:01:00Didn't figure you for a loafer.
02:01:06[Swallows] [dog barks] you know, she told me it's the first time she ever had a place of her own.
02:01:35Grandma says it's our home.
02:01:38It is all of ours.
02:01:42I'm glad there's gonna be a man around to take care of things.
02:01:46I'll be dropping back from time to time, probably just to hole up.
02:01:52Why don't you stay with us?
02:01:55Be our partner.
02:01:59They won't miss you.
02:02:00Maybe they'll forget you.
02:02:04You know there ain't no forgetting.
02:02:58Little Josey: Ma!
02:03:37We're going to santa rio.
02:03:48♪♪ In the sweet by-and-by ♪♪
02:03:53♪♪ we shall meet on that beautiful shore ♪♪
02:03:59♪♪ in the sweet ♪♪
02:04:01♪♪ by-and-by ♪♪
02:04:04♪♪ we will meet on that beautiful shore ♪♪
02:04:10♪♪ in the sweet ♪♪
02:04:13♪♪ by-and-by ♪♪
02:04:15[howling] ♪♪ we will meet on that beautiful shore ♪♪
02:04:24lord, thanks a lot for bringing us to this place.
02:04:29Pa and daniel died at the hands of that low-down murdering trash outta hell that done them in, but they put up a good fight and died the best they could.
02:04:41And thanks a lot for josey wales, who you changed from a murdering bushwacker on the side of satan to a better man trying to deliver us from the philistines.
02:04:55And thank the lord for getting us together in texas.
02:05:07Hey, you all right?
02:05:10He got travis and chato.
02:05:12He'll be riding here in the morning.
02:05:17[Speaking navajo] if I was looking for a place to hole up, I'd pick this one.
02:05:37The walls and the ceiling 2 feet thick.
02:05:39All made out of mud, nothing to burn.
02:05:42Two doors, front and back, right in sight of one another.
02:05:47Now these crosses are to fire rifles through.
02:05:49Up and down, side to side.
02:05:51Yeah, this tom turner of yours really knew what he was doing.
02:05:54You bet he did.
02:05:54I'll be shooting out of that door.
02:05:56Granny, I'd rather have you sit right there with a bucket of powder, ball, and cap, and do the loading. can you do that?
02:06:01I can.
02:06:05Right underneath this door.
02:06:07You fire through here, all right?
02:06:09Laura lee, right through this window.
02:06:11Can you shoot a rifle?
02:06:13I'll try.
02:06:14Lone, you take this window right over here and the door, wherever the most firing's coming from.
02:06:19You're gonna have to keep an eye on that hallway there ..
02:06:24The only blind spot is the ceiling.
02:06:27They're gonna get around to it eventually.
02:06:29They can't shoot through it, but they might be able to dig a hole in it and drop down maybe in the back bedroom.
02:06:36Now, remember, when things look bad, and it looks like you're not gonna make it, then you got to get mean.
02:06:44I mean plumb mad-dog mean, 'cause if you lose your head and you give up, then you neither live nor win.
02:06:51That's just the way it is.
02:06:53Use pistols at short range.
02:06:54More firepower, less reloading.
02:06:56 keep an iron on it red hot.
02:07:00Anybody gets hit, sing out.
02:07:01We'll slap iron to it.
02:07:02That's the fastest way to stop the blood.
02:07:08What's all that paint about?
02:07:10It's my death face.
02:07:13Well, we're sure going to show them redskins something tomorrow.
02:07:17No offense meant.
02:07:20None taken.
02:07:32Where's he going?
02:07:33He knows he can do the best for us on the back of a horse.
02:07:37He's a guerrilla fighter.
02:07:39He figures he can carry the fight to the enemy.
02:07:42He's going down into the valley to kill ten bears and as many of the men as he can.
02:07:49How's he gonna do that and come back here?
02:07:53He won't come back.
02:10:28You'll be ten bears?
02:10:30I am ten bears.
02:10:37I'm josey wales.
02:10:41I have heard.
02:10:43You are the gray rider.
02:10:45You would not make peace with the bluecoats.
02:10:48You may go in peace.
02:10:52I reckon not.
02:10:59I got nowhere to go.
02:11:01Then you will die.
02:11:09Or live with you.
02:11:11Dying ain't so hard for men like you and me.
02:11:13It's living that's hard when all you've ever cared about has been butchered or raped.
02:11:21Governments don't live together.
02:11:22People live together.
02:11:24With governments you don't always get a fair word or a fair fight.
02:11:27I've come to give you either one or get either one from you.
02:11:35I came here like this so you'll know my word of death is true and that my word of life is then true.
02:11:50And so will we, and we'll only hunt what we need to live on, same as the comanche does.
02:11:57Every spring when the grass turns green and the comanche moves north, he can rest here in peace, butcher some of our cattle, and jerk beef for the journey.
02:12:07The sign of the comanche, that will be on our lodge.
02:12:11That's my word of life.
02:12:12And your word of death?
02:12:15It's here in my pistols and there in your rifles.
02:12:18I'm here for either one.
02:12:20These things you say we will have, we already have.
02:12:25That's true.
02:12:26I ain't promising you nothing extra.
02:12:29I'm just giving you life, and you're giving me life, and I'm saying that men can live together without butchering one another.
02:12:39It's sad that governments are chiefed by the double-tongues.
02:12:43There is iron in your words of death for all comanche to see, and so there is iron in your words of life.
02:12:51No signed paper can hold the iron.
02:12:55It must come from men.
02:12:58The words of ten bears carry the same iron of life and death.
02:13:03It is good that warriors such as we meet ..
02:13:08Or death.
02:13:12It shall be life.
02:13:40So will it be.
02:13:42I reckon so.
02:17:48I'll be damned. look at this.
02:18:01Come. sit down.
02:18:03Oh, I'm so glad to see you.
02:18:06I never thought I'd see you again, grandma.
02:18:10Oh, chato!
02:18:12Chato, sit down.
02:18:13Never thought I'd be glad to see another indian.
02:18:41Hey, hey! all right!
02:18:56[Moo] I've got something to show you, mr. wales.
02:19:25I made this chain for you.
02:19:28I braided it from my hair.
02:19:32That's real nice.
02:19:34That really is.
02:19:35It's a watch chain.
02:19:37..nice one.
02:19:41It'll come in handy.
02:19:42I thank you for it.
02:19:44Uh, you--you do have a watch, don't you?
02:19:51Uh, well, I been meaning to get one, yeah.
02:19:56Could we, um, play a song for you?
02:20:01I'm afraid I don't know too many songs.
02:20:14Could we play something you like? come on.
02:20:18Only song I can think of isrose of alabamie.
02:20:22Hey, we remember that old piece.
02:20:23Rosie, come here.
02:20:27Pick up.
02:20:27♪♪ Away from mississippi's vale ♪♪
02:20:30♪♪ with my old half fare for a sale ♪♪
02:20:33♪♪ I crossed upon a cotton bale ♪♪
02:20:36♪♪ to the rose of alabama ♪♪
02:20:39.. ♪♪
02:20:41do you dance?
02:20:44I don't, either.
02:20:46♪♪ A sweet tobacco posey ♪♪
02:20:48♪♪ is the rose of alabama ♪♪
02:20:51♪♪ a sweet tobacco posey ♪♪
02:20:54♪♪ is the rose of alabama ♪♪
02:20:57help us out now.
02:20:59♪♪ Oh, brown rosie ♪♪
02:21:02♪♪ the rose of alabama ♪♪
02:21:04♪♪ a sweet tobacco posey ♪♪
02:21:06♪♪ is the rose of alabama ♪♪
02:21:18[Laughing] [laughing] I could see him right through this window when he shot my partner.
02:21:58He was traveling with an old injun, a squaw, some old lady, and a scrawny girl.
02:22:05Had to be him.
02:22:05He had this scar on his face right here.
02:22:08I wasn't about to face him down alone.
02:22:16You men get them horses out of sight!
02:22:22If josey wales comes back here, we'll buy him a drink.
02:22:39[Fiddle playing] ..
02:23:13It smelled like sunshine.
02:23:18Well, I always heard there were 3 kinds of suns in kansas.
02:23:23Sunshine, sun flowers, and sons of bitches.
02:23:32Well, at least we're known for something.
02:23:39I heard a joke about missouri once.
02:23:42Something about how people from missouri " do you know it?
02:23:57What does a man from missouri say if someone asks him to see a missouri mule?
02:24:06" get it?
02:24:12Is that the kind of dumb jokes they teach pretty girls in kansas?
02:24:18They teach other things.
02:24:28Show me.
02:25:06Little Josey: [thunder] you're up kind of early, aren't you?
02:25:48It's been nice riding with you, chief.
02:25:52Same here.
02:25:54When you get to town, you get some nice dresses for the ladies, hear?
02:25:59I will.
02:26:01Get something especially nice for laura lee to wear when I come back in spring.
02:26:12Or the following spring.
02:26:20Sometimes trouble just follows a man.
02:26:24Hell, I've been here way too long as it-- I reckon so.
02:27:04Josey wales!
02:27:24[Hoofbeats] you're all alone now, wales.
02:28:31Lone Watie: Not quite alone.
02:29:12Now we're really going to show these palefaces something.
02:29:17No offense.
02:29:19None taken!
02:29:20These men are a slander to kansas, attacking innocent women like this.
02:37:31[Guns clicking] josey!
02:39:00Bullets were flying.
02:39:02People running every which way.
02:39:04The church bells were ringing.
02:39:06Me and miss rose were ducking for cover.
02:39:08One didn't know where the shots were coming-- mr. wilson!
02:39:21Good morning.
02:39:22Hello, mr. wilson.
02:39:24We were just telling these fellows a little story about an outlaw who passed through this way a while back.
02:39:30I don't suppose you'd know anything about hi these two fellas down here is texas rangers.
02:39:38Been on his trail.
02:39:39Along with this other fellow over here.
02:39:42What'd you say your name was, friend?
02:39:50My name's fletcher.
02:39:51Fletcher. that's right.
02:39:53Mr. fletcher.
02:39:54Anyway, the three of them been chasing this outlaw.
02:39:57Just so happens, old ten spot here, wouldn't you know, he knows all about it.
02:40:02Yes, sir.
02:40:03It was down in monterrey, mexico, a little while back.
02:40:08Anyways, this outlaw fella, he went up against fivepistoleros.
02:40:12He got three of them before they cut him down.
02:40:17That right, miss rose?
02:40:18That's right.
02:40:22Josey wales.
02:40:24That's it.
02:40:25Josey wales.
02:40:28Well, if that's what happened, then, uh, josey wales must be dead.
02:40:33Rose: Oh, he is dead.
02:40:36He sure is dead.
02:40:42Dead, all right.
02:40:48Would you sign this affidavit?
02:40:50Uh, sign?
02:40:51Why, sure will.
02:41:10That's it.
02:41:19Nice seeing you, mr. wilson.
02:41:27There must be 5,000 wanted men in texas right now.
02:41:30Can't get 'em all.
02:41:31Yeah, I guess that's the truth.
02:41:34Well, you fellas get back up this way, stop in.
02:41:37I reckon we won't be coming back this way.
02:41:45I don't believe that story about josey wales.
02:41:48You don't?
02:41:50No, sir, I don't.
02:41:52I don't believe no fivepistoleros could do in josey wales.
02:41:58Maybe it was six.
02:42:00Could have even been 10.
02:42:03I think he's still alive.
02:42:06Uh, no, sir.
02:42:14I think I'll go down to mexico to try to find him.
02:42:26And then?
02:42:36He's got the first move.
02:42:39I owe him that.
02:42:42I think I'll try to tell him the war is over.
02:43:01What do you say, mr. wilson?
02:43:11I reckon so.
02:43:19I guess we all died a little in that damn war.