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00:00:00Is the plaintiff.
00:00:01She says she bought a car from the lying defendant who told her the car was from new hampshire and had no title.
00:00:09Of course, that isn't true.
00:00:11The guy turned the odometer back by 100,000 miles, was arrested and now she can't get her hard earned money back.
00:00:19Bottom line, she has no car and no money and that's a no-no so she's suing for the amount she's owed.
00:00:33This is the defendant.
00:00:37He says the plaintiff stalked him because she wanted to buy the car so badly.
00:00:40Then after she had it for a month, she called and told him she changed her mind and wanted her money back.
00:00:46He has no idea what she did to the thing in the month she had it.
00:00:50The sale was as-is and that is that.
00:00:53He's accused of not being an honest businessman.
00:00:59>> All parties please raise your right hands.
00:01:02>> What you are about to witness is real.
00:01:06The participants are not actors.
00:01:08They are actual litigants with a case pending in civil court.
00:01:12Both parties have a -- agreed to drop their claims and have their cases settled here before judge milian in our forum, the people's court.
00:01:25>> Litigants have been sworn, your honor.
00:01:29>> Okay.
00:01:30Judith, you are suing john for $4,523 that you say he owes you for breaching a contract on the sale of a car.
00:01:38All right.
00:01:39What's going on?
00:01:41>> Hi.
00:01:42I bought the car, I found it on craigslist.
00:01:44>> What kind of car was it?
00:01:46>> 1993 Jeep cherokee.
00:01:50>> Okay.
00:01:50>> I took the car for a test drive.
00:01:53Seemed okay.
00:01:54Looked at it the best I could and paid him cash for the car.
00:01:58At that time, he -- I asked him for the title.
00:02:02And he gave me this piece of paper from new hampshire and said they don't title cars 1993 or older, that old of a model in new hampshire.
00:02:14You just bring this piece of and he's done it before.
00:02:20He has -- >> is this before or after you send him the $1750?
00:02:24>> Pretty much during.
00:02:25>> This doesn't strike you as a potential problem?
00:02:29>> Yeah.
00:02:29My senses went up a little bit.
00:02:31But he told me that it was his wife's car, she drove it in new hampshire, not a problem, not a problem.
00:02:36That was a saturday.
00:02:38First thing monday, took off for work, went right to d.m.v.
00:02:42They told me at I needed a title.
00:02:43I said no.
00:02:45This is -- you know, and now every time -- >> my good friend john who I've known forever tells me I don't need a title.
00:02:53>> Right.
00:02:55So no go with that.
00:02:56, call him right away.
00:03:00He tells me they don't know what they're talking about.
00:03:03Go to another d.m.v.
00:03:04>> Does he tell you to go to the d.m.v. in his neighborhood?
00:03:08>> He did.
00:03:08He told me first to go to another one.
00:03:11A different one.
00:03:12I did.
00:03:12As things are going on -- >> how many did you go to and get the answer no from?
00:03:20>> Four.
00:03:20The third one that I went to, i spoke to supervisors who took my information and told me that they were going to have the police or whatever contact me, auto crime because they told me now on the third time that I was there, he just bought the car or whoever the person I bought it from, bought it from someone not even a month before I bought it from him.
00:03:45>> Okay.
00:03:46How do the police get involved?
00:03:48D.m.v. called them?
00:03:50>> D.m.v. looked it up.
00:03:53>> Now the police are involved but what happens?
00:03:56You meet him at one of the d.m.v.'s.
00:04:00>> Yeah.
00:04:01>> Like the police were already in on it at that point?
00:04:03>> They were.
00:04:05>> Okay.
00:04:06So they are waiting for him to show up.
00:04:10>> Both of us.
00:04:11>> But he doesn't know the police are going to be there waiting for him.
00:04:15>> They told me not to tell him.
00:04:17>> Of course.
00:04:18He goes to meet you there and the police are there.
00:04:21Do you go approach him or do they approach him?
00:04:23How does this work out?
00:04:25>> I meet him.
00:04:27He's all sketchy and stuff.
00:04:29Acting like himself.
00:04:29>> I don't know what that means.
00:04:31>> Sweaty and like walking around and like checking his phone and not staying in one place and he keeps telling me, we have to go to the lady at window three.
00:04:40They called us at window two and he said no.
00:04:42We have to go to three.
00:04:44I said you can't pick the window that you go to.
00:04:46What does it matter?
00:04:48We go to window two and he's like trying to get the woman, i guess, that he knew, is friends with at that window and that's when the police came from behind and they said -- you know, they asked who we were and they asked will you step behind here and go in the room with us.
00:05:05We went in there.
00:05:07>> He ended up getting arrested.
00:05:09>> He did.
00:05:09December 14.
00:05:10>> For car theft -- or for theft.
00:05:15The theft being the money that he took from you.
00:05:17But what ends up happening to that case?
00:05:20>> I tried to follow up on it and he calls me and tells me that it went from they had all of the stuff -- >> who is he?
00:05:30>> The prosecutor.
00:05:31It went from the mileage thing and all of these other things.
00:05:35>> Wheat the mileage thing?
00:05:37>> When the police came to impound the car, they said do you know that the inspection mileage is actually less than the bill of sale mileage?
00:05:46>> Less or more?
00:05:49>> The inspection milage was more.
00:05:50>> You expected it to be less.
00:05:52>> Yes.
00:05:53Thank you.
00:05:53It was actually more.
00:05:54They said that didn't add up.
00:05:55>> Which means that somebody is tampering with the mileage.
00:05:59>> Right.
00:06:00When they came to look at the car, the mileage was like 200 and something.
00:06:07>> What's the prosecutor going to do with the case?
00:06:10Just answer.
00:06:10What happened to the case?
00:06:11Did they drop it?
00:06:14>> He got arrested and he -- >> just give me the answer.
00:06:16>> I don't know how to say it.
00:06:19He rolled over or rated on other people.
00:06:23>> That's why you're avoiding it.
00:06:24>> I don't want to say that.
00:06:27>> All righty.
00:06:28What is going on?
00:06:30>> Your honor, I had a jeep to sell so I advertised it.
00:06:34>> Was that your wife's that she drove in new hampshire?
00:06:37>> She drove it a bit and so did i.
00:06:40>> A bit as in what?
00:06:41Did you tell her it was my car, our car, my wife's car in new hampshire but it was a car that you had bought and never registered in your name?
00:06:52>> No.
00:06:53It was registered to me.
00:06:53>> Can I see the registration in your name?
00:06:56>> I gave it to her z.
00:07:01>> Did he give you a registration?
00:07:05>> No.
00:07:06>> The testimony continues.
00:07:08>> I don't know that they were police.
00:07:11They worked at d.m.v.
00:07:12They were very aggressive and accusing me of things and i felt like I was involved in her problems.
00:07:17>> She's just trying to get you to register a car and get her money back.
00:07:21She's going to be screaming i want my money back.
00:07:24I can't register the car.
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00:08:31@ a @ >> plaintiff bought a car from the defendant that was so shady, the defendant got arrested.
00:09:35The defendant says he gave her his registration.
00:09:38Let's listen.
00:09:39>> You would have paperwork if it was registered in your name.
00:09:42You would have other things that would show it was registered in your name.
00:09:45>> It was registered at the time I sold it.
00:09:49>> I heard your flapping gums.
00:09:50Now I'm asking for proof.
00:09:51>> I don't have a copy of the registration but it's attainable.
00:09:55>> You had the car for how long before you put it up for sale?
00:09:58>> About a year.
00:09:59>> It was registered in your name.
00:10:00>> It was.
00:10:02>> In what state?
00:10:03>> New hampshire.
00:10:03>> You do not have the title because -- >> a car that old in new hampshire is sold with a bill of sale that I did provide her.
00:10:10>> Does not need to be titled.
00:10:12>> No.
00:10:12In fact, they do not title cars that old.
00:10:20>> You sold it for $1750.
00:10:25>> I believe it was $1600, your honor.
00:10:27>> Do you have the bill of sale?
00:10:29>> I do.
00:10:29>> What are you heming and hauing?
00:10:31>> When I asked for the bill of sale, he said it was going to leave it blank so when I went to get insurance, I could put whatever I want in there and i wouldn't have to pay the extra money on it.
00:10:42>> It has to do with defrauding the tax man.
00:10:46The person that pays sales tax is you so the person that benefits from the fraud is you.
00:10:51You're going to show me a bill of sale for the car for peanuts?
00:10:57>> It doesn't have an amount on it.
00:11:00He left it and said fill in the blanks.
00:11:03>> Does anyone have any proof of how much was paid for the car?
00:11:08>> No.
00:11:09>> And you?
00:11:12>> I don't.
00:11:13>> All right.
00:11:14So now you -- she can't register the car.
00:11:19You meet her in huntington and I assume it's a surprise to you police -- there's actually a d.m.v.
00:11:26>> I don't know that they were police.
00:11:29They worked at d.m.v.
00:11:30They were very aggressive and accusing me of things and i felt like I was involved in her problems.
00:11:35>> She's just trying to register a car and get her money back.
00:11:39She's going to be screaming, i want my money back.
00:11:42I can't register the car.
00:11:43What do you think?
00:11:44She's part of a drug ring?
00:11:46There's no big evidence of what you're saying she's having some problem with the police there.
00:11:49You're the guy having the problem with the police.
00:11:51And you're the guy who ends up getting charged.
00:11:53What happened with your case?
00:11:56>> It was dismissed.
00:11:59You're talking about being arrested?
00:12:01>> On account of cooperation?
00:12:02>> No.
00:12:03>> On account of what?
00:12:05>> They never pursued it.
00:12:06>> Do you have any proof of that?
00:12:07>> Yes.
00:12:08>> Let me take a look.
00:12:09>> Of course.
00:12:12>> You submitted a title into evidence for a car in your name.
00:12:17What's that about?
00:12:19>> It's the previous owner.
00:12:20You just file for one.
00:12:22It's about $10 or $15.
00:12:23She didn't need me.
00:12:24>> That's not how it works, sir.
00:12:26When you sell car, they have -- the person you're selling it to -- you could sell a car that's a lemon.
00:12:34You don't know you're defrauding somebody.
00:12:36As long as you're not making a lying statement to them in order to get them to buy a car, you can sell a used car as is and step back.
00:12:44However, you can't sell a car that has a title problem.
00:12:47You can't sell a car where you jump title, a car that she can't tight.
00:12:51The one thing that you warrant is that the other side is going to be able to title the car and saying I've done it a million times.
00:12:58It's another $15 or whatever.
00:13:00That's not an answer.
00:13:01If you can't provide a way for her to be able to title this car, then you can't provide a way for her to title the car.
00:13:08What I'm curious about is why do they have it in for you?
00:13:11How is it that the case ends up being dropped when they charge you with it?
00:13:15Most situations like this, the police go like this is civil matter.
00:13:19Sue them in small claims.
00:13:20They don't get involved in it.
00:13:22What was it about you that made them get involved?
00:13:25Do you have a wrap sheet?
00:13:27>> No.
00:13:27They told me they weren't pursuing it because there was no case there.
00:13:31She wasn't happy that I would be charged with the serious charges and then they pursued no case.
00:13:35But there was no case there.
00:13:37>> No.
00:13:38>> Why are you suing for $100 for the towing of the car?
00:13:42Explain that.
00:13:43>> December 3 I was driving home and the steering snapped and was not connected to the tires and it veered just -- i couldn't do anything.
00:13:56The tires just were going one way, the steering wheel was just turning.
00:14:00It went up on the side of the road.
00:14:04I called the tow truck and that's when I called the police.
00:14:07I had it towed in front of my house because I didn't know what else to do with it.
00:14:13>> Why is it so much for insurance?
00:14:16Didn't you cancel it when you d >> he should be charged at least in sleeze tax, really.
00:14:27I have to cancel my insurance because they're saying official this -- officially this is not my car.
00:14:35I can't do anything with it.
00:14:36I want to cancel.
00:14:39They gave me the run around because I paid them cash also and all this time, I'm thinking my car insurance is canceled and then I get a letter saying that they canceled my insurance, the company, because I missed the first payment.
00:14:52And I'm thinking it's canceled the whole time waiting to get my money back so now this is going through all year.
00:14:58>> What do you mean, all year?
00:15:01$263 Is insurance for a year?
00:15:03>> I'm still trying to get that money back.
00:15:05>> But that's for the insurance company that you picked and you have to prove that you canceled.
00:15:11Show me what covers one month of insurance or two months of insurance before you solve the problem and get with the police and everything else happens.
00:15:19Where is the car physically?
00:15:20>> It was impounded.
00:15:21>> As part of the criminal case it was impounded by the police?
00:15:24>> Yep.
00:15:24>> What happened after the criminal case was disposed of?
00:15:27>> I got a letter from the impound saying I owed them $1,000 to go and get this vehicle that wasn't mine.
00:15:35>> But $1,000 happens when you leave it there and don't pick it up.
00:15:39>> They told me to leave it there.
00:15:42>> But when the case is dropped, they say pick up the car.
00:15:46And you don't feel it's your car so you don't pick it up and that's where the $1,000 comes in.
00:15:52A small problem turned into an enormous problem.
00:15:56>> It makes a good case for walking.
00:15:58Will the plaintiff get $4500?
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00:18:21>> Welcome back to people's court.
00:18:25The question, if -- even if she bought this as is, if he committed fraud, does she get her money back?
00:18:29>> Yes.
00:18:30>> Why?
00:18:30>> He lied.
00:18:32>> As is means buyer beware.
00:18:35>> It was as is so you take it or leave it.
00:18:38>> Is that the case?
00:18:40>> Yeah.
00:18:40I think so.
00:18:40>> Tough luck?
00:18:42>> Tough luck.
00:18:44He advertised it as is.
00:18:45She really has no case.
00:18:47>> Got your point.
00:18:49>> Can I ask you a question?
00:18:51How is she supposed to register the car?
00:18:54>> According to the state of new hampshire, she needs a bill of sale.
00:18:57>> How is she going to register the car in new york which is where you sold it?
00:19:02>> State of new hampshire where I'm a resident -- >> that's fabulous that you're a resident in the state of new hampshire and that may be only why you deal in new hampshire cars that are older in 1994.
00:19:11I don't know what you're up to but the bottom line is how is she going to register in new york?
00:19:17She couldn't.
00:19:18She tried five times.
00:19:18What about the fact the inspector sticker says an amount of mileage that's higher than what you sell it to her as?
00:19:24>> I don't know anything about that.
00:19:26?R somebody was spinning the wheels on the odometer, my friend.
00:19:30Somebody was doing it and you had it for a year so you're the likely culprit, right?
00:19:34You had a t for a year.
00:19:36Show me the paperwork from where you bought the car.
00:19:40>> I didn't buy the car.
00:19:41>> I thought you said you had it for a year.
00:19:46>> Somebody owed me money and gave me the car.
00:19:49>> Who owed you money?
00:19:50>> A tenant in new hampshire.
00:19:52>> Then why is it registered under a new york name?
00:19:55>> Maybe previously it was.
00:19:56>> Two people jumped title.
00:19:57>> I didn't say that.
00:19:59I registered in new hampshire.
00:20:01I'm able to do that.
00:20:02>> We have a couple of problems here.
00:20:06You have the misfortune of not being able to prove to me how much you paid for the car.
00:20:10He admits that at a mininim you paid $1600.
00:20:12I'm going to order him to pay back the $1600.
00:20:1558 in insurance.
00:20:19I am going to award you the tow.
00:20:21I'm not going to award you four days of missed work.
00:20:24The car is your car.
00:20:25You can figure out what the heck you're going to do with it.
00:20:27You can get it out of impound.
00:20:29And I'm ordering the defendant to pay the plaintiff the sum of $1,871.58.
00:20:40>> Okay.
00:20:40All right.
00:20:41So let's see what the defendant has to say no.
00:20:43You just got yourself a car.
00:20:45>> Yeah.
00:20:45It sounded like a case of she wants it, she wants it, she wants it, she gets it, she don't want it.
00:20:51>> But there were so many shady details about the title, absence of title, the odometer, a lot of shady stuff with this car.
00:20:58>> It was all just a story, though, and it was her story.
00:21:01I didn't believe any of that.
00:21:02>> Okay.
00:21:02What are you going to do with the car now?
00:21:04>> Probably donate it.
00:21:06>> All right.
00:21:07Right down around the corner there.
00:21:09Documents waiting for you there.
00:21:10All right.
00:21:11Come in here.
00:21:11The judge helps you out.
00:21:13You weren't too smart the way you went through this deal, were you?
00:21:17>> I guess not.
00:21:19>> What do you think about the day you met him?
00:21:21>> I think he was a sweaty, shady character but I needed a car so -- >> yocan undo a deal if there's a proof of fraud.
00:21:34Fraud means a material misrepresentation of a material fact.
00:21:36Not a small thing, a big thing.
00:21:38Even if it's as is, you can undo it.
00:21:40That will do it for this case.
00:21:41Litigants on the way into the courtroom right now.
00:21:46>> This is the plaintiff.
00:21:49She says the defendant, her landlord, evicted her and then went into the apartment and trashed her stuff.
00:21:56She cut the electrical cords and ruined her electronics.
00:21:59The woman has done this before.
00:22:01She's not letting her get away with it and is suing for $2,856, the amount she's owed.
00:22:12This is the defendant.
00:22:16She says she noticed the cords to the plaintiff's electronics were cut but doesn't know anything about how that happened.
00:22:22The woman was out of the house for two months and left her things unlocked and open to anyone.
00:22:27She has no idea what happened in the two months.
00:22:30The only thing she does know is she had nothing to do with it.
00:22:35She's accused of malicious destruction.
00:22:41>> All parties please raise your right hands.
00:22:45>> They terminated -- they wanted to terminate my -- d >> yeah.
00:22:49I got arrested.
00:22:49>> What did you get charged with?
00:22:52>> Resisting arrest and harassing an officer that I'm ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> next case on the docket, plaintiff says the defendant is a landlord who kicked her out, threw her stuff in the street and even cut her electrical cords.
00:25:10The defendant pleads ignorance.
00:25:12It's the case of discord.
00:25:16>> Matia, you're suing your former landlord for $2,856, the value of goods that you say were damaged when she illegally put your stuff out 's going on.
00:25:27>> Yes.
00:25:27I moved to the defendant's apartment around march 1.
00:25:34>> How much was the rent?
00:25:36>> The rent was $1,500.
00:25:37>> And my understanding is that you were on section eight?
00:25:39>> Yes.
00:25:40I was on a section eight program.
00:25:41>> That means that the government helps to pay the rent.
00:25:44>> Yes.
00:25:44>> How much rent was the government paying?
00:25:47>> I don't have -- they was paying -- >> how much were you paying?
00:25:52>> $400 Total.
00:25:54>> They were paying $1100 a month.
00:25:56>> Yes.
00:26:02Up to around may, the end of may, beginning of june, i received a letter from section eight saying that I was going to be terminated.
00:26:11>> Why?
00:26:11>> Due to I had got into d ish there was an altercation at a restaurant.
00:26:17I got involved in the police were they wanted to terminate my -- >> did you get arrested?
00:26:22>> Yes.
00:26:23>> What did you get charged with?
00:26:26>> Resisting arrest and harassing an officer that I'm fighting because -- >> it's pending.
00:26:31You're accused of punching a police officer.
00:26:32>> Uh-huh which I didn't do and I'm -- >> it wasn't quite the cinco de mayo party, huh?
00:26:42>> Yeah.
00:26:44>> And others got arrested for what?
00:26:46Yours was like the least of the arrests that day.
00:26:50>> Exactly.
00:26:50>> Someone got arrested for stabbing someone.
00:26:53>> Yeah, but -- >> so what happened?
00:26:55>> I couldn't pay.
00:26:57I could not afford august 1 rent.
00:27:01I received a letter about going to court with her, that she was suing for $2300 that included august rent and late fees.
00:27:11>> You ended up in eviction court in august.
00:27:13>> Uh-huh.
00:27:13>> Okay.
00:27:14Do you have the results of what happened in eviction court?
00:27:17>> I don't know.
00:27:18>> Do you have it?
00:27:20May I see it?
00:27:28September 9.
00:27:29In favor of the landlord.
00:27:31She has to pay $1747 plus cost of $55 and a warrant of eviction shall issue execution to be stayed until september 16, a week later.
00:27:42So you get out when?
00:27:44>> All right.
00:27:46I -- after the court september 9 when we went to court, i received an eviction letter.
00:27:52It did say eviction immediately and sharon henderson has a $1700 judgment against you.
00:28:00I didn't understand it so when we got out of the courtroom, i asked the officer how do I go about doing this?
00:28:07He said you don't have to leave the premises until she gets the sheriff letter and then he was like, after the sheriff letter, you have about 72 hours after that to do it.
00:28:19>> Do you have to wait that long?
00:28:21Why don't you just get out so you can get out?
00:28:24>> That's not so.
00:28:26>> The real question you're asking the officer is how far can I play the game?
00:28:29The officer is giving you the correct answer.
00:28:31You can play the game until they pry your cold knuckles off of the doorknob.
00:28:40That's accurate.
00:28:40>> But that's not what I'm doing.
00:28:47>> You're still not moving.
00:28:48>> This is what I figured.
00:28:49Whether it was wrong or right, if she gives me the sheriff's letter, then all right.
00:28:57I really have to get somebody to do it.
00:28:59>> Why don't you just do what you're supposed to do?
00:29:02>> Becaudon't have nobody at the time.
00:29:03>> How are you going to get somebody later?
00:29:06How are you magically going to do it later?
00:29:08>> The cousin of mine moving my stuff told me that he was going to move it that sunday.
00:29:15>> That being what day?
00:29:18>> It wasn't september 12.
00:29:19It was the following sunday.
00:29:20>> That was way after the sheriff was going to come in.
00:29:24According to what I'm looking at, the only document anybody has given me from the court, it says that a warrant of eviction shall issue execution to be stayed until september 16.
00:29:34September 16 is a thursday before the 19th which is when you're god and ready to get your stuff out.
00:29:40Wrap it up here.
00:29:41What did you do, honey?
00:29:42You didn't get your stuff out.
00:29:43One day you go tlo efr and you see all your stuff at the curb.
00:29:47What day is that?
00:29:51>> It wasn't the 12th so it was LIKE THE 18th.
00:29:54>> THEN IT'S THE 19th, THE DAY You're supposed to move with your cousin.
00:29:57Did you go there with your cousin?
00:30:01>> I did.
00:30:01>> Everything you had in there was outside?
00:30:03>> Everything I had from my -- everything.
00:30:06All my belongings.
00:30:06My bed -- >> what's going on?
00:30:08Let me hear from you.
00:30:09What's the story?
00:30:11>> I rented the apartment.
00:30:11>> We don't have to go that far back.
00:30:14You end up in court with her because she's not paying her $400 or she's paying it late.
00:30:21>> Can my daughter -- >> sure.
00:30:23Come up.
00:30:24What's your name?
00:30:26>> Sharon henderson.
00:30:27I'm called vanessa.
00:30:28>> Who is that?
00:30:30>> That's sharon my mother.
00:30:31>> Go ahead.
00:30:31>> I manage the property.
00:30:35You have the whole story.
00:30:39>> SO THE 9th, WHAT DO YOU SAY The judge says?
00:30:45>> The judge says he's going to give her the eviction letter.
00:30:48>> What did he say about getting out?
00:30:51>> He said seven days.
00:30:52>> That would take us to the 16th of september.
00:30:56NOT THE 19th.
00:30:56The judge says you have seven days and that's not good enough.
00:30:59She's figuring out the angle of how she can wait a few more days because she knows you're not allowed to do what you did which is to dump the stuff on the street.
00:31:12>> Right.
00:31:12That was our error.
00:31:15>> You think?
00:31:15When did you go in and take her stuff and put it out?
00:31:18>> SUNDAY THE 19th.
00:31:21Sunday the 19th after the judgment was filed.
00:31:25>> She showed up the 19th because somebody called her up and said, girl, your stuff is on the street.
00:31:31Otherwise, it would be another month.
00:31:32>> We have photos of what was left in the apartment.
00:31:34>> Let me see: >> What were you thinking?
00:31:40Why would you put her stuff out there like that?
00:31:43Who gave you advice?
00:31:45Why did you think that was a good thing for you to manage the apartment?
00:31:48>> After all the time -- >> I don't mean why it felt good.
00:31:53It would make me feel good but it would not be legal.
00:31:57>> Right.
00:31:57>> All your stuff is out.
00:32:00You get there and the stuff itself, other than -- you say you had a pillow top.
00:32:04>> I had a pillow top mattress.
00:32:05>> Do you have pictures of the damage to your stuff?
00:32:08>> Yes.
00:32:09Those was every piece I had two tv's, even some of my irons.
00:32:15She cut every cord.
00:32:17>> The cord?
00:32:20>> The cord.
00:32:21Even my son's playstation, if you see like the red, yellow and white pieces?
00:32:28Each one.
00:32:28Every cord to every piece of electronic and you know as soon as I seen cords cut, I have two police statements from when i called the police on her in july when she came into the house.
00:32:42I had her air conditioner on.
00:32:44It was in the lease that i could pay $60 extra a month to use her air conditioner.
00:32:49They came in the house.
00:32:50I let them in the house.
00:32:52I'm thinking they're coming in the house to fix something.
00:32:56Vanessa goes very politely right to the air conditioner in the wall, in the living room wall, goes in the air conditioner.
00:33:02I even moved my couch for her because I'm thinking she's going to fix something.
00:33:08She takes the scissors out of her pocketbook and cuts the cord to the air r conditioner and her mother is in my face, give me the money for her air conditioner.
00:33:18>> Is there an extra fee?
00:33:20>> Yeah.
00:33:20But I had it on no longer than 24 hours.
00:33:24I would have gave her the $60.
00:33:26Following month came and i would have paid.
00:33:29>> But you don't pay your bills.
00:33:36Did you cut the cord?
00:33:37>> I did, your honor.
00:33:40>> This is every single electrical cord for everything on the curb and it's all cut.
00:33:46>> Who is in the dark now?
00:33:48Will the plaintiff get three ,, plane!
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00:35:31What's in your wallet?
00:35:33Call me.
00:36:11>> So the landlord can't throw the stuff in the street.
00:36:14What is the landlord supposed to do with the stuff?
00:36:16>> Give notice.
00:36:17>> You give notice and it's like, okay.
00:36:19Your stuff is in my apartment.
00:36:20I can't rent it out.
00:36:21>> A courtesy call.
00:36:22I'm going to throw it out.
00:36:23>> How long do you have to wait?
00:36:25>> One to two days.
00:36:27>> Really?
00:36:28>> He has to rent the apartment out.
00:36:31>> I think maybe a week.
00:36:33>> You have to give like a week.
00:36:35>> Like a week's notice.
00:36:37Then if they don't come -- >> throw it out.
00:36:40>> Yes.
00:36:41>> Do I need to give you a recollection of how you cut it or are you ready to tell me you cut it?
00:36:47>> No.
00:36:48I'm not ready to tell you I cut it.
00:36:50>> Who is the scissor wielder if it's not you?
00:36:54>> I don't know because those weren't my belongings.
00:36:57Air conditioner was my belongings.
00:37:03>> When people see stuff on the curb, they think what can i take?
00:37:08Is this the tv that you say is worth $300?
00:37:10You have to be kidding me.
00:37:12>> Actually, it was.
00:37:13>> Show me some receipts for the amounts you're claiming.
00:37:16You're claiming three grand.
00:37:17Back it up.
00:37:19So now show me proof that you have been hurt to the tune of three grand.
00:37:22>> The most I did was go on the computer and just write down -- >> but that's not going to help.
00:37:27What I need to know is what your stuff is worth.
00:37:30That's not worth $300.
00:37:39Your bad.
00:37:40What planet do you think you're living in that you think you can take the law in your hand and put somebody's stuff on the curb without the sheriff doing it and then cutting the wire?
00:37:52You don't have the right to do that.
00:37:54In some states like new york it's a misdemeanor when you do that.
00:37:58You can be arrested and she can sue for punitive damages.
00:38:02Do you understand?
00:38:03>> Yes, we do.
00:38:06>> And the police statement, she tried to offer $250 for my things.
00:38:10>> To get you out of her hair.
00:38:11>> Yes.
00:38:12To get me out of her hair.
00:38:15>> What have you paid of that $1700 judgment?
00:38:19>> She has my -- she kept my $1,500 security.
00:38:22>> Was there a security deposit?
00:38:23>> Yes, your honor.
00:38:26She paid $1,500 security.
00:38:28>> Okay.
00:38:29Here's what I'm going to do.
00:38:33Based on the illegal lockout that occurred, because it is illegal, you cannot do that -- by the way, let me explain to you what you're supposed to do so you know for the next time this happened.
00:38:43You're not hostage to her and her whims and I'll see if I can get my cousin, maybe yes, maybe no.
00:38:48You're not a hostage.
00:38:50But the right way, legal way to do it, you take her stuff and it may cost you $100 but you put it in a storage and then you hand her the key and then from then on in, she either pays the storage or her stuff is confiscated by the storage company.
00:39:04>> That's a good idea.
00:39:06>> That's how it's done.
00:39:07You can't just take it upon yourself to throw out what they leave on the day after they're not supposed to be there.
00:39:13That's not how it works.
00:39:15Abandoned property takes longer than that.
00:39:17You have certain obl gags to make sure her stuff is well protected, whatever stuff is left there.
00:39:22All right.
00:39:22I find that you're able to keep the $1,500 security deposit.
00:39:25That means that she still owes you $302.
00:39:29I find in your favor in the amount of $500 which means that the defendants in this case owe the plaintiff a sum total judgment in the amount of $198.
00:39:42That's my verdict.
00:39:48>> See what the defendant has to say.
00:39:51Come out here.
00:39:52So the sum total is ruled on.
00:39:54What's going through your mind coming out of the courtroom right now?
00:39:57You wire cutter you.
00:39:58>> She's out of the house and we owe $198.
00:40:01>> We still win.
00:40:02>> You still win?
00:40:03>> We still win.
00:40:05>> As long as she's out.
00:40:08>> I offered her $250 so she's still losing.
00:40:12>> Don't cut any wires when you're headed around the corner.
00:40:14We need the lights to stay on here.
00:40:16>> Thank you.
00:40:17>> Head right this way.
00:40:19Step in here.
00:40:19What's your feeling on the outcome here, final judgment?
00:40:23>> I'm not happy because I feel like my things was worth more than $500.
00:40:29>> Yeah.
00:40:29So what do you do next here?
00:40:32Once you leave here, what's your next plan?
00:40:36>> Hopefully never run into another landlord like her.
00:40:38That's about it.
00:40:40>> I'm sure harvey has something better than that.
00:40:43>> Abandoned property is a tricky thing.
00:40:45It really varis on what constitutes abandoned.
00:40:49From city to city, various cities have different rules.
00:40:51Before you take any action like this, call your local police department.
00:40:55They'll give you the ground rules.
00:40:56That will do it for this case.
00:40:58Litigants on the way into the courtroom right now.
00:41:03>> This is the plaintiff.
00:41:05He says he hired the defendant to fix his steel door which wasn't closed properly.
00:41:10The door worked for about a week and then started rubbing and not closing again.
00:41:15Same old problems.
00:41:17The defendant is not honoring his work so he's suing for $150 he's owed.
00:41:28This is the defendant, clinton forrester.
00:41:31He says he does indeed honor his work when he starts from scratch and replaces something old with something new.
00:41:37The mrfr, however, was too cheap to get a new door so he did the best he could with replacing the hinges.
00:41:45The plaintiff's problem is the frame.
00:41:46It's all roted and he needs to replace it for the door to work properly and that's that.
00:41:51He's accused of not geting it right.
00:41:57>> All parties please raise your right hands.
00:42:01>> I'm a busy person and it took me some time until i finally found it.
00:42:05>> How much time did it take you?
00:42:07>> I called him back in september.
00:42:10>> Okay.
00:42:11That's six months later.
00:42:15If it lasts a week, one would expect you to call him after a week.
00:42:18>> Right.
00:42:19>> And your answer to ,, >> next case on the docket, plaintiff hired the defendant to fix a steel door but it's still the same old problem.
00:45:11The defendant says the real fix would have been for the cheap plaintiff to get a new door.
00:45:15It's the case of open and shut lawsuit.
00:45:17>> Thank you, douglas.
00:45:20 stern, you're suing forrester iron works represented here by clinton forrester for $450, the amount you paid him to repair a steel -- what is it made out of?
00:45:34>> Yeah.
00:45:36Steel door.
00:45:37>> An iron door.
00:45:38>> Steel door.
00:45:40>> That you feel he needs to return to you because it didn't -- the repair didn't last.
00:45:46Talk to me and tell me what happened.
00:45:48>> Yes.
00:45:49We have this steel entrance door on the street level.
00:45:54It's an entrance door to our house, the first floor apartment.
00:45:57And the door was not closing.
00:46:01 forrester's company and he came and he said he's going to change the hinges on the door and that should solve the problem.
00:46:10He changed the hinges.
00:46:11I paid him $150.
00:46:12>> When was that?
00:46:14>> In march of this year.
00:46:15>> Do you have a receipt?
00:46:19>> I do.
00:46:20And his repair lasted approximately a week.
00:46:24After that it started rubbing against the doorjamb and, you know, in time it just went back to the way it was.
00:46:31>> What do you mean?
00:46:33Did you not call him back?
00:46:35If the repair lasts a week, why didn't you call him back after a week?
00:46:38>> I didn't have the receipt handy.
00:46:41It took me -- I'm a busy person and it took me some time until I finally found it.
00:46:46>> How much time did it take you?
00:46:47>> I called him back in september.
00:46:51>> Okay.
00:46:52That's six months later.
00:46:54If it lasts a week, one would expect you to call him after a week.
00:46:58>> Right.
00:47:01>> And your answer is because you're a busy guy?
00:47:05How did you pay him?
00:47:06>> I paid him with a check.
00:47:11>> Were you too busy to look at your checkbook?
00:47:13>> No.
00:47:14I paid him in cash.
00:47:15>> Why did you say you paid him with a cash?
00:47:21>> It was nine months ago.
00:47:22>> But I just asked you nine seconds ago.
00:47:25It's six months later and you call him and say to him what?
00:47:28>> I showed him the door.
00:47:30He says why didn't you paint the door?
00:47:33Prevent the rust from coming?
00:47:36I said once it started scraping, the paint would have been just removed.
00:47:40>> Where is it scraping?
00:47:41The door is scraping?
00:47:43>> The door is scraping the jamb.
00:47:46>> Do you have a picture?
00:47:47>> I do.
00:47:48>> Let me see it.
00:47:50Tell me your version and I'll come right back to you, mr.
00:47:53>> Good morning.
00:47:55>> Good morning.
00:47:57>> In march, about the 25th of march he called me to do a job on his house.
00:48:02I WENT OVER ON THE 28th.
00:48:04I charge him $150.
00:48:05It was the hinges on the door.
00:48:07>> Did you change the hinges?
00:48:09>> Yes.
00:48:10>> Completely?
00:48:11>> Yes.
00:48:11The hinges on the left side of the door.
00:48:15>> What material is this door made out of?
00:48:21>> Wrought iron, steel.
00:48:22>> Go on.
00:48:23>> I made sure everything was fine.
00:48:25He paid me.
00:48:25If it wasn't done right, he would not have paid me.
00:48:28Everything was done right.
00:48:30I gave him a copy of the receipt, which I have the duplicate.
00:48:36>> Did you hear from him a week later?
00:48:38>> No, your honor.
00:48:41When I heard from him, he said I need to you to look at it again.
00:48:46When I went over again, the whole frame on the right side is rotted out.
00:48:52I have pictures of the hinges that I welded for him showing the door is in good condition.
00:49:02>> Showing that the door was what?
00:49:04>> That's the hinges that i weld.
00:49:07These are the hinges that i welded on.
00:49:10It's perfect.
00:49:10Nothing is wrong with it.
00:49:11 stone, you have your door, the whole side on the right side, the frame is rotted out.
00:49:18You should have painted -- this is from years of -- >> wait.
00:49:22I'm not getting it.
00:49:22Is it september or november that he calls you?
00:49:25>> He called me september z.
00:49:29>> When you see the door, what is wrong?
00:49:32>> He said the door is not closingment e -- closing.
00:49:37First he said because the door is not closing.
00:49:39You didn't do it right.
00:49:40>> Tell mow -- me how the frame is not closing.
00:49:45>> It's rotted out from the support at the bottom.
00:49:49So moved away from the wall.
00:49:50I have pictures showing it.
00:49:51>> Let me see that.
00:49:54>> The first part shows the rotten part and the second shows how it's away from the wall.
00:50:01>> How old is the door?
00:50:03>> We're living in the house about 12 years.
00:50:05I believe it was there before i arrived.
00:50:09>> I believe it arrived before we were on the earth combined.
00:50:12It's really old and it's rotted and rusted.
00:50:15Why should his job last you -- let's assume that, you know -- I'm not buying this, oh, i noticed it a week later but i couldn't find it.
00:50:25I'm not buying it.
00:50:27I'm a little insulted you thought I would.
00:50:30How long do you expect the hinge last you that he should return the money when the first time you surface again, it's six months later on a door that old and rotted?
00:50:39>> Who is about to get unhinged?
00:50:43Will the plaintiff get 150 bucks?
00:50:45Judge milian rules next.
00:50:47>> If you would like free tickets to be part of our courtroom audience, call ,,,,,,,,,, ]Most aren't need.
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00:53:19>> Guy waited six months.
00:53:21Too long?
00:53:21>> He's out of luck.
00:53:23He waited too long.
00:53:23>> Do you have to like immediately complain?
00:53:28>> Yeah.
00:53:29Like if there's a problem with it, then you're immediately going to notice it.
00:53:34You have to complain.
00:53:36>> You should boom, immediately complain?
00:53:39>> Definitely immediately complain.
00:53:41>> Wait a week?
00:53:41>> You're out of luck.
00:53:43>> You're a harsh person.
00:53:44>> It's like a put a band-aid on the hemorrhage and now you want the surgery for the price of the band-aid.
00:53:50>> The preplacement of the hinges was obviously not the correct repair for this door.
00:53:55>> The correct repair would be to buy a new door.
00:53:58>> Then why didn't he say so?
00:53:59>> You want him to say so.
00:54:01>> Why did he go ahead -- >> for $150 you were able to kick the can down the road for awhile.
00:54:06>> For a week?
00:54:09>> A week?
00:54:09If I believed you, that would be fine but I don't believe you at all on that.
00:54:17At all.
00:54:17It is insulting to me that you are insisting that once again.
00:54:20You knew how to find this place six months later, okay?
00:54:24And it is insulting to me that under oath, you look me in the eye and insist that you knew that this was wrong a week later and said nothing for six months.
00:54:33Now I'm starting to get a little hot under the collar that you have said it a third time.
00:54:37>> It's a fact.
00:54:39>> Verdict for the defendant.
00:54:42>> Thank you, your honor.
00:54:44>> Something about that testimony just didn't add up so come on in here.
00:54:47You come out on the losing end of this case.
00:54:49And so turn around a little bit this week next to him.
00:54:53What's your feeling coming out of the courtroom after that?
00:54:59>> She didn't believe it took me six months.
00:55:00If you would look at my desk and see all the mess, then she might understand why something could be displaced for six months.
00:55:09Sfwl and then you could understand why she doesn't believe you.
00:55:12>> That's her prerogative.
00:55:16>> Okay.
00:55:16Right down this way.
00:55:21Is there any better way you could have handled the door?
00:55:23>> I did the best with the situation at hand.
00:55:28>> Why didn't you tell him to get a new door?
00:55:30>> There's nothing wrong with the hinges.
00:55:32All he had to do was take a steel brush, clean up the door and paint it.
00:55:38He wouldn't have this problem.
00:55:40>> Okay, harvey.
00:55:41>> There are two simple