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00:00:03>> female announcer: Coming up on "The Potter's Touch." >> Bishop T.D. Jakes: God says, "I am not in the business of being sought less.
00:00:10I want you to make me first and come to me first." "When do you want me to seek you, Lord?
00:00:15Late at night?" "No.
00:00:17Early in the morning." Whenever God asks you for something, he'll also ask you for his first, because God wants to be the priority in your life, not the afterthought after you talked to everybody else.
00:00:29He said, "As soon as you eyes open up in the morning, seek me early in the morning, and I will bless you, because I am first." Somebody say, "He is first." ♪ This is "The Potter's Touch" ♪
00:00:46>> Bishop Jakes: Hello, friends.
00:00:47I'm so excited to have the opportunity to share the infallible riches of God's word with you.
00:00:52The message today is called "The Famine is Over." Oh, hallelujah, without even hearing it, just the title so How do we deal with the drought in our lives?
00:01:02Not always financial droughts.
00:01:04Sometimes there are emotional droughts.
00:01:06Sometimes there are droughts that come into our lives in such a way we feel empty in places we can't even explain to people.
00:01:15God's answers don't always come to us in ways we expect.
00:01:19Miracles are born out of need, but we don't want to need anything.
00:01:23I want to pronounce a benediction over your famine.
00:01:26The message, "The Famine is Over." >> Bishop Jakes: Go up to sidon in Zarephath, and there you will find a widow, and I will feed you through this woman.
00:01:43Can you imagine being Elijah getting out of the brook going, "You thought you had me, didn't you?
00:01:48All you haters talking about me.
00:01:50I'm good.
00:01:51See ya, I wouldn't want to be ya." Goes right up to Sidon, and God says, "There she is." And here comes this woman.
00:02:05And he says, "Her Lord?" Sometimes God's answers don't look like what we had in mind.
00:02:17Because I pictured a widow in a mansion.
00:02:20Old widow with a lot of money.
00:02:22Bentley in the driveway.
00:02:25Stereo system in the house.
00:02:26Outdoor pool.
00:02:28I'll go get in the pool.
00:02:30The river is dried up, I'll go get in the pool.
00:02:31It's going to be good.
00:02:32It's gonna be fine.
00:02:34But her, in that shack, on them bony legs and those trembling knees?
00:02:44She don't look like she can take care of herself.
00:02:48"This is your answer to my drought?" He says, "Yeah." He goes over to the woman and he says, "I'm thirsty." Miracles are made out of need.
00:03:13Miracles are made out of need.
00:03:17If there is not a need to challenge you, there will not be a word to stir you.
00:03:23So when you ask God to stir your faith, he'll stir your need.
00:03:28He'll stir you and challenge you in an area of your vulnerability, because you'll never find out what you got until you've been challenged beyond what you see.
00:03:40So here he comes down to the house to meet the widow, and he goes to the widow and goes, "I'm thirsty." And he challenges her limitations.
00:03:51If it were within her reach, if it would be easy for her to do, it wouldn't be a miracle.
00:03:59She said, "Well, you know, it normally, wouldn't be no problem, but I have this situation going on.
00:04:07You know?
00:04:08I'm trying to raise these two boys by myself, and, and, and, and, and we are in a drought, sir.
00:04:18Didn't you watch CNN?
00:04:22Or FOX?
00:04:25We are in a drought.
00:04:30The thing that I rely on, that I counted on, that I depended on is gone for me too." She said, "In fact, right before you came over, I was gathering two sticks.
00:04:46Now, you know you're broke when you're counting sticks.
00:04:51Two sticks.
00:04:54To differentiate from the woman next door who only had one stick.
00:04:56"I got two sticks.
00:04:58I got just enough fire for us to have a final supper with my two boys, and then I will be like the rest of those bodies down at the end of the street that are wrapped in burlap about to be buried.
00:05:15I watched my neighbors go.
00:05:17I watched the friends around the corner go.
00:05:20I fought it as long as I could.
00:05:22I'm down to my last two sticks.
00:05:25I've got a handful of meal.
00:05:27I've got a little bit of oil.
00:05:29I'm going to make a little bit of bread.
00:05:31I'm going to eat it.
00:05:32And I'm going to die." And he says, "Okay." And I guess she said, "What kind of prophet are you?" The woman telling you she's getting ready to die with her kids.
00:05:45Notice how poverty is generational.
00:05:53It has its own culture.
00:05:56It has its own mentality.
00:05:58And poverty is not as much about not having money.
00:06:02It's about a mindset.
00:06:05It's a mindset.
00:06:07It's a mindset.
00:06:09It's a mindset.
00:06:10And once you get in that poverty mentality, money won't bring you out.
00:06:17Because your mind will always rob you of the opportunity your money gave you.
00:06:22It's a mindset.
00:06:25You have to break the culture of it.
00:06:26It's the way you think.
00:06:27It's the way you handle stuff.
00:06:29It's the way you perceive value.
00:06:31It's a mindset.
00:06:32You gained something just being raised in a house there's prosperity.
00:06:37You get to hear conversations you wouldn't hear.
00:06:40You get a mentality you wouldn't get.
00:06:43You get a way of processing problems that you wouldn't get.
00:06:45When your daddy's solution for not having money is to, "Run that cable cord out the window, Helen, over to the neighbor's house." Ain't nobody-- That's a mindset.
00:06:58That's a mindset.
00:06:59That get over spirit is a mindset.
00:07:03So even when you start doing better, you still acquiesce to the culture of poverty, and there you are making $70,000.00 a year talking about, "Run that cord out the window." And you're stealing something you could have paid for, because it's a mindset.
00:07:24"It's not just me that's starving, prophet.
00:07:27My starvation has affected my children.
00:07:33And so, I'm going to feed them what I eat," which is part of the problem.
00:07:39Because when all you feed the kids is what you eat, they'll only think like you think or have what you have.
00:07:46So she said, "I'm going to feed them what I eat, and I already know while I'm chewing it, we're going to die.
00:07:57We're in a famine.
00:08:00There's a drought going on, man.
00:08:03All I got left is this, and we're going to die.
00:08:07I know what I have.
00:08:09I know it's not enough.
00:08:11I know it will not sustain me.
00:08:14I'm going to eat it and die." Eating is about living.
00:08:21But she says, "I'm going to eat it and die." And he says, "Okay, go and fix yourself some lunch, but just make a little cake for me first." He doesn't tell her, "Thus I say unto you this day the famine is over.
00:08:39You're going to go someplace.
00:08:42You'll not die like your neighbors.
00:08:47You're going to come through and succeed.
00:08:49You're going to overcome.
00:08:50Glory to God.
00:08:52Hallelujah." He doesn't say that.
00:08:55He says, "Go ahead and die." He doesn't give her any hope of life.
00:09:04He puts demand on her demand.
00:09:08He says, "Go ahead and die, but before you die..." Now see, I'm not sure God could have used me in this story.
00:09:18I'll be honest.
00:09:20Because if I went to the man of God and said, "We're going to get ready to eat this cake.
00:09:24Me and three are going to eat this cake.
00:09:26We're going to die, that's all we can do." And he said, "Go ahead and die, but before you die..." What, what was being tested in this woman was her respect for God's word.
00:09:50What is being tested in this woman is, do you esteem your need over his?
00:09:59The carnal mind says, "I'm not thinking about you.
00:10:04I told you, I'm already down and out.
00:10:06I'm going to bake this cake and eat and die.
00:10:08You better knock on somebody else's door." The spiritual mind says, "It's not enough anyway.
00:10:17Why would I be stingy when it's not enough anyway?
00:10:23I'm hungry.
00:10:24The kids are hungry.
00:10:26He's hungry.
00:10:27This won't fix it, but it will set a precedence that even while I was going down, I put God first." Here is the power of the text.
00:10:39It is not just that she gave to the prophet.
00:10:44It is that she gave to him first.
00:10:47That's what unlocked the miracle.
00:10:50That's what unlocked the miracle.
00:10:51Not just that she gave.
00:10:53If she had said, "Okay, I'll tell you what, I'm going to eat.
00:10:56Me and the kids are going to eat.
00:10:57And if we got any crumbs left, you can have some." She would have never gotten her miracle.
00:11:03The miracle is in one thing.
00:11:04And that was the text is all about.
00:11:06It's not about prophecy.
00:11:14It's not about prophecy.
00:11:16Had it been about prophecy he would have prophesied, "It's over.
00:11:21I've come to your house today.
00:11:23It's going to be good from here on out.
00:11:25Turn your mourning into dancing.
00:11:27It's over.
00:11:28Hallelujah." Prophecy.
00:11:31He didn't give her no prophecy.
00:11:32He didn't give her no promise.
00:11:35He didn't say, "If you just, if you just go in there, everything will be fine." No.
00:11:39He said, "Go on and eat it and die, just bake a little cake for me first." And most people would have died right then.
00:11:52Something in her background taught her, seek ye first the kingdom of God in all his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.
00:12:09It's not just seeking God.
00:12:11It's seeking God...
00:12:14Ya'll don't hear me.
00:12:15It's not just seeking him.
00:12:17It's seeking him first.
00:12:19Now, be fair.
00:12:20Don't you get disgusted at people who seek you last?
00:12:25After they have made the mess, followed everybody else's advice, lost the car.
00:12:32Now they're coming back to get the dog too.
00:12:35And then they call you "What should I do?" You say, "You should have called me three months ago." God said, "I'm not in the business of being sought last.
00:12:45I want you to make me first and come to me first." "When do you want me to seek you, Lord, late at night?" "No, early in the morning." Whenever God asks you for something, he'll always ask you for his first, because God wants to be the priority in your life, not the afterthought after you talked to everybody else.
00:13:04He said, "As soon as your eyes open up in the morning, seek me early in the morning, and I will bless you, because I am first." Somebody say, "He is first." >> female announcer: Still to come on "The Potter's Touch." >> Bishop Jakes: I got a little bit of love.
00:13:20I got a little bit of strength.
00:13:22High five somebody, say, "I got a little bit." Whenever gets ready to work, he will always use a little bit.
00:13:32If nothing but a little bit of fish and a little bit of bread, he'll feed five thousand folks.
00:13:40If you got a little bit.
00:13:42If there's nothing but a jawbone of an ass, he'll destroy the Philistines.
00:13:47If you got a little bit.
00:13:51>> female announcer: A harvest starts with a small seed.
00:13:53>> Bishop Jakes: If he showed the orchard, everybody would snatch it.
00:13:57So he'll hide it in a seed.
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00:14:53>> Bishop Jakes: Do you see what's feeding you?
00:14:56God said, "If I'm your God, don't let me be your God at midnight.
00:15:00Let me be your God early in the morning!
00:15:03Seek me first!
00:15:05Call upon me while I'm yet near.
00:15:08Forsake your wicked ways." So he says one thing to the woman.
00:15:15He says, "Bake a little cake." He didn't ask for much.
00:15:19He didn't ask for all.
00:15:21Just a portion.
00:15:23He said, "Just a portion first." And as she was going to obey what he said, he said, "As the Lord lives, your meal barrel will not run out." Watch this closely.
00:15:44He didn't say, "Your meal barrel will run over." He said it will not run out.
00:15:51I want to talk to some people that you haven't run over, but you haven't run out.
00:16:00Talk to me, somebody.
00:16:02Talk to me, somebody.
00:16:04I don't have enough that I can brag.
00:16:07I don't have enough that I can take off work.
00:16:10I don't have enough that I can act crazy.
00:16:12I don't have a running over blessing, but I got something.
00:16:15Every time I reach...
00:16:26Touch your neighbor and tell them, "It's time for you to stretch." He said, "I'm going to design, I'm going to design a miracle for you that's going to require you to stretch in order to be able to get it.
00:16:40You'll have to work to be able to get it.
00:16:43I'm not going to send you four loaves of bread.
00:16:46I'll send you handfuls of potential, and every time you stretch I'll give you a handful of potential." My God, I feel myself about to preach this morning.
00:16:59See, I know God can make bread if he wants to.
00:17:03Because he proved it for children of Israel.
00:17:06When they got hungry, God didn't send them meal.
00:17:09He sent them manna down from heaven.
00:17:12So I know God can make bread when he wants to.
00:17:15But when God is trying to teach you, he won't give you the bread.
00:17:19He'll give you the meal.
00:17:21And if you'll stretch for it, he'll give you a handful of potential.
00:17:26Who am I preaching to this morning?
00:17:31Tell your neighbor, "Neighbor, if you stretch, God will fill your hands with potential." I'm going to give you a minute to shout, if there's a shout in here anywhere.
00:17:44Touch three people and say, "What is that in your hand?" What is that in your hand?
00:17:52What is that in your hand?
00:17:53You must discover, you must discover the power of what you've got left.
00:18:02Until you understand the power of what you've got left, you can't change your situation.
00:18:09As long as you look at your situation--see, some of you are cursing your situation, because you're looking at what you got left as if it is powerless.
00:18:20But the Lord sent me here to tell you that what you've got left is powerful.
00:18:26If you stretch, God will open up the windows of heaven.
00:18:32If you stretch.
00:18:35O God, I feel the Holy Ghost about to take this place over.
00:18:39If you stretch.
00:18:41Slap your neighbor and say, "Stretch." My, my, my, my, my.
00:18:53Touch five people and tell them, "I got a little bit." I got a little bit.
00:18:59I got a little bit.
00:19:00I got a little bit.
00:19:02Yeah, that's what I got.
00:19:03I got a little bit.
00:19:03I got a little bit.
00:19:05I got a little bit of faith.
00:19:08I got a little bit of power.
00:19:11I got a little bit of love.
00:19:13I got a little bit of strength.
00:19:15High five somebody, say, "I got a little bit." Whenever God gets ready to work, he will always use a little bit if only a little bit of fish and a little bit of bread, he'll feed five thousand folk if you got a little bit.
00:19:35If nothing but a jawbone of an ass, he'll destroy the Philistines.
00:19:41If you got a little bit.
00:19:43Ya'll don't hear what I'm saying.
00:19:45Slap your neighbor and tell them, "I got a little bit." I can't see clearly.
00:19:53I can see men walking like trees.
00:19:56I thank you, Lord, for a little bit.
00:19:59Every now and then, you got to shout over a little bit.
00:20:06Somebody give God praise for a little bit.
00:20:11Lord, I thank you for the little bit I got right now.
00:20:16Lord, I thank you.
00:20:18I can't hear ya'll praising God.
00:20:24The amazing thing is that God does the most when you got a little bit.
00:20:35Abraham said, "Lord, you should have done this when I was young.
00:20:46My factory is broke down.
00:20:49It's still there, but it's broke.
00:20:52Her factory, it ain't never been there.
00:20:57But she's there.
00:20:59And if you're going to give us a miracle, you should have given us a miracle when we were young.
00:21:04You wait until I'm 99 years old.
00:21:07I just got a little bit of life." What?
00:21:10I just got a little bit.
00:21:13I just got a little bit.
00:21:15I just got a little bit.
00:21:16I just got a little bit.
00:21:18I just got a little bit.
00:21:20If you got a little bit of life, if you got a little bit of wisdom, if you got a little bit of strength, if you've got a little bit of beauty, whatever little bit you got, you need to use it and let God open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing!
00:21:45Now, I'm almost finished, but I want to show you this.
00:21:48Because anybody who ever got blessed always got blessed with not enough.
00:21:56Give me some.
00:21:59With not enough.
00:22:01They never had enough anything to do everything.
00:22:05But see, when you get rid of that mentality where you're cursing your little bit and you see your little bit as a nucleus for what God is about to do in your life.
00:22:22Little bit.
00:22:23Touch your neighbor and say, "I got a little bit." I'm old but I'm not dead.
00:22:30I got a little bit of strength left.
00:22:32I got a little bit of power.
00:22:33I don't have the money I want, but I got a little bit.
00:22:36I got a little bit.
00:22:37I got a little bit.
00:22:39And God says, "The principle is in the priorities.
00:22:45If you don't master it on a small scale, you won't master it on a large scale." You understand what I'm saying?
00:22:55God let me be broke with no money.
00:22:58He let me be prosperous with all kind of money.
00:23:01And I ended up in the same place and I asked him, "What's wrong?" He said, "It's not the amount.
00:23:06It's your method.
00:23:10It's your method.
00:23:11And whether it's a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars, you will always be broke, because you have the methodology of poverty.
00:23:20You don't have your priorities in the right place.
00:23:23When I do give you a thousand, you buy what you want and beg what you need." And he said, "Until you get your priorities straight, I can't afford to bless you, because I can't bless you if I can't trust you." Ya'll don't hear me.
00:23:40I said, "I can't bless you if I can't trust you.
00:23:44But if you show me that you'll fix your method, then I can make an investment in your life.
00:23:50In fact, if you'll put first things first..." God said, "I'll open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing you won't have room enough to receive." Slap somebody, say, "First things first." The whole principle of tithing is not gambling at a casino.
00:24:12It is a commitment to priority.
00:24:15It is saying, "God, I put you first.
00:24:18Whenever you put God first, he will arise and let your enemies be scattered.
00:24:26Your figs will not cast their fruit before their time.
00:24:30Your leaf will not wither.
00:24:33Your enemies will be your footstool, because you put God-- "It's crazy, but I'm going to do it.
00:24:45I'm going to make a little cake for you first." "Mama, we're hungry." She said, "Wait a minute, I'm making a cake for the prophet first." And she made a little cake and brought him and gave him the cake.
00:24:58And then, the reason I told you that the famine is over and not the drought is because all outside of her house the drought persisted.
00:25:20It would have gotten her house, but because of the man of God, she said, "I know it's still dry.
00:25:31I know there hasn't been any rain.
00:25:33My cow collapsed.
00:25:36My sheep are dead.
00:25:38My chicken dehydrated." She said, "All I know is when I need a handful..." See, you were shouting because I said the famine was over, but what you need to understand is that the beauty of the prophecy is that the famine is over though the drought continues.
00:26:02God says, "If I get ready to bless you, I don't need any outside circumstance to be lining up right for you to be blessed.
00:26:12A thousand can fall at thy right side.
00:26:15Ten thousand can fall at your left side.
00:26:18But if I decide to bless your house, no weapon formed against you shall be able to prosper.
00:26:26Every tongue that rises--I wish I had a witness.
00:26:31If I had somebody in this place that God made a way out of no way, jump up on your feet as a witness!
00:26:47>> Bishop Jakes: I've got to stop.
00:26:48I don't want to stop.
00:26:50Lord knows I know what it is to survive famines in my own life, and I believe I can be a tour guide into a better way of handling some tough situations.
00:27:00Speaking of which, there are so many tools and secrets I learned down through the years that I'm finally sharing in this book, "Destiny, Step Into Your Purpose." I want you to get your hands on a copy so you and I can go together, we can read together, hey, we can grow together.
00:27:17"Destiny." It's for you.
00:27:20>> female: I'm sorry, Brian, we're going to have to let you go.
00:27:23>> Bishop Jakes: Failure is not the end.
00:27:25>> female: We've had to make staff changes.
00:27:27>> Bishop Jakes: Listen for destiny out there to call.
00:27:31Destiny awaits you.
00:27:33Will you take the first step?
00:27:35>> male announcer: "Destiny" is written to connect what's in you with the purpose that awaits you.
00:27:40The first action step requires faith.
00:27:44Order "Destiny" today everywhere books are sold.
00:27:47>> Bishop Jakes: There is more.
00:27:53>> Bishop Jakes: My famine is over.
00:27:55I can't tell you about your famine, but my famine is over.
00:28:01As for me and my house, as for me and my house, as for me and my house.
00:28:10Oh, this is your year to stretch.
00:28:16This is your year to stretch out and watch God bless you.
00:28:21Give God a praise.
00:28:24♪ This is "The Potter's Touch, ♪
00:28:28♪ yeah. ♪♪♪