Boxing - 2008: Arthur Abraham vs. Edison Miranda - II   View more episodes

Aired at 06:00 PM on Saturday, May 01, 2010 (5/1/2010)      View all transcripts from this day


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00:04:46For ststceceifif edison raraaa%h@ had owowupupn n e e d d ststiih@ thinitits veryikiky y w wldld .h@ and a aetethohocacasesee,e,ee is o n n b bauause few berer arasasomomtttt t tseseeking a%h@ knocututt t y y ststh@% buwhwh y y''re fhthtg g mama yococodndnt ococououeveven%h@ thghghe e d d brbrenenawaworor 8 rodsdshohododoououininh@%h@ we, , u u I ibybyigigininththh@ rit t ghghststtetegically dd techcacay,y,ececsesehihis fight%h@ mighgogo w wlele h@ 4 4 f1 % >> as we check the numbers, the ..h@%h@ miranda, who is looking more cut and muscular since mov%g [email protected] super middleweight, came backh@%h@ down to 165 yesterday.
00:07:48h@ [email protected] from middleweight.
00:07:52Was initially a half pound overh@%h@ the catchweight, then hit the