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00:00:00>> The baby daddy is accusing me.
00:00:01>> Steve: Right.
00:00:03The father of the child is accusing you of molesting the daughter.
00:00:10>> Yes.
00:00:11>> Steve: How old is the daughter?
00:00:12>> She's 3.
00:00:12>> Steve: I have to ask you, did you molest this girl?
00:00:13>> Hell no.
00:00:15>> Steve: Since you're accused of molesting a little girl we're going to do the interview standing up.
00:00:24>> Okay.
00:00:24>> Steve: Why don't you tell me what's going on.
00:00:30>> Well, about a year ago I met this guy named chris [ bleep ].
00:00:33>> Steve: And this is the little girl's father.
00:00:35>> That's the little girl's [ bleep ] dad.
00:00:47He wanted to accuse me of molesting his 3-year-old daughter.
00:00:51>> Steve: And why is that?
00:00:51>> We don't know.
00:00:52That's why we're coming here to get some answers today.
00:00:57>> Steve: Okay.
00:01:00And how long have you been accused of this?
00:01:02>> About a year now.
00:01:02>> Steve: A year now?
00:01:03>> Yes.
00:01:04>> Steve: And have you been arrested at all?
00:01:08>> No.
00:01:09He hasn't called the police or nothing like that.
00:01:10I'm not one that called the show.
00:01:11I've been calling the police about the situation.
00:01:13He don't do nothing but accuse.
00:01:14>> Steve: You were friends with the mother for a long time?
00:01:16>> Yes.
00:01:17>> Steve: How long?
00:01:18>> I've known mickey since I was 8.
00:01:21>> Steve: And they're not together now?
00:01:22>> No.
00:01:24>> Steve: So you think it's because you were hanging out with her?
00:01:29>> That's probably most of the reason why.
00:01:34>> Steve: But then you said there's somebody else in the picture?
00:01:36>> Uh-huh.
00:01:41>> Steve: Who is the new one?
00:01:42>> His new baby mama.
00:01:42>> Steve: And she doesn't like you?
00:01:43>> I stopped hanging out with her to start hanging out with mickey.
00:01:47>> Steve: Your relationship to the little girl, right?
00:01:55>> I look at her like she's like my goddaughter.
00:01:56>> Steve: And you love her?
00:01:57>> Yes.
00:01:58>> Steve: And your relationship with her?
00:01:59>> Is real good.
00:02:00>> Steve: And you're very protective of her?
00:02:01>> Yeah.
00:02:02>> Steve: And you would never do anything to her?
00:02:03>> No.
00:02:04>> Steve: Before the show did you take any lie detector test?
00:02:05>> Yes.
00:02:14>> Steve: Is there any open investigation on this?
00:02:15>> No.
00:02:16>> Steve: Who is this guy telling?
00:02:17>> Pretty much his side of the family.
00:02:18>> Steve: And how is this affecting you?
00:02:20>> Me and mickey can be walking down the street and we'll see one of our friends and they'll pull her to the side and ask her all kinds of questions.
00:02:29Is she being molested by pookie?
00:02:33That's my nickname.
00:02:35>> Steve: Why do they call you pookie?
00:02:40>> That's just the nickname they GAVE ME. >> Steve: Crazy thing is, that's what they call me too.
00:02:57Now, the guy that's the father, what's his name?
00:02:58>> Chris.
00:02:59>> Steve: Is he a good dad?
00:03:01>> I don't think so.
00:03:02>> Steve: And why do you say that?
00:03:04>> Because he can accuse me of molesting his daughter but he don't call the police or anything like that.
00:03:10>> Steve: Right.
00:03:17That's a good point.
00:03:18If somebody is molesting your child you would call the police and open an investigation.
00:03:21>> Right.
00:03:28>> Steve: Have you ever confronted him and said, hey, what the hell are you saying?
00:03:34>> No.
00:03:34Supposedly he was supposed to come up to me and say all that, ask me what's going on.
00:03:37>> Steve: He's never confronted you?
00:03:38>> Huh-uh.
00:03:39>> Steve: He never said, hey, did you molest my daughter?
00:03:41>> No.
00:03:47>> Steve: Did you do this to my daughter?
00:03:50>> No.
00:03:51>> Steve: But he tells everybody else you did this to his daughter?
00:03:52>> Uh-huh.
00:03:53>> Steve: All right, pookie, I myanmar lesson, let's bring out chris.
00:03:58He's the father of the little girl.
00:03:59He's saying you molested his daughter.
00:04:01Let's bring out chris.
00:04:03>> I want to know why you going around accusing me of molesting your daughter.
00:04:11Chris, you know I'm gay as hell.
00:04:13I'm not molesting no little girl.
00:04:17This is not that.
00:04:19You are not about to accuse me of molesting no 3-year-old.
00:04:28>> Why is she telling my family members that?
00:04:29Why is my baby begging me not to take her back to her mama's house?
00:04:35>> How is that?
00:04:37How is that?
00:04:40I never, ever.
00:04:45>> Steve: Do you sleep in the bed with the little girl?
00:04:47>> I'm not going to make her sleep on the floor when I'm sleeping in the bed.
00:04:53>> You shouldn't be sleeping with no 3-year-old girl that ain't yours.
00:04:56>> Steve: Do you believe that?
00:04:57>> No.
00:04:57If you asked her, she would tell you.
00:05:02I love marlon >> Steve: If you're going to be in the tri-state area and would like to see my show live, give us a call at 1-877-74-steve and reserve your free tickets.
00:05:21>> He forced a relationship with me.
00:05:23I got pregnant right away.
00:05:25He's keeping me his secret.
00:05:25I have your seed in my stomach.
00:05:27>> I didn't know you existed.
00:05:29I didn't know about your baby.
00:05:31>> Steve: There is one other girl that's involved in this situation.
00:05:32>> Who is this?
00:05:33>> Steve: Look at him.
00:05:34Do not sleep with him.
00:05:34Do not date him.
00:05:36That is your child.
00:05:44You're ashamed and you'rnot taking care of it.
00:05:45Tomorrow on the "steve wilkos " >> Steve: It's time to take your stand where you give me answers to today's big question, should convicted child molesters be able to attend public events in dial 877-steve-tv.
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00:09:11>> See, my whole thing is you can accuse me, but you can't call the show, you can't call the police.
00:09:21>> First off, I know I told you about it.
00:09:22>> [ Bleep ].
00:09:25Told mickey about it.
00:09:27>> No.
00:09:32>> You ain't never came to me.
00:09:33>> The first time I let it go, but don't have my daughter come back to me again.
00:09:40>> You never told me nothing about that.
00:09:44>> Yes, I have.
00:09:44>> You came to mickey and everybody else on your side of family.
00:09:50You never came to me about it.
00:09:51>> Yes, I have.
00:09:51>> No, you ain't.
00:09:52>> Yes, I have.
00:09:52>> Steve: First of all, you're really gay?
00:09:55>> Yes.
00:10:08>> Steve: Listen, you're saying this man molested your daughter, right?
00:10:12>> Yeah.
00:10:13My daughter comes back and says he's touching her.
00:10:14>> Steve: How old is your daughter?
00:10:15>> 3.
00:10:18>> Steve: Your 3-year-old daughter comes to you and says this man is molesting me, right?
00:10:24>> Yeah.
00:10:24>> Steve: How come you have not called the police and this man is not under arrest?
00:10:30>> The first time she came to me, I went to her mom with it.
00:10:36I told her mom, look -- >> Steve: No.
00:10:37I don't know what world you live in.
00:10:42Let me say this.
00:10:43I hear these stories and I'm like [ bleep ].
00:10:45If my son came to me and said someone molested him I'd be over there with the police within two seconds.
00:11:02>> I don't call the police.
00:11:03>> Steve: You never called the police?
00:11:04>> I will never, ever call the police.
00:11:05>> Steve: How do you handle things?
00:11:06>> I'll handle it myself.
00:11:06>> Steve: How do you handle it?
00:11:09>> The first time it was six -- maybe over six months the first time she told me.
00:11:18So I told her mom, look, man, my daughter just come to me -- >> Steve: Your daughter told you this man -- >> she told me that he touches her while they sleep.
00:11:28>> Steve: Touches her where?
00:11:29>> Her area.
00:11:29>> Steve: Her private area.
00:11:30>> That's what I call it.
00:11:31>> Steve: How many times has she told you?
00:11:33>> She never told me a specific amount of times.
00:11:35When she came and told me about it, I didn't care how many times.
00:11:39If it happened one time, he don't need to be around my daughter.
00:11:47>> Steve: How many times has she said it?
00:11:50>> She said it twice now.
00:11:51The first time I told her mom.
00:11:52>> Steve: But she told you six months ago?
00:11:55>> Yeah.
00:11:55>> Steve: In the past six months, what have you done about this?
00:11:57>> I thought about it a lot.
00:11:58>> Steve: You thought about it a lot?
00:12:02>> Hold on.
00:12:02Can I finish?
00:12:04I'm like, okay, man, if he's really touching her, you know what I mean, he don't need to be around my daughter.
00:12:12You should never have your kid around anybody that said they touched them.
00:12:16You should never put your daughter in a situation -- >> Steve: What are you doing about it?
00:12:22>> There's nothing I really can do.
00:12:24I don't call the police.
00:12:24I've never called the police.
00:12:25>> Steve: Why not?
00:12:26>> I'm not a police caller.
00:12:28>> Steve: It's your responsibility as a father to take certain measures when somebody harms your daughter.
00:12:41>> I'll whis his ass and make sure he never does it again.
00:12:47>> Steve: You ain't whooped his ps his ass and make sure he never does it again.
00:12:53>> Steve: You ain't whooped his his ass and make sure he never does it again.
00:12:55>> Steve: You ain't whooped his ass.
00:12:56>> I said the first time I'm going to take your word for it but don't let my daughter come to me again.
00:12:59>> Steve: How about the second time?
00:13:00>> I haven't seen him since the second time.
00:13:01Right here is the second time I've seen him since.
00:13:02>> Steve: What do you have to say about that?
00:13:03>> He saw me the other night when I walked into the gas station.
00:13:05He didn't say nothing then.
00:13:05>> I sure didn't see you.
00:13:06>> You looked dead at me.
00:13:09>> Steve: Since these accusations, have you seen the little girl?
00:13:11>> Yeah.
00:13:14>> Steve: Do you sleep with the little girl?
00:13:18>> I'm not going to make sure sleep on the floor when I'm sleeping in the bed.
00:13:30>> Steve: So she does sleep in the bed with you?
00:13:31>> Yeah.
00:13:32She sleeps at this end and i sleep at this end.
00:13:33>> She's 3 years old.
00:13:34You shouldn't be sleeping with her.
00:13:35>> I love her like she's my goddaughter.
00:13:42>> Her mom don't have no say.
00:13:43>> I was there.
00:13:45>> It don't matter.
00:13:46>> Okay.
00:13:55>> Steve: How long have you known this man?
00:13:56>> A little over a year.
00:13:57Same time I got with my [ bleep ] is when I met him.
00:13:58I ain't never liked him.
00:14:01All he does is just talks crap.
00:14:01You know what I mean?
00:14:04He'll try to act cool with you one minute and go behind your back and talk about you to a different person.
00:14:10So I ain't never really liked him.
00:14:11>> Steve: Talking about you?
00:14:11>> Yeah.
00:14:12About me.
00:14:14>> Steve: About what?
00:14:15>> Even about his best friend mickey.
00:14:18He talks stuff about her all the time.
00:14:20>> Steve: This is the mother of your child?
00:14:22>> This is my oldest daughter's mom.
00:14:34>> Steve: Any signs she said pookie is molesting her?
00:14:36>> I've been there for her since the day she was born.
00:14:37After she was 6 months old I got custody of her until she was 2 1/2 years old.
00:14:41>> Steve: How did you lose custody?
00:14:43>> I gave her mom joint custody.
00:14:48I said, look, I'll let you get joint custody so that way you can have her.
00:14:52>> Steve: You know what, I can't get past the fact, though -- I'm sorry.
00:14:57Your daughter is 3 years old.
00:14:59She tells you she's molested.
00:15:00And you've done nothing about it.
00:15:05>> The first time -- after the first time it happened, her mom told me she was taking her to the hospital and the doctors ran test and it come back she had never been touched.
00:15:16I'm talking to a couple people.
00:15:17She tells them did take her to the hospital but the hospital didn't run no tests on her, that the doctor said there was probably just a rumor.
00:15:25>> Steve: How often do you see your daughter?
00:15:26>> I try to come over at least once or twice a week to see her.
00:15:30Sometimes I don't get to.
00:15:31>> Steve: And how often is he there?
00:15:35>> That's her mom's best friend.
00:15:36So he's around her quite a bit.
00:15:38>> Steve: So he's around her much more than you are?
00:15:39>> Yeah.
00:15:41As of lately, yeah.
00:15:42>> Steve: As of lately?
00:15:44>> I've been without a job four months now.
00:15:49>> Steve: What's that got to do with spending time with your daughter?
00:15:51>> Okay.
00:15:51So I'm going to take my daughter with me outside.
00:15:56Would you take your daughter to go sleep outside?
00:15:58No, you wouldn't.
00:16:00>> Steve: If I was unemployed, i would spend more time with my daughter.
00:16:10>> Steve: If somebody is accused of molesting your daughter, you call the police.
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00:19:27>> Steve: Is somebody hurting you and you need me to stand up for you?
00:19:29Call me at 1-888-steve-07.
00:19:40>> Steve: No matter where I'm at, my daughter is with me, and that includes being outside.
00:19:45>> You would let your daughter sleep outside?
00:19:47>> Steve: You know what, who is going to protect her more than me?
00:19:52>> Not you obviously if you're letting her sleep outside with you.
00:19:53>> Steve: You know what, I'm not going to let her sleep in the bed with another man.
00:19:59>> Tell her mother that.
00:20:05Don't tell me that.
00:20:06Tell her mother.
00:20:06>> Steve: You're the man who hasn't called the police.
00:20:08>> I told you I don't call the police.
00:20:09>> Steve: Well, you know what, you're not doing your daughter any good favors there, buddy.
00:20:13>> Okay.
00:20:17Well, I'll tell you now, if it comes out that he did touch my daughter, I'll make sure my daughter will never have to -- >> Steve: What are you doing?
00:20:22You're not doing anything.
00:20:23>> Okay.
00:20:27>> Steve: I'm unemployed so i can't spend time with my daughter.
00:20:29>> That's not what I said.
00:20:38>> Steve: Some man, he -- my daughter is telling me this man is molesting her but I don't call the police.
00:20:43I take care of business myself.
00:20:46>> No.
00:20:49>> Steve: But I haven't done anything yet.
00:21:04Here's a guy on my stand accused of molesting your daughter.
00:21:05And you're going to run away?
00:21:17This is your daughter we're talking about.
00:21:23Somebody is accused of molesting your daughter, you call the police.
00:21:27>> No, you don't call the police.
00:21:31>> Steve: Get your ass out on the stage and protect your daughter.
00:21:35This is your daughter we're talking about.
00:21:38>> Yeah, it is my daughter.
00:21:39>> Steve: Well, then get out there.
00:21:44>> That is my daughter.
00:21:50Come on.
00:21:50>> Steve: Hey, listen.
00:21:51Look at me.
00:21:51Look at me.
00:21:57>> Whatever.
00:21:58Know what I mean?
00:22:01Read the results.
00:22:02Read the results.
00:22:05I want you to read the results and prove that my daughter did come to me and tell me he was touching her.
00:22:14>> Steve: Listen to me.
00:22:15>> Show those results.
00:22:20Sglgs >> Steve: I'm mad at you.
00:22:24You know you're mad at me right NOW.>> Steve: I'm mad at you.
00:22:28You know you're mad at me right now.
00:22:31You know what I'm mad about?
00:22:32This is the same thing I did when I was a cop.
00:22:33And I would see parents not making good decisions for their children.
00:22:35That's what I get mad about.
00:22:36You say you don't call the police.
00:22:38If you say somebody is hurting your child, you need to take action to protect your child.
00:22:45>> Put him in jail.
00:22:47He can get out and do it again.
00:22:50Going to jail ain't nothing.
00:22:50>> Steve: Listen, if he did anything, he's not paying the price for nothing right now.
00:22:52>> He will.
00:22:53He will.
00:22:55I promise you that.
00:22:57If it turns out he touched my daughter I promise you he will pay for his actions.
00:22:59I promise you that.
00:23:03>> Steve: Chris, you've been on the show 20 minutes now, right?
00:23:05I look at this guy.
00:23:08And I could be totally wrong.
00:23:10And I do the show from my gut instincts, right?
00:23:12All right.
00:23:16And I look at this guy and I go, is he molesting a little girl?
00:23:18>> No.
00:23:20I ain't never touched her.
00:23:22>> Steve: I don't know if I'm blinking and all that.
00:23:29You took a lie detector test before the show.
00:23:30You took a lie detector test before the show.
00:23:32All right.
00:23:32So I'm just saying I'm going to go off my gut.
00:23:34I could be wrong and you could totally embarrass me.
00:23:35I'll going to say you didn't molest her.
00:23:47Are you at all jealous of the relationship that he has?
00:23:52>> I left her mom.
00:23:52She didn't leave me.
00:23:58>> Steve: And why did you live her?
00:24:00>> Because she's lazy.
00:24:01Straight up.
00:24:02I work 12 hours and have to come home, clean my house, do my dishes, take care of my kids.
00:24:07I get two hours of sleep and have to go work 12 more hours.
00:24:10>> Steve: You say I'm breaking up with you because you're lazy.
00:24:16>> Pretty much that's exactly what I told her.
00:24:19You don't help me do nothing.
00:24:20>> Steve: What did she say to you?
00:24:21>> Oh, please don't leave me.
00:24:22I'm pregnant.
00:24:22I don't care if you are pregnant.
00:24:23I'm leaving.
00:24:24Hey, hold on.
00:24:26I said if you are pregnant i would take care of my kid.
00:24:29>> Steve: Do you have a proble seriously.
00:24:43I know you're mad at me.
00:24:44>> I'm not mad at you.
00:24:45>> Steve: Here's the thing.
00:24:48What if he fails and say he was molesting your child, right?
00:24:52What if he fails and you do something stupid, right?
00:24:58But then what happens is you get locked up.
00:25:00>> At least he won't touch my kid no more.
00:25:06>> Steve: But you know what, here's the problem.
00:25:08Who is going to protect your child from somebody else if you're locked up?
00:25:10That's why you have to do smart things and handle it through the legal system.
00:25:15>> They get three years.
00:25:18What does that teach them?
00:25:19That don't teach them nothing.
00:25:22>> Steve: We're not talking rape here.
00:25:29>> If he's sexually doing something to my daughter I call that rape.
00:25:36Whether it's child molestation or rape, it's still the same thing.
00:25:37>> Steve: What are you doing about it?
00:25:38>> I'm showing you that I'm going to do about it if the test results show he did do it.
00:25:40>> Steve: He comes to you and says marlon is molesting your daughter, what do you do about it?
00:25:47>> I took her straight to the hospital.
00:25:49>> Steve: Do you have any knowledge of marlon touching her in a sexual manner?
00:25:54And you said no.
00:25:55And the results of your lie detector test are that.
00:25:57>> Steve: If you're in new york and want to see my show, take a bus.
00:25:59Call 1-877-74-steve or visit com for free tickets and a free ride to be part of my studio audience.
00:29:05>>> Face-to-face draumpt toe-to-toe conflict.
00:29:09>> You know perfectly well that you slept with her.
00:29:11>> Heart-to-heart honest.
00:29:16>> Steve: Are you going to dig down for your children?
00:29:18It ends today.
00:29:19>> The all new season of the " >> Steve: Be tough.
00:29:27Tell the truth and set yourself free.
00:29:29>> You have no idea what you're in for.
00:29:32>> No episodes starting SEPTEMBER 13th.
00:29:40>> Steve: How has this affected your life?
00:29:46>> Really, like, it keeps me on edge now, you know what I mean, because I don't know whether or not when my daughter goes home she's safe.
00:29:49But I can't keep my baby out underneath a bridge with me.
00:29:54I can't do that.
00:29:54>> Steve: You live outside?
00:29:55>> Man.
00:29:55Sometimes I have to stay outside.
00:29:56Sometimes I don't.
00:29:58You know what I mean?
00:29:59Sometimes I have friends that will let me stay with them.
00:30:01Sometimes I don't.
00:30:01I'm not going to put my daughter in that situation.
00:30:03>> Steve: You're unemployed?
00:30:04>> There's no jobs where I'm at.
00:30:07No jobs.
00:30:08>> Steve: No drug addiction?
00:30:08>> No.
00:30:09>> Steve: Just tough times.
00:30:09All right.
00:30:10Let's bring mom out.
00:30:13>> Hey.
00:30:24Can I sit down?
00:30:25>> Steve: Oh, sure.
00:30:26Go right ahead.
00:30:26Mickey, you are friends with marlon?
00:30:27>> Yes.
00:30:28>> Steve: How long have you been friends with him?
00:30:29>> Since we were 8.
00:30:31>> Steve: Since 8 years old?
00:30:32>> Yeah.
00:30:33>> Steve: He's a really good friend of yours.
00:30:34>> Yes.
00:30:35He's my family.
00:30:35>> Steve: And you were with chris?
00:30:36>> Yeah.
00:30:43>> Steve: And you had a child together?
00:30:45>> Yeah.
00:30:46I was with chris from 13 to 17.
00:30:46>> Steve: And you had a little daughter?
00:30:48>> Yeah.
00:30:48>> Steve: Now, chris is on the show because he said marlon is molesting your daughter.
00:30:50>> Yeah.
00:30:51>> Steve: Do you believe that?
00:30:52>> No.
00:30:53>> Steve: Why don't you?
00:30:55>> Because my daughter she hasn't changed the way she felt about marlon since the time she if a child is being touched by someone, they're not going to like that person.
00:31:07They're not going to like that person.
00:31:09You know, they're not going to want that person around them.
00:31:11She loves him to death.
00:31:13If you were to ask her she would tell you, I love marlon.
00:31:16She wouldn't cry when that person left if the person was if he leaves and says he's going to the store, she wants to go too.
00:31:29She don't want to be around that person if they were, you know, sexually molesting her.
00:31:31>> Steve: Have you ever observed anything that would say, you know, he shouldn't be doing that?
00:31:35This is kind of unusual behavior?
00:31:36>> No.
00:31:39Sleeping with a 3-year-old girl that's a grown man.
00:31:42>> Steve: Just to clarify yourself, why is marlon sleeping in the same bed?
00:31:47>> My daughter could be sleeping on the couch or whatever.
00:31:49Or, you know, sleeping in her bed.
00:31:54She wakes up in the middle of the night every night.
00:31:56She'll go wake somebody up, scoot over so I can get in the bed with you.
00:32:01It's not, you know, that he's touching her or whatever.
00:32:04Because I know he's not.
00:32:05>> Steve: Right.
00:32:06Why do you think chris is saying these things?
00:32:09>> I really couldn't tell you.
00:32:11I really don't know.
00:32:14Because he has never addressed marlon about the situation, ever.
00:32:17Not once.
00:32:18And don't say that you have, because you haven't.
00:32:19>> You know I have.
00:32:21Don't sit here and try to lie for your friend because you know I have.
00:32:24It was right out in the hall way in [ bleep ].
00:32:27I told him.
00:32:28Yes, I did.
00:32:29>> No, you didn't.
00:32:30>> Yes, I did.
00:32:32>> This is going on for a year.
00:32:33You didn't address him.
00:32:34>> Steve: Let me ask you a question.
00:32:36You had a child with chris, right?
00:32:39>> Uh-huh.
00:32:40>> Steve: He comes to you and says I think marlon is molesting our child.
00:32:42>> Uh-huh.
00:32:43>> Steve: What do you do about it?
00:32:48>> I heard from people before he even addressed me about the situation.
00:32:50>> Steve: You heard from other people?
00:32:51>> Yeah.
00:33:05>> Steve: I have to ask you in you all fairness.
00:33:08He comes to you and says marlon is molesting your daughter.
00:33:12Wh did you do about it?
00:33:14>> I took her straight to the hospital.
00:33:19>> Steve: Now, that's an action.
00:33:21Take her to the hospital.
00:33:23And what did the hospital say?
00:33:28>> The hospital said it looked like she hadn't been touched and for them to check her that would be violating her more if she hadn't been touched.
00:33:36>> Why did you tell me they ran a test on her?
00:33:38>> When did I tell you that?
00:33:42>> The very next day after you brought her back from the hospital.
00:33:45>> I told you if they ran a test oner I would have papers.
00:33:48>> Steve: You're comfortable even after these allegations, you know, this is the father of your daughter saying that this man is, you know, molesting our daughter.
00:33:56You're still comfortable allowing marlon to be around your daughter.
00:33:59>> Yeah.
00:34:01My daughter is a very intelligent child.
00:34:05I asked her myself in front of him.
00:34:07>> You're crazy.
00:34:08Now you're really lying.
00:34:09You know damn good and well you ain't never asked her in front of me.
00:34:16>> She looked straight at you and said no.
00:34:23>> Steve: Is it possible that somebody else is molesting your daughter?
00:34:26>> She said daddy pookie touched me.
00:34:29>> Steve: And the results for your lie detector test is that -- hourson -- or at leastthat's what my mom thinks.
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00:36:53O0 c1 >> Steve: Have you or someone you know been a victim of date rape?
00:37:04Call me at 1-888-steve-07.
00:37:10>> Steve: Did you molest this girl?
00:37:11>> Hell no.
00:37:12>> You're going around and accusing me of molesting your daughter because I'm gay as hell.
00:37:22You are not about to accuse me of molesting no 3-year-old.
00:37:25>> Steve: Do you sleep in the bed with the little girl?
00:37:26>> I'm not going to make sure sleep on the floor while I'm sleeping in the bed.
00:37:30>> Steve: You asked your daughter -- >> there are no witnesses to it.
00:37:36Two of my friends was in the room when I asked my daughter in front of him.
00:37:46>> Steve: And how did your daughter respond?
00:37:48>> She looked straight at her father and said no.
00:37:50>> Steve: Is she making this story up?
00:37:51>> Don't lie.
00:37:53>> Steve: Were you in the room with your daughter when your wife asked her anything?
00:38:02>> She ain't never asked her anything.
00:38:05>> Steve: Have you ever asked your daughter?
00:38:07>> I'm the one that asked her.
00:38:08>> Steve: Have you ever asked her in front of her mother?
00:38:13>> No, I ain't never asked her in front of her mother.
00:38:17Whsh came to me as soon as she told me.
00:38:20My daughter started acting strange.
00:38:26acting strange.
00:38:27You know what I mean?
00:38:29>> Steve: Is it possible that somebody else is molesting your daughter?
00:38:31>> I don't know if somebody else might have done it.
00:38:32But comes back and says daddy pookie touched me, that's the person I'm coming to.
00:38:34Right at him.
00:38:36>> Steve: If he were to fail his lie detector test, what would you do?
00:38:40>> Oh, my gosh.
00:38:42I would be serious -- I don't even know what I would do.
00:38:45I would be hurt.
00:38:47I would be hurt for my child.
00:38:49I just couldn't even tell you.
00:38:52It would be a bad day.
00:38:55>> Steve: I would like you and marlon to leave the stage and i want to talk to chris alone for a few minutes.
00:38:59Then we'll bring you back out.
00:39:153-Year-old daughter?
00:39:16>> Yeah.
00:39:16>> Steve: Beautiful too.
00:39:17Do you love her?
00:39:17>> Love her to death.
00:39:18>> Steve: Nobody is a bigger hot-head than me.
00:39:24>> You ain't met my family.
00:39:25>> Steve: You know what the thing is too?
00:39:27I have a duty, I have a calling, I have a responsibility for my children.
00:39:34No matter what happens, there's certain things I can and cannot do.
00:39:38And one of them is I have to be dad and I have to be there for them.
00:39:48Every night when they go to bed, every morning when they wake up, dad is there.
00:39:50They've got to know dad is going to protect them no matter what.
00:39:52And I have to protect them and not do anything stupid so that i can be there for them.
00:40:01Because it's one thing to say I'm going to take care of business, this and that.
00:40:13And you do something stupid and get locked up again.
00:40:15Once you're locked up, then who is going to protect your children?
00:40:20>> Well, if it comes back he did touch her and her mom keeps letting her stay in that situation, obviously cps ain't going to let my daughter keep staying there.
00:40:33They're not going to.
00:40:34So that means she'll go to my parents's.
00:40:41>> Steve: You as a father, wouldn't you say, I'm going to let the police take care of this.
00:40:45I'm going to let the police lock this guy up and put this guy away.
00:40:50>> So are you telling me he touched my daughter, man?
00:40:51Is that what you're telling me?
00:40:54>> Steve: Wouldn't you say as a good father, as a responsible father say I'm going to work within the legal system so I can always be there for my daughter?
00:41:02Here's the deal.
00:41:03When people make threats -- and I honest live can tell you i don't read the results before any show.
00:41:18I don't know them until I read them.
00:41:22I don't even know what the show is about until I do the show.
00:41:26But I'm not comfortable reading the results if you're saying if he fails I'm going to do something.
00:41:31I can't do that.
00:41:33>> I'm not going to do nothing, man.
00:41:38You know what I mean?
00:41:38I don't know about the legal system.
00:41:41It just doesn't work for me.
00:41:42People can get away from murder because of one piece of evidence.
00:41:44You know what I mean?
00:41:46So what would stop him with being able to get away from child molestation.
00:41:49>> Steve: You haven't done anything.
00:41:51>> It doesn't matter about with him.
00:42:02The police, if they even get a call in richmond and they hear the last name [ bleep ], automatically, oh -- >> Steve: Hold on a second, okay.
00:42:13Let me tell you something.
00:42:15I was the police, okay.
00:42:22>> Yeah, I know.
00:42:26>> Steve: And I'm saying I don't give a -- I didn't give a crap whose name was on it.
00:42:29If a child is being abused, I'm going to lock up the guy who is abusing that child.
00:42:37>> So let me ask you a question.
00:42:41So say he fails.
00:42:42Y'all are going to call the cops and y'all are going to have him arrested then?
00:42:45>> Steve: Yeah.
00:42:46If you don't do it, I will.
00:42:59>> Steve: It's time to take your stand where you give me answers to today's big question, should convicted child molesters be allowed to attend public events?
00:43:03Dial 877-steve-tv.
00:43:11That's 877-783-8388, to tell me what you think.
00:43:14Plus, you'll receive several exclusive offers when you call.
00:43:16Show me where you stand and call 877-steve-tv.
00:43:17That's 877-783-8388, now.
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00:47:05>>> For your free tickets to the "steve wilkos show" in stamford, connecticut, call 1-877-74-steve.
00:47:24>> Steve: I'm asking you, do i need to do it or does the father need to do it?
00:47:28>> You know what, if the father wants to take that route to go to the police, then it is the father who has to take it.
00:47:38>> Steve: It's your obligation, your duty to do it.
00:47:40>> Well, my duty is to stop anybody ting my daughter.
00:47:41That's my duty.
00:47:42Well, because you know you don't never know -- >> Steve: You know what, chris, I'm not judging you right now.
00:47:46I'm not judging you.
00:47:49I'm not trying to, you know, put you in a bad light.
00:47:51I'm saying you do have a little girl.e got two little girls.
00:48:00>> Steve: You have two little girls.
00:48:02All right.
00:48:02And there's two little girls that want daddy to be around for them.
00:48:04>> They're both daddy's girls.
00:48:04>> Steve: So you're going to do something stupid and not be around for them?
00:48:09>> I really don't know the answer to that question.
00:48:11I can't give the answer to that question.
00:48:23>> Steve: I would say it's a normal reaction to feel that way.
00:48:25I'm sure if somebody hurt my kids I would want to hurt somebody really bad.
00:48:30>> You can sit here and say i would call the police if something happened to your kid.
00:48:32You don't know what your reaction would be.
00:48:33>> Steve: You're right.
00:48:34But eventually I think I would come to my senses.
00:48:50Let's bring marlon and mickey back out.
00:48:53Before the show, chris, you took a lie detector test.
00:49:07You were asked, did your daughter tell you that pookie touched her private area?
00:49:10You answered yes.
00:49:46>> I told you I wasn't making it up.
00:49:47I told you I wasn't.
00:49:48>> Steve: It doesn't mean anybody did anything.
00:49:49It just means chris was telling the truth.
00:49:51Results for mickey.
00:49:52You were asked, do you have any direct knowledge of marlon touching your daughter in a sexual manner?
00:49:56You answered no.
00:49:56Do you actually know of anyone who has touched your daughter inappropriately?
00:49:59You answered no.
00:50:00Have you witnessed marlon to detector test is that you have told the truth.
00:50:31>> Steve: And these are marlon's lie detector results.
00:50:51What are you going to do, chris?
00:50:51>> I don't know, man.
00:50:52>> Steve: Excuse me?
00:50:53>> I really don't know.
00:50:53>> Steve: You don't know?
00:50:54And because you don't know what you're going to do, in all good conscience, I can't read these results.
00:50:58>> What?
00:51:07>> You ain't going to let me know if he's touching my baby or not, man?
00:51:09>> Steve: It's not that I won't let you know, but I don't know what you would do if he failed.
00:51:13And I can't have that on my hands.
00:51:20Some I'm going to tell you if you want to know what really happened with your daughter then you need to call the police.
00:51:33>> Just tell me.
00:51:49>> Steve: I'm not going to be part of somebody committing a crime.
00:51:52If you want to know what happened to your daughter, you took responsibility.
00:51:57You take the right route and you call the police, chris.
00:52:01And I don't know the results of this lie detector test.
00:52:03I don't know what the show is about.
00:52:09I don't know what the results are until I actually read things and do things.
00:52:21But all I'm saying is if this man is going to threaten this man if he fails, then I can't be part of it.
00:52:27But what I'm going to say if a man comes to you and says a man molested them, I would open an investigation.
00:52:40I would do everything I can so i can know the truth about what's happening with my child.
00:52:53>> Steve: I'd like to invite you to see my show live.
00:53:00For your free tickets to "the >>> he forced a relationship with me and I got pregnant right away.
00:55:10And he's keeping me his secret.
00:55:11I got your seed in my stomach.
00:55:14And you can't help?
00:55:15>> I didn't know you existed.
00:55:16I didn't know about your baby.
00:55:16>> Steve: There's one other girl