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00:00:04>> He was invincible.
00:00:07He had it all.
00:00:08He had the wealth, the fame.
00:00:12>> narrator: IT IS A LIFESTYLE Pablo fiercely protects.
00:00:17>> Colombia was a place where, certainly in the underworld, if you wanted to survive, you had to bmore feared than your rivals.
00:00:24And so pablo cultivated his reputation for violence.
00:00:28One of the stories that I was told is that at a party-- at a dinner party at his house, his people caught someone stealing silverware from his kitchen.
00:00:37He had the waiter who stole the silverware bound hand and foot and then kicked him into the swimming pool and had his guests all watch this man drown and announced that this is what happened to anyone who stole from pablo escobar.
00:00:53>> He was a terrible criminal.
00:00:54He used terrorism in a way that colombia never before had seen.
00:01:00>> narrator: AS THE MEDELLIN Cartel grows in power, marxist guerilla movements such as farc also grow in strength.
00:01:08>> Even though, in his early days, pablo liked to use marxist rhetoric, he rapidly became the richest man in colombia and, as such, he became a target for some of the leftist guerilla movements in the hills.
00:01:20So pablo joined with a lot of other wealthy drug traffickers to form their own private armies--paramilitaries-- to go after the guerilla units.
00:01:31Two of the early paramilitary leaders who pablo worked with were fidel and carlos castaño.
00:01:36>>Y el gobierno sigue fregando a la nacion.
00:01:40My father was kidnapped in the year of '79 by the farc guerillas.
00:01:47Our lives turned 180 degrees.
00:01:52>> narrator: WITH THE COLOMBIAN Government unable to protect its citizens from marxist guerillas, carlos castaño and brother fidel establish a paramilitary army called the a.u.c.
00:02:04>> Once they cowardly killed my father, I made a decision to fight.
00:02:10>> They created this organization of paramilitaries with the support of the drug traffickers, primarily the medellin cartel.
00:02:20>> This is when my brother fidel met escobar and began a friendship with escobar.
00:02:27>> The castaños became allies of the escobar organization.
00:02:33>> [speaking Spanish] >> The paramilitaries were an armed branch of the drug traffickers.
00:02:39>> Of course, with all the kind of private army he had and a huge amount of money, he became very powerful.
00:02:48>> Pablo had ambitions to be more than just the wealthiest man in colombia and its most successful criminal.
00:02:54He wanted to be beloved by the people of colombia, and he wanted to have a legitimate political power.
00:03:03And so he began spending some of his millions on projects for the poor people in medellin.
00:03:09He funded the building of housing and recreational centers and soccer pitches and embarking on a lot of sort of private welfare programs that something the government of colombia would never have done.
00:03:21>> narrator: THE OBJECTIVE OF Pablo's political campaign: Avoiding extradition to the untied states.
00:03:29>> That was the one thing that they feared more than anything, because--whereas in colombia, they could manipulate the justice system by killing judges, by corrupting them, by all sorts of coercion, once they got to this country, they were just another defendant.
00:03:46They were willing to die rather than go to the united states.
00:03:50>> In 1982, he was elected to the congress as an alternate.
00:03:54But the first time he tried to take his seat in the house, he was denounced by the minister of justice, rodrigo lara, as a notorious drug trafficker and criminal.
00:04:05>> narrator: ESCOBAR'S CRIMINAL History surfaces in the colombian press, and his fall from grace is swift.
00:04:12Pablo is banished from the political scene, and many of his assets are seized.
00:04:18>> Pablo was deeply humiliated by lara's denunciation and, really from that day forward, was at war with the state of colombia.
00:04:27 ambassador had warned lara that his life was in danger and, in fact, had given him a bulletproof vest.
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00:08:24>> narrator: JUSTICE MINISTER Rodrigo lara is the first colombian to take a stand against drug lord pablo escobar.
00:08:33April 30, 1984: Lara is followed from his office by one of escobar's hired guns.
00:08:52[gunshots] A bulletproof vest provided by government is found by his side.
00:09:03>> With the amount of bullets in his body, it's clear that the vest wouldn't have saved his life anyway.
00:09:09>> narrator: WHILE LARA'S Killing puts pablo at war with colombia, he has yet to become a target for the americans.
00:09:18>> Well, initially pablo escobar and the other drug traffickers were considered to be sort of romantic, dashing figures.
00:09:24In programs likemiami vice here in the united states, they were portrayed as somewhat romantic figures.
00:09:31Assuming the risks of drug use was considered to be part of what made it cool.
00:09:35And so it was really the hip world against the square world.
00:09:39And the square world was sort of epitomized by the reagan administration program, which was nancy reagan's "just say no" program.
00:09:47>> Little kids doing drugs, it turns my stomach.
00:09:50[glass shattering] >> Don't mess with 'em.
00:09:52>> Just say no.
00:09:55>> narrator: IN THE EARLY '80s, Cocaine begins to transform the landscape of urban america.
00:10:02>> Public attitudes began to change when cocaine began arriving in the united states in a new form.
00:10:07Instead of being a powder that you sniffed, it was then-- now being sold as crack.
00:10:11And it was very inexpensive.
00:10:13And that quickly became hugely popular with the poorer classes in the united states and was just a devastating plague in our cities.
00:10:22>> The change from just normal cocaine to crack had a huge impact on u.s. policy.
00:10:29>> It had not only a the people who became addicted to crack, but then these people would set out to steal in order to sustain their addiction.
00:10:37So the cities became plagued by an epidemic of violence and crime.
00:10:43>> A very high percentage of the murders that take place in the united states are somehow or other connected with cocaine trafficking.
00:10:49>> And suddenly people like pablo escobar were not seen by everyone as such romantic, dashing figures and became much more perceived as violent criminals.
00:11:00>> narrator: APRIL 1982: In answer to the growing crime rate in america, reagan signs national security directive 221, declaring drug trafficking a threat to national security.
00:11:11>> Pablo became something much more than a law enforcement problem.
00:11:14He became a real-- a military target, a real threat to world civilization.
00:11:20>> narrator: AS POLICY SHIFTS In america, escobar escalates his war against the government of colombia.
00:11:27>> At the heart of pablo's war against the government of colombia was his fear of extradition.
00:11:32In colombia, pablo knew he could bribe or intimidate judges or juries or even prison executives.
00:11:39In the united states, he knew that he couldn't.
00:11:41>> He had a lot of judges who were against him killed.
00:11:45That was his fight, trying to show colombia that he was tougher than colombia.
00:11:52>> Pablo's policy in his war against the government was calledplomo o plato, " you can accept pablo's bribe, or you can accept his bullets.
00:12:04It was very easy to accept pablo's bribes; they were generous and reliable.
00:12:09And also the alternative to accepting the bribe was that you and your family would be killed.
00:12:13So it became very difficult not to do what pablo wanted you to do.
00:12:18>> Escobar was very invincible.
00:12:20In other words, nobody thought, you know, they could ever take him down.
00:12:23So people were afraid to talk.
00:12:25They were afraid to go up against him, 'cause they know they would end up dead.
00:12:30>> Pablo was untouchable.
00:12:31You know, he had contacts all over the government.
00:12:33And he had access to virtually anybody in colombia.
00:12:39>> Under those circumstances, it took an extraordinary amount of integrity and courage to go after pablo escobar.
00:12:47>> narrator: AMONG THE FEW WHO Publicly oppose escobar is general miguel maza.
00:12:53>> General maza, who was the head of the das, which is the equivalent of the fbi in the united states, was probably the one person that was seriously going after pablo.
00:13:05>> And pablo twice tried to assassinate maza with huge bombs.
00:13:11>> narrator: MAY 30, 1989: [glass shattering and screaming] Escobar targets maza with a remote-detonated car bomb.
00:13:22>> Maza's car was at the center of the blast.
00:13:24Its wheels were melted to the road, but he managed to kick the door open and step out unhurt.
00:13:30>> It killed many people.
00:13:33Fortunately I was spared from death in that attempt.
00:13:37>> Pablo was trying to kill maza, and maza was trying to get pablo escobar.
00:13:41>> narrator: IN HIS OBSESSION TO Kill maza, escobar does not care who gets in the way.
00:13:49>> A 500-kilogram bomb was placed in a bus which was driven in front of the headquarters building of the das, which was occupied by maza, and was detonated.
00:14:02Hundreds of people were injured at that time, and about 70 people were actually killed.
00:14:09The carriage of the bus ended up on top of the 11th floor of the building.
00:14:14>> It is only by the grace of god that general miguel maza is here to tell you this story.
00:14:22>> narrator: ESCOBAR WAGES WAR On the colombian judicial system.
00:14:28>> Pablo paid a guerilla group called m19 to invade the palace of justice and kidnap basically the entire supreme court of colombia.
00:14:40>> The m19 went into the courthouse for the purpose of taking and destroying all the evidence against the drug traffickers.
00:14:50>> Most of the supreme court judges were killed.
00:14:55Records were destroyed.
00:14:57>> The government responded to the invasion of the palace of justice by invading it, which led to a bloodbath during which 11 of the country's 21 supreme court justices were killed.
00:15:08>> There was no institution that was safe from pablo escobar.
00:15:13>> The issue of extradition became a centerpiece of the 1989 presidential campaign.
00:15:19Luis galan was the leading galan was campaigning, promising to utilize extradition to rid colombia of drug traffickers like pablo escobar.
00:15:32>> Escobar and his gang decided that galan was an obstacle, that he shouldn't be president of colombia.
00:15:43>> narrator: AUGUST 18, 1989: Galan prepares to deliver a campaign speech in soacha, southwest of bogota.
00:15:53[machine gun fire] [screaming] >> Pablo escobar targeted him and had him killed.
00:16:03Pablo was responsible for assassinating three of the five candidates for president.
00:16:09The man who took galan's place was his campaign manager, a man named cesar gaviria.
00:16:17Difficult period.
00:16:18Escobar was tying to kill me.
00:16:21If he had the possibility of killing me, he would not doubt a second.
00:16:28>> narrator: NOVEMBER 27, 1989: Presidential candidate gaviria is scheduled to fly avianca airlines flight 1803 from bogota to cali.
00:16:38One of pablo escobar's lieutenants is instructed to board the plane with a suitcase he is told contains a listening device.
00:16:47Unbeknownst to escobar's man, the suitcase is, in fact, ..
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00:21:32>> narrator: NOVEMBER 27, 1989: In an attempt to assassinate colombian presidential candidate cesar gaviria, cocaine boss pablo escobar tricks one of his own lieutenants into carrying what he believes is a listening device aboard the candidate's plane from bogota to cali.
00:21:54Avianca flight 1803 goes down in the mountains outside bogota.
00:21:59110 People are killed.
00:22:01There are no survivors.
00:22:04>> Gaviria, as it happens, was not on the plane.
00:22:07But at the point where pablo bombed an airplane, he became what the united states considers a clear and present danger.
00:22:15>> There were two american citizens killed on that plane.
00:22:18So under the long arm statutes, we could prosecute him for the avianca plane.
00:22:24>> narrator: WITH COCAINE Continuing to flow across the borders, american drug policy changes from intercepting drug shipments to taking down cartel leaders.
00:22:34>> It became very evident that we had to target them more specifically.
00:22:39As their power grew, it became evident that they had to be dealt with.
00:22:45>> When george bush was elected president in 1988, he changed our country's policy against drugs to targeting the drug kingpins, men like pablo escobar.
00:22:55>> And for the drug kingpins, the death penalty.
00:23:00>> narrator: NOVEMBER 2, 1989: President bush's legal council drafts a reinterpretation of the long-standing executive order prohibiting the assassination of foreign nationals.
00:23:12>> The new interpretation of the prohibition said that if the president of the united states determined that someone was a threat to national security or to the lives of american citizens, that that person could become a target for assassination.
00:23:25Our forces could go out and not just try to find them and arrest them but actually kill them.
00:23:31>> narrator: AMERICA'S PREMIER Counterterrorism team prepares for a potential mission.
00:23:37>> Delta force he army's top-secret counterterrorism unit that specializes in finding people and going after them and is considered to be one of the best in the world at doing this.
00:23:47>> [ >> narrator: AS DELTA FORCE Stands by, a new group of covert soldiers has already entered colombia.
00:23:57>> The cia had obviously always had a presence in colombia, but after the avianca airliner bombing, the colombian government invited the united states to help them go after pablo escobar.
00:24:08>> narrator: THE U.S. DISPATCHES A secret surveillance unit code-named centra spike.
00:24:14>> Centra spike has >> centra spike is another top-secret army unit that consists mostly of language experts and technicians who specialize in finding people by eavesdropping on their electronic communications and using radio telemetry to target their location.
00:24:33>> narrator: FLYING UNDER THE Cover of an aviation technician team, centra spike begins eavesdropping and triangulating phone conversations.
00:24:42>> One of the things that centra spike did was prepare a kind of organizational map.
00:24:48For instance, they would soon know who were the ten people who pablo escobar most frequently spoke to on the phone and then who were the ten people that each of those ten most frequently spoke to.
00:24:58You can form a fairly sophisticated map of the inner workings of an organization.
00:25:04>> The nucleus of the medellin cartel was rodriguez gacha, ,el mexicano; fabio, jorge luis, juan david; and pablo escobar as the leader.
00:25:17So it was a conglomerate.
00:25:18They would get together.
00:25:19They would borrow each other's airstrips, airplanes, borrow each other's labs.
00:25:26They were doing loads of coke into mexico.
00:25:28Then mexico would bring it to the united states.
00:25:34>> narrator: WITH CENTRA SPIKE Flying and listening overhead, the colombians place a team in medellin with the dangerous task of acting on centra spike intelligence.
00:25:45>> They created their own special unit of elite police and soldiers called the bloque de busqueda, or the "search bloc," which existed specifically to go after men like pablo escobar.
00:25:58>> narrator: COMMANDING THE Search bloc would be the most dangerous job in the most dangerous country on earth.
00:26:04>> It was a job that nobody wanted because whoever was going to be in charge of this group going after escobar would become immediately a target of escobar's.
00:26:13The man who commanded the search bloc was colonel hugo martinez.
00:26:17>> narrator: MARTINEZ ACCEPTS ON The condition that he will be periodically rotated out of the hot seat.
00:26:23>> [speaking Spanish] >> It was understood that there was to be a change in personnel every 15 days.
00:26:30However, there was never a change in personnel.
00:26:33I remained on duty the entire tim >> narrator: HUGO AGUILAR IS Selected as colonel martinez's right hand.
00:26:42>> [speaking Spanish] >> We were chasing after the most dangerous criminal organization in the world, backed by more than a thousand men in uniform from a combination of various colombian armed forces.
00:26:55>> As soon as the search bloc was foed, pablo escobar announced that he was going to kill 60 members of the search bloc in the first month.
00:27:04And then he proceeded to make good on his word.
00:27:10>> He says he will destroy the search bloc within eight days.
00:27:16In those eight days, he placed two car bombs which killed approximately 25 police officers.
00:27:24>> In the first weeks of the search bloc's efforts, scores of the men were killed.
00:27:31>> There were times when we would feel powerless before such a criminal.
00:27:41>> narrator: THOUGH THE Colombian government considers disbanding the search bloc, colonel martinez asks for and receives more men and continues targeting escobar's organization.
00:27:54>> The first of the drug traffickers that centra spike targeted and found was rodriguez gacha.
00:28:00When the centra spike located gacha on a hilltop,finca,just outside of bogota, they turned over this information to the colombian government.
00:28:09>> narrator: GACHA AND THREE Of his associates are gunned down in a battle with colombian forces.
00:28:15>> Gacha went down fighting.
00:28:16I mean, you know, shooting at the police.
00:28:19[shouting in Spanish] >> narrator: ESCOBAR WOULD SOON Lose more vital assets.
00:28:26>> Centra spike enabled the search bloc to target a lot of the key people right around pablo escobar.
00:28:34>> They started arresting people.
00:28:37They started killing people.
00:28:39>> The search bloc began killing or arresting the top people around pablo, including his long-time associate and his cousin, gustavo.
00:28:51>> And gustavo gaviria was the brains behind the medellin cartel.
00:28:57>> narrator: ESCOBAR REMAINS Unaware that centra spike is listening in from above.
00:29:03>> Centra spike got to be so effective that pablo came to suspect that he had an informer in his inner circle.
00:29:11So he began torturing and killing people around him who he suspected of collaborating with the authorities.
00:29:20What he didn't realize was that the information was being provided by the secret american unit, centra spike.
00:29:29>> narrator: ESCOBAR WAS NOT The only one who operated by violence.
00:29:35>> All of these hit men and associates of escobar were killed in what the police would euphemistically call shoot-outs with the police.
00:29:49Or his troops may have gone to the extreme, but this wasn't a normal criminal that they were after.
00:29:58Pablo escobar rates right up there with adolf hitler.
00:30:01This is a man that's responsible for ousands and thousands of deaths of innocent people.
00:30:08>> The search bloc was a 700-man swat team, and you can't run an operation like that without it being violent.
00:30:16They were being shot at and killed all the time.
00:30:20>> This was a war.
00:30:21It was an armed confrontation between the medellin cartel and the state.
00:30:29>> narrator: DESPERATE FOR AN Advantage in his war against the state, pablo begins kidnapping colombian dignitaries.
00:30:36>> I was kidnapped on september 19, 1990.
00:30:43I was a classical kidnapping in which a couple of cars-- three cars blocked your car.
00:30:47They killed my driver.
00:30:49[gunshots] >> He was doing that to exert his power and show the colombian government-- the colombian people-- that he could get to anybody.
00:31:03>> narrator: ESCOBAR WILL USE His hostages to negotiate the terms of a surrender.
00:31:09>> Escobar decided that what he needed was a comfortable, secure base of operations, where he and his associates could live, be protected from their enemies: From members of the cali cartel, from the colombian search bloc and the colombian national police, from the united states.
00:31:28>> In case he was captured, he would use us as bargaining chips.
00:31:33>> narrator: AS ESCOBAR Negotiates with the colombian government, the hostages remain in the hands of hissicarios.
00:31:40>> I was kept in a very small room.
00:31:43I was chained to a bed.
00:31:44I had four guards.
00:31:46It's an experience in which you survive by the second.
00:31:49When you're in the hands of pablo escobar, you don't know what's going to happen.
00:31:52You know you can be dead the next second.
00:31:55So I didn't have any illusions of surviving.
00:31:59I thought I was going to die.
00:32:02>> narrator: JANUARY 24, 1991: Pablo executes one of his hostages.
00:32:11Days later, another is killed in a rescue attempt.
00:32:18>> That was the toughest point.
00:32:19I cried a lot.
00:32:20I got used to knowing that maybe the next day would be my last day.
00:32:25>> At this point, pablo is literally running from hideout to hideout, knowing that if colonel martinez catches up to him, he's going to be killed but, at the same time, not wanting to surrender until the terms had been worked out to his satisfaction.
00:32:39Pablo is playing a very dangerous game with the colombian government.
00:32:43>> He felt the pressure.
00:32:45He knew were getting very close.
00:32:50>> The president was warned about the danger in negotiating with pablo escobar, but he went right ahead.
00:32:58>> The deal that pablo made with the government of colombia was, he would discontinue his violent campaign against the state in return for being able to build his own prison on a mountaintop just outside of medellin, calledla catedral.
00:33:14>> narrator: MAY 20, 1991: As a concession towards his private sanctuary, escobar releases his remaining hostages.
00:33:23>> I couldn't believe it.
00:33:25They took me to a street.
00:33:27They gave me money for a cab.
00:33:29And finally a guy picked me up, and I told him, " >> narrator: AS PART OF PABLO'S Deal, general maza is removed from his case.
00:33:42With construction underway on escobar's private prison, one last demand must be met.
00:33:50>> They actually held a continental congress, basically, where they rewrote the constitution of colombia to ban extradition.
00:34:01>> And the day that the amendment to end extradition was put into the constitution, pablo escobar turned himself in.
00:34:10>> He held a press conference on the mountaintop outside the prison and graciously announced that he had decided to end his war against colombia.
00:34:21>> He sent this message: "Tell president gaviria " the agreement was thus sealed.
00:34:32>> I personally viewed it, along with my colleagues working on the search, as having been defeated.
00:34:40>> He knew we were close to getting him.
00:34:43And this was his way out.
00:34:45>> To us, it was a defeat.
00:34:47We had lost, and he had won.
00:34:50>> narrator: EVEN AS PABLO IS Incarcerated inla catedral, he sends a message to colonel martinez.
00:34:57>> They discovered a bomb that had been planted by one of pablo's hit men.
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00:39:00>> narrator: 1992: With colombian cocaine boss pablo escobar serving time in his own prison atla catedral,no one in colombia is breathing easy.
00:39:12>> It was a different kind of prison in the sense that he wasn't actually required to stay there.
00:39:16He would frequently turn up at soccer matches in medellin or christmas shopping in bogota.
00:39:23>> I've been in a lot of prisons in my 26 years, and this is definitely not classified as a prison.
00:39:29A resort would be a more accurate way to describe la catedral.
00:39:38>> They would bring truckloads of friends and prostitutes to party with them.
00:39:44He had built a discotheque inside of the prison, which was used as the party room.
00:39:49>> My favorite part of the deal was that the colombian national , colonel martinez and his search bloc, were not allowed within 20 kilometers of the prison.
00:40:00>> We made a huge mistake.
00:40:02We underestimated the capacity of escobar for corruption and intimidation.
00:40:09>> Disastrous.
00:40:12You could not negotiate with pablo escobar.
00:40:16Pablo escobar was a psychopath, a mentally sick individual.
00:40:21And he proved it.
00:40:22>> Pablo got set up in la catedraland began to reconsolidate his hold over the cartel.
00:40:29In fairly short order, he built the medellin cartel back up to where it was exporting more cocaine than it ever had in its history.
00:40:37>> He was still doing his same old activities of ordering the killings of people, of sending dope, so nothing had changed except that now he was safer.
00:40:46>> Some of his subordinates had begun basically running the organization for themselves and apparently had been helping themselves to large portions of the profits.
00:40:55Two of the associates who were doing this, the heads of the galeano and the moncada families, where invited up to the prison for a chat with pablo.
00:41:05Pablo had them both executed.
00:41:09>> I'm declaring afujimori.
00:41:11In other words, "i'm taking over.
00:41:13I am taking over the government.
00:41:15And I am the boss now.
00:41:19" >> president gaviria had put up with a lot of the criticism of his deal.
00:41:25But the embarrassment of putting pablo up in such luxury and giving him such relative freedom finally reached a turning point when he learned of the executions inside the prison.
00:41:36>> So he was, like, running his business from jail, and I gave orders to move him to bogota.
00:41:45>> narrator: AMBASSADOR Morris busby receives the news while back in the states.
00:41:50>> The phone rang, and it was janet crist, who was the political counselor.
00:41:54And she said, "the president has moved against escobar.
00:41:58He has sent a military team up to envigado, and they're going " >> he made the decision that they had to move pablo from his self-built prison to a real one.
00:42:10Eduardo mendoza, who was a vice minister of justice for colombia, was sent up with the army unit just to observe.
00:42:17But of course, escobar found out about this before they got there.
00:42:23>> narrator: WITH ESCOBAR AWARE Of their plans, the army refuses to enter the prison.
00:42:30>> Mendoza took it upon himself to go in the prison to negotiate with escobar to try to reassure him that he really was just going to be transported to a different prison.
00:42:41>> Well, things went badly.
00:42:43>> Escobar got very angry with him and said this was a violation of his agreement with the president and basically took mendoza captive inside the prison.
00:42:54>> narrator: JUSTICE MINISTER Mendoza is held at gunpoint inside escobar's living quarters.
00:43:00>> While mendoza was being held captive in the prison, pablo's men kept threatening to kill him.
00:43:06>> narrator: AS THE STANDOFF Continues through the night, president gaviria calls in the colombian special forces.
00:43:12>> Time was passing, and we need to do it.
00:43:15>> In the early morning hours, they assaulted the prison.
00:43:23Mendoza, in the confusion, was corralled by one of the special forces sergeants that threw him to the ground and basically sat on him and then directed him on how to run out of the line of fire and managed to escape with his life.
00:43:36>> It was incredible what happened.
00:43:38I was indignant and furious because I did not understand, and I do not today.
00:43:43>> Several hours later, janet called again and said, "there has been a real fiasco.
00:43:49The whole operation's " >> they discovered that escobar had escaped.
00:43:57>> Escape is not the correct word.
00:43:59He walked out of the prison.
00:44:01He controlled the guards.
00:44:03He controlled everything.
00:44:05>> I think he had, like, 12 of his best assassins staying with him.
00:44:09And they all escaped that night.
00:44:12>> The americans associated with this mission were delighted that pablo had escaped, because while he was in prison, they hadn't been able to go after him at all.
00:44:20Now that he was free, it opened up the possibility of targeting him again and killing him.
00:44:25>> We were elated because the hunt was on again.
00:44:28And we knew we were going to get him.
00:44:30>> narrator: PRESIDENT GAVIRIA Makes a plea to the u.s. embassy.
00:44:34>> Gaviria had said to me, you know, "i don't know what restrictions you've been operating under in this country up to the present time.
00:44:42But I'm telling you right now.
00:44:43We need your help.
00:44:44" >> I asked full-- full cooperation of the u.s.
00:44:48In this matter.
00:44:49We needed to find escobar.
00:44:51>> He asked ambassador busby for military help, and the first thing that occurred to busby was delta force.
00:44:59He made a request to washington to bring delta force to colombia to help lead and train the colombian forces to go after him.
00:45:08>> We got some assets into the country.
00:45:11We got a lot of very, very competent people that came to colombia literally within hours.
00:45:18>> All kinds of groups were the unit, the agency, centra spike, all to provide support for the colombian command.
00:45:25>> I always believed that we had a very, very good shot at finding escobar in the early going.
00:45:33He was the crown jewel.
00:45:35He is what we wanted.
00:45:37>> narrator: DELTA FORCE PLACES Two operators atla catedral.
00:45:41While centra spike would put their ears on the target, delta force would put their eyes on it.
00:45:48>> Centra spike and delta force were able to pinpoint escobar's location literally days after he'd escaped from prison.
00:45:54>> narrator: BY THE TIME THE Colombian forces act on the american intelligence, pablo has vanished.
00:46:04>> In order to be successful with pablo, it had to very time-sensitive, because if we got intelligence that pablo escobar was at a location last night, chances are he wasn't there anymore.
00:46:17>> narrator: AS ESCOBAR'S TRAIL Grows cold, a decision is made to reform the original search bloc.
00:46:23This time, it will have the full support of the united states law enforcement, intelligence, and counterterrorism agencies.
00:46:31>> Peña and murphy went to live in medellin with the task force.
00:46:35I mean, that was their second home.
00:46:38>> This search bloc was now more organized, had more of a focus, had more intelligence, had better equipment to start the second search for escobar.
00:46:52>> narrator: WITH CORRUPTION AND Fear permeating the colombian forces, there is one clear choice for commander of the new search bloc.
00:47:02>> I did not ask to be reassigned to head the operations, but when he escaped fromla catedral,my immediate thought was, "this represents an opportunity " >> he was one of the few colombian police officers that was not afraid of pablo escobar.
00:47:28And he was completely obsessed with getting pablo.
00:47:32>> So a decision was made to bring colonel martinez back.
00:47:36They spent the latter part of 1992 basically training martinez and his men to be more effective, basically to be a proxy delta force in this effort to get escobar.
00:47:49>> narrator: THE SEARCH BLOC Immediately begins launching daring raids throughout medellin.
00:47:54>> It was very stressful.
00:47:57I mean, it's one of the most stressful, I guess, dangerous points in my life.
00:48:01You got to remember that we were going after probably one of the world's most dangerous persons.
00:48:06>> narrator: THROUGH HIS Lawyers and the press, escobar desperately tries to reclaim his deal with the government.
00:48:13But this time, there will be no deal.
00:48:16>> We all the time say, "he can only give up.
00:48:19We will not--going to give " >> and it was very clear to everyone involved that the intention was no longer to arrest pablo to bring him to justice or put him in prison.
00:48:29At this point, they were just looking for him to kill him.
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00:52:44>> narrator: 1992: DESPITE THE Full cooperation of the american forces in the hunt for pablo escobar, the drug boss remains at large and protected by his powerful medellin cartel.
00:52:56>> Escobar was the head of a very large criminal organization, so he employed not just gunmen and hit men and criminals but also bankers and lawyers and accountants.
00:53:07>> He had an infrastructure in medellin.
00:53:10So we started targeting other members of his organization.
00:53:14>> We began to systematically cut away all of his support mechanisms, all of his infrastructure.
00:53:21We built up a large body of intelligence, put together organization charts down to the lowest lieutenant in his organization.
00:53:30>> narrator: ESCOBAR RESPONDS BY Putting a price tag on the head of medellin police officers.
00:53:38>> He was killing regular police officers, nothing to do with the search bloc, just a regular police officer on the beat.
00:53:44>> Every day, there were funerals for policemen that were killed the night before.
00:53:51>> Pablo was able always to stay one step ahead of the search bloc because he had a lot of friends and informants both in the community and also within the search bloc itself.
00:54:02>> There was a lot of information that was being intercepted, which suggested a lot of people on the take.
00:54:08If you didn't take the money, he would shoot you, you know?
00:54:12You know, you want a bullet?
00:54:13Or you want some money?
00:54:16>> We knew that we could be infiltrated.
00:54:20The medellin cartel members were constantly looking for someone they could bribe monetarily.
00:54:26>> It became apparent to the americans and to the colombians searching for escobar that the tactics they were using were never going to be successful.
00:54:37>> narrator: IN THE DAYS AFTER Escobar's escape from his private prison in july of 1992, had toured the site in search of any int that they could possibly use against the drug lord.
00:54:50>> We went through the prison where he had lived, found great intelligence, just great information.
00:54:57>> One of the things that they noticed about escobar as they examined his living quarters and his memorabilia was how much his life revolved around his family and his children.
00:55:09>> I was always of the opinion that we should watch his family, track his family, because he had the reputation of being an absolutely ruthless, murderous man but a man who really had great regard for his family, for his wife and his two children.
00:55:27>> narrator: AMBASSADOR BUSBY Shared his thoughts with the colombian authorities.
00:55:31>> I talked to the colombians about that and said, you know, "i think this will make him uneasy and perhaps have him-- he'll stick his head up, " >> narrator: JANUARY 30, 1993: [explosions and shattering] A 220-pound car bomb explodes in front of a book store in downtown medellin.
00:55:53>> It killed scores of people, many of them children shopping for school supplies.
00:55:58And I think it was really the point at which the gloves came off in the search for pablo escobar.
00:56:09>> narrator: IN THE SUBSEQUENT Days, more bombs go off in colombia.
00:56:13This time, however, the bombs are targeting pablo's family.
00:56:19A bomb blows up a 12-story apartment building owned by pablo's mother.
00:56:27Soon, another escobar house is decimated.
00:56:31>> An organization calling itselflos pepes came out of the woodwork.
00:56:36>> narrator: A MYSTERIOUS ENTITY Begins targeting pablo's organization and even his family for outright assassination.
00:56:45>>Los pepes,which stood for, in its acronym, "people persecuted by pablo escobar," suddenly burst on the scene, targeting and assassinating anyone who was associated with escobar.
00:56:58>> It had the earmarks of a psychological operation of some sort.
00:57:02But it got very quickly beyond that, and it became a murderous bloodbath-- people being killed by thepepes almost every night.
00:57:15>> They ran the whole gamut of crimes.
00:57:17So in reality,los pepeswere just as ruthless as escobar.
00:57:23>> Anybody who had any connection with escobar was either killed, arrested, or running for their lives.
00:57:31>> They were killing as many as five and six people a day.
00:57:34They would assassinate these people and leave signs hanging around the neck of the body, " >> narrator: WHILELOS PEPESIS Exterminating escobar's support structure, the search bloc takes down some of pablo's top lieutenants such as tyson muñoz.
00:57:52>> The search bloc raided the apartment, cornered tyson, and killed him in the proverbial gun battle with the colombian police.
00:58:01>> The confrontation was pretty much inevitable, because these people were not going to be taken alive.
00:58:07In my opinion, the police did not want to take him alive either because the wheels of justice don't work in colombia the way they do in the united states.
00:58:18>> narrator: DESPITE AN OFFICIAL Prohibition, many of the american forces are rumored to be participating in the search bloc raids.
00:58:25>> Delta force operators agents very frequently went along on these raids and often led them.
00:58:32>> We couldn't stand back and feed them this information about a potential escobar hideout and expect them to go out and participate in all of the dangerous activities while we sat in the rear, you know, and drank our coffee and waited for them to come back an >> narrator: WITH AMERICANS Funding, training, and possibly even participating in search bloc raids, concern grows over a possible connection between the search bloc and the death squadlos pepes.
00:58:58>> There were allegations on the part of pablo thatlos pepes and martinez were one and the same.
00:59:08I was very much afraid of being contaminated by what was going on out there.
00:59:16>> There's been accusations that members of the bloque de busquedaprovided information tolos pepes.
00:59:21Did I ever see that?
00:59:23Did I ever see any indication that that happened?
00:59:26Could it happen?
00:59:27Sure, it could happen.
00:59:28You know, there are 600 guys in that operation.
00:59:32>> It's still something of a mystery wholos pepeswere.
00:59:36And that's obvious, because the los pepeswere basically murdering people.
00:59:41>> narrator: ONE OF THE FEW To admit to participating in the killings is escobar's former ally, carlos castaño.
00:59:51>>Los pepesis an organization that arose supported by theautodefensas.
00:59:57Yes, particularly by my brother, fidel castaño, but it was bigger.
01:00:03>> Carlos castaño and his brother, fidel, were some of the original paramilitary units created to fight against the guerillas.
01:00:12>> narrator: WHEN ESCOBAR BEGAN Executing members of his own organization inside his private prison,la catedral, the survivors began to secretly ally themselves with pablo's paramilitaries against the drug lord.
01:00:26>> Pablo escobar killed most of hifriends and allies and his pals.
01:00:34But there were relatives that survived that lunatic, and they joined us.
01:00:39>> The drug traffickers said, "we're sick and tired of this guy.
01:00:42We're going after him," and they created thepepes, and they attacked him exactly the way he used to work against society and against them.
01:00:49>> We realized that he was a monster that we had to fight against no matter what.
01:00:56>> So when they turned against him, they knew the inner workings of his organization.
01:01:00They knew who the people were, where the money was.
01:01:04>> narrator:LOS PEPES Reportedly receive support from pablo's chief business rival, the cali cartel.
01:01:12>> The cali cartel was more than happy to helplos pepes or the search bloc or the colombian government go after escobar, because he was their primary rival.
01:01:21And by eliminating the medellin cartel, it just made for a more lucrative business for them.
01:01:28>> narrator: COLONEL MARTINEZ -backed search bloc are rumored to be cooperating withlos pepes.
01:01:35>> Colonel martinez was, at this point, even though he denies it, I think was willing to work with these elements from the underworld, because for him, the battle with escobar had become very personal.
01:01:49>> You could say that escobar affected all of us who werelos pepesmembers.
01:01:56>> When things started to get really ugly, whenlos pepes began killing people wholesale, it was clear to the americans working in bogota that this was out of bounds.
01:02:05And if word got back to washington that the united states' effort was conneed in any way to theseeath squads, then washington would basically pull the plug on american involvement.
01:02:16>> This threw something into the game which really could have brought everything to grinding halt.
01:02:22>> narrator: MARK BOWDEN'S Killing pablocites classified cables outlining the american concerns about los pepes.
01:02:31>> While the united states embassy in bogota maintained the pretense that there was no connection whatsoever between colonel martinez's search bloc andlos pepes,i came across the 's cable traffic back and forth from bogota to washington which documents the agents that thelos pepeswere intimately involved with the search bloc.
01:02:55Ambassador busby himself wrote a rather lengthy cable to wat their own intelligence showed that there was a connection betweenlos pepes and the search bloc.
01:03:07In fact, ambassador busby had gone to president gaviria to complain about this and to demand that this connection cease and desist.
01:03:15>> I had several meetings, and in one of them--i want you to say every member of the police that we don't--that this is not an instruction, that this is not the policy, that we shouldn't be involved in that.
01:03:28>> narrator: DAYS AFTER Gaviria's orders to the police, los pepesissue a press communique announcing they are officially disbanding.
01:03:37>> And in effect, for a period of time, los pepesdid cease and desist.
01:03:41So it was obvious that they understood that there was a connection between the police andlos pepes.
01:03:48>> narrator: THOUGH OFFICIALS Moved to distance themselves from the vigilante group, los pepescontinue their bloody campaign.
01:03:56>>Los pepeswere the first tactic employed against escobar that was immediately effective.
01:04:02In short order, everybody associated with escobar--his family members, his lawyers, his bankers, his accountants were either running for their lives or dead or under arrest.
01:04:13And very quickly, pablo began to find that his protective shell was disintegrating.
01:04:20>> We confronted escobar's terrorists.
01:04:24There were a lot of killings during this confrontation.
01:04:27>> We could see that the impact that they were having was incredible, because they were playing without any rules.
01:04:32>> Officially the united states was not involved in the efforts oflos pepesat all, but if you look at what they were doing in colombia at the time, it's clear that they were working hand-in-hand withlos pepes, whether they intended to or not.
01:04:47>> It was very evident that they were having tremendous success in dismantling the medellin organization, and obviously-- I mean, were trying to do the same thing.
01:04:57 wide, perfect, outlined by the united states, by these agencies-- in which, tacitly, each one did what each one had to do.
01:05:14>> narrator: BY FEBRUARY OF '93, Los pepeshave killed dozens of escobar's associates and members of his extended family.
01:05:24>> So pablo is now terrified thatlos pepesare going to kill his wife and children.
01:05:31>> I got a phone call, almost a frantic phone call, from the minister of defense, who said, "escobar's wife and children and an entourage of 12 or 14 people are at the rio negro airport, and they have visas to go to the united states, and they're going " if he succeeded in getting his family out of the country, there would be no inhibitions on him, and there was no telling what he might do.
01:05:59>> narrator: THE ESCOBAR FAMILY And their bodyguards are met at rio negro airport by u.s.
01:06:04D.e.a. agents.
01:06:07>> They were stopped at the airport in bogota and stripped of their visas.
01:06:13>> Who's going to tell me to give escobar's family's visas back?
01:06:18>> So they're effectively keeping the bait, the bait being the family, in position in the country whilelos pepesapply the pressure against escobar.
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01:10:35>> narrator: APRIL, 1993: With his family prevented from fleeing colombia and forced back into the hands of the death squad,los pepes,cocaine king pablo escobar exacts his revenge.
01:10:51>> Pablo's response was to set off a 300-pound bomb in bogota that leveled a city block.
01:11:00>> One of the predictions that we had made was that as we began to tighten the noose on escobar, things would get more violent--that he would react, and he certainly did.
01:11:15I think we had nine bombs in bogota in the space of about two months, hundreds of people killed.
01:11:25>>Los pepesresponded by kidnapping and murdering pablo's chief lawyer, guido parra.
01:11:31And when they killed parra, they also took his teenage son and murdered him too.
01:11:35They hung signs around their neck that said, "what do you think of the exchange for the " " >> narrator: DESPITE ALLEGATIONS That colonel martinez is cooperating withlos pepes,he is kept on as commander of the search bloc.
01:11:52>> Colonel martinez stood up and did the job that had to be done.
01:11:55Nobody else wanted to do it.
01:11:56A lot of people were afraid to do it.
01:11:58>> Colonel martinez realized that the fight between him and pablo escobar was a fight to the death.
01:12:03And at the end, either he or pablo escobar was going to be DEAD.>> narrator: With centra spike finding no sign of pablo's voice on the airways for months, colonel martinez requests the support of a colombian ground surveillance unit.
01:12:19>> The colombian national police were having a lot of success with a small unit that operated pole direction finders in collaboration with centra spike.
01:12:29And colonel martinez requested that this unit come to medellin.
01:12:33>> narrator: MARTINEZ RECEIVES The unit.
01:12:36But he insists on sending one of its members back home to bogota.
01:12:41>> His superiors sent him to me on two occasions, and on both occasions, I sent him back because he bears my name.
01:12:53>> The problem was that his own son was one of the men working in this unit.
01:12:58>> I knew that my equipment would work, and we could get good results in medellin.
01:13:06But he was always resistant to my working in medellin for my safety.
01:13:12, was determined to be with the unit and get pablo escobar before he could get him or his sisters or brothers or his mother.
01:13:24>> After a lot of talking, we came to the conclusion that I could stay in medellin.
01:13:29We could get no more rest until we captured him.
01:13:34>> narrator: WITH ESCOBAR'S Family under police watch in medellin, pablo's own son becomes his father's front man.
01:13:44>> He talked to juan pablo just about everyday by radiophone.
01:13:48And juan pablo became the one person who he trusted who he could communicate with to do his bidding with the government.
01:13:57>> narrator: WHILE PABLO Strategizes with his son, colonel martinez's son tries to pinpoint the transmission.
01:14:05>> I was very sure that I would find pablo escobar with this equipment.
01:14:10>> narrator: AS THE HUNT FOR Escobar gets new life, rumors continue to cloud the search bloc.
01:14:15Known members of the mellin cartel are seen meeting with search bloc officers outside the search bloc base, including a notorious assassin.
01:14:27>> An individual that we knew only as don bernardo at that time--and I'll admit, we did interview him.
01:14:32The colombian national police brought him in as an informant, and he provided information about escobar and his associates.
01:14:40>> It was one of those things that happened in a dirty war.
01:14:44There was lots of informants.
01:14:47I can't say, you know, if they were part oflos pepes or not, but there were informants.
01:14:52>> narrator: AMONG THOSE WORKING As as a secret informant for the colombian police is carlos castaño.
01:14:59>> I provided information to the police under the code name alekos.
01:15:05They never knew I was carlos castaño, leader of the paramilitaries.
01:15:11>> We're not afforded the luxury of having informants who are priests.
01:15:17Thebloque de busquedawas the good guys; the narcotics traffickers were the bad guys.
01:15:22>> narrator: WASHINGTON ALSO Becomes concerned about a possible connection between los pepesand delta force.
01:15:30>> The tactics being employed by los pepeswere basically the same tactics that delta force was in colombia teaching to the search bloc.
01:15:38>> There had been a lot of comments that thepepeswere using like tactics.
01:15:42From what I had heard, they were just ruthless.
01:15:45There's no tactics ..].
01:15:47They just whacked people.
01:15:49Anyway, they were very efficient.
01:15:52>> In washington, the fear was not just that members of the colombian search bloc who had been trained by delta force were, in fact, moonlighting as members oflos pepesbut that delta force operators themselves might be participating in these hits.
01:16:07>> narrator: NOVEMBER 12, 1993: The cia briefs the pentagon on suspicions of a connection between delta force andlos pepes.
01:16:16A decision is made to pull all american forces from colombia.
01:16:22>> I did get word that we were going to be told that our military units were going to be pulled out, and I certainly didn't want that to happen.
01:16:31>> Ambassador busby was then able to go to work with his connections in the white house to countermand the joint chief's order to remove the people from colombia, and they stayed.
01:16:42>> narrator: AS BUSBY BUYS THE Search bloc precious time, surveillance teams continue to crisscross medellin.
01:16:49>> In late november of 1993, the search bloc, with the help of centrspike, was able to pinpoint pablo's location to a hilltop fincaoutside medellin.
01:16:59>> Intelligence had been received that indicated that escobar was hiding in a small house located on the side of a mountain out in the rural areas.
01:17:08>> When the assault forces hit the house, they burst in, and pablo wasn't there.
01:17:16In fact, pablo had been talking on the radio, but he would walk up into the woods a short distance from the house so that he would have a better line of sight--of communications with his son, juan pablo, in medellin.
01:17:27So when the search bloc descended on the farmhouse, pablo was actually up in the woods.
01:17:33The search bloc examined the farmhouse where pablo had been staying.
01:17:37And it was apparent to them that the drug kingpin was living under increasingly strained circumstances.
01:17:45>> Virtually his entire organization, the medellin cartel, was totally destroyed.
01:17:50>> narrator: ONE OF THE FEW Remaining links to pablo's empire is his son juan pablo.
01:17:56>> The escobar family was staying in a apartment in medellin.
01:18:02Andlos pepeswere sort of picking off people who worked for the family.
01:18:07So they were pretty terrified.
01:18:11Pablo is really desperate.
01:18:12His family is literally in the hands of his enemies.
01:18:15>> We always had his family under watch 24 hours a day.
01:18:21So he could never touch our families, because if he does, his family would also perish.
01:18:30>> He was always worried about his family's security, because that is where thepepes concentrated their attack efforts: his family.
01:18:41>> narrator: NOVEMBER 27, 1993: Scheming with his son, juan pablo, escobar makes a secret arrangement to evacuate his family to germany.
01:18:50>> And word of this, of course, gets back to the embassy, because centra spike is listening to all of pablo's communications.
01:18:58>> We learned that they were traveling on a lufthansa flight from bogota to germany.
01:19:03>> So the united states government goes to work with the colombian government to assure that the german authorities will not allow the escobar families into that country.
01:19:13>> narrator: ESCOBAR'S FAMILY IS Refused entry into germany and flown directly back to colombia.
01:19:20>> They put them up in hotel tequendama, which is a large hotel complex in bogota that's actually owned by the colombian national police.
01:19:28And so w, publicly they claimed to be protecting pablo's family, the way that pablo saw it was that his family had now fallen into the hands of the very people who were likely to kill them.
01:19:38>> Sure enough, it wasn't a day before escobar called.
01:19:43When he made the first phone call, I thought, " >> once again, their efforts to get out of the country had been stopped.
01:19:51That's when he started making mistakes.
01:19:54>> When pablo escobar begins to make phone calls to the hotel tequendama, we placed everybody in a state of alert.
01:20:04>> He called the presidential palace in an effort to speak to president gaviria, threatening to wage all-out war against the state unless they released his family and allowed them to leave colombia to a safe haven.
01:20:15>> He started calling everybody, and that's where he made the mistake of staying in one place too long.
01:20:21>> And at this critical moment,nt of colombia announces that they're going to remove the protective detail from around the escobar family.
01:20:32>> I mean, it was not fair to have so many colombians at risk and, at the same time, having this man with nothing to lose.
01:20:40>> At this point, just to ratchet up the pressure on escobar,los pepesmade a public announcement that they were going to resume their murderous campaign against him.
01:20:49>> We were closing in on escobar.
01:20:52We made him get to a point where he had to abandon his bodyguards, and he was reduced to hide out almost alone.
01:21:02>> narrator: WITH THE EXCEPTION Of pablo's family, every resident of the hotel has fled for fear of being caught in the cross fire between pablo escobar, the search bloc, and thepepesdeath squad.
01:21:15>> The fear is so palpable that little manuela, who was then eight years old, was overheard walking the halls of the empty hotel singing a little christmas carol to herself that she'd changed the words to, and the words that she was singing were,"los pepes are going to kill my father, " you know what this is, cartwright? yes. nicorette mini.
01:22:36You carry them around everywhere.
01:22:37Yes I do, because cravings are everywhere.
01:22:40Would you take aravi for me, cartwright?
01:22:42How would I -- exactly.
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01:25:38>> narrator: DECEMBER 1993: On the run and at war with the state of colombia, pablo escobar tries to protect his family from the vigilante death squad,los pepes.
01:25:48>> He's desperate to get his family out of colombia, so he has to continue making phone calls to the hotel tequendama.
01:25:57While pablo is on the phone talking, centra spike is listening in, and they fix his location to a neighborhood in medellin called los olivos.
01:26:06Colonel martinez positioned a lot of his men in parking lots in that neighborhood so they would be poised and ready to move the next time pablo came up on the radio.
01:26:17>> narrator: HUGO MARTINEZ, JR., And the rest of the search bloc wait for another escobar phone call.
01:26:24>> Every time pablo got on the radiotelephone with this son, , would be cruising the streets in his telemetry van trying to zero in on the precise location of the phone call.
01:26:38>> My father was very clear, saying that the operations cannot go on if pablo was not talking.
01:26:44>> narrator: DESPERATE FOR A way out, pablo turns to his son, juan pablo.
01:26:51>> Pablo woke up on the morning OF DECEMBER 2nd, THE DAY AFTER His 44th birthday, and had spaghetti for breakfast and then immediately got on the phone with his son juan pablo.
01:27:02>> narrator: ESCOBAR AGREES TO Answer a phone interview through his son.
01:27:06>> He instructs his son to accept a list of questions from journalists with the intention of giving interviews that will play on the heartstrings of the colombian public, the fact that the government is using his wife and children as bait.
01:27:22Juan pablo asked his father for some coaching on how to answer the questions.
01:27:27He also warned pablo that there were a lot of questions so this conversation might take a long time.
01:27:33He tells juan pablo that they'll get back on the phone a few hours later.
01:27:37This, of course, gave the tip-off then to colonel martinez and his men that they could be waiting and in position for the phone call that was going to happen later in the day.
01:27:48>> Indeed, he called again.
01:27:50We were already located in a house near the zone from where he first called.
01:27:55>> Hugo immediately started tracking the signal, and the search bloc followed him out into the city.
01:28:00He's looking at a little monitor that has a line stretched across it, and the line either contracts or expands depending on whether he's getting closer or getting further away.
01:28:11And initially, he locates it in a building where he thinks pablo must be speaking.
01:28:17And the search bloc launches a raid on this building, but immediately upon launching the , realizes that he's made a mistake.
01:28:27>> I read the instruments wrong.
01:28:29They went inside, and I realized he was still talking, and I was very surprised.
01:28:34I had to look again at the instruments, and I found out that there were things that produced an error in the readings.
01:28:41>> The signal is bouncing off of water in a little canal running down the side of the street.
01:28:47>> When I realized this and made the subtractions, the arrow changed immediately.
01:28:53>> So he radios to the search bloc that he's made a mistake, and he races off thinking that the troops will then get back in their vehicles and follow him, but, in fact, no one hears him.
01:29:03, and his driver are driving off by themselves hunting down this signal and manages to drive right down the correct street in los olivos where pablo is staying.
01:29:17>> He started talking again, and I followed the signal to the point where the equipment showed me the exact location he was in.
01:29:25I turned around and passed by the front again.
01:29:29And with the radio in my hand, I put my hand out the window and started pointing at the window in the second floor.
01:29:39At the same time that I was pointing, I observed the silhouette of pablo escobar with the phone in his hand.
01:29:46I was listening, and he looked through the window.
01:29:49We saw each other.
01:29:54>> He calls me and tells me, "i have located him with " furthermore, he tells me, " >> and colonel martinez immediately tells him, " >> I tell them that they should wait for the search bloc, but if they had to confront him, to do so.
01:30:17>> And so hugo went around to the back of the building, and some of the men with him staked out the front door.
01:30:25>> Pablo escobar was very calm.
01:30:30We did not see him trying to make any escape attempts.
01:30:34He was very still, maybe waiting for luck to help him again, but this time, he was surrounded.
01:30:46>> narrator: HUGO AGUILAR'S TEAM Reaches the scene and immediately makes the assault.
01:30:52>> Pablo hadn't noticed anything peculiar and was still talking on the phone with his son juan pablo when the explosive charge went off on the door downstairs.
01:31:03>> We began going up the stairs.
01:31:06I was up front.
01:31:07Pablo escobar said, "there is something going on here.
01:31:10" and he threw the telephone.
01:31:15He ran to the window, and he went into the abyss.
01:31:19>> narrator: ESCOBAR'S LONE Bodyguard limon is the first to reach the window.
01:31:25>> The man that was with pablo escobar come out of the house.
01:31:27He jumped, and he headed in our direction, shooting.
01:31:32>> Limon attempted to race across the rooftop and was apparently shot on his way across the roof.
01:31:39The force of his momentum carried him right off the roof, and he landed on the grass behind the garage.
01:31:46>> And then pablo escobar appeared.
01:31:48He had two guns in his hands.
01:31:51Pablo began trying to inch his way out along a wall that bordered the rooftop looking for some avenue of escape.
01:32:00He was talking to the police with such rage and shooting in and out of the house.
01:32:05When he was against the wall, we were not able to get a line of fire to hit him.
01:32:08He started walking to the front, and since the roof goes up, we started seeing more of his body, and at that moment, he fell.
01:32:26>> When the firing stopped, I looked, and I saw him lying on the roof.
01:32:30I took the radio and said, "viva, colombia.
01:32:33" >> narrator: THE WORLD'S MOST Powerful criminal was dead.
01:32:41But just how pablo escobar died would remain clouded in mystery.
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00:00:40Expanded tsthfrom monta jr.
00:00:58He says dad, lets take wesley johnson inside.
00:01:00That's exactly what he did on the inside.
00:01:01>> Jim: And that's how to play basketball.
00:01:03You face up.
00:01:04You want to make a move.
00:01:05A quick move.
00:01:06One dribble.
00:01:07You are at he is decisive.
00:01:30He is efficient.
00:01:30Egestion the ball.
00:01:31He does something with it or he gets rid of it.
00:01:33He doesn't sit there and pound it all the time.
00:01:36When he does he gets in trouble.
00:01:41>> Bob: Kevin love is today for minnesota.
00:02:26>> Bob: milicic beasley is 3 of 8 from the field.
00:02:35Amundson continues his good night.
00:02:3710 Points and 6 rebounds in 13 minutes.
00:02:42That's the mound that the warriors with been looking for.
00:02:45>> Jim: Finally healthy and in shape.
00:02:48>> Bob: Law draws the foul on randolph on the pass.
00:02:57This game is a lot like friday night's game.
00:02:59>> Jim: Oh, my goodness.
00:03:01>> Bob: It's been a very different tempo.
00:03:08>> Jim: There is there is an old cole porter song what is pretty ap ripo.
00:03:25Night and day.
00:03:26>> Bob: They've outrebounded the best rebounding team in the league and they have forced all these turnovers and they have limited kevin love from going crazy.
00:03:36They have made a nice adjustment to a team that lost 108-105 to dallas and then beat up on indiana and utah.
00:03:43Minnesota has been playing very well.
00:03:46But the warriors are taking it to them tonight.
00:03:49There hasn't been a barrage of threes or easy scoring.
00:03:53It's kind of tough, bare knuckled defense and rebounding.
00:04:02You hold to minnesota to three second chance points after they had 31 in your last meeting, you have a good emphasis on something.
00:04:14A little fake and drops in the jumper.
00:04:24Coach smart probably wondering if the team goes home and give monta ellis all that rest with sacramento lurking tomorrow night.
00:04:31>> Jim: That's a rhetorical question.
00:04:36Yes, they can.
00:04:36>> Bob: A wing jumper.
00:04:45It to 20.
00:04:45>> Jim: They're trying to get it to love.
00:04:53Love is going to go to the foul line.
00:04:56The warriors have another agenda here.
00:04:58You know what that is?
00:05:00To stop love from getting a double-double.
00:05:03They're going double-team him.
00:05:05Are going to triple team hi you can see that.
00:05:07That agenda is coming into fold here.
00:05:13>> Bob: Acie law picked up the foul.
00:05:16So kevin love 1 of 5 from the field. misses right there.
00:05:26Kevin love is 85% from the line.
00:05:27 he's feeling a little pressure.
00:05:35Tick tick.
00:05:36Away out of memphis.
00:05:38He was traded for o.j.
00:05:42Kevin love at 6 points and 3 rebounds.
00:05:44>> Jim: He is upset with himself.
00:05:46>> Bob: He is going to get the streak.
00:05:47There is a long way to go in this game.
00:05:51You are going to have some garbage time there in a couple minutes.
00:05:56>> Jim: I agree with you.
00:06:03Randolph has picked up four fouls in 13 minutes.
00:06:06>> Jim: It's still intriguing to me to see how they will play him.
00:06:11Let's keep an eye on that, all right?
00:06:16Because foregoing some disaster, the warriors are up 19 here with 7 minutes left.
00:06:21They're in the drivers' seat.
00:06:32Acie law could not get the jumper.
00:06:38>> Jim: Well, now he has a point guard on the floor.
00:06:41>> Bob: We had a foul and then we had the rim grab.
00:06:53>> Jim: this is an easy basket that is going in.
00:06:59And then -- >> Bob: What is randolph doing?
00:07:01>> Jim: Anthony randolph comes in and takes it away.
00:07:12>> Bob: Wow.
00:07:12>> Jim: He has to realize how serious this is to make a bone he pl like that.
00:07:18I love anthony randolph.
00:07:21I really do.
00:07:21And I think he can be a really good player in this league and I want him to be a good player.
00:07:27He is young.
00:07:28But he's old enough to know better than that.
00:07:32>> Bob: It's his third year in the league.
00:07:36>> Jim: Yeah.
00:07:36Which would be a senior at lsu, by the way.
00:07:41>> Bob: Yeah.
00:07:44>> Jim: I'll tell you something playing the clock as much as the t-wolves.
00:07:56Right now missing there.
00:07:56The question is going to be does kevin love get four more points and do they have to get any kind of nervous time where monta ellis comes back in the game.
00:08:06Those are the two rival stories in the final six minutes.
00:08:12>> Bob: Acie law setting up david lee.
00:08:16The warriors haven't shot it well themselves at 43%.
00:08:19Love on the postup.
00:08:22Bigger double.
00:08:23Look what they're doing.
00:08:24He had it knocked away.
00:08:26They are not giving him anything.
00:08:28They doubled him before he put the ball on the floor which is unusual.
00:08:3352 Remaining in the game as kevin love tries for >> Bob: David lee and the warriors are looking to become the first opponent in 54 games to keep kevin love out of the double digit scoring and rebounding.
00:09:57He's got six points and ten rebounds on one of five 00 left and the warriors up 18.
00:10:06And minnesota is going to force feed him.
00:10:09>> Jim: Looks like they are trying to here -- well, beasley loves to score in the 4th quarter.
00:10:16>> Bob: Unable to knocked out of bounds.
00:10:21It's warriors ball.
00:10:22Kevin love is 1 of 6.
00:10:22>> Jim: He is feeling a little pressure.
00:10:24>> Bob: The last time he didn't have a double-double was november 19 against the lakers.
00:10:29He had no points and 7 beast and 0 of 7 -- 7 re7 shooting.
00:10:38He averages 20 points a game.
00:10:39>> Jim: That's an unusual thing.
00:10:42You would think it would come with rebounds, not points.
00:10:48>> Bob: A foul.
00:10:49Thornton took a shot.
00:10:51We had a foul off the ball on martell webster.
00:10:54>> Jim: Goodness.
00:10:57Just let them play.
00:10:58>> Bob: Both teams over the limit.
00:11:03Amundson, who has had a really good game in terms of 10 points and 10 rebounds in 16 minutes.
00:11:17He is at 34%.
00:11:23Missing there.
00:11:23Amundson for his career has been at 48%.
00:11:26Last year in phoenix he shot 55% from the line.
00:11:33So every possession becomes more and more intriguing.
00:11:39Do they force feed kevin love to keep the streak alive?
00:11:51Ridnour double dribble.
00:11:52>> Jim: Was the ball knocked out of his hand?
00:11:54That's uncharacteristic from someone whose fundamentally sound like that.
00:11:59He picks it up.
00:11:59Oh, he just lost it.
00:12:01You know, that's not a double dribble.
00:12:04You can't advance the ball, but you can fumble the that's not a correct call.
00:12:09>> Bob: 25 Turnovers by minnesota.
00:12:23Steph curry dropping in the 3.
00:12:26Steph's got 22 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists.
00:12:28>> Jim: The shot is all in his legs.
00:12:31That's why he can pump it from a distance.
00:12:34>> Bob: Ridnour missing.
00:12:39Setting up randolph.
00:12:40Nd he'll go to the line.
00:12:52>> Jim: Well, minnesota is playing it straight.
00:12:55They are not just forcing it to kevin love so he could get some kind of record like that.
00:13:07>> Bob: Randolph attempting a free-throw.
00:13:11Amundson 16 minutes at 11 points and 6 rebounds.
00:13:18Very good productivity.
00:13:18They will acramento tonight and deal with the kings tomorrow at 7:00.
00:13:26Of course pregame live will come your way at 6:30.
00:13:37Thorn going on the box.
00:13:42If you are smart, you get a new toy.
00:13:47You have a small board that you can post up.
00:13:52Thornton has eight points.
00:13:53He runs over beasley.
00:13:56That's a foul.
00:13:58Jim, wear something extra special for bollywood night.
00:14:03It will be telecasts in india.
00:14:06Jim barnett comes to delhi.
00:14:08>> Jim: I tell you what, that's going to be a huge audience.
00:14:13>> Bob: Yes, it is.
00:14:13>> Jim: You know, games back to china.
00:14:18>> Bob: There are only two countries in the world that have over 1 billion people.
00:14:26India is the second.
00:14:27>> Jim: Yes, I understand.
00:14:29You know what language they speak in india, though?
00:14:36There are like 80 different dialects and languages.
00:14:37>> Bob: Kevin love 50 straight double-doubles appears to have come to an end.
00:14:42He will finish tonight with 6 points and 12 rebounds on 1 of 7 shooting.
00:14:52And david lee held wright out without a field goal for a half and held kevin love to six points on 1 of 6 shooting after he had hit for 37 points and 23 rebounds in minnesota.
00:15:17Reggie wills gets the steel and cruises it in.
00:15:2133 Points offer turnovers.
00:15:25Now it's a matter of getting lee and curry out of the game.
00:15:27>> Jim: So now you have reggie on the boards.
00:15:33See if he is going to shoot these.
00:15:37>> Bob: Ridnour cracked that down.
00:15:42>> Jim: He likes to score in the 4th quarter, there is no doubt.
00:15:45It is automatic that he is going to launch.
00:15:48>> Bob: Michael beasley is running the give and go.
00:15:52Give me the ball and you go away.
00:15:54>> Jim: I've done that before.
00:16:02The skip pass to curry.
00:16:03Drop it in for two.
00:16:08Steph 24.
00:16:09Kurt rambis is going to call timeout.
00:16:12And it's warriors.
00:16:13The story will be forcing 26 TURNOVERS >> Bob: Five-point game at halftime.
00:17:31It has been all warriors in the second half.
00:17:33All defense, all rebounding and forcing turnovers.
00:17:37Time for the electrofying seth curry with 24 points.
00:17:429 REBOUNDS, 6th AS.
00:17:47Monta picked up his fourth foul with five minutes left in the 3rd.
00:17:52Didn't even need to come back in because steph curry had it handled.
00:17:58Our solar company electrofying player.
00:18:02>> Jim: Gives monta a little rest, like you coming into sacramento tomorrow.
00:18:09Of course, his scoring average, probably doesn't hurt monta tonight getting 16 as it does to stop kevin love's bad streak.
00:18:19>> Bob: 53 straight games double digit.
00:18:25David lee played exceedingly well.
00:18:29Couldn't finish inside.
00:18:30Got the rebounds and got to the line with 4 of 6 free-throws.
00:18:37Randolph misses a jumper.
00:18:44Jeff adrian's first action.
00:18:53Egypt last time adrian -- the warriors were not going to allow kevin love to get 3-point plays.
00:18:59They fouled him hard on that.
00:19:04They were determined.
00:19:05>> Bob: So seth curry gets a nice round of applause.
00:19:14Terrific game for the warriors point guard.
00:19:16>> Jim: When he gets in t rhythm he is such a pure shooter.
00:19:21It just comes right out of his hands.
00:19:23>> Bob: Reggie missing the three.
00:19:26Warriors going to win three out of 4 for minnesota this season.
00:19:37Lazar hayward in the game for minnesota.
00:19:43Sent away by ekpe udoh.
00:19:47Udoh with five blocks tonight.
00:20:00Lou amundson is getting to the rim.
00:20:05So the warriors going to win 3 out of 4. back up.
00:20:14Effort against orlando.
00:20:18Tremendous defensive effort tonight.
00:20:23Amundson has been able to shoot jumpers tonight, which is not normally in the game plan.
00:20:28But at this point in the game, why not?
00:20:32If you're open, hoist it up there.
00:20:36Now, minnesota beaten their last two opponents.
00:20:38Indiana beat them by 24.
00:20:40Beat them 21 against utah.
00:20:43They have had big wins but tonight not able to score.
00:20:47>> Bob: And dallas, too.
00:20:53They come in and the warriors shut them down.
00:20:58Lazar hayward out of marquette was a 30th pick by washington in the last year's draft.
00:21:04Season low is 78 by an opponent.
00:21:08So minnesota has 77 right now.
00:21:15A udoh wing jumper.
00:21:22And randolph will miss.
00:21:26Amundson another rebound.
00:21:27Reggie can go right to the iron.
00:21:32Likely one more minnesota possession and this ended up being the best defensive effort of the season for the warriors and another blocked shot as ellington was sent away.
00:21:47 james ready to talk about this on postgame live.
00:21:54Flynn will misfire.
00:21:55And it will be a season a -- the warriors win a game on friday.
00:22:11They win a game on sunday and head to sacramento for a game on monday.
00:22:14They have won three of four now.
00:22:17Win number 30 on the season.
00:22:19Win number 21 at home.
00:22:22So a minnesota team that rolled through the wars 126-123.
00:22:27Gets shackled tonight and kevin love's double-double streak ends at 53 with 6 points and 12 rebounds on 1 of 6 shooting.
00:22:37The man who shut him david lee.
00:22:43Impressive run for a very good player.
00:22:45And kevin love as the warriors defense very good tonight.
00:22:48Monta ellis only had to play 28 minutes.
00:22:53Steph curry led the way and dorell wright backed up his only in terms of minutes but productivity from everyone.
00:23:03And lou amundson had 11 points and 7 rebounds in 19 minutes.
00:23:07Part of the warriors' advantage on the glass, 46-43 over one of bounding teams in the nba.
00:23:16And lou amundson, there is a long cider.
00:23:23>> Jim: Previous game against orlando was wild.
00:23:25It was woolley.
00:23:28All the three-pointers.
00:23:29Tonight this was a game that to me was won in the trenches and that came right to your strength.
00:23:34>> Yeah, it was.
00:23:35I mean, complete opposite of what we thought the other night.
00:23:38You know, you can compare that shootout we had to the real ground them out games.
00:23:43I think all the big guys did a great job on kevin love, limiting his production tonight.
00:23:49And, you know, like you said, it was jup down in the trenches and get it done.
00:23:54>> You brought it up.
00:23:56Kevin love.
00:23:56He stops the streak of double- doubles.
00:23:58Was that something that you talked about before the game?
00:24:00I could tell the end you didn't want him to get it.
00:24:03Was that something you decided late to the game to present that?
00:24:08>> We talked a little bit about it at halftime.
00:24:10He only had 2 points something at half.
00:24:13So we wanted to make sure we limited touches and, you know, try to prevent him from getting that double-double.
00:24:19Tem us how you remain ready.
00:24:20You don't always get a lot of minutes.
00:24:23But whenever you are called upon you have high energy and you just give your out-out effort like that.
00:24:28How do you ustain that mentally?
00:24:33>> I try to work hard and really just stay ready.
00:24:34There is nothing of more than that.
00:24:38Just, you know, I always work hard.
00:24:39When my number is called I'm ready to play.
00:24:40>> What's it like playing with a group of talented guards out there?
00:24:46Monta ry.
00:24:48You can hang around and you know what they are going to do.
00:24:50They are not going to feed you the ball but it allows you to go to the boards because they are always going to the basket.
00:24:56>> Yeah.
00:24:56That's the thing about this team.
00:24:58We have a great guard play.
00:25:00They take a lot of long jump shots.
00:25:04That means chances for at's what I try to, you know, make it a point to do when i get in the game and just really key in on the offensive rebounds.
00:25:13>> I've got to ask you.
00:25:13Today's game because of the score, and it was always finalize the, gave you a chance to work on your jump shot a little bit?
00:25:20>> Yeah, yeah, I was playing three out there for a little that was nice.
00:25:25Good team effort.
00:25:26>> It's a great win.
00:25:28You pick up your 30th win of the season.
00:25:31There was no letdown today.
00:25:33That was important.
00:25:33>> Yeah, you don't want to see that after a big game like that.
00:25:38And that's something that you always are prepared for.
00:25:39You know, you have a big game and you want 7 points.
00:26:03After 31 second chance points in minnesota the tworld held to >> tonight on chronicle live, harsh reviews continue to pour in for the ncaa selection committee.
00:26:27Two basketball lifers tell us what they think about the controversy surrounding this year's at large bids.
00:26:33Matt cain returns to game action in arizona.
00:26:35Is he on track to be at full strength for the regular season?
00:26:42>>> If the warriors put a bulls eye on keith smart's back with a pledge to make the post season next season?
00:26:52Hot off the tonight on chronicle live.
00:26:57Andrew bailey pitching against the indians.
00:26:58That fast ball hit the mark but the pain in the elbow did as well.
00:27:02Bailey was shut down late last year to have bone chips and spurs removed from hi right elbow.
00:27:09That did not look good.
00:27:10In a lot of pain there.
00:27:13Welcome to chronicle live.
00:27:14Greg papa in studio in san francisco.
00:27:19We bring in susan who covers the oakland a's.
00:27:24You tweeted foreman tightness.
00:27:27What is the problem with the closer tonight?
00:27:28>> I actually heard from two was more down to the bottom part of his forehand, near his hand.
00:27:37Which, you know, maybe that indicates that it's not elbow related.
00:27:40You got to think following his second elbow surgery, a minor clean up aside that somehow it's to the elbow.
00:27:49Sometimes foreman problems can be flexor tendons and that's something you can feel in an elbow.
00:27:57Greg, you know, removed four or five months after surgery, sometimes these things are just scar tissue and things aren't moving around and regular work after forced inactivity for a while, sometimes that can create strange things.
00:28:15Until they get a goot look at the pictures, x-rays, mri's, no one will go.
00:28:22Billy bean said he didn't know anything yet.
00:28:25>> When you say foreman tightness and the hand going numb, to me that would start with the pain from the elbow.
00:28:32It will shoot down the foreman and cause the tightness and eventually like a stinger in your shoulder, it will get into your hand.
00:28:39I think it will be proved it has to start with the elbow.
00:28:42He threw a on this pitch.
00:28:47Thursday, he threw 12 pitches and pitched beautifully one, two, three.
00:28:50They were all fastballs.
00:28:52Did he throw anything besides a fast ball today?
00:28:54>> You know what, I only saw fastballs.
00:28:59You don't watch every pitch.
00:29:00The other game today, though.
00:29:17They brought him along slowly and sort of done everything right to this point.
00:29:23I just feel uncomfortable speculating when it could be anything, really.
00:29:28It could be nothing and could be surgery again, which he had in 2004.
00:29:37>> They got brian fuentes and he could close.
00:29:45Thanks for the update.
00:29:48The big ten, big 12, southeastern conference, acc, mountain west has two that may win it in byu and san diego state.
00:30:18The day area doesn't have mes bracket.
00:30:25Mark, you've been around as long as I have.
00:30:28What's going on with the men's situation right now?
00:30:32Nobody makes it at all?
00:30:33>> Well, the teams are just not good enough.
00:30:35I mean, everybody will talk about saint mary's and we can get into that later.
00:30:42They're okay teams.
00:30:43That's why they're playing in the second tier tournaments.
00:30:52So they're not horrible teams but they're not great.
00:30:54When I moved here in '84 and it took a while for any team here to make it.
00:30:59For a while, people forget but BACK IN THE 80s, YOU SAY 20 YEARS, BACK IN THE 80s IT WAS Like watching the ncaa was like watching the moon landing.
00:31:11>> There were only 16 teams then.
00:31:13How many were in the tournament then?
00:31:15>> There were >> you have 68 and you can't get one?
00:31:20>> It's a statement and it's not a good statement.
00:31:23>> What do you think, damon?
00:31:24>> There was a team good enough to make it in there and the selection committee screwed it up.
00:31:32Saint mary's earned its way in the tournament and the selection committee did less than its job here.
00:31:39The explanation only made the situation worse, not better.
00:31:43Saint mary's scheduled aggressively and stepped out of their comfort zone to play top teams.
00:31:49Saint mary's and gonzaga is the west equivalent of duke, north carolina.
00:31:57Not with as much talent but can you find me a pac 10 rival to pretend to move the needle as much as they do?
00:32:04>> Damon, you're younger than i am and better looking, but you're not smarter.
00:32:12Here's the deal.
00:32:13Saint mary's had a chance to get in the tournament and that was by taking care of business.
00:32:17They lost to san diego.
00:32:18>> That was a bad loss.
00:32:20>> That to to me is when al gore should have been president but you didn't win tennessee.
00:32:29He didn't win his own state.
00:32:32While he had a case, he didn't win his home state.
00:32:34Saint mary's has a case and you could argue they're as good as some of the teams in the tournament but they had a chance to beat san diego and didn't and I think that's really what happened.
00:32:47>> Even with the loss, they're coconference regular season championships.
00:32:52>> Who did they beat?
00:32:54They beat gonzaga back in november.
00:32:58The head coach grows with you and later on, we'll hear his thought.
00:33:03He wants to go to a bcs where the rpi is a prevailing number you look at.
00:33:10The bigger issue here, I think randy is tired of this.
00:33:14This is two out of the last three years where he feels he was snubbed.
00:33:18This team wasn't as good as the patty mills and diamond simpson team of a couple years ago but he's mad.
00:33:28How could I get anymore out of this program?
00:33:29I'm doing all I can and we still can't get in the ncaa tournament.
00:33:33This may be the moment randy decides to leave just to get into the tournament.
00:33:38>> I think he's looking for groaner pasture.
00:33:43You have to.
00:33:43A farm not being picked up by a grocery store, what's the point of working there?
00:33:49He has to be beside himself.
00:33:54She's scoured the globe to put together the best team he can and he's done a hell of a job.
00:34:00They've been among the better consistently represented teams over and over again.
00:34:04Are we going to hold him guilty of being in the wcc?
00:34:11Maybe it's the wcc not getting it done for saint mary's.
00:34:15>> You say, I understand why he wants it to be strict.
00:34:19Somebody in that meeting room was not representing them well.
00:34:23Stan morrison, the former san jose state coach is the guy who is supposed to monitor the wcc and tout the teams.
00:34:33He didn't scream loud enough -- >> how about carroll williams?
00:34:36>> He's not on the committee but stan morris is supposed to represent the wcc room in that room and tout them and maybe stan needed to make a better case.
00:34:48If saint mary's fans want to get upset, maybe they should get mad at him.
00:34:53>> Whether it was the wcc representative in the room that dropped the ball or not, how about the fact that ohio state, in case you didn't heard, is in an awful lot of trouble with the ncaa right now.
00:35:05There is not a minute of buckeye basketball and they're the number one seed that means more than the result of next year's spring game.
00:35:18With jim tressel going through the investigation of his life, shouldn't they have said -- i think he should have gone back to columbus and worried about his football team and somebody else should have put this together.
00:35:30>> We are going to talk to bob knig coming up and also billy packer.
00:35:38The big news, andrew bailey's elbow appears to be barking.
00:35:45Matt cain was back today.
00:35:48Up next, we'll tell you how the post season hero did against e brewers.
00:38:58>> First time in scottsdale, good news is he gets five back.
00:39:03He wore nine last year.
00:39:05Back to work is the first in depth look at the 2011 giants as they prepare to defend their championship.
00:39:15We're concerned about number 18 on chronicle live.
00:39:19Welcome back.
00:39:19Greg papa joined by mark purdy.
00:39:26Matt cain made one start and had a little inflammation and threw a simulated game thursday and back on the mound against milwaukee and pitched well.
00:39:34Are you work ried anymore about your number three starter?
00:39:40>> No.
00:39:40We call him the number three starter and I guess that's what he'll be.
00:39:45I think secretly, he's the best pitcher they have and also, i think, physically built and constructed to have the longest, most tenured career when it's all said and done.
00:39:58He's a horse.
00:39:58I think he's the secret ace of this staff and I am not worried about matt cain at all.
00:40:05Whenever anybody has much as a hangover in spring training, shut it down for a day or two and call me friday.
00:40:11>> They got that every morning when they wake up in the spring.
00:40:15The real kicker is how he feels tomorrow.
00:40:20When I hear an elbow injury, you throw a lot of pitches and things get in the elbow.
00:40:26>> Your question is are you worried?
00:40:29I worry about every pitch r.
00:40:33Look at what happened at bailey.
00:40:34I agree with you about cain being the most sturdy workhorse.
00:40:39I remember the all star game of 2009.
00:40:43Joe morgan was here and either you and I asked him who he would take and he said cain because of the reason you said.
00:40:50He's just built stronger and he seems to have a better chance.
00:40:55>> Cain was hurt that night and didn't pitch in the all star game.
00:41:00But go ahead.
00:41:00>> Joe said long term to go with cain.
00:41:04>> I'm just teasing.
00:41:05You're worried about injuries in spring training.
00:41:09I'm worried about moving payroll off the roster.
00:41:13I would to look at moving zito's money, if possible.
00:41:16Aaron rowand is the guy.
00:41:18When they got to surprise to play the rangers, I was surprised when aaron row wapd went out to left field.
00:41:25Something is telling me somebody in baseball wants to look at aaron rowand in left field.
00:41:32Any way they could the salary to the phillies?
00:41:40>> He's done nothing from a production standpoint since he's been in the uniform, pretty much.
00:41:47He owes it to the giants to be a good sport and play where ever they need him to play whether for their needs or shop him eventually.
00:41:56I've never seen a more crowded and also less all star laidened outfield as the giants have.
00:42:04They're secretly untalented and very crowded all at the same time.
00:42:09When I say untalented, they were talented enough to win the world series.
00:42:14>> Individually, yes.
00:42:15If you put the collective stats of the left fielder, whoever that is over the course of the season, they aren't that bad.
00:42:21>> They're not barry bonds' left field stats.
00:42:24>> No, but I think what's happened is bouchy loves to make and fiddle with the lineups.
00:42:33>> He tinkers.
00:42:34>> I think he wanted to see rowand out there to show him he could do it.
00:42:41If you're going to play on this team, you may have to play left field.
00:42:45>> He has years left and $24 million.
00:42:54Phillies lost werth and brown will be out four to six weeks.
00:42:58They have ibanez in left field.
00:43:01Shane victorino in center and ben francisco in right.
00:43:04Would theyot look at aaron rowand if the giants took half of the $24 million left?
00:43:10>> Sure they would.
00:43:12If anyone is picking up half of a contract and you have a need, why wouldn't you be open to any and all ideas?
00:43:19This is the time we're kicking tires and exploring offers.
00:43:24>> I would never send him to another national league team.
00:43:28The last thing you want is this guy to come back and haunt you in the playoffs.
00:43:32>> Do you think he's hauntable?
00:43:35>> Yes.
00:43:35I think he could come up and be a cody ross.
00:43:41I would send him to an american league team.
00:43:44>> I wouldn't bet on him hitting five home run in the post season.
00:43:50>> Purdy is worried about health and andrew bailey's health.
00:43:55We have an update.
00:43:56 james andrews.
00:43:59He'll travel to the south of the andrews who performed the clean up procedure this past off season.
00:44:06Saint mary's is not going to the ncaa tournament again and the head coach is calling out the selection committee.
00:44:14Up next, we get the opinion of winningiest opinion of -- bob knight and billy packer are tonight's dual chronicle conversations.
00:47:07>> Go to something where there's a standardized system.
00:47:14I know the way we're doing it now, is some teams can get a 65, 69 rpi from a big conference, they'll find a way to m an excuse to get them in.
00:47:24Whereas from our conference, they're not going to flip-flop that.
00:47:29We won't get the same deal.
00:47:31To me, that's not right.
00:47:34Let's just go by the numbers.
00:47:35Take the huner ror out of it.
00:47:38I know these guys are doing as good of joby can, but that's not right.
00:47:42>> Randy bennett has been stopped twice now in the last three years and advocating a bcs type of system for college system.
00:47:51Would that work?
00:47:52Let's bring in two legends in their field.
00:48:01Bob knight.
00:48:04I'll start with you, billy.
00:48:04You've been outspoken on this topic before.
00:48:07The committee, should they go to a computerized system to pick the field of 68 now?
00:48:14>> Well, bob just went to the bathroom and I hope they had the full facility there bob because if they didn't I'd take the rpi paper and take it in there and properly use it.
00:48:25I don't think we want to get into paper and numbers.
00:48:29Here's what I would suggest.
00:48:30The tournament committee, as you know is headed up by people now because you can't succeed yourself on that committee with a lot of people that don't have basketball broundz.
00:48:39I'd like to see a subcommittee established of former basketball coaches who really know the game and be willing to study the teams and they watch them and work together subcommittee.
00:48:55When the basketball committee gets down to their ten or twelve teams they can't decide on, they call those guys in the room and based on their expertise in basketball, those guys make the selections.
00:49:06I don't think any coach in the country would complain at the likes of denny crumb, bob knight sitting around talking about I've seen these teams and studied them and here's our opinion.
00:49:19As a matter of fact, I've been with bob this weekend and I said bob, how many members of that committee called you on sunday to say bob, you've seen colorado play a lot.
00:49:29You'rey familiar with the big 12 and only won 900 plus games and you know a little bit about the game.
00:49:36In your opinion, what do you think about colorado and the answer is no one called bob knight.
00:49:42So that's what would concern me more than figuring out you could have a computerized schedule to determine who could play.
00:49:50Let's get the guys who really coached the game.
00:49:55>> Claire williams is one of two coaches on that committee.
00:50:00You don't like the rpi and bcs adaptation but do you agree the system is flawed on how pick the field of 68?
00:50:09>> Well, you know, most systems are flawed somewhere regardless of where it is and I'm not so sure you could do anything with this system other than billy has suggested, get real basketball people involved in it.
00:50:22There's been people on that committee for year a basketball from a coconut unless it hit them on the head.
00:50:30You have to have pure basketball people on the committee and even then, there would be situations arising when you have x number OF TEAMS TO PLAY AND THE 65th, 67Th teams think they should be in it.
00:50:44The key to be able to handle that is why complain?
00:50:49Get ready for the nit.
00:50:49It's been a great tournament for college basketball.
00:50:52Get ready for it.
00:50:54Get your kids excited about winding up playing in madison square garden.
00:51:00The more coaches complain about less likely they'll have teams going into post season play with the nit.
00:51:09Remember, there's 330 some division I teams.
00:51:12When you put the nit together with the ncaa, only about 25% of all teams continue to play.
00:51:19So get with that part of it.
00:51:21The nit is a great answer.
00:51:22>> At one time, that was the national championship tournament.
00:51:28The ncaa was much later.
00:51:32You won that on top of the ones you won at indiana.
00:51:37Do you agree with the top seeds in each region in ohio state in the east, kansas in the southwest, pittsburgh in the southeast and duke out here in the west?
00:51:49>> Yeah, I think you can't make an argument too much in that regard.
00:51:54If notre dame made it to the big east finals and won the big east post season conference tournament they probably would have beaten out pitt for that spot.
00:52:02The committee said they wouldn't take the last ten games in consideration to be anymore important than the full body of work.
00:52:10When you look at the four teams, over the three and a half months they were probably the four best teams.
00:52:16>> You know another thing, our online program to do something about prostate cancer would be served out and nobody would complain about it.
00:52:30The women have done a great job looking into breast canner and we want to urge men to get tested for prostate cancer.
00:52:40One in six men are susceptible to it.
00:52:44While you're complaining about who didn't get picked and seeding, take that paper to the doctors' office and get your prostate lost.
00:52:52>> You're so right.
00:52:53I lost my brother to prostate cancer a few summers ago and he didn't get checked early enough.
00:53:02Tell me about the organization.
00:53:06>> Have you been in to get checked yet?
00:53:10>> I get checked every six months now.
00:53:12>> That's good.
00:53:14Nobody is going to complain about you because we're going to give you our award of the day for being alert to prostate cancer.
00:53:21How is that?
00:53:21>> I learned it the hard way.
00:53:24I had to lose my closest friend in the world, my brother.
00:53:29Tell me about the online organization and what fans can do to find out more about this on the line?
00:53:37com is where to go.
00:53:40We have the top oncologists in the world at our service there and they're doing a terrific job.
00:53:47Bob said we want guys to emulate the women.
00:53:51One in eight come down with breast cancer and they've done a tremendous job of recognizing that and one in six men will come down with prostate cancer.
00:54:02Enjoy the tournament but at some point call your doctor and go for a checkup.
00:54:10>> Andrew -- a mutual friend of mine and yours as well.
00:54:15I want to ask you about your third and final ncaa championship.
00:54:21We have keith smart now as the head coach of the golden state warriors and beat my syracuse orangemen in '87.
00:54:28Did you know keith smart would follow you and become a head coach one day?
00:54:33>> Well, I don't think you know anybody will follow you and become a coach one day.
00:54:40Keith was a very studious kid, both as a student and as a player.
00:54:46Paid a lot of attention.
00:54:47The move he made, the shot wasn't the most important thing in that sequence.
00:54:52There were two things more important than the shot.
00:54:55The fact, number one, that darrell thomas saw a pass could be made to keith and number two, that keith got open.
00:55:04He made a good move and a fake to the inside and a three step cut to the outside and he was open when darrell hit him with the ball.
00:55:12It wasn't the fact that the shot went in that I'll remember, it was the fact that two kids really paying attention to the game at perhaps the most stressful point ever having a basket made in a championship game and those two kids came through with just what was available to them and did it in a great way.
00:55:37Probably without any exception.
00:55:38My favorite play of my career in basketball.
00:55:40>> Coach knight, we thank you for your time and appreciate it.
00:55:45Billy packer, so nice to catch up with you as well.
00:55:47Thanks for your thoughts tonight.
00:55:48>> Thank you very much.
00:55:50>> Keith smart a hero in '87 and now a coach in the warriors.
00:55:55It sounds like he better start wiping.
00:55:57This is from peter guber.
00:56:00We'll need everyone in this organization from the basketball side to the business side to meet the expectations we've established.
00:56:07The warriors are saying if they don't make the playoffs next year it won't raise season ticket prices if you renew now.
00:56:17How do you read that quote?
00:56:21We have our panel reassembled.
00:56:22>> I would get my resume ready.
00:56:26I'm sorry.
00:56:27I saw him the other night on the charlie rose show talking about inception.
00:56:31He was one of the producers of inception and he's an imaginative guy.
00:56:40I don't think he envisions keith smart being the coach of the warriors when they get to the playoffs again.
00:56:45>> Unfortunately I think these guys are hollywood guys.
00:56:49They like stars and names above the movie on the marquee and keith smart I just don't think has a big enough name to come back next year as this team's coach.
00:57:00You'll not find a bigger keith smart fan than me except bob knight who you talked to.
00:57:09team, which means maybe playing players that aren't necessarily going to help you win now but he also has to prove himself now in order to be coach next year.
00:57:18I think they did a huge disservice and matt steinmetz has been all over this by giving him a one year deal.
00:57:27You're basically lame buck from go.
00:57:30>> Did he really deserve a multiyear deal?
00:57:34>> From a credibility standpoint, yeah, he might of.
00:57:39If you didn't think he did, you made the wrong hire.
00:57:45>> They had to make decisions or somebody else had to make a decision.
00:57:51It was very confusing.
00:57:51I believe that if the ownership change had been made in june instead of when was it?
00:58:00August or september.
00:58:00Yeah, I don't think keith smart would have been the coach.
00:58:02They would have spent the summer finding somebody with a bigger name.
00:58:06>> Does phil jackson have the warriors in the playoffs this season?
00:58:10>> He has them closer than keith smart.
00:58:13I don't know.
00:58:15On that roster, possibly.
00:58:16>> You think?
00:58:17>> Maybe not phil jackson but maybe george karl.
00:58:21Coach jackson is riding it out as well.
00:58:25Speaking of bad timing, the nba may lock out their players.
00:58:30The nfl owners locked out their players friday after the union desert bid.
00:58:35How the union which no longer represents players is telling future players to boycott the draft.
00:58:46The carolina panthers select, where is he?
00:58:48We'll discuss that next on chronicle live.
01:01:32>> San jose sharks, a five on three advantage.
01:01:38Joe pavelsky gives them a 1-0 lead.
01:01:48Stallburg's length of the year and tied at 1 at the new mad house.
01:01:57Welcome back to chronicle live.
01:02:01>> They're in a funny position.
01:02:03They have a little distance between them and people chasing them.
01:02:07They could almost fall out of the top 8 entirely.
01:02:10That, these two games are important.
01:02:13>> Nhl playoffs begin in mid april, so we'll be tuned in closely.
01:02:17The draft begins on april 28th and the player's association, which no longer is technically representing the nfl players but advising them as a professional trade association is advising the guys coming into their league, the draftees not to go to new york or play nice with the nfl.
01:02:40When they stand up there and have the first pick, they'll be nobody to give it to.
01:02:45>> Let's see, I don't want to anger the club I'm about to join.
01:02:48That's the way I would be looking at this if I were a rookie and high draft pick.
01:02:55When I say club, a club of guys in the clubhouse.
01:02:58The nfl pa.
01:03:00You don't want to upset your union body before you even really make your first dues payment.
01:03:06It's a tough situation.
01:03:07>> No, no.
01:03:08The only people upset are espn.
01:03:10I don't think the coaches care whether the guys are there.
01:03:15Espn has something to show.
01:03:16I'm thinking aaron rodgers is thinking that's a dam good idea not going there.
01:03:21Nobody will be sitting there waiting to be picked.
01:03:25>> It's also going to upset this commissioner.
01:03:27He's put this thing on network tv on prime time.
01:03:31Do you cancel that and draft them over the phone like the old days?
01:03:35Do you want to parade around the fact the players don't like you anymore?
01:03:38>> It would be an incredibly awkward media situation for the oversaturated coverage of the draft we have.
01:03:46Am I a rookie, is the first thing I want to do is to get on demorris' smith bad side?
01:03:53He'll think I'm not on the same page as the other guys.
01:03:58It's putting the rookies in a terrible situation.
01:04:01It shouldn't be up to them.
01:04:02>> It's not up to them.
01:04:05It's up to the agents.
01:04:06The agents will tell them whether to go or thg is not solved by then and it won't be, they can't go there.
01:04:18>> Does baseball do it this way?
01:04:21>> We don't care about the baseball draft.
01:04:23>> It's all done for show.
01:04:26They used to do it without all this and it worked fine.
01:04:31Listen to it on the radio.
01:04:33You won't be disappointed.
01:04:34>> That's a great idea.
01:04:35You should listen to everything on the raid yoeshgs , as a matter of fact.
01:04:41>> Have people stand in for each people.
01:04:47Matthew ma -- >> we tuned in for the analysis and mel kiper, he's the star.
01:05:00Do I need to see cam newton get asked a terrible question and hold up a jersey?
01:05:06There's a lot more happening on draft day than that.
01:05:10>> Could they go to them in their living rooms sitting somewhere?
01:05:16>> The nfl pa will make them available for other networks, not espn and not the nfl network.
01:05:22Maybe they'll come to chronicle live.
01:05:23>> You can have the entire first round here.
01:05:26>> I'll give up my sit.
01:05:27That will be on april 28th.
01:05:31The big news, tom brady antitrust lawsuit, which will be heard, we are hearing april 6th in minneapolis.
01:05:41Judge david doty won't be hearing this, which is great news for the owners.
01:05:46Susan richard nelson in minnesota will hear this.
01:05:49The nfl got doty out of the mix for the hearing.
01:05:53>> Some lawyers earned their money with that one.
01:05:56That's a good move.
01:05:56I don't know what the scouting report is but doty had shown a tendency to side with the players' side.
01:06:06>> Is susan a vikings fan?
01:06:08That would be my only question.
01:06:10>> We shall see.
01:06:11I don't know.
01:06:11>> That's much more important whether the players go to the draft.
01:06:16I mean, that's real stuff right there.
01:06:18That will help decide whether this gets settled sooner or later.
01:06:235 million a part per team.
01:06:27Will they get it solved before the nfl draft on april 28th?
01:06:33The ncaa tournament new 14-year 8 billion tv deal games will be seen on cbs but on the true tv and turner sports.
01:06:44That means charlie barkley and kenny smith from inside the nba will go inside the madness.
01:06:49Up next we head to new york city to visit with the former north carolina carolina kenny smith is next on chronicle live.
01:09:43>> It's that time of the year to com and play the bracket challenge.
01:09:49You can log onto to play.
01:09:52Summit picks before every round and match up against the pro's and prizes will be awarded including an i-pad two, nintendo wii and a flip camera.
01:10:07Wall-to-wall coverage from cbs crew tvs involved.
01:10:11Tnt and tbs and kenny the jet smith with inside the nba.
01:10:18He joins us courtesy of coke zero to chronicle live.
01:10:23Kenny the jet, welcome first of all.
01:10:26This is a lot of work for you.
01:10:28You got 68 schools set to tip off tomorrow night.
01:10:31>> Yeah, as my father would say but you could have a real job, kenny.
01:10:36It's a lot of fun.
01:10:37I think, overall, I've been watching college basketball and always filled out my pool and always followed it throughout the year.
01:10:46Maybe not with the same analytical eye.
01:10:51I have an aaa basketball team and I have ten to fifteen kids playing now and this is a lot of fun for me.
01:10:57>> You were watching north carolina against duke in the final I know.
01:11:03Tell me about the bracket for the tar heels.
01:11:07They have long island in the first round.
01:11:09If they win, they may be looking at washington or georgia.
01:11:12I know how much you like isaiah thomas.
01:11:17Can the tar heels, if they advance get by uw?
01:11:21>> I have them going to the final four for sure.
01:11:24There's no easy road.
01:11:26Once you play that first game, the first game if you're a one or two seed, you should overmatch those teams.
01:11:33But after that, all bets are off.
01:11:37You're playing teams that are accustom to and traditionally played schools like you.
01:11:43That fear factor is gone.
01:11:44They're kind of giant killers now.
01:11:46They want to prove to the world they're just as good as you.
01:11:51They're not afraid of you.
01:11:52A lot of times those schools haven't played as well only because of injuries and or a rough patch in the road, but not because of they're not good enough.
01:12:02>> North carolina is a very young team.
01:12:07Guy walking in there.
01:12:08Of course they were the defending ncaa champions and had michael jordan and matt dougherty.
01:12:21It must have been easier for you since they had the great players the ncaa champions.
01:12:27>> Yeah, I think it's always easy to play with great players, but the expectation levels were still there.
01:12:34Those are the things you kind of always felt in the back of your mind.
01:12:41You know, the ncaa is so young now and there are a lot of younger teams and younger players.
01:12:48There's probably guys that this year probably played against more than half their teams that won't have guys that will move onto the next level.
01:12:58Where when I played in probably ten years ago even, there were so many guys that were going to be playing at the next level that you play against on a nightly basis.
01:13:08There's more great teams than individuals.
01:13:09>> Kenny had a long career in the nba and a two time catchon with the rockets but here in northern california you came in the nba as a sacramento king.
01:13:18You were the sixth overall pick in the 1987 nba draft, kenny.
01:13:23With all the talk of the kings moving to orange county and playing in anaheim next year, what's your reaction, being a former player with the franchise and being so connected to the nba?
01:13:35Do you think that will happen where they'll move from northern california to southern california?
01:13:42>> I hope not.
01:13:44The kings' fans deserve and probably been the most loyal fans other than maybe utah in the nba.
01:13:51The king fans has supported them through thick and thin.
01:13:56We used to sell out.
01:13:57When they became good with weber and williams and the rest of them, they sold out.
01:14:06Bibby, peja.
01:14:07Now they're hitting a rough patch, they're still supportive.
01:14:11This is a team that hasn't won 20 games and that arena is three quarters filled.
01:14:17They're saying a lot.
01:14:19They should really consider what's going on in staying in sacramento.
01:14:22>> Yeah, it would be sad if they move to orange county.
01:14:26We shall see.
01:14:27We're talking ncaa final four.
01:14:29Let's talk nba final four.
01:14:31Do you see in the east celtics and heat and in the west, it will be lakers and spurs?
01:14:37>> That would be great for television but I don't think that will happen.
01:14:41Between those four teams, the only one that on the other side of the spectrum you could say is the western conference where they play consistently well and injury free and play great basketball.
01:14:54On the east, those teams with boston just hasn't stayed healthy.
01:15:00If they do, you could plug them in and miami heat hasn't played consistent basketball with being healthy most of the year.
01:15:08>> So the nba won't have the final four until june.
01:15:12The ncaa has the final four in april.
01:15:14What do you do in the studio now?
01:15:18Do you sit around and drink coke zero all day?
01:15:23>> I like the coke zero reference.
01:15:27We'll sit around from 12 to 12 and watch basketball.
01:15:36Fans can go to
01:15:37You can talk to people and watch the games online and tell people and talk smack to your friends and other people.
01:15:46All your friends that are around the country.
01:15:49It's a great thing and also you can also get tickets to possibly win to go to the final four.
01:15:54So it's an impressive site.
01:15:58>> Final four is in houston, texas, this year.
01:16:04We'll be talking smack now we get to see them in the ncaa tournament.
01:16:07Thank you so much for your time tonight on chronicle live.
01:16:09>> Thank you.
01:16:11>> San jose sharks and blackhawks met in the final four last year.
01:16:19Hot off the presses.
01:16:20Thornton, his 17th of the year to give the sharks a 2-1 lead.
01:16:26Nice pass by marlowe.
01:16:27His second assist of the game.
01:16:31>> Let me get out of here, i want to watch that game.
01:16:34>> I got to get your final four picks.
01:16:40Who's going to ten guy like damon.
01:16:47I'm going with ohio state.
01:16:49I like them to play texas and i think texas is a four seed but they're going to come out of the bracket.
01:16:57Notre dame because it's time for them to get back.
01:16:59If they were the best conference, they were the best team in that conference.
01:17:02The other bracket is the one i don't think anybody should come out of.
01:17:07I picked florida because I had to pick somebody.
01:17:09I believe if saint mary's had gotten into the tournament, they could have beaten anybody.
01:17:20>> What do you got?
01:17:22>> I'm a big ten honk, so I put them in my final four.
01:17:27I got uconn because I think you need a special player and experience in kemba walker.
01:17:34He's nails, man.
01:17:34On the other half of that side, if I'm throwing a party in march, I want cinderella to be there.
01:17:42Do I really think utah state is going to the final four?
01:17:47Probably not.
01:17:47Like mark, I'm so unimpressed that why not?
01:17:52I'll take a team that's won 30 games.
01:17:54>> What are they a 12 seed?
01:17:57>> Yeah.
01:17:57Give me one total shocker in there.
01:18:02They've won 30 games.
01:18:03>> You know what, I was at the first round games in san jose and I saw butler play and i thought they're pretty good but they'll never make the final four and went all the way.
01:18:14You never know.
01:18:15>> Who wins it all?
01:18:15>> I got kansas winning it all.
01:18:19>> Boy, they're good.
01:18:20>> I'm saying ohio state.
01:18:22I'm real impressed with the way they're playing and they got a good coach.
01:18:32The center, sullinger -- i watched some of the big ten tournament and he was a man in that tournament.
01:18:42He was like the nba guy playing on a floor of college guys.
01:18:47>> We'll have a cham crowned and houston, reliant stadium will be the site.
01:18:52For the women, all roads lead to indianapolis.
01:18:54The brackets were announced this afternoon.
01:18:57We'll tell you the route that the cardinals must go through to get to the final four for a fourth straight year.
01:19:05This is chronicle live.
01:21:15>> This is a slam dunk that these four schools would be in the women's -- uconn, baylor, stanford and tennessee.
01:21:33Mary murphy is here, our college basketball expert.
01:21:39That's obvious.
01:21:40Uconn, baylor, tennessee, stanford.
01:21:41Who else could it be?
01:21:42>> Slam dunk.
01:21:43The number two's weren't even close.
01:21:49>> Stanford bracket, the spokane in anything.
01:21:54>> It's a great matchup.
01:21:57They're d-i for four years.
01:21:59San di simpson has done an amazing job.
01:22:02You get stanford but it's a great matchup locally.
01:22:07>> There was one year uc davis beat stanford in football, basketball, but I think tara will sneak through that.
01:22:17It's onto texas tech and saint john's and also xavier, the great rematch of last year's two point win to get to the final four.
01:22:25Is this a good road for them to get to indy?
01:22:29>> There's an interesting road.
01:22:30They beat xavier back in december by 37 points.
01:22:34The big rematch turned into the big let down.
01:22:38Stanford was complete domination.
01:22:40Ucla is a three seed and a lot of people thought they would be a two seed.
01:22:43They gave stanford a run for their money saturd in los angeles, so that matchup if it makes it that far could be interesting.
01:22:52If it's the pac ten and ucla versus stanford in spokane, it will be a great game.
01:23:00>> Do the other three make it to indy?
01:23:05>> I think baylor could get tripped up.
01:23:12They'll play a&m.
01:23:13They've played three times and each one could be close.
01:23:15I could see them beating baylor on a neutral court.
01:23:25>> How about tennessee?
01:23:27>> The whole world wants to see geno and pat play.
01:23:32Pat summit won't schedule them anymore because of recruiting issues.
01:23:38Everyone wants to see them shake hands or not.
01:23:40It's enough to be tremendous.
01:23:42>> Tara will play them both.
01:23:44>> Anywhere any time.
01:23:45>> I was surprised she's not only in naismith basketball hall of fame.
01:23:50Is it a lock she makes it?
01:23:54>> It's a lock.
01:23:55>> Will she go as the ncaa champion?
01:23:58We're hoping she goes to the final four for a fourth straight year.
01:24:02She won the titles in the nineties and not won the third one since.
01:24:05We're looking for a rematch.
01:24:07We want geno against tara like IT WAS DECEMBER 30THth AND BROKE The winning streak.
01:24:17If they meet on a neutral court in a championship game, who wins it?
01:24:23>> I think stanford does it.
01:24:25The big difference from last year, jane apel had a broken foot and nobody knew it.
01:24:34She can check maya moore and check offensive players, whether a guard or forward.
01:24:40She's a difference maker.
01:24:42They're deep in the bench.
01:24:43The seniors have been to the final four for three straight years.
01:24:48They're ready to breakthrough.
01:24:48They're the chicago bulls when they finally broke through on the pistons.
01:24:53It will happen.
01:24:53>> Uconn is the bad girls, is that what you're saying?
01:24:58>> That's what I'm saying.
01:24:59>> Should we like geno?
01:25:00>> You should buse he's a fantastic coach.
01:25:03He knows the game and knows how to coach.
01:25:07He rubs people the wrong way.
01:25:08Characters are what make the world interesting.
01:25:12It's kind of entertaining.
01:25:15>> We're hoping tara will go to the final four.
01:25:17We were talking the stanford women are the only bay area basketball team that will play in the ncaa tournament.
01:25:25None of the mens made it and tara, we'll watch her closely.
01:25:30She's the only team playing in the march madness.
01:25:32>> She's the best coach in this bay area, maybe in the entire state.
01:25:36She does the best job and belongs in every hall of fame and we'll see another national championship.
01:25:43Get ready for number three.
01:25:44>> That will be exciting.
01:25:45Mary, you'll be dropping by.
01:25:47We have to talk march madness with someone.
01:25:50We have the stanford women.
01:25:53More on the andrew bailey visit to see dr. james andrews.
01:25:55He'll be going to birmingham, alabama coming your way in moments on sportsnet central.
01:28:25>>> Stanford joins uconn, tennessee and baylor as the top four teams in the bracket.
01:28:30They will play on saturday at 30 >>> baseball, march madness and a warriors/kings showdown.
01:28:43Welcome to sportsnet central.
01:28:45>>> Athletics fans still holding their brets over seeing bradley lead the cactus game today against the indians.
01:28:52We'll have that video once again as well as the rest of the action.
01:28:56Dallas braden has been struggling and this spring no exception.
01:29:08The top of the third, two on for coco crisp.
01:29:11A line drive in the corner.
01:29:18Matt carson and jameel weak, a triple for chris and the game is tied at 3.
01:29:26Duncan doubles down the line.
01:29:30Braden's spring e.r.a.
01:29:35Now 10.13.
01:29:35THE TOP OF THE 4th, JAMEL WEEKS At the plate again.
01:29:40Double to left.
01:29:40He was a 3-3 in today's game.
01:29:43TOP OF THE 6th, IT'S 6-5 Indians.
01:29:50Chris carter unloads.
01:29:51Check out his home run to deep left.
01:29:55Off the scoreboard.
01:29:56That was his first home run of the spring, and it tied the game at 6.
01:30:00BOTTOM 7th, HERE'S THAT SCARY MOMENT FOR THE A's AS HE COMES Off holding his elbow.
01:30:11Bailey would leave the game and once again they're calling it forearm tightness.
01:30:15TOP OF THE 8th, ONE ON FOR CHRIS Carter.
01:30:18He homers to right field.
01:30:18That is his second of the game.
01:30:21BUT THE A's WOULD FALL 9-8 TO The indians.
01:30:34A's WERE CHARGED WITH TWO ERRORS And had other miscues such as failing it cover 2nd base on a rundown.
01:30:40>>> The world series champs are already doing fine entering today's game against the brewers.
01:30:47The giants' 14-4 record was the best this spring.
01:30:50Getting matt kane back on the mound for his first appearance since february 27th is added ammunition.
01:30:57And kane threw three shutout innings.
01:31:01Pablo sandoval and aubrey huff, huff was perfect at the plate.
01:31:07Jeff su responsible allowed five ones and -- supon allowed five runs.
01:31:16Giants tortured top 4 winner this week, giants win the nl west.
01:31:21We'll reart game tuesday at -- reair the game tuesday at 7:00.
01:31:33>>> The dub -- golden state enjoyed their largest victory of the season and held minnesota to its lowest scoring output of the season.
01:31:41Can they do it in back to back #2k3w5i78s on back to -- games on back to back night?
01:31:48Right now we take it to keith smart for pregame.
01:31:53>> I think the rivalry between the two teams that are so close ach other as far as the fan base and everything and you really get into the game so, regardless of records with these two teams, there's always a fantastic show.
01:32:06And so, you know, in this series that we've had thus far, you've had four of the guards had 32 points or more, so they've played very well.
01:32:16Of course we've had two overtime games this year already.
01:32:20It's always you throw records out the window, this team is going to play well.
01:32:23The strength is going to be the way they attack the glass so we have another task at hand paint.
01:32:37They're playing very well as far as hitting the glass.
01:32:41Giving second chance opportunities.
01:32:43So we got to make sure we rebound and do the job we've been doing so far.
01:32:48>> You got more confidence in your rebounding after last night?
01:32:52>> For me, personally, I always look at how you play the game you just left.
01:32:58That perchlt is -- was -- personality was that game.
01:33:03Now you move into this game and it will have something different.
01:33:07Hopefully we have understanding of the success against this team and we're plus 1 in our first win and 7 or 8 with the second one.
01:33:17How we take care of the basketball along with rebounding and not giving them second and third opportunities to score and limit our turnovers to that 10 two 12 range will put us in a better position to close the game out.
01:33:31>> HERE ARE THE ABCs OF THE Warriors d last night.
01:33:3677 Points allowed, more than 28 less than their season average.
01:33:406% for the game and totalled just 33 points in the second half.
01:33:47Perhaps most significant, kevin love held to 6 points and 3 rebounds.
01:33:52In his streak of -- ending his streak of double doubles.
01:33:56>>> Plenty more to come in this edition of sportsnet central.
01:34:06>>> And the stanford women know where they're headed in the women's ncaa tournament and we'll tell you if their path to the final 4 is smooth or full of upset potential.
01:34:16>>> And the nfl draft is just a little over a month away but up next, why scenes like this may not be happening here.
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01:35:10Hel >>> as expected, the stanford women received a no.
01:35:371 Seed in