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00:00:02>>> Plus, karina smirnoff and maksim chmerkovskiy are revealing if they'll be back on "dancing with the stars" and if these two old flames are feeling the heat again when they hit our dance floor to perform " >>> then comedian sunda croonquist is in "joy's comedy corner" and telling you how her own mother-in-law sued her for going too far on stage.
00:00:24>>> And swimsuit season exposes all of your skin flaws, so doris day is solving all of your summer skin issues from cellulite to bacne and more, plus revealing the single most important thing you should be doing for your skin right now.
00:00:41All that, "hot topics" and more " [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo!
00:01:17Hello, and welcome to "the " sherri's not here today and joining us as our guy-day co-host, please welcome star of "the good wife," alan cumming.
00:01:32Hello, darling.
00:01:36[ Cheers and applause ] >> alan, right now you are in new york and you're in the scottish play.
00:01:40>> That's right.
00:01:41>> But this is like -- >> why can't you say it?
00:01:44>> I just didn't -- I don't care.
00:01:46>> You're going to get struck by lightning.
00:01:48>> I don't care so far.
00:01:50>> You know, you may not know but the reason joy asked this -- it's bad luck for an actor to name the play.
00:01:58But, see, he's doing it.
00:02:00Oh, yes.
00:02:01>> It's bad luck for an actor to name his own play?
00:02:04>> Oh, yeah.
00:02:06>> Just that play.
00:02:07>> That play.
00:02:09>> Yeah, yeah, no.
00:02:11>> The reason why -- you play -- >> meal, female.
00:02:16You play everything.
00:02:17>> A couple of parts I don't play but it's in a psychiatric unit and I'm someone that's come to this thing and he does the play as some sort of, you know -- >> you do lady macbeth.
00:02:29>> I do lady macbeth and I have sex with my -- >> what's that?
00:02:34>> I have sex with myself.
00:02:35>> You know -- [ laughter ] I just had a conversation with the woman who is in charge of our standards and practices and she said if you're going to do something, maybe -- certain thing, call me in advance.
00:02:52Millie, I couldn't get to you.
00:02:53I'm not responsible for him.
00:02:55>> Having sex with yourself is a laugh.
00:03:00>> Can you do a little?
00:03:01I don't mean -- >> not that.
00:03:06[ Cheers and applause ] >> you know, I know.
00:03:10I know -- I'll let you handle it.
00:03:14>> You can't protect me anymore.
00:03:16Can you do a line or two?
00:03:19>> Barbara?
00:03:19Yes, I can.
00:03:23The raven himself is hoarse that croaks the fatal entrance of duncan under my battlement.
00:03:30>> Really!
00:03:31[ Cheers and applause ] >> fierce, fierce.
00:03:37I'm not going to your battlements anymore.
00:03:39They're too good for me.
00:03:41It ends on sunday and you go back to -- >> "the good wife" shoots here.
00:03:46>> We love your accent and -- americans love, I think, english accents.
00:03:52>> Well, that would not be me, barbara, because I'm scottish.
00:03:57>> A scottish accent -- I would like you to know I'm batting zero for zero today.
00:04:04You know what I'm saying.
00:04:06We love accents.
00:04:06>> I think american people have a soft spot for accent, european accents -- >> you do american accents very well.
00:04:14>> Like, you know, think of someone you've seen in a shop and just be them.
00:04:18You know.
00:04:19>> What do you do -- >> barbara, it's not brain surgery.
00:04:24[ Laughter ] >> I can't do an english accent.
00:04:28>> We want to see yours first.
00:04:31>> Mine?
00:04:31No, no, no.
00:04:32>> This is what I want to do.
00:04:38A "vanity fair"/"60 minutes" poll found that 60% of americans do not believe in the male mid-life crisis saying that it's just a guy's way to get a little preemptive pass on some bad behavior that's about to follow.
00:04:51I don't know what you think of that.
00:04:52>> That's great.
00:04:54>> Not even in a high level of -- [ applause ] >> I pose this to you.
00:05:01Is there no such thing as a male mid-life crisis?
00:05:04>> How would you explain those banana pants, bermuda pants with black socks.
00:05:10They all move to florida, part their hair under their armpits.
00:05:15>> Usually happens the much older man goes after a very young woman, isn't it?
00:05:19>> Yes.
00:05:20>> Leaves his wife and goes after the young -- >> yes.
00:05:24>> Starts with -- >> first, I think it's like confronting your mortality and all the things I wanted to have done and I've not done them yet.
00:05:32>> Females go through that too.
00:05:33>> Absolutely.
00:05:34>> You think it is a mid-life crisis.
00:05:36>> I do, for both sexes, with each other doing it to themselves.
00:05:40>> I am not taking the bait.
00:05:42You're going to have me locked up.
00:05:44>> Well, if you think that was interesting, listen to this.
00:05:48A new study found that women are more likely to have an orgasm when they're with a dominating male, attractive, who is attractive.
00:06:00>> Dominating or attractive.
00:06:02>> Dominating, attractive male.
00:06:04I -- you know, I'm not saying nothing.
00:06:06>> Why do you think chris christie's wife is always smiling?
00:06:12[ Applause ] >> I've seen her.
00:06:16She smiles and smiles.
00:06:17Happy, happy, happy.
00:06:19>> Then we know others like success is a great aphrodisiac.
00:06:23Money is a great aphrodisiac.
00:06:25I mean there can be -- >> not everybody gets -- >> that's not the way -- >> no, you but you like a powerful guy.
00:06:33>> That's a different story.
00:06:34What we're -- [ applause ] >> I'm sorry.
00:06:42>> I like a good orgasm.
00:06:43That's what I like.
00:06:44[ Cheers and applause ] >> for some women -- >> no more or we'll have to call standards and practices.
00:06:53>> I like a guy who is powerful -- >> I don't like a man that -- a lot of power.
00:06:58>> Orgasms, or more than an orgasm.
00:07:06>> I feel like any orgasm you have is -- I just think it's a good idea.
00:07:11>> Yeah, you know.
00:07:12But you know, enough of this.
00:07:14[ Laughter ] >> I don't know, we're going to go -- >> I think the audience wants more of this.
00:07:19>> I think that the guy who is ugly who has a great technique is et abouter than a handsome boring guy who is always looking in the mirror.
00:07:27>> Yeah, but -- [ cheers and applause ] >> right?
00:07:34>> Not a -- it's if you know how to drive it.
00:07:39>> That's right and so many don't know how to drive.
00:07:43[ Laughter ] >> there's so much I could say.
00:07:48>> But we're going to go and come right back with more "hot " [ cheers and applause ] >> Announcer: Next week, two of hollywood's biggest stars are hitting the couch when bruce willis and catherine zeta-jones " ♪
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00:12:37[ Cheers and applause ] >>> we're back with guy-day friday co-host, the fabulous alan cumming.
00:12:54[ Applause ] >>> a new study of sociologists found that men and women look at moving in together very differently.
00:12:58Most women apparently think it's the next step before marriage, but men do not seem to have the same concept and some guys even move in to postpone the wedding.
00:13:09Have you heard of this -- >> we've been together for 30 years.
00:13:1520 We did not live together.
00:13:17The last ten we lived together and the last two we got married of the that's my record.
00:13:22[ Cheers and applause ] I'm sticking with it.
00:13:26>> What do you recommend?
00:13:27>> I recommend you don't live together for awhile.
00:13:31It keeps the fires burning if you get my drift.
00:13:33>> What about your drift?
00:13:34[ Laughter ] >> barbara, don't get me started.
00:13:39My difficulty dash I think i think actually there's a different -- there's living together is a thing and some people don't ever think it's going to reach marriage and that's of a different -- and in our times now we have another option.
00:13:52Unless people just live together and not going to get married and gay people who a lot in this country can't get married.
00:14:00>> Do you have that in scotland?
00:14:02>> They do.
00:14:03And in england.
00:14:06>> But, no, a blogger com is calling for men -- >> the pipes are calling -- to dish the baggy bathing suits this summer and start wearing speedos.
00:14:23[ Applause ] but here -- okay.
00:14:29If you look like this, speedos, okay.
00:14:32But really can an average man in america wear a speedo?
00:14:38>> Oh.
00:14:40[ Laughter ] >> what is wrong with you people?
00:14:46>> I think this is all about -- >> try to have an orgasm with this guy.
00:14:54>> You know what -- >> I am so aroused by that picture.
00:14:58I can't even tell you.
00:15:00>> Oh!
00:15:03>> Patriotic.
00:15:04>> I think american people and you girls are as guilty, you are just as guilty of -- such a shame about the bodies and about sex and that is transferred into this thing -- >> look at this.
00:15:18Look at this.
00:15:19This is no shame.
00:15:19This is big ass and this is what is going to sit.
00:15:23You are know, you know.
00:15:24[ Applause ] >> I know.
00:15:26>> Now, then why shouldn't people wear speedos?
00:15:32They're more comfy.
00:15:33When you wear those long shorts -- >> I like the nude beach myself.
00:15:38I don't think you should be wearing anything in you get in the water.
00:15:44>> I don't want to wear something that molests me.
00:15:47>> The speedo?
00:15:48>> No, a thong.
00:15:55Speed speedos don't go up your crack.
00:15:58>> How do you feel if you go to a beach -- certain beaches -- >> a burqini.
00:16:10>> The burqini.
00:16:13>> You're pretty covered up -- >> so are you.
00:16:17>> No.
00:16:18>> I'm always -- >> what can I tell you?
00:16:22It's different with your genitalia.
00:16:24>> Yeah, you guys have a harder time because this is why guys are always checking everything all the time because it's right there.
00:16:29We can't -- can you imagine women going down a street checking.
00:16:35You know.
00:16:38>> Mine are down here, I can't pick them up.
00:16:42>> New chapter about women.
00:16:45>> Again, that's another thing and I saw my mom topless -- she's like a little old lady from scotland.
00:16:53I don't see her anymore.
00:16:54There's a whole thing.
00:16:55People don't have a shame about boobs in europe.
00:17:00Thing -- >> european beach and most are topless.
00:17:03>> Absolutely.
00:17:04>> And doesn't matter what their size is.
00:17:05>> I was in malaysia and went to a suiing pool and I had my speedon s.
00:17:12I thought I wonder if they're weird.
00:17:13Some people I meant like to go in with their shorts -- if in malaysia they force you to wear speedos and I think that's great.
00:17:25>> Looking for a new part -- >> in malaysia.
00:17:28>> We're not moving anywhere.
00:17:30We're going to be here.
00:17:33Please come back because we will.
00:17:34We'll be right back.
00:17:35[ Applause ] >> Announcer: Up next, karina smirnoff and maksim chmerkovskiy are telling you if they're up for another spin on "dancing with the stars" next season and if this former couple is feeling that old spark when they hit our dance floor.
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00:21:53[ Cheers and applause ] >>> they're two "dancing with the stars" veteran performers who are heating up the broadway stage in a new show " please welcome karina smirnoff and maksim chmerkovskiy.
00:22:13[ Cheers and applause ] whoo!
00:22:33>> Mwah.
00:22:34[ Cheers and applause ] >> wow!
00:22:42>> Everything is picked out.
00:22:44Can you stop flirting with him so I can ask a question.
00:22:46>> Sorry.
00:22:48>> The tank is the most sensuous dance.
00:22:51I love the tango.
00:22:54It's too bad you brought her today because -- >> wow!
00:22:57>> Sorry.
00:23:00But on the serious side, it is a dance of lovers, supposedly.
00:23:05Now, you two -- >> or haters.
00:23:07>> That's what I want to ask.
00:23:08You two at one point were engaged to be married but it is interesting now when you're engaged and it's broken off and you're supposed to be either close or -- what is it like for the two of you when you dance together?
00:23:20Is there emotion in it too.
00:23:23>> It's great.
00:23:26It's great.
00:23:27We don't do a lot -- we have a couple of numbers.
00:23:30They're you will ours.
00:23:31The stage is ours and the two of us.
00:23:35Limited -- >> acting?
00:23:37>> That's the thing.
00:23:38I think that -- I think that your history is your history and if it's -- if you don't have to pretend to be someone else to tap into this type of emotion it's definitely easier.
00:23:49>> Karina, your history is from the ukraine, correct?
00:23:52>> Yes.
00:23:52>> You came here with your parents when you were 14.
00:23:55Didn't speak any english.
00:23:56Ho do you learn?
00:23:57>> I think I'm still learning.
00:23:59It's always learning english, but it's -- it's, you know, you watch tv.
00:24:03I was watching "saved by the " ironically enough I was paired up with par joe lopez afterwards, which was huge.
00:24:11[ Cheers and applause ] he did amazing and then, of course, "friends," a huge fan of " I would watch tv and read what they were saying at the same time and little by little i think like six months that's when I started talking but maks and I know each other for about, what, 15 years, and -- " >> you just watched "saved by " >> no.
00:24:36>> You've been in the tabloid -- [ laughter ] >> I'll let that go by.
00:24:42So you have been in the news or THE PAGE 6s OR WHATEVER BECAUSE You're dating the beautiful "sports illustrated" model kate upton.
00:24:50>> Ooh.
00:24:51I love her.
00:24:54>> She's a pretty girl.
00:24:55We're very, very good friends and I took her out for her birthday and then somebody took a picture.
00:25:01>> You're not an idol.
00:25:04Is that what you're telling us?
00:25:05>> We had a great dinner.
00:25:08>> Food can lead to romance.
00:25:10Did it lead to romance?
00:25:12That's what we want to know.
00:25:13Just a yes or no will suffice.
00:25:15>> Let's go back to "hot " " [ cheers and applause ] >> came on to dance.
00:25:27" I think, I think that alan is right.
00:25:31It's about the car, but it's also about the driver and the combination.
00:25:37>> Absolutely, yeah.
00:25:38[ Cheers and applause ] >> I'm a skillful driver.
00:25:48[ Laughter ] >> it's just a conversation.
00:25:55>> Aim a fly on the backseat.
00:25:56>> Okay.
00:25:59>> I have a learner's permit.
00:26:00Does that count?
00:26:03[ Cheers and applause ] >> if you're old enough to cross the road you're old enough to get hit.
00:26:09[ Laughter ] "forever tango," a story, what's the actual show like?
00:26:18>> It's about human emotion.
00:26:19You have two acts in the show and the first act, you know, you kind of start seeing a man and woman -- >> you know what, show us.
00:26:25>> Okay.
00:26:28>> Nicely done.
00:26:29>> Wonderful.
00:29:05[ cheers and applause ] >> bravo!
00:29:14Our thanks to karina smirnoff and maksim chmerkovskiy.
00:29:18You can catch "forever tango" at the walter kerr theatre.
00:29:23TILL AUGUST 11th.
00:29:24We'll be right back.
00:29:24[ Cheers and applause ] >> Announcer: Up next, comedian sunda cronquist is telling "joy's comedy corner" what she said onstage that offended her in-laws so much, they took her to court.
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00:32:12>> This is camilla from california.
00:32:15>> "Joy's comedy corner" when "the view" returns on abc.
00:34:13[ Cheers and applause ] >>> how's this for cutting edge comedy?
00:34:23My guest in the comedy corner today was sued by her own in-laws for what she said about them in her stand-up act.
00:34:28I love that.
00:34:30Please welcome sunda croonquist.
00:34:32[ Cheers and applause ] >> welcome to the show.
00:34:37>> I'm so glad to be here.
00:34:39>> I know you from years and years back.
00:34:41You and I have something in common.
00:34:43We both married jewish guys.
00:34:45>> Yeah.
00:34:45>> I like a jewish man.
00:34:47Do you.
00:34:48>> Tall and skinny one.
00:34:49I don't have it that way but he's a nice hairy jew.
00:34:52>> Is there any other kind?
00:34:54>> Yeah, bald.
00:34:55>> Well, he's got more heche on his chest than head but that's okay and I'm black so I want to cornrow it so I'm confused.
00:35:04>> So do you get along with the rest of the in-laws?
00:35:08-- >> they sued me.
00:35:10It was drama.
00:35:10He a good husband.
00:35:11Gave me two beautiful kids but the meeting of the in-laws that was totally different because he dies to introduce me to his family for passover and in the car in the way over he's like I'm thinking about it.
00:35:25Let's tell mom you're black.
00:35:27I'm thinking that's bringant.
00:35:28She'll never notice.
00:35:30But she noticed and that's when I noticed that jews can't whisper.
00:35:34Have you noticed this, ladies and gentlemen?
00:35:36[ Applause ] it's amazing because latinos got it down.
00:35:45[ Speaking a foreign language ] and then brothers goit it down.
00:35:47I don't know what my brother is saying.
00:35:49You see what I'm saying.
00:35:50You know what I'm saying?
00:35:52Jews can't -- I met ruthie for the first time and said thank you very much for having me.
00:35:57Oh, the pleasure is all mine, have a seat, elliott, put my pocketbook away.
00:36:02[ Laughter and applause ] >> no, she didn't.
00:36:05>> Yes, she did and I heard that.
00:36:07>> Yeah.
00:36:08And who else gives you a hard time?
00:36:11>> Well, you know, it's not so much a hard time but, you know, it's -- my background is pretty different so is does make drama.
00:36:17But, you know, I have drama with the in-laws with the beverly hills police department.
00:36:22>> Really.
00:36:23>> Everybody.
00:36:24>> What do they do?
00:36:25>> Because I'm one of those ambiguous people now when you're mixed.
00:36:29You're ambiguous.
00:36:32They don't know who you are.
00:36:33Other black people know who I am and the beverly hills police department.
00:36:41Hands down.
00:36:41>> You're also -- >> you knew.
00:36:43>> You're also a catholic girl.
00:36:45You were.
00:36:45You went to catt click school.
00:36:48Converted to judaism.
00:36:49Why did you convert to judaism?
00:36:51Did the rabbis not hit you?
00:36:53>> The rabbis didn't hit me.
00:36:56They charged me and that's the difference.
00:36:57[ Applause ] and the catholic schoolgirls from paterson know what I'm talking about much the nuns started this, sister bernice started awe the drama.
00:37:07You know, sunda, you need to get closer.
00:37:12Sister, I want to be just like jesus, I want to be a jew.
00:37:15That's how it all began >> that's a good start.
00:37:17That was a good start.
00:37:19>> Because I was very repressed in catholic school.
00:37:21The only time you could get loose was in mass and I went to school.
00:37:25There was no sunda, no joys.
00:37:27It was eileen, maureen, chlorine, floor reason, saline.
00:37:33Saline -- >> saline in l.a.
00:37:36>> So it was a trip so the only time they got loose was in mass and would break out.
00:37:41They would be just like -- ♪ sons of god hear his holy word gather round the table of the lord ♪
00:37:46and I'm the only chocolate chip in the class, you know.
00:37:50[ Applause ] >> I'm like, yo, you could sing to god but be a diva.
00:37:56Be like cher if you had to but let god notice you, you know.
00:38:01♪ Sons of god hear his holy word gather round the table of the lord ♪
00:38:06[ applause ] ♪ eat his body drink his blood ♪
00:38:14that's where it stops for the jews.
00:38:16Right there.
00:38:17Right there.
00:38:19[ Applause ] that's a deal breaker.
00:38:21The jews are saying, oh, how unappetizing, no coffee, no cake?
00:38:25>> That was a good impression.
00:38:29Do you have -- >> you're not good if -- >> what about beyonce?
00:38:33>> Beyonce, I love beyonce.
00:38:37I am a beyonce lover.
00:38:39I love beyond say.
00:38:44The naug rat dress.
00:38:45I need help with the singing.
00:38:54" ♪ oh oh oh ♪
00:39:05[ cheers and applause ] >> very good.
00:39:11>> Whoa!
00:39:13>> That wasn't so gad.
00:39:15She was so nervous.
00:39:16>> That's why she's making that money.
00:39:18She can afford that hair.
00:39:19She has to move like that.
00:39:22>> Thanks so much to sunda croonquist.
00:39:24You can catch her on her podcast, laugh factory moms at the laugh factory in hollywood and on "the james and sunda show" on jewish life, what else, tv.
00:39:35>> Tv.
00:39:37>> Check your local listings.
00:39:39We'll be right back.
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00:43:56[ Cheers and applause ] >>> now, I'm scott toish and therefore my natural skin tone is blue so I have to be extra careful in the sun.
00:44:15But if cellulite, acne or other skin flaws are keeping you covered up, we're finding out the best ways to fix all of your summer skin flaws from dermatologist dr. doris day.
00:44:20[ Cheers and applause ] >> doris, what's spf should I be usie iing as a pale blue scotsman?
00:44:35>> Summer is the toughest time for so many women.
00:44:38>> And men too.>> not just for women.
00:44:40There's a lot we want to hide but nothing we want to hide behind because a lot of our clothe something more revealing and many go into the tanning booth to get color because they think it makes them look thinner and it's damaging to the skin and shows you if you use sunscreen every day you'll lower your risk of aging.
00:44:58It's quite dramatic so -- >> even if it's not that sunny out.
00:45:03>> I see the worst sunburns on cloudy days.
00:45:06>> Some people put it on for the light from the computer.
00:45:11>> Mostly when you're outdoors.
00:45:13They're over-the-counter drugs, fda approved and there's one or everyone.
00:45:18Powder sunscreen, lotion, creams, wipe, spray, ones are that physical with no chemicals.
00:45:25Line the colorescience brush, carry it in your bag and -- >> that's a sunscreen.
00:45:31>> Yes.
00:45:32>> Spf 50.
00:45:33>> Now there's also a pill called heliocare that gives you some sun protection from the inside.
00:45:41A natural supplement at your drugstore made from an extract of a plant.
00:45:45>> That sounds scary.
00:45:46>> Is it safe really?
00:45:47>> It is safe.
00:45:48>> They're saying owe plague ga 3/s may not be safe.
00:45:52>> You take a pill to prevent sunburn.
00:45:55>> It helps and tested it on those that have sun allergies.
00:46:01It does not replace the need for sunscreen.
00:46:04>> And the minimum number is.
00:46:05>> 30 In the summer.
00:46:06Reapply regularly and make sure if you're suiing or sweating put more on.
00:46:10If you do get a burn if you have headaches, change in body temperature, go to the emergency room.
00:46:15That can be serious.
00:46:15But there's simple home remedy, as well, honey, whole milk in the bathwater, soothing.
00:46:22>> Honey and milk in the bathwater.
00:46:24>> Yes.
00:46:25>> Not in the whole bath.
00:46:26Not in a whole bath.
00:46:27If you put this much in a whole bath, you're good.
00:46:31>> Milk and honey.
00:46:32>> Then, milk and honey.
00:46:35>> Don't drink it.
00:46:35>> What about dry skin?
00:46:37>> Dry skin, we go to the next table.
00:46:40And dry skin is the summer -- [ laughter ] >> come on, barbara.
00:46:45>> All yours.
00:46:46>> I'm moving.
00:46:48>> She's such a kleptomania.
00:46:50It's not even funny.
00:46:52>> And there's plenty more.
00:46:53>> So the dry cracked heels and red bumps on the arm so annoying so I 3wr0u9 along my favorite, amlactin.
00:47:03This contains hyaloronic ago sid, lactic as sit, all sorts of humectants and exfoliants and this contains ceramides.
00:47:17>> How often should you exfoliate.
00:47:20>> Put it on as your moisturize enand it hydrates.
00:47:24Every day you can use this.
00:47:27Using an exfoliator, less often.
00:47:29As a moisturizer every day.
00:47:33Ultra on your heel, they will be baby butt soft.
00:47:36Not bad.
00:47:37Nice before and after.
00:47:38>> That looks like somebody's butt actually.
00:47:41>> You have to do that.
00:47:42Then I'm going to show you with a sharpie how the micro determimicrode microdermabrasion kit -- I'll put a sharpie on her hand.
00:47:58What it does is it exfoliates -- the crystals are made of baking soda which heat up as a add some water and this is the microdermabrasion pad.
00:48:10It's not pulling, not irritating but all of the sharpie comes off and your skin will feel so soft and smooth.
00:48:16>> Wait.
00:48:17You use this on your face?
00:48:18>> Yes.
00:48:20I'm doing it on the hands.
00:48:22>> But, doctor, you can remove a mark, can you use this on yourself and remove brown spots?
00:48:27>> It won't remove brown spots but it moves the skin cells up and apply the product after -- >> if you draw on your face.
00:48:35>> My hand is as soft as a butt now.
00:48:38>> Let's go over to the next issue which is ingrown hairs.
00:48:40Nobody likes ingrown hairs.
00:48:44And -- >> and our model.
00:48:47>> The problem with ingrown hairs is that when you have your hair waxed which is like the longest lasting removal that's the highest risk.
00:48:56Shavers have come a long way.
00:48:58I'll show you one that has five blades.
00:49:00This is from gillette and this is nice because the five blades mean you pass it over the skin less.
00:49:05You are likely to get all the hair in one.
00:49:08One comes with a moisturizer built in.
00:49:10But the best way to get rid of hair is to remove it by laser.
00:49:15You shave it before you go and then this is a great laser, a light sheer duet.
00:49:20Has a big spot size and brought befores and asks and how it works.
00:49:25It pulls the hair up into the device, zaps the here, do the underarm in ten seconds.
00:49:29We'll show you.
00:49:30>> Wow.
00:49:33>> So, and we have our beautiful model, christina.
00:49:37So you just hold it there and then zap and there, it's gone.
00:49:41>> Don't scream.
00:49:43[ Applause ] >> it didn't hurt?
00:49:48>> No.
00:49:49>> So this is considered permanent so -- >> the hair right here.
00:49:54>> Great for the face.
00:49:55Can do a whole back in ten minutes.
00:49:59Virtually painless.
00:50:00>> Somebody does it with you.
00:50:01>> Do it in the office, five treatments at one-month intervals.
00:50:05>> How long does it last.
00:50:06>> It's permanent but you do touch-ups every few years.
00:50:09>> Wow!
00:50:10>> We'll come back with more.
00:50:11We'll be right back.
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