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00:00:00To the hospital, and my pastor made me drink it, and they couldn't find anything.
00:00:04I came out of it and came home the next week.
00:00:07( Applause ) >>i'll tell you, god brought you back because he's not finished with you yet.
00:00:14She's weeping tear- er, she went home within the week, no sign of cancer.
00:00:24>> This sister here called and got the miracle spring water.
00:00:27She's been corresponding with the ministry, but you sent her a letter that had some very specific ..
00:00:34She followed those instructions exactly, and you told her that within 48 hours, exactly two days, some unexpected money ..
00:00:44Exactly two days later, a certified check showed up for $4,999!
00:00:51( Applause ) ( peter popoff ) >> praise god!
00:00:54( Applause continues ) a divine transfer!
00:00:57>> Praise the lord!
00:00:58Thank you so much!
00:00:59>> I was working in a nursing home, and I got infected.
00:01:02When I got infected, I had mrsa and cellulitis.
00:01:06My left feet, it was swollen.
00:01:07I couldn't even put on my shoes, and that saturday morning, my daughter said, "no, you're not going to work.
00:01:12I'm taking you " "no, I can make it.
00:01:15" that saturday morning, before I went, I had got the water in the mail, and I'm like: "il be okay.
00:01:21 " I stayed in the hospital s; I came home- like two weeks when I came home- "i got ..
00:01:30So here I am laying in the bed crying and saying: "Lord, you know, I can't " I got there, and I just started anointing myself.
00:01:37I started praying and started drinking- and look at me tonight.
00:01:40( ♪♪ ♪♪ / Applause ) I couldn't walk!
00:01:44And look at me now!
00:01:45They were going to cut this left feet off, and look at it now.
00:01:49>> After you use the miracle spring water?
00:01:51>> After I used it and I drank it.
00:01:53>> Come on out here.
00:01:54The lord said, " amen, I'm going to be obedient unto the leading ..
00:02:01( Applause ) oooh!
00:02:03Thank you, jesus.
00:02:06Thank you, jesus.
00:02:10Was there pain in your legs?
00:02:11>> Yes.
00:02:13>> When you came tonight?
00:02:14>> Yes.
00:02:15>> There was pain in your legs?
00:02:16>> Yes.
00:02:17>> Oh, glory, just walk about seven or eight steps over there.
00:02:21Come on.
00:02:22You can walk a little bit faster than that.
00:02:23( ♪♪ ♪♪ / Applause ) glory to god.
00:02:25Come one, you can walk- keep walking.
00:02:27( ♪♪ ♪♪ / Applause ) glory to god.
00:02:32Glory to god.
00:02:33There she goes.
00:02:37( Laughs ) ( ♪♪ ♪♪ / applause ) oh, we give you honor and glory and praise, lord jesus!
00:02:48Oh- there she goes.
00:02:50There she goes!
00:02:51( ♪♪ ♪♪ / Applause ) there she goes!
00:02:56( ♪♪ ♪♪ / Applause ) ( laughs ) ( ♪♪ ♪♪ / applause ) oh, glory to god!
00:03:04( ♪♪ ♪♪ / Applause ) well, you've witnessed what god is doing, and friends, it's truly awesome.
00:03:12I have a hard time finding the words to describe the way that god has moved in the lives of men and women.
00:03:20Today, as we face this new decade, there is a spirit of heaviness and a spirit of depression upon the land, and I believe that god wants to lift that heaviness, lift that oppression.
00:03:37I feel this so strongly in the spirit; so many of you have worked but not seen any fruits for your labors.
00:03:46You've toiled; you haven't seen any fruits, and now, you're tired, and you still have nothing to show for all of your efforts.
00:03:55Well, do you know there's a man in bible; his name was peter, simon peter, who is in the same predicament.
00:04:03He had toiled, and he had worked, ..
00:04:09In fact, the bible says he had worked all night, and he saw nothing- no efforts, no fruit, for all the effort he had put forth-nothing.
00:04:19He was weary.
00:04:20Now, let me tell you, peter was a fisherman.
00:04:23That's how he made his living; he caught fish, and he had a wife at home, and when he came home in the morning after a long evening of working, his wife undoubtedly wanted a new dress; she undoubtedly wanted to go and buy food for the family; she undoubtedly wanted to buy a few things that she had wanted for some long period of time, but you know what?
00:04:46He came homewith nothing.
00:04:50You know, he was tired.
00:04:52Are you tired?
00:04:53You know peter was depressed.
00:04:55The bible says he worked all night; he toiled all night, and he caught nothing.
00:04:59Have you almost given up?
00:05:01Are you ready to throw in the towel?
00:05:03I'm talking to you now!
00:05:04Because the same jesus that spoke to simon peter, I believe, is speaking through me, through his spiritto you.
00:05:15You've worked.
00:05:16You've toiled, but you know what jesus told peter?
00:05:20He said, "peter, cast your nets on the other side.
00:05:24Go on out one more time.
00:05:26Go on out one more time, and cast your nets on the other side.
00:05:30You've toiled all night, and you caught nothing, but I'm telling you now, go out-go out and throw your nets on the other side, " and jesus talked that way to peter, and peter protestedan a little bit.
00:05:41He said, "but master, I've fished all night; I've toiled all night; I've worked all night, and I haven't caught anything"- just like you!
00:05:50You have worked and have toiled and you haven't anything to show for your efforts, for your toil, for your labors, for all that you put forth, but jesus said, "go to the other side.
00:06:00Go out one more time.
00:06:02Throw your nets " now, listen; this man of god is talking to you.
00:06:07Perhaps, you're tired; perhaps, you're about ready to throw in the towel and give up, but I'm talking to you.
00:06:12Don't give up yet!
00:06:12It's not over yet!
00:06:15I'm challenging you to use the miracle spring water just as the people who you witnessed in this telecast have used it and seen the miraculous.
00:06:24I'm challenging you to make the phone call to call to get this miracle spring water, this powerful point of contact- I want to give it to you.
00:06:32I want to tell you ..
00:06:35Peter obeyed.
00:06:37He went out one more time reluctantly.
00:06:40Some of you may bereluctantly going to the phone, but reluctantly, he went out, and he cast his net on the other side, and what happened?
00:06:50The bible says that he caught so many fish that he was not even able to wind them in, to pull them- it was a net-breaking catch!
00:07:02I want to tell you something: Some of you are on the edge right now.
00:07:06I'm speaking to you under the unction of the holy ghost.
00:07:09You're on the edge of seeing a windfall of miracle.
00:07:14You're on the edge of seeing a supernatural increase that will make you gasp, that will astonish you, that will amaze you, that will absolutely astound you.
00:07:27You'll say, "that man of god told me that I would be astonished, but I don't have words " that's right, you're on the edge of a miracle.
00:07:39You're on the edge of a miracle- somebody is so wrapped in pain ..
00:07:44You're on the edge of a miracle!
00:07:46Someone- you've been hounded by your creditors, and you just don't know what to do.
00:07:49You're on the edge of a miracle!
00:07:51Some of you- you have loved ones that are driving you literally- literally driving you crazy;te you don't know what to do, what to say to those kids any longer; I'm telling you, you're on the edge of a miracle!
00:08:02God is about ready to move, and as you watch him move in our services, he's moving all over the earth.
00:08:08In this new decade, we're going to see a moving of god's spirit that is going to astonish the unbeliever, ..
00:08:16Get ready!
00:08:17Get ready for your miracle.
00:08:19Get ready for god to touch you, to heal you, to prosper you and to bless you.
00:08:27Now, I'm telling you, I've never seen anyone disappointed that put their trust in the lord.
00:08:33I've never seen anyone put their faith in jesus christ of nazareth, and walk away disappointed.
00:08:41You won't be disappointed if you'll look to him and if you'll move in faith right now.
00:08:48I see a young woman; you're very discouraged.
00:08:52God wants to touch you.
00:08:54He wasn't to reward your efforts; he wants to reward your faith.
00:08:58Use the miracle spring water.
00:09:00Use this holy water as this man of god instructs you to do, and you're going to see miracles.
00:09:05You're going to see miracles.
00:09:07Well, we're going back into the powerful miracle service.
00:09:09Here we go.
00:09:13>> I was infected with hiv in 1986, and I got in touch with you in 199-something, and you sent me the spring water, and my son in-law, patrick, was involved in this- they were moving me, and he saw this spring water I had sitting on the counter, and he says, "what are you going " and I said, "well, " he said, "well, maybe, you're supposed to-" I said, "it's for my hiv-thing, " and he says, "well, maybe, you're supposed to drink it, " and so I put it in my tea, and I'll tell you, I have done so well with this condition.
00:09:41I did!
00:09:42And I haven't gone into aids- my t-cells are great!
00:09:45They have gone up to 800 and something; ( applause ) they were down to 400 and something, and I'm mary smith, and I have to come up here- >> give me a hug.
00:09:54Glory to god.
00:09:56Thank you, mary.
00:09:57What a glorious testimony.
00:09:59She drank it.
00:10:02Hallelujah, I remember you also, brother.
00:10:06>> She prayed for my feet- >> that's right.
00:10:08>> -And my feet are not in pain anymore.
00:10:12I have no more pain in my feet.
00:10:14>> And how many years ago was that?
00:10:16>> Just last year.
00:10:17>> Last year- ( applause ) >> where's all the pain in your feet?
00:10:20>> They're gone!
00:10:21( Applause ) I can jump.
00:10:23I can jump.
00:10:23I can jump.
00:10:25I can jump.
00:10:27>> You couldn't do that before?
00:10:29>> This is sister mary elise.
00:10:31Her dad, 82-years-old, in the hospital- in the bed for six months with the intending of hospice, ate up with cancer- they got the miracle water in the mail; they completely obeyed ..
00:10:46He iscompletelyhealed of the cancer now.
00:10:50Is that right, mary?
00:10:50>> Yes, completely healed!
00:10:52>>Completelyhealed of the cancer!
00:10:54>> ( Peter popoff ) completely healed of cancer!
00:10:56>> At 82-years-old!
00:10:58>> ( Peter popoff ) ..
00:10:59God bless you.
00:11:05Look- >> she got the miracle water in the mail.
00:11:11She obeyed the instructions.
00:11:13Listen to the two-fold blessing: Not only did god deliver her from the crack cocai habit, but she needed- desperate financial need, god supplied $250, 000 to her after she obeyed the letter with the miracle water.
00:11:33( Applause ) is that right?
00:11:34>> Yes.
00:11:35Thank you.
00:11:36Thank you.
00:11:37Thank you, lord!
00:11:40Thank you, jesus!
00:11:41Thank you, lord!
00:11:42Thank you!
00:11:43>> Eight years of crack cocaine addiction set freeimmediately!
00:11:50( Applause continues ) I'll tell you how long will it take god to turn your situation around.
00:11:55I'll tell you, he can do it this very moment if you'll just use your faith.
00:11:59Turn your faith loose and begin to believe god, amen!
00:12:02( Applause ) oh, praise god!
00:12:04We give him the honor, and on top of it, she got- I'll tell you, I'm going to have a little dance myself!
00:12:13>> Have you worn this tube for seven years?
00:12:15>> Seven years.
00:12:16>> For seven years?
00:12:17>> And then they waited four months before they put me on oxygen permanently- night and day.
00:12:23>>Night and day- I just believe that god is going to restore the damage, drain those lungs supernaturally, give you newhealth and new strength.
00:12:34My god, let this anointing break every yoke of the enemies' bondage.
00:12:39Now, lord, let this strength and power that I sense surge through her body- >> thank you, god.
00:12:43>> Let her bemade every wit whole.
00:12:45( Applause ) >>i can breath deep.
00:12:47Thank you, jesus.
00:12:48>> I can breath.
00:12:49Thank you.
00:12:51>> She can breath.
00:12:54>> I haven't been done it in seven years.
00:12:56Thank you.
00:12:57>> In seven years, you haven't been able to breath like that- you know, jesus touched you.
00:13:01>> Yes, I do.
00:13:02>> Just lift up your hands and give god the glory for that divine--- there's a young man- in fact, you're a student.
00:13:09You dropped out of school for awhile; now, you're back in school; you're having a hard time paying for your tuition and for your living expenses.
00:13:17God wants to give you a financial breakthrough.
00:13:19I see a new stream of income coming to you.
00:13:22There's another woman- you've just beensofilled with pain in your body that you have a hard time moving; you're almost immobile.
00:13:30God wants to touch you right now.
00:13:32I see god's power flowing through you.
00:13:35I see another home- you're a single mom.
00:13:37You got four children that you're taking care off; one of them is a step-child, but you're having such ..
00:13:45I'll tell you, god sees your heaviness; he sees the discouragement; he sees the things that you've gone through, and he's about to bring peace into your home, but not just peace, he's about to bring prosperity, a new stream of income; new money is coming to you, and there's this man- you have a little business that you started about six years ago, ..
00:14:05It's done so so, but now, it'sreallystruggling.
00:14:10God is going to give you a new wave of prosperity; new doors are going to open for you.
00:14:15I can see those new doors, and I see so many of you need just a little bit of help; I challenge you: Get the miracle spring water.
00:14:23Let this prophet of god- let this man of god pray and unite my faith with yours.
00:14:28Let me minister to you through the mail.
00:14:30So many of my friends, that I've met around the world, have told me, "i've been so blessed and been so encouraged through your letters, " and I will write you; I won't give you counseling; I will give you the words that the holy spirit directs me to wri to you, and one word from god can change everything.
00:14:50Let me write; let me minister; let me pray for you, ..
00:14:57Let me believe god with you for many mighty miracles in your life.
00:15:01I want to pray; I want to minister to you.
00:15:04Now, we're going back into the powerful miracle service.
00:15:07Here we go.
00:15:09>> Every time my mom reads peter's letter, she finds happiness- because she is always crying all the time, and before she met peter, she was very depressed, and now, it's like, god sent peter into her life and she's been very happy.
00:15:20Every time she receives his letter, she's filled with joy.
00:15:23>> I have this letter with me right now.
00:15:25I read it every day.
00:15:26Every time I feel sad, I read his letter, and it gives me comfort; that's why I have it everywhere I go, in my job; everywhere I go, I take it with me.
00:15:35>> I received his letters- correspondence in the mail, and it seems like whenever he sends me a letter, it's like always on time; it's just what I need to lift my spirits up and keep me going and keep my faith holding on, and I just thank god for peter popoff.
00:15:54>> I had called the line c that night, and I needed prayer because I was sick that morning; it was-- in the morning, right around 1 o' clock, so you sent me the water and everything, and I prayed and asked god to delivered me, so I went to the doctor.
00:16:12The doctor told me ..
00:16:17And through your letters, you taught me how to be strong ..
00:16:23And you have mentioned to me about my angel that my angel will be there watching over me- and they told me that I have a build-up fluids, and as soon as they told me that, the fluids came out of me, and I was healed.
00:16:38Everything- all the cancer and everything came out of me, ( applause ) so I have no cancer, and I thank god for you because you're my inspiration, and I just need my hug because without my hug, I'm nothing can I please have my hug from you?
00:16:58( Applause ) >> pastor, this sister here, let me tell you, she called in and got the miracle spring water, but as you can see her standing here, when she called to get the miracle spring water, she was confined to a wheelchair.
00:17:12She had multiple sclerosis, she had a stroke.
00:17:16She called and got the miracle spring water and she has never felt better in her life.
00:17:20She came right out of that wheelchair.
00:17:22>> ( Peter popoff ) after you used the miracle spring water?
00:17:25>> That's right.
00:17:26I mean, I was completely handicapped.
00:17:28I was slobbering at the mouth.
00:17:29I was shaking.
00:17:30I couldn't walk.
00:17:31I couldn't talk or nothing.
00:17:33And my brother back there, I'm living with, hadn't told me- I went from doctor to doctor to doctor, and they said they couldn't do anything for me.
00:17:40He told me to drink the water, anoint my whole body with it, and I did, and in two weeks, I was out of the wheelchair and walking and driving!
00:17:45( Applause ) >> ( peter popoff ) look at this!
00:17:47I'll tell you, this is a modern day 20th century miracle!
00:17:50We give god the glory.
00:17:52Well, you've seen what god has done: Prosperity unleashed, healings released in the lives of people, homes back together, broken families healed, drug addicts delivered.
00:18:06You're next!
00:18:07God is no respecter of persons.
00:18:09He wants to touch you right now.
00:18:12This is your miracle moment.
00:18:14Don't miss it.
00:18:15As we enter this new decade filled with anxiety and fear, god wants to show himself strong in your life.
00:18:21God wants to show you his power.
00:18:24He wants you to enter the ark of safety, the ark of prosperity, the ark of his blessing.
00:18:29You don't need to be toss to and fro.
00:18:32Enter into his covenant, blessings and receive all that he has in store for you.
00:18:38I want to pray for you now.
00:18:40I'm going to send the anointed word out ..
00:18:42Father in heaven, right now, lord, let this anointing and this power that I sense so strongly at this very moment flow to everyone that's watching.
00:18:50Jesus, let this anointing break the yoke of the enemies' bondage, and let gladness and joy and peace and health and strength and prosperity flood the lives of everyone that's watching me right now in faith.
00:19:05In jesus' name, I ask, amen.
00:19:08There it is.
00:19:09I feel- I feel that anointing .
00:19:11I feel that power.
00:19:12Just open up and receive it, and receive the free gift I want to give you: The miracle spring water.
00:19:18This holy water has been a touch point for multitudes to receive a miracle from god, and remember, I want to send you my book: Prosperity thinking, god's dynamic forces that bring riches to you.
00:19:30This book will show you how to renew your mind, to begin thinking like a winner, to begin thinking abundance instead of lack, thinking health and vitality instead of emaciated, weakness and feeble, sickness- god wants to lift you out of that pit and bring you into his victory.
00:19:53Well, I want to hear from you.
00:19:54I'm waiting- I'm waiting to hear from you.
00:19:56I want to pray; I want to minister on your behalf for you and stand in agreement with you.
00:20:03Until I hear from you- don't forget the miracle spring water, my book: Prosperity thinking.
00:20:09They're yours free; the call is free.
00:20:13You can either make contact on the world wide web or you can call the toll free number on your screen.
00:20:19Until I hear from you, go one with god; move on with jesus christ, and be a true soldier of his.
00:20:25This is my prayer for each of you.
00:20:26God grant it.
00:20:27Amen, and amen.
00:20:31( ♪♪ ♪♪ ) in god's holy word, the bible, it declares that a word fitly spoken at the right time can encourage us and give us the assurance we need to go on when situations around us seem bleak and hopeless.
00:20:42>> You sent me the miracle spring water; I drank it.
00:20:45I was filing for disability; I was seeing five different doctors; I was taking 13 different ..
00:20:50Jesus healed me!
00:20:52>> You gave me the miracle water and the letter, and I always put it under my pillow, and I will say to the cancer: "Cancer, you must go!
00:21:00There is no place for you " and it's gone!
00:21:02>> My daughter had multiple sclerosis; she couldn't see; she couldn't walk; she had lost her mind, and I was in a desperate state, and I ordered your spring water, and I gave it to her, and she's healed today!
00:21:13She lives in a 5-bedroom home; she's taking care of her own children.
00:21:18When life's burdens become more than you can bear call god's anointed minister, peter popoff.
00:21:23>> Don't miss what god has given you!
00:21:26Don't miss what god has coming your way!
00:21:30He'll send you a personal prophetic word to strengthen your heart and inspire you to be more than an conqueror.
00:21:35>> She's got a windfall!
00:21:38>> $180,000!
00:21:41>> $70,000!
00:21:45It just comes in different amounts.
00:21:47You'll also receive your free packet of miracle spring water.
00:21:50This biblical point of contact will build up your faith and put you into position to receive all that god has for you, so call now for the miracle spring water, and your personal message from the prophet himself, peter popoff.
00:22:04( ♪♪ ) >> no more pain?
00:22:06>> ---- >> say it again.
00:22:09>> No more pain!
00:22:11( Applause ) >> hallelujah!
00:22:15>> Heal the entire right side ..
00:22:20Devil, I command you totake your hands off ..
00:22:23Move it now.
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00:27:09>> I've lost 80 pounds in 14 months and the nu-wave oven pro is helping to keep it off.
00:27:12>> I've lost 12 pounds in two months and the nu-wave oven pro is gonna help me lose five more and reach my goal.
00:27:19>> I lost seven pounds in eight weeks and theek nu-wave oven pro is gonna help me keep it off.
00:27:24>> I've lost 10 pounds in six weeks and the nu-wave oven pro has helped me keep it off.
00:27:28>> Announcer: So, if you want more answers on how the nu-wave oven pro is changing the way america cooks and eats, then stay tuned as joe fowler, along with cooking expert heidi bohay, shows us how we can eat healthier, slim down and reduce your cholesterol with the nu-wave oven pro.
00:27:45>> Just take a look at this: Delicious fried chicken from frozen to your table in just 15 minutes, fantastic red snapper from fresh-caught to fabulous in less than 15 minutes.
00:27:56How about this right here?
00:27:57A complete steak you can 00 and serve it hot and delicious at 6:30.
00:28:02In other words, this is conventional cooking in half the time, which means you can actually prepare and eat healthier, more nutritious meals without the hassle and wait of cooking in a conventional oven.
00:28:13The nu-wave oven cooks the way the american heart association says is cutting fats, helping to control your weight, even helping to reduce cholesterol.
00:28:21But your foods are juicier, more flavorful than you ever imagined.
00:28:24Plus, the nu-wave is a greener solution than ordinary cooking.
00:28:27Independent testing shows you use up to 85% less energy than a regular oven and is that important these days.
00:28:34You can actually save money.
00:28:36So, if you're ready for the next big thing in home cooking then you're ready for the new wave in cooking technology: The nu-wave oven.
00:28:44And no one knows more about this than tv cooking expert heidi bohay.
00:28:48>> Hi, joe.
00:28:49>> Hello, heidi.
00:28:49Welcome, welcome.
00:28:50>> Hello, thank you.
00:28:51Look at all this beautiful food we have here.
00:28:53>> It is gorgeous looking stuff.
00:28:55All cooked in the nu-wave.
00:28:56>> All cooked in the nu-wave.
00:28:58Look at this beautiful steak.
00:28:59>> That is gorgeous.
00:29:00Can I have a bite?
00:29:00>> You want to taste it?
00:29:01Go ahead.
00:29:02>> I want proof, right now just-- oh.
00:29:04>> This steak was frozen.
00:29:05>> Oh, yes, look at this.
00:29:07.. I put it in the .. is it amazing?
00:29:10>> Oh, it's so juicy and tender.
00:29:11>> Moist and tender?
00:29:13>> And flavorful.
00:29:14>> Every time it will come out like that.
00:29:16I also put it in the nu-wave with the veggies, the side ..
00:29:20Under 30 minutes.
00:29:21>> It was frozen 30 minutes ago?
00:29:22>> Frozen steak, everything in the nu-wave, 30 minutes.