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00:00:05>>> And all the latest juicy " now, here's wendy!
00:00:25>> Wendy: Thank you.
00:00:29[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Thank you very much for watching today.
00:00:36Thank you.
00:00:42I am doing great.
00:00:44I am still floating from an encounter that I had last night.
00:00:50And lindsay lohan was denied club access almost all weekend long here in new york.
00:00:58Miley cyrus has advice for justin bieber.
00:01:02And did you watch the super bowl?
00:01:04[ Cheers and applause ] >> Wendy: We can touch that, but mostly let's talk about that and more because it's time for "hot " [ cheers and applause ] >> Wendy: Is anybody -- is anybody still in town from seattle?
00:01:39Oh, no -- they got out of town quick.
00:01:41Congratulations to the seattle seahawks and everybody in seattle.
00:01:46[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Yes.
00:01:48I guess they're not going back to seattle today, though.
00:01:50It's snowing really bad outside.
00:01:52Like we got the telephone call 30 this morning that school was closed.
00:01:55Shout out to all the kids at home.
00:01:58Got away with another snow day.
00:02:02[ Laughter [ laughter ] >> Wendy: I liked bruno mars last night, the halftime show.
00:02:08Just enough -- just enough of an entertainer where he really pulled that off.
00:02:13He's good, bruno.
00:02:17For me -- and I did so many things over the weekend.
00:02:19Oh -- joe namath.
00:02:30I liked your fur coat.
00:02:31You know, that's the jersey i wore -- the joe namath jerseyy -- friday for the super bowl.
00:02:37I am not a soothsayer, but I had no idea he was going to be part of the super bowl festivities.
00:02:42There he went just like back in the day.
00:02:44Big, giant fur coat.
00:02:45Looking hot -- he's 70, you know.
00:02:50Do we have that throwback photo of him?
00:02:51Let's remind the ladies -- [ applause ] >> Wendy: He was walking with some girl.
00:03:00I don't know whether it's his permanent girlfriend or who she was.
00:03:02All I'm saying is, all right, joe namath.
00:03:07All right.
00:03:07[ Applause ] >> Wendy: So I did a lot of thing over the weekend, but the highlight of my weekend actually 00 this morning.
00:03:19Well, I got three phone calls.
00:03:21" [ applause ] >> Wendy: You know, I was in bed, but not in deep.
00:03:34He was at the club.
00:03:35And you know I love the club.
00:03:39So -- so I left around midnight, got to the club.
00:03:43About an hour later, prince showed up.
00:03:46And he made a beeline for me, not everybody else in the party.
00:03:51Like right away.
00:03:52And I thought -- I was like, really?
00:03:54He's our kind of people?
00:03:56You know how there's certain people -- you know how there are certain people that you don't expect to have a tv, much less walk in "hot topics" and our show.
00:04:06I connected like this, okay.
00:04:09So he goes -- he says -- first of all, I asked for a picture.
00:04:14You know I don't fan out.
00:04:18You know, I don't fan out.
00:04:19But he wendy'd me.
00:04:21Do you know what that is?
00:04:22I'm not going to give the picture, but I'll give you great conversation.
00:04:25He doesn't subscribe about that which I dug.
00:04:28So I don't have a picture to show.
00:04:29He asked me -- he walked away about two minutes after me meeting him and, you know, the small talk.
00:04:34He walks away, and he turns around and looks at me and goe gogoes -- so it was prince.
00:04:43A girl that was with prince, me and my husband.
00:04:46The four of us go in the room.
00:04:48There's one couch.
00:04:49And there's a black chairment and everything in the room is black.
00:04:52And the couch was like the size of a loveseat.
00:04:55My husband and I are on the couch.
00:04:58I'm thinking maybe prince wants to sit in the chair.
00:05:02It's prince.
00:05:02You don't know how to act.
00:05:03Just act normal.
00:05:04As normal as you can possibly act.
00:05:06He says to my husband, he says -- no, my husband sat in the chair and left the couch for me and prince to sit on.
00:05:11And prince's girl was standing up.
00:05:15They come in orchestrating seating.
00:05:17He says to my husband, "you get " and then the four of us were on this loveseat.
00:05:23It was so -- [ laughter ] >> Wendy: It was -- but I dug it because I'm like, oh, my gosh, he's not a germaphobe.
00:05:32He acted very normal.
00:05:35I was fanning out in my mind.
00:05:36I couldn't believe it was prince.
00:05:38I couldn't believe how regular you are.
00:05:39He loves our show, by the way.
00:05:44[ Applause ] >> Wendy: And I wanted to make sure I remembered everything.
00:05:49So I was only drinking water, and I swear to you -- do you know what he said about the show?
00:05:54He said, "wendy, this is your " [ applause ] >> Wendy: So I invited him to come over to play.
00:06:07Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado -- no.
00:06:12Wouldn't that be good?
00:06:18I invited him to the show.
00:06:20He said he'll come.
00:06:22I really enjoyed meeting you, prince.
00:06:25You were really, really nice and so normal.
00:06:30[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Okay.
00:06:31So -- oh, by the way, we talked for about 30 minutes.
00:06:35And toward the end, like i thought he was leaving to go to the bathroom or something, poop and after 30 minutes a purple haze, doves flying, he's gone.
00:06:52[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Now lindsay lohan was trying to get in the club this weekend to celebrate super bowl.
00:06:58But -- people were denying her left and right.
00:07:00So funny.
00:07:01Do you remember that stolen fur caper?
00:07:04That -- this was the coat in question, remember?
00:07:10Anyway, apparently lindsay was trying to get into clubs.
00:07:13Were there a lot of a- listers out and about.
00:07:16Paris hilton was here, models were here, actors and actresses.
00:07:19People were denying lindsay, not once but several times.
00:07:25They were also making her wait on line.
00:07:26The one that didn't deny here, they were like, you stand on line.
00:07:31What are you still doing going to the clubs?
00:07:33Don't you know -- don't you know that -- [ applause ] >> Wendy: The streets are talking.
00:07:39However, I have to say, if I was a club owner, I would definitely want her in the club.
00:07:44You know?
00:07:44Just to take camera phone pictures and sell this, you know, page 6 and stuff.
00:07:50Follow her in the bathroom, look between the cracks, see what she's doing.
00:07:54[ Laughter ] >> Wendy: Yeah.
00:07:55Justin bieber was partying over the weekend.
00:07:57He was actually spotted at -- here in new york at the leather and lace party.
00:08:04He proceeded to pull out his skateboard and skateboarded on the dance floor.
00:08:09Why didn't somebody stick their foot out and trip him?
00:08:16[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Or spill a drink or something.
00:08:21Why is he in the club?
00:08:22I want to talk to nancy grace about this, justin bieber, and some of his behavior, yeah.
00:08:28She's here, you know.
00:08:29[ Cheers and applause ] >> Wendy: And then miley cyrus office georgia j-- was on jay leno and gave advice to justin, something which I've been saying forever.
00:08:43That is stay out of trouble, you stay in your house.
00:08:46You get one of those houses like paris hilton has, and then you add the club and make the party right at your house instead.
00:08:52Well, that's a cute idea.
00:08:53But even more than that, said at one point he had a house where he lived in and a house where he partied across town?
00:09:03I think that's a great idea.
00:09:05Stay out of the club, justin.
00:09:10[ Applause ] >> Wendy: All right.
00:09:14So -- looks like heidi klum's ex-husband, seal, has moved on.
00:09:18He's got a new girlfriend.
00:09:19I think that this is her.
00:09:22We're still debating during "hot topics," is it the girlfriend or the nanny, right?
00:09:26Nobody's nanny dresses like that.
00:09:28Although -- although that's how martin used to dress, the security guard, which is why she ended up in his arms -- heidi.
00:09:36Now martin and heidi recently split up, but here's seal coming out of the -- yeah, that's martin.
00:09:46Here's seal and his two kids and the woman coming out of the grocery store.
00:09:51Everybody looks happy.
00:09:52Everybody's hand in hand.
00:09:54As a matter of fact, it looks like once they get home, she's going to go to the beach.
00:09:58Doesn't she look like she's in a halter?
00:10:02How do you feel about that?
00:10:04Heidi, how does that make you feel to see your daughter so happy with another woman?
00:10:07I mean, you know what I'm saying, kind of sort of?
00:10:11If seal wanted to squelch that after seeing the cameras, why wouldn't -- and the little boy looks happy.
00:10:18Heidi, everybody looks happy, including seal.
00:10:20He's moved on without you.
00:10:22So you're next, girl.
00:10:23Good luck.
00:10:23[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Have you heard this song with rihanna and shakira?
00:10:39You have?
00:10:39Do you like it?
00:10:43Then I don't know why it's number 61 on the billboard charts.
00:10:46But apparently it is.
00:10:47I never heard the song before, but people say that the song is lukewarm and it needed a sexy video to -- you know, help it along.
00:10:55And sometimes that works.
00:10:57Here's russia kiera36, and rihanna.
00:10:59People are saying the video's a little too sexy.
00:11:02It is a little too sexy.
00:11:05I'm an open woman, but that's a lot.
00:11:07It's a lot, right?
00:11:12I had no idea shakira was that girl.
00:11:13Maybe she's not.
00:11:14Maybe she wants heat with her career and that's what it sorts to these days.
00:11:17You have to grind on another woman.
00:11:21[ Applause ] >> Wendy: I don't know that hot videos really help songs, though, do they?
00:11:27Maybe they.
00:11:28Do you watch them on youtube and stuff.
00:11:31You know, that -- that "drunken love" song, I don't like the song, but I like the video.
00:11:37Do you know what I mean?
00:11:38Beyonce was probably -- that was jean jus for hyes -- genius to put the song out at the same time the album came out.
00:11:48I heard it at the club and i thought it's not for the club.
00:11:51It's not fast enough or something.
00:11:53Anyway, this video does not make me want to listen to the song.
00:11:56Does it make you want to listen -- what is the song called?
00:12:00Is it about same-sex love?
00:12:03Oh, this is just -- just doing it to be provocative.
00:12:06I see.
00:12:07What a reach.
00:12:09"Never forget you" is the song?
00:12:12" okay.
00:12:13You listen to that.
00:12:17Let's move along.
00:12:19[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Now, dwyane wade's fiancee, gabrielle union, says that she will not fart or use the bathroom in front of her man.
00:12:35Now, I think we've talked about " but let me take a poll.
00:12:40Clap if you fart or use the bathroom in front of your significant other.
00:12:43[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Wait, hold on.
00:12:50Hold on.
00:12:51Clap if you would never?
00:12:56[ Applause ] >> Wendy: You know, it's coming up on 20 years, my husband and i have been together.
00:13:01If there's one thing that i could take back, it's definitely farting and going to the bathroom.
00:13:09Like you know, there -- there needs to be some sort of mystery.
00:13:13And he's like seen it all and still loves me.
00:13:16But just the idea -- like, we have a toilet and the bitddet.
00:13:27I'm naft we eye feel like the woman uses the nasty charge.
00:13:30I'm on the bidet, he's on the toilet, just talking -- talking about what's going on in bed.
00:13:38[ Applause ] >> Wendy: No, that's not good.
00:13:42Not good.
00:13:43Gabrielle, I like that.
00:13:44Don't fart or use the bathroom in front of your man.
00:13:50Kate hudson is following in her mother, goldie hawn's, footsteps.
00:13:56See says when it comes to marriage, she's not sure.
00:13:58She has a fiance, matthew bella bellamy, they've been engaged for two years.
00:14:04Normally I question long engagement, except that she is goldie hawn and kurt russell's daughter -- well, her actual father is one of the hudson brothers.
00:14:14But she's seen goldie and kurt been together for all these years.
00:14:17They're probably the best example.
00:14:19Let's not get married.
00:14:23Let's have kids and do it right -- look at kurtment he looks good.
00:14:27They are definitely still smooching.
00:14:29You can tell a couple's still getting it in.
00:14:31I like kate hudson enough.
00:14:33The boyfriend is cute.
00:14:35Fiance forever.
00:14:36Don't get any ideas, but this does work for kate.
00:14:38Don't you get any ideas, okay.
00:14:42Engagements aren't supposed to be for two years.
00:14:43Good one, kate.
00:14:44[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Over the weekend, was that the saddest about the actor of -- philip seymour hoffman?
00:14:5946 Years old.
00:15:00Found with a syringe hanging out of his arm.
00:15:06N h in his bathroom in his west village apartment.
00:15:08He was supposed to be seeing his children later that day.
00:15:11And he was apparently a no-show.
00:15:13And that's when somebody, you know, sent -- sent to the apartment.
00:15:17And that's where they found him.
00:15:18He'd been dealing with drugs, though, for a long time.
00:15:20It was not a secret.
00:15:21I mean, on and off and on and off.
00:15:24And -- and he finally quit and got a relapse.
00:15:26They say then he went to rehab this past may.
00:15:29But he was only there for ten days.
00:15:32So you know, rest in peace.
00:15:33And you know, my thoughts are going out to his long-time girlfriend and his three children.
00:15:38[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Really sad.
00:15:45Democrat I lovato was recently spotted -- demi lovato was recently spotted wearing a ring on the finger.
00:15:54The one ring a girl should not soil, in my opinion, is this finger because you're blocking other girls or guys -- I'm not judging -- from talking to you.
00:16:02Why do you do that?
00:16:03This is a special club.
00:16:04When you're in, you're in.
00:16:06When you're out, you're done.
00:16:08Demi is only 21 years old.
00:16:10Reportedly she's been dating this welmer valderrama for four years.
00:16:16Since she was 16 years old.
00:16:17Please don't get married now.
00:16:18Isn't he like -- he's like 35, right?
00:16:21He's an older guy.
00:16:24He's really short so, you know -- by him being so short, it kind of take the old away.
00:16:31Now people have reached out to demi's reps, and they're denying it's an engagement ring.
00:16:36Why are you wearing it on that finger?
00:16:38I know.
00:16:39It's probably a favorite ring of hers, and that's the only finger that it fits on.
00:16:43You know how that happens sometimes?
00:16:45All you have to do is get it sized correctly.
00:16:4921-Year-olds don't need to be engaged with, though, and they don't need to be getting married like the olden days, you know.
00:16:53[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Every time somebody says that, my facebook blows up with people saying, you don't know what you're talking about, we've been married for 20 years, ten years.
00:17:05I know there are exceptions to the rule.
00:17:07All I'm saying is that in 2014, it is not practical for a 21-year-old girl to -- to be engaged.
00:17:15[ Applause ] >> Wendy: That's all.
00:17:17We have too many opportunities out here, girls.
00:17:23Chanel recently debuted -- ugh -- what they're hoping is a trend for their spring fashion show.
00:17:31Sneakers and ball gowns.
00:17:32Now, let me just say -- let me just say, okay -- and they're not letting you buy them separately.
00:17:39It's an exclusive collection for around $4,000.
00:17:43You get the gown and you get the sneakers.
00:17:46See, I don't like this one -- show that outfit that I really oddly like.
00:17:52Not the sneakers but -- this right here, right?
00:17:55Isn't there something magical about that cinched waist?
00:18:00It looks like she could lift her head off and do all this.
00:18:03That is the ugliest outfit I've ever seen.
00:18:08[ Laughter ] >> Wendy: $4,000, Why I oughtta -- good luck selling that, chanel.
00:18:20[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Thank you for reminding me.
00:18:23I told you on february 1st if i woke up in the morning and felt happy with my weight -- because you know as a woman we go through things where we don't feel good about ourselves sometimes.
00:18:32And it so happened it was saturday.
00:18:34I told you if I felt good about myself on february 1st after dialing back and watching what i ate from the holidays, that i was going to go taco bell and get one of those grilled stuffed nachos.
00:18:45I did it just the way I told you I would.
00:18:48Sitting by myself in the car.
00:18:52About to go in -- by myself in the car.
00:18:54I got a little diet pepsi there in the cup holder.
00:18:59A packet of hot sauce because everything needs to be kicked up except for the grilled, stuffed nacho.
00:19:05It's cheesy, it's good.
00:19:07Cheesy and good.
00:19:13Thank you, taco bell, for that one.
00:19:17Very good.
00:19:18All right.
00:19:19So now, we have a very entertaining show for you, everybody.
00:19:23[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Uh-huh.
00:19:24From hln, the always-outspoken nancy grace is here.
00:19:31Love to hear nancy's take on the latest juicy, hot topics and the legal drama between joe and teresa.
00:19:37From what I hear, you all are going to do time.
00:19:39We'll talk about that.
00:19:40Plus, I'm going to show part of my thrilling trip to the walt disney world resort.
00:19:45[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Including my visit to the magic kingdom where I got to become a princess with a real princess dress and everything.
00:19:52Up next, it's time for " [ cheers and applause ] ♪
00:20:02>> tomorrow -- >> I always know I'm going to have a good time when this guy steps back.
00:20:11J.b. smoove is here.
00:20:16And don't forget to tune in for the word of the day and your chance at a magical vacation.
00:20:20>> An all new "wendy" tomorrow.
00:20:22>> "Wendy williams" is brought to you by --♪
00:22:09>> Wendy: Welcome back.
00:22:11So it's time for "celebrity " I love there.
00:22:14 who watches on kttv in glendale, california.
00:22:19Fred says that everyone tells him he looks like adam levine.
00:22:24Here's the real adam levine, okay?
00:22:28[ Cheers ] >> Wendy: Let's see what fred's got.
00:22:40Clearly everybody thinks that you do exactly look like adam levine.
00:22:46I can't tell the difference.
00:22:47I can't.
00:22:48And next from corey who watches from hamden, connecticut.
00:22:56He says he's constantly mistaken for bradley cooper.
00:23:00Let's look at the real bradley cooper.
00:23:01[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Okay.
00:23:03Let's look at corey.
00:23:09Hell yeah!
00:23:11[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Right down to the pointy vampire teeth on the sides.
00:23:16Look, right?
00:23:19That's -- unbelievable so far.
00:23:21All right.
00:23:21Our next comes from yolanda h.
00:23:25Who watches our show on wala in mobile, alabama.
00:23:29Yolanda says that she thinks she looks like mary j. blige.
00:23:33It's always sketchy when a person thinks it, right?
00:23:37Well, let's take a look.
00:23:40The real mary.
00:23:41And now let's look at yolanda.
00:23:52[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Yolanda, that is so good.
00:23:57I would wear the mary hair and just go with that.
00:24:00Go in stores, get free stuff.
00:24:02All kinds of stuff.
00:24:06Our final -- is this our final one?
00:24:09Our final "celebrity look-a-like" comes from ashley from witi in milwaukee, wisconsin.
00:24:19She thinks that her friend gabriel looks like pharrell.
00:24:23Here's pharrell.
00:24:28And here's gabriel.
00:24:30What do you think?
00:24:36I know what it is -- the other ones were so good that you expected more from gabriel's like he's got to stem e st-- to step his game up.
00:24:45How about we show this to them.
00:24:47Show them the magic.
00:24:48All of a sudden, right?
00:24:50[ Applause ] >> Wendy: I love it.
00:24:53Listen, do you look like somebody famous?
00:24:55Do you want to share with us?
00:24:56I'll put you on tv if it's real good.
00:24:58Even if it's real bad.
00:24:59Maybe I will.
00:25:01Look, just because -- some of you recaall are delusional go.
00:25:06com and send that photo.
00:25:09>>> Up next, the very outspoken and lovely nancy grace is here.
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00:26:30?.=(=PCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPC2h, >> Wendy: Our first guest is one of tv's most respected legal analysts and outspoken force behind hln's top-rated "nancy grace" show.
00:28:08Please welcome back to our show nancy grace.
00:28:14[ Cheers and applause ] ♪
00:28:24>> Wendy: Hi, nancy!
00:28:33>> Wendy: I mean, a couple of pounds -- >> what happened to -- where did it go?
00:28:40>> In the cushions.
00:28:44>> I'll wet all went right there.
00:28:46>> Wendy: Where are the handcuffs?
00:28:49>> Well, let may tell you about the handcuff necklace.
00:28:52About 15 years ago, I was so broke, I was walking through chinatown and saw the handcuff necklaces.
00:29:03And they were $15, and I decided I could not afford $15.
00:29:09I talked the lady down to $12, because I thought where will i ever, ever find another pair of handcuff necklaces -- word.
00:29:20>> Wendy: You didn't just say "word," did you?
00:29:22>> Word to your motha.
00:29:26>> Wendy: I can't -- you know -- >> for you.
00:29:30>> Wendy: These are mine?
00:29:30>> To you.
00:29:31>> Wendy: Thank you, wow!
00:29:34Thank you, nancy!
00:29:36[ Applause ] >> and the money goes to -- I'm a methodist, and it goes to a home for abused children.
00:29:42I mean bad.
00:29:43Like on a scale from one to ten, they take eights.
00:29:50And they try to help them and go for as long as they want to to get back in the world and get through high school and all that.
00:29:56>> Wendy: You're such a nice lady -- >> don't be telling that.
00:30:00>> Wendy: No.
00:30:02Show, you're one of the more surprising guest.
00:30:05I thought you would be one way.
00:30:06Then you came and came ready to play.
00:30:07You are such a nice woman.
00:30:08On tv she's all mean and judgmental.
00:30:11And I watch every night.
00:30:12But that's because you go hard for the criminal justice system.
00:30:14So I expected you to be not as fun.
00:30:17But you are fun.
00:30:20[ Applause ] >> Wendy: You are fun -- yeah!
00:30:23Let's talk about some of these -- >> are you about to say super bowl?
00:30:27>> Wendy: No.
00:30:28>> I watched the nanny cam the whole time, which I tried to bring out here to show you on my iphone.
00:30:38And yes, to my husband, they will be with us until they're 25.
00:30:41And I was -- I want to log on the plane and watch them.
00:30:48They got hooked one some ladies from my mom's church in macon, liberty methodist church, we were watching the super doggy bowl.
00:30:58>> Wendy: The puppy bowl.
00:30:59Let's talk about the celebrities and troubles they're in.
00:31:01>> Ah!
00:31:02That's atop the empire state building.
00:31:05>> Wendy: Cute.
00:31:05What are your thoughts on justin bieber?
00:31:09>> He's like a gnat, buzzing around my head.
00:31:13Every time I try to do a missing person, justin bieber nuts up.
00:31:18Bieber, number one, I don't like the whole concept of you get enough signatures and you can get kicked out of our country.
00:31:26What if they said that about my poor, irish great, great grandfather who came here to get something to eat?
00:31:31What if they didn't like him and kicked him out?
00:31:33I don't like the concept of the popularity contest.
00:31:36Now under the law, if you commit an aggravated felony such as murder, rape, aggravated sodomy, blah, blah, you get thrown out, or moral terptude, if you lie -- >> Wendy: He's on a slope to go to jail.
00:31:51>> Yes, because they may take him like they did martha stewart and make him a -- an example.
00:31:58And if that -- that is actually -- sounds wrong and I don't advocate it, but it does send a message to people.
00:32:06[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Yeah.
00:32:09Do you think -- do you think that joe and teresa over in new jersey at the "housewives" are going to be going to jail for these crimes that they are alleged to have committed?
00:32:18>> Okay, number one, are we putting the wife's name out there?
00:32:23Is it giudice or giudice?
00:32:26Like demi and demi.
00:32:28>> Wendy: Yes.
00:32:29>> It's giudice, I think.
00:32:32Yeah, they're going to jail unless why -- unless one caves on the other.
00:32:37That would be mommy caving on daddy.
00:32:39That's how that goes down.
00:32:40This is what they did -- there's no way they can get away from that lavish, lavish lifestyle.
00:32:49$60,000, $80,000 For a perfect party for their child?
00:32:52I mean, in a time when people are begging for jobs, begging -- I worked three jobs.
00:33:01They're doing that.
00:33:02Window weath >> Wendy: When last we talked -- >> don't lie to the feds, wendy.
00:33:05Don't say anything, but don't lie.
00:33:07>> Wendy: Joe wanted separate trials, that we he didn't have to snitch on her and her on him.
00:33:11The court system said no, no separate trials.
00:33:13That's the update.
00:33:14They'll make them sit in there together.
00:33:16>> That was always my fear when I would try felons.
00:33:19I would say, all in the same pot when you're there together.
00:33:23That's the way I like to do it.
00:33:24There's some constitutional issues if they're going to testify against each other when are called interlocking statements or if the death penalty is at issue, which it is not in this case.
00:33:34They go on to trial together and can sit there like two -- cats in a bucket and look at each other.
00:33:42>> Wendy: Are you for the legalization of marijuana?
00:33:45Just asking.
00:33:45>> You know I am not.
00:33:47>> Wendy: Well, I -- >> I am not, and I'll tell you why.
00:33:50When I first -- I have never done pot ever, ever.
00:33:55The first time I went to a -- an arraignment counter, there's a gorgeous lady, beautiful in blue in handcuffs.
00:34:04I thought, what did she do.
00:34:05She was a stockbroker -- you have to take all those tests to become one.
00:34:10Series seven, blah, blah.
00:34:11And she lost her family, her husband, custody of her children, her job, she can never go back -- >> Wendy: For a joint?
00:34:19>> No.
00:34:20She got addicted and was like cruising around trying to score pot.
00:34:24She lost it all.
00:34:26>> Wendy: So you're against the legalization of marijuana and you never smoked in your life.
00:34:33Do you think that some -- i think I heard you say this, that the users of marijuana are -- >> putting words in my mouth.
00:34:40She won't say it.
00:34:41She wants me to say it.
00:34:44>> Wendy: Fat and lazy is what she said and can kill people.
00:34:47>> I'll tell you this -- according to the department of health -- if you've conducted studies at home that I don't know about, you can go up against it.
00:34:57The department of health -- they say, and I trust them, they're scientist.
00:35:01I don't think they're trying to trick me.
00:35:04That knapp -- what is -- that slows down your system.
00:35:07And it makes you hungry.
00:35:10It also affects your motor coordination, and studies show your ambition and your connectedness to what's going on around you in the present moment.
00:35:20>> Wendy: Don't you lover?
00:35:20Even if you don't agree with her?
00:35:22She's going to say -- next, we'll go in the audience for a special edition -- >> talking about it made me hungry -- >> Wendy: Of "ask wendy and " keep it here.
00:35:37>>> wednesday, wendy at got more "hot topics" than you can handle.
00:35:41>> You didn't know that?
00:35:43Where you been?
00:35:46>> Plus, we've watched them shed the weight.
00:35:49Now the winner of the "biggest loser "tells weekendy about it.
00:35:54It's an all new "wendy" wednesday.
00:37:15Diamond Almond.
00:37:16A good that comes in 25 flavors.
00:37:17From Whole Natural to Wasabi andSoy Sauce.
00:37:19And once good gets going, there's no stopping it.
00:37:22Get your good going.
00:37:25Blue Diamond.
00:37:26Snack nut of the U.S. Ski Team.
00:39:05>> Wendy: How you doin'?
00:39:06It's me, wendy, I'm finding my magical side at the walt disney resort.
00:39:13Want to learn how to scream louder and live life to the full incentive watch through february 28th for the word of the day and log on to win a chance at a magical disney vacation from me.
00:39:24[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Welcome back.
00:39:37Naebs grace -- nancy grace is staying for our special edition of this.
00:39:50>> I've been with me fiance.
00:39:53He knows I want to get married, but nothing's going on.
00:39:59>> Wendy: I'm how old are you?
00:40:01>> 26.
00:40:01>> Wendy: Go ahead.
00:40:02>> One, freeze your eggs.
00:40:05Number one.
00:40:06That way, you want more children, you don't have to right coming along and when he's going to show up.
00:40:13>> Wendy: Is he going to marry her?
00:40:15>> I know you don't want to hear this.
00:40:17He's not -- >> no, no.
00:40:18Don't think about it like that.
00:40:20You are not going to marry him.
00:40:22>> Wendy: Wow.
00:40:24That's -- [ applause ] >> Wendy: Nine years.
00:40:28It's not the nine years that's bothering me.
00:40:31What's bothering me is nine years with him knowing that you want to get married.
00:40:34>> Wendy: Don't have more kids with him, by the way.
00:40:36>> Please don't.
00:40:37>> Wendy: Kids don't help marriage.
00:40:39>> He'll complicate the rest of your life.
00:40:42When you do find the right guy -- nobody likes change.
00:40:45I'm telling you, please, you're beautiful, articulate, smart, please go find the right man.
00:40:50[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Thank you.
00:40:51All right.
00:40:52How you doin'?
00:40:53>> How you doin'?
00:40:55>> Wendy: Good.
00:40:55How can we help?
00:40:56>> My name is mary, I'm 42, a single mom.
00:41:00I am raising a 17-year-old daughter, making a lot of bad choices with boys, partying, drinking.
00:41:06I have to work three jobs in order to make all the bills.
00:41:09Do you have any advice on how to keep a better eye on her while I'm working?
00:41:13>> Wendy: Nancy watches her kids from her delve.
00:41:17-- Her telephone.
00:41:18>> She's older.
00:41:19She could dodge it.
00:41:21>> If she knows how.
00:41:23The other thing I advise -- just to try this, I know you think it's not going to work.
00:41:27Just get her in church.
00:41:32Make it go and attach it to something like you can't drive the car, you can't do, this that.
00:41:38Of course physical confrontations don't get you any.
00:41:40Where the first time I went to john david, he went -- I didn't do that again -- >> Wendy: If not church, some organization.
00:41:50>> Yes.
00:41:51>> Wendy: Keep an eye on her and keep the conversation going.
00:41:55Keep talking -- >> please.
00:41:57[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Yes, yes.
00:42:00>> Nancy grace.
00:42:01Thank you for being here!
00:42:02Make sure you to tune in and watch nancy's show on hln.
00:42:07" 8:00 weeknights.
00:42:10>>> Next, I turned into a princess during my magical vacation to disneyworld.
00:42:20>>> this valentine's day, the search for mr. right begins.
00:42:23>> It is so hard to find the right guy.
00:42:24>> Tell me about it.
00:42:26>> Tell me about it.
00:42:30>> Year's sexiest comedy.
00:42:31>> Montana.
00:42:32>> Montana.
00:42:33>> Montana moore.
00:42:33>> More tomorrow.
00:45:00>> Wendy: See what shows I'm talking about this week and get details on "hot topics" in my official tv room.
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00:45:14>> Wendy: Welcome back.
00:45:16So today is the start of "wendy's magical watch and win " all month long, I'm giving away incredible four-night, five-day vacations for four to walt disney world resort.
00:45:28[ Applause ] >> Wendy: I know!
00:45:29So good.
00:45:30And it's every girl's dream to be a princess.
00:45:36I set off to the magic kingdom, one of four theme parks at disney world.
00:45:39So take a look.
00:45:47woen I'm here, and I'm -- >> Wendy: I'm here, and I'm very excited.
00:45:51You know I want to meet some princesses.
00:45:52First I've got to meet my favorite couple -- mickey and minnie.
00:45:59Is this for me?
00:46:01Oh, mickey, minnie, thank you very much.
00:46:05Oh -- how you doin'?
00:46:08I love you.
00:46:10I'm going to hold on to this.
00:46:13However, I made my own -- thank you.
00:46:16I'm looking for the princesses.
00:46:18You all are so cute.
00:46:24>> Wendy: Princesses?
00:46:28My girls!
00:46:33Snow white.
00:46:33>> Hello.
00:46:34>> Wendy: The legendary one.
00:46:35>> Thank you very much.
00:46:36>> Wendy: I've always wanted to be a princess.
00:46:38Tell me something -- what do i need?
00:46:40>> That's easy.
00:46:41All you need is a smile and a song.
00:46:46>> Wendy: How you doin'?
00:46:49>> that's our song.
00:46:50>> Wendy: Thank you, me, too.
00:46:54Yes, cinderella.
00:46:57>> Hello, princess.
00:46:58>> Wendy: Do you know who you look like?
00:47:00My friend deborah norville from " she's a star in my world.
00:47:05>> How wonderful.
00:47:07>> Wendy: Teach me something.
00:47:08>> Would you like to learn how to courtesy?
00:47:13Coyne yes, plea-- >> Wendy: Yes, please.
00:47:16>> You put one foot in front of the other.
00:47:17You're a natural princess.
00:47:19>> Wendy: Thank you, cinderella.
00:47:20Hey, girl.
00:47:22>> Hello, how are you doing?
00:47:25>> Wendy: I'll try that.
00:47:26Hello, how you doin'?
00:47:29[ Laughter ] >> that was very close.
00:47:31>> Wendy: That's my greeting.
00:47:32>> I like it, that will work.
00:47:34>> Wendy: Since I'm at disney, I'll do it the disney way.
00:47:36>> Yes, ma'am.
00:47:39>> Wendy: Hello, how are you doing?
00:47:41>> Yes, ma'am.
00:47:41That's right.
00:47:42Great job.
00:47:44>> Wendy: Belle, can you give me a tip?
00:47:46>> Absolutely.
00:47:47Why every princess must know how to dance.
00:47:50>> Wendy: I can twerk.
00:47:53>> Well, when we go to the royal ball, we usually dance like this -- >> Wendy: That's easy, though.
00:48:01Up and back and twirl.
00:48:04If I did this on "dancing with the stars," I should have won.
00:48:07And now I want to look like a princess because I'm going to get my very own ball gown.
00:48:15So this is the cinderella castle suite.
00:48:18It's decorated in 17th and 18th century motifs.
00:48:21The furniture is gorgeous.
00:48:23They do have a very modern jacuzzi, though, featuring a starry, starry night theme on the ceiling.
00:48:30I'm not here for all that.
00:48:31What I really want to look at is -- oh, my gosh.
00:48:39How perfectly beautiful pink and poofy and sparkly.
00:48:44Everything that I love.
00:48:45I'm from jersey, I'm going to try it on!
00:48:48Don't you love it?
00:48:50[ Cheers ] >> Wendy: Head to toe.
00:48:54>> Hello there, welcome.
00:48:56>> Wendy: Yes!
00:48:57>> So nice to see you.
00:48:59>> Wendy: So nice to see you, too, jack.
00:49:00How do I look?
00:49:01>> You look divine.
00:49:02Welcome to the magic kingdom's new fantasy land.
00:49:09>> Wendy: What's going on behind that wall, jack?
00:49:11>> Our soon-to-be seven dwarfs mine train.
00:49:15The rolicking, musical roller coaster that takes you into the mine inspired by the film, of course, "snow white and the " >> Wendy: I love it.
00:49:23>> Let's get you changed.
00:49:25But before you spend some family time, would you do us the honor and pleasure of being our first and only special guest star for a "move it, shake it, celebrate it" street party?
00:49:35>> Wendy: It's a deal.
00:49:36>> All right!
00:49:38[ Applause ] >> welcome to the streets, this is wendy williams -- how you doin'?
00:49:46[ Cheers ] >> Wendy: What a day it's been.
00:49:55I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
00:49:58Make that the luckiest princess in the universe.
00:50:03So comfortable.
00:50:04Time for me to take it down even further.
00:50:06Good night, disney.
00:50:08I'll see you next time.
00:50:16[ Applause ] >> Wendy: Now's your chance to feel like a princess.
00:50:19This week's vacation includes a super exclusive night stay in the cinderella castle suite which people don't normally stay there.
00:50:27That's big.
00:50:27Keep watching for the word of the day.
00:50:29com for your chance to enter.
00:50:32Good luck.
00:50:32>>> Up next, we'll reveal our audien eye candy of the day.
00:50:38[ applause ] >> Wendy: Closed captioning is provided by -- ♪
00:53:37>> Wendy: You know what this is -- this is a "wendy williams show" "how you doin'" diva fan.
00:53:42I'm giving it to you, rhonda.
00:53:44>> Thank you.
00:53:44>> Wendy: This is rhonda cardwell, everybody of she's here from maryland.
00:53:47You're my audience eye candy of the day.
00:53:49I'm loving your all about business pantsuits.
00:53:52>> Thank you.
00:53:53>> Wendy: Tell us about your outfit.
00:53:54>> My shirt -- I'm sorry, my maxx for $20.
00:53:59This suit was $59 on sale.
00:54:02My leopard pumps were $40 at t.j. maxx.
00:54:05>> Wendy: And I love this -- i love your hair also.
00:54:08>> Thank you.
00:54:08>> Wendy: Have a safe drive back to maryland.
00:54:12>> Thank you.
00:54:13>> Wendy: You might need a sleigh.
00:54:15>> I know.
00:54:16>> Wendy: We'll be right back.
00:54:16Keep it here.
00:54:20>> Wendy: Hi, it's me, wendy.
00:54:22It's your chance to enter to win a magical walt disney world vacation go.
00:54:25com through february 9th to enter.
00:54:29The word of the day is -- nikki.
00:54:33-- IS >> Wendy: Not bad for a monday.
00:57:19I want to thank all my guests, my co-hosts, my studio audience for being here.
00:57:26Thank you very much.
00:57:30 smoove and all the juicy, juicy "hot topics" you can handle.
00:57:36" bye!
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