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Aired at 06:00 PM on Friday, Jan 10, 2014 (1/10/2014)      View all transcripts from this day


00:00:12>> Victoria: I totally understand.
00:00:15All right.
00:00:16Thank you for calling.
00:00:20>> Billy: Hey.
00:00:21What's wrong?
00:00:22Who was that on the phone?
00:00:25>> Victoria: Kelly.
00:00:26>> Billy: Kelly, from grief therapy, kelly?
00:00:28What did she have to say?
00:01:06>> Kevin: [ Sighs ] !
00:01:08>> Alex: Dmv servers are overloaded.
00:01:10It happens a lot.
00:01:11>> Kevin: Yeah, every time i need to get onto the database.
00:01:13>> Alex: You know, maybe you could go up to madison and knock some of those pointy heads together.
00:01:17>> Kevin: If there's any other way to generate a list -- >> Alex:s registered in and around genoa city with wisconsin plates " I'd say we're starting at the right place.
00:01:28>> Kevin: Yeah, right here in front of this stupid little frozen hour glass!
00:01:31>> Alex: Whoa!
00:01:32You need to take a chill pill.
00:01:34>> Kevin: You're kidding me, right?
00:01:35If this new witness to the hit and run gave you accurate information, it's gonna lead us right to delia's killer.
00:01:40>> Chelsea: You are the one ..
00:01:44Thinking you can just show up like this.
00:01:47You were not invited.
00:01:47Nobody wants you here, so why don't you just leave?
00:01:49Adam, can you please show him the door?
00:01:54>> Jack: This may not be the time or place for whatever it is that you're doing, victor.
00:01:58>> Victor: Jack, this is a family matter.
00:02:01Kindly mind your own business.
00:02:03>> Jack: I won't be doing that.
00:02:04You see, I was invited to this gathering.
00:02:07>> Chelsea: Just leave, victor.
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00:05:50>> Victoria: So, kelly called to apologize for running out on dinner the other night.
00:05:54We got to talking.
00:05:56>> Billy: Oh, yeah?
00:05:57>> Victoria: I mean, she didn't really come right out and say it, but I can see that she's extremely lonely and she's got a lot of pain locked up inside of ..
00:06:08Well, I could see why she'd turn to you.
00:06:10Since you each know what the other person is going through.
00:06:16And, um, you know, a part of me feels really bad for questioning all the time that you were spending together.
00:06:20>> Billy: Don't do that.
00:06:21You're entitled to your feelings.
00:06:22You know what the saddest part is, though?
00:06:24She still blames herself for everything that happened to her son.
00:06:27And it's not her fault, and i know that you felt that way about dee dee.
00:06:30>> Billy: You don't have to overthink it.
00:06:32We're in such a better place now.
00:06:33>> Victoria: I know that.
00:06:34That's good.
00:06:35I'm just -- I'm really glad that you two have each other to lean on and, you know, you can comfort each other.
00:06:40>> Billy: Yeah. definitely.
00:06:43>> Victoria: You know the other night when I brought johnny ..
00:06:47[ Sighs ] I could see how hard that was for her.
00:06:50It's just like another reminder of what happened to her son, and i-i shouldn't have been so incredibly insensitive.
00:06:56>> Billy: You were fine.
00:06:58Believe me. you're fine.
00:06:58It is what it is.
00:07:00>> Victoria: Well, I told her we'd do it again sometime.
00:07:04>> Billy: Sounds great.
00:07:07>> Victoria: By the way, kelly told me she's left you several messages.
00:07:11Are you avoiding her for some reason?
00:07:17>> Noah: Hey.
00:07:18Sorry I'm late.
00:07:19I ran into my folks and victor, who was in this bizarre mood.
00:07:25Court, you okay?
00:07:28Hey, listen.
00:07:29I think I owe you an apology.
00:07:31I shouldn't have come down on you so hard before when you came to my place.
00:07:38Cassie's birthday is always pretty tough for me.
00:07:42I-i feel like I've been pushing you, you know, too much lately about your life and your family and all that stuff.
00:07:48It's clear that you're not comfortable talking to me about it.
00:07:50And I should have just left it alone.
00:07:53You know, it's just I've had some women in my past that haven't been exactly honest.
00:08:00And I guess that's made me a little paranoid.
00:08:02But that doesn't mean I should dump my baggage on you.
00:08:06Look, I'm sorry if I've been pressuring you.
00:08:08I'll try not to do that.
00:08:12You know, whatever it is that you feel like you can't tell me, I hope you realize there's nothing you could tell me that would make me feel differently about you.
00:08:22>> Courtney: I can't see you anymore.
00:08:29>> Kevin: Come on, already!
00:08:31Load the page, time out, do something!
00:08:33>> Alex: I have an idea.
00:08:34>> Kevin: What?
00:08:35>> Alex: You should eat something.
00:08:36Now, you like, uh, orange beef, right?
00:08:39>> Kevin: Not especially. no.
00:08:41>> Alex: Okay, we have a tasty selection of garlic chicken, ..
00:08:51Fortune cookie.
00:08:54>> Kevin: How long has this stuff been sitting out here?
00:08:56>> Alex: Not long.
00:09:01>> Kevin: Yeah, no.
00:09:02Food poisoning -- not exactly my thing.
00:09:03But thanks for the offer.
00:09:05>> Alex: Okay, look, kev, I told you this, all right.
00:09:08Now that you are officially part of this investigation, part of the real police work is learning how to wait, how to be patient, how to not go nuts so you can stay focused and ready when the real information presents itself.
00:09:19>> Kevin: Yeah.
00:09:20I just -- I just really want this to pan out for chloe, especially after the way I hurt her feelings.
00:09:26>> Alex: Why?
00:09:26Because she's being so possessive of chelsea's boy?
00:09:30>> Kevin: I don't know.
00:09:31Maybe I did overreact, you know.
00:09:33Maybe the way she's dealing with her grief is actually healthy.
00:09:36I don't know.
00:09:36>> Alex: Look, becoming super attached to this kid, carrying around his little outfit in her bag, putting pictures of connor in delia's scrapbook instead of starting a new one when he ..
00:09:48Look, I'm not an expert on, well, most things, but I think you're right to be concerned.
00:09:56But, hey, what do I know?
00:09:57Okay, you're a lot closer to the situation, and you've always been pretty good about trusting your instincts.
00:10:02That's why paul put you on the case.
00:10:04So what do they tell you?
00:10:05>> Kevin: What, my instincts?
00:10:06>> Alex: Yeah.
00:10:07Do they tell you that chloe is in the danger zone with chelsea's kid?
00:10:09>> Kevin: [ Sighs ] either way, it would be great to be able to give her this gift of justice for delia.
00:10:17The server's back up.
00:10:18I'm gonna finally pull those plates.
00:10:20[ Sighs ] >> Anita: Honey, don't be rude.
00:10:28I shouldn't be the child's only ..person.
00:10:31>> Chelsea: This man is not welcome.
00:10:33He knows that, and he's choosing to ignore it.
00:10:35>> Victor: When you're having a blessing for a member of my family, I think I should be here, don't you?
00:10:41>> Chloe: Well, this blessing is about connor and the most important people in his life.
00:10:45>> Victor: And that little boy is my grandson.
00:10:48>> Chelsea: In name only.
00:10:51I can't believe you're doing this, injecting yourself where you're not wanted.
00:10:54You are not going to ruin this occasion.
00:10:57>> Adam: No, chloe's right.
00:10:59Today is about connor.
00:11:01So let's not do this.
00:11:02>> Chelsea: You're letting him stay?
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00:14:08>> Noah: Look, if this is about me and tyler living in a man cave, okay, it's not gonna be like that for very long.
00:14:13He and abby are looking for a place.
00:14:15>> Courtney: This isn't about the living arrangement, noah.
00:14:17It's this relationship.'s not working for me.
00:14:23>> Noah: Why doesn't it sound like you're kidding?
00:14:27>> Courtney: I'm sorry.
00:14:29We were moving too fast.
00:14:32>> Noah: Then let's slow down.
00:14:33>> Courtney: [ Chuckles ] it doesn't work that way.
00:14:36>> Noah: Wait, wait, wait.
00:14:37What? what? no.
00:14:38I don't -- I don't understand any of this.
00:14:40>> Courtney: We're breaking up.
00:14:41It's not that complicated.
00:14:44>> Noah: Yesterday, I was holding you in my arms.
00:14:46A couple hours ago, you show up to my place wearing that hot little cleopatra outfit, you want to rub oil all over my body.
00:14:53And then out of nowhere, you want to end things?
00:14:57>> Courtney: I tried, okay?
00:15:00..can't anymore.
00:15:04I wanted to do this before it went any further.
00:15:07>> Noah: This is insane.
00:15:08This is insane.
00:15:10What we have is -- it's good.
00:15:12It's really good.
00:15:13Now, I know I haven't just been imagining that.
00:15:16I can't believe for a second that you just flip a switch and turn off all those feelings.
00:15:22>> Courtney: You saw what you wanted to see.
00:15:23It's the way you are, like with adriana.
00:15:28>> Noah: No.
00:15:30This is different.
00:15:32This is real.
00:15:33Something must have happened.
00:15:35>> Courtney: No.
00:15:35>> Noah: Yeah.
00:15:36So what is it?
00:15:37What happened?
00:15:38>> Courtney: Noah, please just stop.
00:15:39>> Noah: Before when I left to see my parents and you were alone with summer, did she say something to you?
00:15:43>> Courtney: This isn't about summer!
00:15:45It's about this relationship and -- and us being busy and having jobs that we both care about, and then, what, we're supposed to spend all of our time together?
00:15:54It's too much.
00:15:59>> Noah: I don't buy that.
00:16:02Where is this coming from?
00:16:04The truth, courtney.
00:16:07This is about zach?
00:16:10It is, isn't it?
00:16:14>> Kevin: So, what have we got?
00:16:21>> Alex: Nothing.
00:16:22>> Kevin: What?
00:16:23>> Alex: [ Sighs ] nothing. see for yourself.
00:16:28>> Kevin: I don't believe this.
00:16:29>> Alex: Yeah, well it's right there.
00:16:31 with wisconsin license plates " so either the witness was snowing us to get lesser charges, or he didn't actually see what he thought he saw.
00:16:39Either way, we're no closer to finding delia's killer!
00:16:46>> Adam: There's no need to fight at church in front of our son.
00:16:48>> Chloe: Well, someone needs to fight for connor, so if no one else is gonna do it, then i guess I'm gonna.
00:16:52>> Anita: You know what, honey?
00:16:53It's really not our place.
00:16:54>> Jack: Why show up now and make a scene?
00:16:56>> Victor: I'm not making a scene, jack.
00:16:59One day, you'll be a grandfather.
00:17:01You will understand the importance of occasions like this.
00:17:05>> Jack: I think adam has made his feelings crystal clear.
00:17:07>> Victor: He has made them perfectly clear.
00:17:10He understands the importance of family.
00:17:12>> Chelsea: Exactly.
00:17:13Connor and me,hisfamily.
00:17:16>> Victor: He knows that life is tenuous, at best.
00:17:20So we need to band together.
00:17:25>> Chloe: Well, he doesn't need you.
00:17:27He has his own family.
00:17:29He has me, and now he has jack, who is next in line to be his legal guardian.
00:17:37>> Victor: Is that so?
00:17:40>> Billy: Why do you think I'm avoiding kelly?
00:17:44>> Victoria: [ Sighs ] okay, well, you two were getting to be good friends, right?
00:17:48And then I throw us together into this social situation, and I just really hope that I didn't screw things up for you two.
00:17:54>> Billy: It was an awkward evening, but it wasn't your fault.
00:17:56You were just trying to make everything okay for everyone.
00:17:59>> Victoria: I just thought that maybe it would help kelly, seeing you at home with your family and, you know, showing her what might be possible.
00:18:07I guess that was a little naive.
00:18:09>> Billy: No, no.
00:18:12Honey, this thing is not that simple.
00:18:14When you're in this intense private setting, laying yourself out in front of a counselor and a bunch of grieving parents, all of them strangers, and to go from that to a light social occasion, it's just -- it's weird, you know.
00:18:28>> Victoria: Right. I know.
00:18:30And when you say it like that, it makes complete and total sense.
00:18:34It's the context.
00:18:35>> Billy: Yeah. exactly.
00:18:36When kelly and I are together, it's all about grief.
00:18:39Nobody in the real world wants to hear about that, so we don't know what to say.
00:18:45>> Victoria: Right.
00:18:46Well, I wish I had known that before I said something, before I extended the invitation.
00:18:53I'm so sorry.
00:18:54>> Billy: No, no.
00:18:55Don't be sorry.
00:18:56What are you talking about?
00:18:57You didn't do anything wrong.
00:18:59You had the very best intentions.
00:19:00You did nothing wrong.
00:19:02Don't be sorry.
00:19:02>> Victoria: But I still want to try to find a way to make it up to kelly.
00:19:07>> Billy: [ Chuckles ] >> Victoria: I'm gonna go upstairs and check on johnny before the sitter gets here.
00:19:14I'm going for a run.
00:19:15>> Billy: Mm.
00:19:16>> Victoria: You want to come with me?
00:19:18>> Billy: You mean running, like jogging, like outside?
00:19:20>> Victoria: Yeah.
00:19:21>> Billy: Like that? yeah?
00:19:22>> Victoria: Yeah.
00:19:22>> Billy: You know what?
00:19:23Why don't you go ahead.
00:19:24I'll catch up with you.
00:19:25>> Victoria: All right.
00:19:26Well, you can't blame me for trying.
00:19:27>> Billy: Yeah.
00:19:28Running in january, outside, in wisconsin.
00:19:30T-that's never gonna happen, honey.
00:19:33That is never gonna happen.
00:19:39>> Kelly: Hello?
00:19:40>> Billy: Hey. it's me.
00:19:42Uh, i-i'm sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner, but it's not a good idea for you to call my house.
00:19:47>> Kelly: Look, billy, I need to see you.
00:19:50It can't wait.
00:19:53>> Billy: Hmm.
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00:23:32>> "The young and the restless" will continue.
00:23:40Last month apparently much worse it wasn t just credit card numbers stolen.
00:23:43Addresses, phone numbers the .....the latest and your forecast too at noon 166 stinger bay area watch 153 >> Victoria: [ Singing indistinctly ] >> Stitch: Hey! victoria!
00:25:17[ Chuckles ] victoria! hey!
00:25:20>> Victoria: Aah!
00:25:21>> Stitch: Oh! sorry.
00:25:22>> Victoria: Sorry.
00:25:23I can't hear anything.
00:25:24I was in my own little world.
00:25:25>> Stitch: Yeah.
00:25:26Trying to remember the words to that song you were singing?
00:25:28What was the name of that boy band again?
00:25:30>> Victoria: Yeah.
00:25:31That's really funny. busted.
00:25:32Don't tell anybody, okay?
00:25:33>> Stitch: Well, we all have our guilty pleasures.
00:25:35>> Victoria: Oh, really?
00:25:36>> Stitch: Yeah.
00:25:36>> Victoria: What's yours?
00:25:37>> Stitch: Ah, that is a well guarded secret.
00:25:39Nice try.
00:25:40[ Grunts ] >> Victoria: All right, then, i will, uh, let you get back to your run.
00:25:44>> Stitch: Oh, no, no, no.
00:25:45It was no problem at all.
00:25:46I was looking for an excuse to knock off anyway.
00:25:49I just finished a long shift, and I'm pretty beat.
00:25:51So, how was the dinner I never got to eat?
00:25:54>> Victoria: Oh, it was good.
00:25:55You know, we had a lot of leftovers since dinner for four turned into dinner for two.
00:25:59But I meant what I said when you were leaving for the hospital.
00:26:02>> Stitch: Goodbye?
00:26:05>> Victoria: I owe you a meal.
00:26:07Either at our place or, if you prefer, we can -- you know, we can go out somewhere.
00:26:11>> Stitch: Oh!
00:26:12I'm always up for finding a new burger joint.
00:26:15>> Victoria: Oh, well, you know there are other cuisines than just burgers.
00:26:18>> Stitch: No. really?
00:26:19>> Victoria: Mm-hmm.
00:26:20And we can find a nice dinner -- you know, something that doesn't involve french fries and milkshakes.
00:26:26And, of course, we'll invite kelly.
00:26:28>> Stitch: Yeah, I don't really think that's a good idea.
00:26:32>> Billy: Hey.
00:26:33>> Kelly: Oh, hey.
00:26:34>> Billy: I'm sorry.
00:26:35Can we make this quick?
00:26:37>> Kelly: Um, billy, the reason that I'm trying to get ahold of you has nothing to do with us, you know.
00:26:42It's about business, the delia project.
00:26:45>> Billy: Oh, yeah.
00:26:46The foundation.
00:26:48Uh, the way you sounded on the phone, I thought -- >> Kelly: Yeah, I know.
00:26:52Hold on.
00:26:52I'm sorry that I was a little abrupt.
00:26:54It's just that I feel a little awkward talking to you about this.
00:26:57And since I called earlier and ..
00:26:59>> Billy: Yeah, I know.
00:27:00I talked to her.
00:27:01And I am sorry.
00:27:02I should have got back to you sooner.
00:27:04>> Kelly: No, it's okay.
00:27:05The way I acted at your house, i can hardly blame you for keeping your distance.
00:27:08You probably think that I'm a basket case.
00:27:10>> Billy: No.
00:27:11Trust me, nobody feels that way.
00:27:12Not at all.
00:27:13Everybody's got a little basket case going on right now.
00:27:15But since I know it's about the foundation, that's cool.
00:27:18I'm glad you called.
00:27:19And that's what I want.
00:27:20I want to get back to our friends, our support-group members.
00:27:23>> Kelly: Right. me too.
00:27:24Me too. good. okay.
00:27:25About the delia project.
00:27:26>> Billy: Yeah, how's that going?
00:27:27>> Kelly: Well, so far, so good.
00:27:29You know, an attorney's been hired, and I don't know if you know this, but your mother stopped by.
00:27:33>> Billy: My mother?
00:27:34She was here?
00:27:36I didn't think that was possible because there's no valet parking in this building.
00:27:40>> Kelly: No, she wants to help set up the board, and she had a great idea that you would be the perfect candidate to head things up.
00:27:47>> Billy: Huh.
00:27:50Yeah, I'm not surprised she would think that.
00:27:52It's strange that I haven't talked to her myself.
00:27:55But I think it's pretty obvious she's not about to let me wallow in my own grief.
00:28:00I'm sure that's how she put it.
00:28:01>> Kelly: Well, I got the impression that she means well.
00:28:04>> Billy: No, she does.
00:28:05That's not always the case with my mom.
00:28:10She lost a child of her own, actually.
00:28:14Before I was born.
00:28:15A teenage son.
00:28:17So she thought.
00:28:19It's a very long story.
00:28:22But, anyway, I guess she might have forgotten what it's like, or this is the way she handles things, just focuses all the bad feelings on something worthwhile.
00:28:34At any rate, it's just another well-intentioned person who wants me to forget about the death of my kid and move on with my life.
00:28:39>> Kelly: Yeah.
00:28:42I know how you feel.
00:28:45>> Kevin: How can this be?
00:28:46Everything else he said made perfect sense.
00:28:48>> Alex: Well, hawkins created this elaborate story to barter with.
00:28:51It's not the first time in the world that a criminal lies to cops.
00:28:57It's time to move on, find another solution to this problem.
00:29:00>> Kevin: Wait, wait, wait.
00:29:01Why -- why are you willing to give up on this so easily?
00:29:04>> Alex: Because the eyewitness gave us bum information.
00:29:06>> Kevin: But he didn't.
00:29:07He didn't.
00:29:08Look. look.
00:29:09Okay, this is the scene from hawkins' vantage point.
00:29:12Just stay with me.
00:29:13Stay with me for a minute, all right?
00:29:15Here's the road leading in from town.
00:29:17And here's the curve in the road where the incident occurred.
00:29:20This is the convenience store billy goes in to get the ice cream for delia.
00:29:23And this is the witness's house, down the road a little bit, catty-corner from where delia was struck, right around here.
00:29:28Hawkins says he's standing in front of his house just like that.
00:29:31Delia's over here, chasing after her puppy.
00:29:33Along comes the car, strikes delia, who ends up over here.
00:29:38The car hits the brakes hard, comes to a complete stop, and that is what alerts our witness, okay?
00:29:43The driver gets out of the car, and voilà.
00:29:46Hawkins has a clear line of sight from where he's standing, and he can see everything.
00:29:50He can see the front of the car.
00:29:51He can see the license plate.
00:29:53He can see the driver get out of the car, turn around to look at the dog, get back in the car, and take off again.
00:29:58Chavez, I am convinced that it happened exactly the way he described it, which means that he saw the monster who did this.
00:30:06>> Adam: Chloe and jack are connor's godparents.
00:30:11And chelsea and I have named jack as legal guardian if something were to happen to me.
00:30:15>> Victor: And I'm sure you'll do everything in your power to prevent that from happening.
00:30:18>> Chelsea: Adam doesn't owe you any explanations.
00:30:21Connor is our son.
00:30:22This is our family.
00:30:23>> Adam: It's okay.
00:30:24It's not upsetting me.
00:30:25>> Chelsea: What makes you think you can waltz in here and stake a claim to our son?
00:30:28>> Anita: Wow.
00:30:29You know, the ceremony was delightful.
00:30:31And I'm just tickled pink that the two of you are getting hitched again.
00:30:35But I just remembered there's someplace I have to be, so, uh, chelsea, honey, would you walk me out?
00:30:40>> Chelsea: Okay.
00:30:45>> Anita: If you need to blow off some steam later, I want you to call me.
00:30:48>> Chelsea: Okay.
00:30:48>> Anita: I'm here for you, baby.
00:30:51Give me a hug.
00:30:53>> Jack: Mind telling me what's going on here?
00:30:55>> Adam: Nothing but a hijacking.
00:30:57>> Jack: After you have been so adamant about not wanting him anywhere near your lives.
00:31:04>> Adam: Excuse me, jack.
00:31:10I got him.
00:31:20>> Victor: Allow me.
00:31:31Hey, little boy.
00:31:33Hey, little boy.
00:31:35Hey, little boy.
00:31:40You in your bonnet, huh.
00:31:42Look at that.
00:31:44That's right.
00:31:45That's right.
00:31:47You looking for a bottle?
00:31:48Oh, yeah. that's fine.
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00:35:34>> Victor: Yes.
00:35:36I'm your grandfather.
00:35:39That's right.
00:35:40You got a lot of spunk for a little boy.
00:35:43My goodness.
00:35:45I bet you that comes from the newman side of the family.
00:35:47>> Chelsea: He's hungry.
00:35:49I need to feed him.
00:35:49>> Victor: All right.
00:35:50>> Chelsea: Come here, baby.
00:35:51>> Victor: There we go.
00:35:52>> Chelsea: Okay.
00:35:55I think the blessing is over.
00:36:03[ Connor fussing ] >> Chloe: I'm sorry, but this is exactly what I was warning you about.
00:36:06You marry the son, and you get victor along with it.
00:36:08And for you to think that he wasn't gonna be a part of your lives is just crazy.
00:36:11>> Chelsea: Okay.
00:36:11I'm not doing this right now, chloe.
00:36:13I'm not.
00:36:13[ Connor crying ] shh.
00:36:15>> Chloe: The only reason why I'm saying these things is because I am his godmother.
00:36:19I was the one that you asked to protect your son.
00:36:23As long as adam is in your life, victor's always gonna be this dark, looming shadow.
00:36:28Adam obviously cannot control him.
00:36:31So you need to act in your child's best interests before -- >> Chelsea: Okay! enough, chloe!
00:36:37I'll call you.
00:36:39[ Connor continues crying ] >> Kelly: And this is how the project is set up in a legal sense.
00:36:51>> Billy: By an anonymous do-gooder who still doesn't want anybody to know his or her name, right?
00:36:55Sticking to that story?
00:36:56>> Kelly: Mm.
00:36:58>> Billy: I'm not trying to break any rules here.
00:36:59I'm going to respect his or her wishes.
00:37:01>> Kelly: I'm guessing you just want to be able to thank them.
00:37:04>> Billy: How'd you guess?
00:37:05>> Kelly: Billy, why don't you look at it this way.
00:37:07By not calling attention to themselves, the donor is ensuring that the focus will remain squarely on the foundation's mission.
00:37:16>> Billy: Sure. yeah.
00:37:17I suppose.
00:37:18>> Kelly: Okay, next item.
00:37:19Are you willing to head the board of directors and spearhead this project?
00:37:23>> Billy: Do I have a choice?
00:37:25>> Kelly: Well, just because your mother suggested it doesn't mean that it's binding.
00:37:29But still, if you say yes, there are other people that will benefit from your mother's persistence.
00:37:34>> Billy: You can call her what she is, a pushy broad.
00:37:38As her best friend described her, a pushy broad.
00:37:40>> Kelly: Well, as soon as the board is set up, then the delia project can help kids in need live out their dreams.
00:37:47It's a wonderful cause.
00:37:48It has a huge endowment.
00:37:49And, personally, I think that you would be a great director.
00:37:52>> Billy: I would?
00:37:53>> Kelly: Yes, you would.
00:37:54>> Billy: You seem certain about that.
00:37:56>> Kelly: You are great with kids.
00:37:58You are very creative.
00:37:59You have management experience.
00:38:01You have a ton of contacts.
00:38:02I think that you're a man of vision for this project.
00:38:05I know for a fact that you're very passionate.
00:38:11I think, um, the first order of business would be, then, the mission statement.
00:38:16It's very general, and I think that you should maybe personalize it and then, um, you know, define the parameters.
00:38:25I think I have the original -- ow!
00:38:27>> Billy: Whoa. what'd you do?
00:38:29>> Kelly: It's nothing.
00:38:30It's just a stupid paper cut.
00:38:31>> Billy: Oh, no.
00:38:32Those are the worst.
00:38:33I hate those.
00:38:33>> Kelly: [ Chuckles ] >> Billy: Not fun.
00:38:35>> Kelly: Thank you.
00:38:36>> Billy: Little things hurt the most.
00:38:39>> Kelly:..
00:38:41I think that we need to talk.
00:38:47>> Stitch: I'm still married, technically.
00:38:50>> Victoria: I know that.
00:38:51Um, listen, the only reason that i, um, thought about inviting kelly is because I overheard you telling billy that things were pretty much over between you and your wife.
00:39:01>> Stitch: As painful as that is ..
00:39:04That's true.
00:39:07>> Victoria: I'm not trying to play matchmaker, okay?
00:39:09>> Stitch: You're not?
00:39:10>> Victoria: I'm not.
00:39:11It's just that, you know, you and kelly are both really good, decent people, and I know that she's had a hell of a year.
00:39:17And it seems like, you know, maybe you have, too, and maybe you could use a friend, you know, somebody to talk to, a little human interaction, someone to hang out with outside of work.
00:39:28I'm sorry.
00:39:29I meant no harm.
00:39:31>> Stitch: I know you didn't, vicki.
00:39:32You seem to be a very compassionate person.
00:39:34And believe me, I really appreciate the gesture.
00:39:37It's just I'm not in a position to get involved with anyone, even if it is just friends.
00:39:43Broken trust is corrosive.
00:39:46It does damage in ways you don't even realize.
00:39:52>> Noah: Wait. just come here.
00:39:54You told me that this zach guy is a relative, right?
00:39:56There's got to be more to it than that, because every time i bring him up, you tell me something different.
00:40:02And then I found those pills in your purse that you supposedly took from him.
00:40:06>> Courtney: I'm through explaining myself to you, noah.
00:40:07>> Noah: Okay, sure.
00:40:08So instead of just being honest with me, you're just gonna push me away?
00:40:11>> Courtney: Because we don't belong together.
00:40:15>> Noah: Listen, courtney, whatever it is that you think you can't tell me, you can trust me.
00:40:23I swear to you.
00:40:26>> Courtney: It's over, noah.
00:40:28I'm sorry.
00:40:28I never meant to hurt you.
00:40:33>> Noah: Wait.
00:40:40>> Adam: Thanks for coming, jack.
00:40:42I'll take it from here.
00:40:43>> Jack: I'm happy to stay.
00:40:45>> Adam: It's fine.
00:40:46>> Jack: I can't help feeling i might be needed.
00:40:49>> Adam: You've done everything I've asked of you, jack.
00:40:51>> Jack: Adam, something is going on here.
00:40:54>> Adam: And if that's the case, it doesn't matter.
00:40:57Legally, we're protected now.
00:40:59>> Jack: I will do everything in my power to make sure of that.
00:41:03You have my word.
00:41:20>> Adam: I'm fairly certain you weren't invited here today.
00:41:30>> Victor: I made you a proposal.
00:41:34I was waiting for your answer.
00:41:37It appears I got one.
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00:44:51>> Alex: George hawkins did see the driver and the angle he swerved at, but none of that was in the media.
00:45:13>> Kevin: Right.
00:45:14That's what I'm saying.
00:45:14How else would he have known?
00:45:18>> Alex: Easy.
00:45:19He's been here a lot.
00:45:20Interrogation room, the squad room, the holding cell.
00:45:22>> Kevin: I'm confused.
00:45:23What are you saying?
00:45:24>> Alex: I'm saying that he probably overheard us talking, created a perfect story to sound convincing.
00:45:29>> Kevin: So you think he's lying?
00:45:31>> Alex: Yes.
00:45:32He's a three-strike felon.
00:45:33He'll do anything to get a better deal.
00:45:35And that l list you pulled is conclusive.
00:45:37There's no match.
00:45:38No license-plate matches, no description.
00:45:41I'm sorry, kev.
00:45:42But this is what I meant about letting the emotions get the best of you.
00:45:45In this line of work, you've got to stay objective, okay.
00:45:48Otherwise you spend your whole time chasing false leads.
00:46:23>> Victor: So judging by the way things played out, you have made your decision.
00:46:32On my terms.
00:46:34In exchange, I will not go to the authorities.
00:46:39Smart boy.
00:46:44>> Chelsea: Baby's fed.
00:46:46It's time to go.
00:46:47>> Victor: Well, now, i understand that the two of you are gonna get married.
00:46:53You have a nice day.
00:47:04>> Chelsea: Our family is the three of us, adam.
00:47:08You, me, and connor.
00:47:10What was that?
00:47:14>> Victor: I won't go to the cops, okay?
00:47:20I will not take your son from you.
00:47:24But I will be part of his life, whether you like it or not.
00:47:31That's my offer.
00:47:32You take it or leave it.
00:47:36I will get what I want.
00:47:41>> Chelsea: Answer me.
00:47:48[ Connor fusses ] >> Victoria: Yeah, that, um, the ..
00:47:53Without going into a lot of detail, I can definitely relate to you.
00:47:57 [ chuckles ] what are you doing?
00:47:59>> Stitch: Trying to keep you from freezing to death.
00:48:01Come on. take it.
00:48:01I'm plenty warm.
00:48:03>> Victoria: Okay.
00:48:04Thank you. yeah.
00:48:06That's better. thank you.
00:48:07>> Stitch: My pleasure.
00:48:10I can't really plan anything with all the shifts I'm pulling right now, but I could have just sworn I saw a hot-dog cart on the other side of the park, and I could really go for one right now.
00:48:20>> Victoria: Oh.
00:48:23You make it a pretzel, and your on.
00:48:26>> Stitch: [ Chuckles ] let's go.
00:48:28>> Victoria: Okay.
00:48:29>> Billy: Maybe we should just leave this.
00:48:30>> Kelly: And just ignore the elephant in the room?
00:48:32For how long, billy?
00:48:33I'm sorry that I went to your house for dinner.
00:48:35>> Billy: Yeah, why did you do that?
00:48:37>> Kelly: I don't know.
00:48:38Victoria asked me, and my brain just froze, and I thought i should make up an excuse, but it didn't happen.
00:48:43And then it just made things worse when I opened up to victoria.
00:48:47>> Billy: I know.
00:48:48Victoria can be very persuasive when she wants something, and she is now determined to be your friend, and I'm gonna do my level best to make sure there are no more awkward dinners.
00:48:55But, man.
00:48:56[ Clears throat ] >> Kelly:..
00:48:59I wish it could be different because, actually, I like victoria.
00:49:04And I don't have a lot of friends here.
00:49:06Most of my friends drifted away after sam.
00:49:17We'll ever be friends again, ..before?
00:49:26>> Billy: Well, since we're going to be working together on the delia project, I think we should figure it out.
00:49:33>> Kelly: So yes, you decided to do it?
00:49:35>> Billy: Yeah.
00:49:36You convinced me and made me realize what a great opportunity this is to keep my daughter's memory alive.
00:49:41>> Kelly: That's great.
00:49:43It's great news.
00:49:46Well, uh, if you'll excuse me, I've got to take care of this finger.
00:49:49>> Billy: Yeah, I'll be here.
00:49:50I'll be here.
00:49:52>> Kelly: Okay.
00:50:10>> Billy:..
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00:54:00>> Alex: What are you doing here, farrah?
00:54:01>> Courtney: I told you to stop calling me that.
00:54:03>> Alex: And I told you not to blow this.
00:54:05>> Courtney: I didn't, okay?
00:54:07I just broke up with noah.
00:54:09Are you satisfied?
00:54:10I did it for you, zach.
00:54:29>> Kevin: [ Sighs ] that can't be all.
00:54:31Something has to be missing.
00:54:34[ Sighs ] >> Stitch: Mmm.
00:54:52This is, um, gourmet.
00:54:54An authentic chicago-style dog.
00:54:58>> Victoria: Yeah.
00:54:59So, um, what's that green stuff on there?
00:55:01>> Stitch: It's a pickle, and that's sweet relish.
00:55:03>> Victoria: Oh.
00:55:04>> Stitch: I hope.
00:55:04[ Chuckles ] >> Victoria: Looks like it might glow in the dark.
00:55:07>> Stitch: I mean, this is all beef, freshly steamed, on a poppy-seed bun with the proper accoutrements.
00:55:14>> Victoria: Oh.
00:55:15>> Stitch: I mean, even the little dash of celery salt just makes it.
00:55:17>> Victoria: Okay.
00:55:18>> Stitch: This guy with the cart really knows what he's doing.
00:55:20>> Victoria: He sure does.
00:55:21>> Stitch: [ Chuckles ] >> Victoria: Well, on the rare occasion when I indulge in junk food, johnny and I prefer our hot dogs cut up on a plate with ketchup.
00:55:30>> Stitch: Ugh.
00:55:32>> Victoria: What?
00:55:34>> Stitch: Ketchup on a cut-up hot dog?
00:55:36The mind reels.
00:55:37>> Victoria: What?
00:55:38It's no worse than what's in ..thing.
00:55:40>> Stitch: We aficionados have a very firm policy when it comes to that.
00:55:45>> Victoria: What's that?
00:55:46>> Stitch: Don't think about it.
00:55:48>> Victoria: Don't think about it.
00:55:49>> Stitch: Yeah.
00:55:50[ Both chuckle ] how's your pretzel?
00:55:53>> Victoria: I'm not thinking about it.
00:55:54>> Kelly: There we go.
00:55:59>> Billy: It was adam, wasn't it?
00:56:01>> Kelly: What?
00:56:02>> Billy: I didn't go searching for it.
00:56:04I just glanced at your desk, and there it was in black and white.
00:56:06The person who set up the foundation in my daughter's name was adam newman.
00:56:14>> Kelly: [ Sighs ] >> Victor: Well, hello, jack.
00:56:28Have a seat.
00:56:31What are you drinking?
00:56:34On a day like this, I'll even buy.
00:56:36>> Jack: You've obviously found a way to wedge yourself back into adam's life.
00:56:40I'm here to tell you I'm not gonna let you hurt him again.
00:56:53>> Chelsea: Connor's down for his nap.
00:56:55It's you and me now.
00:56:56Mind telling me what just happened?
00:56:58What were you thinking, letting victor intrude like that?
00:57:02>> Adam: You know, I really don't want to talk about it right now.
00:57:05>> Chelsea: He walked into that church like he had every right to be there.
00:57:08And I swear -- I swear, when he picked up connor, I seriously almost screamed.
00:57:12Why didn't you do something?
00:57:14You didn't even make a move to stop him.
00:57:16>> Adam: I remember.
00:57:17I was standing right there.
00:57:19>> Chelsea: I need to understand this, adam.
00:57:22Why didn't you kick victor out the second he got there?
00:57:28>> Adam: Because I couldn't.
00:57:37>> Next on ..
00:57:39>> Nikki: What's going on with the two of you?
00:57:42>> Jack: Your husband's at it again.
00:57:43Now he has his heart set on stealing adam's son.
00:57:46>> Dylan: What is this?
00:57:47>> Avery: Happy new year's eve, dylan.
00:57:49>> Adam: What brings you here?
00:57:50>> Billy: I know what you did.
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