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00:00:21[ Cellphone rings ] >> Avery: Nick?
00:00:25>> Dylan: it's -- it's dylan.
00:00:28>> Avery: Dylan, why are you calling me?
00:00:30>> Dylan: I'm at the cottage, and I just got back from a run along the lake.
00:00:33It's -- it's a gorgeous night, stars are out.
00:00:37I just thought, you know, if you're on your way up, I can grab some walleye filets out of the freezer, we can get a fire going.
00:00:42Are you -- are you hungry?
00:00:47I know you were hoping it was nick calling.
00:00:51>> Avery: I'm not coming to the cottage.
00:00:54I'm sorry.
00:00:57>> Dylan: So am i.
00:01:02[ Cellphone closes ] >> Avery: "Dear nick, I'm sitting here, wondering if things are really over and hurting deep down at the thought " >> Noah: Dad, you're looking at that phone like you're afraid of it -- like snakes are gonna jump out if you touch it.
00:02:01Look, no snakes.
00:02:04Just call her.
00:02:05>> Nick: Sometimes it's best just to leave things be.
00:02:08>> Noah: You're missing avery like crazy.
00:02:10Dad, why don't you just forget about dylan and your wounded pride and hear what she has to say?
00:02:52>> Billy: If you had an employee who called in sick at the last ..
00:02:56>> Carmine: So I'm not allowed to be sick?
00:02:58>> Billy:..Asking for the next few days off to nurse whatever, and then, lo and behold, shows up ahead of schedule in the pink of health, would you believe this person was telling the truth?
00:03:07Because I'm telling you, I sure as hell don't.
00:03:09I think you used it as an excuse to go do god knows what.
00:03:11>> Carmine: Okay, boss, look -- I'm not trying to pull a fast one on you.
00:03:14And besides, I need this job.
00:03:16>> Billy: Well, you should have thought of that before.
00:03:20>> Carmine: I'm not lying.
00:03:23>> Billy: You do realize there are plenty of other, more reliable people who could really use this job in this bad economy, right?
00:03:29>> Carmine: Yeah, yeah.
00:03:30So how about we settle this like gentlemen?
00:03:34Over a hand of cards.
00:03:36One hand.
00:03:41I keep my job.
00:03:45[ Door opens ] >> Summer: Hey, thank you for letting my friend courtney sleep over.
00:03:50>> Jack: This is your home, too, now.
00:03:52You invite whoever you like.
00:03:53>> Phyllis: As long as courtney is your only friend who's coming over.
00:03:56>> Summer: Yes, mom, okay?
00:03:57We're not gonna throw a big party behind your guys' backs, okay?
00:04:00It'll just be me and courtney, a bowl of popcorn, and a movie.
00:04:03Nothing to worry about.
00:04:04>> Jack: Nope. nothing at all.
00:04:06Because kyle here is going to oversee you girls tonight.
00:04:09>> Kyle: I am?
00:04:13>> Cane: Take it easy.
00:04:14Take it easy, all right?
00:04:14You just had surgery.
00:04:15>> Kay: I can walk just fine.
00:04:18>> Cane: I know you can, but the doctor doesn't want you doing any excessive movement.
00:04:21>> Kay: Just because -- I will! I'll sit down!
00:04:26The doctor's only worried about my brain's falling out of that hole in my head.
00:04:29>> Cane: Speaking about that hole, I've been kind of looking for it.
00:04:32I don't even seem to see it.
00:04:34[ Laughs ] >> Kay: Well, I hope not.
00:04:35I paid a fortune on the hair to hide it.
00:04:38>> Cane: Is it sore where they took out the tumor?
00:04:40Are you okay?
00:04:40>> Kay: Doesn't hurt at all.
00:04:42>> Cane: Then the katherine i know is back in full force.
00:04:45>> Kay: Very, very good.
00:04:46>> Cane: All right.
00:04:47Now, do me a favor, all right?
00:04:48>> Kay: Oh?
00:04:49>> Cane: I want you to close your eyes.
00:04:51>> Kay: What?
00:04:51>> Cane: Just close your eyes.
00:04:53Just humor me -- close your eyes.
00:04:55>> Kay: Oh, cane, for god's sake.
00:04:57Okay. they're closed.
00:04:59They're closed!
00:05:00>> Cane: All right.
00:05:02You know, the doctor said that, you know, if you use your eyes too much, you can strain your optical nerve.
00:05:07>> Kay: I do not remember him asking me any such thing.
00:05:11I tell you, though, if I stand up, fall down, break a hip, you're paying for it.
00:05:15>> Cane: Yeah, that's if you can ..
00:05:18>> Kay: [ Chuckles ] >> Cane: All right.
00:05:21On 3 -- 1, 2, 3.
00:05:24Open your eyes.
00:05:25>> Together: Surprise!
00:05:28>> Cane: Nearly gave her a heart attack!
00:05:29>> Murphy: welcome home, and happy anniversary, sweetheart.
00:05:34>> Kay: Did you remember that?
00:05:36>> Murphy: Yeah, well, if i didn't, she'd have my hide.
00:05:38>> Chloe: And rightfully so.
00:05:40>> Esther: There's cake in the dining room, everyone.
00:05:42And I made some healthy snacks for you.
00:05:45>> Kay: I'll bet you did.
00:05:47Well, there's something to be said for hospital food.
00:05:49>> Kevin: Well, at least it's not tofu.
00:05:51[ Door closes ] >> Jill: Katherine, I went to the hospital to pick you up.
00:05:56But apparently, cane beat me to it.
00:06:00>> Cane: Yeah.
00:06:00>> Kay: Oh, god.
00:06:08I know just where they are.
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00:09:38>> Nick: Avery's still in love with dylan.
00:09:40>> Noah: Not according to her.
00:09:41>> Nick: Well, I don't think she's being honest with herself.
00:09:44And dylan's not going anywhere anytime soon.
00:09:47It's just -- it's a messy situation.
00:09:49>> Noah: You know what I think?
00:09:51>> Nick: Well, I'm sure you're gonna tell me, son.
00:09:54>> Noah: I think that you're using dylan as an excuse.
00:09:57The truth is, you're really gun-shy about getting married again.
00:10:01>> Nick: You know, avery accused me of the same thing.
00:10:05And on some level, you might be right.
00:10:07But this just proves to me that the best thing we can do is take a step back, take a deep breath, and see where we go from here?
00:10:15>> Avery: "You asked me to tell you why I love you.
00:10:19I wish I could describe the exact moment when I knew I was completely, hopelessly hooked.
00:10:26But I can't because there have been so many.
00:10:29I fall a little more in love " >> Kyle: Dad, why do they need a chaperone?
00:10:39>> Jack: Because left to their own devices, summer and courtney are always gonna go to the wild side.
00:10:43Look, I'm asking you a favor.
00:10:45She's gonna scream bloody murder if I ask anyone else to do this.
00:10:48>> Kyle: What happened to not encouraging her?
00:10:50>> Jack: You're not encouraging her.
00:10:52I'm not saying shadow them all evening.
00:10:53I'm saying check in every once in a while.
00:10:55Make sure they're not raiding the liquor cabinet or burning the house down.
00:10:59>> Kyle: All right.
00:11:00But you owe me for this one.
00:11:05>> Phyllis: Hey, I wasn't a fan of kyle watching the two of you, but that was jack's idea, so i went along with it.
00:11:12If I hear any story of you running around in your underwear -- >> Summer: Okay, mom, please.
00:11:16Please don't, okay?
00:11:17Just chill.
00:11:18It's gonna be fine.
00:11:19That was a temporary crush.
00:11:21It's nothing.
00:11:21>> Phyllis: That was fast.
00:11:23>> Summer: You're the one that's always telling me I'm so fickle, ..
00:11:26I don't know.
00:11:27Just go have fun.
00:11:28Just trust me, okay?
00:11:30Nothing's gonna go wrong.
00:11:32>> Carmine: We on?
00:11:35>> Billy: I'm not a gambler, buddy.
00:11:37>> Carmine: Oh, yes.
00:11:38See, I would believe that, except you won this restaurant on a poker game.
00:11:44Come on.
00:11:45One game, five-card draw.
00:11:52>> Billy: Oh, man.
00:11:56What's in it for me?
00:11:57>> Carmine:..
00:12:00I'll work two weeks for you for free.
00:12:03>> Billy: So, if you win, you get your job back, and if I win, you get your job back.
00:12:10And correct me if I'm wrong, are we not open for business?
00:12:14>> Carmine: Yes, but I would be working for you two weeks for free.
00:12:21>> Billy: You work for tips.
00:12:23I pay you practically nothing as it is.
00:12:26I still don't see the advantage here for me.
00:12:29>> Carmine: Well, maybe there is none.
00:12:31Maybe you just want to play 'cause it's fun and you want a little excitement in the night here.
00:12:37Or maybe it's just because you like the way the cards feel in your hand.
00:12:45>> Billy: I'll deal.
00:12:46>> Carmine: Okay.
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00:15:52>> Nick: Now, you do know i reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, rht?
00:15:56>> Jack: Oh, boy.
00:15:57Is that how you greet all your paying customers?
00:15:58>> Phyllis: No, I think just his favorites, like us.
00:16:01We're on our way to have dinner and I thought that we should stop and have drinks.
00:16:04You know, sort of like a peace offering.
00:16:06>> Nick: Okay.
00:16:07Noah, hook them up.
00:16:08>> Noah: You got it.
00:16:09What would you like?
00:16:10>> Phyllis: Champagne.
00:16:11>> Jack: Noah, I'll have a club soda.
00:16:16Hey, I haven't had a chance to say it yet.
00:16:17You did a heck of a job with this place.
00:16:19It's impressive.
00:16:20>> Nick: Thank you.
00:16:22You can compliment my club all you like.
00:16:24I'm still not gonna be cool with summer living with you.
00:16:27>> Jack: You're probably gonna take this as a personal slight, but kids summer's age do a lot of things rashly.
00:16:32>> Nick: Hmm.
00:16:34When's the last time you raised a kid through high school, jack?
00:16:37I mean, kyle lived with diane, and -- and when she died, you shipped him off to boarding school.
00:16:41>> Phyllis: Wait a second.
00:16:42Are you really going there?
00:16:43>> Nick: Look, jack, you didn't have the best reputation with women when you were kyle's age.
00:16:47>> Jack: And where did you hear that?
00:16:49From your old man?
00:16:50>> Nick: It's common knowledge.
00:16:51And somehow, I don't think the apple has fallen far from the tree.
00:16:55I will never be okay with my daughter hanging out with your son, at any age.
00:17:05>> Courtney: Nice to see you again.
00:17:07>> Kyle: Nice to see you, too, courtney.
00:17:09Now, I'm gonna be in the study ..
00:17:12Try not to break anything.
00:17:14>> Summer: Oh, yeah, it'll be really, really hard not to break anything when we're just watching a movie.
00:17:18I mean, do you want to join us?
00:17:19It'll be much easier to make sure we don't break any knickknacks when you're out here.
00:17:24>> Kyle: No, thanks.
00:17:25As much as I love a good chick flick, I've got some work to do.
00:17:28ummer: OKAY.
00:17:32Seriously, I've got to make kyle notice me.
00:17:35>> Courtney: Well, showing up at his bed naked doesn't -- >> Summer: Okay, seriously -- oh, my god, that was so humiliating.
00:17:43Oh, my god.
00:17:45[ Doorbell rings ] okay, hold on.
00:17:50It's fen.
00:17:57>> Jill: I am so glad you're home.
00:17:58It makes a special day even more special.
00:18:00Happy anniversary, katherine, murphy.
00:18:03>> Murphy: Thank you, jill.
00:18:04[ Applause ] >> Kay: Thank you, darling.
00:18:06Thank you.
00:18:07>> Esther: Okay.
00:18:09Would you two help me pour so that we can have a toast?
00:18:13>> Chloe: Yep.
00:18:14>> Kay: Oh, thank you for going to all this trouble.
00:18:17>> Murphy: Hey, it's no trouble when it's for somebody we love.
00:18:20>> Chloe: Yeah, since when is cake trouble?
00:18:22>> Kevin: Not in my world.
00:18:23>> Esther: Okay.
00:18:24Your favorite sparkling cider.
00:18:26>> Murphy: I'll take the bad stuff.
00:18:27>> Chloe: Oh, I want the bad stuff, too.
00:18:29The badder the better.
00:18:30>> Murphy: Thank you.
00:18:33>> Chloe: Here.
00:18:34>> Kay: Ready?
00:18:35>> Kevin: One second.
00:18:37>> Chloe: Mmm!
00:18:38>> Jill: Smells wonderful.
00:18:41>> Kay: Thank you all for your love and your support.
00:18:47>> All: Cheers!
00:18:49[ Glasses clinking ] >> Kay: Don't break the glasses.
00:18:51[ Laughter ] >> Chloe: Murphy.
00:18:55>> Jill: And now, repeat after " >> Kay: [ Coughs ] yes.
00:19:10[ Clears throat ] yes, yes, yes, fine.
00:19:12You were right.
00:19:17I was in need of a slight amount of educating.
00:19:20>> Murphy: Close enough.
00:19:22>> Jill: Close enough.
00:19:24>> Kay: You know, going through ..whole ordeal was...
00:19:30Wonderful reminder of family and extended family.
00:19:36I mean that, really.
00:19:41I do not know how I could have gone through this whole thing without cane.
00:19:48>> Cane: It's my pleasure.
00:19:49>> Jill: Oh, I don't know.
00:19:51I think maybe you could have leaned on any one of us.
00:19:55>> Chloe: So, how are you feeling after your surgery?
00:19:57>> Kay: Well, you know, a little wobbly.
00:20:00My -- my mind is clear.
00:20:04My memory is flooding back.
00:20:07Thank you, god.
00:20:1610 Years younger.
00:20:17[ Laughter ] >> Esther: Gee, maybe I should have brain surgery, too.
00:20:21>> Jill: I don't think they're doing transplants yet, esther.
00:20:25>> Esther: Well, if they ever do, you could use a new personality.
00:20:29>> Cane: All right, okay, ladies, thank you.
00:20:31>> Jill: That is so amusing.
00:20:33>> Cane: Katherine, we are thrilled you're back.
00:20:35Just take it easy, all right?
00:20:36Take it slow so you can recover properly.
00:20:38>> Kay: Oh, believe me, I am well aware of that.
00:20:44That is why I am so grateful to you, cane, for agreeing to step in at chancellor.
00:20:53>> Cane: Thank you.
00:20:59>> Carmine: Give me three.
00:21:03>> Billy: Dealer takes two.
00:21:11>> Carmine: Hmm.
00:21:13..what do you got?
00:21:17>> Billy: You show first, bud.
00:21:20>> Carmine: You know, I'm trying to channel my uncle rocco, the degenerate gambler of the family.
00:21:27You know, every sunday night after dinner, we'd break out the chips and the cards and we'd play till bedtime -- whole family, even -- even grandma.
00:21:35>> Billy: Regular norman rockwell painting, bud.
00:21:37>> Carmine: Except uncle rocco used to clean our clocks over a bottle of chianti.
00:21:41A real pro.
00:21:44Play like one, too.
00:21:45I ever tell you you play like a pro?
00:21:47>> Billy: Nope.
00:21:48>> Carmine: Seriously?
00:21:50Well, you're pretty good.
00:21:52>> Billy: What are you holding, carmine?
00:21:56>> Carmine:..
00:21:58Learn to play?
00:21:58>> Billy: Here and there.
00:22:00Why don't you show your cards?
00:22:01>> Carmine: Ever get the best of you?
00:22:04>> Billy: Does it look like anything ever got the best of me?
00:22:07>> Carmine: My uncle rocco, i got best of him.
00:22:09He lost a lot of money and his marriage.
00:22:11You know, it's a tough thing.
00:22:15>> Billy: Yeah, well, the gambling bug can mess you up pretty bad if you're not careful.
00:22:20>> Carmine: Yeah, I guess some guys are weaker than other.
00:22:26Okay. here it is.
00:22:31OH, 10s AND JACKS.
00:22:35That's a pretty good hand.
00:22:36>> Billy: Three kings.
00:22:37>> Carmine: Oh.
00:22:40Well, I guess I'm working two weeks for you for free.
00:22:44>> Billy: Guess you are.
00:22:46>> Carmine: Right.
00:22:47>> Billy:..
00:22:49We can play one more hand, double or nothing, if you want.
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00:26:35>> "The young and the restless" ,,,,,,,,,, >> Avery: "We shared our dreams, our plans, the most intimate parts of who we are.
00:28:15I said things to you I've never " >> Dylan: It's cute, huh?
00:28:47I went with the lion.
00:28:49I don't know.
00:28:50I just -- I felt it.
00:28:51You know, I wanted him or her to ..
00:29:01What's -- what happened?
00:29:02What's wrong?
00:29:05What is it?
00:29:08>> Avery: I lost the baby.
00:29:25>> Jack: Nick can insult me all he wants, but when he accuses my son of being a womanizer, that's going too far.
00:29:30>> Phyllis: Well, you know, nick is acting a bit out of control lately.
00:29:34I think that's why summer's acting out, because nick is being a bit of a tyrant.
00:29:38>> Jack: If I had a teenage daughter myself, I'd probably be strict, too.
00:29:41I remember with traci and ashley.
00:29:43Both abby and colleen were model children, but, boy, once they ..
00:29:48>> Phyllis: Okay, okay, okay.
00:29:49We don't have to talk about parenting anymore.
00:29:52We don't have to do that.
00:29:53Let's just talk about something else.
00:29:54>> Jack: Okay, that's fine.
00:29:55>> Phyllis: Okay, good.
00:29:56>> Jack: How about I start?
00:29:58I saw you talking to noah earlier.
00:30:00Help me understand why you're so concerned with how nick and avery are doing?
00:30:09>> did you know that I was here?
00:30:13>> Fenmore: Courtney posted it ON FacePlace.
00:30:16It's a pretty big change, don't you think?
00:30:19Why am I always the last to know what's going on in your life?
00:30:22>> Summer: Um, look, fen, i think that you should go, okay?
00:30:25I told my mom I wouldn't have anybody else over.
00:30:27>> Fenmore: Really?
00:30:28'Cause I'm gonna getyouin trouble?
00:30:30Because you're such a good girl and all.
00:30:32So, where's your -- where's your new boy toy?
00:30:34Is he -- is he hiding?
00:30:37Or did you make that up to get ..
00:30:39>> Kyle: What's going on here?
00:30:41>> Fenmore: Him.
00:30:43Kyle abbott.
00:30:45Well, I guess if you're gonna dig your claws into someone, he may as well have money.
00:30:49>> Kyle: Watch your mouth in my house.
00:30:51>> Fenmore: So, kyle, is it true?
00:30:54Did you dump my aunt eden for summer?
00:30:56You two a thing now?
00:30:59>> Kyle: You should go, fen.
00:31:00>> Fenmore: Are you gonna make me?
00:31:02>> Kyle: Come on, man.
00:31:04That's up to you.
00:31:08>> Billy: Wilds.
00:31:09>> Carmine: Ah!
00:31:13I finally make a hand, and I run into your boat.
00:31:16I better stop playing before i have to work for you free the entire year.
00:31:21>> Billy: That would be tragic.
00:31:23You know what?
00:31:23Let's clean this stuff up, okay?
00:31:27>> Carmine:..
00:31:30Always s you're gonna win.
00:31:33I, uh -- I saw it the other night when we were playing.
00:31:36Were you some big-time card shark back in the day or what?
00:31:43>> Billy: You know what?
00:31:44Do me a favor -- put this stuff away.
00:31:45We've got a business to run here.
00:31:47>> Carmine: Yeah.
00:31:48>> Billy: Thank you.
00:31:49All right, man.
00:31:49Glad that worked out.
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00:35:34>> Courtney: I'm gonna go get us some sodas.
00:35:36>> Summer: Okay.
00:35:41So, do you think I need to be worried about fen?
00:35:44You know, him turning into a threat or a stalker, something?
00:35:48>> Kyle: Obviously, he's infatuated with you, but I don't think he'd ever do anything to hurt you.
00:35:55>> Summer:..
00:35:58Been in love?
00:36:00>> Kyle: [ Chuckles ] no, I don't think so.
00:36:04This isn't getting weird again, is it?
00:36:07Thought we moved past that.
00:36:10>> Summer:..
00:36:12Okay, I know that we have a connection, and you can't pretend that you haven't felt it before, and, look -- I noticed that you didn't deny it when fen thought that we were dating.
00:36:22>> Kyle: Summer, I told him that to get him to leave.
00:36:25>> Summer: Really?
00:36:25Are you sure there wasn't a part of you that really wanted it to be true?
00:36:32>> Kevin: Hey, you gonna order something, or do I have to kick you out for loitering?
00:36:37What happened?
00:36:39>> Fenmore: I made a fool of myself in front of summer.
00:36:42>> Kevin: How?
00:36:44>> Fenmore: I don't want to talk about it, okay?
00:36:48Plus, you -- you cannot tell my mom and dad.
00:36:52>> Kevin: Hey, I don't know anything.
00:36:53What would I say?
00:36:55>> Fenmore: Thanks.
00:36:56..stay with you and chloe while I figure stuff out?
00:37:01>> Kevin: Fen, that's not a solution.
00:37:03Besides, we just moved back into our place.
00:37:06We need some time to unpack.
00:37:08>> Fenmore: Please.
00:37:09I can't go home.
00:37:12I-i-i can't even call it my home.
00:37:14>> Kevin: What are you talking about?
00:37:16>> Fenmore: I just -- I -- i-i-i don't know what to do anymore, all right?
00:37:22It's like everything just keeps exploding in my face.
00:37:27And there's no one around that i could just talk to about it.
00:37:31If this is how it's gonna be ..
00:37:34I'm scared.
00:37:38I get so angry.
00:37:43>> Kay: Oh, it's so good to be home, murph.
00:37:47Finally, I can remember where i put my glasses.
00:37:49>> Murphy: Oh, yeah, well, while you're at it, see if you can remember where I put my keys.
00:37:54>> Kay: Don't give me too much to do.
00:38:01Thank you for that wonderful, wonderful anniversary surprise.
00:38:06>> Murphy: You know, I could marry you all over again.
00:38:10But, please, without the drama.
00:38:12>> Kay: Oh, come on.
00:38:14What's life without a little abject terror, you know, in your life?
00:38:19Come on.
00:38:19>> Murphy: Yeah, well, when they wheeled you off to surgery, abject terror is exactly what i felt.
00:38:34>> Kay: You didn't.
00:38:36You didn't.
00:38:38And I'm here.
00:38:41And I plan to be for quite a ..
00:38:48Get used to it.
00:38:50[ Chuckles ] >> Cane: [ Sighs ] I know that katherine appointing me as c.e.o. bugs you.
00:39:07>> Jill: Cane, I love you, okay?
00:39:11But put yourself in my place.
00:39:13I am more than capable of running chancellor, and yet katherine doesn't believe I can.
00:39:19It really hurts me.
00:39:21>> Cane: It's her company.
00:39:22It's her decision.
00:39:23So I think we need to respect it, you know?
00:39:25>> Jill: It's real easy for you to say that because you're my boss now.
00:39:28>> Cane: You don't have to be threatened by me, all right?
00:39:31Together, you and i, we can do incredible things, so work with me.
00:39:34Don't work against me.
00:39:35It's gonna be better for everybody concerned.
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00:42:32Good to see you.
00:42:33Where do we go when we die?
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00:43:11>> Jill: Murphy, I would love to speak to katherine, please.
00:43:15>> Murphy:..
00:43:17>> Kay:..
00:43:19I'll be up in a minute.
00:43:22>> Murphy: Do not harangue her.
00:43:23>> Jill: I will not harangue her.
00:43:24>> Murphy: No, of course not.
00:43:25You're the queen of harangue.
00:43:27>> Jill: I promise.
00:43:29>> Kay: Good night.
00:43:33I'm fine.
00:43:35>> Jill: Okay.
00:43:37>> Kay:..
00:43:39You did an admirable job of holding your tongue all night, or biting it.
00:43:44>> Jill: Listen.
00:43:46I thought that you and I had an agreement.
00:43:49WE WOULD BE CO-C.E.O.s, AND WE Would run things jointly.
00:43:54>> Kay: And you felt you were passed over.
00:43:56>> Jill: Well, of course I do.
00:43:57I feel like you changed all the rules, and you didn't even talk to me about it.
00:44:02>> Kay: Because, jill, during my ..
00:44:09Apparently felt free to make some unilateral decisions on certain things that I wasn't comfortable with.
00:44:21>> Jill: So you're saying that you think I took advantage of that situation.
00:44:25>> Kay: Oh.
00:44:27Because you are you, jill.
00:44:31You couldn't help yourself.
00:44:33You are fiercely independent.
00:44:40Brand of confidence -- no, that carries a double-edge sword.
00:44:44>> Jill: If I am confident, it's 'cause I'm so experienced, and he isn't.
00:44:50Katherine, I have spent years in upper management.
00:44:53He hasn't!
00:44:55>> Kay: Listen to me, listen to me.
00:44:57Please listen to me.
00:45:01What I want, or what I need, is for someone to think like I do sitting in that chair.
00:45:13And I'm far too conservative.
00:45:17>> Jill: Hmm.
00:45:18You're like a glacier.
00:45:22>> Kay: Yes, like the dinosaur I am.
00:45:27You deal with it.
00:45:29>> Jill: Well, from what you're saying, I don't have any choice, do i?
00:45:36>> Kay: Are you going to work ..
00:45:41You gonna fight me on this all the way?
00:45:47>> Jill: Go up to bed and get some rest, okay?
00:45:54>> Kay: I believe I will.
00:45:56[ Grunts ] [ chuckles ] >> Jill:..
00:46:20Do you want me to help you up the stairs?
00:46:29>> Kay: I believe I can manage.
00:46:32Thank you, though.
00:46:39Good night.
00:46:51>> Jill: Good night.
00:47:09>> Avery: [ Sniffles ] >> Dylan: I am so sorry.
00:47:13>> Avery: I know. me too.
00:47:14>> Dylan: We can -- we can get through this.
00:47:16We can do it, together.
00:47:18Just go ahead with the plans that we made, leave joe, and we can try -- >> Avery: I can't.
00:47:22I-i can't.
00:47:22I won't leave my husband -- not anymore.
00:47:27>> Dylan: Ave, he hurt you, he ignored you, neglected you for years.
00:47:30>> Avery: And I betrayed him.
00:47:31He didn't deserve that.
00:47:33>> Dylan: The two of you haven't been happy in a long time, ..
00:47:38You were happy with me.
00:47:39We can still be happy.
00:47:43>> Avery:..
00:47:47Things have changed since you got back from your last tour.
00:47:53What we had, it's broken, and i don't think we can fix it.
00:48:00>> Dylan:..
00:48:03You don't want to fix it.
00:48:08>> Avery: The baby's gone.
00:48:12And I just -- I can't -- I can't do this anymore.
00:48:16No, I -- >> Dylan: Ave.
00:48:18>> Avery: I got to go.
00:48:19I'm really sorry.
00:48:20I'm really sorry.
00:48:21I got to go.
00:48:22>> Dylan: Ave.
00:48:48>> Avery: "One of these days, you'll pick up the phone and call, or if you want, you can write me back.
00:48:53We can revive the ancient art of the love letter.
00:48:57Because that's what this is, nick -- a love letter, hoping to show you where my heart is and where it wants to be -- with you.
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