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00:00:01I don't think-- I think you're right.
00:00:02I don't think the pine nuts add anything to it.
00:00:05They probably detract. they don't detract.
00:00:07There's no crunch or flavor from the pine nut.
00:00:09 I dig the almonds, 'cause I like the way that they're thin and
00:00:13All right, food network,here are the sticky sticky buns.
00:00:16See you back here tomorrow.
00:00:20All right, joanne, I got your buns right here.
00:00:23(laughter) Joanne chang is starting her sticky bun lesson at flour bakery in boston.
00:00:34I graduated from harvard in '91 with degree in applied math economics.
00:00:37So I'm here to show you want youcan do with your harvard degree.
00:00:41(cheering) She has no idea that I'm just moments away.
00:00:46All right, so we're in cambridge on the other side of boston, massachusetts.
00:00:51(beeping) (automated female voice) After 2/10 of a mile, make a slight left turn.
00:00:57We're here with our friend the gps lady.
00:01:00So at flour, we kind of use a mixture of american, the french.
00:01:03We do a lot of different recipes from the different places that I've worked.
00:01:06Joanne chang makes the best sticky buns MAYBE IN THE WORLD.(Miriam) IN THE WORLD.
00:01:11They're so sticky, she named them twice-- sticky sticky buns.
00:01:15So we definitely have, um, a lot of french influence, but we also try to stick to what we consider american, which is just stuff that just tastes great.
00:01:27We've got a great chocolate chip cookie.
00:01:29 neither of those are things that I learned, um, at the french rotisserie, but then we have these amazing sticky buns that we've kind of tweaked, again, to make them a little bit more, um, a little bit more american.
00:01:42(laughter) In fact, you are the beststicky bun maker in the country.
00:01:46(cheering) I'm actually hereto challenge you to a sticky bun throwdown.
00:01:56(cheering) Bring it.
00:02:01She said, "bring it,"so I think that means-- I think that means we're on. you guys ready?
00:02:07(cheering) So is this not "the science of sweets"?
00:02:12Oh, you're kidding me.
00:02:14I'm floored. I'm totally ood.
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00:06:01Despite my sudden appearance at flour bakery in boston, sticky bun superstar joanne chang seems the picture of confidence.
00:06:10I'm not nervous at all.
00:06:11I got my peeps. I know you do. I'm very worried.
00:06:15Does anybody here think I have a chance?
00:06:18(crowd) NO!
00:06:20I can see I've got my work cut out for me if I want to win over this crowd.
00:06:24YOU WANT ME TO USE THE PINK ONE INSTEAD?(cheering) Hey, whatever it takes, right?
00:06:32I'm makin' the goo still.
00:06:33I'm addin' the creamand secret ingredient of honey, although it's not so secret anymore, and a little bit of water to thin the whole thing out.
00:06:41Okay, so I've got my goo. voilàà.
00:06:44(crowd chatter) What kind of dough is it?
00:06:47It's got one egg yolk in it, yeast, obviously, um, flour and a little milk.
00:06:52So what bobby's doing is he's got a-- what we would calla really lean bread dough, a bread doughthat doesn't-- (laughter), really.
00:07:03It's lean because itdoesn't have any fat in it.
00:07:06It's got one egg yolk, but there's no extra butter or extra eggs, but what he's doing is he's putting butter on top of his doughrather than in the dough.
00:07:14 all right.
00:07:18(crowd) OH!
00:07:20Believe me, I didn't go to yale.
00:07:22Both joanne and I made our dough earlier, and now it's ready to roll.
00:07:27We use pecans as our nut, and we put 'em insideas we're rolling up.
00:07:31And outside.and outside, right.
00:07:33That way every biteyou get some pecans.
00:07:34 I like cinn-- I like cinn-- I'm a big cinnamon fan.
00:07:38I didn't measure my buns before I cut them.
00:07:41I just hope they're even.
00:07:43(Bobby) THEY'RE IN THE BALLPARK.
00:07:44So we have some orange in here, and we're gonna use almonds instead of pecans.
00:07:49See, I would like some nuts in mine, too.
00:07:50 see, I like the way yours has the pecans all the way through that.
00:07:55You couldunravel them and-- NO, THAT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN. (laughter) There's only one thing left to do.
00:08:03Let's bake 'em in the oven.
00:08:06(cheering) (man) JOANNE HAS THE BEST.
00:08:12So my sticky buns just went into a 325-degree convection oven.
00:08:17And mine are going intoa 350-degree deck oven, pizza-style.
00:08:21I have just enough timeto work the crowd, ..
00:08:26(cheering) It's bun time.
00:08:31(cheering) I'll take the first one.
00:08:36(Joanne) OOH, THEY'RE WARM.
00:08:37Wow. the caramel's really thick, huh?
00:08:40Yeah. I love that.
00:08:44Oh, you have honey, also.yep.
00:08:46The dough is incredibly tender and flavorful, also.
00:08:49I'm really impressed with the topping because it has-- the caramel has a serious texture to it.
00:08:55Well, that's the show. thanks for coming.
00:08:56(laughter) I love the richness of her dough.
00:09:02It's really good.
00:09:04the cream in the glaze gives it a little bit more of a silky feeling, maybe, than our has.
00:09:08As our sets, it gets a little sticky.
00:09:10The ratio of the rich dough to the stickiness is perfect.
00:09:14It's a fantastic product. it's great.
00:09:19(Joanne)OH, THEY LOOK BEAUTIFUL.
00:09:23They're delicious.
00:09:25These are really good. are they?
00:09:27Mm-hmm. she's being nice.
00:09:29No. they're delicious.they're very cinnamony.
00:09:33What do you think of the almond thing?
00:09:35I think it just depends on ifyou like cinnamon or almonds.
00:09:37I hope our crowd likes almonds and cinnamon.
00:09:47you know, the orange comes out of bobby's a lot, and I'm an almond guy more than a pecan guy, so I think I gotta go with bobby's.
00:09:54Joanne's just kills it on lightness of the dough and flavor, it's not a contest.
00:09:59I really liked his becauseit had the orangey aftertaste.
00:10:02You really taste the nuts and the, uh, and the honey.
00:10:05Joanne's sticky bun is the exact opposite of a diner sticky bun, cinnamon bun that's so dense that you can'teven put your teeth through it.
00:10:12But at the same time, it's not too sweet like an airport cinnamon bun.
00:10:15This is the perfect blend of fluffy and sweet, and it has a big bite to it, so it's awesome.
00:10:22The students have picked their favorites.
00:10:24Now it's up to our secret judges to pick theirs.
00:10:29I'm dan andelman.
00:10:30I work for a company called the phantom gourmet.
00:10:32We are the number one sourcefor restaurant reviews in all of new england.
00:10:37Hi, I'm martin breslin.
00:10:38I'm the directorfor culinary operations at harvard university.
00:10:42(cheering) Okay, ladies and gentlemen, let's judge this.
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00:11:47I like to plan ahead.
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00:13:43Today I took on sticky bun aficionado joanne chang at flour bakery in boston.
00:13:49Our crowd of harvard students has already put our buns to the test.
00:13:53Now it's up to our judges-- martin breslin, executive chef of harvard university, and dan andelman, " our sticky buns will be judged on three criteria-- texture, gooeyness of the glaze and overall taste.
00:14:10First, they taste bun a, my orange-glaze sticky bun topped with slivered almonds.
00:14:16I would call it, as they say in boston, wicked sticky.
00:14:19(laughter) I'M GETTING A HINTOF ORANGE OR Orange zest.
00:14:22Absolutely, and the nuts-- unorthodox with almonds.
00:14:24The nuts--almonds iscertainly not traditional for a sticky bun. not your standard pecan.
00:14:28 I love a good almond.
00:14:31ALMONDS ARE GOOD. (laughter) Next, they try bun b, joanne's classicsticky sticky bun with pecans.
00:14:37Oh, see this has the kind of-- that's what you want when you split it open.
00:14:42It's sweet. it's soft, and it's pecans.
00:14:46This isn't just gooey. this is ooey gooey.
00:14:48There is a lot of glaze on it, maybe a little less glaze.
00:14:52Some of the pecans are just chopped too fine.
00:14:54For me, I want a nice crunch.right.
00:14:56Keep the pecans a little fuller, maybe a full half.
00:14:59You know, just pecans-- maybe, you know, spruce it up a little bit.
00:15:02A macadamia, an almond, you know, anything.
00:15:06There's no doubt that these are gonna take that.the texture, yeah.
00:15:09It's got that denseness, right?right.
00:15:11Glaze gooeyness--they're both very gooey, but I think b certainly is a lot more in the gooey department.
00:15:17Gooier or more gooey, but overall taste?
00:15:19Taste--they're both great. absolutely delicious.
00:15:20 I think there's a clear winner, though, you have to say, right?i think there is.
00:15:25We have a unanimous decision here.
00:15:27The winner of this throwdown is b.
00:15:31(cheering) I had a great time. I was totally surprised.
00:15:40Um, I'm really excited to have done this with bobby.
00:15:43I'm really psyched I won.
00:15:44I was really nervous, because his was really good.
00:15:47I thought his was really, really good, but I thought ours was better.
00:15:50Well, we lost, but, um, you know, I feel very proud to lose to joanne, because, I mean, her sticky buns were fantastic.
00:15:56Everybody from harvard and everybody that showed up from boston were really enthusiastic and terrific and really good sticky bun eaters.
00:16:03So maybe we'll have to get a rematch someday.
00:16:05 justice was served today.
00:16:07The sticky buns that joanne made were just superior in terms of their texture.
00:16:11The judges were right on.
00:16:12Hands down, no question about it, joanne just had an absolutely amazing sticky bun.
00:16:16But she did prove you don't just have to do mathematics to be successful when you come out of harvard.
00:16:21So to all you awesome cooks out there, ..
00:16:26Are you ready for a throwdown?
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00:16:50Yeah, I know you've heard about brick chicken.
00:16:52Well, today, I'm doin' it italian style, and it's called mattone, and it's not just another brick in the wall bird.
00:16:58This one is the real deal.
00:17:00I got a whole chicken that I'm gonna dry-rub and then grill under a heavy pan of bricks.
00:17:04To go with our bird, what you need is my amazing salsa verde--garlic, anchovy paste, capers, roasted peppers all together.
00:17:11It's the dark sideof my bird, my friends.
00:17:13And for a great side, well, how about a little puréed cauliflower gently simmered in some milk with some butter and made nice and creamy and garnished with some roasted cauliflower florets?
00:17:22On point, and finally, do I love martinis, especially dirty martinis, and this one's rocked with a little pickle juice and okra spears--shaken, not stirred, of course.
00:17:31Another brick in the wall chicken, a dirty martini, ..
00:17:36 so let's get it finished up.
00:17:39Now I've got three bricks done.
00:17:40And these bricks, I'm wrappin' 'em because, well, I don't think your bricks are, you know, as clean as they should be to be cooking with, so put 'em in a little foil.
00:17:48Then you're sure that you don't get anything, you know, touching the food. give these a little wrap.
00:17:52You can use them over again if they don't get too oily.
00:17:55I'm gonna pop 'em in this pan like this.
00:17:57Stack 'em high.
00:17:59You don't have bricks?
00:18:00Uh, how 'bout usin' a big can of beans?
00:18:01If you don't have that, how about your cousin joe stack him on top of it.
00:18:06But you got this pan ready to go.
00:18:08Throw a little preheat on this pan-- there we go-- and do some shoppin'.
00:18:13Now look at this.
00:18:16Nice big bird.
00:18:17Maybe a 3 1/2-, 4-pound bird.
00:18:19Uh, this is without giblets, but, you know, if you want to get those and make a stock next time-- so nice whole bird goin'.
00:18:26Grab some seasonings, paprika, white pepper, granulated, that and basil.
00:18:33See the juggling act?
00:18:34Okay. these guys go down.
00:18:37I've got a nice cutting board to keep the sanitation with the chicken.
00:18:40But before I do that, I'm gonna make this dry rub.
00:18:42Now I love to use rubs. I do a lot of barbecue.
00:18:44And makin' a dry rub, well,i can make an extra amount here, put 'em in kind of a sealed container, keep it a little bit dark, keep it cool, and you'll be able to use this again.
00:18:53I'm gonna start off with a little basil.