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00:02:55..] ..and my muscle aches,my backaches really started to decrease significantly in one week.
00:03:01>> The first night that i actually used the nutribullet, I actually slept really well.
00:03:06That was exciting.
00:03:07That was phenomenal.
00:03:08>> The bad cholesterol, which was 290, went down to 190.
00:03:13>> So to have my blood pressure down, my cholesterol down.
00:03:18>> Before you turn to drugs, please give this a shot.
00:03:21It really, really works.
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00:03:31Learn from nutrition expert and bestselling author david wolfe, who speaks to sold-out audiences around the world, why he calls this the most significant discovery of his lifetime.
00:03:41Introducing the nutribullet, the superfood nutrition extractor.
00:03:45The nutribullet is not a blender, it's not a juicer.
00:03:48It's a breakthrough in nutritional science that can change your life.
00:03:52The nutribullet's high-powered motor with bullet-exclusive cyclonic action breaks down and pulverizes food on a cellular level, opening up their hidden nutritional value that can reverse the effects of aging and supercharge your metabolism to fight off aches and pains, colds and flus, and even improve vital heath markers like cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
00:04:12So, take an exclusive seat at our nutribullet seminar workshop with longevity expert david wolfe as he shows us how to fight arthritic pain, balance hormones, supercharge your immune system, lose weight and turn back the hands of time five, 10, even 20 years with this incredible machine, the nutribullet, the superfood nutrition extractor.
00:04:36>> Greetings, everybody.
00:04:36I'm david wolfe.
00:04:37Welcome to my workshop.
00:04:39Today we're gonna talk about nutrition.
00:04:43I'll tell you why.
00:04:45Because over the last 30 years, we've become the most overfed yet undernourished nation in the entire world.
00:04:53This has created an epidemic of high blood pressure, obesity, depression, stress and a whole lot more.
00:05:01That's why I'm so excited to bring you a machine that's going to change your life the way it changed my life.
00:05:10This is the nutribullet, the world's first nutrition extractor.
00:05:16A nutrition extractor is not a blender, it's not a juicer.
00:05:21It's completely different from anything else out there.
00:05:25This machine is designed to break down the cell walls of your food, releasing, unleashing the nutrients inside, transforming ordinary fresh foods into superfoods.
00:05:40Now I'm gonna show you the difference between smoothies from a traditional blender and what we can create with my nutribullet.
00:05:48Let me show you what I'm talking about.
00:05:50Ok, we're gonna put kale in for chlorophyll and fiber.
00:05:54We're gonna take some pineapple for the vitamin c and a little bit of flavor.
00:05:59We're gonna put in some cucumbers, great for hydration, great for the kidneys, put in some cashews for the creaminess and the protein.
00:06:07And of course we're gonna add some flax seeds in to get the omega-3 fatty acids.
00:06:12And then we're gonna add spring water.
00:06:19Let's get the lid on there.
00:06:22Put on the extractor blades onto our nutribullet.
00:06:26Are you ready?
00:06:27>> Audience: Ready!
00:06:30>> Look, this blender is just mixing stuff around-- it's not breaking anything down.
00:06:35But the nutribullet with its 600 watts of compact power and bullet-exclusive cyclonic action combined with the specially designed extractor blades turning at an amazing 10,000 R.P.M.s PULVERIZING THE CELL Walls, unlocking all that hidden nutrition so you body can actually absorb it and use it.
00:07:00Now, I've got a strainer here, we're gonna pour our blended smoothie through and see what is left over.
00:07:16What's gonna make it throu we've got unbroken flax seeds, ..
00:07:24Here, let me show you this.
00:07:27This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a smoothie.
00:07:31[Audience exclaims] now let's see what happened with the nutribullet.
00:07:38I take off the extractor blades, looks like we've got quite a beverage in here.
00:07:44Let's bring it out and pour it through the strainer.
00:07:49It's completely liquefied.
00:07:51All that nutrition has been turned inside out.
00:07:54Everything's been completely broken down.
00:07:58And when we pour it, we can see just how glowin it is, beautiful.
00:08:03The real test is always the flavor.
00:08:06Let's give it a try.
00:08:10That, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call a nutriblast.
00:08:15We've taken all of those cells, pulverized them, flipped them inside out, got all of that juice, all the nutrients-- the vitamins, the minerals, the enzymes, the essential fatty acids, the protein-- and now we can actually those nutrients.
00:08:33We've turned this into a superfood.
00:08:37Listen, juicers makes juice and blenders make smoothies, but the nutribullet makes nutrient-packed nutriblasts.
00:08:46All I'm asking you to do is have one nutriblast a day and give your body the tools it craves to increase performance and even reverse the symptoms of aging.
00:08:59>> About five years ago the doctor told me after taking my cholesterol numbers that I was gonna have to be on cholesterol medication and most likely for the rest of my life.
00:09:09We tried to address it with diwe tried to address it with exercise and neither of them seemed to work.
00:09:15There is a history of heart disease in my family.
00:09:17There's a history of high cholesterol in my family, so I felt this was the natural progression of things and it was out of my control, that there was nothing that i could do, until I went onto this nutribullet system, and that when I make my nutriblasts incorporating the nutribullet, it emulsifies fruits and vegetables so well that I feel them go right into my system, I feel those ingredients immediately, and I started to see results actually within six weeks ago when I started this program, I weighed 182 pounds, and after six weeks on the nutribullet program, I believe I weighed in at 160.
00:09:54So, this weight loss over six weeks is just a byproduct.
00:09:57The reason that I involved myself in the nutribullet program was for cholesterol purposes, to reduce my cholesterol, to regain control of my life and to get rid of the acid reflux.
00:10:08Was 263 and now I'm at 208 and wiin a normal range.
00:10:12And my triglycerides are almost cut in half.
00:10:15Look at my results over six weeks.
00:10:17If I've done nothing else in my life except incorporate nutriblasts for breakfast and i can enjoy these results, I have to think that everybody can.
00:10:26>> When we think of hormone imbalance, we think that's only something that happens to older .. and that's nonsense.
00:10:34This can affect any of us at any age-- in our teens, IN OUR 20s, IN OUR 70s-- And hormone imbalance leads to mood swings, infertility, acne, fatigue, low sex drive, and those things can affect any of us.
00:10:51The emphasis here is on hormones.
00:10:53And both men and women are affected by this.
00:10:57We're not built the same, so the approach has to be a little bit different, so what we've done here is we've created a nutriblast for the guys and a nutriblast for the gals.
00:11:10>> There are so many amazing hormone-building foods.
00:11:15Foods like beets, grapes, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, broccoli to support the prostate, olive oil, which helps good hormones from becoming bad hormones.
00:11:33We need good hormones to keep us young.
00:11:36We've got to put in spring water.
00:11:42Let's put on the extractor blades.
00:11:45We're set.
00:11:47Over here we have a female nutriblast, and this contains some key different ingredients we've put in arugula, sometimes called rocket, we've added raspberries for their volatile oils, which help to support female reproductive health, we've added avocado and goji berries, one of the best antioxidants on the planet.
00:12:11Are we ready to blast off?
00:12:14>> Audience: We're ready.
00:12:16>> Look at the power!
00:12:18Look at the bullet-exclusive cyclonic action.
00:12:21The nutribullet is pulverizing these ingredients.
00:12:29Let's see what we got.
00:12:31>> Woman: Mmm, love the color.
00:12:33>> Remove the extractor blades.
00:12:36Here it is, coming down the counter.
00:12:39For the ladies, let's give that a try. >> yeah.
00:12:42>> If you have a nutriblast every day, you're gonna look better, you're gonnafeel better, youcanlive longer and youwilllove longer.
00:12:52>> My hot flashes started when I was 35 years old, and through the years they have just progressively gotten worse, where there's times in the middle of the night you just feel like you're being microwaved.
00:13:05But after doing some nutriblasts for the first week, I slept better, I felt more rested, I didn't have a hot flash.
00:13:15>> I've had migraines most of my life where there's times where just keeping my eyes open is, is very painful.
00:13:27Basically being put in a dark room laying in a bed with your eyes close would be the only relief I would get from a migraine.
00:13:36Once a week I would suffer from a migraine.
00:13:38Since incorporating the nutriblasts, I haven't had one headache, not one migraine.
00:13:43I've never felt this good in my life, never-- never.
00:13:46>> I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
00:13:49It's extremely painful.
00:13:51You're in pain a lot of the time.
00:13:53When I started using the nutribullet, I was pleasantly surprised because the first night that I actually used the nutribullet, I actually slept really well.
00:14:02That was exciting.
00:14:03That was phenomenal.
00:14:05It's almost unbelievable, quite frankly, that just by using the nutribullet and just properly nourishing your body that I got immediate results and t I was looking for.
00:14:17[Emotionally] if the people were here that made the nutribullet, what I would say to them is thank you for giving me my life back, thanks you for allowing me ..
00:14:27Thanks for taking away the pain.
00:14:28Where have you been [laughs] >> we all know how important the immune system is.
00:14:34It is the key.
00:14:35Your immune system determines what belongs and what doesn't.
00:14:39When it finds something bad, it releases white blood cells, and white blood cells detoxify our body.
00:14:47They also help us fight illness, pain, even disease.
00:14:52Our ability to create and release white blood cells is affected by a lot of things.
00:14:58It's affected by a lack of sleep, stress, it's especially affected by a lack of nutrition.
00:15:05If we can increase our absorption from our food and nourish our immune system directly, then our bodies can the nutribullet is designed to help us do just that.
00:15:20>> For the past two years, I haven't been very healthy.
00:15:23Unfortunately I was diagnosed with cancer.
00:15:27So, for the past two years, I haven't been very healthy and I've been feeling overall pretty crummy.
00:15:32Lost every ounce of my hair-- I lost every hair on my head and then I just covered my head up with wigs, but, you know, at the end of the day when you're taking your wig off and yof the chemotherapy, it's really hard, you know, on your psyche.
00:15:47I was amazed at how quickly I saw results from the nutribullet.
00:15:53I was so excited, because to feel it after the second nutriblast was a miracle to me.
00:16:00I was so excited.
00:16:01One of the best things about the nutribullet is that it's not a blender.
00:16:06It's something that pulverizes everything that you put in it and you're extracting the nutrients out of these whole foods, so you're getting the maximum benefit by everything that you're putting in there.
00:16:17And probably about three weeks into the program, my hair just went through this growth spurt, and people were asking me, you know, what happened.
00:16:25Because I didn't have a whole lot of hair before I started.
00:16:28I was just telling somebody, I started this year off fighting .. I'm ending the year feeling better than I've felt in years.
00:16:36Totally given me hope, you know, and I didn't have that ..
00:16:41[Emotionally] and I am so