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00:02:46>> Narrator: The countdown's just starting.
00:02:50FROM A BRIDE-TO-BE'S VENDETTA...p ñx<l@ >> You get out!
00:02:53>> Narrator:..To a scorned ..
00:02:57Losers will go to any lengths in the game of love, like the ruthless lady at number 16.
00:03:08In russia, a man plead LADY UP IN HER BALCONY.pp But this isn't romeo and juliet.
00:03:18More like ike and tina.
00:03:23Fed up with his two-timing, the woman has tossed him out for don juan is sure he can win her back.
00:03:45If she won't answer the phone, he'll keep serenading her from the street.
00:03:52Finally, the casanova grabs his STUFF...yppcbúbúd@@ But only to beg from even closer.
00:04:00>> Zhenia!
00:04:01>> Narrator: So she gives it to him straight.
00:04:06>> Aaah!
00:04:12The lothario gets served with a pot of boiling-hot water.
00:04:19>> Aaah!
00:04:20>> Narrator: He finally tak the hint.
00:04:24It's time to move on, [email protected]@0 ..
00:04:29>> Zhenia!
00:04:30>> Narrator:..Has run out of steam.
00:04:33>> Aaah!
00:04:36>> Narrator: Now a far more ..
00:04:40At number 15.
00:04:43[ Siren wails ] a young newlywed steps into a nightmare.
00:04:49She comes home to a crime scene, and cops have terrible news about her husband.
00:04:57>> [ Crying ] >> he's been killed, ma'am.
00:05:01>> No!
00:05:03>> Narrator: The grieving bride has been married for only six months.
00:05:08But before you feel bad for her, there's something you should @ú she's the one who planned the murder.
00:05:19Here she is lier, smiling sweetly as she hires a hit man.
00:05:32The cold-blooded lady makes it clear -- she wants her hubby dead.
00:05:42Of course, she has noat her heinous crime is being recorded.
00:05:55And days later, she plays her " >> [ crying ] >> Narrator: At the police station, she's still running the waterworks.
00:06:06>> [ Crying ] >> Narrator: But this black widow is in for a big surpris >> okay.
00:06:23Come on in.
00:06:24>> Narrator: Detectives reveal their sting operation.
00:06:29Reunited with her contract killer, the woman is stunned.
00:06:39But there's more.
00:06:41Not only was the murderer not ..
00:06:45...Neither was the murder.
00:06:47>> Oh, my god!
00:06:48>> Narrator: Just outside the room, the man confronts his scheming spouse.
00:07:02Despite all the evidence, she plays it sweet and innocent to the end.
00:07:07>> I didn't do anything, and i didn't plot anything.
00:07:10>> Narrator: Her husband is forced to accept the ugly truth.
00:07:14>> I can't even believe it.
00:07:15They keep telling me how lucky i am today, and I don't really -- it hasn't hit me yet.
00:07:21>> Narrator: But you can't blame him for being fooled.
00:07:27After all, she gave a killer performance.
00:07:30>> [ Crying ] >> Narrator: Now turn up the ..
00:07:38For number 14.
00:07:42Rio de janeiro may be the city ..
00:07:46But one young man will find breaking up burns much hotter.
00:07:59His gal unleashes the full fury of her latin heat.
00:08:13The scrapping nymph refuses to ..
00:08:19...And gets a handful of the @p when the nitwit finally gets ..
00:08:33...He makes the mistake of opening his mouth again.
00:08:39Turns out chivalry isn't dead.
00:08:46This big talker should have kept ..
00:08:50Because trash talk only left ..
00:08:55In the gutter.
00:08:58It seems everyone gets stressed out at marriage ceremonies, and this groomsman's no exception.
00:09:09All eyes are on him as he reads an inspirational passage.
00:09:13Too bad it seems more like a bedtime story.
00:09:17[ Indistinct shouting ] at least he can say it was truly adreamwedding.
00:09:29But for a real nuptial nightmare, check out number 13.
00:09:36These monkey suits think a novelty windmill will make for a great photo op.
00:09:42Good idea, don quixote.
00:09:48>> Oh!
00:09:53>> Narrator: One tap of the ..
00:09:57And the best man drops 10 feet to the sidewalk.
00:10:06Only then do his friends offer some sage advice.
00:10:12>> Narrator: They should have reminded him he's an invited guest and not a wedding crasher.
00:10:22[ Indistinct shouting ] still ahead, more antics of romantics.
00:10:32A would-be groom who takes the ..
00:10:35>> Sir!
00:10:35>> Narrator:..Or the girl who GOES BOTH WAYS?a@@ They're breaking hearts and so ..
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00:14:45>> Narrator: Counting down the ..
00:14:50You've seen a desperate fool get ..
00:14:53>> Aaah!
00:14:54>> Narrator:..And a wife try ..
00:14:59...A sweetie who calls it ..÷ and a chump who gets pushed aside.
00:15:06>> Oh, my god!
00:15:07>> Narrator: Now rol to number 12.
00:15:13[ Siren wails ] if you're caught wandering alone along a desolate highway, you had better have a good reason.
00:15:23And since tonight's new year's eve, trooper wolf duran figures this guy's story will be a doozy.
00:15:37It's a sob story, all right.
00:15:40>> He started crying about having been abandoned by his girlfriend.
00:15:45Then he started boohooing.
00:15:56>> Narrator: As officer duran ..
00:16:00The boozy lonely heart exhibits more strange behavior.
00:16:06His tale of woe is about to get worse.
00:16:13>> If he had not come back wanted, I was gonna let him leave.
00:16:17>> Narrator: Sure enough, the man's i.d. raises a red flag.
00:16:21>> There's only thing I can do.
00:16:22I had to place him under arrest.
00:16:31>> Narrator: Feeling like he's ..
00:16:37...The sad sack makes a bid for freedom.
00:16:41>> Turn around!
00:16:42Face the wall!
00:16:47>> Narrator: Despondent, he ..
00:16:52One that puts trooper wolf in serious jeopardy.
00:16:57>> I jumped over the wall, too.
00:16:59Police chase people that are running.
00:17:01Until I saw him falling away, and I realized this is a lot farther than 5 or 10 feet.
00:17:06>> Narrator: Try more like 25 feet.
00:17:13>> Hang on, brother.
00:17:15>> Narrator: He's saved by quick reflexes and his fellow trooper.
00:17:23>> Yeah.
00:17:25>> Narrator: They soon find that jilted, however, has a much harder fall.
00:17:31>> In addition to the broken heart, he ended up with broken legs, possibly a broken back.
00:17:37>> Narrator: Boyfriends everywhere, beware.
00:17:40>> Hi, there.
00:17:41>> Narrator: When your girl doesn't want you but the law ..
00:17:44>> Bad news, robert.
00:17:45>> Narrator:..That's a really bad time to hit the road.
00:17:50>> Hang on, brother.
00:17:52>> Narrator: Patience gets put to the test at number 11.
00:17:58When it comes to romance, nothing says "i love you" like a flour,unless you're nikki.
00:18:06>> Hey, baby.
00:18:07>> No, no!
00:18:08Not in the tub!
00:18:10>> [ Laughs ] >> john, you are so [bleep] stupid sometimes!
00:18:14>> [ Laughs ] >> that's gonna clog the drain!
00:18:18That's dumb!
00:18:20>> Narrator: She might not be the best sport, but she should be used to it by now.
00:18:24>> Yeah.
00:18:25It's still not coming out.
00:18:27>> Narrator: These lovebirds have been pranking each other for years.
00:18:32>> You know, we were friends before we started dating.
00:18:36So we play a lot of jokes on each other, and it ended up carrying into our romantic relationship.
00:18:44There's, like, a million little clumps in there.
00:18:46>> [ Laughs ] >> Narrator: Tonight, john's cooking up his biggest caper yet.
00:18:58And, of course, he's using his favorite ingredient.
00:19:01>> Added flour to make it a little more thicker.
00:19:03I added a whole bunch of green food coloring to get that green-slime look.
00:19:07>> Narrator: Nikki's dressed to the nines for a big night out.
00:19:12All she needs now is a coat.
00:19:17>> Aah!
00:19:18Oh, my god!
00:19:21>> Narrator: If this is love, who wants it?
00:19:29>> Aaah!
00:19:30[ Thud ] I ended up locking myself in the bedroom for a long time, and john had to ask me to come out a lot.
00:19:37[ Laughs ] >> Narrator: Now nikki's ready to do some dumping of her own.
00:19:43>> Nikki, come out here.
00:19:48Come out here.
00:19:51Will you marry me?
00:19:53>> Narrator: Well, that's unexpected.
00:19:56>> What is that?
00:19:57>> Narrator: She's understandably suspicious.
00:20:00>> What is that, your two pranks in one?
00:20:02>> Marry me, baby.
00:20:03I love you more than anything in the whole world.
00:20:10It's not a prank.
00:20:11That's a real diamond.
00:20:12>> Narrator: It could be the cruelest gag ever, but this time, john's playing for keeps.
00:20:20>> Green goop and all.
00:20:21>> Narrator: Who knows why, but she actually says yes.
00:20:28>> Some people might call us crazy, untraditional, but we love each other a lot, and this is just kind of what we do with each other.
00:20:35>> ♪♪ I'm engaged ♪♪
00:20:36♪♪ in your face ♪♪
00:20:37♪♪ all you single ladies, this is real ♪♪
00:20:41>> Narrator: There are a thousand ways to show you care.
00:20:44>> No, no, not in the tub!
00:20:46>> Narrator: These should not be among them.
00:20:48>> Oh, my god!
00:20:50>> Narrator: But at least these two turned "oh, no, you didn't" " >> I freaking love you!
00:20:58>> Narrator: But it's not such a happy ending at number 10.
00:21:04At a mass wedding in peru, 18 couples are about to get hitched.
00:21:11A reporter gets the scoop from one blushing bride and her betrothed.
00:21:21But before this pair can tie the knot, someone else says, "no " >> [ shouting in spanish ] >> Narrator: Surprise, surprise.
00:21:37Turns out the groom is already married.
00:21:46The wannabe bigamist is badgered by his wife's mother and sister.
00:21:51Even the woman who was about to of the clan goes after the new bride, who beats a retreat in total shock.
00:22:05Outside the assembly, the family feud rages on.
00:22:10[ Indistinct shouting ] but order is restored, and the ceremony proceeds.
00:22:24For these two, the walk down the aisle became a very bumpy road.
00:22:33And the kiss-off is even worse at number 9.
00:22:39Cameras arrive just in time for a cheating husband to be caught ..
00:22:43>> [ Shouts indistinctly ] >> Narrator:..And his mistress at t busted.
00:22:51Wife and her sister unleash an armageddon on the other woman.
00:22:58And the three end up in a tangle on the carpet.
00:23:01[ Women screaming ] police and neighbors try to end ..
00:23:08Until romeo himselfinally wanders in.
00:23:14The deadbeat sparks a new wave of fury from his soon-to-be ex.
00:23:23Cops in these parts have a special punishment for adulterers.
00:23:29It's called the long walk of shame, and it ends at the police station.
00:23:35[ Indistinct shouting ] his wife makes sure he's totally humiliated.
00:23:43[ Women screaming ] ..
00:23:50>> Got it?
00:23:50>> Yeah.
00:23:51>> Narrator:..More twisted love affairs.
00:23:55But who will be number one?
00:24:04>> Yeah, you're here in -- oh!
00:24:06You punched me, though!
00:24:07>> Narrator:..
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00:24:45a0 @ o t ço/r >> Narrator: When it comes to ..
00:26:35>> Just stand over here for a second.
00:26:37>> Narrator:..It's tough to beat a guy who goes off the ..
00:26:42Or one wh a twisted sense of ..
00:26:44>> Will you marry me?
00:26:46>> Narrator:..A husband who's ..
00:26:50Or a jilted wife who be trippin'.
00:26:54Then again, you haven't seen the ú [ alarm beeping ] a camera rolls on the scene of a terrible accident.
00:27:07But bystanders soon realize thisúúúú isn't really an accident.
00:27:11[ Tires screeching ] the lady driving the green just found out her soldier boy has been cheating.
00:27:21And that's the other woman's CAR.p Her mate tries to reason with her.
00:27:34Good luck with that, pal.
00:27:37Once again, she lines up and floors it.
00:27:43That's four big hits to the mistress' car.
00:27:48As another soldier rushes in, the daught sweetie makes it five.
00:27:55Smoke pours from the cab.
00:28:00The hysterical vixen finally gets out, and red's wrath is as hot as the car fire.
00:28:08Police soon arrive to sort out THE MESS.<x8 Mistreated or not, the smasher in the miniskirt has some explaining to do.
00:28:19Both vehicles are hauled off to the shop for repairs, but it's going to be a lot easier to fix ..úú than it is to mend a broken heart.
00:28:34Now check out the busted grill at number 7.
00:28:41>> How fun was it to pick me up at the airport?
00:28:43>> Honest to god, it wasn't fun at all, 'cause you play [bleep] games.
00:28:47>> Narrator: This couple is finding out that breaking up really is hard to do.
00:28:52>> Retarded, retarded.
00:28:54>> But since they're d-list rappers, they try to do it with style.
00:28:59>> Okay, check this out.
00:29:01♪♪ This is only a message ♪♪
00:29:02♪♪ this ain't just a love song ♪♪
00:29:03♪♪ it's a goodbye ♪♪
00:29:04♪♪ 'cause I know we won't get along ♪♪
00:29:06>> Narrator: This lyrical lady r zero by dropping rhymes.
00:29:11>> ♪♪ I ain't gonna be fussing and fighting with you no more ♪♪
00:29:13♪♪ I'm gonna get it right 'cause I know I should move on ♪♪
00:29:18>> Narrator: Hoping to save face, busta pink takes the ..
00:29:22>> ♪♪ I won before I even opened my mouth ♪♪
00:29:24>> Narrator:..And goes onee too far.
00:29:28>> ♪♪ Okay, call me irresponsible and immature ♪♪
00:29:31♪♪ but you're beautiful ♪♪
00:29:32♪♪ what the hell else would I hit ♪♪
00:29:33>> [ laughs ] >> Narrator: Now, that's a bad rap.
00:29:36>> ♪♪ Oh, yeah, you're here ♪♪
00:29:38You punched me, though!
00:29:39>> Narrator: She shuts his trap with a mean right hook.
00:29:44>> Oh!
00:29:46You punched me, though!
00:29:47I didn't mean to do that.
00:29:53The heated lovers.
00:29:57Maybe these two should release ..
00:29:59>> ♪♪ You're beautifu♪♪
00:30:00♪♪ what the hell else would I hit ♪♪
00:30:01>> Narrator:..Since they've already got a hit.
00:30:07Relationships are tricky enough so, in a third party, it really gets twisted.
00:30:16This guy in red wants his girlfriend back.
00:30:21He even offers her new man the shirt off his back.
00:30:25His ex, however, says, "no, THANKS."@@@@@@t @ú But for a love triangle that's ú@@@@@[email protected] Number 6.
00:30:43Romance gone wrong has sent this ..
00:30:47And over it.
00:30:51>> [ >> Narrator: Spider-woman knows her ex is inside this apartment and she just can't get a grip.
00:31:11While medics attend to her, her distraught father rushes in with a few words of wisdom.
00:31:22>> Mama!
00:31:23>> Narrator: Dad threatens retribution.
00:31:38Luckily, she's not seriously hurt.
00:31:43But it's gonna take a while to get over the pain of getting dumped.
00:31:48>> Aah!
00:31:53>> Narrator: Next up, we're ..
00:31:55>> Get out of my car!
00:31:57>> Narrator:..And it's gonna get nasty.
00:31:59>> Aah!
00:32:00>> Narrator: Don't miss a ..
00:32:05Or a girlfriend's sinister prank.
00:32:09The world's angriest boyfriend ..
00:33:53blazes jefferson?
00:33:54Tj? he's probably still writing thatdeclaration.
00:33:55[ all ] HA, HA.
00:33:58[ HORSE NEIGHS ] [ Jefferson ] WHOA!
00:33:59Oh, there he is.
00:34:03Here we go!
00:34:04♪♪ Living in america ♪♪
00:34:06would you like to be the second lady?
00:34:09♪♪ ♪♪
00:34:10who loves the benjamin?
00:34:12♪♪ Living in america ♪♪
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00:35:52Xx >> Narrator: Whether they're ..
00:36:37>> Oh!
00:36:38You punched me, though!
00:36:39>> Narrator:..Losers in love y doubts, take a look at number 5.
00:36:51No matter how wild a girl may ..
00:36:55Her wedding day is a chance to become an honest woman.
00:37:00This lucky lady is all too happy unfortunately, her past is catching up with her.
00:37:10This biker babe used to be the bride's best friend and the groom's fiancée.
00:37:16Ou can see where this is going.
00:37:19The leather and lace rivals hit the ground.
00:37:28Before it can be broken up, the bride's sister joins in.
00:37:35Now it's a two-on-one thrashing.
00:37:37If you think that seems ..
00:37:42You're not the only one.
00:37:48A lady in pink throws her hat in the ring, and almost her dress, as well.
00:37:58By the time number five joins the catfight, it's clear the entire ceremony is a lost cause.
00:38:09The young woman thought she could give herself a clean slate by tying the knot.
00:38:18Became a real tangle.
00:38:25For any couple in love, it's ..
00:38:32...Even if it's at one partner's expense.
00:38:43>> Got it?
00:38:43>> Yeah.
00:38:43>> All right.
00:38:44>> Narrator: The trick to his ..
00:38:51...Making her stick it out, come hell or high water.
00:39:01After this ploy, he may be the one taking cold showers.
00:39:05>> Oh, my god!
00:39:07>> [ Laughs ] >> Narrator: But for real marital mischief, get a load of number 4.
00:39:15Lauren voss has a slick plan for her husband, mike.
00:39:18>> Mike and I have been together a really long time.
00:39:20So we like to keep it a little bit interesting.
00:39:23This is just one more way to do that.
00:39:26>> Narrator: As mike sings in the shower, lauren gives his performance a little more polish.
00:39:31>> [ Singing indistinctly ] >> Narrator: And, sure enough, ..
00:39:38>> Aah!
00:39:41>> [ Laughs ] >> what happened?
00:39:44>> Narrator:..Gets buttered, then gets battered.
00:39:49>> As the door started to fall, I panicked a little bit.
00:39:54It wasn't part of the plan, but it was kind of an added bonus.
00:39:58[ Laughs ] >> Narrator: It must be a strong marriage, since he's still falling for her.
00:40:06>> Aah!
00:40:08>> Narrator: Though it's tough to top the commitment at number 3.
00:40:16Every woman wants a dream dding.
00:40:18[ Cheers and applause ] problem is, they're so darn expensive.
00:40:24Luckily, a radio station is paying for ellie's elaborate ceremony.
00:40:30There's only one catch.
00:40:33She and her beau need to bear more than their hearts.
00:40:38>> I definitely did think, "oh, my god.
00:40:41I am at my wedding.
00:40:43There's all these people here, " >> Narrator: In front of 250 friends and family, ellie and phil have ditched the dress and tux.
00:40:55>> I think most of them just wanted to see my wife naked, to tell you the truth.
00:40:59>> Narrator: Despite their ..
00:41:03...They vow to stick together in sickness and health, which is good, since they'll probably catch pneumonia.
00:41:11[ Laughter ] >> I felt that cool breeze on a cold winter's day in brisbane fly up beneath my legs.
00:41:17" >> Narrator: The pair is thrilled to be sharing their ..
00:41:23>> Husband and wife.
00:41:25[ Cheers and applause ] >> Narrator:..After sharing everything else with the rest of the world.
00:41:33Now a fairy tale without a happy ding, at number 2.
00:41:39>> Get the [bleep] out of my car!
00:41:42Get out of my car!
00:41:42>> Narrator: If hell hath no ..
00:41:47...Then that goes double with these lesbian lovers.
00:41:53They've been partners for ..
00:42:00...But they're reaching the end of the road right on the streets of brooklyn.
00:42:08Finally, the passenger has had enough.
00:42:12The driver goes bananas and peels out.
00:42:15[ Tires screech ] it's all over.
00:42:20Or is it?
00:42:23Suddenly, her enraged partner sprints after her, and the bell rings on round 2.
00:42:31They used to dance cheek to cheek, but now it's some serious cat-slapping.
00:42:39The driver's left uppercut almost ends the discussion.
00:42:45Lovesick and tuckered out, the driver walks away for good.
00:42:49>> Yo, homie, homie, homie, homie.
00:42:51>> You're gonna get knocked out.
00:42:52>> Can y'all work that out?
00:42:53>> Narrator: But her ex just has ..
00:43:00...Before getting left in the dust.
00:43:05>> Get out of my car!
00:43:06>> Narrator: Any breakup is ..
00:43:09>> Bitch!
00:43:10>> Narrator:..But this ..
00:43:13Got downright nasty.
00:43:19Want to be on tv?
00:43:21>> Aah!
00:43:22>> Narrator: Just send us a clip where you capture something totally wild, and we just might use it on the air.
00:43:29You can upload your video at
00:43:46>> Whoo!
00:43:46>> Narrator:..A jilted ..
00:43:48>> That's what you get, vanessa.
00:43:50>> Narrator:..A load of weapons, and a hankering for payback.
00:43:54>> Whoo-hoo!
00:43:55>> Narrator: Number 1 is next, ..
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00:45:33And your home " [ doorbell rings ] You may never go back to your old furniture polish.
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00:45:40swiffer gives cleaning a fresh new meaning.
00:47:48>> Aah!
00:47:50>> Narrator: From thousands of ..
00:47:52>> Aah!
00:47:54>> Narrator:..We've counted ..
00:47:56>> I didn't do anything.
00:47:57>> Narrator:..The most ..
00:48:02>> Narrator:..Most pissed ..
00:48:04>> Oh!
00:48:05>> Narrator:..And most ..
00:48:07>> Aah!
00:48:08>> Narrator:..Losers in love, but now it's time for number ..
00:48:15In our top-20 countdown.
00:48:20Nothing makes blood boil quite like a betrayal.
00:48:36Safe to say this guy's got some anger issues.
00:48:44And he's invited some goons over@ to help him vent.
00:48:47>> [ Laughs ] [ gunfire ]hoo!
00:48:52>> Yeah!
00:48:55>> Narrator: With no shortage of ..
00:49:00>> W whoo!
00:49:03>> Narrator:..The disgruntled boyfriend makes his point loud and clear.
00:49:08This relationship is shot to pieces.
00:49:12>> Whoo-hoo!
00:49:14>> Narrator: To their surprise, the car still runs.
00:49:17[ Engine turns over ] >> oh!
00:49:19>> Whoo!
00:49:21>> Narrator: Which is good, since this broken-hearted hothead is still making the payments.
00:49:26>> [ Laughs ] >> Narrator: Love's pushed a lot ..
00:49:31>> I hope you like walking!
00:49:33>> Narrator:..But it got this bad boy so fired up, it earned him number 1 in our top-20 countdown.
00:49:40>> Whoo-hoo!
00:49:44>> Narrator: Whether they're head over heels or putting the ..
00:49:50>> Aah!
00:49:51>> Narrator:..The urge to ..
00:49:53>> Whoo!
00:49:54Narrator:..Turns some folks to lunacy, and they become losers in love.
00:50:00>> Oh, my god!
00:50:01>> Narrator: From sweethearts ..
00:50:03>> Get out!
00:50:04>> Narrator:..To couples keeping it fresh, it's no surprise love hurts.
00:50:10>> Aah!
00:50:10>> Narrator: Now, pucker up, because you just locked lips all the way to number 1 on losers " narrator: Tonight on Speeders...
00:50:29get ready for some rough riding...
00:50:31man: I ain't gonna spit in your face.
00:50:32officer: I appreciate that.
00:50:34narrator: And some hard knocks.
00:50:35man: I slipped, fell, busted my head open.
00:50:39narrator: These speeders are environmentally sound...
00:50:42woman: I just got this Prius.
00:50:43narrator: Even when they're sounding off.
00:50:45man: She's gonna get it when she gets home.
00:50:48man: Bad news for me.
00:50:49narrator: Right now on Speeders.
00:50:54man: Whatever blows your skirt up, I don't care.
00:50:56Closed Captions Provided bytruTV Tim: We're on a section of Concord Fas Road.
00:51:12It's posted as 45, but a lot of people come through here at over 55, 65, sometimes even 70 miles an hour.
00:51:21Oh, we've got a biker right here at about 57 miles an hour.
00:51:25( siren blaring ) ( siren beeping ) , no, no, no, no.
00:51:39( siren beeping ) narrator: Simon says "left." Tim: Right over there, right there.
00:51:48narrator: Simon says "other left." Tim: Yeah, he might be a character.
00:51:56Hey, sir, how you doing today ?
00:51:56man: All right.
00:51:58Tim: I need to see your driver's license, please.
00:52:04The reason I stopped you is I clocked you at 57 miles an hour.
00:52:08Jerry: Good lord, I didn't think I got up that fast, 'cause it's 45 through there-- Tim: Yes, sir.
00:52:12So you know that ?
00:52:13Jerry: I try not to go over 50 normally.
00:52:14Tim: Yeah, I had you at 57.
00:52:16Jerry: Oh, well-- Tim: You're very familiar with this road right here ?
00:52:19Jerry: Oh, sure.
00:52:20Tim: Okay, all right.
00:52:21I'll be right back with you.
00:52:22All right.
00:52:23narrator: As Officer Hartsell checks Evel Knievel's record, we find out that he has a few opinions about his fellow drivers.
00:52:31Jerry: Oh, yeah, these ( bleeps ) with cell phones and not watching-- doing everything but drive.
00:52:36Text-messaging and...
00:52:38or running computers and reading books.
00:52:41And then the little ( bleeps ) in their little souped-up ( bleep ) cars flying around, changing lanes, and then you got the person going too slow in the left lane.
00:52:51Just the bozos.
00:52:52narrator: Yes, there certainly are a lot of bozos out there.
00:52:57Jerry: Oh, I don't know.
00:52:58You see a lot of Harleys nowadays.
00:53:00I don't see too many bikers.
00:53:02( laughing ) I don't get Harleys.
00:53:05Buying a motorcycle and putting all of that ( bleep ) on it.
00:53:09narrator: So you're a real red-blooded biker, are ya ?
00:53:12Tim: It's almost like everybody that rides a motorcycle likes everybody that rides a motorcycle.
00:53:17You'll see 'em throw their hand out to the other motorcycles as they're passing, and the other motorcycles on the other side of the road will throw their hand out.
00:53:24They just kinda give a little wave to each other for being on the road at the same He had a really good attitude, seemed like a real easygoing fellow.
00:53:32narrator: He did seem like an easy rider.
00:53:35Jerry: I'm married with children now, so I've calmed down.
00:53:38I don't live the lifestyle anymore, I just still ride.much as you can get away with, basically.
00:53:46I'm getting too old, now.
00:53:47I wasn't into all that badass ( bleep ) anyway.
00:53:50s motorcycle, technically.
00:53:52When she got it, it was a real lemon.
00:53:55It was just a pieced-together piece of ( bleep ), basically.
00:53:59rrator: And there's only one thing he hates as much as those biker posers.
00:54:02Jerry: I hate smiley faces, I always have.
00:54:05I remember when they came out-- What was it, '71, '72 ?
00:54:08And they stuck 'em on everything.
00:54:13Yeah, it's a warning shot through the forehead of a smiley face.
00:54:17Right through his ( bleep ) forehead, that's where I'll put it.
00:54:20narrator: Okay, Jerry, so you'll live by the code of hating smiley faces.
00:54:25What other mottos do you go by ?
00:54:26Jerry: Whatever floats your boat.
00:54:28Whatever blows your skirt up.
00:54:29I just don't give a ( bleep ).
00:54:30Get outta here !
00:54:35Tim: All right, jerry, there's your license back.
00:54:38I'm gonna go ahead and let you go on a verbal warning today.
00:54:41Jerry: I appreciate that.
00:54:42Tim: I want you to be aware that this is a 45-mile-an-hour road-- Jerry:.. Especially with the turns, I usually don't get going that fast.
00:54:48That's why I wmazed when you said I was doing 57.
00:54:50Tim: Yes, sir.
00:54:51Jerry: But like I told them, definitely don't try and go ten over, 'cause y'all usually give us up to ten over.
00:54:57So why-- I ain't gonna spit in your face.
00:55:00That's how it is !
00:55:02Tim: I appreciate that, I appreciate that.
00:55:03Jerry: You're gonna cut me some slack, I'm not gonna abuse it, so-- Tim: Have a good day, and just watch your speed.
00:55:09narrator: So why do you think he let you off with a warning ?
00:55:12Jerry: If you show respect to them, they'll show-- they'll return it.
00:55:15Most guys that get in trouble are running their mouth and, "( bleep ), I didn't do it !" You know ?
00:55:22( motorcycle revving ) Tim: Once you talk to this guy, you'll see that he's just a regular guy who enjoys riding a bike, and maybe he doesn't like to shave as much as the rest of us, and he grows him a little beard.
00:55:34So I think that shows an importance about not judging people just based on their appearance.
00:55:50Dan: We're on 95th street, 30-miles-per-hour zone.
00:55:53We're looking for speeding violations or any other kind of violation, be it one headlight, expired plates or broken windshields.
00:55:59( police radio chatter ) 95Th street, we're going to be pulling over a vehicle that only has one headlight.
00:56:06( siren blaring ) See if maybe we can fix it for him.
00:56:12Central 861 traffic...
00:56:23Hi, how you doing ?
00:56:24You know you only have one headlight on ?
00:56:26You got a license on you ?
00:56:35Step out and look at it if you want.
00:56:38( Shontell laughing ) ( police radio chatter ) There, see ?
00:56:42You can try and bang on it if you want and see if it comes back on.
00:56:44Shontell: Could you do it ?
00:56:49Dan: No, it's broken.
00:56:50Yeah, how old are you ?
00:56:51Shontell: 20.
00:56:52Dan: 20 ?
00:56:53You ever been stopped before for anything ?
00:56:55Any citations-- No, none ?
00:56:56You sure ?
00:56:57What are you listening to ?
00:56:59You got any Barry Manilow in there ?
00:57:00Shontell: No.
00:57:01Dan: No barry manilow ?
00:57:02Shontell: No.
00:57:03Dan: See what else you got.
00:57:04Sit down a minute.
00:57:05( police radio chatter ) Shontell: He want barry manilow.
00:57:08I don't listen to that.
00:57:10We don't got none of that.
00:57:11We got all rap music.
00:57:13narrator: There may not be any listeng to Barry Manilow, but there's romance in the air.
00:57:18Antoine: I'm not a sucker.
00:57:19She's my woman.
00:57:21This is my woman.
00:57:23Shontell: Yes, I'm his woman.
00:57:25( laughing ) narrator: All right, then, Romeo, if you're her why haven't you fixed her headlight ?
00:57:31Antoine: You know, she didn't even tell me about it, 'cause it was just on yesterday night.
00:57:35I didn't even know it was off.
00:57:37I am a handyman.
00:57:38Whatever it takes to fix it.
00:57:40( Shontell laughing ) ( horn honking ) narrator: Now we get the story of how these two met.
00:57:44But judging from Shontell's expression, even she doe believe the story.
00:57:48Antoine: As a matter of fact, she just walked up to me, shoulder bump, so after she gave me the shoulder bump, d, okay, I think I should talk to her.
00:57:58And then ever since then, we've been a happy, Shontell: This should be a comedy show !
00:58:06Antoine: She's gonna get it when she gets home.
00:58:09Dan: She's a valid driver, no stops in effect.
00:58:14I asked if she had any Barry Manilow, and obviously she doesn't. what she's listening to, but...
00:58:20to each his own, I guess.
00:58:23Why do you have a warrant for your arrest ?
00:58:27Shontell: No, I don't !
00:58:28Dan: You don't ?
00:58:29You don't ?
00:58:31Should I write her a ticket, you think, or what ?
00:58:32Antoine: I think you should give her a warning until she gets it fixed tomorrow.
00:58:37narrator: But a traffic stop with officer Olson