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00:01:03(music continues) (music continues) (music continues) (music continues) (struggling cries) Ah, ahhhh!
00:03:46(breathing heavy) Doug?
00:03:51Honey, are you all right?
00:03:56You were dreaming.
00:04:00Was it about mars?
00:04:07Is that better?
00:04:12My poor baby.
00:04:14This is getting to be an obsession.
00:04:25Was she there?
00:04:30.. the brunette.
00:04:34Oh, lori.
00:04:39I can't believe you're jealous of a dream.
00:04:43Who is she?
00:04:46.. what's her name?
00:04:49I don't know.
00:04:51Tell me.
00:04:52I don't know.
00:04:53You better tell me.
00:04:56It's not funny.
00:04:57Doug, you dream about her every night.
00:05:00I'm always back in the morning.
00:05:02Let me go!
00:05:06Come on, baby.
00:05:08You know you're the girl of my dreams.
00:05:11You mean it?
00:05:14You know I do.
00:05:25I'll give you something to dream about.
00:05:38(news reporter) THE CHAIRMAN DEFENDED THE Attack, saying that space-based weapons are our only effective defense against the southern blocks numerical superiority.
00:05:45And more violence last night on mars, where terrorists demanding independence, once again halted the extraction of tirbinium ore.
00:05:54(guns firing, men shouting) Ah!
00:05:58(news reporter) KUATO AND HIS SO CALLED FREEDOM Brigade claimed credit for this latest bombing which attempted to reopen the sealed off pyramid mines.
00:06:07(gunfire, men screaming) (news reporter) MARS MILITARY RESTORED ORDER With minimal use of force and all damage to the strategic facility was repaired within hours.
00:06:19One mine already closed.
00:06:20Mars administrator, vilos cohaagen, vowed that troops would be used if necessary to keep production at full capacity.
00:06:28At the press conference today-- no wonder you're having nightmares, you're always watching the news.
00:06:40Let's do it.
00:06:41Do what?
00:06:42Move to mars.
00:06:44Honey, why do you have to spoil a perfectly wonderful morning?
00:06:49Just think about it.
00:06:53Sweetheart, we've been through this a million times.
00:06:56You'd hate it on mars.
00:07:00I mean, really, revolution could break out there any second.
00:07:05Cohaagen says it's just a few extremists.
00:07:08You believe him?
00:07:16Okay, forget about it.
00:07:21Absolutely not!
00:07:22Mars was colonized by the northern block at enormous expense.
00:07:25Our entire war effort depends on their tirbinium, and it's ridiculous to think we're going to give it away just because a bunch of lazy mutants think they own the planet. doug?
00:07:35Maybe we should take a trip.
00:07:36LORI, MOVE, PLEASE. (woman on tv) ANY COMMENTS On the rumor that you've closed the pyramid mine because you found alien artifacts inside.
00:07:42There's a lot better places than mars. lori.
00:07:46What about saturn?
00:07:47Don't you want to see saturn?
00:07:49(man on tv) I WISH WE COULD FIND SOME NICE Alien artifacts.
00:07:51Our tourist industry could use a boost.
00:07:53Everybody says it's gorgeous.
00:07:55 kuato and his terrorists who spread these rumorsto undermine trust in the government.
00:08:01We could take one of those long space cruises.
00:08:04The kind with nothing to do.
00:08:06(woman on tv) HAVE YOU FOUND KUATO YET?
00:08:08Hmm, hmm, what do you say?
00:08:10(news reporter) THAT'S IT FOR THE NEWS.
00:08:11Stay tuned for christine and the weather.
00:08:12I'm late, lori.
00:08:13(news reporter) BUT FIRST, THIS.
00:08:15(man on tv) TONIGHT ON ESPN, THE FIFTH GAME ..
00:08:18.. doug?
00:08:22I know it's hard being in a new town.
00:08:25Let's give it a chance, okay?
00:08:29Lori, don't you understand?
00:08:31I feel like I was meant for something more than this.
00:08:35I want to do something with my life.
00:08:37I want to be somebody.
00:08:39You are somebody.
00:08:41You're the man I love.
00:08:52Have a nice day.
00:08:59(chatter) (computerized voice) YOU ARE NOW ENTERING A safety zone.
00:09:15No unauthorized weapons allowed beyond this point.
00:09:20You are now entering a safety zone.
00:09:23No unauthorized weapons allowed beyond this point.
00:09:35(man on tv) DO YOU DREAM OF A VACATION At the bottom of the ocean, but you can't float the bill?
00:09:42Have you always wanted to climb the mountains of mars, but now you're over the hill?
00:09:50Then come to rekall incorporated where you can buy the memory of your ideal vacation cheaper, safer, and better than the real thing.
00:09:59So don't let life pass you by.
00:10:01Call rekall for the memory of a lifetime.
00:10:05♪♪ For the memory of a lifetime ♪♪
00:10:09♪♪ rekall, rekall, rekall ♪♪
00:10:13(jackhammers thudding) Harry.
00:10:35You ever heard of rekall?
00:10:37We call?
00:10:38You know, where they sell those fake memories.
00:10:41♪♪ Rekall, rekall, rekall ♪♪
00:10:43you thinkin' of goin' there?
00:10:45.. maybe.
00:10:46Well, don't. why not?
00:10:47A friend of mine tried one of their special offers, he nearly got himself lobotomized.
00:10:53NO (deleted).
00:10:54DON'T (deleted) WITH YOUR BRAIN, PAL.
00:10:56It ain't worth it.
00:10:58I guess not.
00:11:01(jackhammer thudding) ♪♪♪♪
00:11:45Good afternoon.
00:11:46Welcome to rekall.
00:11:47Douglas quaid-- I have an appointment.
00:11:54Doug quaid is here to see you.
00:11:56Yeah, I'll be right out.
00:11:58That'll be one minute, mr. quaid.
00:12:01Thank you.
00:12:10DOUG, bob McClane-- it's good to see ya.
00:12:13Nice to meet you.
00:12:14Come on in-- it's through here.
00:12:16Go and have a seat-- make yourself comfortable.
00:12:19Thank you.
00:12:20Now, help me out here, doug.
00:12:26(reluctant) YEAH, MARS.
00:12:28Is there a problem?
00:12:29Uh, to be perfectly honest with you, doug, if outer space is your thing, I think you would be much happier with one of our saturn cruises.
00:12:37Everybody raves about 'em.
00:12:38I'm not interested in saturn.
00:12:41I said mars.
00:12:43Okay-- you're the boss.
00:12:45Mars it is.
00:12:48Now, let me see, basic mars package will run you 899 credits.
00:12:55Now, that's for two full weeks of memories-- complete in every detail.
00:12:58If you want a longer trip, that'll cost a little more because it's a deeper implant.
00:13:02What's in the two week package?
00:13:04Well, first of all, doug, when you go rekall you get nothin' but first class memories.
00:13:10Private cabin on the shuttle, deluxe suite at the hilton, plus all the major sights-- mount pyramid, the grand canals, and, of course, venusville.
00:13:19But, how real does it seem.
00:13:20As real as any memory in your head.
00:13:23COME ON-- DON'T (deleted) ME.
00:13:25No, I'm tellin' ya, doug.
00:13:26Your brain will not know the difference, and that's guaranteed or your money back.
00:13:29What about the guy you lobotomized.
00:13:32Did he get the refund?
00:13:37You're talkin' ancient history.
00:13:38Nowadays, traveling with rekall is safer than getting on a rocket.
00:13:43Check out those statistics.
00:13:45Besides, a real holiday is a pain in the butt.
00:13:48You got lost luggage, lousy weather, crooked taxi drivers-- when you travel with rekall, everything is perfect.
00:13:59So, what do you say?
00:14:02All right.
00:14:04Smart move.
00:14:05All right, while you fill out this questionnaire, I'm gonna familiarize you with some of our options.
00:14:11No options.
00:14:14Whatever you say.
00:14:15Can I ask you just one question, though?
00:14:17What is it that's exactly the same about every single vacation you have ever taken?
00:14:25I give up.
00:14:27You're the same.
00:14:28No matter where you go, there you are.
00:14:30It's always the same old you.
00:14:31Let me suggest that you take a vacation from yourself and, I know, it sounds wild.
00:14:37It is the latest thing in travel.
00:14:39We call it the ego trip.
00:14:41No, I'm not interested in that.
00:14:42You're gonna love this, doug.
00:14:44We offer you a choice of alternate identities during your trip.
00:14:48Face it, why go to mars as a tourist when you can go as a playboy or a famous jock or-- a secret agent, how much is that?
00:14:58Ah-- let me tantalize you.
00:15:02You are a top operative back under deep cover on your most important mission.
00:15:07People are trying to kill you left and right.
00:15:09You meet this beautiful exotic woman.
00:15:14Go on.
00:15:15I don't wanna spoil it for ya, doug.
00:15:17But you rest assured that by the time the trip is over, you'll get the girl, kill the bad guys, and save the entire planet.
00:15:24Now, you tell me, isn't that worth a measly 300 credits?
00:15:32(machine whooshing on) Is this your first trip?
00:15:45Well, don't worry.
00:15:49.. doug.
00:15:52I'm doctor lull.
00:15:53Nice to meet you.
00:15:54Ernie, patch in matrix 62-b, 37, and, uh, would you like us to integrate some alien stuff?
00:16:00Sure, why not?
00:16:04Two headed monsters?
00:16:06Don't you keep up with the news?
00:16:08We're doing alien artifacts now.
00:16:10That's wild.
00:16:11Yeah, they date back a million years.
00:16:16That's a new one, blue sky on mars.
00:16:18Been married long?
00:16:20Eight years.
00:16:22I see, slipping away for a little hanky panky.
00:16:25Not really-- I was always fascinated by mars.
00:16:27All systems go. then we're set.
00:16:30Ready for dreamland.
00:16:34I'll be asking you some questions, doug, so we can fine tune the ego program.
00:16:38You answer honestly, you'll enjoy yourself a whole lot more.
00:16:41Your sexual orientation?
00:16:50So, how do you like your women-- blonde, brunette, red head?
00:16:59Slim, athletic, voluptuous?
00:17:13Demure, aggressive, sleazy, be honest.
00:17:28Forty-one a, ernie.
00:17:31Oh, boy, is he going to have a wild time.
00:17:33He's not gonna want to come back.
00:17:35(Dr. Lull) OH-HO-HO-- THAT'S FOR SURE.
00:17:59We danced in a German dance group. I wore lederhosen.
00:18:00When I first got on Ancestry I was really surprised that I wasn't finding all of these Germans in my tree.
00:18:06I decided to have my DNA tested through Ancestry Dna.
00:18:10The big surprise was we're not German at all.
00:18:1352% of my DNA comes from Scotland and Ireland.
00:18:16So, I traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
00:18:20Ancestry has many pathsto discovering your story.
00:18:23Get started for freeat
00:18:29makehis deposit.
00:18:30We'd like to open a savingsaccount for him.
00:18:30Yes yes. Great Thanks to mom and dad andtheir Safe Driving Bonus Checkfrom Allstate.
00:18:35Oh. Look at this. Safe Driving Bonus.
00:18:36Are you a safe driver?
00:18:39Lucky little fella.
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00:18:58Michael James!
00:19:01Middle name. Not good.
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00:20:44Like a Cheez-It anda chip.
00:20:45Ooooh, You just put 'emtogether.
00:20:48Closer. Cloooooser...
00:20:49(Cheese makes kissing noises) They're kissing!(Cheese laughs uncontrollably) We take time for our cheese tomature So, what do you say?
00:23:07I'm not so sure, and I don't get a souvenir.
00:23:10Not true.
00:23:11For just a few more credits, we supply t-shirts, snap shots of you at the site, (banging) AND EVEN LETTERS FROM-- Bob! what is it?
00:23:22You betterget down here.
00:23:23I am with a veryimportant client.
00:23:25It looks like we gotanother schizoid embolism.
00:23:29I'll be right back.
00:23:31Uh, mr. mcclane.
00:23:33MR. McCLANE!
00:23:34Bob, what's wrong?
00:23:36Don't let her leave!
00:23:38(growling scream) Get off you!
00:23:46You blew my cover!
00:23:48What's going on here-- you do a simple double implant?
00:23:51It's not my fault-- we hit a memory cap.
00:23:53They'll be here any minute!
00:23:54They'll kill you all!
00:23:55 I don't know!
00:23:57Let me go!
00:23:58Mr. quaid, try to calm down!
00:24:01(snap) My name is not quaid.
00:24:05Let me go-- untie me now!
00:24:06Ernie, grab his leg. untie me!
00:24:09Hold him down! let me go now!
00:24:34You all right?
00:24:36Listen to me-- he has been going on and on about mars.
00:24:39He has really been there.
00:24:41Use your head, you dumb bitch!
00:24:42He's just acting out the secret agent portion of his ego trip.
00:24:46I'm afraid that's not possible. why not?
00:24:47Because we haven't implanted it yet.
00:24:56I've been trying to tell you.
00:24:58Someone has erased his memory.
00:25:00Wait, excuse me-- someone?
00:25:06Shut up!
00:25:06Bob, the client's gone!
00:25:09Okay, all right.
00:25:10All right, look, here's what we're gonna do, renata, cover up any memory that he's got of us or rekall.
00:25:14I'll do what I can-- it's pretty messy in there.
00:25:16Ernie, dump him in a cab around the corner.
00:25:18Tiffany, you help him.
00:25:19I'm gonna destroy his file and refund his money.
00:25:22And if anybody comes asking, we never even heard of douglas quaid.
00:25:30(whistling) Where am i?
00:25:44You're in a johnny cab.
00:25:45I mean, what am I doing here?
00:25:48I'm sorry.
00:25:48Would you please rephrase the question?
00:25:51How did I get in this taxi?
00:25:53The door opened, you got in.
00:25:58Hell of a day, isn't it?
00:26:14This okay?
00:26:15Right here.
00:26:16Thank you for taking johnny cab.
00:26:18Thank you.
00:26:19Hope you enjoyed the ride.
00:26:21Hey, quaid!
00:26:24How was your trip to mars?
00:26:26What trip?
00:26:27You went to rekall, remember?
00:26:30I did?
00:26:31Yeah, you did.
00:26:32I told you not to, but you went anyway.
00:26:34What are you, my father?
00:26:37Come on, I'll buy you a drink.
00:26:39Listen, I'm already late.
00:26:40Thank you very much-- hey!
00:26:42(all shouting at once) Come on-- move it!
00:26:46Let's go get that drink!
00:26:47What the hell is going on?
00:26:49WHAT THE (deleted) DID I DO WRONG?
00:26:51Tell me!
00:26:52You blabbed, quaid!
00:26:53You blabbed about mars!
00:26:55Are you crazy?
00:26:55I don't even know anything about mars!
00:26:57You should've listened to me, quaid.
00:26:58I was there to keep you out of trouble.
00:27:04Harry, you're making a big mistake.
00:27:06You've got me mixed up with somebody else.
00:27:08Uh-uh, pal.
00:27:09You got yourself mixed up with somebody else.
00:27:23(cracking and snapping) (crying out in pain) Ah!
00:28:00(computerized voice) AND PIVOT, AND SERVE, And shift, and stroke, and pivot, and serve, and shift, and stroke-- very good.
00:28:12Perfect form.
00:28:13And serve, and shift, and stroke-- hi, honey.
00:28:18(breathing heavy) What are you doing?
00:28:21Some men just tried to kill me.
00:28:23Muggers-- are you all right?
00:28:25No, they were spies or something and harry from work-- get down.
00:28:29Harry from work, he was the boss.
00:28:31Take it easy, doug.
00:28:33Tell me exactly what happened.
00:28:35Why would spies want to kill you?
00:28:37I don't know, but it had something to do with mars.
00:28:39Mars-- you've never even been to mars.
00:28:41I know-- it sounds crazy, but, see, I went to this rekall place after work-- let me finish.
00:28:46 I got a trip to mars.
00:28:50So what happened-- oh.
00:28:52Well, forget about rekall-- will you? doug.
00:28:53Those guys were going to kill me.
00:28:54Doug, nobody tried to kill you.
00:28:57They did, but I killed them.
00:28:59You're having paranoid delusions.
00:29:02You call this a delusion?
00:29:12Doug, I'm gonna call a doctor.
00:29:14Don't, don't call anybody.
00:29:45Lori, go-- get t!
00:29:52(rapid gunshots) (struggling) Lori?
00:30:37why are you doing this, lori?
00:30:46huh, huh, hiyaa.
00:30:56Talk, I said talk!
00:30:57I'm not your wife. the hell you're not.
00:30:59I swear to god I never saw you before six weeks ago.
00:31:01Our marriage is just a memory implant.
00:31:03You think I'm stupid.
00:31:06Remember our wedding?
00:31:07It was implanted by the agency.
00:31:08Falling in love. implanted.
00:31:10Our friends, my job, eight years together, I suppose all of this was implanted too?
00:31:14The job's real.
00:31:15The agency set it up.
00:31:21They erased your identity and implanted a new one.
00:31:24I was written in as your wife, so that I could watch you and make sure the eraser took.
00:31:33Sorry, quaid, your whole life is just a dream.
00:31:40Okay, then, if I'm not me, who the hell am i?
00:31:45Beats me.
00:31:46I just work here.
00:31:56Doug, there's something I want you to know.
00:32:00You were the best assignment I ever had.
00:32:05I'm honored.
00:32:07You sure you don't want to?
00:32:08Just for old time's sake.
00:32:11Come on, if you don't trust me, you can tie me up.
00:32:15I didn't know you were so kinky.
00:32:18Maybe it's time you found out.
00:32:25clever girl.
00:32:29You wouldn't shoot me, would you, doug, after all we've been through?
00:32:34Some of it was fun.
00:32:39Nice knowing you.
00:33:15don't touch her.
00:33:18Nobody here.
00:33:20Are you okay?
00:33:22I guess I blew it.
00:33:24What does he remember?
00:33:25Nothing so far.
00:33:27I've got him.
00:33:28(tracking device whooshing) He's going for the subway.
00:33:43Let's get him-- go. let's go-- move it!
00:33:59Pack your stuff and get outta here.
00:34:02What if they bring him back?
00:34:05Not a chance.
00:34:16Subway, go!
00:34:24(alarm sounding) Get him!
00:34:29He's got a gun!
00:34:30Cut him off, that way-- over there!
00:34:33Hold it-- don't move!
00:34:36(chaotic shouting) (screaming) ♪♪♪♪
00:35:03(woman scrmi (tracking device whooshing) The escalator.
00:35:08You four go up-- you come with me!
00:35:25Get outta the way!
00:35:30Get outta the way!
00:35:33(rapid gunfire) Ah!
00:35:48(woman screaming) (chaotic screaming) The platform!
00:36:06Which way? to the right!
00:36:17(woman screaming) (gunfire, people screaming) (enraged screaming) (man on tv) BOTCO, TOMORROW'S FUELS.
00:36:38Tomorrow's prices.
00:36:39Don't settle for pale memories.
00:36:41Don't go for fake implants.
00:36:43Experience space travel the old fashion way on a real live holiday that you can afford.
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00:38:35Small, medium, large and extra large.
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00:38:50Pick a size.
00:38:51Change it up anytime.
00:38:52It's the simple wayto get the best network.
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00:38:58Only at Verizon.
00:39:01Hanes socks with X-Temp Technology.
00:39:02Hey Dad!
00:39:04No! Wait!
00:39:05Slow down a little!
00:39:08It's designed to keep help keep you cool.
00:39:09Hanes revolutionaryX-Temp Technology.
00:39:10When you're cool,you're comfortable.
00:39:16Okay, what is this?
00:39:18It's chewy.
00:39:19Really icy.
00:39:19Wooh. that's intense!
00:39:20It just hits you.
00:39:21Its gum.
00:39:22No. it's totally a mint!
00:39:23It's disappearing as I am chewing it.
00:39:25Where did it go?
00:39:25It's not a gum. not a mint.
00:39:27It's a totally new cool.
00:39:28New ice breakers cool blasts.
00:40:16This football season we get anything we want.
00:40:17ANY toppings, ANY specialty, ANY large Pizza Hut pizza, for just 10 bucks.
00:40:19If only this could last forever.
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00:40:26Only at Pizza Hut Hut Hut.
00:40:30♪ ♪
00:42:16I WANT THAT (deleted) DEAD. I DON'T BLAME You, man.
00:42:18I wouldn't want a guy like quaid porkin' my old lady.
00:42:21Are you sayin' she likes it?
00:42:23No, I'm sure she hated every minute of it.
00:42:26(man on speaker) SIX BETA NINE-- SIX BETA Nine.
00:42:28We have a live transmission from mr. cohaagen.
00:42:31Richter, here-- patch it through.
00:42:33(man) YOU'RE ON, MR. COHAAGEN.
00:42:34WHAT THE (deleted) IS GOING ON DOWN THERE?
00:42:36I'm trying to neutralize a trader, sir.
00:42:38If I wanted him dead, you moron, I wouldn't have dumped him on earth.
00:42:41We can't let him run around.
00:42:42He knows too much.
00:42:47That's now.
00:42:47In an hour, he could have total recall.
00:42:49Listen to me, richter.
00:42:50I want quaid delivered alive for reimplantation.
00:42:54Have you got that?
00:42:55I want him back in place with lori.
00:43:00Did you hear me!
00:43:01What was that, sir-- I couldn't hear you.
00:43:03Richter, what are you doing!
00:43:04(tracker device whooshing) I GOT QUAID AGAIN.
00:43:05Can you hear me!
00:43:07Switching to another channel, sir-- I've got sun spots.
00:43:11Call me back-- call me back!
00:43:13I'm losing you.
00:43:14Where is he? second level, galleria.
00:43:17You should've killed quaid on mars.
00:43:44How we doing? fine.
00:43:49We're zooming in.
00:43:51We got him!
00:44:04(phone ringing) If you wanna live,don't hang up.
00:44:15What doyou want?
00:44:16They've gotyou bugged.
00:44:16They'll be bustin'down your door in about three minutes unless you doexactly what I say.
00:44:20Don't bothersearchin'.
00:44:22The bug's inyour skull.
00:44:27Who are you?
00:44:28Never mind-- wet a toweland wrap it around your head.
00:44:30That'll mufflethe signal.
00:44:32How'd you find me?
00:44:33I'd adviseyou to hurry.
00:44:37This'll buyyou some time.
00:44:38They won't be ableto pin point you.
00:44:51What? I lost him.
00:44:53Well, find him!
00:44:54Yeah, right.
00:44:55Come on, hurry up-- you look beautiful.
00:45:00Now, go to the window.
00:45:06Can you see me down here?
00:45:08This is the suitcase you gave me.
00:45:10I gave you?
00:45:12I'm gonna set it here.
00:45:13You come and get it and keep movin'.
00:45:15W-wait-wait! what?
00:45:17Who are you?
00:45:18We were buddies in the agency back on mars.
00:45:20You asked me if you disappeared to come and find you-- so here I am, goodbye.
00:45:24What was I doing on mars?
00:45:31excuse me, ma'am, but this is mine.
00:45:33I didn'tame on it.
00:45:34Someone left it for me.
00:45:35Go find your own bag!
00:45:37Excuse me, ma'am, but I need it!
00:45:49the son of a bitch has gotta be around here somewhere.
00:45:56That guy there.
00:46:07hello-- I'm johnny cab.
00:46:08Where can I take you tonight?
00:46:10(horn honking) Drive, drive!
00:46:13Would you please repeat the destination?
00:46:15.. go!
00:46:17Please say your street and number.
00:46:19Would you please repeat that-- (screeching tires) (gunfire) Fasten your seat belt.
00:46:46(people screaming) The fare is 18 credits, please.
00:47:06Sue me.
00:47:16We hope you enjoyed the ride-- ha-ha.
00:47:35(rodents squeaking) Hm.
00:48:46(machine beeping and humming) Howdy stranger-- this is hauser.
00:48:55If things have gone wrong, I'm talking to myself and you've got a wet towel wrapped around your head.
00:49:01Now, whatever your name is, get ready for the big surprise.
00:49:06You are not you.
00:49:08You're me.
00:49:10NO (deleted).
00:49:14(man on speaker) SIX BETA NINE-- SIX BETA Nine, come in.
00:49:17Did you find him?
00:49:17We picked up an explosion at the old cement factory.
00:49:21Send two units-- we'll meet you there.
00:49:29(Hauser) ALL MY LIFE, I'VE WORKED FOR MARS Intelligence.
00:49:31I did cohaagen's dirty work, but a few weeks ago I met somebody, a woman, and I learned a few things, like I've been playing for the wrong team.
00:49:43All I can do now is try to make up for it.
00:49:46SEE, THERE'S ENOUGH (deleted) IN HERE TO (deleted) COHAAGEN GOOD.
00:49:50Unfortunately, if you're listening to this, that means he has got to me first, and here comes the hard part, old buddy.
00:49:57Now it is all up to you.
00:50:13What do we got?
00:50:14Nothing here-- he's gone.
00:50:15I got a week signal over there.
00:50:17Split up-- find him!
00:50:18First, let's get rid of that bug in your head.
00:50:21Take this thing out of the case and stick it up your nose.
00:50:25Don't worry-- it's self guiding.
00:50:28(buzzing) Just shove real hard.
00:50:40When you hear the crunch, you're there.
00:50:44Just pull it out.
00:50:46Be careful, it's my head too.
00:50:49(painful cries) I got a lock.
00:51:13Let's go.
00:51:16Now, this is the plan.
00:51:17Get your ass to mars, then go to the hilton and flash that id at the desk.
00:51:22That's all there is to it.
00:51:24Just do what I tell you and we can nail that son of a bitch WHO (deleted) YOU AND ME.
00:51:30I'm counting on you, buddy.
00:51:32Don't let me down.
00:52:04straight ahead.
00:52:09In there.
00:52:10(rapid firing) (tracker device whooshing) There!
00:52:38Give me that.
00:52:39(computerized voice repeating) GET YOU TO ..
00:52:47Get you to mars.
00:52:48Get you to mars.
00:52:50G-g-get you to mars.
00:53:25game, Morning double bogie.
00:53:26Hey, three putt.
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00:54:25This is data on a wireless network.
00:54:27Look, a door!
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00:54:31(background talking and yelling) When it gets busy, it can get overwhelmed.
00:54:35Like this.
00:54:39A better network preparesfor heavy traffic with more capacity.
00:54:42(zoom noises) The door is bigger!
00:54:44(background talking and yelling) A better network, like Verizon, for instance.
00:54:48I'm running through a big door!
00:54:56Juicy Fruit?
00:54:57Sure I'll try a piec....
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00:58:24(computerized female voice) WELCOME TO THE Mars federal colony.
00:58:27For your safety and comfort, domes have been installed to protect you from the vacuum outside.
00:58:32Please do not touch exterior window or airlocks.
00:58:35And since the air volume is limited, no smoking is allowed anywhere in the colony.
00:58:42(computerized female voice) THANK YOU AND Enjoy your stay on mars.
00:59:01(man in the distance) GET OUTTA THE WAY.
00:59:02Make way-- stand back!
00:59:10.. right away.
00:59:14Any news of quaid?
00:59:16Not since you lost him.
00:59:17Watch your mouth, captain.
00:59:19So how long do plan to stay on mars?
00:59:22Two weeks.
00:59:25What the hell is this?
00:59:26The martians love kuato.
00:59:31KILL THE (deleted).
00:59:33Nobody knows who he is.
00:59:35Have you brought any fruits or vegetables on to the planet?
00:59:39Two weeks.
00:59:41Excuse me.
00:59:43(voice malfunctioning) UHH, TWO WEEKS.
00:59:45(pitch growing deeper) TWO WEEKS.
00:59:48(mumbling sounds) (mumbling continues) IT'S NOT JUST GRAFFITI.
00:59:54The rebels took over the refinery last night.
00:59:57No tirbinium's going out.
00:59:59And it gets worst.
01:00:00(muffled and mangled voice) TWO WEEKS.
01:00:11(screaming) ♪♪♪♪
01:00:23That's quaid. where?
01:00:25.. her!
01:00:28Arrest that woman!
01:00:30Get that woman!
01:00:43(wobbly yowling) Huh?
01:01:02(crowd gasping) Get ready for a surprise.
01:01:10(chaotic chatter) (wind whistling) Ah!
01:01:21(wind whirling) (tumultuous screaming) Ahhhh!
01:01:48(screaming) (woman screaming) OPEN THIS (deleted) DAMN DOOR.
01:02:17I can't. open it!
01:02:19They're all connected.
01:02:30It's terrible.
01:02:31And a few days ago cohaagen raised the price of air.
01:02:34Nobody on earth gives a damn what happens up here.
01:02:37Yeah, they just want our tirbinium so they can fight their stupid war.
01:02:40Excuse me-- what's that?
01:02:41You mean the pyramid mine?
01:02:43I used to work there until they found that alien inside.
01:02:47Well, it's a rumor, isn't it?
01:02:50I think so.
01:03:21mr. cohaagen.
01:03:30You wanted to see me, sir.
01:03:38Do you know why I am such a happy person.
01:03:40No, sir.
01:03:43Because I've got the greatest job in the solar system.
01:03:46As long as the tirbinium keeps flowing, ..
01:03:53In fact, the only thing I worry about is that one day, if the rebels win, it all might end.
01:04:03AND YOU'RE (deleted) MAKING IT HAPPEN!
01:04:06First, you try and kill quaid and then you let him get away.
01:04:09He had help from our side, sir.
01:04:13I know that.
01:04:16But I th-- who told you to think?
01:04:18I don't give you enough information to think!
01:04:23You do what you're told-- that's what you do!
01:04:29Yes, sir.
01:04:35Let's get down to business.
01:04:38We've got a tricky situation here.
01:04:41Kuato wants what's in quaid's head, and he might be able to get it 'cause they say he's psychic, and I have a plan to keep this from happening.
01:04:55Do you think you could play along?
01:04:58Yes, sir.
01:04:59Great-- 'cause otherwise I'll erase your (deleted).
01:05:20Taxi-- you need a taxi, sir?
01:05:22I got magazines, I got music, I've got whiskey.
01:05:23Hey-hey, man-- you need a cab, man?
01:05:25Come on-- come on-- come on!
01:05:31(collective chatter) Good afternoon-- can I help you?
01:05:54Yes, I would like to have a room, please.
01:06:01Nice to have you back with us, mr. brubaker.
01:06:03Would you like to have the same suite? definitely.
01:06:06(beeping) Seems you've left something in our safe.
01:06:10Could you get it, please?
01:06:28I'll go uncode your room key.
01:06:30Thank you.
01:06:43 brubaker, suite 610 in the east wing.
01:06:46Thank you.
01:06:47Could I borrow your pen, please?
01:07:01Thank you.
01:07:07Hey, man, you need a cab?
01:07:10What was wrong with this one?
01:07:11He ain't got five kids to feed.
01:07:15Where's yours?
01:07:16Right over there, man.
01:07:18Hey-hey, man, that's my fare!
01:07:21Eat this!
01:07:22Damn you, benny.
01:07:24(screaming) Welcome to mars, man.
01:07:31(rapid gunfire) What the hell was that, an accident?
01:07:37That's some rebels, man.
01:07:39Let's get outta here before they arrest us!
01:07:43Well, what do the rebels want?
01:07:44Oh, the usual-- more money, more freedom, more air.
01:07:48(gunfire continues) said drivers?
01:07:55Yeah. yeah.
01:07:57[ voice of Dennis ] ...Allstate SAFE DRIVING Bonus check?
01:07:59What is that?so weird, right?
01:08:03[ voice of Dennis ] ...ONLYAllstate SENDS You a bonus check ..
01:08:09...But I'm a woman.
01:08:10Maybe it's a misprint.
01:08:12Does it look like a misprint?
01:08:14[ voice of Dennis ] SILENCE.
01:08:16♪♪ ♪♪
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01:08:20Are you in good hands?
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01:11:19And yeah, they're endless, but they won't last forever.
01:13:04So, where to?
01:13:05Last resort.
01:13:06You're getting off to an early start.
01:13:09First time on mars?
01:13:10Yes, well, uh, actually, no.
01:13:13Well, sort of.
01:13:14Damn, the man don't even know if he's been to mars or not.
01:13:18(chuckling) (loud cranking) Wa-la!
01:13:32Hey, you see anything you like?
01:13:35(woman) HEY, BABY, YOU WANNA PARTY.
01:13:39Well, this is the end of the line.
01:13:41We can walk from here.
01:13:43I'll show you the way.
01:13:45Do you wanna know the future?
01:13:47What about the past?
01:13:47H-hey, come on-- it's around the corner.
01:13:50Right down this alley.
01:13:52They got everything.
01:13:53You want me?
01:13:55Wanna feel good?
01:13:57Not bad, huh?
01:13:59Read your palm-- your mind-- your aura-- probe the secrets of your heart.
01:14:05I bet I can guess your birthday.
01:14:06What is it?
01:14:07You're a taurus, right?
01:14:08How did you guess?
01:14:12Tell me something, are all psychics-- freaks afraid so, man-- it goes with the territory.
01:14:17What happened to them?
01:14:18Cheap domes and no air to clean out the rays.
01:14:20So, this is it, the last resort.
01:14:24You sure you wanna go in here, man?
01:14:26Why not?
01:14:27I know this much better place down the street.
01:14:29The girls are cleaner.
01:14:30The liquor ain't watered down.
01:14:32Sure and you can get your kickbacks.
01:14:34(laughing) Hey, man, I got five kids to feed.
01:14:38Take 'em to the dentist.
01:14:39Hey, thanks, mister.
01:14:40Listen, I'll be waitin' here for you.
01:14:42You just take your time.
01:14:43Benny's the name-- benny!
01:15:02(banging) What do you want?
01:15:05I'm looking for melina. she's busy.
01:15:07She kinda sticks to her regulars.
01:15:09She'll like me.
01:15:14Hey, mel!
01:15:52You got a lot of nerve showin' your face around here, hauser.
01:15:56Look who's talking.
01:15:58Hey, tony, give the big guy a break.
01:16:01Relax, you'll live longer.
01:16:04Come on.
01:16:10Honey, take care of tony, will ya?
01:16:12No problem.
01:16:14If you need any help with this one, give me a holler.
01:16:21(man) LET'S GO.
01:16:32You son of a bitch-- you're alive?
01:16:34I thought that cohaagen tortured you to death.
01:16:37I guess he didn't.
01:16:39And you couldn't get me a message?
01:16:40You never even wondered what happened to me?
01:16:49Hauser, thank god you're alive.
01:16:56Hmm? melina!
01:16:57I've got to tell you something.
01:17:00I don't remember you.
01:17:02What are you talking about?
01:17:04I don't remember you.
01:17:06I don't remember us.
01:17:08I don't even remember me.
01:17:11What did you get, amnesia-- how did you get here?
01:17:13Hauser left me a note. hauser, you're hauser.
01:17:17Not anymore.
01:17:18Now I'm quaid-- douglas quaid.
01:17:23Hauser, you've lost your mind.
01:17:26I didn't lose my mind-- cohaagen stole it.
01:17:28He found out that hauser switched sides, ..
01:17:34This is too weird.
01:17:34He dumped me on earth with a wife and a lousy child.
01:17:37Did you say-- did you say wife?
01:17:39ARE YOU (deleted) MARRIED? SHE WASN'T REALLY My wife.
01:17:42Oh, she isn't really your wife.
01:17:43How stupid of me-- she was hauser's wife.
01:17:44 no, let's just forget everything.
01:17:47I'M SICK OF YOUR (deleted) LIES.
01:17:50Why would I lie to you?
01:17:52Because your still working for cohaagen.
01:17:56Don't be ridiculous.
01:18:01You never loved me, hauser.
01:18:03You just used me to get inside.
01:18:06Inside what?
01:18:12I think you better leave.
01:18:13Melina, hauser sent me to do something.
01:18:15 he says there's enough in here to nail cohaagen for good!
01:18:19Get out! you've got to help me remember!
01:18:21" melina, please, people are trying to kill me.
01:18:29All right, I'm leaving.
01:18:41Hey, that didn't take long.
01:18:43Listen, let me ask you a question.
01:18:44YOU EVER (deleted) A MUTANT? TAKE ME TO The hotel.
01:19:01this afternoon at 4:30 p.m.
01:19:02I signed an order declaring marshall law throughout the mars federal colony.
01:19:06I will not tolerate any further damage to our mineral export operations.
01:19:11 kuato and is terrorists must understand that their self- defeating efforts will only bring misery and suffering to the people-- (knocking) (man) MR. QUAID.
01:19:27Who are you?
01:19:28(man) DR. EDGEMAR FROM REKALL.
01:19:29HOW DID YOU FIND ME? (Dr. Edgemar) IT'S A Little difficult to explain.
01:19:32Could you open the door?
01:19:34I'm unarmed.
01:19:37Don't worry-- I'm alone.
01:19:39May I come in-- this is going to be very difficult for you to accept, mr. quaid.
01:19:45I'm listening.
01:19:45I'm afraid you're not really standing here right now.
01:19:48You know, doc, you could've fooled me.
01:19:52I'm quite serious.
01:19:53You're not here and neither am i.
01:19:57That's amazing!
01:19:59Where are we?
01:20:00At rekall.
01:20:01You're strapped into an implant chair and I'm monitoring you from the psycho-probe console.
01:20:07Ah, I get it.
01:20:08I'm dreaming and all of this is part of the delightful vacation your company has sold me.
01:20:13Not exactly.
01:20:14What you're experiencing is a free-formed delusion based on our memory tapes, but you're inventing yourself as you go along.
01:20:22Well, if it is my delusion, who the hell invited you?
01:20:26I've been artificially implanted as an emergency measure.
01:20:29 quaid, but you've suffered a schizoid embolism.
01:20:33We can't snap you out of your fantasy and I've been sent in to try to talk you down.
01:20:39How much is cohaagen paying you for this?
01:20:42Think about it, your dream started in the middle of the implant procedure.
01:20:46Everything after that the chases, the trip to mars, the suite at the hilton are elements of your rekall holiday and ego drip.
01:20:53You paid to be a secret agent.
01:20:57It's coincidence.
01:20:59What about the girl?
01:21:01Brunette, athletic, sleazy, and demure-- just as you specified-- is that coincidence?
01:21:07No, she's real.
01:21:08I dreamt about her before I even went to rekall.
01:21:11Mr. quaid, can you hear yourself?
01:21:14She's real because you dreamed her?
01:21:17That's right.
01:21:17Well, maybe this'll convince you.
01:21:20Would you mind opening the door?
01:21:24You open it.
01:21:25No need to be rude.
01:21:27I'll do it.
01:21:39Come in, mrs. quaid.
01:21:44Well, I suppose you're not here either.
01:21:47I'm here at rekall.
01:21:54I love you.
01:21:56Right-- that's why you tried to kill me.
01:21:59No, I'd never do anything to hurt you.
01:22:03I want you to come back to me.
01:22:08(Dr. Edgemar) WHAT'S (deleted), MR. QUAID?
01:22:10That you're having a paranoid episode triggered by acute neuro-chemical trauma or that you're really an invincible secret agent from mars who's the victim of an interplanetary conspiracy to make him think he's a lowly construction worker.
01:22:33Stop punishing yourself, doug.
01:22:35You're a fine upstanding man.
01:22:37You have a beautiful wife that loves you.
01:22:40Your whole life is ahead of you.
01:22:44You've got to want to return to reality.
01:22:49Let's assume I do, then what?
01:22:55Swallow this.
01:22:57What is it?
01:22:58It's a symbol of your desire to return to reality.
01:23:01Inside your dream you'll fall asleep.
01:23:07All right, let's say you're telling the truth and this is all a dream.
01:23:12I could pull this trigger and it won't matter.
01:23:15Doug, don't.
01:23:16Won't make the slightest difference to me, doug, but the consequences to you would be devastating.
01:23:21In your mind, I'll be dead and with no one to guide you out, you'll be stuck in permanent psychosis.
01:23:26Doug, let dr. edgemar help you.
01:23:28The walls of reality will come crashing down.
01:23:30One minute you'll be the savior of the rebel cause, and the next thing you'll know, you'll be cohaagen's bosom buddy.
01:23:36You'll even have fantasies about alien civilizations as you requested, but in the end, back on earth, you'll be lobotomized.
01:23:45So get a grip on yourself, doug, and put down that gun!
01:23:56Now take the pill and put it in your mouth.
01:24:04Swallow it!
01:24:08Go ahead, sweetheart.
01:24:33now you've done it.
01:24:35Now you've done it!
01:24:39(fighting cries) Ah!
01:24:57That's for making me come to mars.
01:25:01You know how much I hate this planet.
01:25:07Cuff him.
01:25:42♪♪♪ (underwater noises in background) (scuba diver speaking French in background) Say this tube is a 4G LTE wireless network.
01:25:47Verizon keeps your data flowing fast and steady.
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01:25:58You can barely watch your shows.
01:26:00This is no way to treat people.
01:26:03A better network doesn't mess with your data.
01:26:07(underwater echo) Callender's dinner when homemade.
01:26:29Like chicken blanketed in golden breadcrumbs and wholesome sides with her signature touches.
01:26:32All topped with thick, homemade gravy.
01:26:34Because dinner shouldn't take all day...
01:26:37just taste like it did.
01:26:38Marie Callender's.
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01:30:45I got him.
01:30:46Good, bring him down in the service elevator.
01:30:50Let's go.
01:31:08(elevator bell dings) ♪♪♪♪
01:32:21You wouldn't hurt me, would you, sweetheart?
01:32:25Sweetheart, be reasonable-- after all, we're married.
01:32:36Consider that a divorce.
01:32:40That was your wife?
01:32:46What a bitch.
01:32:56Hey, get outta the way!
01:33:00I thought you didn't like me.
01:33:02Cohaagen wants you dead-- we might be okay.
01:33:05Got it.
01:33:06So you've come back to apologize.
01:33:08Kuato wants to see you.
01:33:10(elevator dinging) Come on!
01:33:42now what?
01:34:13No-- don't do it!
01:34:19What are you gonna do, kill us?
01:34:21The dome will crack!
01:34:35Move! hey!
01:34:40(whistling) MELINA!
01:34:46Need a ride? last resort-- quick!
01:34:48You guys are goin' in circles.
01:34:51(gunshots) Come on, get going.
01:34:58You guys are in trouble?
01:34:59Go, go!
01:35:11What you tryin' to do to me, man?
01:35:13Shut up and drive!
01:35:14Hey, I got five kids to feed!
01:35:52.. ahhh!
01:36:12now they're after me!
01:36:15(screaming) Hey, outta the way!
01:36:33Come on!
01:36:34Come on!
01:36:39Thank you, tony. uh-huh.
01:36:58Where are they?
01:37:02(screaming) Kill them all!
01:37:09(everyone screaming) Ahh!
01:37:30(rapid firing) Richter!
01:37:49A call from cohaagen.
01:37:51Richter here, we've got them pinned down.
01:37:53Stop fighting and pull out.
01:37:54They've got quaid-- they're protecting him.
01:38:00Get out of sector g, now.
01:38:02Don't think-- do it!
01:38:04Yes, sir.
01:38:05Pull 'em out!
01:38:07Everybody, pull out!
01:38:19Cohaagen's sealing off the area!
01:38:22Come on, benny!
01:38:38(blade whooshing slowing down) ♪♪♪♪
01:39:26They worked themselves to death, but cohaagen ended up with all the money.
01:39:30He built cheap domes and watched the kids turn into freaks.
01:39:33I saw them.
01:39:34And if you wanna breath, you have to buy his air.
01:39:37Maybe you can change all that.
01:39:39Hey, I think my grandpa might be here.
01:39:43So what can I do?
01:39:44Kuato's gonna make you remember some things you knew when you were hauser. like what?
01:39:49All sorts of things.
01:39:50Like maybe you'll remember that you loved me.
01:39:52I don't need kuato for that.
01:39:55Since when?
01:40:08Come on, melina.
01:40:11Kuato's waiting.
01:40:13Hey, I didn't find grandpa-- (guns cocking) (deleted).
01:40:18Who's this?
01:40:20He helped us get away.
01:40:21Hey, don't worry about me, man.
01:40:24I'm on your side.
01:40:36You're a mutant, huh?
01:40:38All right, let's go.
01:40:46After tryingbrookside chocolate, people talkabout it online.
01:40:49Love at first taste.
01:40:50I would liquify itand bathe in it.
01:40:52Curse you, brookside!
01:40:53Your nefarious planshave succeeded.
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01:40:59Talk about delicious.
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01:43:32SFX: (blows nose) ♪♪♪♪♪
01:43:40SFX: (baby whines) ♪♪♪♪♪
01:46:02You wait here-- follow me.
01:46:04It won't do any good.
01:46:05Cohaagen pressurized the tunnels.
01:46:08Then drill through to section m.
01:46:09We can't.
01:46:11We're runnin' out of air.
01:46:13We need help.
01:46:13Okay, sit tight-- melina just got here with quaid.
01:46:18I hope he was worth it.
01:46:20So do i.
01:46:23I'm glad you made it. you don't look so glad.
01:46:25Cohaagen sealed up venusville.
01:46:27He shut off the air.
01:46:29You must know something pretty damn important, quaid.
01:46:32He wants you.
01:46:33If we don't hand you over, everybody in the sector will be dead by morning.
01:46:36Well, then we don't have much choice, do we?
01:46:39We can't turn him in.
01:46:41That's up to kuato.
01:46:43Come with me, quaid.
01:46:58Sit down.
01:47:00Where's kuato?
01:47:01On his way.
01:47:02You heard the rumors about the pyramid mine.
01:47:07Cohaagen found something weird inside AND IT'S GOT HIM SCARED (deleted).
01:47:11What-- aliens?
01:47:14You tell me.
01:47:16I don't know.
01:47:18Yes, you do.
01:47:19That's why we brought you here.
01:47:20Cohaagen's big secret is buried in that black hole ..
01:47:27And kuato's gonna dig it out.
01:47:29You're kuato, right?
01:47:32Kuato's a mutant, so don't get upset when you see him.
01:47:44(heavy breathing and soft grunting) What do you want, mr. quaid?
01:48:17.. to remember.
01:48:21But why?
01:48:22To be myself again.
01:48:24You are what you do.
01:48:29A man is defined by his actions, not his memory.
01:48:36Please, take my hand.
01:48:44.. please.
01:48:52Open your mind.
01:48:56Open your mind.
01:49:01Open your mind.
01:49:06Open your mind.
01:49:12Open your mind.
01:49:39(music continues) (Richter) HE SAYS BLOW THE THING UP BEFORE The rebels turn it on.
01:49:48I say we throw the switch and see what happens.
01:49:51Don't be an idiot-- we can't risk it.
01:49:53The chain reaction could spread to all the tirbinium.
01:49:56That means meltdown.
01:49:57Meltdown on a planetary scale.
01:49:59Don't you think whoever built this thing thought of that?
01:50:01Who knows what the hell they thought.
01:50:04They weren't human.
01:50:04Maybe it's a trap-- maybe they want a meltdown.
01:50:07We don't even know if this piece of junk will work.
01:50:10What is it a million-- half a million?
01:50:12About half a million.
01:50:13Half a million years old.
01:50:48wake up-- wake up!
01:50:50Come on-- wake up!
01:50:53They've found us!
01:50:55Let's go!
01:50:56Wake up-- snap out of it now!
01:50:58Come on!
01:51:03get down-- everybody out!
01:51:06Get moving-- get out!
01:51:09(yelling and gunfire) Get to the ammo-- follow me!
01:51:32Ready, come on!
01:51:38I'm coming!
01:51:43(screaming and gunfire) Put these space suits on.
01:52:01We're going outside.
01:52:05Benny, hurry.
01:52:14Congratulations, quaid.
01:52:16You led us right to him.
01:52:19How can you do this-- you're a mutant.
01:52:22I've got four kids to feed.
01:52:24So what happened to number five?
01:52:27AH, (deleted) MAN, YOU GOT ME.
01:52:32I ain't even married.
01:52:33NOW PUT YOUR (deleted) HANDS IN THE AIR.
01:52:48Forget it, man, his fortune tellin' days are over.
01:52:53Start the reactor.
01:52:58Free mars.
01:53:04Mr. cohaagen would like to talk to you.
01:53:14So this is the great man?
01:53:22No wonder he kept outta sight.
01:53:30...You're a hero.
01:53:33Huh, don't be modest.
01:53:35Kuato is dead.
01:53:36The resistance has been completely wiped out and you were the key to whole thing.
01:53:41He's lying.
01:53:43YOU TWO FACED (deleted).
01:53:47You can't blame him, angel.
01:53:50He's innocent.
01:53:52You see, quaid, none of my people could get close to kuato.
01:53:56Mutants could always sniff us out.
01:54:02The perfect mole.
01:54:04You know you're lying.
01:54:06Hauser turned against you.
01:54:09(laughing) That's what we wanted you to think.
01:54:13The fact is, hauser volunteered to become doug quaid.
01:54:17It was the only way to fool the psychics.
01:54:20Oh, get your stories straight.
01:54:21This idiot here has been trying to kill me ever since I went to rekall.
01:54:24You don't kill somebody you're trying to plant.
01:54:27He wasn't in on it.
01:54:29You set him off by going to rekall.
01:54:31So why am I still alive?
01:54:32We gave you lots of help.
01:54:34Benny here. my pleasure, man.
01:54:36The guy with the suitcase, the mask, the money, the message from hauser-- all of that was set up by us.
01:54:44Sorry, too perfect.
01:54:46PERFECT MY (deleted).
01:54:47You popped your memory cap before we can activate you.
01:54:50Richter goes hog wild screwing up everything I spent a year planning.
01:54:54Frankly, I'm amazed it worked.
01:54:58Well, cohaagen, I have to hand it to you.
01:55:02IT'S THE BEST (deleted) YET.
01:55:05Oh, don't take my word for it.
01:55:09Someone you trust wants to talk to you.
01:55:12Who is it this time, my mother?
01:55:16Howdy, quaid.
01:55:18If you're listening to this, it means that kuato is dead and you've led us to him.
01:55:24I knew you wouldn't let me down.
01:55:26SORRY FOR THAT (deleted) I PUT YOU THROUGH, But, hey, what are friends for?
01:55:30I would like to wish you happiness and long life, old buddy, but unfortunately this is not going to happen.
01:55:37You see, it's my body you've got there and I want it back.
01:55:42Sorry to be an indian giver, but I was here first.
01:55:46So adios, amigo, and thanks for not getting yourself killed.
01:55:51Hey, maybe we'll meet in our dreams.
01:55:55(laughing) You never know.
01:56:25let go of me.
01:56:42(man) READY-- TWO, CHECK.
01:56:45Ready to go, sir.
01:56:50Relax, quaid.
01:56:51You'll like being hauser.
01:56:53(Quaid) THE GUY'S A (deleted).
01:56:55Not true-- he's one of my best friends.
01:56:58Besides, he's got a big house and a mercedes.
01:57:01You like melina right?
01:57:03WELL, YOU GET TO (deleted) HER EVERY NIGHT.
01:57:05That's right.
01:57:06She's gonna be hauser's babe.
01:57:09I'LL BUST HIS (deleted).
01:57:13Un-uh, princess.
01:57:14We're having you fixed.
01:57:17You're gonna be respectful, compliant, ..
01:57:22The way a woman should be.
01:57:25(phone rings) (man) MR. COHAAGEN, TELEPHONE.
01:57:33Yes, what is it?
01:57:33Sir, the oxygen level is bottoming out in sector g.
01:57:37What do you want me to do about it?
01:57:39Don't do anything.
01:57:41But they won't last an hour, sir.
01:57:44Be a good lesson to the others.
01:57:46Come on, cohaagen, you got what you want.
01:57:48Give those people air.
01:57:50My friend, in five minutes you won't give A (deleted) About the people.
01:57:55Fire it up, doc.
01:57:56Excuse me, doctor, is he going to remember any of this?
01:57:59Not a thing.
01:58:00Oh, really?
01:58:12Oh, quaid, I'm having a party tonight.
01:58:14Why don't you and melina drop by?
01:58:16REMIND HIM, DOC? (Doc) OH, SURE.
01:58:18See you at the party.
01:58:27(screaming in pain) Be still.
01:58:35Fighting just makes it hurt.
01:58:49If you don't keep still, you'll end up like (deleted).
01:59:05Melina, hold on!
01:59:29Are you all right?
01:59:30Are you still you?
01:59:32I'm not sure, dear.
01:59:34What do you think?
01:59:38Let's get the hell outta here!
02:01:06give it to me I'm worth it.
02:01:09Baby I'm worth it.
02:01:11Uh huh I'm worth it.
02:01:13Gimme gimme I'm worth it.
02:01:16Give it to me I'm worth it.
02:01:19Baby I'm worth it.
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02:03:29Yeah, you get that.
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02:03:33(hawk screech) Cheesefor kids?
02:03:38Did you cook some proteinto go with it?
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02:03:45I didn't use the double broiler.
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02:05:32you have to make a decision, sir.
02:05:46Kill him.
02:05:48IT'S ABOUT (deleted) DAMN TIME.
02:06:41where you going?
02:06:43To the reactor.
02:06:44What reactor?
02:06:45The one in the mines-- come on!
02:06:48People are dying, quaid-- stop!
02:06:50We've got to get air!
02:06:51The reactor makes air-- that's cohaagen's secret.
02:06:53Let's go!
02:06:55Where'd this reactor come from?
02:06:57Aliens built it.
02:06:58Aliens-- are you sure about this?
02:07:01It's just up ahead.
02:07:31(Benny) QUAID-- HEY, QUAID.
02:07:32You remember me?
02:07:34Benny-- benny's the name.
02:07:51Oh, that's good!
02:07:58I'm gonna drill you, sucka.
02:08:00I'm gonna grind you up.
02:08:10(laughing) I'M COMIN'.
02:08:11I'm comin' for you, baby.
02:08:29WHAT THE (deleted)?
02:08:37Damn this piece of junk.
02:08:41Hey, quaid, I'm gonna squash you.
02:08:50WHERE THE (deleted) ARE YOU?
02:08:59(screaming) Quaid, get over here.
02:09:07What is it?
02:09:10There's an opening.
02:09:12I knew it.
02:09:41This whole thing is one big reactor made out of tirbinium.
02:09:44Cohaagen knows it makes air and won't turn it on.
02:09:49Of course not, if mars had an atmosphere, he'd lose control.
02:09:54See down there-- it's a glacier.
02:09:58The whole core of mars is ice.
02:10:01The reactor melts it and it releases the oxygen.
02:10:06Come on.
02:10:07Enough for everyone to breathe?
02:10:10Enough for the whole planet, if we turn it on in time.
02:10:22Come on-- come on!
02:10:41Hold on.
02:11:38(laughing) Son of a bitch.
02:11:54Let's go!
02:11:58He's got a hold of them.
02:12:21(laughing) DO YOU THINK THIS IS THE REAL Quaid?
02:12:24It is.
02:13:44you're coming with me.
02:13:52(screams) See you at the party, richter.
02:14:39Don't touch that.
02:14:40Get away-- get back!
02:14:42What are you afraid of?
02:14:44Turn it on. impossible!
02:14:46Once the reactor starts, it will spread to all the tirbinium in the planet.
02:14:49Mars will go into global meltdown.
02:14:51That's why the aliens never turned it on.
02:14:54And you expect me to believe you?
02:14:56WHO GIVES A (deleted) WHAT YOU BELIEVE?
02:14:58In 30 seconds, you'll be dead and I'll blow this place up and be home in time for corn flakes.
02:15:07I didn't want it to end this way.
02:15:10I wanted hauser back, but no, you had to be quaid.
02:15:16I am quaid.
02:15:17You're nothing!
02:15:18You're nobody.
02:15:19You're a stupid dream.
02:15:21Well, all dreams come to an end.
02:15:42(beeping) Ahhh!
02:16:39Melina, hold on.
02:16:41No, don't do it!
02:16:44We'll all die!
02:16:46Everybody will die!
02:16:51(screaming) (screaming in pain) (screaming) Quaid!
02:17:56(screaming) (screaming in pain) (screaming in pain) Nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain.
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02:28:26(music continues) I can't believe it-- it's like a dream.
02:29:00What's wrong?
02:29:02I just had a terrible thought.
02:29:04What if this is a dream?
02:29:07Well, then kiss me quick before you wake up.
00:00:24Give it to me I'm worth it.
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00:01:37you have to make a decision, sir.
00:01:51Kill him.
00:01:53IT'S ABOUT (deleted) DAMN TIME.
00:02:46where you going?
00:02:48To the reactor.
00:02:49What reactor?
00:02:50The one in the mines-- come on!
00:02:53People are dying, quaid-- stop!
00:02:55We've got to get air!
00:02:56The reactor makes air-- that's cohaagen's secret.
00:02:58Let's go!
00:03:00Where'd this reactor come from?
00:03:02Aliens built it.
00:03:03Aliens-- are you sure about this?
00:03:06It's just up ahead.
00:03:36(Benny) QUAID-- HEY, QUAID.
00:03:37You remember me?
00:03:39Benny-- benny's the name.
00:03:56Oh, that's good!
00:04:03I'm gonna drill you, sucka.
00:04:05I'm gonna grind you up.
00:04:15(laughing) I'M COMIN'.
00:04:16I'm comin' for you, baby.
00:00:07(screaming) Quaid, get over here.
00:00:16What is it?
00:00:19There's an opening.
00:00:20I knew it.
00:00:50This whole thing is one big reactor made out of tirbinium.
00:00:53Cohaagen knows it makes air and won't turn it on.
00:00:58Of course not, if mars had an atmosphere, he'd lose control.
00:01:03See down there-- it's a glacier.
00:01:07The whole core of mars is ice.
00:01:10The reactor melts it and it releases the oxygen.
00:01:15Come on.
00:01:16Enough for everyone to breathe?
00:01:19Enough for the whole planet, if we turn it on in time.
00:01:31Come on-- come on!
00:01:50Hold on.
00:02:47(laughing) Son of a bitch.
00:03:03Let's go!
00:03:07He's got a hold of them.
00:03:30(laughing) DO YOU THINK THIS IS THE REAL Quaid?
00:03:32It is.
00:04:53you're coming with me.
00:05:01(screams) See you at the party, richter.
00:05:48Don't touch that.
00:05:49Get away-- get back!
00:05:51What are you afraid of?
00:05:53Turn it on. impossible!
00:05:55Once the reactor starts, it will spread to all the tirbinium in the planet.
00:05:58Mars will go into global meltdown.
00:06:00That's why the aliens never turned it on.
00:06:03And you expect me to believe you?
00:06:05WHO GIVES A (deleted) WHAT YOU BELIEVE?
00:06:07In 30 seconds, you'll be dead and I'll blow this place up and be home in time for corn flakes.
00:06:15I didn't want it to end this way.
00:06:19I wanted hauser back, but no, you had to be quaid.
00:06:24I am quaid.
00:06:26You're nothing!
00:06:27You're nobody.
00:06:28You're a stupid dream.
00:06:30Well, all dreams come to an end.
00:06:51(beeping) Ahhh!
00:07:48Melina, hold on.
00:07:50No, don't do it!
00:07:52We'll all die!
00:07:55Everybody will die!
00:08:00(screaming) (screaming in pain) (screaming) Quaid!
00:09:05(screaming) (screaming in pain) (screaming in pain) Nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain.
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00:15:25(screaming in pain) (screaming in pain) (people panicking) (gasping in pain) (people panicking) (gasping in pain) ♪♪♪♪
00:19:35(music continues) I can't believe it-- it's like a dream.
00:20:09What's wrong?
00:20:11I just had a terrible thought.
00:20:13What if this is a dream?
00:20:16Well, then kiss me quick before you wake up.
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00:22:53In other news, officials at the pacific nuclear research facility have denied the rumor that a case of missing plutonium was, in fact, stolen from their vault two weeks ago.
00:23:03A libyan terrorist group had claimed responsibility for the alleged theft.
00:23:09[alarm clock ringing] However, the officials now attribute the discrepancy to a simple clerical error.
00:23:23[buzzing] [machine whirring] - Hey, doc?
00:24:04Hello?anybody home?
00:24:07Einstein, come here, boy.
00:24:09What's going on? wha-- aw, god!
00:24:12Aw, jesus!
00:24:15That is disgusting.
00:24:17Where the hell is he?
00:24:24[low electric hum] [amplifier humming, intensifying]