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00:00:00In its tracks, so kids can continue to pass on the fun of learning.
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00:02:58(Background conversations) ♪♪♪♪ well, well. if it isn't the merry mechanic.
00:03:16What are you doing here? Aren't you a little old?
00:03:20 when it comes to education, there's no such thing as too old. sit down.
00:03:26(Andrew) good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
00:03:29Some of you have come up to me recently with some questions about the assignment that's due on friday.
00:03:36So, let me clarify to you exactly what i want.
00:03:40I want you guys to write about a feeling, that'shat I'm looking for.
00:04:01Now, I don't expect you guys to write likewordsworth, but let me give you an example of what this man could do with just one moment in time. okay?
00:04:10"She was a phantom of delight med upon my sight "a lovely apparition sent to be a moment's ornament "her eyes as stars of twilight fair, "like twilights, too, her dusky hair "but all things else about her drawn from may time the dancing shape " (ricky) "i won't do it again-- "love you with open arms, without fear of falling.
00:04:58"I have fallen before.
00:05:00"We learn by failure, like a baby's first steps, "crumbling, getting up, "crying as we reach for the one we love.
00:05:10" what's this supposed to be?
00:05:22It's a book of poetry yet to be written.
00:05:25Thanks, monica, but that's not really my style.
00:05:30You write on the walls of rest rooms because you think it's temporary, because you think your words are garbage, not worthy of a real place in the world.
00:05:42But they are worthy, ricky.
00:05:44They areyourwords, yourthoughts, and they deserve to be remembered.
00:05:50They need to be written down on paper.
00:05:53I don't write anything down on paper.
00:05:57That's a shame. I'll see you in the morning.
00:06:09(Monica) they need to be written down.
00:06:11(Ricky) I don't write anything down on paper.
00:06:14 that's a shame.
00:06:50Look what you did, you stupid little brat!
00:06:54You ruined it. no, daddy. please!
00:06:57Shut up! just shut up, you stinking kid!
00:07:02Why don't you use a bathroom where you actually buy your gas?
00:07:07Why don't you get a life, you punk townie?
00:07:16what actually is a "townie," tess?
00:07:19Well, baby, a townie is what the college students call the kids it's one of those cruel words to make people feel bad about themselves.
00:07:31And when people like ricky hear it often enough, they begin tofeelthat way.
00:07:37And pretty soon you don't even have to say it at all.
00:07:51(Andrew) just the man I was looking for.
00:07:54I'm going to be late for class and I don'tlike to be late for class, so I'm gonna make this very short.
00:08:01You must be registered for my class in order to attend, and you're not.
00:08:07I was thinking about it. that's good.
00:08:09Think some more and then do something about it.
00:08:13I'm gonna let you attend for one week, but after that, you got to make a decision.
00:08:23This is gonna be great.
00:08:26Yeah. she's gonna love this.
00:08:28All right. hit the lights.
00:08:35Surprise! surprise!
00:08:38Oh, no, richard!
00:08:40Oh, no! no, don't! please don't hit me.
00:08:43It's us. it's not dad. it's okay, mom.
00:08:47 (sobbing) oh, god, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
00:08:53I wasn't thinking, mom. I wasn't thinking.
00:09:03Good morning. isn't it a school day?
00:09:06 um, where's ricky?
00:09:09He had something he needed to do.
00:09:12How was your mother's birthday party last night?
00:09:14 but I did figure out what I wanted to do for my invention.
00:09:18Ah. what's that?
00:09:20I want to invent something to make people forget bad things.
00:09:23 is there something that you'd like to forget?
00:09:27 but your mom and ricky do?
00:09:34You know, sometimes, joey, you have to remember the bad things so that you can learn from them.
00:09:42 but sometimes bad things don't stop, even when you've already learned something.
00:09:50I graded your poems last night, and I got to tell you, they are, for the most part, pretty darn good.
00:09:58There's one, however, that strikes me as surprisingly good, and I would really like the young man who wrote it to come up here and read it to the class.
00:10:08So, marshall-- marshall fuller?
00:10:22(Clears throat) "i won't do it again-- "love you with open arms, without fear of falling.
00:10:32"I have fallen before. we learn by failure.
00:10:37"Like a baby's first steps, crumbling, getting up, "crying as we reach for the one we love.
00:10:46" (GIRL) Who is that guy?
00:10:53(BOY) He didn't even go to school here.
00:10:56You know, I think he's a townie.
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00:12:35up, I want to fix up old houses.
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00:12:43I want to run a marathon.
00:12:46I'm going to work with kids.
00:12:48I'm going to own my own restaurant.
00:12:50When I grow up, I'm going to start a band.
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00:12:57Thanks, mom. I just want to get my car back.
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00:13:58They love it when I take my work home with me.
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00:15:12 what are you doing hanging around here?
00:15:16Are you trying to be a college boy or something?
00:15:20No. just hating somebody's guts.
00:15:25Hating their car, too.
00:15:29(Tires squealing) ♪♪♪♪
00:15:39well, it doesn't have to work.
00:15:41It just has to be an invention that could work in the future.
00:15:46Men are always inventing new things.
00:15:49They just have to have someone to give them the idea.
00:15:52How would it work?-- in the future, I mean.
00:15:55First you'd get some uranium, and you'd put it in here.
00:15:58And then you would x-ray your brain waves.
00:16:01You'd have to look into something. what?
00:16:04 but it would hypnotize you.
00:16:07And then-- boom-- all your bad memories would be gone.
00:16:21Oh. hey, ricky.
00:16:27Well, at least they liked your poem.
00:16:31I really don't feel like being made fun of right now.
00:16:34 but the truth is, if you had been enrolled, youwould be the one getting the praise.
00:16:39Don't you see you need to get the education that you want?
00:16:42 it's not that easy.
00:16:45 what about joey?
00:16:48The best thing you could do for your family is to show them that someone could overcome the pain you've all been through.
00:16:54 no matter what I do, there's always gonna be guys like that who'll do anything to succeed and guys like me who get stepped on along the way.
00:17:03Maybe that's why you can't poetry, ricky.
00:17:06 but you're almost an adult now.
00:17:10And it's time for you to learn to stand up and not allow yourself to be used in that way so that men like marshall and your father-- joey! get out of here.
00:17:26Don'ttalk about my father.
00:17:33"My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky.
00:17:37"So it was when my life began, so it is now I am a man.
00:17:41"So be it when I shall grow old, or let me die.
00:17:46"The child is father of the man.
00:17:49"And I could wish my days to be bound each to each " hey. where is my car?
00:18:07Ah, man!
00:18:17I begin to imagine what this is for.
00:18:21How did you get this job?
00:18:25(Car pulls up) what's up, college boy? you need a ride anywhere?
00:18:37 get that out of here!
00:18:41(Classical music playing) shh. come on.
00:18:46 we did you a favor.
00:18:50Well, don't do me any more favors.
00:18:53Get it out of here! your loss, man.
00:19:20Hey. hey. hey, buddy.
00:19:24Where have you been?
00:19:25Doing what I should have been doing all along: Looking for a job.
00:19:29I'm sorry I've been stressed out lately.
00:19:32Will you forgive me? yeah.
00:19:37How's the invention coming? terrible.
00:19:40I'm still missing one part, and the convention's tomorrow.
00:19:45Don't worry. you'll think of something.
00:19:45Use your imagination.
00:19:57Dad was better at taking stuff apart.
00:20:00All right. now go back to sleep.
00:20:03I got to slip under the mom radar.
00:20:14What about this?
00:20:16They put it on their heads and it hypnotizes them.
00:20:18You still don't get it. you better find something.
00:20:21The convention starts in half an hour, and I promised your mother we'd be on time.
00:20:28(Telephone rings) keep looking.
00:20:34Hypnotizer. hypnotizer.
00:20:39Hypnotizer. hypnotizer.
00:00:14this is a very serious chae.
00:00:16Why do you believe some townie who's just trying on cover his because I know the truth when I hear it.
00:00:24And the truth is you stole my poem.
00:00:28Prove it.
00:00:31You copied it off the wall at the gas station.
00:00:34 I washed it off.
00:00:38You must have written it down somewhere.
00:00:41No. I don't write anything down.
00:00:46 that doesn't prove anything.
00:00:51Fine. I'll tell you what.
00:00:53Why don't you recite the poem for me?
00:01:04"I won't do it again.
00:01:07" ..
00:01:12Go on. I can't.
00:01:16I wrote it about a girl. it's very emotional.
00:01:20I can't go on.
00:01:22That's because it's not about a girl.
00:01:26..about my dad, and i-- I wrote a lot more than the 8 lines that he turned in.
00:01:40I wrote-- I wrote more.
00:01:50"I won't do it again-- ..
00:01:57"With open arms, without fear of falling.
00:02:05"I have-- "i have fallen before.
00:02:15"We learn by failure, "like a baby's first steps, "crumbling, getting up, "crying as we reach for the one that we love.
00:02:33"And I won't do it again.
00:02:38"You taught me to lie.
00:02:43"I learned at your feet.
00:02:46"'She-- ' ' "your family lay scattered about you "like the pages crumpled from a book, "the book that I wrote ' "the book that you ripped out of my hand.
00:03:27"And I won't do it again.
00:03:35"Never again, dad.
00:03:40" I thought maybe-- I thought you'd forgotten most of that.
00:03:53But you didn't, did you? I am so sorry.
00:03:58You should never have had to live through that.
00:04:02 you did the best that you could.
00:04:07So that's why you guys never talk about dad.
00:04:13He hurt you?
00:04:17But he never hurt you.
00:04:20And that is the one thing that I'm proud of in my life.
00:04:28How could you do this, marshall?
00:04:37And what are you gonna do about it?
00:04:51And I wouldn't have took your mirror if it wasn't such a nice car.
00:04:58And if tess finds your car, I'll put that mirror back on.
00:05:02I will.
00:05:08I found it, all right. it's right outside.
00:05:11And there are a couple of boys out there that think differently about joy riding now.
00:05:21So, joey. you thinking about your next invention?
00:05:26Yep. what's it going to be?
00:05:28Something that makes macaroni and cheese whenever you want.
00:05:30 it's called your mother.
00:05:35(Laughing) will you do something for me, ricky?
00:05:41Will you write down that poem someday?
00:05:47Yeah, I will. I will.
00:05:52(Mother) I didn't know you could write like that.
00:05:56Maybe it wouldn't hurt if you took that class.
00:05:59(Ricky) no. it won't hurt, mom. not anymore.
00:06:08(Chimes sounding) (cooing) captioning made possible byhallmark channel and friends of nci ♪♪ how can we knowhow far ♪♪
00:07:34♪♪ the long way can be ♪♪
00:07:37♪♪ lookin' fromwhere we are ♪♪
00:07:40♪♪ it never seemedthat long to me ♪♪
00:07:44♪♪ I have many milesbehind me ♪♪
00:07:48♪♪ maybe notso much ahead ♪♪
00:07:51♪♪ it seemsi made good time ♪♪
00:07:54♪♪ with the directionsi misread ♪♪
00:07:58♪♪ so I'm gonnaspend my time ♪♪
00:08:00♪♪ like it'sgoing out of style ♪♪
00:08:05♪♪ I'm moving the bottom line ♪♪
00:08:09♪♪ farther than a country mile ♪♪
00:08:12♪♪ I'll still have hillsto climb ♪♪
00:08:15♪♪ before I hit that wall ♪♪
00:08:20♪♪ no matterhow much time I buy ♪♪
00:08:25♪♪ I can neverspend it all ♪♪
00:08:36♪♪ I'm gonnaspend my time ♪♪
00:08:51>> brenda, let me havemr. simmons' file.
00:08:54>> Yes, doctor.
00:08:59>> His room's available.
00:09:02I'll be in the doctors' lounge.
00:09:04>> Yes, doctor.
00:09:09 magruder's chart, please?
00:09:14>> Sure.
00:09:18>> Thank you.
00:09:20She doesn't have much time left, so it's important that we try and keep her as comfortable as possible.
00:09:28>> Yes, doctor.
00:09:29We need more doctors like that one.
00:10:03>> Hi.
00:10:07>> Oh.
00:10:09>> How are you doing?
00:10:11>> Hi, dr. syd.
00:10:14The beeping is getting a little annoying.
00:10:19But I suppose I'd really get annoyed when it stops.
00:10:27>> I'm so sorry I couldn't do more.
00:10:29 you've already done so much for me.
00:10:33All the other doctors said I could just have 4 months, and you found a way to find me 4 years.
00:10:38Because of you, I was able to see my son graduate from college.
00:10:43I'll never be able to thank you enough for that.
00:10:51>> I'll check on you a little later.
00:10:53If you need anything, you let us know, ok?
00:10:56>> Ok.
00:11:23>> Hey.
00:11:24>> Hey.
00:11:25>> You feel like going out to dinner tonight?
00:11:26>> I think I'm going to stay here a few extra hours.
00:11:32>> What's up? you covering for someone?
00:11:34>> Mrs. magruder's slipping away.
00:11:39>> It happens, syd.
00:11:39You've been doing this long enough to know it's all a part of life.
00:11:44>> I know. it's just so hard to let go.
00:11:47>> Your problem is you care too much.
00:11:49The less involved you get, the easier it is to let nature take its course.
00:11:53Let me take you out to dinner, get your mind off it.
00:11:56>> I don't think so.
00:11:57>> Well, if you head home early, call me.
00:12:00 my first surgery's not until 10:00 tomorrow.
00:12:04>> Not tonight.
00:12:06>> Ok.
00:12:07>> Thanks, though.
00:12:14Thanks for coming over.
00:12:16I really didn't want to be alone tonight.
00:12:20>> Hey, what are friends for?
00:12:21>> I know it's just a matter of time, ..
00:12:26That's she's going to get to go home again.
00:12:29>> Well, you've done everything you and modern medicine could, syd.
00:12:34>> Do you know what gretchen told me?
00:12:37>> Hmm?
00:12:38>> She didn't think I was happy.
00:12:40>> Smart woman.
00:12:43>> Oh, come on. I'm happy.
00:12:44I'm successful. I have a good practice.
00:12:48.. decent relationship.
00:12:52>> Dr. personality?
00:12:53If that's a decent relationship, I'd rather die alone.
00:12:57Maybe with a houseful of cats, but definitely alone.
00:13:06Balloon stationery?
00:13:08You going to a party at chuck e. cheese?
00:13:12 that's an invitation to my high school reunion.
00:13:16>> And you're going, right?
00:13:17>> You know, I can't see any reason why i should go.
00:13:19>> Well, you haven't been home since your dad's funeral.
00:13:22Aren't you at all curious to see if things may have changed?
00:13:26>> No, because I know they haven't changed at all.
00:13:30I spent my whole life trying to distance myself from that place.
00:13:34>> You could see your mother.
00:13:35>> I don't think that's gonna make me any happier than being right here with mr. personality.
00:13:40 all I'm saying is it might be fun to see who got fat or bald.
00:13:47You'd be returning as a successful doctor who still wears the same size clothes as you did in high school.
00:13:57It'll be strictly on your own terms.
00:14:00And if you didn't have a good time, you'll always have this life to run back to.
00:14:06>> Bloomfield is a little town where you're born, raised, work, marry, and die.
00:14:11>> Sounds like a simple life.
00:14:12>> Yeah, but it's too simple for this girl.
00:14:15I had more world to see.
00:14:17>> Are you going or not?
00:15:25>> Good morning, helen.
00:15:27>> Ruben, really, exactly how is smoking gonna help bloomfield become the healthiest town in america?
00:15:34>> I'm doing my part. it isn't lit.
00:15:40You know, I hear syd's coming back for the reunion.
00:15:44>> What?
00:15:45>> Well, how about that?
00:15:46I know something's going on in this town before you do.
00:15:50That's got to be a first, for anybody.
00:15:52>> Cute. so how did you find out?
00:15:55 to nelson yesterday.
00:15:58Nelson told dusty when he stopped by the tavern for a beer after work.
00:16:02And dusty went home, told cheryl, who told me this morning when she came in to confirm the meat order for the reunion buffet.
00:16:08 sounds like you've got your own little gossip chain going there.
00:16:13>> Now, see, it's not gossip, because we're all on the committee.
00:16:17We leave gossips to the professionals, like yourself.
00:16:23>> You know, it's the 21st century, ruben.
00:16:26Get with it.
00:16:28>> Yeah. and meat is back, baby.
00:16:34>> Hey, helen! helen, wait a minute.
00:16:37>> Wait a minute. >> what?
00:16:38>> Why didn't you tell us that syd was coming back for the reunion?
00:16:41 well-- >> I always felt that syd was the one that got away.
00:16:47>> Me, too.
00:16:49>> Helen. helen!
00:16:51Tell her to call me when she gets here!
00:16:59>> Mm! whew!
00:17:10Well, look who's here.
00:17:12 stopping by for a cup of coffee and a hot chocolate.
00:17:15>> Jake, aren't you a little young for coffee?
00:17:18>> Mine is the hot chocolate.
00:17:20>> Oh, my bad. >> I taught her that.
00:17:22>> You trying to hip her up a little bit?
00:17:23>> As if I needed hippin' up.
00:17:26>> How you doing? how's your tummy?
00:17:28 I'm having a good day.
00:17:31>> Ah, so am i.
00:17:36>> Hi there.
00:17:37>> Until now.
00:17:38>> Hey, handsome.
00:17:39 you know, helen, I'm glad I ran into you.
00:17:43I wanted to ask you something.
00:17:44 sydney is coming back for the reunion.
00:17:47But I didn't say anything because I only found out myself.
00:17:50>> Actually, I was wondering what would be a good time for me to stop by and fix that swing.
00:17:55>> Oh.
00:17:55>> So syd's coming back for the reunion.
00:17:58>> Apparently so.
00:17:59>> I think it's gonna be great to see her again. wouldn't it, honey?
00:18:04>> Yep.
00:18:05>> If she's like you, I can't wait to meet her.
00:18:08 she's nothing like me.
00:18:15>> You know what?
00:18:15I got a cup of coffee and a hot chocolate waiting inside for the two special guys in my life.
00:18:20>> Cool.
00:18:21>> Swing. backyard.
00:18:23>> Anytime. stop by.
00:18:27>> I've been chasing after that guy since high school.
00:18:29>> Then you were just taking a break from chasing gus