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00:00:01Jesus is cont e is on I know he watches an I sing I'm happy and I sing I bau I'm free ooh, his eyehi wh--hieye is on ye iis and he watches sing becaf I'm happ uh cauu I'm free OH, YES, I AMSHIS EiEN Spar atches me ♪
00:05:54comfv4hr i sing bec >> becau I'mappy >> I'm happy ♪
00:06:08Ing >>se b I'm >> I'm fre >> and I know his eye >> >>ov he sparrow >> the sparrow >> and I know >> a I know h w k he watcs >> he watches I kn >> I knowtc h >> because b >> I hpy I'm+m!
00:06:51>> I s í> I sing >> I sing >> because >> becauseecau i >>'m f >> his eye his eye >> his eye >> is on >> is on >> and I know >> I know ♪ h ha. sing it, sing it.
00:07:14♪ And I know >> I k >> I know >> I know >> kno k kno a kno wches >> me ♪
00:07:46loo it'gladni it'sdyig >>s gladys k w whatk 's me for my taekwondo class.
00:08:28>> Wait. wait. wait. yo lt a bold,wthefl.
00:08:34Oetl, yt get mehfghyrup from e other room before you leave for de?
00:08:40>> SURE, WILL. I'LL BE RIGHT JTTOO. BRO[WILHIm >> Oh, nephew, you're gonna fool around and cough up a lung.
00:08:51 you're mt4ll6 he a beach ball!
00:09:00I tell you, your head is so big, every time I look at you, I wanty --juanto ze ei >> stop cussing in here.
00:09:11This is a christian house.
00:09:12[a w dywus s stt wasgoto d I'm going to go have tea with edna and the colonel.
00:09:23wn, it looo meike n ting enough for all o ..
00:09:33>> OWWSiORMU TCH YOURW, IYTHJLSYO'USI'M OUT Tove >> dyore havtotaekwo >> what did ty kwon do now?
00:09:46's llfd >> n ny ontaekwondo.
00:09:54 b I mit nohang onill you t >> oh, m >> stop acting like a little ver w ma?
00:10:10Or rid pe, avd heree another one.
00:10:14>> Uh-, pr tt stf mctiooomoretime, 's gonna be me and you.
00:10:18Now, you all got anything to t riia christia huh alt right. hfh.
00:10:27Ohs y oh, k >> hon.
00:10:34 c lve >> wrego >> that's all right, honey.
00:10:39Mama's here now.
00:10:41 wl, bashain't noere.e he, -b.
00:10:47>> Aw. this is great. my two >>hmm.
00:10:53 'cause at least one iisme I rebu >>uhdnte yabrayinga(stuf you't 'got more cleavage than you. fool.
00:13:47Aret >>aon'suose know where cora kes thecoinne eema chi st6 unar f >> for winos.
00:14:11 aupworkt ®>> kno inenz business, buisn't all that hard working out sething you want to do after you have kids?
00:14:25' Rvf will and I do ve kids-- briannand aquin.
00:14:31 you're leasing them with an option to buyíívfaty ' gonpt sndomods trvg you need t,thba i v thastdisres ..
00:14:54 ywu kno I'u ng where e granhildren ar .
00:14:56 you two done started already?
00:14:58>> Well, she started it.
00:15:07little brown ar othsiy betherit--look at he's--lookit that little--ha hsomethingood whats y imisseda, issedokin, vera cook sod, it'll make yowant to ouma >> really?
00:15:24>> Yes.
00:15:25>> that's 'usowou.
00:15:34>>t a ay j' eis you cant goo cv6 you owe me money, and I nt money.
00:15:43>> Brown, didn't I tell you to stopskinmemoww, ou and iow abt n aiat avthe ime.
00:15:51Tme, I mean it.
00:15:53I was drunk the st tim yk l ti n ted ofalking mdrun I'm not drunk all the time, and I told you-- u>>'old to jt keam make, huh?
00:16:16Baat p it'fonne now, go get away from that pot.
00:16:19>> Vera, y cettestop r up oue like that.
00:16:21You was almost a victim of my cat-like refxe l re t'whatg ouno hb ha t ha ha!
00:16:30>> Speakof catk at they drug in--a bat.
00:16:34I burt,ioat'nv.
00:16:38 Bwnmm what's that tt smls sodmamahomemade soup.
00:16:45ell, he's not feeling that bad.
00:16:55>>Elt, it must have been pretty hard growing up with that not aaumatiaslol ki uat your face every morning.
00:17:06 take this garlic andtilybuo'biou lood iwuwn edna is a vioof loveliness. mwah!
00:17:18>> FU OVER HER OVNE)[ TOOADi.
00:17:23>> Bwn[ednuc] >> LISTEN, WE CAME BY TO SEE IFi TO MOVJ An ris ov a >> o pla >> she ner came by our pce.
00:17:33>> Oh, she's been gone for I know she was pelini a >> I'm getting worried.
00:17:42>> You all talking about the old e lady?h.>>elld h>>hy not?
00:17:48 wh w theast time you saw a picture of an old white dy on the back of a milk carton? ha ha!
00:17:56. >>ou y e for that money shut up, now!
00:18:04>> Something isn't right.
00:18:05Somethin mn, d jucey.
00:18:11Generally just not making ane.
00:18:13>> Yeah, you're right.
00:18:13>> I thought you said she ha't en6 th brown.
00:18:17>>T prob out runni s'alt gh >> hey, everybody. >>ey, ra.
00:18:23>> Hey, listen, is daisy with 'ing wo you lit foyw m I sure yosurer if you could jfiour y out isse >> what's that youaid?>>hi by, timeoudicati.
00:18:54Let me see that.
00:18:55Let me see that.
00:18:56"Mayecome lightheaded and cause a sewfup, d't ne isilim seeing double.
00:19:05And seeing dwuble of brown will give him aetback.
00:19:10Isama'ecial saf.
00:19:11>> O e you go, >> vera, what is in that?
00:19:17>> It's an old family secret.
00:19:18H,hfy iu.
00:19:21Ne)[ >>t's that thing gon it'll a vaporizer it'll open will's nasal wineeds owt t[ wi o, this is soaked in horseradish, eucalypt, and TURPENTINE.NwLE >> all you ai profonal6u eemodf mical ca>>h,onm essito auenee and peaches avd them used to use these old home remedi for years.
00:20:11N k at ywur co o.nk twddy.
00:20:19Cures the common cold.
00:20:21 wt's >>'ye vera, cae,geli and a little honey, honey.
00:20:30>> Mm-mm, baby. look, this hasice mu sysm.
00:20:35Gd lordne' int.
00:20:40 thant rao myteav!
00:23:02bnch E£nc W urit.
00:23:08sos Bis cheese melt.
00:23:14New from stouffer's.
00:24:51Bab babe, b y mjupi u on ywi gonnseou over ? "ts,a.
00:25:08" "you really put yo foot up in " I should put my foot all up in your a--thatjuk .f a uwrewith your husband,euldn'nfed his ma.
00:25:21Wuno, I have had enough of your wl, you need to get your mama-- >> no, you'd better get your wife-- u me O LLHU..>>AMTOHIS ..wEIMI CO H holdn" hold yoalju >> I know you didn't just tell your mama to shut up.
00:25:48Ook,hf of can'ulngn to make me choose one over the >> wel I don'ca who you choose as long as it's me.
00:26:06d s th. oh, god. I remember.
00:26:15..anpu i+justby >>a4n,ven thbj when getua he leaves his mother and clings >> mm-hm that's what I've done.
00:26:37>> That's wh he's , vera.
00:26:39Eyy, ywuiss sre'!
00:26:45Ue speceach ot aer oct until you doi'm not in neyou.
00:26:53>> Will, wait!
00:26:54 s rwwn, n' anvgut w rie!
00:27:27Lu >> cora, ain't that the thing i what you5-'t thathe sha gav you for your teaching job?
00:27:33 I dt think so.
00:27:35 well--why does it have io icora, idwrd yevedng n ela' in cah,reatlywovww,ro6íí't y.
00:27:51Itgoa bell right.
00:27:52>>Hat if she's out the hurt ow >>ell,go keea os eyon her >> yh. you're right.
00:27:57 you remember, this you remember, she was reading the newspaper in